Day 8 Tonight at the Games

Day 8

Mark Chapman and Clare Balding present highlights from the eighth day of the Games. Paralympics gold medallist David 'The Weirwolf' Weir raced in the final of the T54 1500m.

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hosts for tonight, Clare Balding and Mark Chapman!


Hello! My word! What a fantastic welcome, thank you so much!


Good evening and welcome to Tonight at the Games.


An hour in which we can indulge our love of all things sporting with a


Commonwealth line-up of gymnastics, athletics, cycling, diving, bowls,


The 400m World Record holder Michael Johnson and the new Commonwealth


record holder Kirani James, Beth Tweddle, Chris Boardman, the new


-- Dave Weir is here, after having one Commonwealth Gold. And we have


our fingers crossed that Eilidh Child, fresh from getting silver at


Hampden Park, will be here later. It is a great line-up and we will


have to keep moving. But I think we should honour


some other athletes as well. For this,


I need the help of the Federation. Not all of you,


just Dave and Johnny on sax. Just take it away because this will


help. As you can see, it is not just the athletes getting into the


sporting spirit of things, this is at the hockey today. The police


having a go on the hamster wheel! It is fair to say that never have the


police in Scotland felt so much love! It is a good Games when even


the police are competing. Back to the proper competition.


On the streets of Glasgow this morning, the crowds were out


and the visors were down, as the cyclists put pedal to the metal.


40km for the men, 30 for the women, it started and ended in the city,


I am at Glasgow Green for the time trial. The rules are simple. He or


she who is fastest wins. Starting with the women's race over 30


kilometres and the home nation interests rests largely on


England's Emma Pooley, Scotland's Katie Archibald and Wales's Barker.


But they have to beat Linda Villumsen.


Linda Villumsen is highly fancied, what a time. Superb time for Katie


Archibald. That is cheating, for a start.


Barker, former champion. She has settled into a rhythm.


Incredible acceleration. Emma Pooley is flying. She definitely has her


eyes on the prize. Parker towards the finish.


-- Barker. Last couple of metres of effort for Katie Archibald, the


20-year-old over the line. Superb riding from Emma Pooley.


Emma Pooley has flown past with the fastest time currently but Linda


Villumsen from New Zealand is on her tail.


Linda Villumsen is going to do it. She dug deep, and Emma Pooley of


England is denied. An amazing race, England's Emma


Pooley looked like she would be the fastest but Linda Villumsen beat her


and she won Gold, and coming up in third place was the Australian.


Now to the men's. Geraint Thomas, two times Olympic champion. He could


be a factor, Dennis. This is England's Alex Dowsett.


Multiple national champion against the watch on the road.


Last out is defending Commonwealth champion, Scotland's David Millar.


Stage winner in all three tours, defending Commonwealth champion


under in Glasgow. David Millar sets off.


Geraint Thomas is doing really well, showing no signs of fatigue after


the Tour de France that some were talking about.


Rohan Dennis, head of Geraint Thomas. Alex Dowsett.


They will struggle to beat David Millar.


He is 50 seconds down and in ninth position.


David Millar is struggling and you can feel the hold on the daily Gold


slipping. This is Geraint Thomas.


The new fastest time. Rohan Dennis crosses the line and


Geraint Thomas is into the silver medal position.


The last couple of metres, he has done it. Silver four years ago, Gold


in Glasgow for Alex Dowsett and England.


There it is, the bronze medal goes to Wales and Geraint Thomas, silver


to Australia's Rohan Dennis, and the Commonwealth Gold goes from


Scotland's David Millar to England's Alex Dowsett. But it stays


within Great Britain, although these things go in cycles!


Sorry! Very good!


Two night in a row. But he loves it. If you want to get in touch, we can


see what you are saying. Mick says he is disappointed with


our walk on this evening and he wanted us to prep test that entrance


with cart wheels and back flicks. -- backflips. That really is not going


to happen. Please welcome Chris Boardman!


Before we welcome other medallists, how tough was that this morning?


Incredibly difficult. It had a bit of everything. It was designed by


Alistair Maclennan, Scottish team manager, and he has done a good job


to find a course that started in the centre of town and which took on the


different elements of hills, descents, everything. It brought out


the racing because the lead kept changing.


Now let's give a warm welcome to two men who competed that time trial


best. The new Commonwealth champion from England Alex Dowsett and the


bronze-medallist from Wales, Geraint Thomas!


Are you calm? Because afterwards, you said you won this angry. It has


been a difficult month. I got sick in the tour of Switzerland,


something as simple as a sore throw and on the second day, it developed


into bronchitis and I had to leave the Tour de France. -- sore throw.


That has been my goal from the moment I left Team Sky. So to have


that taken away at the last minute was a massive disappointment. So I


was determined here to prove not to anyone in particular other than


myself that I am capable of competing at that level. Did you


watch the tour or could you not? The first two days in the UK, I had to


go to the sponsors beforehand which I did insult to injury. -- which


added. But I went to the British Grand Prix to get away. Monday was


tough, I came through as six where I live. So that was hard. -- Essex.


Once the tour left into friends, -- into friends, I went to see how the


team was doing. -- into the Tour de France. If he has won it angry, have


you a plan to stop him being angry? I said I would buy him some flowers


to cheer him up! A teddy bear. How aware you going round the course of


where you are on the clock? Are you just going with it? Usually, but I


had a radio which did not work! It did not help. But generally, you


have the team behind you. You get a time check. And when it comes to


corners, we only went round the course once, so over 40 K, it is a


lot to take on. They remind you of sitting corners. Stuff coming up,


basically. I was watching you talk to Jonathan and you were talking


about how sometimes, being in the Tour de France could help in an


event like this because in some ways, right, is has rowed over 2,000


miles, -- has written over 2,000 miles, but you still have


adrenaline. Some people are in a box for the rest of the season and


others think they can carry on. I suspect you were not in the latter


category. I did not want to carry on. Three days is not much. Quite


unique. Amazing he is still capable of walking, let alone cycling. Alex,


it is extraordinary you are able to be a professional cyclist, explain


why. Other than having a nut case sister, I have got... I was not


referring to that. I have haemophilia, my blood does not clot.


So from an early age, we were told I would grow up and have limited range


of movement in my joints, internal bleeding, I had to avoid contact


sports. It is funny, that is sort of what got me into cycling because the


doctors said that on top of the medication I have from the NHS to


keep my courting levels normal, they said swimming was a good way of


maintaining fitness -- clotting. And while I could not do all the contact


sports, it made me angry. That is coming up a lot! So to find a sport


I could do, I ended up trying different sports. My dad was a


racing driver so I did go karting. But I was no Lewis Hamilton. That


did not happen. But I fell into cycling and I started with a local


club. I had fitness and stamina from swimming. So if it had not been for


my haemophilia, I would not be swimming as much and I might be


playing other sports. But because my haemophilia, I went and so I was


quick on the bike straightaway. So I have set up a charity and that is


the message we are promoting. To children everywhere. To try all


sports. If somebody here could be -- somebody here could be as quick as


Lewis Hamilton if they get the opportunity. There are a lot of


sports and that is the great thing about the Olympics and Commonwealth


Games, it shows people of all ages how many different sports there are.


You are a fine example, no better way of advertising get than winning


the Gold medal, thank you for coming in. Alex Dowsett and Geraint Thomas.


You may think there are no horses at the Commonwealth Games,


There is one, the pommel horse, and the master


of riding it has been Louis Smith. So did Max Whitlock. Katherine


Grainger got the ticket to watch this.


Alexander the great is reputed to have used one. -- that is the. Max


Whitlock, Dan Keatings and Louis Smith are all ready to make sure


this is a truly world-class final. Dan Keatings. He is in with a chance


of a medal. Very nice work indeed. Keep that swing. Danielle Keating


's, swinging clean. -- Dan Keatings. He is through, he has laid down the


gauntlet. Louis Smith, for England. He has put in so much work, he was


back in the gym for his comeback. Now, it is his time to shine. Oh, he


has lost his rhythm. Well... He has enjoyed the moment, for what it is


worth. It rained up the gold for Louis Smith. But it was all about


proving that he could. That he could come back. Max Whitlock. He is more


than capable by their very big score to bid. This is great. He keeps his


rhythm. Silver for Max Whitlock! 15.96. It was close to 16.


Confirmation, Dan Keatings has taken the gold medal, his first of these


championships. And there is the golden boy. Scotland's Dan Keatings.


Congratulations, that smile says it all. That was amazing. If I did that


anywhere else it would have been awesome body in front of this crowd


was unbelievable and when I stood on the podium and the national anthem


is going and the crowd was singing, I felt so proud.


It was brilliant, the crowd was fantastic and I was clapping them at


the end because it did get me through that routine, if I am


honest. It was really good fun. I am amazed to see the race still on this


place because he cried at the Hydro were the most deafening and had ever


heard. Giving a rapturous reaction to all three medallists but when Dan


Keatings took the gold medal, it completely erupted. Dan and Max


cannot be with us tonight because they have work tomorrow. But we're


hoping they will be with us tomorrow evening.


Let's now have a look at what else was going on at the Hydro today.


Yet another chance for the gold medal for Max Whitlock. There you


go. So impressive. What a performance! He is just not


faltering. Breathtaking. Another gold for Max Whitlock. What a


Commonwealth Games he is having. Up and over. Well! She has made it! I


have not seen that in 20 years. What happens here? She goes into first


place. Claudia Fragapane. She could get gold. The half turned. She has


got gold. Belly black is silver. This is all about Claudia Fragapane.


-- kelly black. This is impressive. Into the full twist. Well done! That


is a routine that will be hard to beat. For England, Ruby Harold. This


will be close. Ruby Harold gets the bronze medal. Rebecca Downey is the


Commonwealth champion. There you go. Daniel Purvis. This will be his


final. Very nice. He takes the bronze medal. And he continues the


success of the gymnasts from the Beth Tweddle is with us. We thought


you have suffered enough after last night so we thought we would give


you some dignity tonight. Just trying to wipe out from your mind.


Anybody in the Hydro today, we both were there, they will have had goose


bumps. Not only Dan Keatings winning but the medal ceremony? Dan has had


a tough couple of years, he missed out on 2012 but he always said this


was his time to shine. He had an incredible routine, he was part of


those three main contenders and he just smashed it. As soon as he


landed, you could see the elation in the crowd and with his coach and to


hear the anthem in the Hydro, that was immense. Max and Lewis did


seemed genuinely pleased? It could have gone anyway, they'll put that


difficulty at their and tomorrow it would have been a different order.


They knew that it was whoever went clean on the day. Those last three


seconds, you could see him smiling. They kept saying that. Yes, he had


gone out with difficulty, he knew he had to eat Max. As soon as he


landed, everybody was during because he had that hard time to get there.


His family were in the audience supporting him. Fingers crossed


tomorrow. The whole family are here. Max Whitlock, three gold medals and


a silver. Amazing. He has come into his own, he was the new boy in


Delhi. At London, I do not think he realised what he had achieved and


then here, it has been his championships and he has more finals


tomorrow. He might have another couple of medals. He has two of them


tomorrow? Yes, the high bar also. Amazing scenes for the gymnasts, so


impressed by the Home Nations, it says on Twitter. Particularly the


pocket rocket. Claudia Fragapane. At the beginning of this year, she was


not even sure she would be in the European team. She is now the


European finalist Andy Commonwealth all-around champion. Commonwealth


gold medallist. And she has the team finals tomorrow. Come back tomorrow


for the party! I am flying home! I am gone! Thank you for turning a


starring! It will go to another sport that requires some flipping


and turning. It has been a brilliant start for England at the diving. The


woman were coming off the ten metre platform.


-- the women. Oliver Dingley. This is potentially a medal winning dive


for him. Better than the preliminaries. We'll let the enough


for the medal? Almost gold for England. -- will that we enough. Oh


no! Ooi Tze Liang, his last dive. We could be looking at the Commonwealth


gold medallist. Jack Laugher needs 87 points. It is not good enough.


Definitely silver for Jack. It is gold for Malaysian. And there are


two English men on the podium. Sarah Barrow, nice. Really nice, well


done, Sarah. 13 years of age, right now. Superb final dive from Tonia


Couch. Meaghan Benfeito. This has to be on the money. She has thrown A


time. Roseline Filion. That will be good enough for the bronze medal.


Maybe that will not be good enough? It is gold for Canada. Bronze for


Canada. And, in between those two, Pandelela Rinong Pamg.


I think that diving is suspect accurate to watch but I particularly


love that, truly! Oh!. Have you had a few cocktails?


To Hampden Park now for what was billed as


David Rudisha, Blessing Okibare going for the sprint double.


It was a bit wet and soggy but there wasn't a spare seat as


Scottish fans revved up to roar home Eilidh Child in the 400m hurdles.


The men who led the qualifying has dropped that big through. He was


second four years ago. Well, that was high. Lifetime best, he takes


the lead. The final stages for the long jump final. Currently in the


bronze medal position. That was big! Well done, Jasmine. Well done. So,


the celebrations go across to Nigeria. Can the Olympic world


record-holder get this? Amos has got what it takes! You will take the


gold medal! He wins it. David Rudisha is second. He tried his


normal tactics but they were not good enough, he was not quick


enough. Nijel Amos from Botswana is the champion.


White, looking powerful. He has done and gone. Gordon will finish. He is


doing it again! Jehue Gordon, into the last hurdle. Cornel Fredericks


will win. And coming through, Jeffery Gibson does not quite get


there. Cornel Fredericks is the winner. And he takes the applause of


Hampden Park. 60 macro is clear in second place. 50 macro stretching


away. She will take the gold medal. 60 macro takes the silver. This one


is special. And I'm sure it will mean a to her. But you have to give


it to Kaliese Spencer, she is a great athlete. Blessing Okagbare.


Jodie Williams is trying to get there. Jodie Williams looking for


silver. Jodie Williams gets silver and Bianca Williams the bronze


medal. This is going to be close. Rasheed Dwyer is there. He might


just get this! He gets it. Jamaica Inn one, two, three.


Brilliant night at Hampden Park and here in the studio, we have three


stars of the track. Remarkable red carpet, our very own record-holder,


Michael Johnson. We have the Commonwealth and Olympic 400


champion, Kirani James, and the woman who has just done the double,


Blessing Okagbare. How exciting! We only just have


enough room for everybody. You had an amazing couple of nights,


Michael? Fantastic few nights. Angela, of course, with Blessing


Okagbare. And the English girls. They are all British, actually.


Personal-bests. Fantastic night and with Eilidh Child, that was


fantastic, just being in the stadium. And David Rudisha. Just


watching him. Being challenged one of the times ever. We must talk to


Blessing Okagbare. You have not had long to recover from doing that


sprint double? Only the fourth woman ever to do that? You don't really


care, you? But you did it! Yes, I did. It felt amazing. Demanding. I'm


just really happy. I was able to get through it with no injuries. And


there is something to celebrate. What has the reaction been back on?


Great! With messages, text messages... Fans and family,


Facebook and everywhere. It has been amazing. I don't know what will


happen when I get home! But for now, it is a really big deal and I am


really happy. Have you got more to come? Yes, relays. I have got the


Relay, tomorrow. So straight back to bed! I will celebrate after the


meet. Kirani James, even broke a record at the Commonwealth Games


that has stood 16 the years -- you broke. It was held by you and Thomas


but he says it is OK! -- you and Thomas. Do you have another record


in mind? I will take my time with that. It is a very fast time. It


seems like I am close would competing, it is far, so I will take


my time and try to improve and be consistent. What are your views when


you watch Kirani? As a 400-metre runner, I am always had to sizing so


I am looking at what I think he could do better and what I would do


if I was competing against him. I do not have to compete against him!


What would you do? It is easy for me since I do not have to compete


against him, I can say I would just beat him! It is easy to say now


because we do not have to face each other. I look at him and I see an


amazing athlete. To win an Olympic Gold medal at 19, I was 26 before I


got an Olympic Gold medal in the 400. So he has got a bright future


ahead. What happens with the 400m, it is about learning more and more


about the event and how you compete in that event. That is what he is


doing now, continuing to learn about himself and how to compete. You were


31 when you set the world record. And Kirani is 21. It is in your


favour! I have ten years to work with! Ten years! We are very excited


because another person coming from the track has arrived. From


Scotland, it was silver-medallist in the 400-metre hurdles, Eilidh Child!


-- your silver-medallist. That is not a bad line-up. I am


quite happy. Take photos, if you could! We offer has to! Well done,


what an amazing reception. -- we are faster. You kept bumping into people


you knew. It was lovely because in every corner, there was a member of


my family. It was so lovely to have them, the first time they saw me do


a shortage of honour. How have you dealt with the build-up? If you go


out and about in Glasgow, people are talking about Dan Keatings, and you


at Hampden Park tonight. Have you shut it out? I have thought of it as


another race. The same thing I always do, I have tried to block a


lot of it out and to focus on its being what I do all the time. -- on


it being. I took a deep breath and I tried to remember that this is what


I always do. Could you enjoy the race in progress? It looks painful.


It is a bit of a blur. I crossed the finish line and it was relief. I


cannot remember the race, I do not know if it was technically that


good. My coach said it was all right. All right? He said


technically it was good. It was a bit of a love. I knew I was second


over that last hurdle and it was to get to the finish line as quickly as


possible. Kirani, do you look at the Scottish athletes competing and have


some jealousy they get to compete in front of a home crowd? It is an


advantage. The Scottish crowd has been cheering for everybody. They


are so knowledgeable about the sport. They know each athlete. Who


is good. They were cheering for everybody. It shows how educated


Scotland is about sport and how excited they are to see great


athletes competing. You have got them onside! A big


company and from an Olympic and Commonwealth champion. They can also


deal with the weather and the stadium is great because for the


most part, the crowd are covered and protected from the rain, but as a


weed is committed J find it difficult, Blessing? -- what is


athletes, did you find it difficult. It was wet. But I just went for it.


I was not worried about the weather because if you want your medal, you


have two run like every other person. Can I ask one thing, once


you've finished, after the lap of honour, I was besieged by hearts


fans. -- once you've finished. Did you do a celebration to certain


members of the crowd? People asked me to do it but I hope to the


cameras would not catch me. A lot of people asked me to do it if I


crossed the finish line. That was the last thing on my head but I did


go round a couple of times and met fans. That is a famous victory. It


was captured. You have not been on Twitter, but it is all over with you


doing that. That was the score when hearts beat Hibs in the Scottish Cup


Final. So one half of Edinburgh is very happy with you this evening.


The whole of Scotland is hot new with you. -- happy. I am so relieved


to have run well and is to give something back because the support


has been phenomenal and it was nice to get on the podium with the


Scotland flag. I like your nails, by the way. My friend Elaine did them.


Let's give them a round of applause. A massive thank you to them, Kirani,


Blessing, Eilidh Child. Back to Hampden Park now 4-wheel power! --


for some wheel power. Has she got the pace at the end? It


is going to be a tight finish and the Australian might do it. Gold for


Australia. An excellent bronze for Jones.


That is a bronze medal for Jade Jones, of England.


He heard the roar of the Olympic Stadium and now they are roaring for


him at Hampden Park, and Dave Weir is coming home to a handsome victory


in the 1,500 metres. He is Commonwealth champion, and what a


victory. Six Gold medals at Paralympics, six at the world


champions, six times a winner of the marathon and now a Commonwealth


Games champion. Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson has


joined us, along with the athlete she coaches, Bronze medallist


in the Para 1500m, Jade Jones. And the new Commonwealth champion,


Dave Weir! Well done! That is a medal you are


proud to have isn't it? Very proud. Can I say a big happy birthday day


to my three-year-old son tomorrow? You are going straight back. I am


leaving at four o'clock in the morning. He was still a baby at the


Paralympics. He sat on my lap in the last race in the marathon and now he


is watching on television and he cannot wait for me to come home.


Jade, are you going to pay tribute to your coach? Of course! She should


pay tribute to you! It was an amazing race and it is so hard to do


objective commentary. But willing her on. Amazing tonight. I should


point out she has a faster is biased I had at the peak of my career, so


no pressure! -- a faster personal best. This was your first experience


of senior international competition and you get a medal. It was


unexpected, that was the aim. There was no pressure. I had a clear head


going into it. The weather did not help much. How difficult is it? It


is difficult, it affects wheelchair racing because you slip a lot. But


it rains for everyone. You said in commentary that it changes how you


start. Yes, people have to make decisions and gloves, rubber, how


much glue, sometimes you put too much on. It affects so much. You can


have different people performing than you might expect. You are at


the beginning of your career. Dave, you are towards the end of it and it


could have ended before this week because you were considering


retiring. After 2012, I had a big thing of what I needed to do and


that is the reason I carried on, to get that round my neck. I do not


feel I am getting slower so when my speed starts to drop, I will think


of retiring. There is still a good three or four years in me. So 30,


definitely? -- so reopen, definitely? -- 30. Why did you think


after 2012? Because London was special. What I


did was unbelievable, I did not expect four Gold medals even though


I trained for every event. I wanted one in my home Games and to get


four, that is why I changed my mind because I got my races with massive


margins. Previously, I was winning or losing by millimetres. I thought,


this is it, they have to give it 100%. That is what made me think


after. I had a chat with Jenny, Jenny Archer. And I started the


academy as well so I could not just retire. I had to keep promoting the


sport and my Academy, to get the youngsters coming through. For the


European Championships, we have six athletes from the Academy


representing rate written and four for the juniors next week, so they


did an amazing job in two years -- Great Britain. That keeps me going.


There is no better way to inspire people than by being the best, and


you are and you are a worthy champion and I am delighted you did


not retire. You said, I will keep going and I will be in Brazil. In Q4


coming into night and congratulations to David and Jade!


-- thank you for coming in tonight. Let's talk to some champions. I am


delighted to say we have a heptathlete Commonwealth Gold


medallist here and her husband, an Olympic decathlon champion. Give a


big round of applause to Ashton Eaton and Breanne Theisen-Eaton.


Are you something a cocktail? That is definitely not my drink! I will


look after that cocktail. Congratulations. Thank you. How did


you find competing in Glasgow? I loved it, the crowd was great,


tonnes of people and the stadium was awesome! And the coach? I am the


emotional support coach. She came away smiling and I saw a lot of hard


work and to fruition so I am very excited. Give us an insight into


hard work and how often you train. Every part of our life is training,


at the track, recovery, eating, sleeping. We do train a lot, five,


six days a week, a couple of sessions each day. Probably 30 hours


a week? That is a fair assessment but I do think a lot of the time


when we are not on the track, we say rest is training. And a lot of


people do not see 90% of the stuff, just 10% competition and that


mountain of effort is put elsewhere away from the television. A lot goes


into it but we like that other 10% we get to see here.


races at home! We are competitive. We compete with pointless stuff,


like who can make the best coffee in the morning. Just little things,


video games. One morning we were brushing our teeth and Ashton said,


I beat you! That is not really a good thing to beat me on! Are you


thinking of something else to beat him with? Some new competition? I


don't know. We were bored. I thought, what will be fun?


Computing. Especially being athletes, we like competition. --


competing. We are both resting. We want to take a big break this year


because 2015-16 will be very long years so we are taking in a few


months to rest. Will you go in the capital on or 400 hurdles in real?


-- Rio de Janeiro. Thank you both very much. Let's go to the


weightlifting because the big boys are in time tonight.


Representing Wales... Look at the size of this man! That is unique.


Representing Canada. Absolutely no question about that. Damon Kelly,


you do not argue with this man. What a perfect day for Damon Kelly. The


flag error for Nauru at the opening ceremony. No hesitation. -- bearer.


All he can do is watch that weight. Gutsy lift. He is so confident. If


he lifts this, he is the champion. And Canada have regained the title.


When I watch that, I think they must really hurt the next morning! Coming


over to the map, which is filling up with places that look like Ollie.


Ollie is reaching the latter stage of his challenge to find someone to


talk to from all 71 Commonwealth nations and territories.


As of now, there are six remaining. I had to make this morning,


including Rwanda at the cycling time trial. The rise of cycling there is


a real story. As is cycling in this part of the world. And the


Commonwealth Games has been a chance to see how widespread that has been.


Hello, Guernsey. I am Karina. Joe Watts. I will be delicate about


this. Everyone here is over a certain age? Over 40? OK... Yes?


That was not the smoothest ride, I had a technical problem when my


handlebars came loose. The nerves were just incredible. I had never


done anything on this scale before. She works as a hypnotherapist and


run through own company. You will be back in four years? The Gold Coast?


With the Zimmer frame race! We can add Guernsey. The first time they


have had a full road cycling team at the Commonwealth Games. Where else


did you go? Weightlifting this afternoon. Scott Wong from


Singapore. He took us backstage! He did not really feature with the


medals but he is from Singapore. He did not feature but another man is


from Nauru. The defending Commonwealth champion. He lost his


title. He was furious but he still stopped for a chat.


Commonwealth champion. He lost his title. He was furious but he And he


said that in weightlifting, in Nauru, he had to win at all costs


and for a 26 stone man, he was furious. Tomorrow? Tuvalu have been


playing hard to get, which is getting annoying. I will stick into


the village and try to get to them. And the British Virgin Islands and


also New Zealand or on the list. Over here and here. If you want to


catch up with all of the stories, go to the website and online and


Twitter. Let us get some of the other headlines from today.


England's place in the last four of the men's hockey was confirmed


They will play hot favourites Australia on Saturday for a place


New Zealand will meet India in the other semi.


In badminton, Scotland's Kirsty Gilmour is through


to the quarter-finals of the women's singles.


The second seed took just 22 minutes to see off Yeldy Louison


England will have three couples in the semi-finals of the mixed


doubles table tennis after Paul and Joanna Drinkhall, Kelly Sibley


and Danny Reed, and Tin-Tin Ho and Liam Pitchford all won today.


Sophie Tolchard, Ellen Falkner and Sian Honnor took


gold for England in the women's triples over at Kelvingrove.


They overwhelmed Australia 22-4 to earn England's first


South Africa beat Wales in the bronze medal match.


England beat Scotland in the men's triples para bowls earlier


Just take a look at this unbelievable skill.


This is for the win. He had to make sure one of the other balls went


into the ditch, which it did. And the


into the ditch, which it did. And here. Give them a massive round of


applause. Helen, Sophie, Sian, you smashed Austria. It is called a...


Mercy? It was certainly a demonstration of good bowling


performance. Into the ground and they did ask for mercy. What were


conditions I? We have seen some horrific weather at Kelvingrove. It


was not too bad. Very dry for most of the game. The rain only started


towards the last end. We got off quite sharpish. Does that change how


you must bowl? Just the conditions. And the pace of the green. Luckily,


we missed that and we dealt really well with the conditions. We had a


lot of tweets last night. A lot of people think that the Commonwealth


has changed the image of bowling? I think young people have always


played bowls but it is always in the background and we don't get the best


press, people think it is for older people so hopefully we are changing


that and it is really a game for everybody, not just young or old


people. It is just amazing and anybody can play it. It is so


inclusive. You have got that message across.


APPLAUSE. I am sitting down with the England team who won the bronze


medal. Paul, you deliver that final bowl. Amazing skills. Well done.


Another viewer is amazed, some people are out of this world with


talent. You may take that credit. Yes, it was the last three ends, we


were four shots down. And we managed to bowl it together. When it came to


that tie-break, having to bowl that bowl, remember that and I remember


much afterwards! Just seeing that go into the ditch and ending up, we


managed to win the game. I didn't know if I could have even bowled my


last one because I was certainly very much there at that point. Did


you tell him what to do? It was a joint decision. And he completed her


30. How did you take this up? I took up pulling after competing in other


sports for many years. Because a person with a similar disability did


bowls with his feet. That is how. And you are the reason we're getting


such an incredible response. It was remarkable to watch. Brilliant


stuff. We will have some grappling night. Wrestling...


The English woman was just too tricky in the end. The first gold


medal of the night. It goes to Kamari. Onto his back. That is it.


It is over. And he wins for Scotland. He pushes out for the


point. It is all over. India get another gold medal. He slams into


the mat. My goodness! The bronze medal goes to the Nigerian. Two


points. It is all over. The Welsh woman certainly ditch are very best.


Cameron and get the bronze medal. -- certainly did their very best. She


cannot. Canada beats the Indian for the gold medal. The gold medal


final, the last final. And that is it. Ten points clear. Canada or the


gold medallists. And here is the medal table. England


got six gold medals today. Australia got one of them.


APPLAUSE Dan Keatings gold... Wales have exceeded their target. Of 27


malls. And a quick look at what is coming up tomorrow. That is a live


shot outside. That is the River Clyde. Tom Daley is an action


alongside James Denny in the synchro final. And Usain Bolt will be here


in the relay feet -- heat. Tiffany Porter and in the boxing, all the


semifinals. Home Nations boxers already guaranteed a medal and you


will get all of that action across the BBC. So much love on social


media. It was amazing this evening, Eilidh Child, typically understated


Scottish superstar. Paula Radcliffe - a privilege to be at Hampden Park


tonight. Thank you all very much for being here. We will see you


tomorrow. Goodbye!


Mark Chapman and Clare Balding present highlights from the eighth day of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Paralympics gold medallist David 'The Weirwolf' Weir raced in the final of the T54 1500m, and David Rudisha of Kenya tried to repeat his Olympics win in the final of the men's 800m. Other athletes in action included Louis Smith in the gymnastics, Tiffany Porter in the women's 100m hurdles and Sir Bradley Wiggins in the track cycling.

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