Day 10, Part 1 Wimbledon

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Day 10, Part 1

Live action from Wimbledon as the women's semi-finals get underway. Sue Barker introduces play from SW19 as the players battle for a place in Saturday's final.

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This is the national programme. Now we are going to take you over to


Wimbledon... He's done it! Her Majesty will present the trophy.


Brilliant! Oh, yes! Perfect. Irresistible. Majestic. Superb.


Champion again! You are about to leave the sanctuary


of the locker room. Take a deep breath. Focus. And it is time to


take the walk. Pictures hang on the wall, great moments captured in


time. Ignore them. Your opponent is right there. Ignore them. You are


nervous. There is pressure. Especially if you are the home


favourite. The woman who has suddenly got the whole nation behind


you. History weighing on your shoulders. Ignore it. A British


victory at last. Walk down the stairs, past the trophy cabinets,


past the honours board, ignore them. Tell yourself this is just another


match. Only it isn't. You know it isn't. A place in the Wimbledon


final... It is the semi-final at Wimbledon. That is genius! The door


is open to the final. Light at the end of the tunnel. British tennis


history is made! It is time to go to work. Nobody knows that walk better.


Martina Navratilova has 59 Grand Slam titles and Johanna Konta will


make that walk today. Still driving for her first. We have not had a day


like this for 39 years, a British woman in the semifinals at


Wimbledon. Johanna Konta has performed bravely at this year's


Wimbledon and now carries the country's hopes following Andy


Murray's defeat yesterday. The British number one was out on the


practice court this morning. Three times she has been taken to three


sets and each time she has found a way to win and they have been some


of the most thrilling matches that this year's Wimbledon. But standing


in her way today is an all-time great of the sport. Venus Williams


is a five-time winner of the Ladies' Singles and at the age of 37 is the


oldest semifinalist since Martina 23 years ago. She has now played


exactly 100 matches here and won 86 of them. But Johanna Konta has a


winning 3-2 record against Williams and has already disposed of the


number two seed Simona Halep. She is the first British woman to reach the


semifinal since Virginia Wade in 1978. The other semifinal is Garbine


Muguruza against Magdalena Rybarikova. Garbine Muguruza was a


semifinalist when she lost to Serena Williams. Rybarikova is ranked 87 in


the world that you makes a comeback from injury but she has won 18 of 19


matches on grass this year. Those are the two semifinals that we are


looking forward to an Centre Court. Muguruza against Rybarikova and then


a huge day for Britain's number one Jo Konta up against the great Venus


Williams. That is Centre Court and we thought it was fitting on this


day that we make our way courtside. I am with two people who know that


walk well, with multiple Grand Slam titles between them, in places and


King. It is some walk, Sunday. -- Kim Clijsters and Billie Jean King.


It is just so nerve-racking. If you are in the zone, it is a wonderful


walk. It reminds you of history, you look up at the boards, you see the


trophy, the plate. It is truly beautiful. I think that is the most


beautiful award in the world and I love it. With all the different


names on it. All the shoulders that you are standing on before you get


here. It is quite wonderful. Walking out on this court, when you turn the


corner, it opens up to this panoramic view with the people.


There is nothing like it. It can be wonderful but it can also be


terrifying as well! Looking at the trophy and the board and everything!


Bows, it can be both. I remember as a junior I would wait at the stairs


outside of the locker room and I would look through the window and I


would see the players leaving, and I would see them walking that five or


ten metres, and as a junior it was like being in Disneyland seeing the


Disney characters walking out! At a junior it was an incredible


experience already back then and it is still special now after being


retired for a few years. Coming back it is still just as special. Martina


was saying ignore it, ignore all the pressure. How easy is it to ignore


it? You don't ignore it. You know it is there. What really helps is when


you admit it. You say I am nervous. When you try to say that you are


fine and you are not, that is the worst. Just accept it. Have


ownership of it. When you say I feel pressure, then it dissipates. It is


being honest. It allows you to move on also and then get really focused


on the task at hand. It is not easy. It is so emotional. It is the person


who is stronger at that that tends to be the greater champion in the


world. If you have the head and the heart and the guts together, and


integrated, those are the true champions. It is amazing to watch


that evolve every generation. I have been around a while now! I keep


thinking about this occasion for Konta and how important it is for


her. She needs to just stay focused. I know she gets a text message the


night before. Tactics. And they go over it again in the morning. Almost


like an exam. Testing to see if she has got it clear. Clarity is a big


part of being a great player. It is very important. Being very clear


what you are going to try to do. You have got to embrace it but you can't


get away from it. Semifinals is a different feeling around the


grounds, the locker room, and you know it is a huge occasion. It is.


After winning the quarterfinals, the media hype it up. The day off in


between, there are lots more things to do. There is a lot more pressure.


Dealing with the pressure. What is important to know, for Jo as well,


Venus has been in this situation many more times than her that she


will also be nervous. Everybody will be nervous in this situation, no


matter how many times you have been there because it is so special.


Absolutely. I think for both of them... The two waterboard things


are served and service return, the two initial shots. -- the two most


important things are service and service return. But you are only as


good as your second serve. That will make the difference today. You have


got to get a huge percentage in if you are not serving well. These are


the decisions you have got to make as you adapt and adjust and you go


through the match. I really know you are always as good as your second


serve because you don't have your first serve going every day, day in


and day out. And don't get overwhelmed. You look at the draw,


128 people at the beginning. But you have only got to win seven matches,


one match at a time, one ball at a time. I remember Rod Laver telling


me that. I only have got to beat seven guys, not 128. I thought that


was brilliant! That allowed me to calm down right there. That makes it


sound so easy! I do think that pressure is a privilege. Jo knows


that better than anybody and she is a bracing it. Andy Murray might have


to step over, Kim and I might have to step away, and we might have


Konta Castle on the hill! Tim Henman and Andy Murray are great, but go


for it because you are the last bricked left! -- the last Briton


left! I know Tim Henman on the committee here and he is not going


to give up that hill! We will talk more about Jo and service later, but


talking about Andy Murray and the disappointment yesterday, playing


with an injury is always hard but yesterday was painful to watch.


Painful but also I admired him that he was still fighting, still out


there. If it had been another tournament, I don't think he might


have started. It just shows how much he respects this place. He did try


to finish the match. When you rely so much on your speed and you cannot


push off, there is no chance for him to win points. No, and it also comes


down to not wanting to give up. He wants to give his opponent and the


crowd the respect. Maybe I am not as fit as normal but I still want to


finish and I want my opponent to have the respect that they beat me.


I think that is something... Personally I had mixed emotions


going into this tournament for Andy Murray. If he has got an injury, I


don't want him to hurt himself so badly that he ends up needing an


operation. Sometimes you need to have a short-term loss for long-term


gain. I know the reason he played, he wanted to play for his country


and the people. I felt bad and I felt that he was between a rock and


a hard place no matter which way he went. He still made the semifinals!


Amazing. Quarterfinals, sorry. Novak Djokovic, similar, an elbow injury


yesterday and the shoulder injury, long-standing. He has got to have a


long time now. But then who walks onto Centre Court? Roger Federer. He


just made the game looks so easy. Wow! If he could pass that on to


others! He has got such a passion to play and his technique is a perfect


that he is having this longevity and being able to sustain it. I have had


a kidney operations and when your knee is not right, it is horrible to


play. -- I have had eight knee operations. Taking that rest in the


second half of the year and getting extremely prepared and repaired, his


body and having time with the children, he just seems so relaxed


and fit this year. He is so fit. And he has got the chance to have a


record number of titles, between him and Pete Sampras. And then of course


we can go way back for the record of seven titles, and Roger has the


chance to get to eight. He knows that. He is so fluid and efficient.


We were wondering whether he is human. Some of the shots he was


playing yesterday were out of this world. For me it is funny. I have


been around him since the juniors and to see the process, to see how


he was from juniors and how he is now and the way he thinks out on


court, it is like a chess player. Everything is very tactical as well


and it is incredible to see. He is a great guy and I am really excited


that he is in this position again. I interviewed him recently about his


very first match at Wimbledon and he came at 16 in the juniors and after


four games he said he was so nervous that he asked the umpire to measure


the net because he thought it was too high. He said police measure the


net, and he got down and said it is not too high. He said it just felt


to be, an enormous thing. And then he won the juniors, I think in 1998,


and now look where he is. Unbelievable. Wimbledon has that


effect on people. Good news for Roger Federer fans yesterday as he


went safely through to the last four. And I wonder if we have more


good news about the weather because we want that roof open today.


Absolutely! The cloud has been building up through the course of


the day but it is still going to be a pleasant afternoon. It is still


quite warm and we will have further sunny spells. The maximum


temperature today is 23. As we head through the evening, we are looking


at a lot of dry weather and temperatures of about 20. Coming


down in the evening with only a 10% risk of a shower in the late


afternoon, early evening, but we are more likely to see dry weather. Into


the next day, dry weather and temperatures on the right side of


20. All is good. Yes, and you are looking wonderful in your Wimbledon


colours! Perfect for the semifinals. We did meet for breakfast and yes, I


did pay but she only had a cup of tea! Thank you very much. All of the


talk, a real buzz on Centre Court, because Britain's number one Jo


Konta will be on Centre Court, because Britain's number one Jo


Konta will be an second. She has been talking to us.


It's a very special day for Joanna Konta. And the fans have waited 33


years to be able to say that one of their own is in the quarterfinals.


Whenever you engage in one of these titanic tussle is, you always seem


to have the belief. I trust in my own ability, that trust has got to


be there. # I rise up


# And I do it a thousand times again The first British woman since 1978


to reach the semifinals at Wimbledon, and you will be in the


top five in the women's rankings when they are out next week.


I didn't know that! OK. Thank you. Congratulations. When you tot up all


of these achievements, do you ever patch yourself on the back and go,


well done? Um... It's difficult, because in the fortunate and


unfortunate position in tennis, things move quickly, so before you


know it, the Championships will be over, things are so fast moving. It


is almost an art to reflect well and to acknowledge the good things that


you do, and that is something I work on to make sure that I acknowledge


the good things I'm doing, but I'll let you know after Wimbledon how my


pat on the back went! COMMENTATOR: British tennis history


is made. Venus Williams, semifinal at


Wimbledon, the sound of that to as is are as exciting as you can


imagine. What about EU? Equally. I have shared the court with a number


of times in the last few years, and every single chance I've had to play


her, it's been a battle. The last time she got the better of me, so I


am the King forward to sharing accord with her again, to be really


playing against someone who is in such good form and if such a


champion. I have never played her on grass. How much can the crowd help


you in those difficult moments? But I'm sure we'll be coming against


Venus. They have been tremendous in their passion and support, and their


excitement for me to battle well, and I'm definitely feeling very


humbled and grateful that they are on this journey with me, and I'm


definitely looking forward to seeing them on Thursday. Well, they are


preparing the Centre Court for the first of the ladies semifinals, so


we have come to our usual spot just behind the net in the corner, and


just listening to Jo, she is remaining very calm. It has been the


same since the beginning of the tournament. There were questions


before about her injury before the tournament, but she has been very


composed and well spoken, and she has been like that on court as well,


when she wasn't playing her best tennis, staying focused on what she


had to do and could turn matches around. And she will need that today


as well if she wants to get through. This was her this morning on one of


the championship courts, going through all her routines as they do.


She looks very relaxed, which is a good thing. It's good, smiling and


relaxed, you have to remind yourself to keep your face relaxed, and that


is good, she is enjoying the process which is helpful to keep your pulse


rate and nerves down so you are not wasting energy. Sometimes you can


leave it all in the locker room or the day before because you are so


nervous, that when you get out here, you are flat. So you have to keep


your inner self calm, keep on message, and it is interesting to


hear her speak. She is so articulate. You know what she's


thinking and feeling, she is honest. And I think it's really helped her


to be where she is today. She is very, very reflective, she really


thinks a lot and feels a lot as well, and I think when she puts


those two together, she is indomitable, she really is. I love


watching her. Absolutely, and against Simona Halep, when it got


tight, she really did hold their nerve, and she kept hitting so hard.


We have a few illustrations where she broke in the final set to get


that break of serve which is so important when you get into the


third set. It is, and she made Simona Halep doubt herself because


of her internal strength, and you could see the shift coming. It was


even through the whole match until the end of the second set, and a


venue could see Johanna fighting and fighting, and she broke down. And


this was her serving for the match, she didn't let up. Because she knew


she did, she might let Halep back in. That is when you have to make


the total commitment. I am going to keep doing what I need to do to win


this, I am not going to win the other way, and sometimes you have to


go back, you want to go back and play different, but she knows this


is the way she's going to win, such clarity, and she stays with it no


matter what. A very different opponent today, because Venus


Williams is a very different style of play. Yes, against somebody like


Simona, the rhythm is there, she hits a nice height over the net, you


have a lot of rallies, so you are in a rhythm when you play against


someone like Simona Halep, but today it will be different. Venus, like


you said before, she returns well, she serves well, and that is going


to be the key. Let's talk about the first shot. We have been looking at


the stats, and how close they are. There is only one mile per hour


difference between their average first serve speed and second serve


speed, and only double faults at the bottom as well as separate.


Let's have a look at the two different players. Down the centre


of the column, 30% in the middle, and then 14 on the right, and if we


now put Joe in, it is totally different.


There we go, going for the corners. You want to get the player off the


court say you have all the court to hit into on the very next shot off


the return, that is what we are taught. Venus with her long


wingspan, by serving down the middle, she gets less angle on the


return, so it is very interesting. I think that Konta's second serve is


better than Williams, so Venus is going to have to get a high


percentage of first serves in to win this match today, and if she


doesn't, then Jo will have the upper hand. You are only as good as your


second serve, and you cannot serve great everyday on your first serve,


so how does my second serve hold-up? That is going to be the thing I will


be looking for. How many first serves in, and how many second


serves are they winning? What percentage? It will be interesting


to see how it evolves, and the service return is major to really


strike the ball well on the return, to really get the point so you


really do have the upper hand in the point. And the Jo, she can go for


those corners, because she is such a great athlete, she doesn't mind if


they come back at angles. One is serve that Jo hasn't really used is


the body serve, and against the French girl, Garcia was so close,


she was inside the court, and I was wondering why she wasn't using the


body serve more, because it is so effective on grass. And especially


against Venus today, too, it was a serve I tried to use a lot against


her, because she has those long arms, try to not give her the angle.


We will see if she will use it a little more today, but I think she


will. So you won't be happy if she isn't getting some down the middle?


I am not seeing very many body serves. This was Venus going through


a gentle warm up, building herself up here, but how good a serve is it,


Billie Jean? It is one of the best in the tournament. She got really


upset, she was tired of not serving well, and at the beginning of the


year she went out and work extra hard on her serve, spent extra time


on the gym, on all so her autoimmune condition, I thought she might not


come back at all, but you can just see her resolve thinking, no, I am


going to come back here and play again.


Still playing for titles, and we have been asking why.


A lot can change in 20 years, people come and go. Some things remain


constant. Long reigns are scarce in sport, making various Williams were


rare. Williams the elder is a serious contender again. It is the


love for the game is what you need if you want to be able to keep such


a long career, and of course the belief, too. She must still believe


that she is capable of beating the best players out there, and she can.


At 37 she is the oldest woman to make the semifinals here since the


legendary Martina Navratilova in 1994. The British player who


practised with Venus during her first Wimbledon didn't see it coming


at all. I remember back in 1997 it was her first Wimbledon, and we


spent a lot of time together on the practice courts. I started hitting


with her, and she hit every ball at Mack ten. If you told me back then


20 years ago that she would still be playing in 2017, I do think I would


have believed you. This achievement is all the more remarkable


considering the surrounding heavy gloom of her recent and much


publicised car accident. I think I should go. She is a warm,


empathetic person, this is not something that she'd be able to


brush off. She in turn lies is it, Angie is a very stoic person, so for


her to break down like that demonstrates the internal struggle


she is going through. I think that she finds refuge on the


tennis court, but no more so than at Wimbledon. Just being on the grass


is very comforting to her in a lot of ways, and she is one of only two


former champions here, so I give her a shot. Being able to treat those


two impostors, triumph and disaster, the same, has never felt more apt


for Williams as she bids to succeed her pregnant sister Serena as


champion and win her first title here in nine years. She is playing


unbelievably well, as well as she ever has. Venus always comes to


Wimbledon as if she belongs here, and she says she feels it's like a


home. Taking full ownership of her


Wimbledon home once again would be a tale for the ages. A lot can change


in 20 years, but lifting Wimbledon trophies never gets old.


SUE BARKER: And I guess that is an important factor, the fact that she


has gone on to win it and she has that champion's aura about her. That


is very important, and what happened earlier when she made the finals of


the Australian Open again, losing to her sister, Serena, but that must


have been a big confidence booster to her again, she believes in


herself but she is showing herself again on court. I have known her


since she was 11 years old, I met her in California where I was born


and raised. I just saw her, remember she is only 15 months older than


Serena, but she seems much older internally, wiser, she has been


through a lot, and I think with the accident that has happened, she


found out it was a green light, and I think she feels that she is OK


now, it wasn't her fault, but she still has great empathy as a human


being, she very has, she is very reflective as a person.


And it is good to see her with everything you have been through --


she has been through, and you talk about her Sjogren's syndrome, that


affects her joint and fatigue. Exactly, when she wakes up in the


morning, she doesn't know how she is going to feel, you can feel


absolutely horrible with Sjogren's autoimmune, so it is a blessing to


still be able to see her play at this height of play, and remember


she is on five times here, she understands that as Virginia said,


she just loves Wimbledon, this is her home. That is the second match,


it will be a new experience for Jo, and same here, Garbine Muguruza has


been here before, but the Magdalene Rybarikova, this is her first ever


Wimbledon semifinal, it is the first time she has ever got past the third


round of a major, and she had so many injuries last year and only


came back to the tour in February, but she has done it the hard way,


she has played all the small tournaments, won 18 out of 19


matches on grass, and she is feeling comfortable. Yes, and sometimes


having injuries like that make you reflect and make you miss the sport,


and the fact that she went back to the lower ranked tournaments, it is


a sign that she wants to fight and tries to get back, and the love for


the game, and that is why you want to be able to play these big


tournaments. Absolutely. Konta will be an second. She has


been talking to us. Mary R. Garbine Muguruza who has


been so impressive so far looks to be back to herself. There was a dip


in form and then she won the French Open last year and then another


death and she looks to be back to her best once again. Let's hear from


her. She has been talking to Lee McKenzie. She is there! Garbine


Muguruza in the Wimbledon final. The star is born today. Can you compare


where your game is from two years ago to now? I was learning how to


play because did not play a lot of matches on grass so it was sort of


love it. Now I have learned with experience and I think I am a


different player. A little bit more calm and figuring out what to do in


certain moments I am improving. I am happy to be able to be in the


semifinals. It is great to come so far. Is it possible for you to relax


at Wimbledon when you know you have got a semifinal coming up? You have


also got to learn how to relax. You can't be 24/7 intention. You have


got to close the window, now it is my moment, I will focus again


tomorrow. It is interesting looking at your social media. Johanna Konta


is the goody to shoes making muffins for everyone. Working seems to be


more chaotic in your house with fire alarms going off. -- cooking. Yes,


we had a problem with the fire alarm but that is part of Wimbledon! We


have got a house and we can cook altogether. I tried to be there and


I do this week part because I love sweets. What is your signature dish?


I love creme caramel, brownies, anything with sugar. It should in


everything and it tastes fine! I can't believe it. Magdalena, you


have got Muguruza and a date back on Centre Court. For a long time I did


not play against her but her game is still there. She was in the


semifinals. I am just expecting another tough match and I am ready.


I can't believe she said the fire alarm off! She is staying 20 yards


from where I am staying! She is such a happy person. When she is playing


happy tennis, and hitting the ball so freely, she is beautiful to


watch. Conchita makes a big difference. She won here in 1994 and


she is very relaxed. It spills over into Muguruza and she is having fun.


I think the fire alarm was good because it is something to laugh


about. She is very relaxed for her and she knows she has that if she is


going to play. She has lost the least games and she has come through


against Kuznetsova and Kerber. She maybe wasn't feeling her best before


this tournament but she built her level. People always say it will be


tough for her but then she steps up. She has done what she has got to do


and it is the sign of a great champion and today she will


definitely have to step it up as well. I think the question is


whether she can play Rybarikova off the court because Rybarikova has


great hands and slice and she can break up the rhythm and he has


terrific drive shots. Can she handled the pace of Muguruza off the


ground? That is my question. Muguruza is so tough of the ground.


I watched her playing last year after the French, and sitting right


behind the court, kind of like the royal box ear, she hit the ball so


hard and it penetrated through the courts so fast, and you have just


got to play early. Let's hear from her.


It is a Slovak surprise. An unseeded Magdalena Rybarikova is through to a


Wimbledon semifinal. I would never ever believe I could be in a


semifinal before this tournament. I am speechless right now and so


happy. The fairy tale continues. What are the expectations of taking


on Muguruza? The head to head is 2-2 at the moment. Last time we played


it was on grass. This will be completely different. It is a


semifinal of a Grand Slam and she is experienced with semifinals and


finals and she is a Grand Slam champion. He is an amazing player


but again it is not pressure on me, I think it is more pressure on her


because I am not the favourite in this match and it is the semifinals,


so I will enjoy the match. I want to give my all and I want to fight for


this match and to be in the final. It is a great achievement for me


already now. She has certainly done it the hard way, getting into the


grass here. Playing in the smaller tournaments, she won at Surbiton and


Ilkley and she got into the semifinals of Nottingham, but when


your ranking has dropped that low, that is what you have got to do,


work your way back in those tournaments. You have got to win


matches. That is what is so important. Just try to win matches.


It doesn't matter if the player is ranked 300 in the world or top 50,


as long as you can win and build your confidence and get into the


routine of playing matches, that is the most important thing. And see


how your injury is holding up. That is important. The mental side of


things, when you have been away for so long, just knowing how much you


have missed the game and loved it, that is something that will boost


your confidence and your work ethic as well. She has been working


extremely hard. I was talking to her in the locker room and it is nice to


hear that the hard work pays off. It is such a lovely game, a throwback


with the slice and wanting to come forward and volley. Yes, and she


makes it very tough for the opponent on grass because she has that


variety in the game. I wouldn't enjoy that. It is easy to play


against somebody when you know which shot is coming at you every time but


she has got every shot. She can slice it. She can come in and really


surprise you with all types of tactical tennis. She will have to


use that today. Angie has got a big serve. They all do otherwise


wouldn't be in the semifinals. -- and she has got a big serve. Built


for service, playing on grass. People think they can't play on


grass, and that takes the pressure. She has got a great game for grass


because everything she hits penetrate and that is what you want


unless you are hitting the soft shot. Is that strapping new? I don't


remember it. I think it new. When you go through these Grand Slams,


you do pick up little things. Yes, that this is prevention may be as


well? She wants to be moving and she doesn't want anything more serious


to happen if she makes it to the final. They have called time. Where


is your money going? Muguruza if she is hitting well. I think so as well.


Thank you to Billy Kee and Kim Kleist is, who is on her way to the


commentary box. We will speak more to Billie later. Now over to John


McEnroe. Muguruza in her third Grand Slam


semifinal and she has not lost one yet. This is a comparison of how


they have done. Not a lot to choose between the two. More winners from


Muguruza but you would expect that. John has joined me. Do you expect


Muguruza to dominate this match? Potentially. She has obviously got a


lot more experience and belief. I think she has added something to her


game, variety. She has a lot of strapping to her leg which could


because for concern. She is playing someone with not a lot of pace. It


could be interesting. Muguruza will begin.


Her sixth Wimbledon. Last year she lost in the second round against


Cibulkova but the year before that she was magnificent, all the way


through to the final. Kim, she is a superb athlete,


Muguruza. She is a very good athlete. We were talking about the


strapping is on the leg, but it is more prevention. I think we will see


some of her great movement out here. Conchita Martinez seems to have


settled down and make believe that she can win this one. Nice change


from her normal coach. She gets calmer and calmer and Conchita gets


more excited. Good yin and yang. I helped a girl here at the


beginning of the tournament. She and Muguruza played in the second round.


I was just a few seats away from Conchita and they were very vocal in


the box! Much more aggressive. Don't you


think that Conchita has brought to the table the idea that you don't


have to blow the ball through or by anyone every time. That was how she


was able to use her guile and wherewithal to win this. A nice


matchup, especially for Wimbledon. A lot of girls think that they have


got to play perfect tennis to win matches. That is what Conchita, with


their experience, having won here, it helps to know that she can also


win matches without playing your best tennis. She has not always


played her best here but every match she has been playing better and


better. It will be fascinating to see how


big a part nerves play with Rybarikova. It is new for her that a


lot of this fortnight has been. Yes. She is a talented player and she can


do anything out there, but because she is so comfortable with a lot of


things, she can lose her focus a little bit.


Strapping on her left arm as well. It doesn't give a lot of pace on her


ball. It is sneaky base at times that is throwing off her opponents


in this tournament, especially in the last round. -- sneaky pace.


This is a whole new level now for Rybarikova, the Wimbledon semi. She


looked a little hesitant in that move forward, not the shot that she


wanted. You don't normally hit a half-volley


and run backwards. No. That is her favourite shot, that


backhand down the line, on any surface. She loves to go for that


shot. Always great slow-mos when Muguruza


is around. It is almost expected when someone


hasn't been in this position before, experience comes in handy. She is


challenging, but I'm not sure with how much expectation.


When you got nervous, Kim, how many games did that last for? Sometimes


the whole match! Depends who you were playing. As I got older, it is


shorter, of course, but in the beginning of my career, I remember


playing Jennifer Capriati... The nerves go down a little bit, but


there is always a different type of tension. Wasn't that a 12-10 in the


third? Yes! UMPIRE: Ms Rybarikova is challenging


the call. Another challenge, but she is moving


towards the sit down. It's all right. And the crowd giving


her a healthy round of applause. UMPIRE: Replay the point.


That's when you know things aren't going well, when they are applauding


Hawk-Eye! You never had that, did you? I had other issues!


Consistent and strong, and after ten minutes, it is 3-0.


And four Rybarikova, this is totally new ground. In March she was ranked


453. And she had allowed the record here at Wimbledon, seven consecutive


first-round exits, 2008-2014 and again last year. And here she is,


Centre Court, playing Muguruza. It is to be expected and anticipated


that she would be tight. That was like Sam Querrey against Murray. But


looking at her record, the last time they played, two years ago on grass


in Birmingham, she won. So once she is able to settle down and get rid


of those butterflies, she should be able to make this competitive.


UMPIRE: Time. S nervous connections. Peter Hooper in


she has never been to the third round in a major before this.


UMPIRE: Fault. She will have to think about challenging.


Hawk-Eye says it was in, but having lost a challenge, she didn't want to


go for another one. She won one. To me, that was close


enough, and as tight as she is. Too late now.


She's looking very assured, Muguruza. Very much so. Using that


backhand down the line very well to set up that point, and just going to


the open side. That is well played. Not the right


shot, the drop shot. Not executed as well as she would have liked.


Muguruza is moving well, looks to be a little desperate here early to try


to settle them somehow. So she is trying to throw different


looks at Muguruza, and it is not working.


Her backhand reminds me a lot of Nick Kyrgios's backhand. It is a


pretty solid shot. I like her backhand more than her


forehand. She slaps at the forehand sometimes. If she could get out of


this game, this would be a big boost for her.


A couple of misses on the backhand, and three break points saved.


There was a chance there for Rybarikova. I don't think I've ever


seen Muguruza attack and move forward as much as I have. Take the


net. A good addition to her game, I would say.


Gives her opponent more to think about. Oh, yes.


Thankful but that passing shot was up as high as it was. Longreach and


good control. Not enough loft on the club. You can


see she is still a bit cramped out there, she is not playing freely


yet. UMPIRE: Miss rib are covert is


challenging the ball, the ball was called out.


The umpire was noncommittal about what she thought.


Just wearing her down. UMPIRE: Miss Rybarikova has one


challenge remaining. She is looking a little overwhelmed.


She does. I think if she wins again, she can be a little bit more


comfortable. It is not perfect, that backhand,


there have been a few errors. When you are nervous, your legs are


tight, the spring isn't there, nothing seems to be working. You


feel heavy. It is a terrible feeling. And your breathing is


short. It's not fun. And what can make that feeling go


away? Just a bit of success? Yes. Like I said before, that breathing,


trying to calm yourself down, turn to the back of the court and just


take a few deep breaths. But also with age, I got more used to dealing


with that stuff. bloomer, maybe doesn't have a couple


of years before she figures it out. Can she get on the board here? Can


you remember matches where you felt totally overwhelmed?


My first match here against Jimmy Connors, I was hyperventilating, my


legs were shaking. On my last match where I lost to


Agassi, it felt like nothing you can do. That is the other terrible


thing. You just get blown out. And that's not nerves, it's just old


age. That's worse! And I thought I was old, I was 33.


Take a look at Federer right now, 35, almost 36, the guy looks


amazing. Unbelievable. And Venus, we see her at 37. 22


minutes, and Muguruza has opened up a 5-0 lead.


SUE BARKER: Garbine in a hurry on Centre Court. Disappointment for


defending champion Gordon Reid who has lost in the opening round of the


men's wheelchair singles. The top seed lost 62-63 to Stefan Olsson of


Sweden who avenged his defeat in last year's final. Gordon Reid is


out in the opening round of the singles, 6-2, 6-3. So that was a


little earlier today, but back we go to see if Rybarikova can get on the


scoreboard. It is going to be tough. Shots


played inside the baseline. I think in the last year or so she has been


doubtful about her own game. It is nice to see her in this tournament


with everything falling back into place and her confidence building


with every match that she wins. Her approach is good but not going for


the outright winner every time. 15,000 people here but it is a


lonely place on that court. The good news for her is that she


had a slow dart. -- slow start. She came back against the risk --


Pliskova and won that in three sets. She at least has got that to fall


back on. Well played! Her best rally so far.


But when things are going wrong, John, it is things like that


comeback against Pliskova that you can use as a crutch. Absolutely.


There is more expectation and more pressure. Nobody was expecting her


to beat Pliskova. In a previous post-match interviews


she kept saying I can't believe it, every time. She needs to believe if


she wants to be able to have a chance in this match.


One of the signposts of the way she has made her way through is that she


has been so calm and assured all the way through, even in the Pliskova


match when things got tough. This is a different kettle of fish.


There we go. How sweet it is. The mercy applause is somewhat annoying


even at 5-0! You never got that applause, John! Take anything you


can get! She is more than likely not going to


win this first set but just to get a foothold and do something here. You


never know. There are more is moving a little bit more freely than than


what we have seen so far. -- her arm was moving more freely.


Shots like that are never far away. That is the problem. Even to miss


it, you just want to get a little bit more power and hit it out of


you, the tension, and then hopefully the next time there will be a little


bit less of that. Set point after exactly half an


hour. An utterly convincing first set foot


Muguruza, 6-1. It seems to me that the problem with


Muguruza for most of this year has been that she is a perfectionist and


if her tennis is not absolutely 100%, then something is seriously


wrong. Yes. Why hit with her a couple of years ago at the


Australian Open. We were practising together. I was trying to try my


best. I wasn't playing greater anything but I wanted to give her a


good practice and she was missing a few forearms, and out of nowhere her


coach Sam said please don't hit it to her forearm any more. OK! That is


one way of avoiding a problem! To me that was a strange approach. And she


lost the next day. They haven't asked me to practice with her since!


Blame it on you! With Conchita being here, Sam is very intense. Perhaps


blowing off a little bit of steam. Conchita has had success here and


for whatever reason she has worked very well. I am sure some will come


back into the picture at some point soon. I am not sure of the exact


schedule. Due to come back for going to the US season. As far as


Rybarikova, you have someone who is a career top 100 player, who has


spent several years in that area, and then she dropped to something


like 400 and 53 or something. It is hard to get yourself to believe that


you can take it to the next level. That is a problem right now.


That is well played. I thought she might have been pushed out of the


rally though. It is really playing for her. -- it is really paying off


for her. That was a nice volley, cringed away.


Yes, pouncing impressively. Important that Rybarikova can get


off to a lead in this second set. Otherwise it could be a very short


afternoon. There we go! She made her way onto


the court. Mind and body. Here we go. It took 35 minutes, to come back


to your question earlier! We are off and running, hopefully.


The difference in playing styles is very interesting. Rybarikova is so


straight, even when she hits it, her upper body does not go forward,


compared to Muguruza. Every chance, she likes to go forward.


Coming into this match, both players had been to the net about the same


amount. If you look here, 15 or 16 already for Muguruza and Rybarikova


only four times. She has been on her heels the entire match.


That is a break there! On the money so far. Another huge dent in the


confidence of Rybarikova. That was by far her best game in a match. She


served two aces, she did some good things, she had a passing shot that


took the top of the tape, which was bad luck. And some good play by


Muguruza. She has come out very focused, hitting the ball extremely


well. The bookmaker's favourite to win this and she is playing like it


right now. If you could get into the ear of Rybarikova, what would you


say to her? That is hard. Oh, boy! I think she is still cramped. You


wanted to step in a little and maybe hit a few more aggressively.


Like that shot, she could easily take two steps forward and maybe try


to go for it a little more than she is doing right now. That is not


really in her nature. She is more a slice and dice person. She tries to


throw her opponents off by not giving them a lot of pace. She has


been more aggressive in her previous matches, Isaac. -- I think. And also


Muguruza is keeping her on her heels a bit more so she cannot step in.


She is winning a few of the long rallies now but not enough. Keep


that going. She didn't move well at all to that


volley. It is one of the few times that she has come forward. I don't


know how low the ball and Muguruza were getting, but that is what she


needed to do there, just reach for it, get down with those legs.


I hate to say it, as she turns towards us, there is a resigned look


about Rybarikova. Frustration as well. It is frustrating when it is


the biggest match of your career and you are not playing your best tennis


and you feel like she is feeling. Hesitant. That is not fun. At least


when you are on the big stage you want to play some of your best


tennis. STUDIO: Muguruza is playing so well.


On BBC Two, we are leaving this match. If you want to watch it, it


is on BBC One. This semifinal continues on BBC One. And Johanna


Konta and Venus Williams will be next on Centre Court of course. On


BBC Two we are going to Court Number One, the semifinal in the men's


doubles. It has worked out in this easier, because it is the number one


seeds up against the number four seeds, Lukasz Kubot and Marcelo


Melo. They have taken the first set 6-3 and it is 1-1 in the second set


as we join this live with our commentators Peter Fleming and David


Mercer. Henri Kontinen serving, and he won


with Heather Watson last year. So far Henri Kontinen and John Peers


are definitely second against the fourth seeds with just the one break


in the first set. Really a difference of class. Yes, it was,


but not insurmountable. Two or three holes of serve here and John Peers


and Henri Kontinen will feel better about themselves.


This pair won the Australian Open at the beginning of the competing


against the O'Brien brothers in the final. And they have also won Grand


Slam doubles titles but with different partners. Marcelo Melo won


the French Open at Roland Garros in 2015 with his Croatian opponent. And


Lukasz Kubot won the Australian Open in 2014 with Robert of Sweden. But


the man with his back to us, Lukasz Kubot, has been the star of the show


so far. He has. He has served accurately solidly. But more


impressive of the return. He has really thumped the ball. Forehands,


backhands, following them up with some deft reaction volleys. He has


been solid. And of course he has been more than solid. Marcelo Melo


has been very solid and Kubot has been spectacular. The question is


how long can he maintain that kind of form? Marcelo Melo to serve. His


nickname is Giraffe because he is six. -- he is 6'8". From Brazil. His


partner is Polish. We didn't see many of those returns from Kontinen


in the first set! There you go! Henri Kontinen all


over the place and perhaps distracting his opponents just that


little bit. The first time that Kontinen and Peers have had half a


chance of a break. Oh, and net call and now they have


their first break point! Riding the wave. Kubot put together a really


good return game in set number one, and now so is Kontinen here. From


Helsinki but lives in talent, the capital of Estonia. -- Talinn.


The world number ones couldn't have hoped to play a better return game


than they did just then. Marketing returns, left, right and centre.


Peers is the only man to have dropped served so far.


Yet again, the returns of Kubot putting pressure on Peers's serve.


That second serve was just a bit pedestrian. Rolled in at 83 mph,


giving Kubot plenty of time to take a full swing at it.


Last year when he won the mixed here with Heather Watson, they were


ranked 35 in the world of doubles and now ranked number one.


You don't see jumps like that too often.


And that is a bad miss. Attempted to hit a very sharp angle. Not sure if


it is because he was slow to react to the ball, or overly ambitious.


Chance to break back. Peers is missing too many first


serves. One of the big differences is that


these two have only lost two points behind their second serve, they have


won 85% of them. In contrast, continent and peers have


only won 59%, that is a huge dichotomy. It helps to be six foot


eight, when you are going up for a smash! Nice looking smash as well.


They started out the more secure pair. A brief blip, and it looks as


though they have resettled. Perfect return. That was an almost


impossible half-volley. Has it landed in? Called in by the


linesman. Being challenged, though. So, Muhammed overruled.


And his overrule was absolutely right. He doesn't miss much, Mohamed


Lahyani, the umpire. UMPIRE: Kontinen and Peers have two


challenges remaining. One of the lovely things about


Wimbledon, on Court Number One the last four days, no singles played,


but there must be at least 8000 people in here. They just love


coming to Wimbledon to experience being at the Championships.


I dare say a few of them may make their way up to Henman Hill to look


at Jo Konta and Venus Williams on the giant screen in due course. I


think it might be closer to 9000 in here.


John Peers is from Melbourne, became a father back in May, his daughter


Lily Rose. They are struggling to take Kubot


out of his rhythm. He is still seeing the ball very well on


returns. Two aces in the game, the first aces


for the Kontinen/ Peers partnership. So, the top seeds and Australian


Open champion is just moving ahead in this set, and there is Henman


Hill, absolutely packed. Lovely that the weather is set fair. Again, just


being able to savour the Wimbledon atmosphere, the Wimbledon


experience. When John Peers is clearly struggling on server little


bit, not getting many first serves in and coming under pressure, how


can Kontinen try to help him and left him? I think he needs to be


upbeat, needs to almost encourage him to take a few risks. Tom --


sometimes you can get to conservative when things are not


going well, and often it can be just relaxing for a guy if his partner


just says, come on, just do what you do. That's what's required right


now, and you can snap back into your comfort zone, and that helps a lot.


Taking advantage of his slice of good fortune with the net cord.


Fatal hesitation there from Melo, he thought it might have been going


wide. So, half an opportunity here, and did nothing with follow-up shot.


Unlucky, struck it well, just ever so slightly mistimed.


Kubot will be thankful, he had a couple of high volleys that he


didn't strike very cleanly. Got away with it, though. This is the real


test of a John Peers, he is the man who has struggle on serve, lost his


serve twice. He needs to get first serves in.


What a difference getting three first serves in makes. John Peers


was the runner-up in Wimbledon a couple of years ago with Jenni


Murray, and also a runner-up at the US Open.


I don't get that. You are up 40-0, and you hit a 77 mph second serve,


and your service your strength. Surely that is the time to roll in a


95 mph slider, or 100 mph into the body.


Entirely with you, Peter, but the essential thing there for John Peers


is he got four out of five first serves in, and that made life so


much easier for this partnership. They won the only previous match


between these two pairs, that was in Rome backing me. 6-4, 7-6, they won


the breaker 8-6. So now that little advantage of serving first in the


set means the opponents have got to serve to keep the set alive.


I am intrigued that Lukasz Kubot is turning back the clock and refusing


to sit down. Yes, and I'm wondering if he has some sort of back issue


that has caused him to say, if I stand up, it just feels better. If I


stand up, I won't freeze up. Lock-up.


Wishful thinking here, I think. Sure, I will lob the six foot eight


Guy! He will have a bit of a bruise on his ankle.


He has dispensed with the shades at the moment, they are on the back of


his baseball cap. It'll be surprisingly they don't fall off.


Kubot is cruising through his service games, he has dropped


precisely three points on serve throughout the match. And one of


those was a double fault. Gets back very quickly, John Peers.


Although the shortest guy on the court might be the most difficult


one to lob. Back-to-back love service games,


then, that one just flying by. They have got to find a way of breaking


again. Suppose this partnership would say, we have broken the


Marcelo Melo serve. This is a better chance for us. Even though he is six


foot eight, Melo doesn't have the biggest of serves. Really strange


statistic here. Kubot and Melo have won 83% of their second serve


points, which is higher than the percentage of service points they


have won on their first serve. It is very odd. I'm likely to lose serve


too many times when you have those sort of numbers.


It is not just his returning that is going well, he has been sharper the


net, Lukasz Kubot. He was a top singles player.


UMPIRE: Six games all, second set tie-break. Both teams receive one


additional challenge. We just may have reached the crux of the issue


right here. Kubot and Melo take this tie-break and they are in a


commanding position. On such fortunes are matches won and


lost. You saw that one dribble over. That is such an extravagant volley


to go for, Kontinen. And I didn't understand the strategy, either. If


Peers is going the other way, why serve out wide? He gave Kubot the


whole alley to hit too. Melo really got hold of that, just


wide, though. Oh, he's just overdone the angle. It


was a good shout by Melo, I suppose. Urging his partner to leave it.


Changing ends every six points, of course. The prize money in the


doubles, very nice. The losers of this match will share ?100,000. The


runners-up will share ?200,000, and the winners ?400,000. That'll do.


What did you get the first time you won the doubles? I think it was


$25,000 each. We would never have given new dollars! That's probably


how I converted it. UMPIRE: Let, first service. A


multi-winning doubles champion herewith John McEnroe.


The mini-break cancelled out. Marcelo 's brother, Daniel, won't be


happy with that. Well, they are challenging,


suggesting that it may have been on the sideline, but beyond the service


line. But they are wrong, it was on both lines.


Well, those last two points have certainly made Peers feel a lot


better about himself. Can he roll it into a winning return?


UMPIRE: Out. Mohamed Lahyani has overruled. The


baseline judge called good, Lahyani has called out, and Kubot and Melo


are challenging the overruled. Not the greatest of calls. Two set


points for the number one seeds to level the match.


. Whole host of being called here. Peers and continental are


challenging that call on the sideline. And they are right!


Having a good giggle about it! And certainly towards the end of that


set, John Peers started to play much better than he did for the first set


and a half. Yes. Marcelo Melo will be ruing that double fault he hit at


4-2. Let's not forget they were up 4-2 in that tie-break. That double


fault perhaps opened the doors. John Peers hit two huge serves and a huge


return and Kontinen finished it off with another huge return. The last


five points won in succession by the world number ones.


Still that huge dichotomy in terms of second serve points won. That


counts for nothing now. Kubot has left us briefly. Not because his


partner served that double fault in the tie-break! Are you sure? You


would never have walked out on John McEnroe, would you? Constantly! It


gives everyone a chance to have a little breather. I tell you what,


the pair who are breathing easiest are these two. They were looking


down the barrel of a big, powerful weapon, had they been 2-0 down.


Now they can... Not relaxed, that is the wrong word. Yes, relax, settle


in. Pump themselves up almost. Say, right, we are in this. Now we can


just go for our shots without having to worry about being Conservative.


Looking at their selfies, perhaps? Dressing up to come to Wimbledon.


How nice! The other doubles semifinal is also


1-1 between the Croatian partnership of Nikola Mektic and Franko Skugor,


and the Austrian partnership of Oliver Marach and Mate Pavic. Kubot


is back. Well, the next four games perhaps


could be crucial here. Let's see if all four players come out with some


solid serving. Henri Kontinen couldn't have played


that point much better. A nice chip return, a throwback. Very much so.


Oh, yes! Kontinen is much more in the groove with his returns now.


Right in the pocket. 117 mph is not quick enough to overpower a player.


You have got to place the ball better.


Especially given they lost that tie-break having been ahead, an


important hold for Melo, 15-30, and a lovely exchange year. -- lovely


exchange here. All four players are seeing the ball, moving well, quite


confident in what they are trying to do out there. This is about the best


patch of the match in terms of this standard that both sides are


showing. The curse of the commentator always


works. Praise them all Andy Dunn son easy forehand volley into the net.


-- and he dumps and easy forehand volley into the net.


Well, they are challenging here. This will be really important. 0-30,


they feel they have a great chance to break. Calls on the baseline have


not been very good of late. Of course, the balls are coming very


fast. Peers and continents did well to get


back into that rally. -- Peers and Kontinen. That is a forehand volley


he would like to have back. Three errors have gifted three break


points. Well, that time they outfoxed him.


Kubot perhaps expecting Peers to move across. He did not.


He got out of the way of this body serve quickly. And boy, did he thump


it? Regaining the ascendancy in the match with the early break in the


third set. WHEN you hit the ball that hard, the


margin for error is very slim. Probably only past eight or nine


inches over the net. A little short of the box, the


second serve. Plenty of pace, 140 mph, but Peers had time to get onto


it. -- 114 mph. That is plan A. If you are returning


serve, try and get it low and into the alley, forcing the volleyer to


try and get it past your partner at the easy to do. -- your partner at


the net. Not easy to do. Good second serve. Very near the


sideline and it kicked laterally. Peers well out of court.


UMPIRE: Game. New balls, please. Kubot Melo lead 3-0, one set all.


The momentum has shifted back in this partnership after losing that


tie-break. Kubot found his first serve just at the right time having


struggled with it in the first few points of that game. He is so fired


up for this one, Lukasz, isn't he? In part because he is playing so


well and celebrating after almost every point. It is a nice feeling to


have. You can't wait for the next rally to start. Melo just the


opposite sort of personality. As the name says. He is mellow. Very low


key. He is going to stay, I think. Yes. A


love game for John Peers. They look a little bit glum the


Kontinen Peers support group. How many tennis balls have we got


out there? There should be six. Oh, my word. Can we call that the


shank? Well, yes. The balance was very poor. We need it back, thank


you, Madam. At the US Open they are allowed to keep the balls.


It looked like there was a puff of dust behind the line.


Henri Kontinen launches himself into those returns of serve.


Unfortunately if the volley comes back to him, he is often a little


off-balance, and therefore has difficulty reacting to the next


ball. They have just gone a little flat. So energised after winning the


second set tie-break from behind. And now they find themselves


struggling to stay in the third set. Now it is time to dig deep. Just


down the one break, but they need it back now. They did come from two


sets to one down to win the quarterfinal. Yes, but I don't think


they would look forward to being in that sort of position against this


pair. These guys are seasoned and they are informed. -- they are in


form. They won their two grass court warm up tournaments leading into


this. They are confident. Tremendous slice on that serve. The


sixth ace from the team compared to their opponents.


He is guilty of the extravagant from time to time.


She did that well. That is an experienced Champagne open! These


days it is just as likely to be prosecco, isn't it?


Excuse me, Peter. They need someone to taste that and make sure it is


good enough for them. I will be back in a few minutes. Off you go!


Powerful, powerful return. From John Peers.


Kubot attended a spectacular crosscourt volley, trying to go in


front of John Peers. Perhaps it would have been wiser just to dump


it back deep and see if he could have defended Kontinen one more


time. Yes, 15-30, second serve, he really


needed to make that one. Perhaps subconsciously saw Melo moving to


exactly where he was wanting to hit the return. Maybe he tried to cut it


a little too fine. He got away with some safe volleying


there. What on earth happened there? It


looked like he took a full swing and miss timed it. The ball at the very


top of the frame. John Peers going through a poor spell there. He


certainly had chances to do damage, return on the volley. Head down just


a fraction. This was the last point. Excellent lob from Peers. He must


have taken his eye off the ball. He very nearly whiffed it. Sometimes


better safe than sorry and he went for the whole enchilada. Really wax,


a full swinging volley. He almost failed to strike the ball. So it


falls to Peers to try and keep this third set alive at 2-5.


John Peers seems to have gone into a funk. Second serve again, just set


up well. Melo jumped all over it. Oh, my word. Well, he is having a


nightmare passage. Two double faults. Well, they are


challenging. But I don't think they are very optimistic.


It is a break of serve. The double break secures the third set.


What a baffling turn of events, really. I mean, it appeared as


though they had a bit of momentum going in the second set tie-break.


They could not have played a much worse than they did just then.


Second serve points, one. Rolling in some serves that, to his credit,


Kubot especially was willing to jump all over.


If the ball is in his hitting zone, he gives it a ride.


Some sailing going on. On the Wimbledon Park Lake.


You might even say these two were capsized in the third set. You might


be right to say that. Henry Kontinen's backhand return is


money. His timing it beautifully now. It was notable, the statistics,


he made more returns in that set than Melo and's, but was still


totally outplayed. To their credit, Kubot and Melo did


a fine job of defending the net. Came in, been very solid, played


some clever shots away from the net. Such an important part of doubles.


There is a classic example of just that.


Since dropping his serve in the second set, Melo's served very well.


His partner is so active at the net, helping him. Another look at Marcel


's brother, Daniel. Interesting that Peers has changed


ends for serving. Perhaps the sun has bothered him.


Kubot did so well to put the return of serve back into play. Barely got


his racket on it. Suggesting he serves out wide. He


may well move. Wonderful reactions from Melo. Yes,


and wonderful instincts. Watch, after he hits this first volley. He


just follows the ball. Any old days, that was clearly a


double hit, it would have been a point against Melo, but now it is


allowed. You can have a double hit as long as you don't carry the ball


your racket. That last result will be a huge


relief to John Peers. Great serve, indeed it was. Pace and


accuracy. Well, all four players, sharper than


that. But Kubot and Melo, just that something extra.


What an athletic smash. That ball appeared to be well over his head.


What happened here? The service judge called the serve as good. But


it was called a fault by the umpire. Kontinen hit a superb return.


Ouch. Oh, dear, Mohammed. Not your finest hour. We will replay the


point. On serve, then. In the fourth set.


Kubot and Melo leading 2-1 in sets. Let's take you back to that incident


a couple of games go when it looked like there was a double hit from


Melo, on that shot. I'm not sure it was. It hit the net cord,


definitely. This might give us a better view. There is the net cord.


He hits it at the top and bottom of the frame. It was clearly a double


heat. When Peter was playing, when I was umpire, I would have been saying


it was a foul. I would have been cursing you out! But the rules have


been changed since then. The double-header is now legitimate. The


one thing you can't do is actually carried the ball on the racket. The


rule says it has to be one continuous swing. If you swing and


then tried to carry it back, that is illegal. But you rarely see any of


that. It makes sense. There were so many opportunities to miss it, or to


argue. It was just awkward. It is kind of like the let today. Get rid


of it! What's the point? It is a mis-hit and it has turned


into the perfect return. Pressure now on Kontinen.


He missed it! What a golden opportunity for Melo. That would


have been two break points. And he knows it!


That's why he's number one in the world. Not afraid to man up in a big


moment. A new set of tennis balls being


brought out. Very quickly indeed, by the ball boys and girls.


It's that backhand return of Kontinen once more.


If you can get it down to defeat of the incoming server, you've got a


chance. Absolutely, not easy to do, though.


He middles that. He hits it so flat that the margin of error is tiny. He


just crushed that return. Self-preservation was the order of


the day there. Well, a good hold for Melo from


0-30. A little bit lucky on the last point. The angle of the ball, right


onto the line. We all know that if it hits these lines, the ball grips


on it stops. That volley was a bit special. I'm not even sure if it did


hit the line? No, almost another miss.


Peers, his form has fluctuated fairly wildly in this match. The


other three have been pretty consistent. Kubot has just been


outstanding. But, of course, Kontinen and Peers


are still in this fourth set. No doubt they have been in this sort of


situation many times before. So, not yet time to panic.


Well, that time, Kontinen was hoping that Melo was moving across. No such


luck. Pretty straightforward volley missed


by Kontinen. Too much of a swing on it.


To a certain extent, the form of Peers seems to ebb and flow with the


quality of his serving. A third double fault of the match


from Kubot and Melo. Kubot is the only man not to have dropped his


serve so far. It was a mis-hit return. Very


difficult for Melo to see immediately if it was going in or


out. Unlucky! He was right there and


struck it well. They are challenging, but I think


they are guilty of extravagance in the end. But he made it! He made it!


The break is secure, the match is wide open again.


Well, they had a little bit of fortune in that game, a mis-hit


return and this net court. Yes, he struck the return well and it was


going to be a very difficult volley. For Kubot, in any event. Still, he


might have shovelled it backhand who knows what might have happened? One


of those heartfelt apologies. Yes, exactly. I'm sure he will be paying


penance tonight. But of course, they were up a break. In the second set.


And immediately lost the break. If he locks in on that spot, that is


never coming back. For the first time in the match,


Kontinen and Peers put together a run of three straight games. And the


odds at the moment would be on this going to a fifth set.


So the rot stopped, but they have to find a way to break back. Deep


breaths for John Peers. So much now depends on him getting the first


serve in. Yes, this will be an interesting game. Because the


pressure is well and truly on John Peers right now. Can he make some


first serve is and follow it up with some solid volleying? As you say,


David, he has been up and down today. We have had some really good


tennis in the second set and almost immediately, he followed it up with


a shocking game in the third. First serving and quite a solid


volley, nothing extravagant there. Kubot ripped the return, but


Kontinen stayed at home. Two hours and 28 minutes they have


been out there, two sets all. Peers and Kubot off for a bathroom break,


Kubot follows. Do you have a good feeling as to who


will win the fifth round? Absolutely not. Absolutely not, it could not be


more evenly poised really. It seemed early on that Kubot and Melo had the


upper hand. They whipped the inform team. -- they were the inform team.


Henri Kontinen has played superb tennis off the returns especially.


And so it is just a matter of, can one of these teams serve up


something special? It will be decided I want break. Second serve


points won. Kubot and Melo sliding right down, 44%, down to 71. That


would have decided the break. Kubot and Melo had no chance. No break


points. Incidentally, the other Doubles


semifinal looks as though it may also go four sets. 2-5 down in the


fourth against their opponents. And obviously, what this partnership


can't afford to do is what they did in the third set, having got a


second, they played a sloppy service game, Kontinen losing his serve for


the only time and straightaway 3-0 down. In the third set. That is the


best thing, you watch the tennis and you have the Radio 1, you can keep


up-to-date with all the news. Very smart thinking. And I suppose there


is another tennis much going on at the moment. I suppose there is!


We have not got the screen for them to look at as happens in so many


tournaments. But I think he knows we are talking about him! Is it time


for tea? Yes, quarter to four. While we are still waiting for Kubot, put


the kettle on, will you, Peter? Exactly. Maybe you will run out and


get us some tea. No, I'm just heading out for some champagne. Good


for you! Kubot is back. It must have been a long queue!


They have to do so many things, the ball kids these days. But after the


towels, bring the drinks, take away the letter. I think they should get


double pay! Fantastic rally! Probably the best


point of the match, right up until the last shot. Henri Kontinen here


probably changing his mind. He did not commit. That is a fantastic


smash. So a nice love game. To get this


final set started. Lukasz Kubot. Always comforting to hold serve with


a winning serve. When the return doesn't come back. Get an extra


charge. Moving around the court. Interesting, Peers has changed ends


the game for serving, they obviously believe he should serve first.


A bit of fortune here. Melo struck this one off the frame. Well... No,


I suppose he did not, he just guided it up the line.


Well, Kubot left just a little early after the return. And they were all


over the place from then on. Well, we are having some great


rallies at the start of this fifth set. A deft touch from all the


players. As well as the power. We have the men's Doubles semifinal


which has gone to a fifth set in the other game.


What a pick-up! Great return of serve. Melo did so well the


half-volley back. The ensuing two or three shots were also difficult


returns. Just three points have gone against


the serve in the opening three games of the final set. No hint as yet as


to who will be inspired or who might just falter. At the crucial stages


of the match. Yes, exactly, we have no idea whether one team will become


inspired, as has happened several times in this match. On both sides.


All will some less fortunate player throw in some mistakes? And that is


what determines it. Let's hope for the former.


That was a great love volley. Kontinen threw everything at the


return. It was a long shot, to the least. -- to say the least.


Two and three quarters hours now and we can't tell them apart. Two sets


all, two games all, no tie-break in the fifth set of course.


Oh! Those are the half chances you really have to seize on.


Well, Henri Kontinen, timing his backhand returns beautifully. He


often has struggled to follow it up. With a winning volley. At that time,


he was able to keep the pressure on. Kontinen and Peers ending up on the


same side of the court, then. When you are into a fifth set,


sitting down and maybe having a chat, do you ever think, shall we


try something a little different? Try and get a break? Often, sure.


Often you do. You know, there are two is to win. You either play


better than your opponent or you make them play worse than you.


Either one is just as good. So, yeah, often you try to take your


opponents out of their rhythm. Often we would both stay back, returning


service. Stay with both of us back for greater lengths of time, and


then get to a tie-break, boom, both in because they haven't seen it for


six, eight, ten games. So, yeah, it's all part of it. If you show


them the same looks throughout, I think you are missing a trick.


Unless you are just romping them. Well, Peers has looked the most


vulnerable, but not that time. I think that record is ours today.


There are no lights on this court, we will have to come back tomorrow,


Peter. I just can't see where the break is


coming from. All four guys, in a nice rhythm on serve. Won't be easy


to break, that's for sure. Five double faults for the team of


Kubot and Melo. Well, nice volley. Deftly played.


Just dropped it right at Kontinen's fit. -- feet.


Fancy footwork, but then he is a Brazilian.


Words of encouragement from his partner. Nervous shuffling from his


brother. Well, he opted for a very difficult


attempt. Chose to stop on a dime and try to hit the slice. Not sure if


maybe if he kept on moving and headed up the half-volley, it would


have been easier. Kontinen's forehand return is not as


good as the backhand. He is going to award the point. He


has overruled and has awarded the point, saying it was a late call


after the ball had been struck. They are challenging. Kontinen was


already sitting down. He called it straightaway! John


Peers are doing if it was a late call or not. -- asking if it was a


late call or not. The correction was late, but the original call seemed


like it was right after the Serb landed. He called it as he hit the


ball, he called it very quickly. You corrected after. His one was before.


Yeah, but it was me hitting the ball. It impacts on that. That's


what it does. I was trying to hit the ball. I think you've got that


one wrong. I think you've got that one wrong.


All a question of if the call came before he struck the ball or not.


The game moves on. 3-4 in the final set.


Kontinen made the difficult volley and then missed the easier one. It


wasn't easy. There he goes again. Really


extravagant choice of shot. I think it was an two minds, wasn't sure if


it would drop in or out. We move into the fourth hour of the


match. The sort of returns that Kubot was


producing at the start of the match. Exactly.


Melo did really well to put that return of serve back into play.


A couple of deuce games, but still we await the first break point of


the final set. 76 more service holds to go.


Caught one on the side of the head, but they build them tough. Second


serve, right onto the service line. He's been aggressive throughout. Hit


the second serve with a bit of venom.


There was a little variation, there was that block return.


Again, a big first serve. Kontinen Lucky... Or, well, did well to put


the return back into play. But he blocked it again? Exactly.


We are now at the stage, assuming this pair continued to hold serve,


their opponents are constantly having to serve to stay in the


match. We commentators say it is a huge psychological advantage to be


serving first. Is that how you see it from the player perspective? Huge


advantage might be overstating it. But a distinct advantage, yes. That


pressure continues to mount. So at four, five, six, seven, eight, it is


an insidious little pressure and it eats away at you. You get to ten,


11, mentally you are more fatigued than the opponent. As we saw with


Rafa against Muller during the week? Exactly right.


Perhaps Melo saw Peers moving to his left, he knew that there was a space


there. Did well to guide the ball into the open space.


Gosh, this is going to be a big decision by Hawk-Eye. 0-30 or 15-15?


Missed it! First serve is going AWOL again.


Doesn't want him to cross, wants him to cover the line.


That was a chance that wasn't so deep in the court. But it looked as


though it kicked off the surface. 5-5 in the final set in this


semifinal. In the other, it is for- four in the final set. Mektic and


Skugor against Mate Pavic and Oliver Marach.


Got over his head very quickly. A total mis-hit.


A good return of serve. I think John Peers perhaps play the following two


shots a little too safely. Magnificent effort from Melo and


Kubot to stay in that point. They shouldn't have been allowed to.


Again, they defend the net expertly. He needed every inch of his six foot


eight to get up to that bounce ball. He certainly did.


He loves the backhand. Anything in the middle of the court as his.


John Peers just didn't quite have the nerve to get across quickly.


Held his ground, thinking that Melo would go down the line. He didn't. A


good position for him to slot it away.


Melo doing so well to hang onto that service game. Down 15-30. There were


really having to defend the net. Yeah, once Kubot and Melo


established themselves at the net, on a couple of occasions, both


Kontinen and Peers missed ground strokes that almost appeared as


though they thought the task of hitting a passing shot was just a


little too daunting. Henry Kontinen has gone off for a break. Here he


comes. A very quick one. Allow to do that when it is your serve to come.


Not when your opponents are about to serve, because you might disrupt


their rhythm. You can tell how much the crowd have


enjoyed this one. The players are doing a nice job of


putting returns into play. Difficult to par lederhosen to break points.


-- difficult to turn them into break points.


Doesn't really get hold of that smash.


Almost as though when John Peers is back and the other two are at the


net, he runs out of ideas. I think Kontinen is pretty glad that


was a let. Two points for 6-6. A reminder, no


tie-break in this set. You can tell the ball boys and girls


are so good, we hardly ever notice them. Because they don't make any


mistakes. That is why they make the big box! They wish! -- the big


money. New balls, 6-6, final set. Brett on the line. -- right onto the


line. Yes, just good solid defence of the net once again. It is not


rocket science. So this set lasting 53 minutes so


far, the match now up to three hours and 20. A nice love game for Kubot.


Once again, the pressure on the other team, especially John Peers.


At 6-7. You were saying what? 145 games to go? Yes! I'm up for it, how


about you? Yes, you know, I might nip out for a Sandwich and leave you


to do a couple of games. Fair enough! And you can nip out. Bring


me some adult beverages back! When John Peers puts the first serve


interplay, the other guys really have had very little joy. It is when


he misses the first served that things start to go pear shaped.


Well, it is at the far end from us, but that second serve must have been


as deep as deep can be. Really nice reaction, that serves,


109 mph. Right into the body and Melo did well to get out of the way.


Oh, how about that?! Lovely reaction! Just crushed the return.


The umpire was in the rough -- the umpire's voice, seven all! How many


more? ! He must be thinking, not me a game! Deja vu! Mohamed Lahyani.


Successive love service game is for Kubot and Melo, which just ramps up


the situation a bit more. Because Kontinen and Peers have hardly


finished serving and they have got to do it again. Well, exactly. And


the longer your service games go on and the shorter your opponent has


their games, the pressure mounts as the set and stews. Look at that, the


other semifinal also deep in the fifth set, six all. I guess there


will not be any physical advantage for the two winners. Yes! Men's


Doubles final. Played on Saturday after the lady Singles. -- the


Ladies' Singles. A lot of biffing going on in that


rally. But that is what happens to Kontinen


when he takes the pace off the first serve. Yes, that first serve just


105 mph. If he is going to take the pace off, he needs to play it


better. Kontinen hoping to challenge. Mohamed Lahyani saying,


no, you can't challenge after you have missed the ball, you had plenty


of time to challenge before you hit it.


What a second serve! He has come through a couple of times in that


situation. Remind me never to play Henri at poker! He wins the gambles.


The game, he took the pace off the serve. The first break point of the


final set. The first match point. A unique celebration from Lukasz


Kubot! That is what it means to be a Wimbledon finalist.


What a fantastic points to finish it on as well. Henri Kontinen did so


well to stay in that rally. And it was a succession of powerful drives


from Lukasz Kubot and Marcelo Melo that finally finished them off.


Three hours and 32 minutes. And boy, have the Number 1 Court crowd


enjoyed their first Match of the Day! Nice to see them waiting for


their opponents. This was at class matchup, two


inform teams who both played superbly at times in the match. Ebbs


and flows. In the end, Robert Blake Kubot and Melo with a better pair --


probably. SUE BARKER: What a match on Court


Number One, 9-7 in the fifth and what a celebration from Lukasz


Kubot! Divided that, I would have to call for the trainer! What a match


and the crowd loving it on Court Number One. In the build-up to this


year's championships, I have been talking to many of Wimbledon's rates


fall than 90 years of the BBC and it was interesting to find out where


they are now and what they are doing. When I visited Chris Evert in


Florida, guess what, she was at the Chris Evert Academy. How are you?


Good! Lily, nice going! That was the right shot. What a set up you have


here! How many courts? Don't as glue that, 31! Clay and hard. Two


dormitories. Kids from all over the world, about 70, 80 full-time


players. This is my brother 20 years ago. He started it out? Yes, it is


all him, yet he bugged me won years to begin an Academy. He is


responsible for the success and he figures out what makes a great


Academy. You must be so proud of what the Evert family have created.


Yes, carrying on the tradition. My dad was the professional, at a


holiday park for 50 years. In those days, there was no Academy. That was


the mecca of Academy tennis in the United States and Florida.


If you are going to commit and poach, you go in, don't go sideways!


Cut it off and go in. It is creating an environment where


they can reach their goals and be the best they can be. It is about


grounding them and making them into well rounded student athletes as


well, not just tennis players and tennis machines. To really give them


the tools that they can benefit in life after tennis also.


I come out here every day and I love it. It is something that helps me


get out of bed in the morning. You just need to have something to look


forward to even when you are not a professional and not playing on the


pro tour and raising kids. You still need something at this stage in my


life, it is really a good thing I have this.


How lucky those kids are to learn from the greatest match player I


ever played against, that is Chris Evert, at her Academy. And hopefully


she will be joining me later today. We have more tennis for you now and


this is a match involving Gordon Reid, of Britain. He was facing


Stephane Olsson in the Wheelchair Singles, and this is a repeat of


last year's final. You can see he has struck the opening set, Gordon


Reid, serving 4-3 up in the second set. The commentators, Peter Norfolk


and Nick Mullins. He has lost the last three games, he


was 4-3 up. This is a big game for him. I love Gordon, but if he


doesn't stop the rot... Gordon is on the ascendancy.


Yes, quite likely, Olsson looking at the finish line when he got the 4-0,


big mistake if he did. And he was serving 45-1, that is the game he


was broken in. -- was serving for 5-1.


The serve looked borderline long. I guess it is the umpire's call. There


is a line judge. This has got the feeling of a really


big moment. Yes, big game, everybody is getting a bit twitchy.


Great serve out wide by Olsson, it gives him his sixth ace. Normally,


Gordon serves big and he's got no aces yet. Quite if you double


faults. Drop shot. -- quite a few double faults. That was not even


close, it was the bottom of the net. The improvement in form for Reid


just going into other areas. Nothing wrong with that. That is a


great forehand. Lovely toss, almost like a half-volley, so deep into the


corner, back behind Gordon. The aces have been balanced out by


the double faults. Yes, he is nervous, I mean, obviously, Gordon


is defending. Olsson is nervous. It's getting close to a big scalp.


That is a good shot. That is a very good slice. Olsson is sitting on the


baseline, Gordon is still behind, pinning it back behind Gordon.


Gordon has to try and take that away from Olsson.


Yes, that was a really big hold. And his reaction tells you that he knows


it as well. Those are the Swedish coaches. They will be well chuffed


if Olsson comes through this. So Gordon Reid, 12 months after


becoming champion here at Wimbledon, winning the inaugural Singles title


and making a little bit of history in the quarterfinals, serving to


stay initially's event. -- initiate's event.


Well, that is not going to help. Chucking in yet another fault.


That is a great return! I don't like it, but I admire it. Gordon, good


serve. You can see where Olsson is returning that. Straight back down


the line, not giving Gordon a chance to move from where he has served.


Yes, he took the pace off. Gordon took the pace off his serve. Olsson


returned it and he did it again, Gordon hit the ball back behind


Olsson. Yes. Excellent shot once more from


Olsson, and he has match point. It is the depth that he is hitting the


ball, because he is hitting it so deep, it is all about having to


react. Olsson attacking the second serve


for the match. Fantastic second serve by Gordon,


that was a bit scary. It elicited the error, he needed that. One match


point saved. It has gone. And there it is.


Revenge for Stefan Olsson, the man beaten in last year's Singles final


has knocked out the champion. Not this year for Gordon Reid, not in


the Singles, at least. He has still got the Doubles. But the defence of


his Singles title has ended at the first stage. Beaten by an


outstanding Swede called Stefan Olsson. 6-2, 6-3.


SUE BARKER: Disappointment for Gordon but revenge is sweet for


Stefan Olsson, going through in straight sets. It was ladies semi


final day today and on Centre Court, first was Garbine Muguruza against


Magdalena Rybarikova. And I'm afraid Magdalena Rybarikova was not playing


well, nervous performers from her, wonderful performance from Garbine


Muguruza looks back to her best. Her coach is a former winner here,


Conchita Martinez, a big smile from her because she knows Garbine


Muguruza displaying superb grass court tennis, big serves. And there


was a big smile because she knows that she had a chance of winning a


second Grand Slam title, having won the French Open last year. 6-1, 6-1,


one hour and five minutes. Then on the court, Venus Williams against


Britain's Johanna Konta, trying to become the first British woman


through to the finals since Virginia Wade in 1977. She was facing a


champion, a great champion, who looks to be back to her best, Venus


Williams, who was the winner in straight sets, 6-4, 6-2, magnificent


serving display from Venus and she does a little twirl on Centre Court.


First time in the final here since 2009, but is chasing her six title.


And after the match, she spoke to Richard.


Congratulations. Europe when he viewed at Wimbledon and your first


final since 2009. I have played lots of finals here. I could not ask for


more, one more win would be amazing. It will not be given but I will give


it my all. You are up against the big British hope, how well did you


have to play to win because of the crowd? The crowd was very nice to


me. Even more boy studies. I felt the crowd was there and I know that


the love Jo Konta. There was lots of pressure and I felt she handled it


well. You have got a lovely smile on your face when the match was over,


what emotions were you feeling? She played so well and no point was


easy. I tried to climb on top every time to get another point. It was


done. Just so happy. Muguruza way to you in the final, what can we


forward to? The last time she played Serena Williams, I will have to ask


for pointers, she is always in my corner. It is usually hard in these


finals. I am trying my best to represent William is the best I can.


Do you miss her? Terribly. I missed so much before this game, I wish she


was here. This time have to do it for myself. QPR. Well done, Venus.


Thank you. SUE BARKER: Jo Konta can be proud of her Wimbledon


Championships as well. More tennis for you on Court number one, it is a


quarterfinal in the Mixed Doubles. Between Andre Begemann and Nicole


Melichar and Bruno Soares and Elena Vesnina. They are the number two


seeds. They are just on court. Louise Pleming is alongside Barry


Davies. COMMENTATOR: All smiles at the


moment and a few empty seats after a match lasted more than 3.5 hours.


They have gone out for the break but I am sure they will be coming back


for what promises to be an entertaining Mixed Doubles match.


The favourites on the near side of the net. Bruno Soares from Brazil


and Elena Vesnina from Russia. Against Andre Begemann and Nicole


Melichar. Do you have any questions? Heads or


tails. Your choice. The choice was for the German. They will serve


first. Next quarterfinal in every sense, four nations represented. In


the country book -- commentary box one Englishman and somebody from


down under in Australia, Louise Pleming. Thank you, Barry. Quite a


distance I have had to travel to come here but this will be a


terrific match. Elena Vesnina is certainly a very good doubles


player. This will be an interesting match for this young player, Nicole


Melichar, from the United States. She has only been victorious in one


doubles match at Grand Slam level in the US Open last year. This is new


territory for her and her partner. They are very happy to be here at


the quarterfinals given the rankings. They really do gel very


well. This man is very impressive, Andre Begemann. He is super solid.


He has got a big serve, he is fast. He has got all the good tools and


weapons to be a great Mixed Doubles player. He is very positive on the


court as well. He played a terrific match, the first match against


England and Robson. That is this mean, her doubles ranking is at


four. Her partner is at six. Bruno Soares would not feel he has


had a great Wimbledon. He would be expecting to be still in the Men's


Doubles with Jamie Murray from Scotland. They went out 7-5 in the


fifth. From -- against the tennis players from Sweden and Australia.


That was a big surprise for the man who has 26 titles. And knows what it


is like to win Grand Slams. But not here at Wimbledon. He did once get


to the final, Soares, with Lisa Raymond. But be lost.


Vesnina is 30 years old. She comes from Saatchi. That is where the


Olympic Square. The Winter Olympics. Bruno Soares is from Belo Horizonte


in Brazil. Nicole Melichar is from Florida in


the United States of America. In the last round she was the only player


on court who won all four service games. Which her partner, Andre


Begemann, who was 33 years old yesterday, was presumably very


grateful. Tour de France Brown is only after


getting a bye into the second round. Some terrific matches. The big one


was Jack Sock and Madison Keys in three sets. That was a tough battle


for them. They played a long match. And then they went through to play


Mark Venus and a Boruc Rogic over. That was also a very tough match.


They have a plenty on court time to work things out. They won a Grand


Slam match in 2016. The understand how do they need to play together.


Soares is very solid. Andre Begemann and Nicole Melichar,


best when was against next-door and the patch. They had some time in the


second round. 15 - 13 in the third set. They have played some


outstanding tennis. Their first match was high-quality. That was


against England and Robson. It was played on Court number one. They


have had some time to get familiar with surroundings. It would be a big


moment for Nicole Melichar that day. The biggest stadium she has played


in. She has really enjoyed Wimbledon this year. I have seen her in the


restaurant a couple of times and she has been so impressed with what


happened with her tennis, the fact she has gotten in here. It was back


in 2012, her and her partner, Brian Batten Stone, they played the


national wild card play-offs in the United States and got through to the


US Open. That was her first moment of Mixed Doubles play at Grand Slam


level. That is the umpire from Croatia.


She is very experienced. She has taken care of big matches for quite


a long time. We will not see too many things go awry. This is the


pair that will be favoured to win. Soares and Vesnina. Vesnina is very


flat, very aggressive, great return. She did very well last year here in


the singles. She is still in the women's doubles. Soares bowed out


earlier. They will be a familiar -- formidable team. Vesnina was in the


semifinals of the Ladies' Doubles. As in tradition, in pleasant


sunshine, it is Andre Begemann to open this match. For Street, too far


for Nicole Melichar. I have got a feeling she will get lots of traffic


directed at her earlier gone. Perhaps intimidate her a little bit.


The least experienced on court by a long shot.


Just the sort of opportunity you want to be offered in your first


game. This match is in the quarterfinals.


Just 109 from Begemann. He can do everything with his serve, he has


got variation. Goodness me. This is just the


opening game!. Proper entertainment here. We don't often see that.


Rallies going 14 shots in the Mixed Doubles. Breakpoint against the


server. Slightly delete if not a


particularly quiet call. That is an unfortunate way to lose


your opening serve. There are some people who would argue, and you


could be among them, Louise, the man has not played his part, he is


expected to hold serve. I do not lie, Barry. I would not be happy, I


would look at him with a stern look. Of course I wouldn't. You cannot do


that. You have to take the good with the bad, Barry.


Smart play from the call. -- from Nicole. She understands the doubles


court very well, tactically thinking straight away. She does not want to


test the volley of Vesnina early on, she knows that they are solid. As


was that serve. Vesnina is very safe at the net,


that was hit with lots of pace offended by Begemann. Cool, calm and


collected is Vesnina at the net. Up against it right from the start.


Begemann and Melichar... Can she maintain her record from her


last match of all is winning her serve?


Good depth from Soares. He is going to try to get the ball to penetrate


through and stay back on Melichar, try to stay away from Begemann. He


is good at the net. That is one reason why she was not broken in the


last match. It is a team game, no doubt about that.


Good work from the call. Got behind that right away. Soares trying to


explain -- expose the server. That was a good hold. You felt she


might have been upset at Begemann of losing his opening serve. When the


male player loses the opening serve, when they do, it is not often off


their own back. The first point, when Begemann suit, it was Vesnina


that went down the line and try to intimidate the female player a


little bit. Particularly at the net. As this match extends, you will see


how good at the net Melichar is. That is probably the best part of


our game. She can read the baseline. We saw an pace and some big serving


there. It was one of your compatriots that


made the observation, who said, the man does not hold serve, he is not


doing his job because the pressure is always on the lady anyway. He is


expected to do so. Let us see what Vesnina will do.


Good serve. Was it Liz Smylie Pat Cash that said that? I could not


possibly comment. Without the permission.


You are like a bank vault, Barry. That was some return.


He won a couple of Grand Slams with Jamie Murray. Last year, Australia


and the United States. Another very good return. Begemann


was best on court and the opening match against the Brits. I like the


way that this sky please. -- that this man plays.


Great play from Begemann, how he interjects himself. He is getting


good presence at the net. He is getting in the mind of Vesnina. He


moves across. And very safe hands. And brings up a break back point.


He was trying to do too much, Soares.


Still some degree from that opening service game. It was a double fault


in the last point. Good placement from Vesnina. She


reads the serve well. Takes some pace off and make sure that the ball


will get download. That is the criteria in doubles, you want to get


the ball sitting download. Interesting grip on the forehand


from Melichar. Makes a solid shot on that.


Just making amends, Barry. Wants to hold serve here.


A run of play my games after losing the last two. That is the father of


Elena Vesnina. He is her coach and constant travel companion, he is a


great influence, they are a great pair. It said something about her


personality, when you see a partnership of Ekaterina Makarova,


and Vesnina, they have been a partnership for so many years, it


speaks volumes about how somebody can communicate and work together.


Throughout the years, that is her real strength as a doubles player,


she gets on really well with her partner. She thinks things through.


It is one of the reasons why she is a Grand Slam champion. As many times


as she is. She is consistent with her mentality.


Very clever. Very precise. Point made.


Good hands from Soares. Just waits for Melichar to move a little bit


and slides it down the side. Such a top serve for the female players


when the opponents can hurt a little bit of slice with the added value of


the grass. It makes it an impossible return.


Very casual to go back there, Soares.


And the ball was out. Soares perceived that quite early.


Very solid on returns, Begemann. He is really going to challenge Vesnina


today at the net. She looks to be concerned. She


should not have worried. The most difficult volley to hit is


when the male player goes right at your body into that backhand side.


When it comes into the forehand it is not as difficult.


That was very sharp. Again, I like the confidence of Begemann. He is


trying to draw the ball to him. He was faking a little bit. Trying to


bait Vesnina. He has got a little bit of flair


about him. I like the way that he gets about the court. He has


probably got the best presence on court, this man.


A very common mind under pressure just to let that one go.


So well directed. Begemann took off to meet it and found it was just


about already passed him. They look pretty comfortable,


despair, extremely well. The assets they bring to the game, meant each


other. Melichar has a good serve. Very good at the net, very solid,


and when she gets behind her returns, she puts a lot and the play


for Begemann to interact and be dominant at the net. Begemann is a


calming influence and they seem to get on extremely well, chemistry


almost better than this pair, looking worried, as they should do.


At the back of Vesnina's mind, she has never won this event, Mixed


Doubles. She has been to the cup -- by not a couple of times, but never


won it. So a real addition to her trophy Cabinet. They are the number


two seeds in this competition. Oh, and Lucky! -- unlucky. But some


great crosscourt hitting in that rally. Either women. -- by the


women. That was a bit of a gift. Vesnina is


not quite at the races at this stage. No, he is rattling her. Andre


Begemann. Very active at the net and his presence creating pressure on


this player on screen. Oh, that is an unlucky miss. Melichar.


Just staying on pace, Begemann, making Vesnina a little


uncomfortable from the back. So solid with his returns, good depth.


She is having to really think her way out of the service game. Aided


by something of a shout when she hits the ball. Apparently. Good/


there. There is a good partner, you sense


your partner is struggling to hold and you want to help her. You know


Begemann has gone off that forehand a couple of times, so good movement


from Soares. You would go with touch, Barry? Or


would you rather use a bit of pace, power? I love variety. This lady is


a very good player. I enjoy watching her.


Oh, that is unlucky, Begemann. Just playing a game. In tandem at the


net. Begemann and Melichar connecting well when they move


forwards. Soares brought the ball was in fact


out. Well, it could not have been much more on the line than that. So


30-15. These two are very much playing the


match with a smile all the time. They are, I feel baked in -- they


are in charge because of this man, Begemann, he has a great presence.


He is extremely active. Looking to come forwards whenever he can. But


great mover. You can really defend well. But just the way he carries


himself, it is imposing. And he is the lead out there, he is looking to


take charge. And I just love the fact that he is trying to get into


the mindset of his opponents. He has been really aggressive and going at


Vesnina. But for me, he is the one that is really driving this match so


far. And it is all about chemistry, isn't it? Soares had a lot more time


on court with his partner to gel. So, Soares now needing to hold.


Otherwise, they will be a set down. 4-5.


I think he is OK. Making light of it, anyway. Those shoes just


starting to get a little worn out. Very small pimples on them. He was


not quite quitting. His foot crossed over. -- splitting. Just unsettled


him for a minute. Yes, good serving from Soares. They


had been serving three or four serves in in this match, 75%. That


is pretty high. He catches a little luck, but he


just feels that slight gap down the line.


Half an hour has gone. They can't be parted at the moment. A rapid pace


they are playing this Mixed Doubles at, ten games in 30 minutes.


Oh! Soares just lifting his game now. Another slight slip from


Begemann. Well, I'm really surprised to see


Vesnina stay back after that deep return from Soares, and she stayed


back. That is just a little notice of where her minders at the moment,


not that confident up at the net. Love- 30 here. Melichar.


Oh, that is like a comedy of errors, almost, what happened? Two shots


were not hit cleanly. One ended up on the net post and the other out at


the back. Apart from that, it was all great stuff! Just glad he didn't


touch the net and finish it off! Did not quite get that right, they


are in trouble. Two big points. That is a brave second serve from


Melichar! Just 100 mph on that second serve, that is huge! In fact,


they average around 97 mph for the second serve. That is up there.


Still break point. Oh, that is an unfortunate way to drop her serve.


Both of them have dropped their serve with a double fault at the


last point. Way back in the first game, it was the male of the team,


and there, the female of the team. Beautiful afternoon, isn't it,


Barry? It has been stunning weather. A cool breeze, but perfect


conditions for playing tennis. We have seen a little bit of everything


this Wimbledon, haven't we? Plenty of blue. The cloud is pretty high.


Just a bit of darkness. No roof at all on here. It will be one that


will open and close in 2019. What stage we will be at next summer


remains to seen. Probably would only have needed to use it just the one


day really. As happened with the Centre Court roof the first time it


was used. It was almost as if they needed to try it out! Vesnina


serving with a chance of taking the set.


Oh! That is a great interception. Melichar could not react.


I think he was partly responsible for that. He ran across her line of


fire. Vesnina made the error. He can be a little overeager sometimes.


This 35-year-old is a class act. That is the highest today. Two set


points. Oh, what an excellent return! Brave


shot here from Melichar. You can see how much space Soares is giving her.


And feeling that Begemann is going to do exactly the same play on this


next shot. He is going to go straight down the line. So set point


on offer. Could be a little harsh after


contributing so much, they rather threw it away. Begemann and


Melichar. Well, they will certainly be disappointed after that, Begemann


and Melichar felt that they were looking to be the more confident out


here. First serve points won went down, their conversion rates just


dropped at the wrong time, Begemann and Melichar, when Melichar was


broken. The winners have been getting a better percentage in and


they were so lucky to dip at the wrong part of the match. The spare


here were just a little lucky, I'm sure they are saying, we got out of


jail here! We saw Vesnina staying back and a couple of points, I just


felt she was feeling a little intimidated. I thought that Begemann


was doing a good job. I wonder when he slipped, that time, whether that


just got inside his head a little bit and he was a little bit of


confidence with his moving. Because he has been extremely explosive, as


we just see both of his team, Begemann and Melichar have left


Court Number One to have a quick bathroom break. As more people are


arriving on Court Number One after hearing about such a good Mixed


Doubles match. Nice to see them back, Barry. But I'm sure they will


be discussing how they really got out of trouble. Soares started to


read a little bit, Begemann's returning patterns. And he was able


to help Vesnina somewhat on her service game.


Elena's father. A constant companion and a great source of strength and


wisdom. Always with his daughter. I wonder if coaches get to logon how


many hours they sit down and tally up. They can go at dinner time and


say, Vesnina, I spent 30 hours a week watching you play tennis, you


have to sit and listen to me for a minute now! They have switched


towels as well, Barry. Yes, it is always the way, so you have a


complete set. Yes. So, do they have it in them to come


back? Begemann is the first to serve again.


He needs to get a quick point, Begemann.


Oh! Just a passing brush. That was good enough.


You just don't know why that one comes into play for Begemann, he


looks so solid on his serve. He threw one in at 135 rounds per hour,


he gets under it. Sometimes on that second serve, it just gets a little


too far in front. It would be good for this team if


they get a good start and get momentum back. They created good


pressure in that opening set. They just failed at the end.


It is important to refuel if you are going to keep your energy up. She is


doing a good job of that. Well, that was very nearly mine. I


have to admit, I chickened out! It hit the glass of the commentary box,


of course. You get a good view down here, right down on the court.


Barry, we are a bit lucky. It is a privilege.


Oh! She got a lot of spin on that, I suspect! She made it look easy! And


he thought he was going to find it easy, but not so. Yes, you can just


see the backspin. It's just dies on the grass and takes it a little too


passably. -- passively. Out of the Sony sky, mistakes by the Brazilian.


He has been so effective with that slice serve out wide, Soares, into


the weakest side when he can get Melichar moving out wide on the


forehand. She has not been able to make it.


Oh! They crashed out. Nicole had a bit of a brain fade. She forgot she


is playing with a guy who is extremely fast. He was behind that,


could have had an easy shot on it as well.


Good body serve. You just see how Vesnina had nowhere to go.


He is certainly the dominant character at the net. Sometimes,


Vesnina can't cope with it. I think he got away with more of a


slice than was ever considered. Well done, Vesnina. She is realising


that he is moving a lot, so she is just going to try to keep him on


that baseline for a little. SUE BARKER: We're leaving this


match. You can continue watching it on the red button on the BBC sport


website. We are going to take you over to Centre Court to see the


defending champions in the Mixed Doubles, on the Kontinen on and


Laura Robson, up against Rohan Bopanna and Gabriela Dabrowski. They


are the number ten seeds. They are just about to get underway. Heather


is already smiling. COMMENTATOR: Great if you have


stayed and this should be fun. The reading champions against the best


beer in this tournament so far. The Roland Garros champion is taking on


the Wimbledon champions. When I think of Hornby commented on,


I think of Ryan Gosling. He has to watch out that after the


long Men's Doubles he does not come out flat.


He is a magnificent tennis player. Kontinen, strong hand, quick feet,


good tactician. He also plays some crazy shots.


Excellent work from Rohan Bopanna. 37 years of age but has Venus


Williams will tell you, aegis just a number.


Heather Watson taking the responsibility and they go into the


lead. For him, I am not sure if that is


lunch or dinner. He probably does not know. An unidentified category


of meal. Here is Rohan Bopanna on serve. He


was fantastic on serve in the third round match.


There was not much space but it was right on the line.


This is interesting. Bopanna and Dabrowski have not been broken right


the way through the tournament. They are 0- 30 on the opening service


game of Bopanna. He has missed a couple of first


serves and he has now missed for him, an easy volley, and there are


no two break points. Good fencing between Gabriela and


Heather. Having big discussions about whether to go for the Heather


Watson return because her backhand is superb. That is why they did not


go there. I watched the last couple of rounds from Henry and Heather,


Watson has been superb. He did not let me down in the end on


his serve. Two break points saved. One game each. It would've been an


irony if he was broken after you had given him a showcase. Did happen.


Now the -- we saw signs of it in the singles here, I think Heather as


plain as well as she has ever played. She is back on track


trampling in the doubles helps, having to serve out for threats and


in the clutch, that is where she is having problems in the singles.


Where was Gabriela Dabrowski standing to return? It looked as if


she had gone off court. He has got some funky shots all


right. It was the ideal move at the ideal


time. Not a lot of room but he found some.


Rohan Bopanna has the most beautiful ability, fluid strokes, wonderful to


watch. He just caresses it over the net but generates incredible power.


Three games with serve. Bopanna was the most threatened.


They are full of animation and communication these two. It brings


back memories of those wonderful scenes 12 months ago right here.


There is another smiler, Heather's mum, Michelle.


And Elaine Paige on the left. She is a pretty good tennis player herself.


She quizzes around the court, mad, passionate tennis fan and everything


about the court -- about the sport. Coached by Sam Smith? Not coached by


Samantha Smith but I have seen her play. She would play every day of


the week if she had the time. Even more people coming in.


Gabriela Dabrowski is the last to serve.


They are doing a lot of thinking about the Watson return. Worried


about her getting onto the backhand. Heather is so good at that.


Not quite the return she wanted. It was an easy put away.


He is a big man and packs a big punch, and is also very quick at the


net. He tried to conjure up something


special but it had too much pace on it. I actually feel that Heather was


right to take this on, I do not think it would have gone out.


Dabrowski playing really well. It is about the women in Mixed Doubles,


who is the stronger female out there?


Again, super teamwork. This served from Kontinen is so difficult to


pick, wonderful disguise, an amazing pace and swing. Luke Rowe that


bounced for the first time, on the court covers, that is about a seven


metre swing. No problem and no breaks so far, 3-2


to the champions. No pressure on that serve at all. It


is such a great delivery. I am rather fascinated by it, actually.


By how he lays his head back, his arm goes right behind into an


unbelievable Trophy position that he gets into. I do not know how you


read it because I do not know how you get a clue from the racket face


if you are the return. He must be double jointed in his shoulders,


look how far back the racket goes, in that for the I'll open it is. I


do not know how you see that coming over. It could gone anywhere. Look


how far the racket is from his head. He has got lots of lag on it. That


is an extraordinary serve. He must have strong neck muscles as well.


Bopanna was not on top form when he served first time. He got out all


the hole. Even the second serve has got kick


and bike. Tough to handle. As soon as you get that return them


though, at the serve and volley, you have to get it and you haven't.


Now we are beginning to see why these two have not dropped a set all


the way through to the quarterfinal and have been unbroken. Watson and


Kontinen have been broken just the once.


Excellent return from Dabrowski. Kontinen was surprised that it was


over the net. He has got it all, hasn't he?


Including looking like Ryan Gosling. He is the Ryan Gosling from Finland.


Watson really coming good at the end of that game.


No wonder Heather is full of beans. Great serving at the wonderful


finish to that last rally. Dabrowski giving her space down that


line. And that is immaculate. She has been down in the dumps,


Heather, in the last year or so. The signs are good now. She had a few


injuries and also hardcourt who took into the top 40 in the world, he


went to Argentina will stop he was working with her in Florida and he


was really good for her. She has had some instability on the coaching


front and also with injuries. It does not take much for you to spiral


down with some results but back on track now. New coaching setup.


Hopefully he will spend more time in London.


He wasn't sure whether to go for that. When he made up his mind it


was too late. This could be a game that they could break. I always feel


it is a lot harder when the ball comes out of the shade into the


light. It is a good opportunity for Watson and Kontinen. It could be


difficult for Dabrowski having to serve in this situation with the


shadows are where they are. They have doing a very good job of


neutralising the Heather Watson backhand return which can be a


menace at its best. Dabrowski managed to hold serve


without any fuss. Indeed, what's in the same. The only person who has


been in trouble with his serve is Bopanna.


How about that second serve? It is the third pace. His first or second


serve is just not a problem. These two model it up, they get sold


complicated. Of all the players I have seen at Wimbledon, it is rather


evident, they have got great chemistry. Very easy in each other's


company. Heather has definitely found a good


one in the Henry Kontinen. She is a fine doubles player. This guy is the


number one doubles player in the world right now. He won the


Australian Open with John Peers and last year 17 doubles titles, five of


them with John Peers. He was virtually taking it over. This time


last year, we had never heard of Kontinen. I note he had played on


the men's tour, ranked just outside the top 200 which is a very good


ranking. I think it was all down to winning the Mixed Doubles last year,


it sent him on the right path. I imagine he has got the sports


personality of the year for Finland tied up now. He was runner up in the


Boys' Singles here. He lost to a player called Dimitrov.


I think they have been trying to go to Dabrowski quite a lot and not


with lots of success. I am not sure she knew in an awful


lot about that. There is nothing flashy about


Dabrowski but she gets the job done. With ruthless efficiency.


The Mac is whistling through ten games in 27 minutes.


Not that Kontinen made a move but the man from India found the space


and power. He timed his jump perfectly. So far,


Heather has been unchallenged on serve. Her first was very accurate.


It is the second serve that can leave the team of vulnerable.


Oh, dear. That was a very good move off the ball by Dabrowski. Off the


line. Oh, it is in. The volley is not


quite good enough from Dabrowski. Good from Heather and great to see


her release perhaps -- the racket head. If she does that in her


Singles play, she will be flying back up the rankings.


Oh, missed it. Super shot from Dabrowski. Didn't he do well then?


He loosened the grip off that so he can remove the shot like a squash.


Was quick. So some dicey moments. But Watson does hold and it is 6-5.


So, these two won the mixed at Roland Garros, started last year at


the US Open, got the quarterfinal and backed it up at the Australian


Open in Melbourne at the start of this year. So it has been all good


for these two and you can understand why. Yes, certainly, Gabriela has


got a big first serve. Knocking them in, the boy at 110. Heather is 101,


102. Plenty on the second serve and powerful at the net. They complement


each other well. 20 of stick from their end of the court. -- plenty of


stick. So, it is Dabrowski and serve. 5-6.


Kontinen gambling his part -- his partner would be in the centre, and


it nearly was. Oh, my goodness! What has happened


to Dabrowski? She is just rolling them in. 63 mph. Is that tension? It


might be. A massive match on Centre Court. I will have to turn the radar


off if it can -- if this carries on! They are challenging, the server


suddenly it does look very vulnerable.


Two points are dropping the set. The game, lightning reflexes from


Bopanna. -- again. Oh, so good! Kontinen had gone way


wide and Bopanna thread the needle. And after 34 minutes, it is a


tie-break to decide this first set. She is challenging. It is Heather


launched the challenge. She just did not quite go far enough. Just a


fraction open. I think it was the disappointment of missing the shot


that made her launch the Challenge. Third double for the team. A


mini-break. Neutralised. Oh! Great reflexes from Kontinen.


Heather's mother looking a little bit more serious.


No. Bopanna targeting Watson and he gets what he wants. Heather drops of


the points on her serve. Bopanna did not want to get back in that.


Another challenge. But Heather, who started so well in this much, just


going through a dodgy period at the moment. Oh, it is in.


Yes, just checking they had not won the point, but that is fair enough.


I think it came as a bit of a surprise!


Again, Dabrowski is so assured. Very few mistakes from her. Lost in the


first round in the Women's Doubles. Here in the mixed, looking promising


in the quarterfinals. Oh, yes! That was a decent tactic


from Dabrowski. Watson, how about that?! Way behind her. The line


percentage shot! Good on you, Heather! Only one mini-break, they


have two Henri serves to come, don't give up on this just yet.


It is the quietest challenge and the most polite to challenge from the


Finnish player. He didn't want anyone to hear, he works at the


umpire. We will find out. No. No wonder it was quiet.


Oh, how lucky was that?! You don't often see that. It went from the


tape and it hits the bottom of the net. It is a retention act. -- it is


a British net. Bopanna, can he finish it off? There was a chance


there. Challenging again. They got lucky last time. Was it? It was a


better challenge. I told you! It is like, don't bother! Oh. She had a


great second serve from Bopanna. Two set points. Sure enough, Bopanna's


serve does them proud. And the match is getting better and better, but


the first set goes to Bopanna and Dabrowski on the break.


SUE BARKER: What an entertaining match! We will be back with it on


Centre Court. We will update you with what has happened elsewhere.


And it has been won by Bruno Soares and Elena Vesnina, defeating Andre


Begemann and Nicole Melichar and they will meet the winners of the


match on Centre Court. So it ended on a Hawk-Eye. Confirmed it was well


out. But it is Soares and Elena Vesnina going through. And a mixed


fortunes for British players in the wheelchairs Singles. Teenager Alfie


Hewitt continued their fine form that saw him winning his first Grand


Slam title at the French Open last month, the 19-year-old from Norfolk


dropped the first set against his French opponent but he fought back


to three sets. Well done to him as he goes through to the semifinals.


But there was disappointment for defending champion and top seed


Gordon Reid who went down 6-2, 6-3 to Stefan Olsson of Sweden in a


rematch of last year's final. Stefan Olsson celebrates and Gordon Reid,


the winner of gold in the Paralympics, will be back in the


Doubles partnering Alfie Hewitt so we will see Gordon again at the


Championships. And Jordanne Whiley in action at the moment. And as you


can see, a set down, 5-3 down. Serving to stay in the match.


Semifinalist here last year and she also will be in the Doubles


partnering with her regular partner as defending champions. Some


fighting heart -- fighting hard on Court number 17. Now, on Radio 5


Live tonight, this is at 7:30 p:m., that's very popular double act of


John McEnroe and Tim Henman. So do get involved, the lines are open


now. And I love him trying to pronounce Worcestershire! It is


wonderful. So do give the boys a call. Anyway, we are heading back to


Centre Court. The guy who finished the first set


of is starting the second. Remember, in the first set, Bopanna


did have difficulty on his serve. They had to serve a couple of break


points. The game, Dabrowski very efficient


at the net. No flourish. Perfect finish.


So the conversation was, you serve an ace. Bopanna is a quiet man, big


game. Boy, it is a big game. 37 years of age, but still playing


tiptop Doubles. 21, his ranking. His best was four years ago when he got


to number three in the world. Even the ship, he has won two Doubles


titles in Chennai and Monte Carlo. And the pinnacle of the year was


winning Roland Garros a couple of months ago. With Gabriela Dabrowski.


It is a lovely evening and a great match to finish this day on. On


Centre Court. Well, he's got the talent to carry


it off, that is for sure, just not that time! I can't imagine he ever


gets stressed, Henri Kontinen. No, he doesn't. Perfect technique on the


hot dog. Leave the ball just before its second bounce. She played that


shot really well, Heather. Timing and strength in the wrist as well.


Yes. He's got so much talent, and that was meat and drink to him.


When you have got a serve like that, you can be extravagant, as he was on


the opening point. I think he hits just the right note in Mixed


Doubles. Serious when he needs to be, but if there is a chance of


doing something extravagant, he will do it. Five aces for the team, four


from Kontinen. Kontinen threatening to take charge


of this match at the moment. So clever. He is great fun to watch.


You would not think he played five sets in Men's Doubles earlier today,


would you? No, and lost. He and John Peers losing to Lukasz Kubot and


Marcelo Melo, the number four seeds in the Men's Doubles semifinals.


About 18 different options there. That is sometimes the problem with


Henri. And this is as close as they have got, apart from the Bopanna


service game. Not putting any pressure on the other team serving.


Oh, lucky. Just dribbled over. He has missed it. Just enough power


from Watson to make it difficult for Bopanna. Two break points. The first


break points and Dabrowski serve. Oh, he was there. If anything, he


moved a bit early. Yes. Excellent work from Henri


Kontinen. And there is the first break of the match. And it is the


first time that Bopanna and Dabrowski have been broken in the


tournament. Great teamwork from Kontinen and Heather Watson. Great


return. You can see the problems Heather has had on return and they


have really targeted her. Able to get the backhand in crosscourt, it


just sets everything up. And in many ways, Mixed Doubles or any of the


Grand Slams is a contradiction in terms. It is serious fun. Yes. And


they epitomise that, these two. My grammar teacher would not be happy


with me now, but I don't really care! It is the best description I


have got. It will do. So Dabrowski's serve is broken. Can Watson hold and


give them a significant advantage in the second set?


No problem. Not sure Bopanna and Dabrowski have remembered, don't


give this team high backhand volleys.


A contrast in the ladies service games, Dabrowski broken, Watson


serving with some comfort. And after dropping the first set and the first


game of the second set, they have won three games in a row. But if


they could win a fourth in a row, that really would be something, with


Bopanna serving. Oh, yes, great rally from all four!


Dabrowski with the finishing touch. It is like every volley she hits, it


has to be a winner. She is it a mighty swat. Another Bopanna service


games that lasts just over a minute, I would imagine. So nothing to


choose between these two pairs. When they won at Roland Garros, it was


the first title for a Canadian woman in any slam. So, huge success for


her. Yes, and in these enormous telephone box of facts we are given,


you picked that out rather nicely! To be fair, I did them in the last


round. You dug it out. I had half a chance!


Dame Shirley Bassey. Watching late into the evening. And with the


coolest sunglasses on, on Centre Court.


It is a very watchable match. Kontinen on his own would be


watchable. What a fabulous rally! Again the


complete set of players playing their part.


That's quite a surprise. Very rare that he would ever lose his service


rhythm. He must have read the signal! 107mph


serve, I'm not sure how much less than 107 that return was. So break


point on the Kontinen serve. A clever shot from Dabrowski and the


pressure is still on. What a second serve! Kicked like a


mule. The courts have hardened up and it is really kicking out there.


130mph. Break point averted with some style.


So now Dabrowski was broken last time.


There is nothing Henri can't do - he runs, he talks, he directs. You


wouldn't know he has been on court for four hours, he looks so fresh.


Terrific shot from Dabrowski. Kontinen's fast but he didn't have a


prayer of getting to that. Gabriela is ruthless, she never enjoys the


moment, she just marches back to get the next ball.


He really gave that a crack and he is smiling. But 4-3.


Certainly got the springboard, breaking Dabrowski early on. Can


they hold on? The next game is pretty crucial on Heather's serve.


Well the tenth seeds, since they were broken in the third game, they


haven't lost a point between them on serve. So there has been a good


response and this second set is not a slam dunk as yet. They have got to


try and protect Heather's serve, which they have done pretty well.


Great end to the day. A day that started in a disappointment really,


the ladies singles, particularly of course for the Brits.


Second double for these two. The first for Heather.


And 99mph out wide and too good for Dabrowski.


Yeah! Excellent play from Watson. He must be a joy to play with, Henri


Kontinen, especially for Heather, who does sometimes gets stressed on


court. There is no stress about him at all. And he is good, he doesn't


automatically take everything in the air, he gives Heather a lot of


responsibility and it works. He plays with a lot of freedom. He is a


wonderful athlete. He just lets that racket head go and that is Heather


struggles to do that. Yeah! No messing. Just the right


shot at the right time. Well played. Watson knew what she


was going to do, but it was just too good a shot.


He is so care free, as you say. Even when he's returning serve, he is


sort of ambling about as if he is having a practice session. But when


he gets into the action, he is remarkably swift around the court.


He lets Heather do most of the talking! When I interviewed them


when they had that dream run, I was asking Henri questions and he was


reluctant to chat and Heather just took over, which I think suited him


down to the ground. Look where he is. He is watching from the side of


the court. Whatever happened to the ready


position? Here is Kontinen serving to give he and Heather the second


set. Good call. Good early call. She


would have hit it I think. I think they quite like serving to


Dabrowski. What on earth of that? Well, nothing


should come as a surprise. But even for him, that was a tough shot to


pull off. That was the side-winder. We haven't seen that played in the


coaching manual. Oh, great defence from Dabrowski,


but they kept turning the screw did Kontinen and Watson. We talked about


Henri, but Heather's been superb. She's missed about one volley in the


whole match. LAUGHTER. Typical woman - not


listening to the man! Clear call of I have got it. Took no notice. It


was over her side fractionally! Two set points.


Well played. And after an hour and a quarter, we tide up here one set


apiece. STUDIO: What a lovely match and


everybody enjoying it. We will right back with it as Heather leaves the


court. Elsewhere, it is disappointment for Britain's Jordan


wily, she has been defeated in the opening round to de-Groat of the


Netherlands. She lost it 7-4. But she will be back in the doubles. .


That is court 17. Still a few matches being played on some of the


outside courts. And everyone enjoying this lovely evening. On


Centre Court has been ladies semi-finals day and Claire will be


here with highlights of what has been happened with Today at


Wimbledon with Martina Navratilova on BBC Two. There are a few people


still here enjoying the big screen on Henman Hill and a bit of


hospitality as well. But a lovely scene at Wimbledon and they're all


watching this. So let's go wack to centre -- back to centre. Good buzz


around the place. It is a very enjoyable match. Well he's perhaps


the ring leader. But Heather, she was super as you say, Sam, in that


second set. Can they push on and take the third here? Both teams have


dropped their first sets of the tournament. Who is going to drop the


second? It will be Rohan Bopanna from Bangalore to begin the final


set. When he serves like this, it is so


matter of matter of fact. Heather Watson needed telescopic


arms to get to that. I sense it will be one break, won't it? That will


probably do it in this deciding set. Very high quality from the first


ball, the whole hour and a quarter that we have seen. And there is


questions about why do we have the mixed, as we have seen from this


match and the one before, got to be in the programme. It is part of the


event. An important roam it has. It is -- role it has. And it has


lightened the mood at Centre Cour. Watson won the point. Again


extraordinary reactions from Dabrowski to be able to get a racket


on it. It wasn't in, but very impressive.


Such a good combo for them. We talked about the kick it out and


Heather covering. So much of doubles is pretty much preplanned.


Enough fizz on that. It is getting so difficult for Bopanna. It is a


set all and a game all and now it's the ladies to serve. Super high


quality. There's only been six break points in the entire match. And they


will all now have a great go on Dabrowski's serve. It was


Dabrowski's serve that was broken in the third game in the last set.


Sometimes when the ball hits the line set on this pigment, it props,


it sort of checks its path and it's very difficult to time.


Good reactions from Bopanna. Another top class rally though.


Did well to conjure a shot out of that.


They're fun to watch. Even between the rallies.


The fourth double for the team and here's break point. Is lightning


going to strike twice in the same place?


Oh! Bopanna making the move. They had a real chance if that was over.


It is so easy to just take your eye off the ball. It is so distracting.


Again super reflections from Rohan Bopanna. -- reflexes. I sense from


you were saying, that you feel mixed doubles could be under threat. I


think it was, there was discussions a few years back, particularly when


there's delays, because of the weather, like how do we fit it into


the programme. I think it was, and actually men's and women's doubled


was discovered about not only not having it on the tour and it took


efforts from the Bryan brothers to change things up on the Tour now you


don't play a third set. You just play a match-breaker, first to 10,


to speed things up and a lot of singles players can use their


singles rankings to play doubles. It needed a bit of a revamp and I think


it's OK at the moment and I'm jolly pleased we have still got it.


It is dangerous when you have had break points in the previous game


not to lose concentration on your own and get into trouble.


Sometimes that is how these big momentum swings happen in matches.


So quick, so athletic. Perfect timing.


Even though Dabrowski laid the hammer down, he placed that speed.


He is into his sixth hour on court today, Henri.


Great for him to be able to play with Heather with her character and


the chemistry is so good. Probably doesn't feel he has been on court


for five and a half hours. I think that is a little wordy fork


onto and Watson, over 80% of the returns in court, but has dropped.


-- a little wordy for Kontinen. When he is putting in first serves like


this, Bopanna is a nightmare. One or two patriots in the crowd


cheering the double fault. Really impressive the way he makes


room for the big shot. This is going to come down to one point, here or


there. It is not played in the evening but it has been a long day,


as well. If there is any drop in energy, any lapse in concentration,


they will take one or two points and that will be the break and that


should be it. There could be some mental tiredness, it has been a long


tournament as well. It has not been short of stories. What a story it


would be if Heather Watson and Henri Kontinen could win back-to-back


titles. The story is Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis against Heather


and Henri in the final! That would be an entertaining way to bring the


curtain down on the 2017 championships.


That first serve and volley did not look like a lot but it punished the


first volley towards the receiver, there was no angle to work with,


deep and very tricky shot to manage. Great bit of retrieving from


Kontinen. Tricky volley for Heather Watson.


There he goes again! Nearly into the crowd!


This time she did listen to him. It was either that or very large bruise


on the top of her head! And that would not have improved Anglo


Finnish relations. That was a good read from Bopanna. Just hope that


down the T. There will be discussion here. I think they will try to go to


the T again. It worked very well. Yes. 127 mph. She did not really


have a prayer. She didn't see it! So, Dabrowski, she held serve last


time, just. Watson loading up on the backhand


and that is some shot when she times of like that. There was a little


lapse in concentration from Gabrielle. That is the one return


you do not give to Heather Watson. He was in situ for that, you wonder


he looks to the sky. -- no wonder. A little bit too much on that. Like


Jo Konta against Venus Williams earlier, just tried too hard.


That is the return he has been looking for.


He has best it! Now, it gets interesting. -- he has missed it.


That was a bad miss from Bopanna. They had to save break point last


time when Dabrowski served. They got what they wanted, there.


Here is break point. Remember, just one break was good enough in the


second set. He took it on but that was some


miss. Still, he smiles. That was a chance, a real chance.


LAUGHTER Joining in with the fun. It would


have been more fun if that was over. There has been a very clever


change-up from Watson and Kontinen, they have taken the place of Mark.


-- the pace of. Bopanna guessing they would go down


the line. They are trying to protect Dabrowski. Kontinen getting it


across and that is the final miss. They are not getting much reward or


not backhand return. -- on that. Take That! Instant apology. He put


their -- he would put it there again, given the chance. Another


break point. Well, she had to hope that at head


height or above. This is good for Heather, this is clutched tennis and


this will help her in her singles, this is where she struggles


fractionally, just to have the relaxation to let the head of the


racquet go. A little bit like Kontinen, there. That was pretty


relaxed! He is cooler than Shirley Bassey's sunglasses! It is good that


she is not under pressure. Give me another one. The fifth chance.


Yes! Quite a few people standing up around Centre Court. What is


outlined? If at first you don't succeed...? -- what is that lying?


It is great to see Michelle sitting here on Centre Court, enjoying the


Golden part of Heather's career because it must have been such a big


decision at 12 to go with Heather. She had other children at home, to


go to Florida and make a life for them. To fly backwards and forwards


and take the gamble of doing all the training of there. They looked at


academies in Spain and it was not right, they went to the place that


gave the best chance and just happened to be the Nick Bollettieri


Academy and that is a very big sacrifice from Michelle. Will this


be another night of triumph? The survey will be the key. -- the


serve. The way Kontinen serves, if she can hold. This is a different


run of games, with Bopanna coming up next.


They nearly bumped into each other, Dabrowski and Bopanna. This is a


chance for Heather Watson. Still work to do.


They cannot be disappointed with that return.


Well-placed. Yes. The ball was heading into the Royal Box. These


things happen, if you spend as much time as he has on court. Just into a


pickle that they could not get out of.


Good teamwork. Excellent finish. Do they plug away with serving on the T


with Dabrowski? They have gone for the body a little bit as well.


He was moving the wrong way initially but still thought he had


no stretch to make it. I'm not sure they got the service direction


right. The return was very solid. Find serve from Heather Watson. Only


89 mph but placed perfectly. Where do they switch it?


Yes. Well, they read it, she read it.


Great defence from Heather Watson and, in the end, Kontinen provides


the finish. I have no idea where they are going


to go! Does Dabrowski? Into the service box, that will do, first


serve. Super volley. She is the one that


has been broken on her serve sometimes, she really struggled, but


she is top of the box, under pressure.


That is wonderful from Bopanna. A good return and Dabrowski cool as


you like with the put away. The first break point on the Watson


serve. Is she having a laugh? They want to


go through the routine again. Excellent returning from Dabrowski.


After being broken herself, this was some reply. She made that game after


six consecutive holes and serve from Watson. Just edging that one. --


holds on serve. She has gained confidence,


Dabrowski. She is a real threat out there.


Standard fare for Bopanna. They are in front. It will be Kontinen


serving next. But she has picture game up, she looked vulnerable until


15 minutes ago. Sadly, really catching fire. -- suddenly. Super


returns. You can hear the chatter in the crowd.


So difficult to pick a winner. Next is Henri Kontinen, the number one


doubles player in the world on the men's side. Serving to keep himself


and Heather in this match. As good as Henri is with his


serving, I think we will need a lot of energy and movement from Heather


at the net. Sometimes they get a little bit ugly with their signals.


The crowd were getting a little bit edgy but they are comforted by that,


that comfortable hold. Yes. She probably did see him make


his move, it was an extravagant move from Henri Kontinen. It has taken


him until his mid-20s, 24, 25, when he started to make an impact in


doubles and I can see why. He has all of these shots to work out. He


is almost too gifted! Not quite. No wonder she is stamping


her feet! That was a really difficult volley, what you wanted to


do, because the racquet face was so open, come on, Heather! The doubles


team. They have just lost a little bit of their age, since they got


that break. -- edge. I guess it was the right decision


for him to take it on! She went for the right shot but that


time, not the technique. There was no one there if it went over!


The second time! Total confusion! I've got it! There was no notice.


And she just blitzes it away. I love it. Just like mum torture! And both


times, she has made it. Bless her. -- just like mother taught her.


Terrific, finally she gets the return as well. That was a super


minute in the life of Heather Watson. No wonder her mother is


applauding. SUE BARKER: I'm sorry but we have to


leave this match, you can continue watching on the Red Button. We are


coming off the air because Today at Wimbledon is next, it has been the


ladies semifinals day and with British hopes resting on Jo


O'Connor. Coming up next, Clare Balding has Today at Wimbledon and


she will update you with what is happening on Centre Court as well.


That's it from me, I will be back tomorrow on the men's semifinal day.


That is the line-up. See you tomorrow, but by! -- goodbye!


Live action from Wimbledon as the women's semi-finals get underway. Sue Barker introduces play from SW19 as the players battle for a place in Saturday's final. Last year Serena Williams made light work of unseeded Elena Vesnina on the way to her seventh Wimbledon title.