Day 9, Part 3 Wimbledon

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Day 9, Part 3

Sue Barker presents continued live coverage from Wimbledon.

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Her Majesty will present the trophy to a British winner. The emotions


overcoming S Oh, yes. That is perfect. Irresistible. Majestic. In


a class of her own. Wimbledon champion, again. Game, set and


match. COMMENTATOR: Konta serving for the


match. And 39 years since a British woman


played on a Wimbledon semifinalists. Reverberations of that win for Jo


Konta echoing here. Yesterday Johanna Konta became the first woman


to reach a semifinal since Virginia Wade and 7.5 million of you watched


the drama unfold on Centre Court. Today the baton passes to the men's.


The last 8 includes Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Djokovic. Their


proven form here makes them favourites to go through, but as we


saw with Rafa, upsets do happen. Well to day 9 for some more


Midsummer sporting magic. Crushing power. Ripped the daylights


out of it. Roger Federer does it again. The quarterfinals for Andy


Murray. By this evening, eight will become four and we'll know the


line-up for the men's semifinals here at the Championships. The


tension is high and the stakes are high as the tournament reaches the


business end. Good afternoon on court today are four quality men's


quarterfinals at Wimbledon and if Andy triumphs today, it'll be the


first time in 50 years that a British man and a British woman have


made it through to a Wimbledon semifinal, after Jo Konta's


incredible victory yesterday. These are special days for British tennis


and we are lucky to witness these two playing at their best. While we


are here at the BBC celebrating 90 years of covering the Championships,


guess what this, could be one of the best. But, we won't get ahead of


ourselves. We will go back to today. It is men's quarterfinals day. Here


is how they match-up in draw order: Already a great British Wimbledon


Andy Murray could make it Bert by reaching the semifinals for the 8th


time. Murray faces Sam Querrey. 34 Giles Muller is in the form of his


life but maybe the best is still to comfort big-serving left-hander. He


is up against Marin Cilic who has flieded through the draw. He has yet


to drop a set. Milos Raonic reached the final last year and the


big-hitting Canadian knows how to beat the best at Wimbledon. He plays


Roger Federer, who is in an unprecedented 50th Grand Slam


quarterfinal. But the record he really wants is an 8th Wimbledon


title. The Wimbledon grass brings out the


best in Tomas Berdych and the Czech is aiming to reach the semifinals


for the second year in a row. Berdych must overcome three-time


champion, Novak Djokovic. He's had a tough 12 months but it looks like


the former world number one is back to his best. Well those are the four


matches we can look forward to. Here on BBC One, we will be a be heading


to Centre Court to watch Andy Murray who has just taken the first set and


following him it is Roger Federer against Milos Raonic and on BBC Two


shortly, Giles Muller has taken the first set against Marin Cilic, will


shortly, Giles Muller has taken the first set against Marin Cilic, will


it be another upset and Tomas Berdych against Novak Djokovic. All


those matches to look forward to. Everyone enjoying the weather here


today. Up on Henman Hill we had horrible rain yesterday but I'm


pleased to say it has been good so far. Let's find out if there is rain


on the horizon. Here's Carol? Not today. We are looking at cloud


continuing to break up. Plenty of sunny spells. We have a northerly


breeze which is adding a chill to the forecast. It should ease through


the afternoon and with highs up to 22 or 23, it'll feel pleasant. As we


head on into the evening, very much the same. The temperature only


dropping by a couple of degrees and it should stay dry. Into tomorrow,


again it is a bit more of the same. We are looking at a fine start to


the day, some sunshine around. A little bit of fair weather cloud


bubbling up through the afternoon but that won't cause problems. If


anything, it is going to be a degree or so warmer than we are looking at


this afternoon. One thing, the pollen levels today and tomorrow


will be high. Thank you very much, Carol. It is a


little blustery, that may affect players on Court Number One where


they don't have the roof. We were wondering how tired Giles Muller


might be, well it seems not, he has taken the first set off Marin Cilic.


Ta match on BBC Two in a moment. -- that match. And here on Centre


Court. Well, it was Andy Murray on court against Semi


-- Sam Querrey and he made the walk on to Centre Court to huge cheers,


the defending champion. Well that was about an hour ago up against the


big-sevening American, Sam Querrey and Murray struck in the first game.


He broke his serve. And that's key, and Murray kept his serve. Here he


is at 5463 with set point. -- at 5-3 with set point. So Murray takes the


first set in 28 minutes. He is on his way. So that was a short time


ago. On to the second set now. It is on serve with Querrey leading 3-2.


Let's join the commentators, John McEnroe and Andrew Castle. ANDREW


CASTLE: Well, Querrey was dealing with nerves and two or three minutes


can make a difference. Big Sam Querrey who beat Djokovic last year.


He beat Rosol. He is a fighter. It is hard, John McEnroe to know what


he can do to change, to bring himself into this match as a factor.


If you were coaching him what would you say? Obviously the serve is a


big factor in terms of what particular shot can keep him in the


shot but to me, the emotional intensity, he needs to show more


fight, more grit. Outward emotion. To me, he needs to engage more


people in the crowd to get more respect. To me. It is not his


nature. 'S shy guy. Tall guy, from Santa Monica, likes to hide under


his hat, do his thing. He is an excellent player and if you want to


do something extraordinary on this court and get to your first semi in


a slam, you have to get out of your comfort zone, to me. Or at least a


little bit. Two former champions at Queen's


Club. Querrey winning that event in 2010. Five timesp Andy Murray a


champion. I wonder if Querrey is all the way


back, you know physically. It is a bit of a concern watching him move


around so far, early in this first set-and-a-half. Two tough


five-setters on route to his quarter here.


The big legs there of Sam Querrey. What would be a slight concern is if


he was unable it get over to that volley. Murray makes life miserable


up there and keeps it low and makes you hit tough shots. It is one of


his favourite plays, to drop the two-hander down to the big Guy's


feet. I watched him do it plenty to Raonic last year in the final.


If you are a fan of Querrey, I'm hoping that when given the


opportunity, he is going to become more aggressive on that second


serve, in particular. Murray, smartly, keeping his percentage


high, 70% so far. Not giving query a whole lot of opportunities.


Oh - what? That was unusual. Lucky. It landed like an egg going flat on


the top of the net. Look at this. And it has top-spin on it, normally,


that would pop up a little higher. Still game point.


Changes at 7 and now the 9th game we're playing, you would think it


would be a prime moment. You mentioned that the balls are even


more beat up. They count the warm-up as two games. And you're not exactly


going too big in the warm-up. This is a chance for Murray to step it


up. Querrey is getting frustrated he is


not able it bring his A-game to the occasion, so far.


Well, you cannot just counter his backhand when he is in this mood.


The first one a cross-court, the second one, laser-like down the


line. Sam was far back. He chose to come in. And he never could get


himself comfortable, get in a good position. Excellent play. Suddenly,


0-40, second serve. Murray thought the serve was out. He


would not challenge and stop the point.


Let's look at a replay and see if in fact that serve was in that Murray


was complaining about. It may not matter. Still break point. Oh, that


was top of the net. Lowest, hard on the net as well. Three foot high


there. Oh, ow. Self-flagellation on Centre


Court. Here's the point. You could argue over that. I could. This will


be a get away if Querrey gets it. He is still grumbling about that 0-40


call. And that is a beautiful, beautiful


shot You love it. I did love it. Such greatp hands. He gets it down


low again. Querrey is forced to come up and improvise.


Whatever it was, it was a thing of beauty to see.


The third at 0-40 was out. -- the serve. It was.


He is hoping it doesn't matter. He is getting his fourth opportunity


here. UMPIRE: Game Murray, new balls,


please. Murray leads by 4-3, second set and


by 1-0. Well there you go, Andy Murray assumes total control of this


quarterfinal and this backhand is just a stunning shot.


How do you attack it? Unless it is unbelievably low, you are cutting


the ball, so it stays just above the surface or hitting it so hard. You


can't hit through it. It is a good point which is why, if I were game


planning against Murray, if I'm coming in, I'm not coming in on that


side. I'll make him beat me on the forehand. Look at the variety.


Big targets, nowhere near the line, you know he is not going to miss any


of these, like Djokovic. Well, we had a set yesterday when Jo Konta


was playing and her forehand was hit harder than Murray's. She hits an


incredible well-paced forehand and backhand but a lot of what Murray


does is deliberate. He is mixing up the paces. I was taught by someone


who told me - never hit the same shot twice. It seems like Murray had


that same sort of guidance when he was young. It makes it so difficult


and miserable to play him. To get a feel for what he is going to do. How


do you game plan, if you are Querrey for the low backhand volleys at your


feet? Awfully tough to deal with. UMPIRE: Let, first service.


I don't know if Sam understood how important it was for that hold at


0-40, to get back, if he could've won that game.


You'd Bert step it up now, if you're Querrey. -- you'd better step it up.


You have to find that gear. Murray showing his first signs of


some tightness. So, he is trying to stop him from


getting a huge lead. Oak, yes, coming in with power this


time and exerting power by hitting his foot. Andy Murray, disappointed


with that, a poor game from him. But credit to Querrey for attacking.


Well, what he did was, he hit it quite a bit harder which wouldn't


allow Murray the time to set up that low ball. That is an incredible game


for Querrey. A game-saving, a match-changing game for him. She'll


be pleased. That's Abbey Dixon, Sam's partner.


Murray is going to be forced to regroup, mentally. Things seemed to


be all going his way. And that is upping the heat. 133


miles per hour. Two games to Querrey. We've talked about


Querrey's character. He is very shy. I don't think he likes the limelight


too much. But he was on a show in America called the Million air


Matchmaker. It is like the Bachelor, and the girl who won the chance to


go out with him never returned his texts. That's a bunch of baloney.


How is your book going? I hope it is going OK. A couple of people are


interested. That's your second volume. How many volumes do you have


in you? A trilogy, or maybe when I'm 70, or 75 or maybe not but in the


meantime I'm going to tell you something for Querrey. That 4-3 game


to be a career-changing game. If he wins this - because he was out... He


was done. I'm telling you. If he steps it up here. I'm not saying he


is an incredible player but this is an opportunity that I didn't expect


I would see. An hour played in this quarterfinal. First set to Murray on


one break. He had a break but lost it in this second set.


Jamie Delgado in the middle there. He played over 20 Wimbledons


himself. Smart play. It is. Take it. Take it


to the opposition. Absolutely. It is tougher to come up with that when


you are trying to stay in the game. Suddenly we may have a match here.


It's hard to know what the score is when you look at Sam Querrey.


UMPIRE: Let, first service. It is a bit of a turn-up. From a set


and a break, Murray now, set-point down.


You can't ask for a better weapon ban Sam Querrey had inheres


forehand. He mis-hit that -- band Sam Querrey had in his forehand. He


mis-hit that and what a disappointment.


That is a strange loss of control and the backhand that Murray hit


previously wasn't exactly out of the middle. Second set point to Querrey.


Why not? Fantastic forehand top-spin deep into the court. He gets the


short ball and then crunches it. And suddenly, it's game on. Not since


2009 have we seen an American semifinalist at this level, which is


hard to believe, and Sam is saying, if you don't want to win it, I will.


It is inexplicable to see what happened in the last ten minutes. It


just shows you what nerves can do to anyone. He seemed to be just


cruising along, no real stress or sweat. Outplaying Querrey and Ben


out of nowhere, he is back in the mix, big-time. That game there, to


get that break, the initial break, suddenly put shock waves through


this crowd Andy Murray's game dropped off considerably in that


set. Just lost the ones that survive in this tournament until that one.


That was to Fabio Fognini. Querrey is a different capital -- a


different kettle of Fish. Querrey only had two opportunities, bottom


right of the page, and took two of them. Well done to Sam Querrey. He


has had a lot of coaches over and one of the shots they have them


working on is taking the backhand early. You can't neutralise people


without backhand, you have to take it on, and straight from the


practice Court Two Centre Court, it paid off. You can see the pace he


can get on any ball. You saw it in a COBOL code when he beat Thiem,


Kyrgios and Nadal to win the thing. -- you saw it in Acapulco.


This would be the last thing you would want, to build up momentum and


beliefs and dump your game in the first service game -- dump your


serve in the first game of the third set.


Oh, that's got to be a challenge. Mr Querrey is challenging the ball on


the baseline. The ball was called in. That's got to be very close.


Maybe it caught the side of the line. Let's see. The call stands.


Was that first serve? Well, that's very commendable,


obviously, for Murray, but extremely disappointing for Querrey. He had


belief for the first time in this match. That is what, I mean, I know


it's early and he could come back, but that's when you've really got to


bear down. That's extremely unfortunate for the big American


there to dump serve. Not a good game.


I'll tell you, the best guys, the challenges -- the champions, they


shrug it off. It wasn't easy for Murray to move past that, but he did


it. If you look at his body language and you didn't know the score, you


would think it would be Querrey that just blew the second.


That's a good job by Querrey to keep his composure. A well struck Murray


forehand. That came off, out wide. Swinging a


little bit early on that ball. It must be nice for Murray to play


somebody relatively normal in tennis terms. He has played Boo Blick, who


was a little zany in tennis terms, Dustin Brown and Fabio Fognini. They


are definitely top ten in zany tennis terms. Maybe top five?


Definitely. Kyrgios would be up there. Definitely top ten, for sure.


He has got a few tricks up his sleeve.


we will be right back with this match but let's have a look at the


feature of British tennis. McCue has just put out the sixth seed in the


Junior Championships. He is one of Andy Murray's regular training


partners here and he loves taking on board all the advice he has to give.


He has certainly taken it on board, because he has gone through really


well and is through in the Junior Championships here at Wimbledon. Not


such a great game for the Liverpudlian brothers. They have


gone out on straight sets. Back we go now to Centre Court.


In the bright sunshine, after an hour and 12 minutes of play, it is


two sets to one to Andy Murray. That annoys you, doesn't it? When it


hits the line and stops. I think it annoys everybody. You expect it to


come in a certain area and suddenly it is held up and you are away in


front of it. I can't understand why the line pigment make such a


difference. Why can't it move through the court in the same way?


Why can't it bounce in the same way? I knew it annoyed you.


That was certainly an unusual passing shot. He was forced to


squash shot it, Murray. It almost worked.


Querrey tried stepping in and it's pretty clear that most of this


match, Murray isn't going for his biggest serve. Encouraging, dare him


to do it. Get that percentage down. Currently at 62%. 114 mph. Seemed to


be at the wheel of Querrey, dumped into the net.


Easy to say from here, but the aggression affected the pitch. No


need to hit it that far. People so got to play some percentage tennis.


A quick visit to the shot before they got here. In fact, that might


have come from Southfields tube station, I think.


That's just the type of adjustment you hope to see. When he is


aggressive and forces Murray to hit that passing shot.


Get around on as many forehands as possible if you are Querrey.


Oh, yes. That was time standing still. When that goes over your


head, everything goes into slow motion. Very annoying if you are the


guy. Oh, no, I know it's going in. You know it. Nicely done. And he's


wondering what happened on that first service game once again in


this third set. One set all, break to Murray once again. Barker: We


will be back on centre in just a moment but this is the match on BBC


Two at the moment and Gilles Muller is on 92% of first serves in this


match. An awesome percentage, so really difficult for Marin Cilic.


That tie-break could be very close. We will continue to keep you


up-to-date with that much on BBC Two here are BBC One as well. Back we go


to Centre Querrey was down a set and a break


and there will be no panic from him, because he came back. He knows he


can do that. Look at the way that string reverberates after contact.


That's the biggest change in the game. Not the frame but the way the


strings are. I don't want to call it a rookie mistake but Querrey was


tight and gave away that first set, then he found something he didn't


expect and break twice to win the second set, only to dump serve at


the start of the -- only to dump serve at the start


of the third. That's not going to do it if you are playing Murray. He's


got sweet hands. You have not to give him plenty of time to assess


his options. Frustrating, as he sent some


vulnerability from Murray, Querrey must have seen it, pulled out the


second set, and that the is when you really have to you recognise your


opportunity. A golden chance for him to really take it to the number one


seed. He hasn't done it. Murray, as we have seen so often,


showing such emotional strength in coping with whatever he has two.


Back in the drivers seat at one set all. Can Querrey do the unexpected


again? That would really be surprising. Get back into this set?


That rose up off the court, didn't it? Reared up and the speed is one


thing, but when it bounces up off of the six foot six frame of Sam


Querrey, that's something else. New balls. Those balls are flying


through the air. This is what they mean by saying that he can take the


racket out of another player's hand. There's sometimes just nothing you


can do. Game, Querrey. Thank you very much.


It's amazing how he seems to be noticeably limping, shrinking. Yes,


and then he sprints after a ball like a gazelle. Now, listen, I know


you don't with Gopher these graphics and bits and bobs, but we think you


were like this. Look at the difference in his


backhand, do you like that? Is this graphic acceptable for you? I do


like that. Having worked with me, he likes the detail. Was he a detailed


man? Absolutely. Very much. For me, I am more about feeling it, but the


great players can shift on what they see in the match. Nonetheless, I


would have told you from the very beginning that Querrey needed to be


more aggressive of the return of serve, no question. Everyone is up


there in the Royal box today. They are waiting to see whether this


becomes a great match or not. This, the opening offer of Centre


Court today. Roger Federer versus Milos Raonic, last year's semifinal


next up. You don't see him laughing off too


many misses. Normally very dependable with that shot.


Cue more than made up for it there. A half-volley drop shot. Just


getting the pace of the ball as you move your racket away from it, ever


so slightly. Just wonderful. What used to be a rare and beautiful


thing is now commonplace, isn't it? The accuracy on passing shots has


made for being so difficult. That's true.


You still think it would be tougher to hit that type of shot at 15-40


than 40-15. Querrey has got to still move forward.


Really, these are great days for British tennis. Johanna Konta into


the semifinals, Andy Murray who's been in eight of the last


quarterfinals, only Dimitrov managed to beat him in a quarterfinal, the


LTA really are trying to improve British tennis. The matching of a


worth of money as well from local businesses and councils to add


covers to courts and facilities so that the inspiration of this man can


be followed up. I see all these kids playing around at sports days on my


way in my motorcycle, I'd love to see them playing tennis rather than


the egg and spoon race, but bless them for being active.


Murray is trying to get this second set, get up two sets to one.


It was a bit about up here. Sam Querrey's just trying to step even


close and hope that you get a mistake. Rob Lee not going to happen


on that shot. Just stand there and lead the entire court open --


probably not going to happen. Take one for the team if necessary. Just


hover over him and make him hit you! This is a little tense, isn't it?


This game is a bit tense. As well it should be.


Bury up a break for - three, lost three straight games and served


twice. -- Murray. The bad part of his mind reminding


him right now that he's done that, he's got to overcome that.


Oh! That's what you can do to an 84 mph second server. Querrey forcing


himself forward. Mis-hit. Slightly. Is that the sun coming out just at


that moment? History repeating itself in the


second set, although he didn't serve for that. The sun is in a terrible


position for the ball toss, he's going to have to adjust that tours.


Further over to the left-hand side. -- adjust that toss.


Well, it's a challenge, but I'm not sure Murray is convinced it's going


to be successful. Unbelievable that Querrey has done it again. And


exactly the same way, with his driving backhand. Well, couldn't buy


a first serve in that game, son or not.


UMPIRE: Mr Murray challenged the call, the ball was called in.




Giggle that is a tremendous, tremendous lob. How was the drop


shot -- that was a tremendous lob. Querrey is a bit weary from all the


running he did at that point, he might have to go for that.


It's a good job, the chance to lead for the first time in this match,


finally. The last time he was in that


position was when he lost his opening service game.




Looking to go after that second serve.


Querrey hit one of the best ones he had in the match today.


Have you got any theories as to what is going on here? I mean, whilst I


salute Sam Querrey's effort coming back inserts two and three from a


break down, there certainly has been a bit of a let down. Andy Murray's


standard when he's been in those positions. I think the people that


are so long in tennis, you can see pretty clearly in this particular


match how emotions pretty clearly in this particular


play such a huge factor. In a match of this magnitude. There's never


been a big match, arguably, for Querrey. If you can win this he will


get to his first ever slam. We know how much pressure Murray has been


under. Not the same now, he's won it twice, been there and done that. And


yet out there he's trying to actually execute, he's probably not


100% physically, he couldn't quite get it over, there can't be any


other reason, the just tightened up. He's human. You know, he's going


down after somehow, you got to move past that, that's the tough part.


The best guys do it better than everyone else. You say forget about


it, a lot easier said than done. Incredible chance for Querrey in


this set. The crowd has really been a nonfactor so far. Unlike the


contact match yesterday. -- the Johanna Konta match.


As I say, is the most important tie-breaker of Sam Querrey's life to


take place. The most important couple of minutes, potentially, in


his career. So far this tournament, Querrey has


won three and lost one. Andy Murray just played the one against Benoit


Paire, you might remember, from the first set.


the discipline. He's got to that return. -- he's got to make that


return. Oh! Why he didn't let that one


bounce. It's got to increase the speed as it


is coming down a little bit from that high up. The bounce takes that


out of the equation, but too late now.


Well, a terrible, terrible tie-break so far for some wary. -- for Sam


Querrey. It started with that return. On the second serve just


went from bad to worse. That's right. Unfortunate for Querrey, as


hard as he's worked to get back in this set, what an opportunity.


Murray is hobbling. There's no question... Is certainly not walking


like... Is running well! We'll see if it affects his serve and all. I


don't think so there. UMPIRE: Mr Murray challenges the


call at the left nearside lying. It's a challenge, I think it was in.


We've been told again and again that Andy is fine.


That he is as fit as ever and he's always walked like he's walking now.


As a man with a metal hip, I can tell one who's got a hip problem Oh!


He needs to finish this off. He's had enough leads in this match both


in the second set and the third set. We don't want to lose... I say we,


not impartial! He doesn't want to lose this first point.


This is the end where the sun is an issue. It has poked its head out


again. That's a heck of a shot. Querrey


returning the favour. He's seen enough of those in this match. He


elected to get the first deal in. How quick can we see him do it this


time? Yes! Good serve out wide, it brings


in the third set. 2-1, Murray in the sunshine of Centre Court, this has


not been easy. Well, you know what, John, I suppose


if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. That's true. And you have


to credit Murray with coming up with the goods there. Sam Ward like that


tie-break back. He did play it well. -- Sam Ward like.


This is the service motion. He's been talking about it himself for


weeks, we've noticed that he is likely hippie, of the right hip, as


far as we can tell. It's not stopping him winning matches, which


is the key element. And when he's running he's absolutely fine. Firmly


enough, when you miss serves, it hurts more! -- funnily enough. Did


you notice that, everything hurts more when you miss? It's when you


have trouble sleeping with hip problems that you have to speak to a


surgeon. Did you never have anything? No, I got the hips right.


This has been interesting, for sure, this match. The ebbs and flows were


routine for Murray. Some cause for concern. He has shown some real


fortitude when he's needed to. Sam has stepped it up at times,


unexpectedly. Not able to seize that opportunity, and you wonder how many


more he's going to get at this stage, unless Murray is hurt.


Querrey has been the guy who has had the tough road to the quarters. He


seems to have found his second wind. He was a bit sluggish early, tight.


The first set was run away, the second set he should have lost. This


set, looked out of it. Again, he hit that chance, as you pointed out, not


a good tie-break. Let's see if he can shrug that of.


Well, it does appear at the moment that he is really taking quite a bit


off his serve. Some of it may be tactical, because


Sam has done a better job as this match has progressed, attacking the


second serve, some of it physical. Well, vignetting bad, the net,


stopping Murray on full sprint there -- the netting there. It looked like


a jet landing on the aircraft carrier. Decelerating with a bad


hip. Don't use the net if you can, if the point is over. Like a


wrestler just bouncing on it! Oh! The court is a bit firm, we saw


that in the heat. The kick-serve bounces up a lot higher than normal.


He has won 57 matches at Wimbledon has Andy Murray over his career.


Only just Sir Richie and Arthur Gore have more wins at Wimbledon. Who?


Sir Richie was more of a roll and a table tennis player but he won a


gold, silver and bronze at the London Olympics. He lost of the Gore


in the final, who has won the most matches, there you go. -- he lost to


offer Gore. How did I not know?! He was a notable rower, it says. In


notable rower, playing tennis! Seeing Sam just out there, you know,


I know that's the way he operates, it's the way he's been.


You know, he may never have the opportunity again.


UMPIRE: New balls, please. He's got a tremendous serve on him.


His father Michael was drafted by the Detroit Tigers baseball team,


but he turned that down and went to play college baseball. And then he


went into the financial world, his father. He was the absolute inverse,


Sam. He was offered a scholarship to go to an American university, but


elected to turn pro instead. The USC, the University of Southern


California, a great university. One of my daughters goes there. It's not


cheap, is it? No, it's not. Tracy Austin's kids... It goes on and on.


Murray is certainly giving off the vibe that he's not right. That's


right. So, Sam seems to be picking up on that.


He's recognising this incredible opportunity he has.


There it is again. It's not the 98, it shouldn't go that wide. That's


exactly what you should attempt to hit if you're Querrey, well done.


Relatively safe shot for him. That triple break point.


And he's pulled off the playing surface once again! Andy Murray, and


he hobbles to the change of ends. And that is the only way you can


really describe this gate, he might have straightened up a little bit as


he was walking past his opponent there. But that's not permanent. For


the first time, Murray has a lead in a set first. He has a lead with a


break of serve -- Murray. That is a pretty strong effort from him. He


has battled exceptionally hard -- Sam Querrey has a lead. As the match


has gone on, it appears that Murray is losing some steam on the servers,


no question, he's not moving quite as well. He has lost his last 35 set


matches, Murray. The last one he won was against Tsonga here last year.


He's been certainly around the tour, his fitness level, after he got his


first Wimbledon, two sets up. Johannsson at Queen's Cup as well.


Think about the physical work is done since then. That's not going to


happen, is it? It's just this hip area. At 26 or 27 my hip started to


go, it never was the same. I have a much better idea how to handle it,


deal with it. Physios and doctors and people around the sport, but


it's still a tricky spot. The way that they torture their bodies, they


just swing so hard. It's called the line. Very


disappointing for Andy Murray, of course.


And the thing is that Querrey today is moving better than he has right


now. The entire part of this match so


far, he's looking like he's got himself going big-time.


Boy, he tiptoed around that last backhand but to take a swing at the


forehand was impressive. It looked like he was hoping that return would


go out instead of trying to set him up for that backhand. Still an


excellent return by Murray. He has kept his man positive over


the course of the last two years, get him to two Wimbledon


quarterfinals. He lost to Anderson in the fourth set and still


rebounded. He has shown some mental fortitude here. In the third round,


he was forced to wait overnight in the fifth set against Tsonga. Came


out and broke serve. This is quite an eventful five matches now for


Querrey. That's it. Taking you back to 2012,


when he contested the second longest match in Wimbledon history. Last in


the third round to Cilic, 17-15 in the fifth. He's looking to take this


to a fifth and if he gets this break, that will be an odds-on


probability. Not missed by much, either. Sam's on


it right now. Remember, he's never, ever been in a Grand Slam semifinal.


Uncharted territory. You know, the fire is not fair, is


it, for Murray, who so quickly well whip around and talk to the box, use


the energy from the crowd and his coaches, his wife. Everybody, he


will engage. He is flat as a pancake.


Definitely not right, whether its concentration are entirely physical,


either way the combination sees him down 4- and a quarter set. And just


to finish the point on Sam Querrey and his marathon antics, he played


the doubles here with Gilles Muller and they lost first round in five


sets. He I said Warrior. We haven't given enough credit to his fitness.


And Murray, we've got to be extremely concerned because he has


gone extremely flat, emotionally out of it right now. He's sizing up


things as we speak. We don't know physically what's going on. He's


going to have to do try to tap into something and regroup so that by the


beginning of this fifth set, which would be extremely surprising if we


don't see it, he's ready to go. Five set matches, the ebbs and flows of


concentration are so different to three sets. It's still the ultimate


test and I love it. It's what Grand Slams are about. I hope they never


lose it. I agree and I think they should at the very least have a


tie-breaker in the fifth set. I would even say may be slightly


earlier in the fifth set. It's been a tussle already for both these


guys, emotionally, physically. But it goes to a fifth, Querrey looks


like he is cruising, cruise control now.


Murray almost being forced to guess, he's that confident in his movement


at the moment, that's for sure. He would have thought we'd be looking


at that graphic. -- who would have thought we'd be looking at that


graphic? The marathon match you referred to,


Cilic beat Querrey in the second longest match at Wimbledon. That may


happen again, the way things are going. The way things are going,


Cilic is up in his match and Querrey is heading for a fifth set.


Unbelievable. Everything is working at that moment


for the big man from Southern California.


I don't think Murray wants to be serving second in the fifth set. He


will make a real effort to at least make Querrey serve this out.


He's feasting on that second serve now. Believe it or not, set point


for Sam Querrey. He's hitting off one leg at the


moment. No sense of balance to his stroke.


The racket head, you lose control of that if the base isn't there. Set


point. A quick match. Only two hours and 15 minutes.


That's the end of that. Once again, Querrey going five sets. It's been


awhile since Murray was pushed that much here but one wonders at the


beginning of this fifth set whether Murray can find something from


somewhere or whether he will call a medical time-out. Technically, he


wouldn't be able to because he was taking this injury on court with


him. Who was the last man to win 35 setters to win a -- to win three


five setters to win a Grand Slam? I think it was Roger Federer in


Australia. Sam Querrey could be the next man up. I think he would have


had a very sizeable bet that that wouldn't have happened. I'm


surprised actually that Murray hasn't called the trainer. He needs


to pull that leg right out. It feels so compressed. You can feel the


difficulty he is having in that right hip area and no matter how


many reassurances we have had from the Murray camp, that he is fine,


that is not the evidence I have seen with my own eyes. As this match has


progressed, Querrey has dominated, sensing vulnerability and taking


full advantage, to his credit. Let's give credit to his fitness, people.


Because he is looking better than he looked at the beginning in terms of


his movement. That is saying something.


And that man, Mr Rod Laver, know something about winning here. And


everywhere. That's an excellent volley by


Querrey. He's done a nice job mixing up the Punch follies, using some


touch of his own. Why doesn't he go up there more often?


He needs the crowd on this one, Murray, get him out of his bunk.


I think he played a match, was it here, I don't know if you remember


it, where he hit 15 misses in a row. Was that against Cilic? The Cilic


matching 2012. 17-15 in the fifth. Out on Court Number Two, it went on


for ages, the second longest match in history. The Whaley is looking at


the moment, he could be one of the great returners in history. This is


a very important game, because Murray didn't have anything going at


all in the fourth set, even at the end of the third set. It's been 45


minutes since Murray had any kind of winning with them. He needs to hold


here to have any chance. That is beautifully done by Querrey.


It's as good as I've ever seen him move. I can't believe how well he's


getting round the court. After two tough five setters. You didn't think


you'd get another chance there, but he did, and he's got a view break


points. It had to be perfect because you saw


it. It just didn't bounce high enough for this guy, he's so tall.


And it's away and there's just no base that he's hitting off, there's


no strength in the lower half of the body. His average first serve speed


is way down from what it normally is. Four or five miles an hour less


generally in this tournament but he's really lacking pace. Querrey is


getting a lot of returns back, subsequently. He couldn't possibly


have expected to be in this position right now. This is an unbelievable


chance for him. The last man in a Grand Slam semifinal from the United


States of America, Andy Roddick. And in that semifinal, 2009 Wimbledon,


he put on a masterclass tactically to beat Andy Murray.


He sure looks unstoppable at the moment. Everything working for


Querrey. And since that dominant performance


in the third set tie-break, it's just been one-way traffic, hasn't


it? Nine games to Querrey and just one to Murray. That is insects four


and five. Clearly physically there is an issue. It's not making excuses


for the home player. We have enjoyed over the years the top seed care.


We've got to hand it to Querrey. I remember last year when Milos Raonic


was making his run, he was slated to play Novak Djokovic Chile quarters


who he's never beaten, but instead he's playing Sam Querrey at the


moment. It was a great opportunity for both of you and you've got to


take advantage of it. Murray appeared to be in cruise control,


his Battle impeded. You put yourself in a position, he did beat Novak


last year, so you knew he was capable. And then he backed it up by


beating Matthew, which showed great professionalism. It's only one break


but it feels like this is really slipping away.


He could really use the crowd now. Trying to find the will and


wherewithal to play this out. Querrey exposing this physical


issues Murray seems to be having to get down, twist around and deal with


that low ball. Hard to imagine that Andy Murray,


even in the physical state that he's in, is not going to have at least a


half chance somewhere along the line to break back.


But, first things first, you have to hold serve. I mean, to go down 4-0


now, that would be curtains. He's not only expecting the very


things you just said, he'll get his chance.


Just casting a faint shadow over the net that ball is it just dribbled


over. it's a whole blood serve for Murray


but he won't have been too pleased to hear that new balls are coming


out now. Querrey, who has a nice service with them and a break of


serve. -- it's a hold of serve for Murray.


It was called good. The chair was in our way. He has used that top-spin


very well to chop those balls. Getting the baseline on the


sideline. How is this for a service with? Is in it. Yes. The left there


is Sam Querrey's partner. That is a monumental service game. I mean,


what are you going to do? 160 mph ace to start with and there more of


the same. A reminder that Murray hasn't won a six -- a five set match


since defeating Sunda at this stage last year. This is a tough time for


him. He has an injury that he hasn't wanted to talk about but it has


appeared to be present for some weeks now, as Sam Querrey closes in


on this famous victory. The last time Querrey played a five setter


was here at Wimbledon in the first round last year. He won it 12-10. He


played a five setter two days ago. And he played one on Friday that


went into Saturday. And in doubles. Before these ones, though. Sam is


working big time, because I've never seen him even better. But you do


feel good when your opponent feels bad. That is a good point, an


important point. It has kept him in it.


Querrey has pick it up, so works in reverse, too.


Querrey is moving well out there, hustling. Really, taking it too Andy


Murray, outstanding last couple of sets.


There it is again. Unbelievable hustle.


He knows these are virtual match points and he is digging deep.


As well he should. Up thank you.


-- UMPIRE: Thank you.


UMPIRE: Mr Querrey challenges the call. The ball is called in.


Certainly for Sam worth looking. Maybe...


Oh! UMPIRE: Game Querrey.


Wow! And that point doesn't mean we have


to say goodbye to Andy Murray. Best point of his life you just watched.


Not a man who shows his emotions easily.


Best point of his life by far, right there. Wonderful to be here to watch


it. UMPIRE: Thank you.


On the line. UMPIRE: The ball is called in.


UMPIRE: Call stands. Three points away. The biggest victory of his


life. Yes, he beat Djokovic here last year n the third round but


there were circumstances. Who would have thought he would which the last


two sets against the number one player, defending champion, 6-1,


6-1, fourth and fifth set. I have to say it again, there is definitely


something wrong with Andy Murray, physically. There is no question


about that. When you lose the fight, when you


are not feeling, that is the first thing, not to compete 100%.


And it's away. The defending champion, the the top seed is one


point away from relinquishing the title he won last year, with that


victory over Milos Raonic. This has been double quick, sets


four and five. Game, set match point. That is it.


That it should finish on a huge Querrey ace, certainly physically


Andy Murray not right, and we will find out more about that, but Sam


Querrey, a piece of tennis history for him.


This is his 42nd appearance in one of our Grand Slams. And no wonder


his coach and his partner are delighted. Nobody has ever had to


wait longer to get through to his first Islam semifinal, and it is sat


Wimbledon where he has done so well in the past. Of course, the


questions will revolved round Andy Murray, how bad is the hip. He has


not been walking right. Anticipate he will be taking a firly


significant amount of time off at the least, to try to get that thing


back on track. Querrey, this is the greatest win of his life.


Considering the circumstances. He's, you have to feel amazing for him.


If Cilic and Muller get a sniff of this on Court One, they will be very


surprised to see the score line in sets three and four. 6-1, 6-1. That


is where the questions will be asked about Andy Murray and his fitness.


Nobody could have tried harder to have kept that secret or kept his


Championship efforts in defence of the Wimbledon he won last year


alive. But thaw is it, Andy Murray is still signing autographs to his


eternal credit. Sam Querrey makes hiss way back here, he is a


semifinalist at Wimbledon, fabulous, a shire man, retiring man, doesn't


love the spotlight but his tennis did the talking today. Two hours and


42 minutes, perhaps if Andy Murray had taken that two set lead, he was


a set and break up, it could have been different. The bottom line is,


Murray is out, Querrey is in and he is talking to Leigh. Slayer of


Wimbledon champion last year it was Djokovic, this time Andy Murray,


what an incredible performance, congratulations. Thank you. I'm


still in a bit of shock myself, it was just, you know, the last point I


was happy to hit the serve and I am thrilled right now. Andy took the


first set in 28 minute, he looks like he was in discomfort but you


played incredibly well, what was the difference out there today? You


know, I didn't start my best, I kept wit, kept swinging away and found a


groove in the fourth and fifth set. Everybody seemed to be falling my


way. It is incredible to you you the first American through to the


semifinals bah back 2000s 9. How special does it feel? It feels


great. Mine, this is is a dream come true, and to be in the semifinals,


and to have it at Wimbledon makes it a bit more special. It is important


for you to enjoy the moment but not dwell on it too much, because in


less than 48 yours you will if your first Grand Slam semifinal, Cilic


and Muller are schroging it out. What will prep be for you in the


next couple of days before you head into the biggest moment of your


tennis career? I will enjoy it longer and have an easy day


tomorrow. Well done. Also for the record,


amazing that an American man hasn't won a Grand Slam title for 14 years


but big Sam is through, and two matches away from taking the title.


You wouldn't bet against it after that, wonderful serving from Sam,


and that has been the big weapon hes had. Had. You have to feel sorry for


Andy Murray, his movement was hampered in the last three sets but


Querrey questions, it has been a long wait for him, but he is at last


through to the last four. And a big smile on Centre Court, but


a big shock here at Wimbledon, as it is Querrey who goes through and


Murray is out. And joining me is Tim Henman. When


you have a serve like Sam Querrey has on a grass court, you know, you


are in with a chance against anyone? Yes, very much so, that has been


emphasised by Querrey's performance here over the year, he beat Djokovic


last year, we have seen the damage the serving can do with Muller who


put out Nadal. That will be an important factor in Querrey's game.


You have got to give him credit for the level of tennis that he played


but there is is a big question mark over what has been Andy Murray's


fitness over the last three or four weeks and today, to see him in so


much discomfort, it is one thofz thins where you hope if you have a


niggle it might improve as the tournament has gone on but it is


evident for everybody to see it has deteriorated and movement is such an


important part in his game. You thought he is going well, then there


was a dip in form, then it became evident in the third, fourth and


fifth sets he couldn't move that well. No, and, the movement is


obviously a hinder rans physically but it a distraction mentally.


Murray was up a set and break, you think perhaps he can take advantage


of this, and get two sets to love up, but you can see lots of the


noments today, you, yes, he was hobbling and trying to change


direction, pushing off the compression in the hip joint is


uncomfortable, and, you know, at this level, at this stage of the


tournament, you know you have to be, 100 percent, or very close to it,


and that is not the case for Andy, so it is disappointing. As you say,


it is that, because you have to push off, that is what you have to do in


tennis, a hip injury will affect almost every part of it. The sefrks


he was serving like 80mph, 09mph. You can't do that. No, no, and you


see the average speeds there, it is is a long way down, and your legs,


that is where the major amount of power comes from, it is the


foundation you drive up to, without being able to use both legs, the hip


connecting your legs and core is so important, and that was an area that


obviously Murray was down significantly, and, yes, as it is a


physical issue it becomes a distraction, up a set and an you


think can he get up? That didn't materialise, a break in the third


set, that went to the tie-break, even though Querrey was down two


sets to one you felt he had the energy to keep making Murray work,


and rushes through the fourth is it 6-1. That will boost his confidence.


With Murray's movement, the writing was on the wall. Querrey, you know,


he was very much aware of what was happening down the other end. He was


going to capitalise on it. He was going to move it, and attack the


serve s they were sitting up. That is is right. I think he did a good


job on second of move forking Ward. That was another great angle.


Sometimes when you are playing an opponent that is a bit injured it


can become a distraction for you, but I think Querrey was very clear


in his game plan, he wanted to be offensive, mainly behind the serve.


Hen he got short balls on the Murray serve he was looking to step in. The


more you can take your time away from an opponent that is not moving


so well the better it will be. You see how laboured that is from


Murray, he is normally good at using his skills to get the ball back in


play. You can't run it will be difficult. It is not easy to


maintain your focus and concentration but a cow have to


think should I change my game plan, should I start drop shot, but he


kept with his plan of hitting the big shot. You are right. That is


where experience comes into it. Querrey has opinion on the tour many


time, he has had big win, this is the biggest on the biggest stage,


and you know, he did a very good job in staying focussed on his own game,


he knew that the aggression and taking time away from Murray was the


right way to play, whether he was injured or not, but with Murray a


step or two steps slow, your gaps get bigger from the back of court.


You can move him one way or another, or go behind and that was going to


pay off for him. It is a new look Querrey, because we have talked so


much about the big serve, that is the big weapon but he has more than


that. Yes, definitely. He is capable of playing on any surface because of


the opportunities, the serve sets up, but... He loves the serve


forehand combo. He is not the only one that likes to bang the big serve


and get forehand into play. He moves well. He can use the slice. He


stayed in the rally to wait for his opportunity, and, certainly when he


got them with the fourth and fifth sets to win, that is impressive. And


also the fact, as we see there, what a point as John said, this is the


point of his life, because there was no coming back for Murray from that.


Even Andy's box knew it as well that was key. It S it is break point for


a double break in the fifth, and you know, often with Querrey's serve, a


single break will be enough, but up 5-1 even in a Wimbledon


quarterfinal, you felt like that was going to be a final nail in the


coffin. As far as Querrey go, playing five set, this is the third


five setter in a row, so any doubts about his fitness gone. Very much


so. This is, we have had that blip with the long match with Nadal and


Muller and knock on effect of Djokovic, but that is where Querrey


has been fortunate with day on, day off and he has had long matches but


he will get his day off tomorrow to make sure he has the chance to have


an easy day to rest and recuperate and come back for a big day on


Friday. It was horrible to see Andy struggling so much. You feel for


him. We have all played with injuries and we know how bad it is.


Sometimes completing the match was good. He could have thrown in the


towel earlier I think he knew the writing was on the wall. You can see


there there is no real chance for him to chase down the balls we have


seen him do for so long, and again given the circumstances with the


schedule they play, there are going to be tournament where you are


injured and you will have to pull out, but as the defending champion


and home-grown player at Wimbledon, the biggest tournament of the year


to go out in these circumstances is disappointing. There lot of people


say why didn't he take an injury time out, he could have had the


trainer on during change of ends but the hip is an injury you can't


treat. I don't think there is a great deal you could do, especially


if you have been treating it for so long, the week before he had three


days without practise, think he had an injection then to try and settle


it. It is over a two week vent, sometimes injuries can improve and


you might sort of run them off if you like, but this one has


deteriorated unfortunately, and, you know, the last two sets we have seen


how much it hampered his game. I have never had a hip injury but I


think this will be a long time out. They will need to find out what is


wrong with it. Playing the last five matches or so. Hopefully he hasn't


done long-term damage but he needs a few weeks off now. It has been a


torrid year, world number one at the end of last year, so much to


celebrate. Went to his training camp. Then shingles in February, an


illness in April. Other injuries, it hasn't had a chance to string


matches together. Add not only that, but to give him the foundation from


the practice court and gym, because as you say an incredible finish last


year, but really perhaps didn't have enough time to rest and recuperate


to give his body a chance to recover before his training block in Miami.


We know how hard he pushes himself. In hindsight, he was in the final at


Doha, then straight back on treadmill. He played the Australian


Open with shingles, that is when the rash came out and still he probably


didn't give his body enough time to recover. He has always been playing


catch up. In the French Open he was ill the week before but still found


way to get to the semifinals and likewise he has had problems the


week before, lost at Queen, it has been difficult for him. In hindsight


when Croy look back at last year, because he entered every tournament


to try and finish at number one, may be if he had paced himself and been


number one in February, he wanted it. To get the number one, to finish


the year is a Monday yuesmt Article 50 achieve. He could have taken more


time off to say I'm not going to play an exhibition, I will probably


go straight to Australia to give myself more time. He is such awe


competitor, he is playing some the best tennis of his life. She


probably thinking. Co-on Melbourne, I will win another Islam. It is


probably time to sit down with his team, his medical team and you know,


plan out the next couple of months leading up to the US Open. That is


what he has to get his body right before he can start. He has to


rebuild. Confidence wise, he will be done. Again, you get to number one


in the world, there is only one place to go, that is down. He still


played some great tennis and he has lots to play for for the rest of the


year. Hard court is is a great surface, he has won the US Open. You


would like to think he will qualify for the World Tour Finals. He has to


get healthy. That is the most important thing, there is plenty of


good tennis ahead of him. He has won a lot of great matches but he


expected a lot of himself and he go along with the ride. It will be


tough for Andy Murray, that is the big shock. He is oud. Roger Federer


will be walking on Centre Court for his quarterfinal match against Milos


Raonic, and I am sure the big talking round is what a surprise


that was that Andy Murray is out, and a huge disappointment for the


home fans as well. But over on BBC Two at the moment, it is Gilles


Muller against Marin Cilic. Muller has broken. This look like this is


going to go into a fifth set. Set. I don't know where he gets the energy


from. He is heading into a fifth set against Marin Cilic. The winner of


that one will be facing Sam Querrey in the semifinal. Well, what a story


here, so that means that now Jo Konta is the only Briton left in the


Championship. That will add to the pressure and expectation on her


young shoulder, we will take you back to yesterday and hear from Jo


about her amazing victory in the quarterfinals.


It's a very special day for Johanna Konta.


It is extra special for British tennis fan, they have waited 33


years to be able to say one of their own is in the quarterfinals.


Whenever you engage in one of these Titanic tussle, you seem to have the


belief. Wow. Her trademark. My trust in my own ability has got


to be there. The situation at moments like this,


it is more from experience than necessarily what I believe I can or


cannot do. I have always believed in my own ability. I have needed to


accumulate experiences and time. That is a magnificent tie-break from


Halep. Konta has to come from behind the win I go into every Championship


to be involved in the event till the very end.


But, I am fully aware that every match I will get to play will be a


testing one and will challenge me. Most standing. Look at that.


Somehow, Johanna Konta has forced a final set. I don't take anything for


granted and I demand of myself my best effort and my full commitment


to what I do, and to make sure I prepare well and I do the best I can


out there. British tennis history the made. You


are the first British woman since 1978 to #r50e68 reach the semifinals


at women don and winning that match means you will be in the top five of


the women's rankings when they are out next week. I didn't know about


that. OK.


Thank you. Congratulations. Thank you. When you tot up these


achievements do you pat yourself will be in the top five of the


women's rankings when they are out next week. I didn't know about that.


OK. Thank you. Congratulations. Thank


you. When you tot up these achievements do you pat yourself on


the back and go "Well done"? It is difficult, because I guess, in both


in the position we are in tennis, things move quickly, before you know


it it is already an ex event next week, because things are so


fast-moving, it is almost an art to reflect well, and to acknowledge the


good things you do, and that is something I work on to make sure I


acknowledge the good things I am doing, but I'll let you know after


Wimbledon how my pat on back went, OK?


She has remained focussed. Hasn't got carried away with the hype No,


you hear her speak and being told she will be top five in the world. I


am sure she is trying to stay in the moment of what she is doing because


her performances have been fantastic, I think the match she


played on Centre Court against Vic kick when she won 10-8 in the third


was such good quality tennis, that is the foundation for her moving


forward. She has a great opportunity against Venus, and I think she has


done very well to sort of use the crowd, but remain focussed. She


hasn't been distracted. That is very important when you are playing at


hope. Halep moves so well, she runs everything down. Jo had to stay


positive in going for her Shotts. In the most CIDical moment, it went to


the second set tie-break, that is do or die, she was clear, she hits well


on her receive s when she gets the chance to dominate from back to


court she goes for the shots and that is it in her game and she


continues to do that, you know, time and time again, irrespective of the


score, she talks about process not outcome, and that is absolutely


right, and, yes, for sure, believe that she can keep on winning.


Scheeps improving every year, she adds something all the time. There


is such a a weakness, that is gone there is no weakness in her game


now. No, she moves well, we talked about the serve and the ground


stroke, she has a good understanding of the game, when to go up the line,


from her point of view, she know how good she can be, she is raising the


bar, she is challenging herself, when you reflect over the last


couple of years she was outside 150, and then, just continued to improve.


That is great for her, but it is up is an important role model for the


younger generation, she can see what the hard work has been able to


achieve for her. And what really impresses thin who has played in


game, is how you play the big point, how well you play them, and he


showed no sign of nerves when it got to the end. No, it would have been


easier for her to instead of playing each point as it comes to start


thinking about the score board when she was getting closer to victory,


when she starts hitting the spots on serve because she has plenty of


power, she is going to be tough for anyone to beat. And just looking at


her playing Hal, but it will be a different sort of match against


Venus, you couldn't get more different players. Venus has the


weapons to hurt Jo. As I have said many times before on grass it is the


toughest surface to defend on, you want to be the one being offensive


so we have to look to see who gets on the 06 fence earlier in the


rally, Venus has a great serve, she can dictate from the back of court.


That is what Jo will try to do. How can you exploit the weaknesses?


Against Venus hit behind her, try to get her change direction, any second


serve opportunities look to be aggressive and you probably will be


saying the same from the other end of the court. Every player says it


will take it one match at a time. This is is a Wimbledon semifinal. I


don't know if you remember your first one, you can't ignore it is a


huge occasion. It is, but it is one to imbraes I think because... Easier


said than done. It is, but I think the lead up in this tournament,


obviously, she played on the show courts in the first week, she had a


great match on Centre Court, the memory of being there and playing so


well, beating Halep in two hours 40 minute, she will be raring to go,


but to be fair, you know Venus knows her way round that court well as


well. She has a certain presence, she has


the presence of the champion? I think she is representing her


family, she thinks, Serena Williams has been dominating for many years


and she is not here, it is over to Venus. Is she 37? 37! Amazing just


how the veterans, men and women, are playing. Your friend, Roger Federer,


is about to step onto Centre Court, we talk about Venus Williams knowing


this court! Roger probably knows it better than anyone. Always relaxed


and cool. This is a repeat of last year 's semifinal, and he lost to


Milos Raonic. As we have said, this is a very different Roger Federer


this year. And what a cheer for the great man.


So, Roger is on the court and we will continue the build-up to this


match, we are going to Centre Court but this has also been happening on


Court One. This is over on BBC Two at the moment. Gilles Muller was


coming out to serve for the set, the fourth set, and he has taken that.


He has got a heck of a left-handed serve! That is going the distance,


against Marin Cilic, that is overrun BBC Two. But left-handed serve, it


swings as much as any left-hander I have seen! And what is impressive is


how well Muller is hitting the spots, he is really finding the


corners, hitting the angles and against Marin Cilic, he has a very


long reach, he is getting him wide to force them to take one of his


hands off the racquet and that match is for anyone, two sets each. It


will be interesting to know if the score from the Andy Murray match has


been on? It will have been. They will be other than that and that


will add to the pressure, knowing that Sam Querrey is three for the


winner to play in the semifinals. There is a huge opportunity for


someone. This is a Wimbledon quarterfinal! Many are hitting the


ball as well as he is and with such confidence, this is fun? It


certainly is and this is his 50th Grand Slam quarterfinal. And his


100th Wimbledon match. A lot of people do not play 100 Grand Slam


matches! Be interesting when you reflect on 12 months ago, he was


struggling with his knee and that was going to keep him out for the


rest of the year. He is fit and playing some of the best tennis I


have seen. But with the server that Raonic has, he can really cause


problems so the first set could be important for both. With Rafa Nadal


and with Andy Murray, we have seen the big servers can cause the big


upsets. Lee McKenzie caught up with last year 's finalists, talking


about that five set thriller. Andy Murray! He defeats Raonic. What was


the overriding emotion? The frustration stuck with me, for the


first few months, until I had a chance to review everything at the


end of the year when my tennis slowed down and then I was able to


turn this into a very positive emotion. It is a clear fact that it


has been the best moment I have had on a tennis court, a lot of things I


did not have before the final, it helped me develop. Next up is Roger


Federer, you will have fond memories of last year when he became? It was


a great match for me. -- when you beat him. Roger Federer falls,


knocked out by Milos Raonic. Being present and sharp, every single


point, having to play some of my best tennis, to just have a chance.


Are you happy with where you are? Isn't all about getting to world


number one? But not necessarily say I am happy, just because I want to


achieve things, I want to get to certain standards and certain


pinnacles and points. This is a fantastic tournament but you never


really get to truly appreciate it until you step away from it, until


it is over because everything gets caught up in the moment and when you


start appreciating things too much or think too far ahead, that is a


danger. You want to be in a sense of fight or flight and you want to be


able to be in this difficult situations and get the best out of


yourself. He really made a breakthrough, Milos Raonic, last


year but since then he has had a number of injuries and he only


reached two finals since. You thought he would propel himself up


the rankings? He lost, Andy Murray was the only man to beat him in the


Queen 's final and the final at Wimbledon and you are looking for


Raonic to kick on from that but it has not happened as quickly as you


might have expected but getting back onto the grass at Wimbledon, he has


found his form again. He lost the first round at Queen's, that was not


the ideal preparation but he is putting himself in contention and


this is a match that a lot of people have been looking forward to. Coming


through in five sets against Zverev. He has spent two hours and 45


minutes on court, Roger Federer five hours and 45 minutes. Racing through


the draw! You don't get paid for overtime! Conserving his energy.


Last year we could see shots in that piece, in some ways Roger made that


decision of having to take his time out, he never talks about injuries


but he was not fit? He was struggling with his knee and the


knock-on effect of the surgery was he was unable to do the training he


could do for his legs and last year he looked like he had lost weight in


his legs, he did not have the same definition and strength and having


handles six months off, that gave him the chance to build up the


strength to support that knee. And the way he has played this year and


how aggressively has been, it has been incredible to watch and a 35,


you are asking if he is playing the best of his career! Hard to argue


that. People thought when he went out at the semifinals, we would


never see him again but he comes back bigger and stronger than ever.


The most incredible year when you think about the matches he has one.


It defies logic, when you take a big time away from the tour, it normally


takes a long time to get back into the rhythm of tournament and


matchplay but he has hit the ground running in Melbourne and to get


through to the final and be 3-1 down in the fifth, against Rafa Nadal,


who has beaten him in so many Grand Slam finals, and then when his 18th


major and back that up in Indian Wells and Miami, incredible to


watch. He is being more aggressive, he looks like he is trying to move


up the court and be even more aggressive than in the past?


Certainly on the backhand side he has been incredibly aggressive off


the forehand but his backhand, he is taking things earlier and attacking


from that wing as well. The reality, at 35, nearly 36, if there is one


area that will not be getting better is his speed of movement so he might


as well be aggressive so your opponent cannot get you to run so


much. That is the double positive, less running and more aggression.


Talking of running, where do you have to be right now? In the


commentary box alongside Boris and Mark Petchey. I hope you have got


your trainers on! Off you go! The quarterfinal, Raonic against


Federer, and Tim is off to join Mark Petchey and Boris Becker.


If there is one player here that can lift the Centre Court crowd who was


not British after a disappointing loss for a British player, it is


Roger Federer. Plenty of anticipation as he steps onto the


special Court, contesting his 100th match here at Wimbledon against the


man he lost to last year in the semifinals. New balls are needed, I


think. Well, just one of them. That would help in a tennis match! Raonic


getting the new one after that five minute round-up! They more not


missed an opportunity, either of these, to get that age. -- H.


Interesting. He has really gone away from the bodies serve at Wimbledon


this year, since he stopped working with Carlos. Straight into the body.


140 mph. Third serve. Of the match. It did warm up properly. The fastest


of the tournament so far is 142 from Raonic.


Last year in the semifinal against Federer, he delivered one at 146


mph, and went quicker at 147 against Andy Murray in the final. But he


lost the point. It is not just about speed, it is about placement as


well. You don't get that any opportunities


and that is a pretty good one, early on, from Raonic. It took Federer a


little bit but finally winning his first point.


This is a big call from Hawk-Eye. What else do you expect? Perfection.


A little test early on from Federer and he comes through with flying


colours. Very much so, the other day he lost his first service game and


was asked afterwards what happened and he admitted he was nervous. Even


the great ones get a little bit nervous at the beginning.


That is going to be the key. For Federer to win. To handle Raonic,


the second serve. The first one is like going to the casino.


There was a little more pace on the second serve and the first couple he


threw him out 101, 100 and three, he is looking for plenty of variety


here. And of course he is not shy on his second serve, to get that into


the 130s. That is right game plan for Raonic,


to keep the rally is short and attack on every possibility but


beware, the returns will come. -- the rallies.


When he hits that approach shot he has to move into the middle and


Federer a couple of times went behind the tall Canadian, who is


unable to make that move to the forehand side. Smart passing. But


not a good enough approach shot. Or were attacking. -- poor.


His first point went wide in the semifinals, if he has a second, last


year he went exclusively with the kick serve into the Roger Federer


backhand. Federer had a chance of returning


the first serve. Into the rally. But Raonic penetrated a bit too much.


The first potential serve and volley point from Raonic, he missed the


first serve. You said it, he is not shying away


from hitting the second serve pretty hard. Roger was able to read it.


That was too good. Another 138 mph bullet from Raonic. It came back.


The Raonic forehand mopping things up. His serve has been interesting


in these championships, working with Carlos Moya, who finished work with


Rafa Nadal, if we look at serving last year in 2016, we could see a


little bit of this from Rafa Nadal in terms of the body serve, he went


with a lot more than we will see this year, he went outside to the


forehand a lot but if we look at 2017, he has virtually not gone with


that body serve at all this year. Any specific reason you can tell


from that? He started the match with the body serve on Roger Federer, on


grass that is an excellent choice, I'd do not know why he would not


play that before and hopefully he will change his strategy today


because that is an important part of the service strategy. He stopped


working with Krajicek before the championship so actually, I do not


know with coaches right now? Who is his official coach? Knowles is here.


The three times champion. He doesn't have his super coach.


If he wins Wimbledon, Mark Knowles will become a super coach!


Just catching the back edge. Tim, did you get lost? I think I did 30


minutes with Sue Barker. I just had to recover! I am glad to be here


alongside new boys for this. -- alongside you boys.


That was the only way he was going to win this point. And he will take


it. That is a lovely view of what goes


on on the surface of the court. The wide surface -- serve, exploited


perfectly by Federer. It took him a couple of minutes to really get into


that match. I think he is now increasing his intensity. That fly


was bothering him. We saw another body serve from


Raonic. He had to run a long way after that


shot, we had a look at that earlier in the tournament, there is an 11


metre differential between his forehand side and the ones that he


has run around on his backhand to hit it with the first shot.


That is a bad mess from Raonic but very good athletic ability from


Federer to get the ball back and play. -- bad mess.


Was that a small chance? Of returning the serve again? After


missing the forehand he felt Raonic was safe with that backhand down the


line and Federer would have fancied his chances of making that pass.


That was a serve and volley from a natural rally, he does not like to


hit them down into the shoelaces. This gives Federer another break


point. He has made it! Terrific run. And


perhaps Raonic overcommitted himself to the backhand corner and could not


get his big frame out of the way and that is a big blow early on for the


Canadian. I think the body-line tactic on the serve is interesting


but also on the passing shots, when Federer played one of his earlier


matches, it was against Zverev, looking to go down the middle and


this is another example, straight at the body. And for the big man it is


sometimes easier to dive one way or the other rather than get your body


out of the way. It was either a winner or an easily put away shot


and you are right, that is one of the weaknesses of Raonic, his


mobility, his movement. Well, that was a good volley from Raonic but


not a great one. And that is what top players do, they extract


perfection from you on every single shot. And he was punished heavily by


not putting it away. And the criticism of Raonic is always, why


don't you come in more? Because he is not comfortable at the minute, he


likes to have the target. And Federer will exploit that.


If you are wondering who the winner was between Miller and Cilic, Cilic


was the winner, in the fifth set. -- Muller.


Safe to say you would have pretty long odds on having Cilic against


Querrey in the semifinals in the top half of the draw.


That is the beauty of live sport, we watch this, even though Federer is


the favourite to win this match, you are never sure, like last year, he


looked in pole position and Raonic found a way to wrestle a couple of


sets in a role off Federer. One of those players he can take the


racquet out of the hands of the top players, with that type of delivery.


Cheeps himself close in this opening set, Raonic.


We talk about Raonic's serve and Federer in so many different way,


but one of the shots perhapsings that it was not talking about


enough, is his backhand slice at time, it is almost his Camille I


don't know shot, it fits in with his surround, if you look the way he can


defend, bring you in on that slice backhand, it is something that


forces opponents to get down low, that racket up above the ball chips


it down and he has used it a lot here on the grass courts at


Wimbledon, compared to how he started the year on the grass


courts. 71% of on that stunning run he had


in Australia through to Indian Wells and Miami, just 50% of the time as


he hit over his backhand on the grass, so again, it's the shot he


plays with equal measure here on the grass courts. Ken? He had one of the


best backhand slice ever. UMPIRE: The ball is called in.


It takes away the power, takes away the rhythm from the opposition and


slow downs the pace. Kim of coursing, four time runner-up


here, but Federer looking to become the second oldest man to reach the


last four year, after Ken Rosewall who managed it back in 1974 aged 39.


What a phenomenal achievement that is.


The greatest player ever not to win Wimbledon.


That is what a natural valuier does. He plays with... People ask whether


you can learn that and practise that? No, you can't.


UMPIRE: Game, Federer. Just three points taken off the


Federer serve. Just three points taken off the


Federer serve. Rod flavour, doesn't need


introduction, it is grey to see him round at so many tournaments now.


He has done it all. -- Laver. Laver, doesn't need introduction, it


is grey to see him round at so many tournaments now.


He has done it all. -- Laver. Raonic likes to have a big serve and


attack with the second shot instead of serving volleying.


Sometimes when his serve is so fast it doesn't give him that much time


to get to the net, he coming in behind the second shot, he can gain


a better court position. He will have to be careful with that


backhand down the line, he doesn't want to hit many of those, the


moment Roger runs over there and has this ball on his racket, he can


produce magic. He has more time to come in. Like to


see him do that a lot more often. Mark Knowles there in the middle,


many this grey cap. APPLAUSE


I thought for a moment after Federer's passing shot, if he had


got this in an awkward position it could have been coming back at him


pretty rapidly. When it comes at you that quickly it will keep you


further back from the net. It is not often that Raonic serves


this well and is sill down a break. 75% of first serves in.


Only two aces. That high first percentage, such a


big server, Federer seems to read the Raonic serve pretty well so far.


UMPIRE: Federer leads 5-4, first set.


Boris, he has the at van tackle he doesn't have huge grip change, he is


not coming to his backhand side the the adjustment he can make is


swifter than some of other players. Absolutely he doesn't have the huge


western grip an backhand as well, so with one grip he can play either


side, he can block it. Dvantage he doesn't have huge grip


change, he is not coming to his backhand side the the adjustment he


can make is swifter than some of other players. Absolutely he doesn't


have the huge western grip an backhand as well, so with one grip


he can play either side, he can block it.


Sir Ian McKellen taking a closer look at both players during the


change over there. And Dame Maggie Smith who has been


in so many wonderful movies, over the years, too numerous to mention,


and, a pleasure to see her in the best exotic marigold hotel, the last


one I saw with her in it. Federer's best at the moment,


slightly better than Raonic's and he serves for the first set.


UMPIRE: Right baseline, the ball is called out.


That is the skill land it there but it also takes a lot of courage to


take it into an opponent's strength. Two set points.


One needed. The fifth ace of the set and Federer


wraps it up, 6-4. Serving clinic when row look at the


stat for Federer. Federer. 71% of first serves finding their mark and


only losing three points. One behind the first serve.


Certainly a God way to put pressure on your point's serve when you hold


serve as consistently as Federer has done. It is interesting where Raonic


only won 65% of his first serves. That's a warning statistic, that is


where he is going to get his points. It is probably worrying for Raonic


he got 70% of his first serves in and still lost the set.


So what is the game plan here for Raonic? A bit of score board


pressure, he has to make sure he holds on to his sever, he is serving


first in the second set and needs to built Mohammed tum. He lost his


serve in the first set, and there is no better front runner than Federer.


I wonder whether this lack of serves into the body just allows Federer to


know there is only two options he has to guard against and not a third


one on both sides. I am surprised by this strategy. It doesn't make


sense. It is easier for the runner.


He is going for a change, he started the match at about Avraming 133mph,


Raonic. Which is eight miles up on his tournament so far, he came out


with a deaf lit plan to try and rock Federer with pace, it hasn't quite


worked. He did have one love 15! 15! He is not trying to pass Raonic


but playing at his feet. It was a good passing shot. When you a


forehand land on the service line you going into Federer's strength.


You can't play four feet in and four feet inside the baseline.


It has been very conservative in terms of pace, when he has allowed


Federer to set up for pass, it's a dangerous ploy just to make it.


And it St a dangerous ploy when row going so Kvitovatively not near the


line, Federer very adapt at making the first passing shot to set up a


better opportunity with the second. Early break point chance for


Federer. Conservatively not near the line,


Federer very adapt at making the first passing shot to set up a


better opportunity with the second. Early break point chance for


Federer. Is a dangerous ploy when row going


so conservatively not near the line, Federer very adapt at making the


first passing shot to set up a better opportunity with the second.


Early break point chance for Federer.


So desperate the keep it on the Federer backhand he was willing to


flirt with disaster and disaster struck for Raonic. He is a break


down early here, in the second set. And the one thing he will have to


contend with as the set develops is how well Roger has been serving. You


talked about conservative to the line, he has been conservative with


his serve. 75 on the add. If you look at Federer's quickly, look at


that for accuracy. Unbelievable.


That is the story. When Raonic, why he hasn't gone on to win a Grand


Slam. Ultimately you have to hit the line, in these type of matches.


Obviously Federer feels it. The momentum on his side.


You also feel like you can have a little fun out there. Now.


That is one of the other problems, he durt hurt you off both flans,


there is times a ten mile an hour differential between forehand and


backhand return. Federer has a safe zone to go there. He has the chance


to bide his time and when you are thinking about playing Federer on a


grass court, conservatively it is not going to do it.


Raonic has got the weapons. He has to be aggressive.


Very much like last year, just get the feeling he hasn't really


developed so much more, in the last 12 months.


Fd has the luxury of being a break up, the return games are not as


important. Not as importance but there is there a danger if you don't


keep plugging in you lose your rhythm? He has to staying a sieve,


you have the platform to really go for the kill in this set. That won't


do it. Just hesitation, it is not a natural


move forward, he is not somebody that is serve and volley, he serves


and then runs the net to volley in. Not one of his finer displays.


No volley needed. Another ace to add to the collection. We have seen some


of the best of Roger in the 41 minutes this match has been going, I


know the argument about who is greatest player ever is redundant


because of different circumstances, surface, technology, but is he the


most complete player you think you have ever seen, Tim? Absolutely. I


think when you look at all facet of his game and I have experienced it


on this court, you are really tried to work out where you can attack and


his serve, as we swau the accuracy first and second serve is fantastic,


he is very good at getting the ball back in play on the return of serve,


when he gets the chance to attack off the forehand. His backhand is


probably the most improved shot in tennis, he moves well, he is


volleying confidently, there are just no weaknesses in his game. .


And the longevity, the fact he is 14 years between his first and 18th


Grand Slam, is just remarkable. There are so many trials and


tribulations overs such a long period, and he stuck with it, and


still is winning. When Federer started working with


Edberg he enjournaled him to volley more, Roger thought it was a panic


tactic. -- encouraged.


Looking pretty good to me now. What Stefan encouraged him to do,


when he was up 30, 40-0, serve and volley to become more comfortable,


and then as a change up, when he was behind to be aggressive, he was


confident to do it. We have talked about the racket


change in terms of his backhand, the slightly bigger head he went to,


surface area, the ball, it has become a weapon rather than a shot


he defended at times but how much did that contribute to his ability


to serve and volley with Stefan, the two coincided. It is a small piece


of the puzzle that came together. There is no doubt it has been a huge


benefit on the backhand side but more pop on the serve. A bit of help


on the volleys and things have come together nicely.


It goes to show as a top player you have to look to improve, find ways


to do it. That point from Raonic, 90mph, Federer chips it back, what


is the strategy from Raonic? He is not winning the baseline exchanges.


Another one of these unforced errors, he can't afford them any


more. It has been very predictable with


his second serve, almost again exclusively going into the backhand


of Federer. Just floating the ball back, with


nothing on it, forcing Raonic to generate pace and placement, at the


same time, straight after the serve. And no first serves in this game,


not helping. Talked about some of Raonic's shots


being a bit safe, that was OK from Federer.


That is what he needs now. He needs clean winners.


Spun further up and caught Raonic in it. 4-1 double break, second set.


We have seen that slice backhand, Raonic has come in virtually every


time up the line, look at this, look at Federer's eyes looking down the


court here, the ball is south his hands and he is still able to look


at where his opponent is. It is remarkable. I don't know anyone who


serves like that, looking for the down the court for as long. It is


certainly one of his trademark, but one of the things he does well, is


elevate, great use of the legs. Legs. Watch how his feet keep going


up and up and up. There is where so much of the power is generated.


That is a good foot off the ground. Great balance after the serve to


move for the second shot, if it does come back.


It is easy power, that is what contributes to the great accuracy.


Easy power, good accuracy but limited stress on the body. You can


look at that on every shot. The technique is to good, that I'm'll


sure that plays a large part into why he's really remained injury


free. Very disappointing that he got injured bathing the babies.


Dangerous past time! You always feel when the rally gets


longer, that Federer has got the edge.


Safe to say that Raonic has not find his rhythm in many areas but as a


big man, footwork is not really getting into position.


Federer is running too many points on his second serve. -- is winning.


67% behind his second serve and only losing two points behind his first.


That looks like an exhibition. The shackles are off. Let's play. He is


one of the few players that can carry matches when it is this


one-sided because you can still sit here and looked on in amazement at


just how good it is. Slightly concerned that Federer might charge


for this lesson! It always takes two and I am disappointed with Raonic,


but someone of his visit, he has not imposed himself, where he has played


before. He beat him, after all, last year in the semifinal. He is not the


same player. How much is Federer charging by the


hour? Is it still six figures? Or is it seven figures for the hour?


He was very lucky to get away with that, to be honest. He is just too


safe, he has the forehand that he wants but he has to dominate with


that shot and Federer had all the time in the world to step in and


crunch that backhand pass, I am surprised to see him missing it.


It is still under one hour, maybe he wants to finish the job on his


serve. Not much his corner can do. At this


very moment. They talked about strategy and all of the details


involved. Ultimately, it is about the player.


That is a great pass, don't get me wrong, but if you give a top player


some idea of where you are going, every time they are going to do


something like this. 137 macro spur hour. -- 137 macro


mph. That was a couple of pacey


deliveries yet again from Raonic. He has come back from 2-0 down


before and that was against David Goffin in the round of 16, Raonic


winning 6-4, 6-4, 6-4, David Gough and is not here because of an ankle


injury after slipping into the covers at the back of the court. A


lot of those fans will be glad they came today. Not the best weather


earlier on today but as the day has gone on, as predicted, the clouds


have lifted and the sunshine came out, as it has for the majority of


this championship so far. The weather forecast is set fair for the


rest of the week as well, which is great. This tournament is thankful


to have a roof but it does look its best with the roof open. Federer


served for the second set. He has to change quickly. If Federer finished


this, he has to do a better job of getting his nose in front in the


third and be more aggressive. Federer is not going to come out and


lose this match, you have to win it. It wasn't the fastest first serve,


but the placement was the key. It is tough to change any tactic


when you cannot put your racquet onto the ball, and that is what


Federer has done on his service games in the second set. It has


taken less than one hour for Federer to take the 2-0 lead here on Centre


Court. SUE BARKER: He is flying, Roger


Federer, he is in a hurry on Centre Court. On Court Number One, this is


on BBC Two, Novak Djokovic, 3-2 up, on serve against Tomas Berdych, the


former finalist. That match is over on BBC Two. The big news here at


Wimbledon today is this man, Sam Querrey, has put out Andy Murray, he


was limping his way to the net, in a lot of pain, in the third set but he


battled on but unless one hour, he lost the fourth and fifth sets. He


was only fitting service of about 80 or 90 mph and was unable to move


around the court. But this man played the match of his life, he


stayed firm, big serves, particularly on the forehand side,


and Sam Querrey, big smile, he has been waiting so long to make it


through to a Grand Slam semifinal and has finally achieved it. Putting


out the defending champion for the second year in a row because he beat


Novak Djokovic last year but huge disappointment for Andy Murray and


he will face many weeks off as he tries to get his hip right. That was


on Centre Court, Sam Querrey will face this man, Baron Cilic, who


defeated Gilles Muller. He could not pull off another upset. Look at that


reaction! He said afterwards that he could see the school on Centre Court


and he knew that Sam Querrey had gone through, this is a huge


opportunity for him, he lost in the quarterfinals for the last four


years. Baron Cilic is through on Centre Court. Aaron Cilic against


Sam Querrey in the semifinal. -- Marilyn Cilic. That is what is


happening elsewhere, Roger Federer senior must be very happy with his


son. Raonic is not on court, so the king of the court, as they say, is


waiting for the third set. Back we go. His many fans are thrilled with


how things have progressed. He has been suffering before the tournament


with a cold that is getting better day by day but he has wisely but on


his jumper, as Raonic has taken leave of the court at the end of the


set, something that has become a frequent occurrence in tennis. Not


everybody is a great lover of it. If I am honest. It is too long, it has


taken eight or nine minutes and I understand the urgency at times but


it is becoming a little bit of a habit with most players. Is there


any solution? It is difficult. How can you say that somebody in a five


set match cannot have a comfort break? It does seem to take too long


these days. From the point of view of Raonic, he needs to try anything


to break up this rhythm. There is an argument to say that you can have


one of them free of charge and others cost you one point, or if you


have two medical time-outs, you get the point penalty, would you need


this? It would certainly make the players think twice. That is one of


the ideas people talk about. Players take advantage of the rules. You


cannot blame the players. The rule needs to be improved. It is like the


start time of the matches, one o'clock normally ends up starting at


12 minutes passed and related to other sports, Champions League


finals or rugby international, when they say it is 7:45pm, it will be


that. It is harder when you have another match coming on following


you. But this is taking too long. Even the crowd think it is taking


too long, there is a slow handclap for Raonic. He had the crowd against


and before the match started and is not helping his cause but he is


running to the baseline. He has yet to get up and running in the match.


And that is what he does to you, if you have to wait for ten or 15


minutes for the match to continue. It was an excellent start to the


game. It is getting a little bit more tricky for Raonic.


You would expect this, like most of the second serves, to be going into


the Roger Federer backhand. That was well left, in the end, from


Raonic. If he ever had a chance to come


back, it starts right here, holding serve. That is the basic principle.


And then just taking a lot more chances, playing a lot more


aggressive tennis. He is past the point of taking prisoners.


I might be clutching at Strauss, but this is only the seventh point he


has won on the Federer served. -- clutching at straws.


This is what a bathroom break will do to you.


That is a good serve but in similar situations, Federer would have found


a way to get that ball back into play, Raonic has to do the same.


Raonic established himself in that rally. Federer played the slice. He


had the opportunity to be aggressive and go forward.


The first chance for Raonic to break. It did not last long.


Federer almost angrily hitting the ball back. Opening the window


slightly for Raonic, three forehand errors in this game.


You get the feeling there is still unfinished business from last year's


semifinal. Tennis players do remember when things were not going


so well. That was an important game, not to


allow the momentum to change, you could see his long-time coach


getting up, and at 1-0 in the second, you would not expect him to


get frustrated. He has watched tighter matches in the past.


We talked about it. Federer wanting the ball back. Very makeable. The


volley from the Canadian. And he hits it wide. It is not his comfort


zone. But I like his attitude, he is


fighting and giving everything his best shot.


Amber reality is, there is only so much that Raonic can do, his game is


not quite as complete as Federer's. He has the heavyweight shots and the


fast serve but when Roger is playing at his best, it is no great surprise


that the head-to-head is 9-3 four Federer. You talked earlier about


what he can do differently, what is the game plan for Raonic? This is


where his shots have dropped before Federer hits the winner, being


predictable, taking the ball to the backhand side. There are too many


red dots on the left-hand side. And Federer is very quickly reading his


intention. And pretty much steps there before he gets the ball. You


have to be more unbridgeable, you have to be more dangerous, really.


You have to go for it, you are down 2-0. You have nothing to lose. It is


a cliche to attack the strength to get to the weakness. But with


Federer's backhand against his nemesis, Rafa Nadal, it has become a


strength rather than a shot he uses to get into play. The backhand from


Federer is the most improved shot in tennis but Rafa Nadal has had the


most success against Federer and when he does, he takes his time


away, he is aggressive and he keeps him on the back foot. Raonic is not


going to play the same way as the left-handed Rafa Nadal but he has to


look to attack. You have to cut out those unforced


errors. That was the second serve return. He did hit that smash.


Thankfully, Raonic ducked down! Normal service has resumed on the


Federer serve, no blemishes this time around. The pressure is


building once again on the Canadian. This runaround is not going to work,


it is too fast and having too many big steps around, everybody knows he


is doing that and he will open up the forehand side. The footwork was


not quick enough, by the time he was going to hit that forehand, it was


around his ankles and that put him in a defensive position.


It is because he wants to protect the backhand side. Once you're in


the quarterfinal of the Grand Slam, you are supposed to have no


witnesses. That was better. Good, aggressive


approach, he really got some work on that size, he kept low. Federer, if


anything, just lifting his head on the backhand early and that caused


the misfit. -- mis-hit. He has established himself in this


third set. He's taken the mouth guard out that he likes to wear, and


he's chewing on the dates that he dislikes intensely but does it just


because he knows it is good for his energy levels throughout the five


sets. Boy. Tough day at office. Getting a


less sop from Federer in having to eat dates.


-- lesson. He has taken out his mouth piece.


He wanted to fix the alignment of his body, rather than the orthotics,


he needed a different approach. Top down and got a fitness trainer from


outside tennis, he felt like he was getting injured too much. He


certainly has left no stone uncovereded. And you have to respect


that. He is not the most talented player, he thinks a lot about it. He


wants to improve. He reached a Wimbledon final last year, he is a


solid top ten player in the world, nothing wrong with that, but going


to the extra, he needs to improve on one or two things, maybe three.


Amazing how much ease, very little effort Federer wins his service


games. That is hard psychologically when you play someone who keeps


holding serve and you are grinding it out. Saving break points.


V he can see the finish line. Doesn't want to exert too much


energy. Just wants to finish it here.


Let us see what Raonic has to say about that. Really had to keep his


nose in front, and hope maybe he can get through to five all, six all if


a tie-break. It has happened before tennis,


matches have swung round. People have come back from two sets to


love. I am sure you came back many times


from two sets to love down, did you ever lose from two sets up? On one


very painful occasion against an American. Riley didn't like playing


back in the day. Brad Gilbert. Oh no, I know. That's painful! Oh, I'm


sorry, didn't know. I wouldn't have asked if I'd known it was Brad. I


think it was even at match point. UMPIRE: Game Raonic. New balls


please. Is serve and volley working


perfectly there, but he is going to have to try and figure out


something, Raonic, to upset the rhythm of Federer on serve. Let us


look at where wronger has been directing most of his sever, as you


can see the large majority, first point of the game have been going


into the backhand side. It is almost time, isn't it when you see that


kind of number to take a gamble and sit on the backhand return and try


and make something great happen and give the one out wide? Absolutely,


he must have figured out that is where Federer likes to serve.


Players like to keep their routine, the especially the winner formula.


Also when Raonic has only had one break point opportunity and that is


when Federer made three unforced errors on the forehand you have to


think why doesn't he stand on the baseline, why doesn't he stand six,


seven feet behind the baseline to change things up? Look at that, when


he played Federer last year, 71mph off his backhand, that has dropped


to 66. Maybe the times is just not there for him as well. Which is


obviously converse will giving Federer more time, which is not a


good thing. He hasn't had the best of years as


well. Last year he came in with a good


Queen's Club final. He lost first round there.


He was injured in the spring. Just his second double fault of the


tournament. It it is not exact laming for the


middle of the box on the second as well.


-- exactly aiming. That is where you feel if he took


gamble, which he is at that stage now, and sits there with a backhand


grip and tries to rip the return, because that is feeding his


forehand. Like London buses.


As if you'd know! Went on in 95 I think was the last time. By mistake!


UMPIRE: Right centre service line, the ball is called out.


Sorry, that was the Tube. This has suddenly become very


interesting. Just a little dip from Federer on the serve, expected him


to make that as well. Break point opportunity, you feel Raonic has to


take. Well if you have one chance in the


match and you play it safe, the next one with the frame. Have a look at


the second receive. Rolled it back on the Federer's forehand. .


Not going to get the job done. UMPIRE: Mr Raonic challenges the


call. Ball is called in. UMPIRE: The call stands.


Oh, that is the best shot of the match from Raonic.


And he has to run an considerable distance to make it.


Maybe the moment of inspiration that Raonic needs to mount a come back.


Federer responds. Obviously the most critical moment for him in this


match. SUE BARKER: Which have come to the


end of our transmission here on BBC one, if you want to continue


watching the match it is our featured match on the Red Button, we


will show you what happens on BBC Two in a moment, but at the moment,


over on BBC Two, Tomas Berdych has taken the first set from Novak


Djokovic, that is on Court Number One, so we will keep you up-to-date


with that as well. But the big news here, is that Sam Querrey has put


out Andy Murray, in five sets, but it really was that hip injury, here


is Andy leaving this afternoon with a member of his management team. You


will be able to see him limping back out to the car park, it happened


about in the third set, he was, he did take the first set and the third


set but couldn't contain Querrey at all, so sad news that Andy Murray is


out of Wimbledon, we will have more for you over on BBC Two, bye.