Day 9, Part 2 Wimbledon

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Day 9, Part 2

Live coverage continues from Wimbledon with Sue Barker. The men take centre stage as they battle to make it through to the last four.

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This is a national programme. We are going to take you over to Wimbledon.


Brilliant! Irresistible. Majestic. In a class


of her own. Welcome to Wimbledon. After all the


excitement yesterday of Britain's Jo Konta going through to the


semifinal, well Andy Murray do the same? He is on Centre Court. This


happened a few moments ago, making the familiar walk-out to his


favourite court, Centre Court, and each huge operation awaits. -- huge


ovation. That was a few minutes ago. On Court One they walked out for


their men's quarterfinal match between you and will and Marin


Cilic. Gilles Muller against Marin Cilic. The winner of this match will


face the winner of the match on Centre Court. That is on the red


button. There is always such a great atmosphere at Wimbledon around and


the -- Andy Murray's matches. People here to enjoy the Wimbledon


experience and cheered on Britain's number one. They are on court. Some


query against Andy Murray. What percentage of people do not


change station? It seems like we go off... Is there a whole new


audience? No, I think a lot of people switchover. 7.5 million


watching Jo Konta yesterday. I only watch BBC One of the Tsonga. BBC Two


I am not watching! You cannot miss anything on the BBC. Andy Murray, in


for his eighth Wimbledon semifinal. He has won this twice, he has won


the Davis Cup twice, two Olympic golds and world number one. The


nominal. The only reason I hear any form or... Not growing... He is in


an era of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. There are


not many Grand Slams around when these guys are grabbing them. He has


had even nominal career. A skinny Wimpy kid from Scotland. The


nominal. The two big years he has had, the Olympics, it has taken so


much for him to get up to world number one last year and he has


suffered injuries and various things but he is a phenomenal athlete and


incredible competitor. He gets grumpy. To say the least. That works


for him. He has had an amazing career. To do what he did in Finnish


world number one last year, considering Novak Djokovic had all


four at the same time, is amazing. Looking back, we cannot be surprised


there was a let down. Add he got ill. Let down and things happen and


one thing leads to another so the fact he is here and playing as well


as he did is more of what we expect. He seems to be limping walking but


running full speed. It remains me of when I used to watch someone else. I


used to think of them he was tired in the warm up and then he would


speed around the court. If he is not 100% this is the type of guy you do


not want to play because he can take the racket out of your hands and he


has a lot to gain. Sam has not showed a lot of emotional intensity


over the years. A lot of coaches in America... Their years. It is lovely


because they are celebrating the pro tennis event for 50 years of the pro


tennis event. All of those who took part are being invited. Will Federer


break his record? He is the oldest finalist. I practised with him when


he was 4243 and I was 17 or 18 and he wore me out. -- he was 42 or 43.


He wore me out when he was 50 something. I played with Ken and


would leave on the same day. What? I was 12. They did a coaching clinic


and I was there. I have a photograph. He always said that Ken


was the toughest to play. They said that Lever on his best was difficult


but then you would have to think like an animal. If you played really


well you would get him and if not forget about it. We will reminisce


more another day but let us talk about Sam Querrey because he has


come through a couple of five set matches.


I Philip I am playing well. Mostly I am excited about how I have got


through these matches. My game is in good shape. Mentally you have to be


ready to go, just like physically. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has gone. Beaten


by the American who beat Novak Djokovic last year. Things just get


tougher here. A tremendous achievement for him. Back-to-back


five set matches. Andy Murray will have the crowd on St, nothing


against you. Exactly, he has the crowd no matter who he plays. He is


number one in the world and you have to play your best and talk things go


your way. Is there any way you can turn the crowd to get involved or is


it just head down and get on with your business? It is on display head


down, it is hard to try and turn an entire crowd. Hopefully I will make


a lot of first serves and play offensive tennis. He is one of the


good guys and playing great tennis, a big serve. Sort of like Milos


Raonic. You have to show the crowd that the good guys stuff is all well


and good but if you want to beat these guys, these are selfish men,


these champions, they take everything. You have to dig deeper


than anything in your life if you want to beat Andy Murray. Andy


Murray has a move up another gear. It is the business end of the


tournament. The first thing is to win but if he can get off in three


or four said that as a massive bonus for him at this stage of the


tournament. Winning is the first thing. He has to be able to move


some around enough to be able to find gaps and hit winners. That is


where Sam's weakness is. They have called time so we better get moving.


John McEnroe is off to the commentary box.


Andy Murray is on court. The chairman of the club is talking to


Rod Lever. 1954 his first final here. Phenomenal record here. To


play Jimmy Connors in the final in 1974, talk about spanning


generations. That backhand volley. Beautiful to watch. Still is.


Classic. Beautiful tennis player. Owen Davies. What a great mixed


doubles record he had. All in attendance for this quarterfinal


match. Delighted to welcome John McEnroe. Excited to be here. This


should be fun. The loan and American left. Play big, right? A lot of


upside. He is going to play big. Tight, understandably so.


Back-to-back quarters for him. What I would like to see from Sam


Querrey is that emotionally when he is out there he is going to say to


himself it is not good enough to get to the quarters, even though he has


done it twice, great effort, he wants more. That is what he has to


shall be bought here, especially his opponent. Physically imposing.


Served 99 aces so far in his first four matches.


Dodgy start so far. Murray has not lost to an Americans and 2011. Not a


good start. I am not sure he will tell Sam that. No.


His only loss, Andy Murray, to an American in these Grand Slam events,


the pinnacle of our game, 2009, semifinal. Right now knives have


gotten the way of Querrey's ability to play his game -- nerves have


gotten away. The defending champion and number one seed is going to take


advantage. Opening up the match for Murray.


His 100th ace keeps them in the game.


That is a hungry performance from Murray. A nervous one from Sam


Querrey. You can go an hour and a half and not have many break points


on these guys. You talk to a guy like some four hours to lead up to a


match like this, to get the good start, to get through the early


portions of the match and you just break the first two games. That


hurts. It is tough to lob the strawmen. Everyone, these giants out


there, participating in the men's quarters today. Novak Djokovic is


six foot two, Muller, these men, or more. He has tree trunks for legs,


Berdych. You could throw me -- Milos into that as well. Tyrannosaurus


legs. The sun makes an appearance just at the wrong time for Andy


Murray. Good job, Querrey. He has to attack that serve. It has to do more


with his backhand. He understands that. You know Murray is going to be


going after it. This is a really tentative tight


start from the American, Sam Querrey. Exactly what he did not


want to do. A rugged six minutes to open up the match.


Murray has not been serving massively during this tournament.


His average bead is 130 mph. That ace at 121, he has been keeping his


first serve percentage up. I am going to tell you that he has never


lost to anybody at Wimbledon less than number 19 in the wild. That was


in 2005. Unremarkable record. It certainly is. He knows his way


around the grass court better than anyone else with the probable


exception of Roger Federer. He utilises it to his advantage. He is


able to throw you off with the slice backhand. His defensive skills are


amazing. He has learned over the years to get more offensive. He


makes big guys work hard. I like the idea of taking a little off of the


first serve and getting the percentage up because the second


serve, if there is a weakness it would be that, and these guys can


attack. Strong representation in the Royal


Box today. The court is firm enough that a guy


who is 66 can let it bounce. It is easier to let it bounce once and


assess it and see where your opponent is a knock it off for a


winner. Sam is thinking, why did this not


happen the first service game? That is always nice, to get your


side of the scoreboard ticking over. He has kind of moved past the


unfortunate opening couple of minutes. It is extremely important


to stay positive. The aggressive on these serves here.


We all know and assume the longer the rally cause the less chance


Querrey has of winning it. He has to know that.


Tremendous player against a guy who is six six. Extremely difficult for


Sam to handle. It is another rule I think should be


changed. Putting it in the crowd... If you throw it up you have to hit


it, otherwise it is a fault, that is all I am saying. People should work


on that toss more. You have got your own academy and


you know the game. Look at Querrey's serves. 100 aces. What is good about


this? How tall the years. Look where he hits the ball from. Let us see if


that toss is still in the camera shot. It is. It is key for any


player to use their legs and generate additional strength. His is


pretty compact. His toss is not that far out in front of him so he is


relying on hitting a great winners, aces, unreturnable is serves rather


than moving forward. I wondered if he would be better getting a modern


front so he can easily get to the net behind the big serve of his. It


discourages him because he is concerned about his movement. The


tendency is to be complacent. You believe in hitting your shot. If you


are that big and had that that hard you are not going to get broken a


lot. Understandably the nerves got the better of him and that is why he


is down 4-1. Well handled by Querrey. Surprise


that Murray did not move forward sooner because once the ball dropped


below the net Sam does not have a lot of options and that was the best


of the lot. He handled it well. He is great at the lob but it is


tough going with guys this big. With a slice. That Timmy is not going to


work. 129 mph, his quickest 134 in his


previous four matches. You had to believe the weather


forecast today because it was pretty horrible this morning but it is


quite warm. Starting to settle in. The coach and courage that he is


starting to let go. Last game this one with the old tennis balls. They


will be just a little bit more fluffy. Slightly slower through the


air. Marginal differences. Sometimes presents the best opportunity for a


break. Yes. A fine start for the American.


Showing some good touch. As he starts to settle. Get the


butterflies out of the stomach. You can see the impact, the power he


has. That can be debilitating if you are playing him and he gets going.


Beautiful job moving in, taking the ball in the air before Sam Querrey


had a chance to recover. If your tennis coach tells you to


stop on a volley, tell him he's wrong, go through it. Or her.


I always thought there would be that brief split-second moment when you


want to stop and allow it to bounce, you will end up moving forward


because you built up a head of steam to get to that point.


If you've got hands like Murray you could do it either way, I suppose.


He's got to put more on his shots, Sam. That slice just floated. Murray


is doing a much better job keeping it low than Querrey on that


particular ball. We have had some dodgy weather here


but that seems to have cleared now, and it is maybe a little bit wet


underneath but it's the right place to be, Henman Hill today, wonderful


set stomach selection of matches, Raonic against Federer, the man he


beat in the semifinal last year, Gilles Muller and Marin Cilic


playing against each other, and Berdych versus Novak Djokovic and


there is seniors tennis, Junius Teniste Matt men's and women's


doubles and some Mixed Doubles taking place, I enjoyed watching


Martina Hingis play with Jamie Murray. The crowd on Henman Hill, as


often is the case. I sometimes whether someone is trying to pull


off a big upset who is going to be tighter, as we saw Querrey, have you


watched a lot of American football? Yeah you often see the teams map out


their first ten or 15 players, you would do that with your first


service game, this is what you would do with the first four, five, six


serves no matter what happens. You couldn't tell him that. Couldn't


follow a script for more than a shot or appoint or two. I hope Henri


Leconte stays there and fries in the sunshine, I'm playing him later on.


Have a couple of glasses of champagne. I have no doubt he will.


Maybe allow Querrey to calm down quicker if he knew exactly what he


was going to be doing early on. We are under the flight path today.


For a moment I thought Concord was back in service.


The next game is going to be interesting.


The moment of truth for both players.


Querrey is in the game. Sam has played a couple of long tough


matches, five sets, he beat Tsonga, Anderson. His legs don't seem to


have that spring yet. You hope he can find another gear if he really


wants to make this a match Both goes had opportunities to win


this point, that's for sure. Querrey will look back and say, why


did I go down the line on that one? Or why didn't he hit it harder? He


had an opportunity to do a number of things and unfortunately picked the


wrong one. Still maybe could have won it with that volley.


That's the best move he's made in the match, a good sign for Querrey.


Sprung forward after hitting that big forehand. Murray was keeping an


impeccable length on his ground strokes in this rally as well. As


soon as Querrey had the chance in he came. 30-30 after the longest rally.


That's the end of the first set, just less than half an hour. Murray


wins it 6-3, just the one break of serve in Murray's opening service


game. He'd like that one back. SUE BARKER: Winning the opening set in


just 28 minutes. We will be right back with this one but we will show


you the other quarterfinal on Court Number One. Gilles Muller, the


conqueror of Rafael Nadal, is up against Marin Cilic, the big server


from Croatia seeded seven at these championships and guess what, Muller


could be causing another shot here as well because he is


already a break-up against Cilic, 5-3. Cilic is yet to drop a set at


the Championships, maybe it will be here. This match will be on BBC Two


shortly. It is on the red button at the moment, the feature match, but


it will be on BBC Two shortly when we will take Andy Murray over to BBC


One. So that is what is happening over on Court One. Back we go over


to Centre. ANDREW CASTLE: Andy Murray looking at his notes once


again on Court, just little reminders of last-minute things? I


do have to be honest, I did that in the past and felt it was a good way


to keep your focus. Obvious things, the ball toss. Go to his backhand if


in doubt. Things of that nature but probably more focusing on himself as


opposed to tactical advice that he may have been given by his coaches.


Ultimately his experience, his pedigree, and his place in the game


won him that first set. Querrey got a bit too tight in the beginning. It


could be saying don't forget to pay the phone bill later on. I don't


think so. Here we go then. Important game, particularly for Querrey.


Better start already. His first service game from that end.


Moments were Murray has appeared to be moving a bit gingerly.


That move is an example where he seems to just sort of, well, maybe


looking at the score a little bit, let that go, not date particularly


deep for that ball. Smart tactic. Especially if you are hurting a


little. He talked about his record at Wimbledon, Andy Murray, tenth


consecutive quarterfinal at this slam, only Federer and Jimmy Connors


achieved that at the same slam. It was ten in a row for Federer and


Jimmy Connors in two different Grand Slams, a remarkable record of


consistency. Seeded one for the first time at the Championships,


Andy Murray, and will stay number one if he wins his match today,


whatever happens elsewhere in the tournament.


The second set is the inverse of the first set at the start. Five points


in a row for Querrey. Sam Hitchcott passing shot. The odds


are very small he's going to get back in. Sometimes I wish the


players would start to move back towards the ball, the other player


would see that and possibly tighten up on a volley like that. -- Sam hit


that passing shot. That is a heck of an angle, this guy is 6'6", if you


can get him reaching! Remarkably similar to the match they


played at the Australian Open this year. It was just under two hours.


Murray in straight sets. That's the ball he's got to give


himself more margin for, Querrey. That ball is skidding, you can't try


and hit that as hard as you can over the high part of the net. That will


not work very often, especially when you are 1-7 in lifetime against your


opponent. Mentally, how much does he believe he can do this.


See how Murray took the pace off a few ground strokes, it just unnerved


Querrey, he tightened up, almost had too much time to think about it.


Good move by Murray. Sometimes you get the same effect


hitting it soft as when you try and blow it by an opponent. Querrey's


serve is what is ultimately going to save him if he's going to do


something big here today. That's the first reaction we've seen


from Andy Murray, a first expression of frustration. That's a nice


opportunity for him. I'd like to see Sam doing some


serving and volleying. Murray is upset that he missed the forehand


that could have given him a few break points.


150 base for the tournament, a reminder that John Isner served 113


in one match -- 105th ace. John Isner is the only other active


Americans have made a Grand Slam quarterfinal. Querrey has made two


in a row here. With got to get our act together. More guys in the top


50 but no superstars. In the states we have been growing accustomed to


success in the 70s, 80s, into the 90s, Sampras and what he did here.


It has been slim pickings ever since Andy Roddick won his loan Grand Slam


14 years ago. So we have been desperately searching for athletes.


Because you can see the game is being played at such a pace you'd


better be able to cover the court in an amazing way the way Murray does,


the way Djokovic does, Roger, Rafa. These guys are good athletes, don't


get me wrong, but you have to be just supreme to poke some of the


guys that play American football or basketball. Get them enticed. To


think it's cool enough to play this great game, and make it affordable


enough. Incredibly Muller has won that first


set. It was the talk of the locker room, Cilic's form coming into


today. Well, guess what, he's got his hands full.


That was the athleticism I was just talking about that saves him time


and again. This was outrageous, wasn't it? That was a bit of a


surprise, that was a lunch from Samba to get that ball up, down and


away from the big fellow takes this work here. You've got to have the


expression as well. I don't know, might as well.


Nestea. This is so beautiful for so many reasons. Mum appreciating that


one. It was gorgeous. He had to adjust, it came to his backhand side


and he came across the ball, that's the perfect delivery of the racket


head, take the legs off that. His previous opponent, Benoit Paire,


would have enjoyed that. Sam showing some good touch of his


own out there, as this match has progressed, finding his legs. He


seems to have gotten the nerves out of his system, now he's got to get


the intensity higher. Try to reach his first-ever semifinal of a Grand


Slam. Do not want to get careless against


a guy as good as Murray. Respecting Murray's movement, Murray Wallace


haring off after that ball on the backhand side. Is making Querrey


feel like he has to hit a better shot. Perhaps he has two. -- Murray


was haring off. Good hold ultimately.


Well, the second set is a lot more competitive than the first just


because of that one break of serve when Querrey was dealing with the


nerves. Two or three minutes can make a difference on a grass court.


Big Sam Querrey who beat Novak Djokovic last year in round number


three in strange circumstances, backed it up beating Novak Djokovic


to make the quarterfinal. He was two sets down. He is a fighter. It is


hard to know what he can do to change to bring himself into this


match as a factor. If you were coaching him what would you say to


him? Obviously the server is a big factor in terms of what particular


shot can keep him in the match. But to me, the emotional intensity, show


some more fight, some more grit, I would emotion, to me, to engage some


more people in the crowd to get more respect but that is not Sam's


nature. He is shy, he's from Santa Monica, he likes to hide under his


hat and do his own thing. He is an excellent player but if you want to


do something extraordinary on the skort and get your first-ever semi


of a slam you've got to get out of your comfort zone, to me. -- on this


court. At least a little bit. Two former champions at Queen's


Club, of course. Sam Querrey winning that event in 2010. Five times, Andy


Murray a champion. SUE BARKER: We are leaving this


match on Centre, but don't worry it continues now on BBC One. Andy


Murray's quarterfinal match is now being shown over on BBC One. But


it's a busy day on the show courts and over on Court Number One, the


first of the men's quarterfinals taking place, as we see Henman Hill


absolutely packed as it always is when Andy Murray is on Centre Court,


and of course after Jo Konta yesterday, what time this is for


British tennis. The British fans are thoroughly enjoying it. On Court


Number One is Gilles Muller, the conqueror of Rafael Nadal, playing


Marin Cilic and this is Muller a set point to break Cilic's serve for the


second time. That error from Cilic means that he has lost his serve and


that is the first set he has lost at these championships, so worrying


times for former US Open champion Cilic and she'll Mola just marches


on. We worried about just how tired he might be after 15-13 against


Rafael Nadal in the fifth set -- Gilles Muller. No sign of that so


far. It is on serve in the second set so let's join our commentators


on Court One, Peter Fleming alongside Matt Chilton.


Another loose one from Marin Cilic. It's been an issue for the Croatian.


Gilles Muller has made such a strong start, broke Cilic twice. Broke him


to win the first set, which meant that he served first at the start of


the second. Cilic playing catch-up here 1-2. 46 minutes played. Mixture


of overcast and bright sunshine. Cilic won't relish the fact that the


sun has come out again. It has been behind a cloud for a little while.


At this hour it is far more awkward for a right-hander Vanni


left-hander. It is taking an awful long time


between serves. He has a bug flying around. May be one of those killer


flying ants that forgot his day is done. That was his second serve. It


interrupted his rhythm between first and second serve. We see that so


often, players Chuck in a double fault when their rhythm is damaged.


30-30, 1-2. Is this another opportunity emerging for she'll --


Gilles Muller. You know, we might see that quite


often in week one but it's a surprise to see a double fault,


regardless of the distraction in week two, because the guys get here


because their mind is serene, they don't get distracted that easily.


Clean winner from Marin Cilic, just to settle his nerves and he's firing


himself up as he looks up towards his coach, Jonas Bjorkman.


Yeah, double faults have been a bit of an issue for Gilles Muller in the


tournament. None in this match so far, though. 29 in the tournament,


Cilic has only served ten. But it's a philosophy. OK, that's


double fault number 30 but that's in four matches, so seven double faults


match, but let's forget he's played at


15-13 match, that this two there. He hits an aggressive serve so the


opponent cannot attack it so it is worth hitting a few doubles here and


there. Once again, terrific half-volley. He is very adept at


Catskill. -- at that skill. Looking for his 21st success in unbroken


service games, Gilles Muller, as he sends down ace number six. There is


his team watching on, what a week and a fortnight they have had.


Muller mentally is rock-solid. We have seen nothing but his poker


face. He just seems to go from strength to strength at the age of


34. He finishes that game with an ace. The routine continues. They are


rattling through this set and a half pretty quickly. She'll Muller,


despite the marathon match the other night with Rafael Nadal, pretty calm


and confident as the new balls are produced. Not for the next game, for


later. The line judges have various roles through the match. Getting the


ball is out of the tins being one of them. The psychology of a tennis


match is pretty fascinating because it is like boxing in a way in that


it is hand-to-hand combat. Not the physical great there is in boxing


but the way you handle yourself, the way you carry your body throughout a


match can impose itself on your opponent, and if a guy is fondling


his shoulders and looking up it will often give his opponent and


encouragement. Muller is just the opposite. He has got on with his


business and perhaps that is affecting Cilic adverts were at the


moment. Cilic normally bounces the ball a


few times for delivering his serve. That was close. No talent from


Cilic. -- zero challenge. More big serving. 126 mph down the


centre. All square in the second set. No


break points in the second instalment, yet we had just two


break points, both for Gilles Muller, in the first set, and he


took them both. They are all square on eight aces eight.


That is a great reach and a beautiful volley from Gilles Muller.


Yes, and Gilles Muller is the answer to everybody who say she cannot


serve and volley into David's game. He is proving them wrong, 11 times


in this match so far. There is another one. Did not have to play


the second half, just the serve. Charging through another service


game. That is a sensational points from


Gilles Muller. In absolute control. Yeah. A great description, really.


Muller in terrific balance forestry shot and he hits. That perhaps is


why he has been so accurate. He teased Marin Cilic with this lob.


Yeah. He is not the quickest guy. He would not confuse anyone. For one of


the game's best athletes. Or they could not be confused for one of the


best athletes. So it perhaps fits in that category, and yet because


Muller has been aggressive off of the ground and has taken the ball


early and he has looked in complete charge.


Quite a lot of frame on that shot. Yeah, he seems to mis-hit more balls


than most. A grasp of surprise around the


court. A big double fault from Cilic, his fourth. There is no doubt


that Gilles Muller has the support of the majority of the Court One


crowd. They would love to see him break again.


Sensational little sliced backhand winner. Muller has two break points.


Really nicely played. That is the shot that said the point up. This


one I was afraid he had it like that too why, perhaps it was going long.


No. He had a really meaty swing at that,


Muller, he fancied his chances of sending down a winner on the return


of serve. Yes, you jumped all over it. A little anxious perhaps. Still


break point. He struck it well. But of course


sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.


Cilic. That was an ace. He was heading off to play the next point.


It was called long. It will be checked by Hawk-Eye. Cilic has


challenged. He is wrong again. Loose from the Croatian. He is


annoyed with themselves. He has given Muller a third break point


opportunity in this game. Cilic has two challenges remaining. A little


surprising how errant he has been off of the ground today.


That one he enjoyed. So did the semifinalist Swede who is coaching


Marin Cilic. A couple of aces and Cilic holds.


And might we look back on that game as the turning point? Possibly. It


is the second grass court match in London and about three weeks between


these two. They played the semifinal at Queen's which Cilic won in three


sets. This one matters an awful lot more, for a place in the Wimbledon


semifinal. Something neither man has achieved.


Muller is moving round the court like a teenager. Once again, the


ground stroke was deep and did not allow Cilic to really rip it.


Nicely played that time, Cilic gained the initiative and never let


go of it. 120 mph. Muller has been economical


with the number of points he has lost on serve, just eight compared


to 24 Myron Cilic. An ace to conclude that game. Muller


is back in front, potentially a game away from taking the second set.


They are getting to the business end of the second set and we will be


right back with it. On Centre Court Andy Murray was a set and the


break-up against Sam Querrey but quickly broke once and then had a


set point to level the match. He did it in some style. Out of nowhere we


are level at one set all on Centre Court and Andy Murray has to dig


deep in his quarterfinal match. That was a short time ago and Murray


fights hard. He knows he has to get this match back in his favour. That


is on BBC One. Murray fighting hard on Centre Court.


That is the red button feature match. The ladies doubles


quarterfinal. Back we got to see Marion Cilic


serve to stay in the second set. I want one of those. You would look


lovely in those red and white stripes. It is likely barbershop


quartet. Marion Cilic Sturtevant Tuesday in the second set.


Muller saw quite a few of those type shots the other night against Rafael


Nadal who of course is the expert at hitting the short deep cross caught


off of the two-handed. Yeah. That was a decent serve but absolutely


ripped away by Muller. 123 mph, big ace to finish. Still no


breaks of serve in the second set. Jonas Bjorkman with the white cap


will be more content watching than he was in the opening set, which was


dominated by the man from Luxembourg. Got a line judge right


between the eyes. Another mishit. We talked about this


a while ago, the number of mishits by --, -- Cilic are stocking up.


Only 35% of the first serves have come back whereas 50% have been


returned. A collective gasp at around quarter number one. Only the


second double fault so far from Gilles Muller. A dangerous time in


the set. The tenth ace to follow. Just a tidy


things up. A roar from Cilic as he gets a break


point. The first break point of the match for Cilic. He is dancing on


the spot hoping to do some damage. Serve volley to the rescue for


Gilles Muller. Like clockwork. It was a good aggressive shot but


that sort of error gets into trouble. Made to the ball he have


made. Muller keeps his cool. And keeps himself out in front in the


second set. Cilic will serve next to stay in it once again. It is a


rather lovely day in south-west London. The outside courts and


caught two and caught the, the two newest of the show courts, two on


the right of your screen, three on the right, mostly hosting doubles


and juniors. A few sailboards out on the lake and Wimbledon Park as we


look out onto the London City landmarks. Lots of building work


going on there. It will not be long before another eight frames surround


Court Number One to continue with the construction of the roof. Eight


enormous cranes will be in place within a month of the Championships


finishing or thereabouts as the tidy things up over the next two years to


give us the second caught with a roof at the All England Club. --


second court. One or two dark clouds above but it is bright and sunny at


the moment. Cilic served successfully to stay in the second


set and 4-5 and will try again. To take us potentially to a tie-break.


That's efficient from Marin Cilic and a tie-break will decide the


second set. Prior to this match Marin Cilic had not dropped a set


throughout the Championships. He's dropped one here. He's played a


couple of tie-breaks in the tournament so far. One against


Florian Mayer in round two and one against Johnson in round three. Won


them both. Muller has played two, won one and lost one. Over the year


the record is more interesting, Cilic, only seven in ten in


tie-breaks, Muller 16 - seven. That's dominant. Perhaps the man


from Luxembourg has a slight edge here.


Interesting. He was attempting one of those short backhand is inviting


Cilic into the net again. 13 aces in the match now for Marin


Cilic, 11 from Muller. He will hope for one or two more here. Behind in


the tie-break. Slower ball out wide, 102 mph.


In this situation I think you have to take away the slice serve from


Muller every time, he can ace you every time beforehand but don't


allow him to do it with his highest percentage serve.


The second serve coming in at 100 mph. It's not slow but it's not the


quickest we've seen this week. Muller jumping all over. Muller


relished that forehand winner. He is now favourite for a 2-0 lead.


So much variety on the Muller serve. Cilic is just left guessing every


time. Another slower ball, 104 miles per hour. He needs just two points


to seal the second set. What do you know? He hit the


difficult serve, Cilic was there waiting for it.


That's a good body serve on the second. Muller just unable to get


out of the way of it will stop slight mis-hit off the return


allowed the ball to sit in the middle of the court for Cilic.


Ace from Cilic to set up the break point.


Muller has been cool under pressure throughout. He needs a little bit


more of that temperament here. Defending this set point. Now, where


does he go? 285 and returned serves in the


championship so far for Gilles Muller.


He's just saved a set point. Can he generate one of his own here? 6-6,


6-6 in the tie-break. It is a tight second serve. It's a


double fault. And now Cilic has two opportunities with serve to wrap


this up. At 7-6 he's got a set point. Set point number two for the


Croatian. Oh! That is fantastic from Cilic.


His coaching team on their feet. Cilic takes the second set.


SUE BARKER: What a way to win it and a huge roar from Marin Cilic and


he's back in this, 1-1, on Court Number One. We will be right back


but we will show you what's happening elsewhere. When we were


last on Centre Court we showed you Murray had lost the second set but


he is up a break, breaking Querrey in the first service game of the


third set as he did in the first. That matches on BBC One, Murray


against Querrey is on BBC One. Over on 12, the feature match on the red


button, Kuznetsova and Mladenovic up against Renato Ibarra server and her


partner on the red button. A couple of results to bring you, Ken and


Neal Skupski were defeated by the number four seeds Kubot and Marcelo


Melo in three sets but it was really the first set tie-break when they


lost it, 13-11, tough to come back from. They still have had a good


Championships here. Here is a face to look out for in the future, Aidan


McHugh of Great Britain was out of the Boys' Singles, this is a


second-round match, and he put out a number six seed Marko Miladinovic of


Serbia. Well done to him. He is Andy Murray's regular doubles partner,


Andy Murray helping all the time and talking to him, no big celebration,


he's saying I want to go even further in this tournament, and who


knows how far he can go? Well done to young Aidan McHugh. That is what


has been happening elsewhere but back we go down to Court Number One.


1-1 it is. COMMENTATOR: Cilic will open the


serving at the start of the third set.


One hour and 31 minutes played. At least two more sets to come.


Now we will see just how much Gilles Muller still has in the tank. He has


shown no signs of fatigue so far. Yes. Prior to this match Cilic had


had just over eight hours on Court. Muller just under 13 hours.


First bit of serve and volley action from Marin Cilic.


131 miles per out. That's big from Marin Cilic, just short of his


quickest in this match, 132. Is fastest in the tournament just a


notch quicker at 133. In this third set it is Muller


having to play catch up. 0-1. So much more positivity and


aggression from Marin Cilic at the end of that second set and in the


early stages of this third. He's annoyed with himself. He was


the dominant force in that exchange, and then a loose point. The Cilic


camp lead on the left by Jonas Bjorkman.


He couldn't have walked over there and placed it any better the way


that serve was hit. He is pretty vocal at the moment,


Marin Cilic. We had nothing but silence throughout from his


opponent. It was a similar story in Muller's


match against Nadal, he was the quiet one and Nadal was anything


but. It was the quiet man who progressed


in the previous round. Muller happy to get off the mark. In


this third set it is 1-1. Jonas Bjorkman on the left with the


mirrored sunglasses, a semifinalist here in 2006, lost in the semifinals


to Roger Federer. Cilic has never been to the semis. He'd love to


match the achievement of his coach. He seems to be making good progress


at the moment after a difficult start. 1-1, 1-1.


He's on a hat-trick here. Two in a row, looking for the third.


Three in a row, hat-trick of aces from Marin Cilic, and all Muller is


doing is striding from one side of the court to the other.


Three aces and then a serve - volley winner, a fine game from Cilic.


Muller did a nice job of stopping the rot, if you will. Holding serve


pretty comfortably to start this third set. You get the feeling now


that both guys are in a pretty good serving rhythm and that it might


just be a case of biding their time. I mean, obviously they are going to


try their best to make inroads on the opponent's serve but I'm not


certain it's going to happen. This could just be 2-2, 3-3, 4-4


tie-break. He won his first grass court tournament just prior to


Wimbledon in the Netherlands, beating Ivo Karlovic in the final.


The final with two of the oldest men in ATP history, 34-year-old Muller,


and 38-year-old Karlovic. Muller is serving, 1-2, third set,


1-1 here. Is that worth a challenge? I thought


that might have just grazed the line. No trips upstairs to Hawk-Eye


for Cilic, who has not had a good record with his challenges so far in


this match. Dow was just a tease of a volley,


wasn't it? Didn't hit it with any great power, just dropped it far


enough away from Cilic that he had to chase it wasn't going to be able


to do much with it. Two in a row serve-volley winners


from Gilles Muller. He's at 50%, 23 out of 46 first serves have been


combined with a volley. 26 service holds in a row for Gilles


Muller, including the final set of his marathon with Nadal.


Cilic got it done in the end. It's the most running Muller has done in


a while. Whereas Muller, in the first set and


a half, seemed to be all over Cilic's serve. He's put in not quite


so many returns of late. 124 mph that last delivery, Cilic


back in front, no breaks in this third set. The giant scoreboards on


number one Court Flash up the information from around the club


with what's going on on Centre and the other courts being used today.


There is doubles and junior action outside.


You can see the top left of the screen, Henman Hill is absolutely


ramped again today with Andy Murray inaction on Centre Court, not a


blade of grass to be had. That's the access to that part of the club,


Aorangi Terrace is its official name. They are right next to where


we are here. So often, if something exciting happens on the Centre


Court, we can hear the cheers from the Hill. The giant screen they are


watching on the hill is stapled to the side of number one court.


Will Muller continue this unbroken trend? It seems likely. 2-3.


That's an opportunity squandered. And he knows it.


Effortless backhand volley from the 34-year-old Gilles Muller. That


slice serve out why it does such a great job of taking Cilic off court,


he doesn't have to do anything more than just bunt it into the open


court. He uses that volley to great effect,


just drops it short, so he's unable to track it down, Cilic. He is


hoping for a deeper volley. One hour and 49 minutes in total.


Really good tennis so far, Gilles Muller looking to book his place in


the Wimbledon semifinals and play Murray or Querrey. Things started


well and then Cilic turned up. And he turned up the heat. Bright


sunshine on number one again now. Cilic with an extra issue with the


sun, serving from this end. 21 aces in the match, so far, from


Cilic. He is at 20 seconds, since the


previous point ended. His average time is 23 seconds between points,


so he is well over where he should be. No words of warning, so far,


from umpire Jo Garner. The first signs of a stumble,


potentially. He might give it longer between points here. On the regular


tour away from the majors it is a 25 second rule. It is difficult for the


players to change their rhythm. The umpires tend to be lenient over this


issue. That was well left. I think the rule


next year will change so it will be 25 seconds everywhere, which


probably makes sense. Getting along towards two hours


since the match began. It has been a very tight affair, as we expected it


would be. And perhaps Cilic with the slight advantage now, in that he he


is serving first, so not having to chase the score.


Of course, now, I mean, soon, each break point that Cilic house will be


a set point against Muller. -- that Cilic has. Look at that, you cannot


buy those in the shops. Home-made. Wimbledon made drinks arriving. She


has managed to make it back safely with refreshment. The only umbrellas


being used are parasols. Muller in difficult territory now


late in this third set. He remains unbroken since the start of the


final set, in his match with Rafael Nadal.


Yes, Muller there in plenty of time with the choice of shots to play.


With a sublime defensive backhand. The approach shot was deep and hard.


Muller used the power of Cilic's racket to block it back, keep it


low. Forcing the Croatian to volley up.


All square again. His crew, connections and coaches watching on,


hoping their man can reach is first Grand Slam semifinal. Cilic went all


the way at the US Open in 2014 and won the title. It's an big names,


Marcos Baghdatis, Kevin Anderson, Berdych. Federer in the semifinal,


and won the final in straight sets over Kei Nishikori. He became the


first Japanese player into a major final.


In fact, he won his last nine sets. Beating Berdych, Federer and Kei


Nishikori in straight sets. He was on fire. Beating Federer in straight


sets anywhere is something to celebrate. It does not happen too


often. Just tying the shoe laces, possibly


waiting for the aircraft noise to dissipate.


A real urgency about the point from Gilles Muller. The ninth game of the


third set. He thinks maybe this is an opportunity to strike for a break


of serve. Beautifully done from Cilic. The


angle made it impossible for Muller. Gilles Muller remains unbroken but


after the change of ends, there will be extra pressure, he will be


serving to stay in the set. SUE BARKER: Just over on Centre


Court, it is Andy Murray taking on Sam Querrey and we have been talking


about the hip and the problems he has had. This happened towards the


end of the third set, when Murray was serving and you can see he was


really in trouble. We will slow it down. You can see he really pulls


up. That is not looking good for Murray, but all I can say is that he


may be not looking good between the points, but he is still moving well.


A definite problem for Andy Murray, but he is battling on on Centre


Court and a short time ago he took the third set. 7-4 in the tie-break


and it is on serve in the fourth set so he is battling hard and that


matches on BBC One. On the red button, the feature match on Court


12. Kuznetsova and Kristina Mladenovic. They lost the first set.


That is the feature match on the red button.


Two hours of play and here is Muller serving to stay in this third set.


Muller is doing the basics, keeping Marin Cilic trapped behind his


baseline. Unable to dominate points with a foot inside his own baseline.


A tie-break in this set looks increasingly likely.


That has been a rarity, a double fault from Muller.


40-0 up, I guess that is the best time to serve a double fault.


And a puff of white as that one kicked up off the line. All square


again. The first set was rapid, 33 minutes.


The second set taking almost an hour and up to 34 minutes for the third.


Cilic still taking an awful long time to prepare as he gazed towards


his opponent midrib. -- made rhythm. 22 aces in this match so far.


Heading towards 100 for the tournament. 94 now.


He is settling into a nice serving rhythm now.


He did not use the serve-volley tactic in the first set but it has


become a more regular manoeuvre as the match has gone on for Cilic.


Mimicking what he has seen from his opponent.


Cilic in total control during the service game in this third set.


Muller will attempt to take it to a tie-break as he steps out to serve


next at 5-6. Hoping to record back-to-back wins


against top-10 opposition in a Grand Slam, for the first time after his


defeat by Rafa Nadal. Ending a ten match losing streak over top-10


players. As you might expect in a match this close, Muller has won one


more points than Marin Cilic. Shade offered to the players out the


sit down as the afternoon temperature warms up. Much more


manageable in the second half of the second week than in the first seven,


eight days of the Championships. Muller serving to take us to a


tie-break. He saw it very early. He struck it


cleanly. Now, this is troublesome for Gilles


Muller. 31 service games without being broken, but at 0-30, Cilic is


beginning to think he could end that run.


This is a must make second serve. How daring will he be with it?


A shallow second serve. 102 mph, picked off comfortably by Cilic, who


now has three set points. Don't bet against Gilles Muller


squirming out of this one. So secure off the first volley.


Unbelievably cool. What a temperament, Gilles Muller. Two set


point saved. One more to defend. Oh, he has dumped it in the net and


Muller is broken, finally, as Cilic take the third set.


That has to be a gut-wrenching error from Muller. First serve, set up a


routine volley. It just caught the tape.


Cilic, first-served points won, 95%. He was not going to be broken.


Muller with no break points. That was that, that put the pressure on


Muller. And it took the one error together


with a couple of fine returns from Cilic, but he needed help and got it


with the volley error. Now, you would have to think, that Cilic has


the upper hand. His camp is pumped up. He is pumped up. Muller must be


fatigued just a bit. Cilic roaring like a lion after he won the third


set. He is back on his feet, ready to play. He is eager to continue


with Gilles Muller still in his chair.


Drama to conclude the third set. Muller broken at last. And Cilic


will serve first in set number four with new balls.


Cilic has to keep up the same levels of intensity with which he triumphed


in the third set. It was a skittish Cilic who dumped


serve twice in the first set. He appears a little calmer now.


That was a strange shot selection. Surprised he did not go crosscourt


because Muller's return was deep. A couple of unforced errors and 21 in


total for Cilic. Muller on his toes, waiting to pick the first serve. He


will get a second serve to look at now.


A slight stutter in that service game from Cilic, but no damage done.


That one flew off the Muller frame, sitting up kindly for Marin Cilic.


All is well for the Croatian, you get the feeling. Tension on the


Gilles Muller benches. Muller has now served 298 unreturned


serves in the Championships. 114 aces. And the serve-volley that cost


him the third set cost him a point there. He might be backing off


slightly from his serve-volley now. A couple have gone astray.


Beautifully struck return. More and more often, Cilic starting to time


his returns crisply. And that was one of the best returns


of the match from Marin Cilic. Break points. In the second game of the


fourth set. Cilic is fired up. Talking to


himself. Is this his big chance? Muller's first serve is one foot


wide. That was a chance. He had to reach


for it, but still, was in good enough position. Just inches wide.


Well watched. Muller thought about taking it mid-court, the overhead,


and then spotted it had a little bit of extra pace about it. Good


decision. Overhead from Muller. Saves a break


point on his way to a one all scoreline. Is He's not going to roll


over, is he? If he is fatiguing a little bit, he's not, he's not


showing it, readily. That's how tight it is. 101. 101


points each. Muller's not convinced about that


one. It was called in. Will it be Cilic's 24th ace or will it be a


second serve? It's ace number 24. UMPIRE: Mr Muller has two chances


remaining. He's used his challenges sparingly, Muller.


Comes down from such a height. He's a big man, Marin Cilic. 6 feet 6


inches tall. 1 meter 98. Muller doesn't like the one of that


either. UMPIRE: The ball was called in.


COMMENTATOR: Will he get this one right, Gilles Muller. Or will that


be ace number 26th for Cilic. No, it's a good challenge that time,


from Muller. Cilic holds, again. Leads the fourth


set. He leads by 2-1. SUE BARKER: We will be back with


this match. A story is brewing on Centre Court where Andy Murray has


dropped the fourth set, 6-1. Sam Querrey has won seven games in a


row. He now has two break points to go 2-0 up. Andy limping on every


point. He is struggling to get to the


balls. He is fighting out there. But at the moment it's all going one


way. Sam Querrey senses victory. That match is over on BBC One.


Fourth set took 22 minutes. Racing through, Querrey. We will see if he


can win this. A drop shot, and he has. That's one of them. That match


is over on BBC One. Is back we go to Court 1.


COMMENTATOR: Spectators coming in in large numbers following a late lunch


and refreshments. Movement around the court. The umpire asking them to


find their seats quickly or take any seat available. Gilles Muller


returning to serve. Saved a break point in his last service game. Is


the fatigue starting to creep up on him following the efforts of the


victory in the final set over Rafael Nadal.


Big serve. 121mph. Muller's quickest, 122 in this match so far.


So that's up near his top end. Oh. That's one to saviour for Marin


Cilic. 30-30 on the Muller serve. Yeah, he was at full stretch.


Perhaps, a slight miss-hit off the top, the bottom of the racquet. That


took a little speed off it. Perhaps kept it in court.


APPLAUSE Half-volley. Absolutely brilliant.


That's about as tough as they come. Perfectly placed. Nice technique.


Still a lot of life in those legs. APPLAUSE


Good anticipation. As if he was inside Cilic's head.


Two games all, no way past Gilles Muller there.


Not seen too many baseline exchanges. Just 11 strokes. I think


that came in the opening set. APPLAUSE


He does like to run around on to that forehand wing. That's where he


gets the pace and power. Yeah, he's got the bit between his teeth now.


He's a different guy from the guy who came out tentively in set number


one. That's going to hurt. That will make


Cilic sweat, 30-30. Muller stepped too far forward to


pick up that second serve. Yeah, it bounded off the court surface,


didn't it really? Vaulted up. Well that was ambitious. The ball


stayed low. Cilic at full stretch. Tried to hit it over the high part


of the net, with power. It was always going to be very difficult.


Cilic with plenty to think about here, 2-2, deuce. It's been a poor


game by his recent standards. Although that serve down the centre


was a monster. 129mph. Gets himself out of trouble. A


couple of free points. Umunna Cilic leads 3-2, fourth set, leads two


sets to one. -- UMPIRE: Cilic leads 3-2, fourth set,


leads two sets to one. COMMENTATOR: Got to the semi-finals


in the tournament that Muller won. He's been building slowly. It's a


slow burn on the grass for Marin Cilic this summer. As he attempts to


reach the Wimbledon semi-final. The winner of the Murray-Querrey match,


currently in its final set on Centre Court, awaits the winner of this


one. UMPIRE: Time.


Is COMMENTATOR: Yeah, and I would have


thought that up until now these players have no idea what's going on


on Centre Court. Should that match end before this one, the news will


flash on the scoreboard. That might make a few people think. Muller,


2-3, fourth set. Wow! Great wrong footing, first


volley. Loose. That was loose from Gilles


Muller. 22nd unforced error of the match. It's a tough watch for the


coaches. That's the loudest line judge at


Wimbledon. Cilic is on his toes. Can he


generate a break point here? This will be two. Can Muller find another


ace? That was a rather laboured first


serve. It was a big miss. Second serve at 15-30, has to make this


count. I don't think that's coming back.


And here are two break points for Marin Cilic. Beautifully played.


Beautifully disguised, delicate lob. Muller's in a whole lot of trouble


here, 15-40, 2-3. Come on!


APPLAUSE Throughout the week at Queen's Cilic


was hitting his forehand so aggressively, so perfectly. Perhaps


doesn't quite have that same confidence at the moment. That was


the joint longest rally of the match at 11 strokes. Still a break point


for the Croatian. This time, Muller finds a first serve.




COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's missed another straight-forward backhand. He can't


believe it. Yeah, it was very short. Oh, I see,


he tried the old lob wedge drop shot. Cilic-dipped it.


APPLAUSE Muller gets himself out of trouble.


Unbelievable strengthen of character from Gilles Muller. Is


UMPIRE: Three games all, fourth set. COMMENTATOR: Cilic had his chances.


Now, he has to put the disappointment behind him and get


back to serving cleanly. 26 aces in the match so far. 49 unreturned


serves. He has been on excellent form when serving.


Oh! Oh, that's going to hurt. That will sting. It's just a flesh wound!


This is the first serve that struck the line judge.


Cilic was quick to offer his apologies.


Very little change here on Court No 1. Service holds all round. Muller


next to step up at 3-4. Real pressure game, knowing if he's


broken, Cilic will serve for his place in the semi-final. Energy gels


going in. Lots of liquid as well. Finished late on Monday night, the


match with Nadal. Fifth sets. Had 36-hours or so to


recover. But now, of course, Muller up against the obvious scoreboard


pressure. And there's an echo around Court 1 as the Andy Murray score


flashed up on the scoreboard in here. So whoever wins this knows who


they are likely to be playing in the semi-final. That will be on Friday.


That will be on Centre Court. Will it be Muller or will it be Cilic?


Well, Cilic leads by two sets to one. On serve in the fourth.


Muller's turn to serve. 3-4. Delicate.


APPLAUSE Cilic showing his softer side there.


Yeah. Did a nice job of ghosting in. Got there very quickly as well.


Yep, Cilic had so much time to decide what to do and pick his spot


for the pass. Yeah. Terrific return at full


stretch. Muller could do nothing more than just pop it up.


Timely ace. 13 in total now in this match from Gilles Muller. Cilic,


double that. Oh! How about that from Marin Cilic?


APPLAUSE And that little bit of magic brings


Cilic a break point. And Cilic, more and more, starting to feel the


force. Second serve pressure here on Gilles


Muller. Oh, what a shot.


APPLAUSE Break point down. A rocket from


Muller. UMPIRE: Deuce.


COMMENTATOR: He just doesn't want to go away, does he?


UMPIRE: Advantage, Muller. COMMENTATOR: His volleying has been


so precise. Unfortunately, he will look at the one he missed at set


point on the third set Andrew that one. But the rest of them have been


sweet. He comes through another service game, saving a break point


along the way. Seven break points saved in this match, out of eight.


Thus far for Gilles Muller. You're right, he does not want to go away.


There's more mileage in this match. Well, the approach just didn't push


Cilic out of position enough. He was in good balance and ripped it.


Oh, that was perfecting by Gilles Muller.


Is there a little bit of momentum building once again for the man from


Luxembourg? Not happy about that miss, it was a


regulation forehand. UMPIRE: Mr Cilic is challenging the


call. Cilic thinks this might have just


clipped the line, but it was a correct call from the line judge.


Loose from Gilles Muller. Cilic a game away from a Wimbledon


semifinal. Muller will serve to stay in this match. Two hours and 50


minutes on. The challenge for Gilles Muller is


that he has had just one break point since midway through the second set


and so the tide has well and truly turned. He did not convert that one,


by the way. Cilic has just pulled out some fresh


strings ready for this next game, looking for some extra fuel, as


well, from his connections. A new racket is ready to go.


This has been a compelling contest between these two. New balls. Hence


the fresh strings for Cilic. Muller serving to stay in the


Championships. Uh-oh. Muller's sixth double fault.


A tense time for his coaching team. UMPIRE: Mr Cilic is challenging the


call. Cilic seemed convinced it was longer and I think Muller thinks it


is long, he seems to be preparing for a second serve, but it was good.


Unbelievable reactions from Gilles Muller. He had to adjust after the


ball flew through the tape. So often today he has given us Johnny Mac


looks. He has been superb at the net.


Serving and volleying with unbelievable prowess, this


afternoon. It is a pretty impressive


percentage, 44 of 55. Sloppy, really, from Cilic. Muller


levels the scoreline again. Two hours, 54 minutes, it has been a


match you cannot take your eyes off for a second.


Unhappy with his choice of tennis balls.


Oh, yes, deep, perfect placement from Gilles Muller.


It is a very short take back on his backhand return.


He has missed that. Goodness me. Never got near it. Is this something


brewing for Gilles Muller here? UMPIRE: Time violation warning. I am


not surprised. That is the longest preparation we have seen from Marin


Cilic. He has been given the warning.


He needs to get this first serve in now.


It has dropped. A huge chunk of good fortune for Gilles Muller. Three


break points. Brilliant. Muller has got the break.


Muller will serve for the set. You have got to love this guy. He


just keeps fighting. He keeps fighting and keeps believing. He has


got to be fatigued now. Some part of him must be thinking a long way


back. To win these last two sets, but that voice, wherever it is has


been told, countless times, shut up, I am not having any of that. But he


keeps plugging away. Perhaps a touch of luck in the last return game, but


heap are -- he parlayed it. Just under three hours since this


match began. It deserves a final set. As Gilles Muller prepares to


serve for set number four. The Muller fans, on Centre Court,


are aroused again. He made a name for himself on the evening of the


marathon win over Rafael Nadal. The 15th ace for the 16th seed, who


is two points away from levelling this match.


UMPIRE: Let, first service. Exactly three hours since this


quarterfinal began and Gilles Muller has earned himself three set points.


Cilic is not finished with this set just yet. That first serve, it was


not the most powerful delivery he has shown today. That one just slid


in to make sure he made it. Will he serve and volley here?


We are into a fifth. They courageous fightback from Gilles Muller. And


this quarterfinal is going the distance. I think we have to chalk


it up to Muller's fighting instincts. He is going off to take a


break for a moment. First serves, dipped a bit. 63%.


Very respectable. Again winning the majority of his first serve points.


Cilic had four break points in the fourth set and failed to convert any


of them. And that was the difference.


Unbelievable self belief for Gilles Muller. He has put these guys


through the mill. He did the same on Monday, Wednesday afternoon, and a


repeat performance, we are into a decider. Muller comes within a set


of his first Grand Slam semifinal. He is going to make them wait. Marin


Cilic has wrapped himself in a towel to keep himself warm. It is not the


hottest day of the Championships, it is a little cooler this afternoon.


But still very comfortable for all concerned, spectators and players


alike. The sun has gone in and out. It is a bit hazy at the moment. But


the perfect environment for a deciding set. Will it be another


15-13 epic? The odds are against that, but... I think the chance for


a cliffhanger are pretty good. In 2012, Cilic played the second


longest men's singles match in Wimbledon history. We know the


longest, of course. He went 17-15. That was in the third round to


defeat Sam Querrey in five hours, 31 minutes. He is used to long


encounters and, of course, Gilles Muller had one of those a couple of


days ago in his match with Rafael Nadal. We are ready for the final


set. The Court One crowd settling, hoping the quality will be as good


as it has been throughout the first four. Cilic has the honour at the


start of the fifth and final set. No tie-break, remember.


Once or twice the backhand volley has let Marin Cilic town. But that


one was good enough. Muller climbed all over that short


second serve. He is not afraid to go for his shots. If the ball sits


there for him, he will take it on happily.


Muller did a lot of running during this point. Controlled from behind


the Cilic baseline. First game of the final set is a


service holds. I think we will see more and more in this final set,


Muller trying to shorten rallies and trying to be the aggressor. He does


not want to allow Cilic to move him side to side to side, as happened in


that last game. Cilic's turned to do some running.


East and west across his baseline. Three hours and eight minutes for


this match so far. Muller's legs have got to be feeling it. For hours


and 48 minutes on Monday, his victory over Rafa Nadal.


A terrific return. The serve exactly where Muller hope to put it. You


see, it came off the frame a bit, which pushed it closer to the line.


That was his 65th winner, 15 more than Muller. A good serve and a good


return. Now, Cilic is making a serious move.


That return was sent dipping towards Muller's tennis shoes.


Oh, fantastic! Well, the majority of the crowd are here supporting Gilles


Muller. But they had to applaud this little bit of genius from the


Croatian. The serve came in at 121. His quickest today was 122, so it is


more a case of Cilic getting in his eye, than Muller waning at this


point. UMPIRE: Mr Cilic is challenging the


call. I think it is a double fault. I think Cilic is already preparing


for the next point. That is his 100th ace of the


tournament. Muller can sense an opportunity. He


may be a break down, but mentally, he still believes. Still contesting


every point. Cilic produces ace number 29 in the


match. 101 for the tournament. Total points won. 137 plays 140. That is


how tight it has been. Cilic rubber-stamps the earlier


break. It is a bright, sunny afternoon in


Wimbledon now. The Centre Court roof has remained open. It was shut


yesterday for the first time during the Championships. You can see the


alleyways between the outside courts teeming with ground pass holders,


looking at some of the doubles and mixed doubles and the juniors. In


all the various walkways and stairwells that link between Centre


Court, the members' area and TV centre and then become to the north


end Number One Court, which is mid restoration. It will look like a


mini version of Centre Court when the roof is attached. It will be


ready in 2019 to keep the rain off and to ensure there are two courts


in use during the two weeks of the Championships. Cilic was just asking


Muller to wait. It is a long way back from here.


Stunning. He is on top of things now. That ground stroke did the


damage. Muller could do nothing more than drop short and see you later.


That is where they challenge, isn't it? I thought it could have been on


the line. We will see. It was just under the umpire's chair. There was


no overrule from Mr Garner. Painfully close.


That is why he is the lines man we are not.


Solid serving will stop just making sure of finding the target. 109 mph.


A misjudgement from Muller. Break point for Cilic to give him a 4-0


lead. It was too long again and it is 4-


02 Cilic. The roar from the Croatian emphasised that, making Muller feel


even worse about how this final set has unfolded. Clearly, winning the


first set was Muller's last hurrah. This time going for the winners,


knowing that he does not have the legs to last into many rallies from


here on. Cilic almost there. 4-0. We have


talked about Muller's incredible mental resilience, but right now, he


has checked out of here. Surely there is no way back?


No way back assuming Cilic doesn't open the door. Of course Muller's


going to hang around and hope his opponent starts donating a few


errors, but it certainly doesn't look as though that's a possibility.


He keeps sending down the aces. 31 in the match.


Effortless power, with no real pressure from Marin Cilic. 127mph.


0-5. Yeah. We thought coming into this match that Gilles Muller would


need to get off to a good start. Would need perhaps to win it in


straight-sets. He did get off to a superb start. Had two break points


in the second set to go up 2-0. He wasn't able to capitalise on either


of those, and the match turned. Cilic started to gain a foothold.


When he won the second set and then the third, it always looked to be


rough sledding for this man. Well, he'll look back on his Wimbledon,


I'm sure, once the dust has settled, with pride. Particularly with the


win over Rafael Nadal. That was on Monday evening. He's had a fine


year, the best year of his career. 34 years old, father-of-two. -- 24.


Many more years ahead of him, I'm sure, but it's looking 99% likely it


will be Marin Cilic off to face Sam Querrey in the semi-final as Muller


prepares to serve to stay in the championships. 2-2, 0-5 in the


fifth. I wonder how many betting slips are


out there that show Querrey v Cilic in the semi-finals? A bit like


winning the Lottery. Tired looking shot from Gilles


Muller. No surprise, three-and-a-half hours almost out


here today. Nearly five hours on Monday night.


Muller will hope to win this service game and look... Make the scoreboard


look a little less untidy. UMPIRE: Game, Muller. New balls


please. COMMENTATOR: New balls for Marin


Cilic, he will serve for the match. UMPIRE: Cilic leads 5-1, final set.


COMMENTATOR: It's been a fine contest, much to enjoy. Gilles


Muller made his name here at Wimbledon on Monday night, many


occasional tennis watchers won't have known too much about him, but


would have been impressed by the way he overcame Rafael Nadal and were


here to watch and support him. But it's just about over, as Cilic with


new balls prepares to serve for a place in the Wimbledon semi-finals.


Another 11 stroke rally. That's still the longest number of shots in


the match so far. Yeah, hoping just to put it past Cilic, but from that


far behind the baseline, unlikely. COMMENTATOR: Strong from Muller.


APPLAUSE All Cilic could do was stand and


stare as this forehand went flying past.


131mph on the serve. No sign of tired shoulders from Marin Cilic,


he's still sending them in thick and fast.


32 aces in the match. 64 unreturned serves.


And a few double faults along the way. That's his ninth.


Ha, ha, ha! APPLAUSE


Wry smile on the face of Gilles Muller's coach. He wants to extend


the life of this contest a little further and has a break point.


UMPIRE: Deuce. COMMENTATOR: Ace number 33 deals


with that. Body serve. Muller's tired legs


couldn't get out of the way quick enough. So after three hours and 29


minutes, on Court No. 1, Marin Cilic has match point.


Cilic is in the Wimbledon semi-finals! CHEERING


Gilles Muller's championship odyssey, which included victory over


Rafael Nadal and in four hours and 48 minutes, ends here at the hands


of the number seven seed. They are on their feet around Court 1. Cilic


will play Querrey in the Wimbledon semi-final.


APPLAUSE Yeah, we thought the way Cilic


played at Queen's, just a couple of weeks ago, that he might be a real


threat to go far in this event, and so it has proved. He has been, well,


rock solid from the baseline, behind serve. He's sprayed together enough


winning returns to be dangerous and, well, he must be the favourite in


Friday's semi-final. Cilic gifting his match towel to one of the


spectators, somebody who was in the front row o. I'm not sure if that


was a friend or somebody who was very supportive of him throughout


that match. Gilles Muller, they are both true gentleman these guys.


Muller rightly waiting for Cilic to pack his bags. They will walk off


court together. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Gilles Muller


has won an awful lot of admirers during his ten days at the


Championships. I think once he's got over the disappointment of the loss,


will look back favourably at his visit to Wimbledon in 2017. Marin


Cilic stops to sign all the tennis balls and programmes that are


offered to him on his way out of the court. What a year it's been for


Gilles Muller. Two tournament wins, Wimbledon quarter-finalist. They've


had excellent value for theirkm number 1 Court tickets together with


Novak Djokovic still to come against Tomas Berdych. Excellent day of


tennis out here. 3 hours and 30 minutes. It was a really enjoyable


match on quarter-finals day. It has been won by


He's talking now. You are through to the semi-final for the first time,


what does it mean? It means a lot. Amazing achievement. Three times


getting stuck and this is just amazing achievement of course. Today


was a really hard-fought battle. Gilles Muller played great tennis,


serving unbelievable today. I had to work hard until the end of the third


set to get a first break. I think it was just a couple of points deciding


the match. Really glad that I pulled it. You let out a roar and a scream


at the end of the match. Looked up to your team at the box. What were


you feeling at the moment? I was obviously focused really mentally to


get it over with. I mean, especially when thes matches are long you have


to keep your focus. It was a relief to finally do it. You lost the first


set, that was the first set you dropped at the tournament so far.


How did you gather yourself up for a fightback? Well, I kept my coolness.


Oil obviously played well until today and I knew that I'm going to


get in a good rit am. In the first set I wasn't serving as good as in


those first couple of matches. Gilles Muller returned well at the


beginning of the match. I tried to gather my thoughts and continue to


play good tennis. Were you aware of what was happening on Centre Court,


did you see the scoreboard to know what was happening in the Sam


Querrey v Andy Murray match? I saw at the end of the match that Sam


won, 6-1 in the fifth. Amazing achievement also for him. Definitely


great for both of us to reach the semis. You two of course played the


second longest match in men's history at Wimbledon, was it five


years ago, what can we expect in the semi-final? Hopefully not the


longest one EVER! Definitely Sam has amazing serve and plays really well,


especially this season. He had a lot of success and it will be a hard


one, tough one. I will get ready and back into my rhythm and try and play


good tennis. Good luck in that match. Well done today. Thank you.


SUE BARKER: I can tell you what we can expect a lot of aces and tie


breaks as Cilic takes on Querrey. He served 33 aces today, Marin Cilic.


I'm sure when he saw that scoreboard go over he felt this was a huge


opportunity. Look at that reaction when he won. The last four years at


Wimbledon he has lost in the last eight. He is through to his first


Wimbledon semi-final. In the centre of your picture he has been working


with imhad on the grass-court season telling him to be more aggressive,


go forward, he can win on this surface. He proved it there today.


He is through to the semi-final. Through to face Sam Querrey. That


will be on Friday. Talking of that match. We can show you what


happened. Here is Sam Querrey, match point, it was 6-1 in the fifth and


final set. That wasn't the story. Andy Murray hobbles up towards the


net. It went wrong for Murray in the third set. He couldn't move. He


couldn't push off. Serving serves about 80mph, 90mph. But don't take


anything away from Sam Querrey because he stayed focused. He played


a good all court game. He hit the big serves down when it mattered. He


has won and through to his first Wimbledon semi-final. Well done to


Sam Querrey. His first Grand Slam semi-final. A huge achievement for


him as well. After the match, he spoke to Lee about it. Slayer of


Wimbledon champions, last year it was Novak Djokovic, this time Andy


Murray. What an incredible performance, congratulations? Thank


you. I'm in shock myself. It the last point I was happy to hit the


serve. I'm thrilled right now. Andy took the first set in 28 minutes. He


looked like he was in discomfort after that, you never looked out of


it. You played incredibly well. What ultimately was the difference out


there today? You know, I didn't start my best, I kept with it. Kept


swinging away and found a groove in the fourth and fifth set. Everything


fell my way. You are the first American through to the semi-finals


of any Grand Slam since Roddick in 2009, how special does it feel that


you are the man to have done that? It feels great. It's a dream come


true. To be in the semi-finals and be at Wimbledon makes it even more


special. Important to enjoy the moment but not dwell on it too much,


in less than 24-hours you will be in your first Grand Slam semi-final.


Cilic and Muller are still fighting it out. What has been your biggest


moment? I will enjoy this longer and do the best I can to get ready for


the semis. Congratulations. SUE BARKER: Querrey into the


semi-finals on Court No1. , there will be Djokovic and Berdych. On


Centre Court, Federer leads 4 of-3. That is on BBC One. That match is


over on BBC One. Federer going well on Centre Court. Of course the big


story here at Wimbledon, Andy Murray is out. I talked about the hip


going. He was limping through the last three matches lost. The last


sets in less than hour. He went to his press conference. He spoke to


Claire. I'm sorry about that. I know you will want to pay due credit to


Sam Querrey and how he played out there? Yeah. I think, you know, it


was a tight match. The first few sets, you know, I had some


opportunities in the second set up at break. You know, Sam started to


play better as the match went on. He served, he served big. You know, he


was a lot more aggressive, you know, especially on the return games. I


think because he was serving better and getting more free points on


serve he was able to loosen up and go for shots a little bit more. And,


yeah, he dictated pretty much most of the match from the end of the


second set. So on the one side he is starting to play better and move


better on the other side you are starting to move with in theable


restriction. When did you first start to feel pain and lack of power


on your serve? I mean, look, I spoke about it before the tournament, my


hip has been sore most of the event. It was just, yeah, it was just it


was a little bit too sore today. At the end I was obviously struggling a


bit on serve. When you are playing a guy who serves huge himself and then


you are not getting many free points on your own serve, it's very


difficult - you're not dictating many of the rallies and then having


to do more and more moving. That was tough at the end. If it hadn't of


been Wimbledon, a normal tournament, would you have skipped it? I think


if it was any slam I would have... I gave myself a great chance to get to


the semis, I had an opportunity to, you know, win the match in


straight-sets today. I was up a set and break. Unfortunately didn't get


that. But, yeah, look I was obviously in good enough shape to


give myself a chance to go very deep in the tournament and, you know,


almost managed to get through to today. Any slam I would have, you


know, I would have taken that compared with, you know, how I was


feeling a few weeks ago before the tournament started. I would have


been out there for a slam, for sure. What is the plan now, in terms of


treatment and giving yourself time to get back to top shape? I sit down


with my team tomorrow and see, you know, obviously the US Open is six,


seven weeks away. So there's time there. So I'll sit down with my team


and come up with the best plan of action, you know whether that's


taking a bit of a rest, you know, or not we will have to wait and see. We


will do that tomorrow. It was a brave defence, I'm sorry it's over.


Thank you. SUE BARKER: Yes it didn't work out,


did, it the hip injury we talked about it the first week. It got a


lot worse today. He has a lot of time to recover now. I think it will


be quite some time before we see him back on a tennis court. They are


tricky injuries to get right. That is the big story here at


Wimbledon. The play goes on. On the outside courts. This third round


match in the Mixed Doubles on Court 2. Peers and Lisicki unseeded


against Demoliner and Martinez Sanchez. That will is our feature


match on the Red Button. What a shot that was. A couple of


results and news that Kuznetsova and Mladenovic have gone out. An upset


out on Court 12. No problems for the number two seed. That is what


happened on the outside courts. British hopes rest on Jo Konta on


court tomorrow to face Venus Williams. Let's look back to


yesterday and the epic match she won on Centre Court. It's a very special


day for Johanna Konta. Is it's extra special for British tennis fans.


They have waited 3 p years to be able to say that one of their own is


in the quarter-finals. Whenever you engage in one of these Titanic


tussles you always seem to have the belief. Wow! That's her trademark.


My trust in my own ability has got to be there. With situations and


moments like this it's more from experience than what I believe in


what I can a and cannot do. I have believed in my ability but I had to


have experience and time. Konta has to come from behind to win. I go


into every tournament, including the championships here in Wimbledon, to


be involved in the event until the very end. But I'm fully aware that


every single match I get to play will be a testing one and will


challenge me. Most standing. Look at that. Somehow Johanna Konta has


forced a final set. I don't take anything for granted. I demand of


myself my best effort and I demand of myself my full commitment to what


I do and then to make sure I prepare well. I do the best that I can out


there. # I rise up


# I rise unafraid # I rise up


# And I would do it 1,000 times again... . #


British tennis history is made. Winning that quarter-final match


means that you will be in the Top 5 of the women's rankings when they


are out next week. . I didn't know about that! OK. Thank you.


Congratulations. Thank you. When you add up these achievements do you pat


yourself on the back and go - well done? I don't... It's difficult


because, I guess, in both in the position we are in tennis things


move quickly. Before you know it the championships will be over and it's


the next event next week. Because thing are so fast moving it's almost


an art to reflect well and to acknowledge the good things that you


do. Actually it's something I work on to make sure I acknowledge the


good things I'm doing. I'll let you know after Wimbledon how my pat on


the back went, OK. SUE BARKER: She remained very


focused. Came tricky matches. She will be up against Venus Williams


and first on court is Garbine Muguruza, finalist here two years


ago against Magdalena Rybarikova. So many injuries out from the Tour


until February this year. She came back and through to her first Grand


Slam semi-final. Johanna Konta, what a story it is. She has improved and


improved with every year that went by. She hired a sports


psychologists. A lot of credit goes to her coach, who she has been with


for about a year now. He has certainly a lot of pedigrees.


Coached some of the best of the past. Let's's hear from Jo coach. He


has been talking to Jonathan. -- Jo's.


It's over. British tennis history is made. It's been 39 years since a


British woman can say, I'm a Wimbledon semi-finalist. What a


moment, a Wimbledon semi-final against a five-time champion for


your player. How exciting is it? It's very exciting moment in my


coaching career as well. Yeah. This is where we want to be. This is what


we're training for. Yeah, I believe it's going to be a fantastic match.


Let us look ahead. Venus Williams, 20 years ago she first played the


main draw at Wimbledon. One of the great stories of the sport, isn't


it, here she is in another semi-final? Yeah. Fantastic to play


against Venus now. Venus has a successful year this year. Where she


is playing she has had very good results. This will be a very big


test for Johanna. Semi-final Wimbledon, playing Venus Williams,


can't get much better. We know about Venus' strengths, they are obvious.


What about the weakness? What is the area to target? I don't think we can


speak about a weakness, a player like Venus doesn't have a weakness.


It's a few patterns. On big points few things we can expect. For


Johanna important to focus on her own strength. When you got the call


and the opportunity to coach Johanna Konta, did you believe then that


success at Wimbledon was possible? Yeah. Absolutely. I saw a great


athlete, that's for sure. I saw someone who was very professional


and very dedicated. I saw someone with a big presence on court, like


not afraid to fail or not afraid to lose. Some people have suggested


perhaps she could embrace the crowd a little bit more because it is such


an advantage having 15,000 people right behind you. Is that, for you,


an issue or would you rather her just carry on what she is doing?


It's notten issue, it's just - one thing is for sure she is enjoying


the support and feels energy from the crowd, that is for sure. She


probably is not expressing it as much as maybe people would like her


to do, but it's... She's still young in her career and it's something


that needs a bit of time for her, I think. But, yeah, she's very


comfortable in the zone where she is right now. At this moment I would


like her to stay in that zone. Is it possible that she'll be in the


Wimbledon final on Saturday? For sure it's possible. 50/50 against


Venus. She has to play a good match. Unfortunately, we are also depending


on the level of Venus. Yeah, I give her a chance. She has to believe in


herself. I do believe in her and her team believes in her. So... What


will your final message be to her when she makes the walk from the


locker room to the court? Enjoy it. SUE BARKER: We will certainly enjoy


it. It promises to be a fantastic match, Venus against Jo Konta. She


has done well against the big servers here at Wimbledon already.


Huge occasion for Jo Konta tomorrow, second on centre. On Centre Court at


the moment, somebody who knows all about the big occasion. Playing


there is Roger Federer. Just a few moments ago, he is Roger with two


set points against last year's Ron-Robert Zieler Milos Raonic. What


a way to finish it off! -- runner up, Milos Raonic. That was just a


short time ago. As we go back live now, Roger has just broken Raonic in


the first game of the second set. Very much going his way on Centre


Court. That match is now live over on BBC One. But here we're going to


head over to quote number two for another of the men's quarterfinals,


sorry, Court Number One we're heading to four Tomas Berdych


against Novak Djokovic. The head-to-head is very much in favour


of Novak Djokovic. 25-2, and he has won the last 12. But there was a


worry about his shoulder. He had to be treated on court three times


yesterday against Mannarino. We have to keep an eye out and see if that


injury is OK. A three-time winner here. He is on court. Let's join our


commentators on Court Number One, John Lloyd and John Inverdale. JOHN


INVERDALE: With all due respect to all concerned I think it is fair to


say that not too many TV executives and advertisers the world over are


rubbing their hands at the prospect of a last four of Querrey, Cilic,


and Berdych. There was a lot of pressure, whether they are aware of


it or not. We probably know what we're going to get from Berdych.


Solid, big serving, systematic, control. From Djokovic, you know,


are we going to get the grumpy I went to arch from yesterday calling


for decking to put on Court Number One? How is his fitness, mind, body


and game? I suppose in many ways this match and its outcome hinges on


him, it's in his hands. We will see how mentally he is. If he's mentally


strong, he wins this match, no doubt about it.


APPLAUSE At what point in this match can you


inevitably tell the foetus, like Astori? Oh, that is a great story.


Well, some good hitting from the Cech.


He's level in the list of Czech players and the number of semifinal


Grand Slams they've got to. He is level on six with Janko Lish. They


are both a long way behind Ivan Lendl, but he would overtake Janko


Lish if you were to get through to the rich today. A bit of running


repairs to the racket. -- through Djokovic today.


That was a very tame second serve. I was going to say, 80 mph on the


second serve. That's the thing we have to keep our eyes open on the


server just to see if that is affected on the speed on his first


and second. We have seen how the physical state-of-the-art weeks on


Centre Court, as in Andy Murray, had a major effect of the outcome on


that match -- physical state of the athletes. So, Berdych goes long.


We'll get it out the way now... It is one of the great sporting greats


of all time, it is a cliche, -- sporting quotes. In 1980, after


having lost 16 consecutive times to Jimmy Connors, Vitas Gerulaitis beat


him at Madison Square Garden. And he walked into the press conference


straight after the match clutching a huge bottle of champagne, plonked it


down on the desk, and said, nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a


row! And Berdych is in a similar situation here. Is he going to say,


nobody beats by 13 times in a row?! That is where he sits at the moment


with Novak Djokovic. CROWD GASPS


APPLAUSE He's still looking at his racket.


I thought in that first game, it was tape which they sometimes put on to


keep the weight in certain areas, but he's got about another 20


rackets in the bag, I don't know why he's worried so much.


The trouble is, it's at times like this we all become sort of amateur


doctors, don't we, and muscle surgeons and things, we're looking


at Djokovic and saying, how much pain is eat... In? How is his


movement restricted? -- how much pain is he in.


That was a gigantic forehand. Berdych things, I've hit a good shot


there. Nope! How much bearing does the win- loss


record between these two have on this match, do you think? Huge. On


both sides of the net? Both sides of the net.


Yes, for Novak it is about styles, the tellers match. Novak knows that


his style, and Berdych's style just fits perfectly for his game. On the


other side of the match, Berdych is thinking, my game doesn't match up


to well. Well, is trying not to think that.


And if you haven't done your research on this, let me tell you


that if we look at it from Berdych's point of view, played 27, won two,


lost 25, relegated. Definitely relegated.


But he's playing well! He's playing well. He beat Dominic Thiem in five


sets, no mean feat. He has come through a lot of matches with tight


sets as well. He is very, very matched height and in match form. If


Djokovic is remotely vulnerable today, and Berdych is an especially


good form to take advantage of that. Agreed.


I do think, though, when you talk about five set matches, you know,


the starting matches, the first set, it is important. But best-of-3 sets


is much more important. I think in this, when you have a record like


this, the first set for Berdych is crucial. If he loses the first set,


mentally that is huge. Don't forget, he has got to a final


here, albeit seven years ago. Djokovic, three times the winner of


this title, 2011, 2014 and 2015. We did a Djokovic match on Centre


Court yesterday when he was having a hullabaloo with the condition of the


court. This court looks in better nick, doesn't it? Koumba Centre


Court, I think it does, too. -- Van Noy the Centre Court. I don't know


why that would be, but it does look better.


Oh! Well, the Djokovic forehand seems to be working very nicely,


thank you. First thoughts? Well, I was just


looking actually to see this that's an Djokovic's first serve there. To


me, it looks at the moment like he's a little bit careful on the first


serve. He doesn't seem to be exploding on it as much. He's not


got a huge serve, but I was just looking at that committee seems to


be moving fine on the ground strokes seem pretty good. -- amber ground


strokes. But if he is having any problems in his shoulder, one of the


big things is going to be his service power. It's like rubber, the


way he contorts his body sometimes to hit winners. If they had had


gluten-free indoor day, John, you would have been like that! His


fastest serve at the moment is 114, only two service game, that's quite


a way below his fastest serve during the tournament. Whether he's just


warming it up, not going for it fully at the moment, we'll see. That


would be one interesting thing just to look for.


Two of the 30 somethings in the last eight of the men's draw. Five out of


the eight. They are 30 and over. An indication of how the sport has


changed in recent years. We saw it so much with Andy Murray


early on. If you are favouring an injury, how is it to disguise that


from your opponent? Well, certainly not easy if it's the serve.


Berdych will feel, he'll feel the power coming on the serve. And if


Djokovic continues to be around that pace and doesn't go up, Berdych will


feel like you is going to get a lot more hits off the serve, there's not


going to be a any free points against him, which will be an


encouragement. That's baked! Well played. Unless


something explosive happens at the start of the match... -- that's big.


There's always a bit of a lull at the start of the second game on a


big day like today, especially following the five set quarterfinals


we just had. We're kind of in that situation at the moment, it's a


little bit more than sparring, but nobody's really going for the big


punches here. What do you make about Berdych's


movement on grass? I mean, that's the weakest part of his game, isn't


it? His defending is not the best. But for a big man, he moves pretty




Well, he's been made to move there. The first ace of the match. Perhaps


surprisingly, from Djokovic's racket.


Djokovic is a great athlete, isn't he? He's like a big cat, like a


Jaguar or eight Shuter or something like that. Whereas Berdych is kind


of an antelope, really. But if you come back to the record between the


two of them, how much can he, sitting there, not that he would be


thinking about it at the moment, but in the build-up to today, how much


will he have told himself, seven years ago I beat this guy in


straight sets here at Wimbledon, and that year I got through to the


final? Positive thinking. Endlessly, over and over and over again. Well,


I think that's his coaching team, that's exactly what they will be


reinforcing. That match, they'll throw away all the other stuff.


Obviously they'll say, what you need to do, and Berdych knows that. But


they'll just keep pumping that into him the whole time, you have beaten


him and you've beaten him on grass and you can do it against point but


the psychological aspect is so big. That's one of the reasons why I


think it does help to have a great player in your camp on these type of


occasions, like Agassi with Djokovic. You know, a player who's


been there and done it, they can tell you the things the night before


a match, it just little details that can help you psychologically. In


Djokovic's case here, under no circumstances, despite that record,


be complacent. No, not at all. APPLAUSE


Well played by Berdych. It's a delicate balance for Berdych. You


don't want to go to for outside of your sort of comfort zone, your


norm, so to speak. Having said that, with the record he's got, there's a


tendency to think, I have too. And then you make more errors. So it's a


really fine balance. What word would you use to describe


Berdych's game? Structured, perhaps. You came up with the first word, I


love the word you said, but I can't remember what you said now. Very


similar to structured. It's so great that I've forgotten it! It was a


great line. I thought, yes, I'll think of it in a second. I don't


want to say mechanical stop. Regimented? I think that's good.


Systematic. Well, that's good hitting from both


sides until Djokovic went long. Lots of rallies like that in the match


against Mannarino yesterday. And invariably yesterday Djokovic came


out on top. Different type of shot coming at him, though, with Berdych.


More top-spin, bounces up higher. Mannarino is very sort of flat


through the court. He's playing well, very well.


There's also a thing called tie-breakers as well. Worst case, if


he can hang in to get to that, anything can happen in a


tie-breaker. I just feel this first set is so crucial.


I don't think he's hitting his serve very hard at the moment, though.


He's not exploding on the serve. I don't think he's hit one above is it


114 at the moment? 105, that second serve. That's 113.


He would have been warmed up by now, so...


Good serve. If this continues with this first serve, you will see his


service percentage go up, because he's going to hit its lower, if it


looks like it, but he'll make sure he gets almost every first serve in,


it will be difficult for Berdych to get ahead in the rally.


It might be a bit too late for this game, but a warning shot across


Djokovic... 86% first serves in so far.


APPLAUSE Well, that second serve was only 84


mph. Djokovic does not look happy. I think it's stating the obvious


there. His body language, his facial expressions... If we look at the


service action, are we able to discern anything from it in terms of


being different to what he would normally be doing? Not really, no.


He is not suddenly going to develop a hit with pain. He'll just know how


far or how fast to snap that wrist, how much to really put the strain on


it. The motion is so good he can hit it at any pace he wants. If that


soreness is stopping him from exploding on the first serve, which


it looks like it is at the moment, it becomes a different game now. It


becomes a gain of placement, getting every first serve in. He is doing


that very well serve. Berdych will cotton onto that got to take more


chances on the return of serve than he would normally. -- start to take


more chances. We talk about the racket speed, that is what enables


people to whack it down at 130 mph like Sam Berry was doing this


afternoon. If you don't want to impinge on your shoulder muscles,


that's where he's going to go much more top-spin serves and kick us out


wide and things like that. That takes the whole arm absorbing the


pressure as opposed to that sort of snap. Absolutely. He will be nice


and smooth but he just went snap it is hard. Everything will be in


control and he won't be taking too many chances. So far he hasn't hit


any big serves at all. When you are in a grand slam and you


have a day off, you have 24-hours arrest, more treatment. -- rest.


Great shot. That is a superb forehand. That is strength. The ball


looked like it was behind him. A fantastic return of serve. Just


brilliant. He is striking the ball so well at


the moment. He hits the ball pretty fat as well. A bit of an arc on the


forehand. But it goes through the court so quickly when he gets a hold


of it properly. You might know the answer to this.


We had black underpants gate out the court today with one of the young


guys, who sent off to change his underwear because it was against the


clothing regulations. The first double fault of the match.


I am just wondering if the yellow braiding on Burdick's Sheard


constitutes anything? -- Berdych. Probably. The underwear rule is so


ridiculous. You can't even wear coloured souls on your shoes.


Really? Who cares? All about the brand. And this match is


interestingly poised at the moment. He just soaks up pressure so well,


Djokovic. He is a master at it. The ball flooding at him. You think he


is in trouble. But he gets back there and put the ball back in


awkward positions all the time. It is so difficult to put a ball away


against him. This time last year, he arrived here as Master of the tennis


world. Four grand Slam 's. Now he has none. What do specifically


attributes that to? -- what do you specifically attribute that to? I


think that was all in the mind. I think after winning the French and


completing his grand slam, he was exhausted. In retrospect, he should


have done what Federer did, take six months off. Literally take six


months off and reboot. Of course, his sponsors won't allow that. Is


that something you would advise Andy to-do? I think he may have no choice


anyway. Big blow from Berdych. Open to court


up. -- he opened. I'm not sure the court was to blame. I'm not sure


either. Of course you blame something else. You look at the sun,


it is windy. Djokovic had a conversation with the crowd. I'm not


sure about what. Djokovic driving with the handbrake


on. But he is still leading. And Berdych will have two serve to stay


in this absolutely key first set. Djokovic is managing his game well.


He is definitely not serving near as big as he normally does. The


contortions he was doing yesterday, the trainer was getting him into a


pretzel positions. It was very worrying at one stage. Made of


rubber, so it was no problem. I think his biggest serve so far today


is 114. Because he has, come into the match with this shoulder injury,


is he allowed to have a medical time-out at any stage of the match,


to have manipulative work on it? I don't think he is alleged. I'm not


up-to-date. They seem to change the rules every three months. It seems


strange that you wouldn't be able to. At all these matters we keep


showing pictures of the boxes, the coaches, the girlfriends and the


families. In many ways it is easier being on the court. Up there you are


utterly helpless. The coaches can signal a bit. That is a very, very


calm Prensa rally from Berdych. That's Makombe Prensa. Even here,


Djokovic had no right to get that back. That is why he is so annoying


to play against. That was an easy ball. But its tires you out


eventually when they keep coming back at you. If you hit that hard,


it doesn't matter. I think he is deciding that he anything inside the


baseline he will try to do some severe damage to Djokovic, not


allowing the chance to do anything with the ball. Does Berdych want


short, sharp rallies? He is not the sort of player who takes silly


chances. But I think he will try to impose himself more than normal. He


will take ours like that all day from the Djokovic rally. I'm waiting


for Djokovic to have the first explosion like he did yesterday.


When he got verbal. He hasn't looked that way today. He has looked a


little bit flat. Yeah, that shook him from his lethargy.


Straightforward enough for Berdych. Five apiece. Novak right in front of


our commentary position. Shaking his head in that sort of, I'm not quite


sure what is going on here, kind of way. I don't know how I can impose


myself on this match any more than I can do at the moment. I know the


word. Quizzical. I'm going to write that one down, two! -- too.


There was the reaction after he missed the forehand, where he


straightened his arm. He was in a little pain. Ten unforced error is


in this set from Djokovic. They have all been similar shots.


Got it! He didn't do enough, did he? But still, a fabulous passing shot


from Berdych. Tuck shot from Djokovic. Studied right back to him.


A big point here. -- he stabbed it right back at him.


We keep saying that this first set could be absolutely key in


determining the outcome of this match, in which case Berdych may


live to regret that error at the end of that longest rally of the match


so far. And that one. So Djokovic hangs on,


which sounds ridiculous to say because he is leading 6-5. But you


almost feel like he is a wounded animal. There is no question his


serve is struggling. Having said that, I was just thinking, Berdych


might prefer him to go for first serves. It might push his first


serves down. They are firm enough in the corners that Berdych cannot


attack it. If he had some second serves to go out, perhaps he would


have a chance to get in the rally. At the moment Djokovic is managing


serve immaculately. Isn't that the virtue of being somebody who has


been there and done its money times before? There would have been so


many matches the former Djokovic has been injured, whether it is his


shoulder, hip, arm, leg. And he has had to manage that situation. There


is not one player in the draw who is 100% fit at the start or at the end.


It is all about that arm. The upper reaches of the arm. For the moment


it is all about Berdych. Serving to take us into a tie-break, if he can.


You never know. I saw Sam Querrey miss one from that position against


Andy Murray today. Djokovic rooted to the spot at the


back of the court. Berdych with three points to take us into an


opening set tie-break. One will do. No, it want! He just put it wide.


APPLAUSE Not a bad strike with a bad arm. He


bent that round. The final chance to take us to six each.


Berdych doesn't give much away on court, does he?


What a time for that. It is that old saying, net cord is even themselves


out during the match. That is nonsense. It is when they happen.


From 40-0 to deuce. That is brilliant. Brilliant. It has taken a


long while. That was his first ace this set. You don't feel like he is


clobbering it like not either. -- like normal. That was his 50th Acer


Wimbledon this year. Three in a row from Berdych ride on


the baseline. That one, ultimately, just a bit long. We're back to


deuce. I know it is very early to say this after just 45 minutes, but


this could be a defining moment in this match.


Hired a second serve. -- what a second serve. Who do you think the


crowd want to win? Novak. And a tie-break, you suspect, that


Berdych just has to win. Well, you would think so. If he had lost that


last game from 40-0, psychologically that would have been - I don't think


he would have recovered from it. Beautifully done. Fantastic strike


on the return and then lovely faint and a drop shot. So good. It has


been one pace in a lot of ways from Berdych in terms of what he has been


doing with his groundstrokes. There, the complete opposite. Lovely feel.


Soft hands. What a start to the tie-breaker.


Berdych is saying that Djokovic played the ball as it was and it was


out, and that was his point. The umpire is saying it was an immediate


call and it did impact on how Djokovic played the ball.


What are you doing? You guys have the same line for every single call


you are doing. I don't think he is right. That is


seriously animated for Thomas Berdych. And it is at moments like


this that that record, played 27, won two, maybe creeps through your


mind. Moments like that absolutely key to the direction of this set.


Unless you can do that. Was that the right call by the


umpire? The right call, I thought. It is only one point against the


serve at the moment. But it's Berdych with the nudge early in this


tie-break. Well, Djokovic has won the last 14


sets that these guys have played against each other. He has won the


last 12 matches. Our both of those records about to come to an end in


the next couple of minutes? And with it, a definitive change in the


balance of power between these two today.


Djokovic talking to the umpire. I wonder if he is asking for a doctor,


or for some kind of physio at the end of the set. Yesterday we had the


doctor on court giving out various pills, which we assumed that the


time were for headaches. Actually, we were none the wiser. Confirmation


that somebody is going to be on court shortly. And then of course we


had the trainer on to manipulate the shoulder. We will see what happens.


Perhaps as soon as a couple of points' time.


This is a poor tie-breaker he has played here.


He got it. Nobody beats Thomas Berdych 15 sets in a row. And first


blood to Berdych. It is Novak in real bother?


I'm not sure he will carry on much longer if this doesn't improve. If


he can't serve - that last first serve was about 90 mph. He is just


barely throwing it in. You can't win the tournament playing like this. No


way. I wonder how much now, and it is easy to be wise after the event,


you never quite know every action and every decision has a


consequence, put him not playing two nights ago, an extra 24-hours on


that shoulder, if he had an injury, might have put him a better position


today. Etc etc. Of course. Two days in a row. The only one in the draw


who has had to do it. If that injury was already there when he walked on


court, which presumably it was, he had to play two days in a row. The


work yesterday was done on his shoulder at the top end of the


bicep. Is that a medical phrase? Anyway, this is at the bottom end.


This is more elbow. Yeah. There is the proof of what you were saying.


82% first service for Djokovic. He is just throwing them in. You can


see he normally wins a high percentage on the first service


points when he gets them in. 69% is OK but it is below normal. Berdych


has been 91% on his first serve. Unforced errors is pretty good for


Djokovic. The winners, 44 Berdych. This, obviously, this work that he


is getting now, and I presume he will take some pain killers, if it


doesn't improve, I don't see the point in going on.


SUE BARKER: It is not looking good for Novak Djokovic. We will keep you


up-to-date on that. This match will continue on the Red Button. We're


heading over to Centre Court to see Federer against Milos Raonic. A


repeat of last year's semifinal. Roger Federer has just held on a


mammoth game where Raonic had many break points. Federer is leading by


two sets. It is level in the third set.


MARK PETCHEY: It was almost a bit flat at the end of the second set,


but that's not the case, as we move towards the end of this third set.


You obviously don't remember your match against Richard Krajicek,


Boris? BORIS BECKER: No. Apologies, I read the wrong line.


Thomas Muster. It gets better! He literally sprinted to the net


trying to take the ball early, but to no avail. His box are losing


their minds, slowly but surely. Oh!


APPLAUSE Lightning swiped from Federer after


the turn. That is something that Raonic perhaps could learn from.


Taking the ball early and stepping in.


But the effort from Raonic. He's really played a lot better in this


third set -- gutsy effort. He hung in there well.


One thing that has been noticeable is the lack of pace on his second


serve. He was averaging 109 mph coming into this match on his


second. Today he is 101. Last year when he played Federer he was up


112. New kind of deal with the predictability going into the


backhand side he is allowing himself to get dictated to off the second


serve rather than being the one who is dictating to Federer with that


shot -- you kind of feel that with the predictability.


It seems like he was listening to you, Petch! This one was hit with


much more authority. If Raonic wants to stand a chance of prolonging this


match... Well, for the neutrals that was the


best portion of the match so far. Plenty of intrigue in what was


unfolding in front of us. Up until now, it's been fairly one-way


traffic for Federer. But Raonic certainly coming to the party. Later


the party, but he's made entrance, finally. TIM HENMAN: You feel there


are moments when he has been able to impose himself on the game. Whereas


in the first set, it was just Federer from start to finish. He was


dictating, more aggressive, had Raonic on the back foot. Certainly


in that game at 3-4... Raonic upped the intensity. And you've got to


give a bit of credit to the Canadian. He is maybe not the most


talented, his style looks a bit awkward. But effort level is


absolutely 100%. He does whatever he can, what's within his powers.


SUE BARKER: Well, they are just coming out to play here on centre.


We are briefly going to go back to Court Number One. This was a moment


ago. That was 3- 02 Berdych. Djokovic shakes his head, no, I


cannot continue like this. He knows he would not be competitive in this


match. He has had the train on, he hasn't been at his best. How sad to


see this -- he has had the trainer on. A shoulder injury yesterday, and


an elbow today. Another injury and another retirement here at


Wimbledon. It is Tomas Berdych who goes through to the semifinal to


face the winner of the match we are watching on Centre Court. It is


another sad retirement here at Wimbledon. Back we go.


APPLAUSE MARK PETCHEY: Simple and efficient


hold of serve, unlike the last time, for Federer. It gives him one last


chance to break the Raonic serve before he potentially will take it


into a tie-break. BORIS BECKER: The shade is slowly


creeping onto the court, making it more difficult for the players to


see the ball quickly, especially when you are an Federer's side, the


sun is very low. TIM HENMAN: I suppose the lines are


there to be hit. Federer finding them Prydie consistently. Look at


this, just aiding that ball away. -- finding them pretty consistently.


You call it a masterclass, by the master himself.


He hasn't missed many poor shots in the match. But at 0-15, Federer was


like that one again. -- would like that one.


APPLAUSE Raonic does the best he can.


Well, for this set and the next one it may well be Raonic's best chance


of claiming them on the tie-break. He is at least guaranteed that


opportunity, leading 6-5 here in the third. But so often we see top


players producing their best in tie breakers. He cannot be assured of


getting the run of the green as well in the tie-break. He will be looking


to try and get a break here. He had his best chance the last time


Federer served from this end. But by owners is on the court. There is the


Berdych upside of Novak Djokovic. Remember, the winner of the Federer-


Raonic match is playing Tomas Berdych in the semifinal on Friday.


I'm sure both players have seen that as well. An interesting moment in


the match. Federer is sticking to his winning


formally -- formula. Making the Canadian run.




Well, it's rare that he even finds the backhand on the return of


Federer. But even then, the winner comes from


that side from the Swiss superstar. And we are at a tie-break.


UMPIRE: Both players receive one additional challenge. Ball boy, get


the ball, please. Thank you. Raonic has kept his nose in front in


this third set. He needs to keep his nose in front in the tie-break.


Mis-hit return, misdirected forehand, though, from Federer. And


it is a mini-break from the Canadian. For the first time,


there's a little bit of hope. Couldn't have asked for more of


himself there. He did take a risk on this forehand down the line. We


talked about that, you've got to hit close to the line. If you want to


win a point against Federer. And that is some forehand from


Federer! Because that was well played from Raonic. Excellent that


throughout the rally. -- excellent depth. Yes, you couldn't do much


more. Federer was ready for it. CHEERING


That is the first point that Federer has taken off the Raonic serve when


he's gone after the forehand side on the Gs in the entire set. And he


catches it absolutely flush --, deuce. You can't fault Raonic there.


He hit his spot. Federer way outside the doubles lying. Back on serve. --


the doubles line. He had to be vigilant after the


forehand, Federer, couldn't quite get enough on it. It was a little


lower than he would have liked, the first shot. No mistaking the winning


volley. No mistake who the crowd want to win this match.


It has certainly come alive in the last 15-20 minutes. The quality has


improved, the atmosphere has improved.


Well, it's Federer that uses the Borlee serve to great effect there.


-- by Bolieve serve. Following it up with a nice backhand


drop shot. Oh! Oh, my goodness! UMPIRE: Mr


Raonic challenging the call. The ball is called in. The scary thing


was, Raonic was covering the line. But Federer has managed to hit


around the outside of this ball and bend it back onto the line.


Raonic needed to stop the rot there. Five points in a row for Federer,


CHEERING Well, Michelangelo is best


remembered for the work that he did on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.


This man's best work will probably be remembered here on the hollowed


turf of the Centre Court. We witnessed one of the best forehands


he's ever struck. He's now got two match points.


CHEERING And he's through to his 12th


semifinal here at Wimbledon! He has so many records, so many


numbers by his name. But that is the most in the Open Era ahead of Jimmy


Connors now. He is virtually ahead of everybody in every category. He


is simply one of the best of all time.


For me, the reaction on match point tells me a lot about how he felt


with regards to this match, this opponent. The history of 12 months


ago, that he knew that Raonic was a dangerous opponent with a serve like


that. And from 0- three in that third set tie-break to win the next


seven of eight points... He feels good about this match and good about


his chances. Moving forward. Well, he'll be aware of cause of who


he plays in that semifinal, because it flashed up on the screen here on


Centre Court. Tomas Berdych of course through with the retirement


of Novak Djokovic. But he had to get past the man that put him out of the


semifinal stage last year, and he did so in straight sets. It seems


straightforward over the first couple of sets, but then things got


a little tricky, and he was certainly tested.


What a year it has been. Better than anybody, I'm sure, could have


scripted, even the most die-hard Federer fan. After stopping a year


early in 2016 to get himself fit and healthy, he came so quickly out of


the in Australia, and he is continuing his charge in the middle


part of the season, having taken the clay-court part of the season off,


what a great decision that is looking like right now. Certainly a


lot of people were questioning it at that time. Having spoken to him, he


said, I've only won the French once in 18 attempts. I think I'll save my


energies for the grass. Well, he's certainly been saving his


energy, hasn't he? He has yet to drop a set. Through to the


semifinals here. Energy won't be a problem. And normal motivation.


There's the score, -- nor will motivation. And he will be chatting


with Lee McKenzie. Roger, yet again, due to congratulations. Your 100th


match at Wimbledon ends in victory. An excellent performance for a big


Master? Absolutely, I can't believe it, 100 matches is Inglot. Very


happy that my body kept me going over all these years -- is quite a


lot. It was a perfect setting, beautiful weather, the crowd was


into it, the Mexican wave, an Wimbledon Centre Court you don't see


that every day. It was great. I'm so, so happy to be in another Sehmi


here. Your body has kept you going. Everybody has been talking about the


four pillars of men's tennis, you are the last man standing because


Novak Djokovic has retired injured, Andy Murray is out and traffic is


not here. A different complexion than we thought maybe just ten days


ago -- Rafa is not here. Probably, but we knew that the danger was


there for anyone of us. I hope Novak is OK with his injury, because I saw


that he retired. Rafa fought till the very end of -- and Andy wasn't


looking very good with his injury, I hope they will recover for the time


of the American summer and play their hearts out over there again.


Rafa, I'm convinced he will be back very strong. It's unfortunate that


they don't go on, but there's other great stories in the tournament. I


predicted that Cilic could have a deep run at Wimbledon, and he is


proven to do so. Gilles Muller was incredible, and Murray by Djokovic


here last year. -- Querrey eat Djokovic. He is a good friend of


mine. It is nice to see different guys, maybe, but I'm happy that my


dream run continues, and we'll see what happens next. Everybody is


talking about the type of tennis you're playing. It looks like


perfection, sublime. When you come off court, do you see it is sublime


tennis what does Roger Federer think he still needs to be working on


Basilica you can always play better but you can definitely play much


worse. You feel the same everyday. Can conditions changed. Maybe not as


hot and crisp and fast as the first week. You adjust to the conditions.


As I go to work, you know, just produce the best every single day.


You have to make sure that your average is as high as possible every


single day, and I'm doing a great job this week. Another good day in


the office, well done. Thank you. SUE BARKER: I'm sure he is happy. He


was tested in the third set tie-break, down 3-0, but from there


he got better and better. He was unplayable. I don't care who wins


down the other end of the net, that was a superhuman performance from


Roger. He has won back his 100th match year and reached his 12th


Wimbledon semifinal, he is on for a record eighth title. The records


keep tumbling for this great champion. And he is through to the


semifinal yet again. And everyone coming out of Centre Court, they


have seen something truly special. You think you're going to see tennis


played at the highest quality, but that was even better than that.


Roger was just so good today. Well, Roger was wishing that Novak is OK.


The sad news coming from Court Number One is that Djokovic has been


forced to retire. Novak lost the first set tie-break to Berdych. But


it really dominated this tie-break. You can see that his heart really


wasn't in it, Djokovic. He called to the umpire, who called for the


trainer halfway through the tie-break. The trainer came on


court. When he was playing yesterday, it was the shoulder. This


is further down. There is obviously quite a few problems going on with


the Novak. More than elbow and forearm problem. The train was on


court. He tried to battle on. But this was the shock that put him down


3-0. And you can see that he was just in so much pain. When you're in


that much pain, it is pointless to the semifinal, so he walked up. No


player likes to do this, to end on a retirement. Certainly a great


champion as well. He did retired ten years ago in a semifinal against the


dull. But it is certainly not the way he wants to go out -- against


the Bell. Andre Agassi very sad to see that as well. Novak Djokovic out


of the Championships as well. So, it really has been a dramatic day here


at Wimbledon, not what we expected when we arrived here this morning.


On Centre Court it was Andy Murray's turn to suffer an injury. The injury


we've been following for the past three weeks, the hip injury, Murray


losing in five sets to Sam Querrey, who certainly played a fantastic


match, in the middle of the third set Murray was limping. He was only


58 minutes, the last two sets. Take nothing away from this man, Sam


Querrey, he played the match of his life, through to his first-ever


Grand Slam semifinal. And he played a magnificent match, but it was very


sad to see and is struggling with his serve, struggling with his


movement, and limping out of Wimbledon.


After the match he spoke with Clare Balding.


Andy, I'm sorry about that. You will want to pay due credit to Sam


Querrey and how he played out of there. Yeah, I think it was a tight


match, the first few sets. I had some opportunities in the second


set, up a break. But some started to play better as the match went on. He


served big. He was a lot more aggressive, especially on the return


games. I think because he was serving better and getting a lot


more free points on serve, he was able to loosen up and go shot a


little bit more. And yeah, he dated -- dictated pretty much most of the


match at the end of the second set. He was starting to play better and


move better, you were starting to move with noticeable restriction.


When did you first start to feel pain and lack of power on your


serve? Look, I spoke about it before the tournament. My hip has been saw


most of the event. Yeah, it was a little bit to sort today. In the end


I was struggling a bit on serve. When you are playing a guy who


service huge himself, and you are not getting many free points on your


own serve, it is very difficult. You are not dictating many rallies. You


are having to do more moving and that was tough at the end. If it


hadn't been Wimbledon, if it had been a normal tournament, would you


have skipped it? I think if it was any slam I would have... I get


myself a great chance to get to the semis. I had an opportunity to win


the match in straight sets. I was up a set and they break. Unfortunately,


I didn't get that. I was in good enough shape to give myself a chance


to go deep in the tournament. And almost managed to get through today.


Any slam I would have taken that compared to how I was feeling before


the tournament started. I would have been out there for a slam, for sure.


What is the plan now in terms of treatment and giving yourself time


to get back to top shape? I will sit down with my team tomorrow and see.


Obviously the US Open is six, seven weeks away. There is time. I will


sit down with my team and come up with the best plan of action.


Whether that is taking a bit of a rest or not, we have to wait and


see. But we will do that tomorrow. It was a brave defence. I'm sorry


it's over. Thank you. Yes, it was. This was


just a short time ago. Andy leaving along with Josh Murray, part of his


management team. No relation. You see him limping out of Wimbledon.


Very sore. Hip injuries are very difficult to cure. I have a horrible


feeling we may not see him back on the tennis court for some time. That


was the news from earlier. An injury for Andy, an injury for Djokovic as


well. But Federer has gone marching on. We have seen Querrey go through.


We know he will need Marin Cilic, who came through in five sets


against Gilles Muller, the man who put out Rafael Nadal. That is what


it means to him to be in the world and semifinal, the first time he has


been in the women's and semifinal. He has lost at the quarterfinal


stage for the last four years. He is always dangerous in a Grand Slam. A


huge serve. Big forehand and backs -- backhand. It means a lot to him


to be through. Knowing this is a huge opportunity as the draw is


opening up. His coach absolutely delighted with how he came back in


that match. Let's hear what he had to say


afterwards. Many congratulations. You are through to the semi final at


Wimbledon for the first time. What does that mean to it means a lot.


Absolutely amazing achievement. I was three times getting stuck in the


quarters. This is just amazing, an amazing achievement. Today was a


really hard-fought battle. He played great tennis. He was serving


unbelievable. I had to work hard until basically the end of the third


set get a first break. It was just a couple of points deciding match. I'm


glad I pulled it. You let out a scream at the end of the match. What


were you feeling? Obviously I was focused mentally to get it over


with, especially when these matches are quite long, you have to keep


your focus. It was just a relief to finally do it. Speaking about


keeping your focus, you lost the first set, the first one you had


dropped in the tournament. How did you gather yourself for a fightback?


I kept my cool. I played well until today. I knew I was going to get in


a good rhythm. I wasn't serving as good in the first set as in the


first couple of matches. He returned really well. I tried to gather my


thoughts and continued to play good tennis. Were you aware of what was


happening on Centre Court? Did you see the scoreboard? I saw it at the


end of the match that Sam won. Amazing achievement for him.


Definitely from -- great for both of us might to reach the semis. You


played the longest match in Wimbledon history five years ago.


What can you expect in the semifinal? Hopefully not the longest


one! Definitely Sam has an amazing server and plays really well,


especially this season. A lot of success. That will be a hard one. I


will get ready and get back into my rhythm and try to play good tennis.


Good love. Well done. Thank you. When we started the


championships we expected the top four to go through to the


semifinals. This is what we have. Sam Querrey against Marin Cilic and


Roger Federer against Thomas Berdych. Between them they hold 19


grand slam titles, Federer has 18 of them. Overwhelming favourite, I


think it is fair to say. Let's reflect on what has been a dramatic,


momentous day. Boris Becker is with me. We talk about Andy Murray. He


battled hard on that court but it was obvious halfway through the


third set that he was struggling? Remarkable that he carried on. On


the Sunday before the championship, that is when he green-lighted his


participation in the tournament. He was struggling. He would never admit


it but he was struggling. The first week was pretty smooth until the


Fognini match. He was about to go into the fifth set. He won the last


five games. He had the weekend off. On Monday he looked pretty good.


Losing the second set after being a break up, that cost him. That was


the key. If he had got the first couple of set might have gone


through. Not going five. Not going five. I believe Sam Querrey sensed


the moment. Andy didn't have the power on the serve. Especially on


the forehand. Players watch each other to see when one is struggling.


Within the rules. Ultimately you want to win the match. Credit to Sam


forgiving is focus on doing the right thing. He has really improved


this year. We have always talked about his big serve. But more than


that today, he was great from the back of the court. Since he beat


Djokovic last year, which I remember in a different position, I have


great respect for the American. He was always talented and powerful.


Sometimes he didn't give it all. He has had a tremendous season. He won


earlier in the year. He is not just a serve -- serve, one shot type of


player. He plays with his heart on his sleeve. Moving Murray all over


the place. Mixing it up. He is hitting the ball so well. That is


what you have to do when you have an injured opponents down the other


end. You have to stay focused. He certainly moved him around. This was


an incredible point to give him the double break in the fifth. He knew


how important this point was. Yes, you are playing the defending


champion. Querrey did the right thing. Moving around. He wants to


the point. He was going to make it as difficult as he could for Murray


to win the point. He sees that physically he was struggling. Murray


has to get back. He has two diagnosed how bad it is and how long


the break will be. We have seen before hip injuries are not easy to


get rid of. Yeah. I'm not sure whether he is fully aware yet of


what is going to happen. He needs to be 100%. It is no good friend to


play 75%. He may be good enough to come to the quarters. Easy number


one player in the world. He wants to win tournaments. With his injury and


his limitations in movement, that is the key phrase game. Needs to get


fit 100%. Before he plays in tournaments again. Bad news for Andy


Murray but not good news for Novak Djokovic. We saw a shoulder injury


yesterday but an elbow injury today. It must have been a sad sight for


you. I know you are not working with him and immoral but supporting him.


Yes, it may be started from the neck. It moves down the arm. He has


not played a lot of matches this year. He played at Eastbourne to get


himself ready for grass. That is when you want to get yourself into


form and not spend too much energy. Maybe there was too much for his


arm. He didn't have the day off like everybody else yesterday. He had a


pretty quick win against Mannarino but he still played. You can see


here, he is only playing at half pace. He is not putting anything


into it is -- into his shots. It is always sad, but you have to detect


your body. If you do not feel you can win three sets, you are going to


risk making that injury worse. Most players have niggles and pains.


There is nobody in the second week was 100% healthy. He is an


experienced player. He knows how bad the injury is. He knows best whether


he can continue or not. He has won this tournament before. After the


match, Novak Djokovic went back to the pressroom. He clarified is a


clue what the injury was. It's not a shoulder, it is the elbow


that keeps bothering for a year and a half. It is unfortunate that I had


to finish Wimbledon Grand Slam this way. If someone feels bad about it,


it is me. But you know, I tried. I tried. What I could do from


yesterday to get it in the condition where I am able to play. I was able


maybe for 30 minutes to play with some pain that was bearable. Let's


put it that way. All the treatment and medication couldn't help. The


serve and forehand or the shots were I could feel it the most.


There was really no sense. It is another blow for him. It has been a


disappointing year. If you think about dominating by a mile last


year. Nowhere near the form. Yes, physical injury is a part of it.


Yes, the race for number one last year. They went back to scheduling


this year. But it is a gruelling season. It is a gruelling tour. If


you are not 100% fit, everybody will chase you, everybody will take the


extra 10% to beat Djokovic, to beat Murray. That is the other problem


they have. When they are 100% fit everybody wants to beat them. Spas


Thomas Berdych was concerned, he knew how important the first set


tie-break was. You can always sense when a player is injured, can't you?


Very much so. Thomas is a veteran. He is a Wimbledon finalist before.


They have played 26 times. His record wasn't the best. He has


beaten him on grass before. If there is one surface where he has a


chance, it is grass. It has proven to be right. Always hard to beat. He


is a big hitter. Poking of big hitters, Marin Cilic, that roar at


the end of the match. Finally he is knocking at the door. It is so


frustrating for a player that talented. Always to follow the same


hurdle. It was a huge mental relief. I am sure all the pressures of now,


he is in the semifinal against Querrey. You sure the pressure is


off? I think it is less than before because reaching the semifinal is


already a big achievement. For both players it is a huge opportunity to


go down in the history books. He is always dangerous. He has got the big


serve. Yunus Bjorkman is making him be more aggressive. Very much so. He


was a winner at the Queen's Club. He is a natural on grass. He moves


well. He is a big hitter. You mentioned 19 grand slams, 18 by


Federer but one by Cilic. He has won one already. As far as his game


goes, he has got such a big wingspan. He is hard to pass. Yeah,


he has a big authority on the court when he is playing well. For a big


guy, he gets to a lot of balls. His footwork is excellent and he plays


with emotion. That is so important in the later stages of the


tournament. He has got the full package. I think he is proving a


point to himself. I think that is what the reaction was about. He


wants to be a grand slam champion. That is what he will be remembered


for. Absolutely. In practice sessions, what motivates you? What


stimulates you? Where do you want to leave your mark to the different


slams. What is the most important one? It is Wimbledon. We have just


been watching the sublime Roger Federer. Just how good was he? A


masterclass. I can't believe he is playing the top level at 35.


Everybody thought last year was maybe the last one we have seen from


him. He was injured in the knee. We had to take six months off. Fast


forward and he is the dominating player not only at Wimbledon but


throughout the year. Remarkable. I don't know how he does it. The way


he is playing, it is better than ever at 35. He is more aggressive


than recent years. He has two. Tennis is changing every 1824


months. Whatever was good ten years ago is not good and immoral.


Opponents read your game, you have two improved consistently. The fact


that he has improved all aspects of his game. He has improved his


backhand. He is a natural at the net. His footwork... We could go on


and on. This guy is one of a kind. We talk about the big service. His


placement is so good. He mixes it so well. You can't redid. No, it is a


technique. He uses little effort to win service games. He has the slice,


he has the kick, he hates it onto body. He uses all six spots where he


is supposed to serve. He does it during the whole match. That is


frustrating for his opponent. You don't have many opportunities to


break his serve. When you look at who is in the semifinals, everybody


will say, shall we give him the trophy now? He is clear favourite


but he knows better. The strength in depth? Absolutely. The others are on


top of their form. The pressure is on the man from Switzerland. As far


as we're concerned, will we be talking about tomorrow? Jo Konta!


Yes Boris, absolutely! Thank you for coming in. Lovely to get your


thoughts on the semifinals. Yes, we will be talking about Jo Konta


tomorrow. She is second on Centre Court against Venus Williams. What a


test against the five-time Wimbledon champion. Somebody who knows all


about the big occasion. It will be interesting to see how she copes.


Garbine Muguruza, former finalist, against the fairy tale story of the


championships, Magdalena Rybarikova. She was injured. She only came back


on the tour in February and she is in the last four. That is tomorrow.


But now we're heading out to court number two to see the defending


champions in the mixed doubles. Henry continent and Heather Watson


against Ivan Dodig and Mercer. They have just taken the first set.


Let's find out more about it as we join Sam Smith and Nick Mullins.


APPLAUSE It has been a mightily impressive


performance from the defending champions. Heather Watson lost our


first service game. Dodi gone the other side of the net served for the


first set at 5-4. He was broken. Continent and Watson took a Donnie


tie-break. This is Dodig and murders. A combination of Croatian


and Indian. It has been interesting watching


this one. Merz and Dodi gave more powerful team all round. But they


don't have that chemistry of Watson and Kontinen.


Two break points at the start of the second set. The defending champions


looked as if they missed a little sharpness in the first few games.


They have got better and better as every game has rolled by.


Kontinen is ranked number one in the doubles charts. The world's best


player in this format of the game. She has chosen well, Heather Watson,


in this year's championship. There were too good for everybody else


last summer, the defending champions.


The two of them back a year on from their day of days and Centre Court.


They are looking to do it again. It is indefinable but there is a


chemistry that is hard to put your finger on. Yes, I think it has a lot


to do with Kontinen. He is so chilled, so relaxed. He is quite


extravagant in some of the shots he plays. He is a showman. Flair at his


best. That keeps Heather super relaxed. She feels as if she can go


after her shots. He let her take responsibility. It seems to work.


One feature of the first set, Dodig and Mirza are not getting enough


first serves in. Kontinen playing his second visit to


this court today. He was on here first thing in the men's doubles


with his partner, John Peers. They won their game in the fifth set. And


he is playing so far like he has not needed a map to get around this


place. He knows it well. Is serving is outstanding. I watched them in


previous round. You just couldn't lay a hand on him.


Well, I'm sorry, he says. None of us believe it. He just dragged it down.


You can see how far he fell left when he hit that Jokanovic. -- shot.


Sagna Mirza is 30 now. Once a top 30 singles player. It is doubles that


pays the bills these days. That is the most famous woman in India! She


has not had the electricity bill coming through the post box and


thought, oh no, that is going to be a stretch! She has been great for


the sport back home. She bases her self in Hyderabad largely. She has


raised the levels of tennis there. She is one of the big superstars.


And that was as straightforward as it gets.


UMPIRE: New balls, please. Kontinen and Watson may be the


champions but it didn't impress the seedings committee.


They beat the 13th seeds in the second run. They are yet to drop a


set. They are kind of picking up where they left off last summer.


Yes, it was a French ship and a duo that build through the rounds. There


were quite shaking in their opening match. I was lucky enough to follow


them pretty much all the way through. There was no sign in even


the first match, the second match, they would be the champions. It just


sort of unfolded in front of us. They smiled. Henry hit massive


service, a few crazy shots. It was a dream for both of them. Next up,


Heather Watson. British number two these days, behind Jo Konta. New


balls. A brick of serve in the second set. 2-1.


One of the reasons that Heather's singles has become more buoyant than


it was a few months ago is her first serve accuracy has improved. There


seems to be more pop on it as well. I remember asking them after they


won Lasher, who is the boss? They both looked at each other. The way


Kontinen looked at Heather, I think Heather is the boss!


Continent and Watson have done a very good job of neutralising both


the returns of their opponents, particularly Sania Mirza,


particularly off the forehand wing, easier to deal with. Done it very


well. Ahead courtesy of the early break in


the second set. Her mum has been leading by applause


all evening. It looks a lovely evening, and it is a lovely evening,


but there's a bit of a chill in the air.


Even though Dick, the 32-year-old Croat from Zagreb. -- Ivan Dodig.


He's a grant from champion, winner of the men's doubles at the French


Open a couple of years ago now -- he is a Grand Slam champion. He and his


partner outlasted the Bryan brothers.


A couple of years before that, success on court. They had been


runners-up to be American twins here at Wimbledon. He has been a


Wimbledon finalist. This might, having been a really


good singles player, he is now a fully road-tested the Bulls star. --


doubles star. Well, I'm not surprised he's the


world is best, because he's got unbelievable power. And then the


softness, the vision and the imagination to play such difficult


shots. He will have played on a lot of


quick courts through the winter, back in Finland, in doors. Wonderful


reactions. UMPIRE: Mr Dodi challenging the


call, the ball was called out. -- Mr Dodig.


These two have twice come close to winning a Grand Slam in tandem, but


not quite get over the line yet. They lost a Championship tie-break


in the first sat 10-8, and at the start of this year they lost to


Abigail Spears and Juan Sebastian Cabal. In Melbourne. So they are


pushing. It would come as no surprise if they ended up winning


this, the fourth seeds, but they are going to have to come from behind


your. They are very good, but the blend of skills is not quite doing


it for me at the moment -- from behind here. I thought Dodig would


be more in charge at dominating this match.


There's still plenty of time, though. Watson and Kontinen with a


double break would make us rest a lot easier. The shadows and then on


Court Number Two. -- are lengthening. The six foot to frame


of Henri Kontinen of Finland prepares to serve.


APPLAUSE It is a tennis career for Kontinen


very much based on playing this sport alongside somebody else. He's


never been higher than 120 in the singles. Injury helped him start to


zone in on the doubles. He had one or two injury problems and thought,


it would be better to play alongside somebody else.


She got herself in such a muddle with her signals then! It's such a


difficult serve to return. If you watch Kontinen, he's almost got that


kind of double jointed salt so much older or something, the way that he


leans back and puts himself in that position. -- double jointed shoulder


or something. You can't get any clues from the racket face where he


is going. That's some flexibility that most of


us don't possess. And then he's got this wonderful kind of Leo Goosen


whip with the racket, a fantastic snap as well. -- a last zoo whip.


And you do find the kind of fiendish angles in this version of the game,


Sam, that you just don't find on this single is called.


-- singles court. Once again, serving.


Big reaction from both of them here. They know they could do with another


break. It's the Watson serve up next.


She served tremendously well, but she was broken in her third game of


the match. Also, it's the last roll of the dice for Mirza and Dodig,


they will be targeting it. How can somebody seemingly so casual


playing doubles tennis from another planet?! This was sewed up by


Heather's brilliant backhand. She got so good. Kontinen has the


licence to do whatever he wants, but look how he disguised his body as


well. And he avoided the bag. Freedom and fun, that is Henri 's


tennis motto. Not quite so much smiling on the other side of the net


at the moment. For this pair, it's a very serious business.


Sharpe from Dodig. Business still to attend to.


Ivan Dodig has a good story to tell, the story of his life, as he


struggled to establish himself as a youngster on the tennis circuit. He


recalled nights where he couldn't afford a hotel. He slept as a guest


in bus stations, airports. And in the back of his car, which I think


was his favourite spot. But it's a struggle. And we too easily lose


sight of that sometimes when watching players on a stage like


this. So many of the players who are not from Grand Slam countries, they


are not well funded. Croatia has a lot of talent, and there are so many


Croatians that unless they are signed to a sponsor or picked up by


a big Academy, like some from that part of the world, there could be so


many more Croatian tennis players actually out there if they were


properly funded. Tell us the story of how he had to walk three hours a


day -- he tells the story, he had to leave at 6am to get there from 9am,


and then that three or walk on the way home, that's dedication. --


three old walk. Right now, it's all about Heather Watson. A smile still


on her face, despite the pressure she must be fuelling. This is so


good for her. In singles, this is the moment where Heather can just


tense up a little, not let that go through. -- not let that on.


If she can replicate these situations in a less extreme


circumstance with some support on the court, it's going to help her


singles. That was not far away, Sam. Well,


one of the reasons he missed was because there was a wonderful move


off the ball from Henri Kontinen. He just sort of pushed Dodig wide with


that return. You've got to keep this serve away from the Mirza forehand.


Excellent! 108 mph. It is a big serve from Heather. She has added a


few more mph, and that serving accuracy has been a revelation this


grass court season. Well played, Heather Watson! With a


little bit of work from Henri Kontinen. And they are one game away


from taking their place in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon, the


defending champions. The scoreline might look


comfortable, but it's very important for the defending champions when


these two work really hard in the service game, just to keep applying


the pressure. Oh, no! I think we're going to have


to have another look at that to believe that it happened! Heather


can't believe it, is neither can her mum.


Henry's top ten of show tunes, that has to be at number one -- Henri.


Haven't got the sack numbers, but the backhand wing is Heather Watson


has been a vital component. She has won so many points for her team on


that side. They need at least one more game to


sort this one out. Ivan Dodig holding his nerve. And


holding his serve, despite some extra terrestrial brilliance in the


middle of that game from the Finn. This will be worth watching again.


Oh! It's actually a really, good Boys' Singles play at -- he was a


good Boys' Singles player. He was a runner-up and beat Bernard Tomic in


the semifinal. Before eventually losing to Grigor Dimitrov in the


final. But that was something else. Right, down to business, however.


You won't get shots as good as that to get into the quarterfinals,


but... They need some brilliance here. The defending champions for a


place in this year's quarterfinal. CROWD GASPS


He's not the only genius on the court!


Well, there's been a sharpness about these two this evening.


APPLAUSE Honestly, Sam, this has been so much


fun. This is one of those that you could do with five sets for. The


serve is just extraordinary. It is a very unusual action, the way that he


lays his head back, lays his body back, and the racket sort of comes


from by high him. He has got a superfast arm.


And you look at the kind of realisation with the defending


champion, there's been so much tension, hasn't that, with Mirza and


Dodig. They've not really released themselves out here.


Just making sure that they get the code right.


And again! Completely bemused now! I think she's going right, maybe.


UMPIRE: Mr Dodig challenging the call. Right baseline. The ball was


called out. If the Croat isn't right, then we've got two match


points. And he's not right by a long way. UMPIRE: Mr Dodig and miss Mirza


have one challenge remaining. The evening balm for British tennis,


at the end of what's been a tough game. No more Andy Murray, but


hopefully lots more Heather Watson. In tandem with the genius that is


Henri Kontinen, the defending champions,,! Into the quarterfinals.


This was a serious, serious test. But the crowd have really enjoyed


the Heather and Henri show, and they continue with us for the rest of the


week. H squared, quite a partnership. Absolutely magnificent.


Not just Kontinen with some tennis genius out here, Watson as well.


There are three -- three wins straight sets.


SUE BARKER: Yes, they are enjoying another fantastic run through these


Championships. The defending champions through to the next round.


And isn't it lovely and so enjoyable to watch the mixed doubles here late


in the evening after all of the drama of the singles on the show


court. Everybody enjoying that match out Court Number Two. Isn't that a


fabulous shot? What a lovely evening it is here as well. We have a lot to


look forward to. Coming up next at 8pm, Clare Balding with Today at


Wimbledon. I'll be back tomorrow at 12:30pm on BBC Two. And 145 on BBC


One. We will be looking forward to this, the order of play on Centre


Court on Lady semifinals they... First up it is Garbine Muguruza


against Magdalena Rybarikova, what a story that is. Muguruza is a former


finalist here. And then the lady with the most experience of this


Championship, Venus Williams, five times the champion. She is up


against items number one, Jo Konta. That is tomorrow on Centre Court. --


Britain's number one. We are going to head to Court Number One, the


British pair of Jocelyn Rae and Ken Skupski. We join it where they are


just two points from losing this first set. Our commentators, Peter


Harder a Matt Chilton. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that is a terrific


return to set up... Set point for the second time. They have been


round the houses are bit here. Deuce three times. Jocelyn Rae serving.


Set point, the Russian Belarussian combination. Nearly punctures that


volley to seal the opening set. 45 minutes it took. Max Mirnyi and


Ekaterina Makarova had a break. They were pegged back. Max Mirnyi is


unhappy about something. He is in conversation with the umpire. There


are one or two calls that he was unsure. He didn't use his challenge.


The walk-out challenge is available to the players out here, of course.


They have plenty to be proud of, the Brits, in that opening set.


Understandably it was a nervous start from them. They were always


playing catch up. But they did such a good job from 5-2 down to get back


to 5-2, almost broke the Makarova serve. Just the last couple of


games, the big points just went the way of the Belarusian- Russian


pairing. The stats are pretty good for the Brits, they'll be happy with


that. They're not doing enough behind the first serve. Max Mirnyi


and Makarova are able to read their service. It doesn't really tell by.


Read. It was a slow start, a few nerves being on this court for these


two. After going 5-2 down, they settled and played some stunning


doubles. They are enjoying themselves. They have been laughing


and joking at the changes of ends and the sit downs. I think it's


important to do that. You know, it's not often in their career that they


will have got out here on Court Number One, a show court. Neal


Skupski, Ken's brother. He was in the men's doubles earlier on today.


Max Mirnyi will serve at the start of the second set. He and Ekaterina


Makarova having taken the first. He has got a decent first serve,


probably the biggest first serve that Jocelyn Rae will face here at


Wimbledon. Makarova just shuffling across to the centre of the court.


Both pairs with a left-hand- right-hand combination. She had a


bit of a dip in form, didn't she, when they were 5-2 up, but she's


found her game again. This really lively net play.


Just long. Skupskis challenging. I think that's probably... Oh, he's


changed his mind. A bad idea, but he decided against it. The umpire,


Pascal Maria. Oh, you've got to credit Jocelyn Rae


just forgetting that fast serve bags, 121 mph. -- or betting that


fast serve back. It was a mis-hit, but she did well to just get a


bracket to it. -- a bracket to it. Oh, straight up the player. I hope


she's all right. -- straight at the player. I'm sure Jocelyn Rae has had


worse. It actually hit her hand, her left hand. Good to see that she's


smiling. Apology from Max Mirnyi. But he


certainly gave it plenty. Mirnyi and Makarova take the opening


game of the second set. 49 minutes of play. It looked like


it would be a runaway first set for a for a while for Mirnyi and


Makarova. They weren't originally scheduled to be playing on Court


Number One. But because of the Djokovic retirement and the need to


keep the spectators entertained, they sent this match out to Court


Number One. Delightful for the players and spectators to get a bit


of British interest in some mixed doubles. Just 20 minutes or so for


Skupski and Rae to settle down in this big arena. Nice play. It's not


just a big arena, it's a big court. That's the thing that can sometimes


affect players. Skupski turned out a hot streak at the back-end of that


first set. He started enjoy himself. And he has served well.


Not quite matching Mirnyi's 125 mph, but he's been up there. 118 his


quickest serve so far. Didn't really do up this with the


first volley. They dug it into the surface too much. Allowed Mirnyi to


play on forehand and from there it was going to be difficult for Rae.


Good serve out wide. Moving away, a big lefty swinger from Kent Skupski


That was only 86mph. That shows what you can do with that.


Lots of chat ever between the players on both side of the court


before they line up for the next game. It will be Makarova's service


game now. Dropped in the crowd I'm afraid.


Hence the groans. Catching hasn't been great this Wimbledon.


Must be the heat. Good serving this game from


Makarova. Yes, 103mph on the serve. Gave them


the early advantage in the point. It was deep into the box too, so not a


lot of time for Rae to get that one out in front. Good hand skills from


Skupski, with the long levers all over the net again.


Tightly matched here in this second set, third game, going to Mirnyi and


Makarova. It's a fine evening above London. We can take a little look


outside. Powerful lens across to some of the landmark, you can see


the London Eye and the shard. So-called Walkie-talkie which I


think is officially called 20 Fenchurch Street or something like


that. Panning across the lake in Wimbledon park and the disputed golf


club. Will it be extended or will the club pay them off? It is all to


be discussed and there is Henman Hill, a little depleted in numbers


now. But still plenty of people out there watching the big screen, which


is on the side of Court Number One. Now they have seen themselveses on


the hill, that is the view from, our camera just above the pond.


Lots of excitement out there, they have had a good day despite the lack


of success for Andy Murray. Maybe Skupski and Rae can restore the


British success rate here today. Rae to serve, 1-2.


How's that lob somebody in oh, perfect.


Good footwork from Rae and excellent racket head control, too.


Got herself back behind the ball with time and brushing up the back


of the ball to generate top-spin. Slightly tangled up with her feet


there, Makarova. She is going forward for the return with the body


weight and Skupski with a good deep volley. Turning backwards very


quickly. Lob return of serve.


That shot, for my, it is one of the toughest shots to execute in sport.


The chipped lob volley return. Did that one beautifully, did the bell


Russian. Right down the line for a winner.


Taking her chances there, Makarova. This was a sweet strike, talked


about her getting her body weight forward and her previous return, you


can see she is going forward again, almost a full swing.


She's done it again. Twice in the game.


This one was tougher, on the backhand side so it is harder to


pass here. Percentage serve from Rae down the tee, not a lot of space


there to get it past Skupski but she found it.


Rae getting plenty of power op these serves, 107mph, that delivery.


Just a little quicker than her opposite number.


So well there, Rae to keep cons train, it looked like Skupski was


going to take that first volley. Great focus from the 26-year-old. --


concentration. He is the oldest player on court at


40. He used to be known as the beast of Belarus, more for his size than


anythingel. Not quite so beastly these days.


As he approaches middle age. Ball thats for Max Mirnyi. Two fames


all and they lead by a set to love. -- games all. Right past the


outstretched arm of Makarova. That is a delightful return of receive


from Jocelyn Rae. She has got better and better as it continues, angle


her body to create the angle. Wonderfully controlled.


Doing a great job of making it tough Makarova and Mirnyi.


An hour of play. Good entertainment. A decent number


of spectators inside number one court.


Miles an hour in a bit of bother here, love 30.


118mph, down the centre with the ace. It was him that was broken out


of the duo in the first set. Two break points for the British


pair t wildcards into the mixed doubles draw.


Took the pace off the ball there with that serve, Max Mirnyi and then


swerved away from Jocelyn Rae. The rain of yesterday has


disappeared. It has been bright and clear for the men's quarterfinals in


which there were three of the Big Four in action. Safe to say it has


been a topsy-turvy day, we will have much to discuss in the company of


Boris Becker and John McEnroe. Join me from 8 on BBC Two.


So the early break in the second set to Skupski and Jocelyn Rae from


Great Britain. Who would have thought it would be


miles an hour they have broken twice in this one.


-- Mirnyi they have broken twice in this one.


An hour and three minutes played. Skupski will hope to consolidate


that break of serve now. 3-2. Two or three teemses this this match


now Skupski has produced a moment of brilliance and this was one of


those. This was out of this world. Look at the hand skill, he is almost


leaning away but still able to control it.


Great balance. Rapid fire, service hold from Ken


Skupski. Four games to two. He is thriving out there.


Well, the British pair clear favourites now to take this second


set. Can they break Makarova? What a shot from Jocelyn Rae? It's


all been about Skupski for the last ten minuteses or so but Rae getting


in on the action. Mirnyi did not expect thisment.


Or so but Rae getting in on the action.


Mirnyi did not expect this.. Mirnyi's pride taking a beating. He


has been found out time and time again. Down the line for a winner.


Beautiful stroke. About Skupski for the last ten


minutes or so but Rae getting in on the action.


Mirnyi did not expect this.. Mirnyi's pride taking a beating. He


has been found out time and time again. Down the line for a winner.


Beautiful stroke. Neighbour plaster has come off his


heel and moved into his sock. Took its time but it did find the


service box. He hasn't missed much, Skupski.


Maybe got bait overexcited on that forehand.


Encouragement from Ken Skupski to Jocelyn Rae. Second serve from


Makarova. Is She's put it away, well played.


Another break point. It is just inside. That is a great


shot from the Russian. Rae was predicting that Makarova was


going to go up the line here, so this has to be oh so tight to the


line. It was exactly that. Skupski was running himself ragged.


Premet Taited move. In the end it backfired because it put Rae off. --


premeditated. The winner of this match will play Jamie Murray and


Martina Hingis in the quarterfinals. That would be quite a line up, if it


is Rae and Skupski in particular. Makarova, despite being in trouble


on that service game has hell it together, following the change of


end, Jocelyn Rae will serve for a 5-3 lead.


They are experienced these two, when you look at what they have done in


Grand Slam tennis, ten Grand Slams to miles an hour's names. He won the


mixed here with Serena Williams back in 1998.


Makarova has won two women's doubles titles. In the Grand Slams. Never


here in Wimbledon though. Did win the mixed at the US Open, Bruno


Suarez back in 2012. So it was going to be a big ask for Rae and Skupski


being the wildcards, but you have to say they have done a brilliant job.


It hasn't looked like the pair... They have raised their game on Court


One. British pair's connections sits


above the score board there, can they take it along and win this


second set, 4-3 in front. At the moment very few unforced


errors coming from Skupski and Rae. They are playing the percentages and


playing really solid doubles. There has been a couple of flashy shots in


there too. Giving very little away. That was a decent return right at


the feet of Jocelyn Rae. A long way down, he is -- she is


tall. Taller than Ken. First set is important for Rae. Now


Skupski dictates and dominates at the net.


Max Mirnyi is really having an off day with the service return.


Weave not seen very much in the way of spectacular from the bell Russian


here tonight. He has been broken. Hope to break him again now, and


take this second set. 3-5. Belarussian here tonight. He has


been broken. Hope to break him again now, and take this second set. 3-5.


A great move by Skupski, wanting to get forward, wanting to get on top


of the point. These are the type of misses you


don't mind, if you are doing the right thing.


Ian here tonight. He has been broken. Hope to break him again now,


and take this second set. 3-5. A great move by Skupski, wanting to


get forward, wanting to get on top of the point.


These are the type of misses you don't mind, if you are doing the


right thing. That the best service game Max


Mirnyi has thrown in for a while. After this break, change of ends


Italy be Ken Skupski attempting to serve it out and take to us a third


and final set. -- it will be.


Tactical discussions going on, what is characterised their performance


has opinion their sheer enjoyment of being out here, there has been lots


of smiling and laughter. It is about trying to get the right balance. You


want to have fun and as you can see, they are in a lot of discussion. You


want to stay relax. You want to stay loose. You also want to enjoy the


moment, as I said before, it is no often these will will get the chance


to play on such a great court. You have to stay focussed and focus on


the job in hand. I am sure they are discussing a few bits and pieces


here. Skupski has been excellent on serve


so far, but as we same Mirnyi came out to serve it out at 5-4 and got a


little shaky. I am sure the British fans will be hoping that is not the


case with Skupski this time round, in the second set.


Younger brother Neil in the stands. Ken, serving for the set.


A bold second. That was quicker than his first serve.


That one kicked off the line, a big puff of white.


It grips it a bit, you often see players swing early. That is what


happened with Mirnyi there. Here are two set points for Skupski


and Rae. So we are tied at one set all. We do


have to Leigh it. If you want to continue watching it is the featured


match on the Red Button and Claire will update the result in Today At


Wimbledon. It has been a dramatic day, but looking ahead to tomorrow,


lady's semifinals day. Muguruza versus Rybarikova and the five time


champion Venus Williams up against Johanna Konta who has not looked as


though she is a player shouldering the burden of expectation then a


lovely mixed doubles match to look forward to as well. That is


tomorrow, we will be on the air at 12.30 on BBC Two, but stay tuned,


because today at Wimbledon is next and there is is a lot to discuss.




Live coverage continues from Wimbledon with Sue Barker. The men take centre stage as they battle to make it through to the last four. This time last year sixth seed Milos Raonic impressively defeated American Sam Querrey in four sets to set up a semi-final meeting with legend Roger Federer.