Day 9, Part 1 Wimbledon

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Day 9, Part 1

Sue Barker presents live coverage from Wimbledon as the men's quarter-finals get under way.

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This is a national programme. Now we're going to take you over to


Wimbledon... That is perfect. Irresistible.


Majestic. Superb. COMMENTATOR: Konta serving for the


match. It's over. British tennis history is


made. It's been 39 years since a British woman can say," I'm a


Wimbledon semifinalist." He reverberate and is still echoing


here at Wimbledon. Yesterday, the number six seed became the first


British woman to reach a Wimbledon semifinal the 39 years, since


Virginia Wade. 7.5 million of you at home watched the drama unfold on


centre court. Today, he bat on passes to the men and their


quarterfinals, the last eight includes Britain's defending


champion Andy Murray, seven times champion Roger Federer, and


three-time winner Novak Djokovic. They're proven form here makes them


favourites to go through. But as we saw with Rafa, upsets do happen.


Welcome to day nine for more Midsummer sporting magic.


Painfully easy right now. He is purring. Wow. Precision and power,


absolutely rips the living daylights out of it. Charges into the


quarterfinals of Wimbledon. Roger Federer does it again, a tenth


consecutive quarterfinal at the championships Andy Murray.


SUE BARKER: What a day we had yesterday, and we can expect more


patriotic support out on Centre Court today. First up, it is Andy


Murray, the defending champion taking on the big server from


America, Sam Querrey, who put the defending champion out here last


year. A repeat of last you's semifinal, Milos Raonic won that. On


Court number one, starting at 1pm, Gilles Muller, conqueror of Rafa


Nadal, up against Marin Cilic, and Tomas Berdych takes on Novak


Djokovic. In their head-to-head, Djokovic has won the last 12. That


is the quarterfinals on the show courts today. Ten is underway


already on the outside courts. If you want to watch, you can on Court


12. You can watch the quarterfinal of the men's doubles. That is on the


red button. We have made our way to the top of Henman Hill. All we have


heard is champagne corks, and Andy Murray has joined me. The crowd here


on Henman Hill, John McEnroe, and the Queen of Wimbledon, for us,


Virginia Wade. APPLAUSE You embarrass me. The 40th


anniversary of your win. You were in the Royal box yesterday, but 40


years is something to celebrate. It is. Any anniversary is worth


celebrating. If you champagne corks going. It is fun to have an


anniversary. When you think about it, when I won, it was a big


anniversary that year. It adds to the colour and motivation, to


everybody's mood. Here we are again. We are showing some of it. I


remember the last point, certainly. Although the way we hit the ball


seemed so much slower, it looked like I was moving around OK. It


appeared the men and women were in slow motion, because 40 years ago


happened to be my first Wimbledon. I know! I recall in the semifinal...


The two of you. Don't go there! You were supposed to play in the final.


You bring up my worst nightmare every single year. Do you know what


makes it worse? I played her a few weeks later, do you know what the


score was? I won 6-1, 6-0. That is why it was my worst nightmare. I had


to do a documentary the Dutch television. And I was doing press, I


didn't see your match. They asked me, weren't you sorry it wasn't an


all British final? To be diplomatic, I said, no. Because then it will


have been difficult. If if I was honest, I would have said I feared


you. Thank you, Virginia! It was one of your best years. It really was.


But for you, you were a qualifier and you make it through. I think I


have still won more matches than anyone else and not won the


tournament. But that was my first match I ever played in the semis on


centre court. I was trembling, my legs were shaking. Jimmy Connors


wouldn't acknowledge my existence in the locker room. It was memorable


and my life, needless to say, changed after that. I am proud to


say, 40 years later, I see Virginia quite a bit in New York. She comes


to my club and I see her on the court. She loves to get out there.


It is a wonderful thing. Here we are, 40 years later, it has taken a


while, but maybe now a British woman and man can win in the same year.


Virginia had a great seat yesterday. We will talk about the men's


quarterfinals in a moment. But we will look back at Jo Konta's amazing


win when she booked her place in the last four.


It's a very special day for Joanna Konta.


It's extra special for British tennis fans, they have waited 33


years to be able to say that one of their own is in the quarterfinals.


Whenever you engage in one of the titanic tussle is, you always seem


to have the belief. My trust in my own ability has got


to be there. With situations, and moments like


this, it is more from experienced than necessarily what I believe I


can and cannot do. I believe I needed to accumulate experiences and


time. That's a magnificent tie-break from


Simona Halep. Konta has got to come from behind to win.


I go into every tournament to be involved in the end or the very end.


But I'm fully aware that every single match I will get to play will


be a testing one, and will challenge me.


Most standing. Look at that. Somehow, Jo Konta has forced a final


set. I don't take anything for granted.


By the mind of myself my best effort. And I demand of myself my


best effort to what I do, and make sure I do the best that I can out


there. British tennis history is made.


The first British woman since 1978 to reach the semifinals of


Wimbledon, and now, winning the quarterfinal match means you will be


in the top five in the women's rankings when they are out next


week. I didn't know that! OK! Thank you! Congratulations. When you


top up all the achievements, do you ever pat yourself on the back and


say, well done? It's difficult because, I guess, in


both a fortunate and unfortunate position that we are in tennis,


things move very quickly. Before you know it, the Championships will be


over and it is the next event next week. In that sense, because things


are so fast moving, it's almost an art to reflect well, and to


acknowledge the good things that you do. Actually, it is something I work


on to make sure that I act knowledge the good things I am doing. I will


let you know after Wimbledon how my pat on the back went, OK?


Users and he deserves a pat on the back. That is for sure.


She seems very composed. Unbelievably composed. What I really


like is she really played each point almost the same. If she loses a


point, she doesn't fret about it. She gets on with the next one. She


talks, too. You hear people that talk the talk but don't bully. She


talks the talk and believes. I have to say, it was compelling stuff. She


held her nerve. I have talked to sports psychologists and


psychiatrists, too. It didn't work with me. Why all of a sudden, this


amazing change has taken place. She played 4-5 Wimbledon Raw and won one


match. Now she is going all the way. She stayed true to her game plan


even when it got tight. She really got my attention at Eastbourne two


years ago when she got to the final. People said she was so good, but her


forehand gets shaky under pressure. Not a sign of that. She was very


determined. I am so pleased for her. I couldn't be happier for her. I am


worried she is getting so much pressure put on her. You think of


the year I did well, that is when you were taking most of the


pressure, because you were the great, white hope. Kristina was


there, Martina and everybody. Now we are saying, Jo has such a good


chance to win. As long as she is not listening... It is a shame that the


two Brits we are talking about are going to lose to two Americans. In


your dreams! It is going to be eight tough next 24-hour was, I feel.


Venus is tough. This is the quarters, how do you deal with it?


Do you not read the papers, do you embrace it or what? You had to


embrace it, and celebrate for a bit. You have too enjoyed the


exhilaration, then get right down to work. I would have somebody else


read the newspapers for you. I wouldn't set eyes on them. It is


good to read these papers today. I would get somebody else to read


them, and tell you which ones to read. All good, right? Billie Jean


used to cut out the articles about Martina, because you didn't want to


read them, good or bad, to remain focused. It is hard. I tried that a


couple of times, don't read what they are writing. I am not in the


same situation as Jo was. Did you see the papers today? It is hard,


even in the locker room, your alleged friends... I feel for what


they said about you? I'm, like, sorry. Even if people have it cut


out, they have other ways of getting it. Social media, online, you can go


on and on. The pressure and expectation. As far as playing Venus


Williams, the two matches she has struggled with is Vekic and Garcia.


This is a similar player with more experience. Absolutely. Venus is


looking remarkably good. She is playing, to me, we have watched her


so many years, and it used to be that she had a big game, huge serve,


but she is playing a more thoughtful game. A really mature one. I enjoy


watching her more now than when she was young and a little green around


the edges still. Obviously, when the tournament started and we got word


that this was a major distraction, and you were wondering why she was


here, and if she can handle this, as time has gone on, it appears that


what happened was a horrible, freak thing. It wasn't her fault. I think


that was able to relax everyone, including herself, even though it is


still terrible. And then I think to myself, she is the best grass court


player out of all of these players, she has been there and done this the


most. It isn't if she hasn't had a good year. In Australia, she got to


the final and her sister beat her. She had a decent run in the French,


so why isn't she the favourite to win this? I know. In some ways, she


is. At this end of the tournament, a lot of it is experience, having been


there before. That is absolutely true. Winning is a habit. The more


matches you win, the more you know how to think in crucial points. I


think Venus is on top of her game, actually. Physically, I think Jo


might have the edge on her. But Venus makes up with the extra reach


she has. Arms and legs going on forever. Jo might be a wee bit


tired. That was quite a tough match. Physically and emotionally, she is


in tiptop shape, no question about that. She dug in, and that was two


hours and 40 minutes earlier in the tournament. She has had some close


matches. Someone natural, especially if things don't go well in the


beginning, it will be a tall order to beat Venus. We offered to sing on


Jo, in the other semifinal, Magdalene by Rarick over --


Rybarikova, incredible. She has played so well. Talk about somebody


going under the radar. On the other hand, on the other side of the net,


she has Muguruza, who has also gone under the radar. People forget she


was in the final of Wimbledon last year. She won the French, I mean she


is not anybody to sniff at. I think she prefers not having all the


pressure on her. When she, when Muguruza is expected to win, that is


when she crumbles a little bit. Everyone prefers not to have all the


pressure on them. I had picked Pliskova, she positioned herself,


figured out how to utilise the strengths in her game. And I


thought, the pressure got to her. Maybe it did a little bit, but who


is this person that played her? As the tournament has gone on, I'm


like, wait a second. This isn't just about her playing poorly, this is


about Rybarikova stepping up, and she can really play on this surface.


She dominated Vandeweghe. Surprisingly. Surprisingly easy.


Also, when Muguruza is playing freely, she is difficult to beat on


this surface. There are a couple of players on the women's side who hit


the ball so hard and so cleanly, of course, Ostapenko is one, playing


Venus yesterday, that was difficult for her. It was her first match ever


on Centre Court. She won the juniors. Next year, she will be


ready for that. Boy, does she hit a super forehand, a bit like yours,


actually. Thank you, Virginia. You can come on this show any time you


like. I usually get ganged up on! I always say that! Anything else you


would like to say? ! No! We don't talk about that or the serve. How


were you in the Royal box? You had the best seat in the House. If you


want to watch tennis. I suggest the front row in the middle of the court


hind. Win Wimbledon, and you can maybe get a seat in the front row.


How can we get there? That is a different story. I had my first trip


in 39 years last year. Second row. I think we can manipulate that a bit.


Lovely to see you, Virginia. Thank you very much. You are staying


there. Pat Cash will join us in a moment. I wonder what has happened


to the weather. Arriving this morning, it felt like winter. Let's


find out with Carol. It was chilly this morning and a


cold northerly breeze. As we go through this afternoon, we are


looking at some sunny spells developing more than we currently


have, and with the breeze dying down, it will feel pleasant, highs


of 22 or 23. Into the evening, it should stay dry with sunny spells,


and with a light breeze again feeling very nice. As we head into


tomorrow. A lot of dry weather to start the day, sunshine from the


word go. Fairweather cloud developing through most of the day,


but not much more than that. Temperatures up a notch on today, 24


Celsius. All in all, very nice. But the pollen level is back up again


and is high. SUE BARKER: I have a bone to pick.


Yesterday, when we carried on working, where did you go? We saw


shots of you sitting alongside Judy Murray, watching Jamie's mixed


doubles match. There you are. Getting very excited. What were you


talking about, all things Strictly? Strictly. I have never seen Jamie


played before and he won. It was brilliant. You looked like you


enjoyed it. You sent me a text in the evening to meet for a drink. I


had to decline, but remember, after you finish breakfast tomorrow, we


are meeting for breakfast. I am looking forward to that, Sue. I


heard a birdie tell me that you are buying. Not again! We will see...


Thank you, now Pat Cash is here. First of all, disappointment for


Coco Vanderweghe, what happened? Coach? Where do you want to start,


nerves primarily. The good thing with her is, we sat down last night


and we had a very frank conversation, probably the most


frank she has ever got from any of her coaches in her life. We were on


the practice court, and we will be there in half an hour for a couple


of hours. Andy Murray will have to win without me. And we are moving


forward. We have a good game plan. She brought me in for this, the game


plan was to get it so she can compete, and be ready for a Grand


Slam. Had she won yesterday, she would have been challenging for a


Grand Slam, but it wasn't to be. In the back of my mind, it was weird.


As a coach, I have always wanted to improve and get better. I couldn't


touch anything, because we are in the middle of Wimbledon. We can't


fix any of these things. I am seeing it, and I am going, I want her to


win, but as soon as she loses, we can get on the practice court. It is


really good signs. Good luck with that. It is men's quarterfinals day.


First, let's look at the draw as it stands at the moment. At the top is


the defending champion, world number one Andy Murray, up against Sam


Querrey. Gilles Muller, who put out Rafa Nadal, against Marin Cilic.


Milos Raonic against Roger Federer. We will start with Federer and


Raonic. A repeat of last year's semifinal, you were the coach in the


chair that date. What went wrong then? Nothing. That was the biggest


win of his life. He needs to bring some emotional intensity. He has


developed a way to handle his nerves, and stress, and what people


expect from him, and what he expects from himself, which by the way is


quite a bit. He has gone out there and laid it on the line, which I


give him credit for. He wants to be the best in the world and is doing


what it takes, not trying to sneak in the back door. When you have


these four guys to content with, the top guys, that is a statement, to


say that you belong in the same breath, and someday you will be


number one in the world. The fact he was able to step it up and play with


a lot of heart, I think he understands that that is what he


needs to do. I said, listen, you understand there is not a single


person in the stands that wants you to win. Most of your box wants you


to win. I think all of them. But other than that, you are not going


to get support. But if you show fight and hunger, and you show how


much you actually do care, because I know you care, they will respect


that. Yeah. It won't be quite as one-sided. He was able to do that.


Roger is in a way better place than last year. He is a guy that has had


a lot of injuries. He has missed four events, pulling out in the


quarters or semis. He missed a couple, pulled out of a view, didn't


play. In the last couple of months, he has pulled out while being in the


tournament. I am happy to see me lost is able to go the distance,


which was an important ask for him. I said to him, "Listen, this guy is


going to blow by you, in terms of his aura, and this guy..." He will


be number one in a couple of years, this guy, but it is not yet. You


have got to say, "Not yet." You had to dig deep and do that. I give him


credit that he did that. Times that by 2-3, and you may be able to deal


with this guy again. This will be a tall order. But he is one of the few


guys that can take the racket out of your hands. In terms of the service,


the service is a huge thing. What can he do? Nobody has been able to


get near Federer's serve. Roger, as we have seen in the tournament, has


passed 10,000 aces in his career. It is underrated how awesome his serve


is. But you had to make this guy work as much as possible, obviously.


I think he is human, I believe... If you had told me, after watching the


lost in the semis, beat Roger, when he limped off, clearly the need


affected him in the fifth set, not playing a tournament the six months,


he went back to Australia and won 3 five set matches. Against Nadal, the


roughest customer he has had to deal with, I would have said, you are out


of your mind. He isn't human, you are right! The pressure is off Milos


. I know he was a finalist last year. If he doesn't win this, he


will drop six, seven, to ten. He will be further out of the picture.


Everyone respects and loves Roger, I do as well, for the other guys, this


is a big, big match for the lost Raonic. It would turn around his


last 12 months. Let's move into Berdych. Does he have enough variety


to have any effect on Djokovic? He hits the ball as clean as anybody on


the tour. He is a big serving guy. Today is a tricky day. A bit of


Ruiz, blowing on Court One. No roof. The ball is all over the place. That


is not necessarily going to help the guy with the big ball toss. Berdych


will play as Berdych does. He comes out and hit it hard. Comes to the


net occasionally. From time to time, he is a bit slow. But Djokovic, I


don't know where he is at. He played OK yesterday. He got past Mannarino.


With Novak, mentally, obviously, we discuss that, where is his head at?


Physically, he called the train are three different times during that


match. Yes. If you said to me before that... This is something he had an


issue with last year. It has been an ongoing problem and it has reared


its ugly head. I would say, Berdych, the way he hits the ball. If your


arm is hurting, you don't want to play him. I don't know if this is a


figment of his own imagination, maybe it goes away in one day, which


would seem improbable if you are hurting, and all of a sudden, the


next day better. I would say Berdych has no chance of beating him. The


head-to-head is pretty 5-2. Djokovic has won the last 12. If there was


ever a time, if he watches Novak play, he is sitting and shaking out


his arm for two thirds of the match. I thought he hit the ball great. He


lost about 5% on his serve. He is not hitting the ball as big.


Mannarino is a nice player, hits a ball around. That will test him now


for sure. He is getting his arm manipulated and loosened up. I


wasn't eavesdropping after the match, but going through the locker


room, I could see his team around and concerned. He was describing,


something wasn't right. They were, like, "OK, OK." It is none of my


business, really. But there is concern around him. He had the train


on, he took some pills. He may be felt disorientated. I wasn't nosy,


not that nosy, so I realised what they were concerned about, it may be


wasn't his shoulder. Did you offer a massage? I got out of the way, that


was the best thing I could do! The other quarterfinal is Gilles Muller


against Marin Cilic. Gilles Muller, what a win that was. He has beaten


him before here. That, to me, Muller, by far and away, nothing is


even close. The fact he was able to win that after having lost the third


and fourth set, Nadal on a roll, maybe he would keep it going. Then


you think that Nadal will get to him. He saved four match points, I


think, 15-40, the crowd is going nuts. The fact he could win that


from there, it shows how tough a customer he is on that court. To me,


I would be worried. The guy is 34, not as old as he used to be in


tennis, you can recover. How many hours is it? Less than 48 hours.


Cilic is real fresh. He is playing really well on the grass. It is a


tall order to go from the high of Nadal, and the physical beating he


took, and turn around to beat Cilic. I spoke to Younus Bjorkman after the


match. Two and to the last round. He said I have never seen him hit the


ball like that off the ground, phenomenal the way he is playing. He


will also disrupt your rhythm. He will serve and volley. These massive


left-handed serves. Even though he has beaten Rafa Nadal, you have to


favour Cilic, fresh. Talking about guys and people maturing at


different rates, some play unbelievable at 17 and other players


still going great in their 30s. Muller is a great example, it is a


great story to see guys do that. We were not playing at that age. I made


it to a few months before my 34th birthday and I thought that was


pretty good. To see these guys, you think, you sort of wish we knew what


they know now. Maybe we did and were not as willing to implement it.


You need trainers rather than musicians to hang out with! It is


time to move. We are on the countdown to go to Centre Court.


There is one match we have not talked about. The winner of that


match, Muller and Cilic, will take on the winner of Andy Murray against


Sam Querrey. Andy was on court on Monday, playing Benoit Paire, and


after the match he dropped into the studio. COMMENTATOR: The waiting is


over, Andy Murray is Wimbledon champion. He is there, Wimbledon


champion, again. Over my career I have played my best


tennis on Centre Court and had some of my best memories from the


Olympics and two titles and the final against Roger which was tough


but one that I remember very well. I love the conditions here. It showed


in the results. You face Sam Querrey, who you have met a number


of times and have beaten him in straight sets here a few years ago


and at the Australian Open. You seem to like playing a big server. Or,


you do well against them. It is always difficult, you have to be


focused. I need to make sure I am concentrating all of the time. And I


don't give them chances, against big servers, generally, when they are


ahead, they are good front runners so try not to give them too many


leads. Scheduling is an issue. A lot of the women have said they have


been on outside courts. Angelique Kerber, Muguruza. Jelena Ostapenko


had not been on a show court. It is tricky to solve. I do not think it


is that difficult. I just think they should maybe start matches earlier


on Centre Court and Court Number One. Then it is easy to fit two men


and two women, if you start at 11, 11:30am, when they do on the outside


courts, that would make things easier. Just having a little bit


more time would allow them to fit more matches on to the Stadium


courts. I wonder whether the grounds men would think centre and one are


the only two that have to be played on all days of the tournament so


putting in another three hours of play, it may affect it as it goes


through the second week maybe. Yes, that is possible. They are the ones


who would know best. If the scheduling is an issue, something


people want to see changed, that is something Wimbledon have to look at.


I have been lucky that I have got to play my matches on the Centre Court.


I am obviously very happy and pleased to do that. If people would


rather I play more on the outside courts and switch the scheduling


around, that is something that has to be looked at. You are going well


and Konta is going well and your brother knows how to pick mixed


doubles partners. Martina Hingis. I think it was Martina that asked him.


To play. He is lucky. She is one of the best doubles players in the


world and her record in mixed doubles is phenomenal. When the men


are serving to her, she uses pace well and has great timing and a


great eye, so hopefully they have a good run. Your mother hinted maybe


one day you might claim here with Jamie in the doubles. I would love


to. -- you might play here with Jamie in the doubles. Maybe when I


have done with playing singles and hopefully that is not for a long


time. It would be easier to do it while I am still playing singles, if


it was not best-of-5 in the doubles. The older I get, playing a best-of-5


singles potentially followed by a best-of-5 doubles, I am not sure I


would cope these days. I would love to do that. We played the Olympics


together and represented our country in Davis Cup and played great


matches but never have played at Wimbledon and I would love to do


that before we finish. I know your family would love to see that. As


your mother forgiven the comment about her cooking on BBC Breakfast?


I cannot remember. You said her cooking was awful. You were asked to


grade your grandmother, wife and mother in cooking, and you dismissed


Judy straightaway. Yes, I have not spoken to her about it but I have


told her over the years, that when we were younger and she said, I


never had time to cook, I was so busy. We used to get ready meals, a


microwave... She did not cook loads of good stuff for us. She always did


good deserts. But yes, never the healthy stuff. You have saved


yourself. I know your grandmother is wonderful anyway, but how is Sophia?


It must be nice to go to your own home, playing Wimbledon. She is


great, growing up quick. All parents say that and I was like, that is


ridiculous. Time goes the same always. But she is growing up quick.


She is 17 months. This time of the year is great. We get to hopefully


be at home six, seven weeks in a row, and obviously days like today,


she will be in bed about now, having her bath, so I get to see her in the


morning when I leave. It is great to get to do that for a consistent


period. The rest of the year we do not get that and it is another


reason why I enjoy this part of the year so much.


It was great to chat to Andy on Monday with his comments on the


scheduling of men's and ladies' Detective is strong. And he walks


out on Centre Court shortly and we are on our way there right now but


how is he looking after a day of rest? Lee McKenzie earlier was


joined by Leon Smith on the practice courts to watching it.


I am delighted to say Leon Smith joins me and all the talk getting


into Wimbledon was about Andy and whether he would be fit enough. Now


he is at this stage she must be delighted with the way he has


progressed so far? Definitely, he is experienced enough to know you do


not always come into the Championships feeling 100% and I do


not think it was different to Paris where people questioned his form and


the amount of Tennessee played and he worked his way through the draw


well on probably his weakest surface, then you come to the grass


of Wimbledon, he is at home, has his team around him. He might be walking


funny and everybody is studying bat, but when you watch the points and


when he is in play, he is moving well. Sam Querrey is dangerous. He


put out Novak Djokovic last year but Andy has had the upper hand on many


occasions, how big a danger Will he be today? I am not saying there are


no expectations on him. He is laid back, he has a huge serve, which is


why he beat Novak last year and he has the weapons to hit through. But


if you have a seven and one win loss record, there is a story about the


match ups and Andy can take away his strength, the serve, which creates


pressure on Sam in his service games. As long as Andy serves well,


I think the record will remain intact. You are keeping an eye on a


junior. I have seen Andy hitting with Adie quite a lot and he does


give a lot back to British tennis. Behind us, there are two Glasgow


boys playing in the junior event and Aidan, coached by my brother Toby


the last seven years and Andy has been terrific with them. It would be


easy to hit with older guys in the Championships, but he has been


hitting with Aidan and others and they get on court with Andy, Ivan.


It gives everyone confidence and is a good way to prepare for the junior


event and Jamie Murray has taken a deed to the preseason training camp


in Florida and took into Monte Carlo so a lot of give back from the


Murrays. He does help youngsters at home and in Miami. Centre Court is


getting ready for the first quarterfinal today and it is Andy


Murray against Sam Querrey. We have come down here from Henman Hill.


Matt has been saying about Sam Querrey today. I said the Americans


would ruin the party. I am not sure about that. Neither am I! Andy was


in a sticky situation against Fabio Fognini, in which Fabio Fognini


imploded. There was a situation where he could have forced five


sets. At the time, Murray sneaking out of the fourth set could have


been the best thing. The extra stress on the hip. Also, my biggest


concern, Andy has not really got any players who have given him rhythm.


Fabio Fognini a little bit but Benoit Paire, Dustin Brown, Bublik.


They have not given him rhythm. Having said that, he will not get it


today. He does not want it! If he gets through and then faces somebody


like Cilic, that is a worry, but one step at a time. One of Sam's biggest


beings is his serve and one of Andy's best things is his return and


it should neutralise. Murray has got to be aggressive and if he is not,


Sam will get around enough forehands. He has to open up the


backhand and come in some of the time and attack the weaker side of


Sam Querrey but if he starts pushing the ball around... I saw Sam briefly


yesterday. I can promise you, and I am not coaching him, we talked about


the laser cup coming up in September. Hopefully like a Ryder


Cup event -- Laver Cup. He does not want to let Andy get into a rhythm.


If he does that, forget it, he has no chance. He has two utilises


weapons. The forehand, the serve. Like Novak, the big issue is Andy


rose to 100% to use his physical attributes and skill to track down


enough balls. We have got to change channels. We are moving from BBC One


and will start up on BBC Two in a moment and we will hear the rest of


the answer on BBC Two in a moment. From Centre Court, goodbye.