Day 11, Part 1 Wimbledon

Day 11, Part 1

Live action from the men's semi-finals at the All England Club. At this stage last year Andy Murray breezed past Tomas Berdych in straight sets to book his place in the final.

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The semifinals, the business end. But if you stop and look around,


take all of this in, it will be too late. The nerves inside you, you


tense up, you cannot perform. The top guys just live it, perfect blend


of skill and instinct. Cilic is in the Wimbledon semifinals! And


sometimes a little bit of luck. Trust me, when you are at the top of


your game, you can almost see the point before it happens. What a


great athlete he is. He has done eight! But don't rest on your


laurels. You can't get carried away. Sam Querrey, a piece of tennis


history for him. Certainly don't underestimate your opponent, whoever


you are. He's simply one of the best of all time. There are four guys


left, they have got this far, they are in form, they are living in the


moment, and if they stop and look around and think about the final, it


will be too late. Wasn't that fascinating? Thank you,


Boris, wise words indeed. It is men's semifinals today year at


Wimbledon 2017 and in a few hours we will know the final two who will


contest Sunday's final. Anticipation and excitement in the act, always a


tense day but those who hold their nerve when they line up to serve


will be the one to make it through. The championship has had many


twists, turns, surprises and jocks. The final four is not the big four


we expected but the beauty of grass means even today with one


overwhelming favourite to win we should expect the unexpected. So,


here is the line-up. Sam Querrey is the big serving American who beat


Andy Murray in the quarters. He is much more, though, that an ace


machine, he has the shots and games suited for grass. His opponent is


the call and Clasie Croat Marin Cilic, he already has a grand slam


title on his CV and like his rival he service aces for fun and loves


this surface. Roger Federer is arguably the


greatest player of all-time, ye have one here seven times, 18 grand slam


titles and a win today will see him reach a record 11th Wimbledon final.


Not surprisingly, he is the to beat. Facing the Swiss legend is Tomas


Berdych, he was runner-up here in 2010 and on the way to that final he


beat Padua. He certainly has the armoury but he will need to fire on


all cylinders today to stand a chance.


Here is the order, first Bond Centre is Querrey versus Cilic and then


Federer against Burdick, so sit back and watch the drama unfold with us


this afternoon on the BBC. And don't forget you can watch all the matches


played today on the red button and the BBC sport website, including


mixed doubles, ladies doubles, and the wheelchair and singles --


wheelchair singles and doubles, and we would love you to get in touch


with us using the hashtag #Wimbledon. Sam Querrey is the first


American to reach the males semis in eight years. Marin Cilic is the


favourite to win this match. Tomas Berdych was beaten by Rafa Nadal


here in the 2010 final, he has been out warming up and a few weeks ago


he was here on the court hitting with better in preparation for


Wimbledon. Did he learn anything? We shall see -- heating with Roger


Federer. There is the man that Berdych has to


beat, Federer's last win was perfection, he has not dropped a set


here, there are no words to describe how good he is as a tennis player


and a sporting icon. And talking of sporting icons I am


here with two of them on Centre Court, men's semifinals day, it is a


special day. Bringing back the nerves a bit? Little bit, 25 minutes


to go, I feel like I am about to play. Especially when we are this


close! Don't step on it! I want to start diving now! I would not get up


again, though, that is my problem! But that is what it is about, if you


get ahead of yourself and think about the final you lose the


semifinal. It is about the moment, at four players having the chance.


Roger knows what this day is about, 42nd grand slam semifinal! He knows


what everything is about in tennis, it is incredible, he seems to be


arguably better than he has ever been at this age and in his comfort


zone, and these other guys he's playing, they have the proverbial


puncher's chants in boxing, they are big, tall, guys, they serve big,


dangerous. Emotionally, they can step up to the level they need to


win. Tomas Berdych does not have a great record against Roger, he has


had some big victories against him, he seems to be contented where he


was in the world. Every time they play a tournament where it is 32,


16, one guy wins, you have to be good at accepting and moving on.


Some of these guys going, how in the world can I get over the hump and


win one? You sort of say, except I will be five, ten in the world and


these guys are just too good. But here is a chance to turn your whole


career, take it up another couple of levels. Marin Cilic is the one guy


who has won one but the upside is so much bigger than the downside but to


me there should be less pressure on them. 42nd grand slam semifinal


bird-watcher, first for Sam Querrey and we saw him yesterday in the


ladies semifinals saying it gets to you. Definitely, I felt his grand


slam run started last year beating Novak in the third round and


reaching his first quarters. Before this tournament started he had a


handful of -- we had a handful of players who really impressed and Sam


was one of them, a natural, big serve at times and it could be years


day. This is the point you said probably changed his career here


because this was to go 5-1 in the fifth against Andy Murray. Without


question the greatest point he has ever played, the best point of his


life because this game was a double break, how good does it feel to see


that maybe he still could lose the point, it is a tricky half-volley


and you don't see a lot of emotion normally from Sam Querrey so it was


nice to see him let it out, all of us in the US have tried... You have


somebody in the semifinal! How was Germany doing? Not so good this


year! At any rate he got emotionally involved and people respect that, I


have said the same thing with Milos Raonic, in order for door fans to


get behind you a little bit, they have got to feel that you wanted


more than the other guy wants it, and that is the thing that is so


amazing with Roger, no matter who he plays, except for maybe Nadal, it


seems he wants it more than the other guy. All three of these guys


have to show something to the people watching, the people in the stands,


and to themselves. They have got to find a gear they have never had


before. You predicted it just three days ago, that the Americans would


beat the Brits here. You remember that?! I do, it has come true! Venus


yesterday, we talk about Roger at 35, she is 37 years of age and what


a perfect match yesterday. Beautiful so far, she has had a second coming,


her first title, the last one was a few years ago so it would be the


longest stretch between titles. She had a few off court issues but she


is more motivated than ever. You can see how much she wants it. I have


said this many times, the best thing that happened to Venus Williams is


Serena Williams, to watch your younger sister go by you and become


the greatest of all time, it is ironic but it is nice that the


person that has taken advantage of the fact that Serena is not here,


because obviously the draw is more wide open when she's not here, is


Venus, because she has been in nine finals, she won five, lost three,


alter Serena, and Serena is not here. It will be a tough ask but far


preferable to playing her sister and you get the feeling because of


everything that has happened she will go all the way. You certainly


do. What did you make of Jo Konta yesterday? Good performance, her


first semifinal, I don't think our last, she had that one chance at


15-40, second serve but Venus had a big serve, one or two opportunities


in a semifinal final, you don't get many, you have to earn it. Martina


was talking about it yesterday, maybe Jo Konta needs to add a bit of


variety or height over the net, a bit one-dimensional? I think


Muguruza has done that, I think maybe that is why she won the French


Open. I absolutely believe that is exactly what she needs to


incorporate. Venus Williams is maybe the second greatest grass court


player, it is not like she lost to someone she was supposed to beat and


I would guess she had a lot of very long, tough matches, stressful


matches early in the event, Garcia was close, she had to battle


extremely hard against Simona Halep, so considering the effort she put


out I would guess she was a little bit empty in the tank. You mention


Venus, her younger sister was speaking yesterday and talking about


Andy Murray, this is what she had to stay overnight, I think this was on


American television, when he was reacting to the first American


comedy directed the first American man, and Serena said, there really


should not be a female athlete that is not totally supportive of Andy


Murray. He has spoken up for women's issues and women's rights,


especially in tennis, forever, he does it again. That is who he is,


that is one thing that we love about him. He has such a wonderful mother


who has been such a strong figure in his life, he has done so much for us


on our tour, so we love Andy, we love Andy Murray. And that is from


Serena Williams? Well, I have had a lot of this over the last six years


from my daughters, you are a feminist, dad? So I have to embrace


this. Well said by Serena, that is all I'm going to say! You looked


like you meant it! We are going to move on now to Roger


Federer because he is back here at Wimbledon for the 19th time, back in


familiar surroundings in the semifinals, and he has been talking


to Rishi Persad. And he is through to his 12th


semifinal here at Wimbledon. He is simply the best of all time.


Roger, with your usual sense of occasion, 100th match at Wimbledon,


you make it through to the semifinals again. How special is


that? Very special, the crowd was unbelievable, they were the best,


doing a Mexican wave on Centre Court, you don't see that every


match! I thought they were quite into it. Me loss had his chances


late in the first set and I had to fend them off and come up with some


great shots to stay in it and I was able to somehow make the difference


so it was a good one. What are your thoughts on taking on Tomas Berdych


in the semifinal, a player you have had lots of battles with, including


at Wimbledon? Yes, we have had our fair share of battles but I think we


match up quite well. He is a big hitter, I try to fend it off with my


slice and make the most of it so I am excited for him that he is in the


semis and I look forward to the match. At every Grand Slam event


everyone talks about the big four, how do you view the last four


players left in the tournament? Obviously I'm a bit surprised


because I thought Rafa and Andy had chances to make it to the finals,


Rafa lost in an epic match against Gilles Muller, and I'm happy for him


that he was able to win a match of that magnitude against such a player


but that is how it goes, Andy was carrying an injury and so was Novak,


and it is hard, best of five set tennis, the other guys were playing


well. These players are good grass court players and we have got some


really big hitters in their and I am like the small guy so we will see


what is going to happen, but these guys just hit really, really big.


Let's look at some statistics here, 70 grand slam, 42 grand slam


semifinals, 101st Wimbledon match, 12 Wimbledon semifinal, 16 grass


court titles, 10,043 aces! Does it get any better than that?!


Absolutely not! Usually the umpire says the previous results when they


are warming up but here they went because otherwise... You would be


here or not! Your opponent may as well go back to the locker room!


Nobody has won more, it is an incredible achievement and for me


the most impressive part is that it has been over 14 years so the


longevity of Roger Federer, overcoming injuries and younger


players who are potentially better, no, he has outlasted them. We talk


about the big servers with Berdych and Marin Cilic and Querrey, but


this is how Roger was just placing these serves in the first set from


one corner to another. Here is a perfect example for Berdych, I would


look at this tape and I think early in the match Milos was trying to hit


the ball through to put a hole in him, hitting 135, 140, he is


blocking it back, I remember Roddick had a few headaches over that. Can


Berdych decide to do a bit more serving and volleying? Look at that,


that is how close he was going to the lines, no more than two feet


from either lying on the deuce court and it is only 9% that he went in


the middle, that is precision serving, Boris! There is a reason he


is called the best of all time. He not only has the highest first serve


percentage, he gets it on the line, it is within the rules, it is


allowed! If you are good enough, you can do that. 100% on his first


serve, it is a huge weapon and we tend to not talk about it. The big


hitters, Milos is one of them, not known for great returns, just


because you are six foot five does not mean you will have an incredible


server, so all these guys put a lot of time and effort and I think Cilic


is the best of the bunch of the remaining who can do more damage of


the return of Roger. The fact that you said, what was it, 10,043 aces?


He is up there with the all-time greats and we forget about that.


Maybe Boris can help me, how does his serve get better and better? He


has a great, loose motion, he doesn't use a lot of effort. Didn't


he do that when he was younger? It seems better than it has ever been.


He has perfected it and I think he has been studying well, the success


rate on which corner to serve his team does a lot of homework in


studying the game and his serve is the formation of that. If you cannot


be broken you are so much looser on the return game, he has two return


so much better, to chip, he goes back sometimes but the foundation


will always be the serve. Berdych, though, you have to say to yourself,


the people around him, look, the guy is about to turn 36, OK? I mean,


doesn't he experience one match out of six or seven or possibly more


where you just don't feel quite as amazing as you did all the others?


No, apparently not! And apparently we have got to mood. If we can just


took it one more time, Centre Court! Talking of big servers, Tomas


Berdych is one of the big servers and he has been talking to Bill


Jones. There is going under the radar in a


tournament and then there is doubt, Tomas Berdych style. Here he stand


in the semifinals, strangely unnoticed until now. Even when the


chance came to show his Wimbledon was, a quarterfinal against


three-time champion Novak Djokovic proved a huge anti-climax. Is this


it? I think he has defaulted. Hugely disappointed for everyone on Court


One but they will understand a 12 time grand slam champion do that


lightly. Pretty much from the beginning I felt there is something


not really usual in him and then the speed of the ball from him was not


coming the way that you are used to but you know that it is Novak and


once he decides to go on court you know he will commit to fight. It is


not the best way to go through but it is sport, and I take everything.


Not the euphoria that typically goes with a big quarterfinal victory but


Berdych is at least physically fresh and Roger Federer will ignore the


11th seeded champ at his peril. Berdych beat him en route to the


final in 2010. Feta is beaten. It is the winner of this young man's


career. -- Federer is beaten. But defeat for Federer is the exception


rather than the rule against Berdych, he has won 18 of their 24


career clashes, including twice this year. I played Roger in the open and


then in Miami and are lost, so now let's make the third one and I hope


it is going to be a good one and probably the best player right now


with the form and the way he's playing, so I think that is the


biggest challenge for me and I'm really looking forward to it.


I guess the good news in a way for Berdych, he has beaten Federer on


this court but the bad news is it was back in 2010. You mentioned the


last time they played was this year and they had match point. Berdych


can hurt Federer because he does not give him so much time to play.


Having said that I watched them out in Australia where Federer just


toyed with him so it goes both ways. The beginning is very important for


Berdych. He hasn't been in a semifinal in a while so he needs to


establish his form and grub incompetence. We were looking at


some of the big forehand that he hits, his victory against Dominic


Thiem, he has come through against Djokovic, it is a weapon? There is


no question he has got some serious muscle and he uses his legs, to me,


better than anyone, but you know what Federer will do, he will use a


lot of slice, for the big, tall guys, get it down low, so critical


for him to handle bats shot. How aggressive will he be? Will he chip


it back? Rojer will quickly take the offensive but a key thing is we all


know on grass, Berdych, he has a big serve but he has to be pinpoint with


his accuracy or he will be in trouble. Two becomes three, Tim has


joined us. We were talking about Tomas Berdych, he has got the big


weapons, hasn't he? Is he as good as he was a few years back? I don't


think he is far off, and for me he is a similar style of match up to a


Federer against a and the thing that disappointed me about Raonic in


those first two sets, he really never imposed himself, it is not


just outmanoeuvring Federer, Raonic had to bully him and I thought he


did that well in the third set, he did a good job of hanging in and


competing better soap Berdych, I think, has to go out there and try


to impose himself, be very aggressive and not let Federer used


his array of shots. If he is stepping on his backhand, making


Berdych move and change direction, it will probably end up being a


short afternoon for Berdych. He hits a lot of flatter, harder ground


strokes with Raonic, I was surprised Federer did not try to hit through


more, it is safe to assume Berdych will not do that, he will hit hard


and flat and it has been debilitating at times but he has to


believe, because I don't think he believes as much as he did a few


years ago. I think that is the keeper the Berdych game, he has the


weapons, he has the power, a strong backhand, but how much does he


honestly believe today that he can win? Absolutely, and talking of


Roger Federer, he has not dropped a set these championships and did not


drop a set winning in Calais either, we are looking about the skies, some


clouds overhead, I'll be going to have some sunshine?


We will see some sunshine but as we go through the course of today we


will see large areas of cloud as we have now, but it should stay dry. In


the sunny spells temperature could get up to 22, but in the cloud it is


more likely to be 20 and the breeze we currently have also eased down.


Into the evening we are looking at dry weather and variable cloud, a


bit of early evening sunshine as well, temperatures just slipping at


that. Tomorrow's start on a largely dry note, quite a lot of cloud


around as well, and between 12pm and 3pm there is the chance of some


light rain, 40% chance, but after 3pm that risk diminishes and again


it will be fairly cloudy as we end the day with a few sunny spells but


one thing you will notice about tomorrow is the temperature will go


up a touch and once again it will start to feel quite humid.


OK, thank you, Carol, as long as it is dry, the roof is open, we are


very happy. Let's turn our attention to the other match and a player that


no one has been talking about too much, the big hitting Croat Marin


Cilic, he has been talking to Lee McKenzie.


Oh, that is fantastic from Cilic! That is a beauty from Marin Cilic.


Cilic is in the Wimbledon semifinals!


Congratulations, at last a semifinal at Wimbledon, you have had to wait


quite a while? Absolutely but it was worth it, it wasn't easy against


Gilles Muller, he was serving great, played really well from the back of


the court but I would say that the second set changed a little bit the


momentum and gave me a bit more confidence from that point on and I


felt I was playing really good tennis. You have won a Grand Slam


before, does that give you an edge? It gives an edge of my own


preparation, everyone is different, everyone is their own individual but


in myself I feel that it has helped me to prepare a bit better,


especially coming to the stages of the tournament, I'm a little bit


more relaxed, I can rely on myself and I know I have the ability to


play that well at this stage of the tournament, and I'm feeling very


fresh physically and mentally. I believe mentally you have to be


really at the top, especially in a tournament like this to exist you'd


everything you want to and be ready for those challenges when they


arrive. How exciting do you think this Wimbledon championship is, how


open? I would not say it is open, especially before the tournament


when we all arrived here it was huge, I think a little bit bigger


group of players that were able to win, but still we had a few guys


that were in great form a graph and fudge it -- Rafa and Roger, always,


but it has opened a gap for a few more guys to believe and do know


that if they play up to their abilities they could get through the


draw. Tim, we haven't really been talking


about Cilic but he has a game that is built for grass? Absolutely, we


saw it at Queen's, match point in the final against Lopez, and when he


plays tennis on his terms with his size, his reach and his power, he


can cause problems. We saw it at the US Open a few years ago when he beat


Federer in the semifinals in straight sets, that is the type of


player he has got to be, on the front foot, looking to dictate, if


he is defending too much then it will be much harder for him. Also,


as far as Bullough goes, in his match, it went to five sets with


that one -- as far as Gilles Muller goes, he only lost four points from


his first serve insects two, three and five. First of all I have to say


that Gilles Muller did a fantastic job getting as close as he did after


the effort you put through against Nadal because I don't think anyone


ever wins after they beat Nadal here, but Cilic, these guys are poor


man, you say his game is perfect for grass... But so far he has not


proven himself here, though he does have the game for grass. He has been


in the quarters a few times, he had match point on Federer last year.


You say after the four, who could win this? I would say give this guy,


because he won the open, was Cilic, sixth is Raonic, and you are pretty


hard pressed to come up with someone you could actually believe could go


all the way with what they have to deal with to get here, so he has


positioned himself well. He is not always entirely comfortable with the


court, bouncing, staying low, that is something he did not have to


worry too much with Sam Querrey about, and the margins were so


small, he beat Sam 79 and 15 in the fifth set! The second longest match


I believe in Wimbledon history! Five hours and 17 minutes! We always talk


about the big four but on graphite always felt the fifth player was


Cilic. Excellent compared to the rest of the field, a natural grass


court player, the pedigree year after year knocking at the


quarterfinal and semifinal draw, he finally went through and he has the


weapons to win this title. And he made a change this year, he has


bought into Younus Bjorkman, I spoke to him at Queen's Club and said, I


will make him much more aggressive, get inside the baseline, and that is


what he has been doing? Definitely, that is the technical issue, to be


more aggressive, to look to dominate and take charge of those rallies and


his serve, the physical issues he is a good athlete, fit and strong. For


me, then, the final piece of the puzzle is mental, and when he has


really believed in himself and gone out there and had that clear game


plan, he is capable of beating anyone, and I think the mental side


for both of these guys is an unbelievable opportunity in the


semifinals to be playing each other, I think who deals with the occasion


best will end up coming out on top. A little bit of a weight, but here


they come. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. -- a little bit of a wait.


They are on court, we are ready for this first semifinal. Marin Cilic,


it is a big serve, his average first serve is 125 mph. He is not only


tall, he has long arms and legs. Its reach is incredible and he has a


Federer like fluid motion. His percentage is high, that is why he


win so many points. It can come to the net, he can hit the first shot


off the return. He has an overall perfect grass game. Exactly the same


thing with Querrey. You will not tell me he does not have a fluid or


brave serve. It is the mental part, ultimately. From what I have seen,


Cilic in the past has been more of a battler. He has dug a little deeper


and wanted it more. I don't know why it has been that Sam has accepted it


is OK to be 15, 20 in the world and occasionally make a run and beat the


top guys here and there like he did last year with Nadal in Acapulco,


but when you look at these two guys, they are both six wait six, can blow


you off the court with the serve, Sam has a great forehand, his


backhand has got better. The gal for some reason he has not backed it up


in the Grand Slams. Cilic won the open in the last few years and a


couple of quarters. There is something missing facing maybe a


Djokovic or Murray. Now it is his big chance. He has never reached the


semifinal of a Grand Slam, let alone a final. Cilic is a bit more


experience in the bigger matches. I think the start for Querrey is


important. If he can hit his spots, stay close in the count, three, four


or five, get the first set under his belt, that gives him a great


platform to be aggressive and make a slam final. Tim, I had to commend


you, I do not realise how important he was to the Wimbledon committee.


The players were not allowed to enter the courts until he finished


his comment, did you see that?! Absolutely. You're getting more


power every year. One yeah I might be able to get you into the locker


room! He has been saying about ever since they change the rule. We will


let Mac and ten debate that, now we will hear from the big man from


America, Andy Murray, who put out Andy Murray in the quarterfinals. He


has been speaking to Rishi. # Born in the US...


# Born in the USA. Finished on a huge Querrey ace, a


piece of tennis history. The crowd was all behind Murray but


the fans here are great people, they love tennis so I felt they were


cheering for great tennis and good shots and I felt I got a really warm


embrace, which is really nice. You are the first American through to


the semifinal of the Grand Slam since Andy Roddick at Wimbledon in


2009, how does that feel? Great, it is one of my favourite tournaments


so to be in the semis is exciting. To McCready is in a row that the


defending champion and world number one, an impressive record. I love


playing here, love playing on grass. -- two years you have knocked out.


You have a smile on your face because you are through to the


semifinals, but you are generally smiling. Have you always been a


happy character? I have always been pretty laid back, I have a great


group of friends at home, we are always joking around and having fun,


that is how I have been since I was a little guy. I try to take that on


court. Looking to the semifinals against Marin Cilic, you and he


played the second longest match in the history of the men's competition


five years ago. Marin Cilic is through to the fourth round after a


five set epic. That was a tough match, 17-15. I lost one more match


to him 6-4 in the face. Hopefully I can figure out a way to beat him


this time! If I play well like I have been over the last few matches,


I might be able to. Tim, talking of that marathon


against Cilic, he has had 35 set matches in a row, he has been on the


12 hours and 39 minutes, playing 29 sets. It is fatigue and issue? I


don't think so, coming through to the match Connie semifinals at


Wimbledon on Centre Court, adrenaline will kick in. Whatever


happens, he will be tired next week but I think when he is going to be


out there and get into the thick of the match, they will be fine.


We were looking at these guys surfing the net here, they are so


big! -- serving macro the nap. It makes it easier when you are that


tall! It certainly makes it easier to serve! Back-in nowadays that all


men were big and heavy, they could not move. -- back in our day. But


they are agile and they can move like the little guys. The ball toss,


is hardly moves at all and he is difficult to read, Sam Querrey. This


is the ball striking. That is what you want, you want to be tough to


read. We often talk about the commentary booth. Sam has a nice,


easy motion and can do a lot of different things. That is what you


want to do, disguise your serve, disguise the pace and the


unpredictable. -- be unpredictable. Neil Arscott eight service, you have


to use all of them. -- Milos cost eight serves. It is important to


hold your serve well? They will both feel the butterflies, they have not


been at this occasion for quite a while. Maybe playing so many sets


already takes its toll. He played twice in the championship already in


five set matches, that'll be the difference. There is not much use in


the body serve. Not like Venus yesterday. There is holding serve,


that is a great platform to play from, but the one that really holds


serve comfortably can put pressure on the opponent and free you up on


the return games. If you are holding so comfortably you feel you can be


more aggressive and hopefully look for those opportunities, create a


break point chance and take it. One or two points decide each set. Sam


Cane out well against Murray. It was the best I had ever seen him battle,


come from behind on a number of occasions. The old Sam Querrey would


have lost that in three sets. I know he has a bad record, is an extremely


close matches against Cilic. It is not a major asked you think you can


pull this off. We had better move from Centre


Court. Thanks to Boris and Tim. Mac is on his way to join John Inverdale


in the commentary box. JOHN INVERDALE: How did we get here?


Courtesy of a talented Russian who disposed of the number five seed


several days ago, but it seems like a long time since Stan Wawrinka left


the stage. A big serving man from Luxembourg did for a fair and Andy


Murray's dodgy hip. So we have never seven another 24 vying for a place


in the final. They have met here before, their last game was 17-15 in


the fifth. We could be in for a long afternoon in front of royalty and in


front of Kings and Queen's of the entertainment world, the sporting


world. It really is a who's Who of the gossip columns in the Royal box


today. There is Jude Law. And here is John McEnroe, how are you? JOHN


MCENROE: Doing good. An American back in the mix, it has been quite a


while. Lots of people are saying this will be just a serve fest, but


there could be wrong. There might be a lot more to this than not. Let's


hope so. Who is going to be more aggressive


today more consistently? Whoever that is, I believe, will be in the


final. If you have been watching tennis


with us across this summer when Cilic got to the final at Queen's


and had a great run here at Wimbledon, you will be very aware of


this over exaggerated bouncing off the ball, which gets more and more


exaggerated, the tighter and tighter the match gets. He has had a couple


of time violations for it, not just here but at Queen's.


Maybe he has watched his buddy Novak Djokovic a little bit too much. I


think we got to APB, or a PW, personal worst, of 23 bouncers at


one point. It is very tough to do if you think


about it, it is not like he is doing the same amount. He would have to


count if he was doing that, which would waste energy and require more


concentration. It is hard for the guy give the rent, you are not sure


when the serve will come. And having drawn attention to it so early, I


apologise if you get completely neurotic about this at home over the


next three hours! A straightforward start the Croat. Jonas Bjorkman has


come on board with Goran Ivanisevic -- is Goran Ivanisevic and Marin


parted ways around a year ago. He seems to has some great had gained


his trust. York then like to be aggressive, he has encourage Marin


to do more of it. -- Bjorkman liked to be aggressive.


It is tough to stop and go back in the other direction, you will see


both guys try to go behind. Not as nimble as the mere mortals of


six foot one, two or even smaller! From one end of the spectrum to the


other in terms of serving techniques, this is very, very


simple. Very regimented. Great shots from Cilic.


It should be pointed out that both guys covered the court well, moved


well, for as tall as they are. This is a real heavyweight contest.


When the ball is hit, it stays hit. Maybe at the end of this game you


will go from one extreme to the other in the weights divisions of


tennis. UMPIRE: Replay the point.


Cilic knew it was in. A little bit unfortunate for him, he will have to


look at a Querrey first serve again. I can never understand that rule. It


should be a second serve, right? I agree. Mentioned these guys being


heavyweights, in the Royal box there are a couple of guys in boxing


weight categories, they would be lightweights, barely middleweights.


Rod Laver and Ken Russell are up there, 78 and 82 respectively. Five


foot seven, five foot eight, ten stone. It was another world.


You know Sam Querrey well. Is he the kind of guy who will see this as his


date with destiny, or is he much more pragmatic? I would think it is


more pragmatic. A very laid-back, Southern California boy.


I haven't seen the fire in Querrey that we had hoped, as Americans. A


very good career. Very language. -- languid. Bash, Bosch from Cilic.


That is 109 Aces macro at this championship. SUE BARKER: Is still


on serve and we will be right back with this semifinal on Centre Court,


but we will tell you what is happening elsewhere in the men's


wheelchair singles, Alfie Hewett of Britain has just broken the serve of


Gustavo Fernandez. That is the feature match on the red button, on


court 17. Alfie Hewett going well, a break of serve up in the first. On


Court Number One, semifinal and the ladies doubles of Anna-Lena


Groenefeld and Kveta Peschke against the number two seeds, Ekaterina


Makarova and Elena Vesnina. Just one game at all. That is on the red


button and sport website. This is a very relaxed Roger Federer a few


moments ago. The guy who looks after him, Tony. Just enjoying a match on


Court number three. Looking very relaxed. You would not know he has a


semifinal later, but he does. We look forward to that as he takes on


Tomas Berdych. Let's go back to Centre Court.


JOHN INVERDALE: On serve at the moment, pretty much what we would


have expected. JOHN MCENROE: Extremely difficult to


get the ball above, lob over them, that is for sure. I would expect or


anticipate both these guys will try to get the ball low when they


approach the net. Easier said than done at the pace they hits out. --


hits out. How many tie-breaks do you anticipate? I would say two.


Nice and easy does it for Big Sam. How big a deal will this be in the


states? It is breakfast time in New York, 8:20am, 5:15am in California.


Will they be up for this? I hope it is becoming a bigger deal. He


himself has said publicly that, in essence, he never thought he would


get to a Grand Slam semi. If you asked him a year or so ago he would


have said no. Not many people have expected this. But with Venus in the


final, things are starting to build. And in the juniors, especially


women, junior girls here, there are American players all over. I don't


think they are yet getting up for them! No. But looking ahead. Let's


hope. Lovely dexterity in the net from


Querrey. Both guys had a surprisingly good touch, which would


seem to encourage them to move forward, to be able to execute like


we just saw Sam do. Tremendous shot. Very dependable for


Cilic. That ball was dispatched by Cilic. A


really interesting piece which I might lead to a couple of times,


with Goran Ivanisevic who used to coach, in the paper this morning.


Goran said he first saw him play at 14 years old, he smacked the ball so


hard it was not true, but it never went in. But even allowing for the


fact that the ball never went in, he knew he had the talent if that


access could be curbed and technique brought into it. He said he thought


at that stage... He knew he would be a class top ten player at


potentially a Grand Slam winner, which he is now. Maybe too many


people are obsessed about keeping the ball in play and technique when


they are young, rather than letting the joy of smacking the ball consume


people. He seems to love playing the game? I agree. Emotionally, when you


see a kid, it is important they enjoy themselves, especially as they


are growing up, before it becomes a job. It is a tremendous job. It is


nice that it was Goran Ivanisevic, I believe, who emotionally helped


Cilic get over the hump, made him believe in himself enough to win the


US Open. It is disappointing for me personally having seen how well they


operated for a while that they are no longer a pair, coming from the


same country I am sure that Marin idolised Goran, certainly looked up


to him. Goran says in the paper that in this country we cannot imagine


what a big deal this match is for the people of Croatia today.


I don't think people can imagine, watching on TV, how big they are and


how hard they are hitting. It is incredible to see these giants


operating. For all the wonders of television,


sometimes to the cathode Ray jeeps and the size it -- cathode ray tubes


and the size of the television, we cannot convey how powerfully the


ball is being hit. That is the ball that you stop


running for when you 40-0 up and you that big. Let me hit another serve!


He really struggled that well. -- struck that well. He has had three


consecutive five set matches, Sam Querrey.


Very few guys can have the Rafael Nadal approach which is to play


every point is if it is the last. Sometimes you had to be strategic


about your effort when you are a mere mortal, unlike Federer and


Nadal. It is not a particularly good


approach, tough to hit the outright winner.


That is a good move forward by Cilic. He did play a five setter


against Gilles Muller, but the legs need to be fresher.


I think who deals with the occasion best will end up coming out on top.


That is a sensational backhand from Querrey. Considering it's the weaker


side, he certainly did that well. Also hit it well towards the end of


the marine match. Third pace of this match but Cilic.


-- third ace. Talking about the speed the ball is hit at and the


ace, we have a charity thing here called Children In Need every year


and one of the prices people bid for this year was to be at Queen's


earlier this year and play with some of the players there, and they got


to play against Sam Querrey and John Isner. Second prize! These were


decent club players, a great thrill for them to have a great day out at


Queen's, etc, but I was talking to them afterwards and they were saying


even though they are tennis fans and have played and watched all the


love, until they stood and received serves from Querrey and Isner, they


simply had no perception of how quick the ball was going, how little


time you had to see it and as a consequence how little time you had


to react. It is hard for 99.9% of people watching to have any


understanding of that. A little comparison, when I was coaching


Milos Raonic last year, we would go on the practice court, when he got


ready to serve he would literally tell me where he was serving and I


still got about half of them! Doesn't mean I'm going to win the


point! So I would suggest to you when Querrey and Isner went out


against these club players they didn't even bring out their big


serve! I'm sure! Backlogs won at 128 -- they clocked one.


You don't need to take much of a backswing when you are trying to hit


returns with these guys. Cilic way back, trying to get that tiny bit of


time. This is an opportunity at 0-15 second serve.


That is what you do to a guy who is standing far back, hit a short


angle. At 106. But the speed doesn't matter, does it?


That is a beautiful play. Andy Murray is very good at using that


left arm to sort of facilitate and make it easier for him to dump it at


someone putts beat. I was wondering if either of these guys would do


that, that was nicely done by Querrey. Second ace of the match


from him. You can see what a difference that one forehand, that


angle, he missed made in that game. Huge difference between 15-15 and


0-30 there. Subsequently ran through the rest of the game. At the moment,


I'm not sure if it is possible to meander at speeds of 120 miles an


hour but at the moment we feel like we are meandering toward an


inevitable first set tie-break. Some big hitting. Big, but so clean


as well. Well, that game came and went in the


blink of an eye. You look at these two guys, Sam Querrey ranked as high


as 17 in the world 6.5 years ago, he has hovered in the 30s, 40s, 50s for


most of his career. You could argue underachieved in certain ways. On a


hard court, fairly quickly paced court, you think these guys would be


able to... How the heck is anyone breaking these guys? It has got to


be how tough... I'm just thinking, with both of them, that their bodies


can only take so much punishment. The grass benefits them because the


wear and tear is not the same and if more events were played on this


surface, it is not that the other courts aren't quick but their bodies


can recover more quickly. But the only only way they are going to be


broken is almost a mental aberration in the part of the server, a


drop-off in intensity, if Cilic gets nervy, that is what happened to him


at Queen's against Lopez. Didn't he have match point against Lopez? He


was extremely close and Lopez has got a big serve. I just think, by


don't they keep that focus and concentration and be able to do that


on hard courts? Was that Barry Gibb?! It was, fresh from


Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago. When the feeling's gone and you


can't go on, Andy and Novak would empathise with that.


That was over the wicketkeeper. There is Barry Gibb.


It is the same way that tennis players dream of hitting a serve


that big, single stream of hitting a note that high! -- singers dream of.


A couple of opportunities on the forehand side missed. And then that


happens. Ten games in 28 minutes. We are going at quite a pacey. It is a


good thing they invented the tie-break or the second semi might


not play today! I'm sure we may remind you of this once or twice


over the afternoon but the last time these guys met here it was 17-15 in


the fifth. Three of those sets were tie-break.


Well played. In your days, would you rather have played a semifinal first


or second so you knew exactly what time you were going out? I would


definitely prefer to play first. In those days, as you are well aware,


there was no roof so I played a match that carried over the next


day, and that does not help things, having to play the next day again


against a well rested opponent. Forehand a little bit off here other


Cilic. Sam Querrey has to be seen that. He will test it, use his


backhand slice, maybe, to try to get that ball low.


His forehand is all over the place, Cilic! Risky, it was over the lower


part of the net, but flat. Certainly got the job done.


Great shot of Cilic there and a great shot as well. Of a battalion


of photographers at the far end of the court as well who are in direct


line of fire of Cilic's serve as well, just behind Querrey there, a


bank of 40 or 50 photographers, just a great picture.


How do you get the money shot? Keep clicking! Was that your advice when


you were coaching Raonic, just keep hitting? That was certainly part of


it! Certainly part of it with these two guys is that you try to


encourage them to believe in variability and go for it, use


variety, but most of all think the reason Cilic's career has been


superior is the fight inside him, the emotional aspect, it helps


engage the fans, helps fans get behind you, helps your box to


continue to bring the type of energy you hope, those things play a


factor. His career has been blighted by injury, intermittent injuries,


season after season after season, and that must, after a while, take


its toll? No question of that, as we were talking about just before this,


the amount of travel, the amount of matches, the amount of tournaments,


the surface, go run on concrete everyday for hours on end and see


how it feels, stop, start, go the other direction when you are as tall


as these guys. And their weight. Well, he has done it once already


but he has to do it again, holds serve and save the set.


I notice one of the guys in his box has got a cap with Borg on but


nobody has got a cap with McEnroe on. You would have to notice that.


Well run, Querrey, there. His coach, in the blue, has done an excellent


job to get in to believe more, battle harder. Paid off in that


point against Andy Murray. If I were Cilic I would use more of


that backhand slice as well because he hit them cleanly and that ball is


going to be a tough ask the Sam Querrey to handle.


Looks to me like Cilic is trying to adjust his return position a little


bit to take away that angle, step a little bit closer. First challenge


of the day. And so, after 35 minutes, we reach


the point we thought we would do 35 minutes ago.


UMPIRE: First set, tie-break. Each player receives one additional


challenge. Is it more important for Querrey to win this than Cilic, if


only because, after three consecutive five set matches, he


probably doesn't want another one? Yes, in his own lifetime and with


Murray, those two factors would make it more important for this guy. Sam


Querrey, the American things got a little bit tighter for both these


guys. Every point seems to matter more. Subsequently the legs start to


get a little heavy, the arm. And because the prize at stake is so


big. A great get by Querrey and the point


you made earlier, just make people play one more shot, one motion, and


Cilic goes long. Yes, get that into my skull, make them earn it, and


this one should have been put away. That is a great shot from Cilic. I


thought that was wide, he chose to play it. He is still looking at the


line. I don't know if Hawk-Eye can tell us if that was in or out. Just


having a look. Academic, mind you. It was out. The ball was out. That's


a tough one for Querrey. You would be very brave to stop playing in a


situation like this. Very tempting to take that in the


air, that was well left. Fortunate that he would have trouble reaching


it so he chose to run back and let it bounce. Excellent job, benefited


by that call, given him a big lead, 4-1.


Well, Querrey had to win that point. Probably on the back of the back of


the line. So hard as a player not to look at that line, you take your eye


off the ball, hoping it will go a little bit long, and it didn't.


There is his coach, he has done a fine job getting Querrey here, he


has never been in a Grand Slam semi. Very quiet on centre but I think


everybody is just a bit tense. And as long as it remains one


mini-break, Querrey is in the game. 14 bounces there. Brilliantly played


by Querrey! Really aggressive challenging Cilic there. Cilic would


have to slice this, a mis-hit, he forced the issue, took away some


options from Cilic, really well done. Nice touch, too.


UMPIRE: Mr Cilic is challenging the call. How big a challenge is this?!


The margins in top-level sport. UMPIRE: Mr Cilic has two challenges


remaining. And just when you thought Querrey


had the initiative, nobody does. Cilic much more animated than the


big American. Whatever happens here, it is set


point after this. Almost too much time to think about


that one. That was a second serve from big


serving, big hitting Sam Querrey at 88 miles an hour, but it is set


point for the American. Sixsix, 6-6. You shouldn't be


surprised, the margins had been soaked in when they played here. The


good thing about this set, though, is it has not just been about Serbs,


there has been some neat footwork, nice touches at the neck, good


ground stroke. There have been matches at this championship this


year when you have had big guys against big guys where it has just


been walloped, no rallies, I did a match in the championship where the


longest rally was four shots, this has been engaging and it has just


been on simmer at the moment, maybe it will boil over as the afternoon


progresses. UMPIRE: Mr Querrey is challenging


the ball Haka call on the service line, the ball was called in. More


in hope than expectation. It was very close.


Someone has just fallen over in the stands, sixsix, second serve. In


purely tennis terms, Irish and that will mean he will get the first


serve back but you can see the various members of the Armed Forces


are going in to the stand on the left of Sam Querrey and James


Keothavong, the umpire, on the phone to Wimbledon officials just


clarifying what the situation is here. I can't actually see if it is


a man or a woman or who it was but somebody has clearly collapsed, just


five or six rows back from the court edge. Just as the sun came out, it


is not particularly warm here today, but Muti, low 70s temperature. And


Sam Querrey watching it like a hawk what is going on there at the


moment. I think this happened with an earlier match, a big delay.


Happened at Queen's as well. Either way, a bizarre time for it. We


obviously hope whoever it is is OK. Our line of sight, it was a lady in


a pink hat, obscured by people standing up in front of her, but she


is able to walk away from courtside and is being assisted down the steps


by a couple of the guys from the Armed Forces here, so hopefully she


is going to be all right. The area. -- dare we are. In the meantime, for


these two giants, the stress level just went up. A lot more time than


they anticipated to think about this 6-6 point of the tie-break.


Does he get his first serve back? Yes, he is going to get a first


serve now. Should he get a first serve? Either way, given the


circumstances... Maybe it was the delay, maybe his


mind wasn't quite there. That is a bad error from Cilic, and so Sam


Querrey, one big serve away from the opening set of this Wimbledon


semifinal. SUE BARKER: So Sam Querrey takes the


first set, that delay probably did cause some upset. We are switching


this match over to BBC One now. Well, Henman Hill busy once again,


everyone watching the drama unfold on the big screen, everyone enjoyed


in their Wimbledon experience. There is a lot of action on the outside


courts, everyone looking forward to Roger Federer coming out onto Centre


Court later on to face Tomas Berdych. I say this much is


continuing elsewhere because over on Court Number One it is a semifinal


of the ladies doubles, and they have just broken so they will be serving


for the opening set. That is our feature match on the red button and


also on the BBC sport website as well, so that semifinal continues on


Court Number One. We are heading over to court 17 for the semifinal


of the men's wheelchair singles, a crucial stage for the French Open


champion against the number two seed from Argentina, Hewitt has taken the


first set 6-4, four games all, so let's join the commentators on court


17, Peter Norfolk alongside Nick Mullins.


We are nearing the back-end of the second set, we might be nearing the


back end of the match if Alfie Hewett can win a couple more.


I think you are right. If Alfie can keep the pressure on Fernandez. He


might struggle. But not like that. Gustavo Fernandez, the 23-year-old


Argentinian. The best player in the world right now. He moved to the top


of the charts earlier this week. An emotional moment when he was having


lunch with his coach in the players lounge and found out he was the


world number one. He is a favourite with the players. He is always


positive, never negative. Eyes on the ball. Weak forehand,


top-spin. He just pulled it too much. Hewett


created the opening and pulled his backhand, it went wide at the


sidelines. Great shot. It is brave. Look at


this. Going for the sidelines. He has is to be brave if he wants to


break here, Fernandez. Which she has. Holding onto your


serve has been an issue in this match so far. There have been fewer


hold land breaks off serve. -- fewer hold van breaks off serve. The South


American has given him a chance of taking this contest into a third.


Alfie Hewett, the 19-year-old from (INAUDIBLE)


. Doubles champions here, famously, last year, with Gordon Reid. Gordon


Reid's premature departure in the singles yesterday means that Hewett


is holding onto hopes in the men's singles. Reid lost to Stefan Olsson,


who already beat Shingo Kunieda in the first semifinal. So the winner


of this will play the Swede in the final over the weekend. The world


number one has been forcing himself back into this contest in the second


set. Here he is, serving to square things up.


He has gone again. It is not the first time in the match or at


Wimbledon but Fernandez has had a tumble out of his chair. -- that


Fernandez has. He will need a new chair with a longer frame. All of


his weight is up top, because he is so strong. He needs to look at the


setup of his chair a bit more. Hewett has an opportunity of


extending the second set. That's lovely. Whenever Fernandez


comes into the mid-court, a lovely mid-court drive volley. Good timing.


Good allies. -- good eyes. I was just about to


say there has to be a drop shot coming!


You can see the ball died when it goes on to the much green patch,


much harder to push the chair through that.


That is not a good time to do a double.


It hasn't been easy, holding onto your serve all match.


And we have talked about the reasons for that, Peter, and the fact that


from a server 's position you are in a static position, unlike the


receiver, who is already on the move. And the receiver is


anticipating where the server will serve. When you are serving, you


pick your spot. He has to work out which side is his weaker side. I'd


be going really wide to make him push out wide.


Look at this! Fernandez did not move very much, rolling over the


baseline. A lovely backhand. If I was Hewett I would be exploiting


Fernandez's chair instability, making him move from side to side,


into the Green zone. That will curl in. Come in and go across.


He is unusual amongst wheelchair tennis players, Pete, he has no


control from his abdomen downwards, which makes the stability and


balance much harder for Fernandez. It sure does. He made that look


easy, but if you look at the other top players, they have a different


disability which, personally, gives them an advantage on their mobility


because they have got abs and they can use them to turn. It gives it


more stability and strength. Look at that.


A hold of serve is a bit like a break of serve at the moment, so


this is huge. Fernandez as world number one,


taking over from Gordon Reid of Great Britain at the start of the


week. The British league coaches there


looking on. Stuart Wilkinson, Karen Ross.


There you go, he has donated. He has held on and now he is a game away


from the Wimbledon final. -- there you go, he has done it.


It really has been some 12 months for Alfie Hewett, backing up his


success in the doubles last year with a couple of silver medals at


Rio in the singles, when he lost to Reid. And with Reid in the doubles.


And then for the first time he became a Grand Slam singles


champion, beating the guy he is playing today, Gustavo Fernandez, in


the final. It means a lot to get a Grand Slam is a singles. Doubles you


are doing it with someone... I always wanted my first singles,


because it made me a bit more confident. You can see that Hewett


has brought that with him. Even though Fernandez is the world number


one, Hewett was down in that match, so he knows he can win.


You would have to look at a break coming up, a break to take the match


for Hewett. You can see that the breeze is


getting up, which will not make it any easier. We talked about the


stability that Fernandez has to work so hard to find. It is a particular


problem, trying to get the balance right. Making sure there is enough


power in it as well. Well, a touch of fortune, but he had


worked hard for it at the end of the most impressive service going as his


semifinal so far. And we are heading into a tie-break. He is working so


hard to promote Paralympic sport in Argentina at the moment, maybe more


than any other athlete. He was a front-page story on one of the


biggest papers in the world back home when he became world number


one. And here he is in Wimbledon. I am sure lots of you have seen


loads of wheelchair tennis over the last few years, but a reminder if


you are saying hello to the sport for the first time, they have to


bouncers, although very often the players only use one. -- they have


two bounces. Tie-break rules are the same.


Fernandez has done that a few times, return of serve, backhand


crosscourt, out wide. A couple of mini-breaks for the


Argentinian. A double fault, and costly for Alfie Hewett. Not a good


time to double fault, a tie-break. Change ends.


He served well in this tie-break, Fernandez. He has.


Is here on court 17. If you know your Wimbledon, we are on the little


strip of courts in between Centre and number one. The finals at the


weekend will be played on Court three. It has the benefit of


Hawk-Eye, which we do not have on this court.


And he has got five set points, the new world number one, Gustavo


Fernandez. It is cool, isn't it? 19 years old,


Hewett, serve, bam! Once again, Fernandez had to work


hard to stay in the sports chair. You are absolutely right. He did not


been for in a foreword to get the curve to bring the ball back in,


because the chair was tipping. His lead has slowly been eroded away.


However, the second set is gone the way of the South American and we


will need a further deciding want to decide which of Alfie Hewett or


Gustavo Fernandez will take their place in the Wimbledon final.


SUE BARKER: That is the tie-break. We will be back with it, going into


a third set, but we will update you with what is happening elsewhere. On


court 14, Anya van Koot of the Netherlands is taking on Diede De


Groot of the Netherlands, who put out Jordanne Whiley yesterday. Didi


DeGroot, it is going well for her. That is on the BBC sport website.


We look forward to the weekend and the finals of the wheelchair events


tomorrow at 11am on BBC Two. That is the ladies singles final and the


men's doubles final. That is at 11am on BBC Two, Steve Brown will join


Clare Balding for that. It is men's semifinals day today,


and coming up later this afternoon...


Yes, Roger Federer will be on later today on BBC One.


At the moment, the first of the men's semifinals, Sam Querrey took


the first set on the tie-break against Marin Cilic, it is on serve


in the second, that is on BBC One. That's what is happening elsewhere,


back we go for the deciding set. COMMENTATOR: The South American, who


played so much tighter in that second set, far fewer unforced


errors, a higher service percentage as well. It means that Alfie Hewett


of Norfolk will need this decider. Again, it is an almighty tumble. He


is back up again in double time, Pete. You spend a lot of time


thinking about the design of these chairs. We can see for ourselves


that he does not have the stability you would expect that the moment. I


think he needs a wider camber and a longer subframe. He is not worse


than wherefore it. Actually, perhaps he should get a skateboard and elbow


pads and kneepads! For technical imbecile is like me, what would a


longer subframe mean? He has an anti-tip at the back so he does not


followed backwards. -- fall out backwards. I am not quite sure what


that was. There was a let, second serve.


Hewett has found himself in trouble whenever Fernandez has forced him


deep behind the baseline with that power. Hewett 's success comes from


(INAUDIBLE) Bats was a great get by Hewett.


-- that was. Look at Fernandez, right into the court. I will come


back to the subframe in a minute. A lovely backhand by Hewett.


Controlled. High hustling from Hewett. --


high-quality hustling. An important game, the first game in the third


set. Took a kick, didn't it. Hewett was


expecting it to come into him. Bit of side spin Ando kick from the


grass, that took it out of his reach. -- and a kick.


You can see that when Fernandez is really stretching, he starts to


struggle. He could do with quite a few more of


those free points. We have been underlining the


importance of the whole serve in this match so far. And the first in


this deciding set begins to Argentina -- belongs to Argentina. A


couple of big serves, a bit more pace and purpose. What about the


subframe business, Peter? The real one is to stop them falling out


backwards, in basketball it is much shorter. It must not protrude past


the back wheels. At the front, he keeps falling forwards, he needs it


longer. Because he is satire and flatter and all his power is at the


top, he needs it slightly longer at the front. It will make the chair


track better, role better and give him forward stability. You can't


have a too long because then it will impede his forward shots.


Hewett recovered from losing the first set in yesterday's


quarterfinal to come through against the Frenchman. Got better and


better. Gustavo Fernandez marked his first


match as the new world number one, taking over from Gordon Reid, by


beating the world number three yesterday. That was a big match for


him as well, a good win. First ace of the match. Fewer races


than Fernandez but tight on the double faults. -- fewer aces.


Nicely played, approaching the net, winning the point.


The break of serve and a cry of, Val Moss -- Vamos. It means a lot to all


the players. Fernandez is the reigning Australian Open champion,


won in Melbourne at the start of the deer. For a while he was the French


and Aussie champ but lost to the Roland Garros title last month,


beating by the bloke he is playing today in the final in Paris,


squandered two match points that day. An opportunity for a modicum of


revenge over the next half an hour or so, or however long is left in


this semifinal contest. They have both still got doubles left yet.


Hewett set himself up really nicely there.


Great pick-up, Hewett was facing completely the wrong way. What


balance. He is so poised. Really good chair skills.


Good wine to serve there by Fernandez.


He has just increased it by a couple of gears. Second hold of serve. A


little bit of Argentinian tennis history as well for this man when he


went to the top of the world rankings at the start of the week,


never had an able-bodied number one, he is the first, therefore, for his


nation. They had a number two in 1975, for those whose memories


stretch back that long, and Gabbiadini in 1991, but all very


emotional for him at the start of the week, a few tears. He is a good


guy and he is flying the flag right now for Argentina here on the green


lawns of Wimbledon. And he is in a very handy position in this third


set. Yes, well-deserved, he has worked extremely hard to be here,


his work on the training courts, their tempo is massive, they really


beast themselves and they do it for the glory, like this, it means a


huge amount to get through these matches, to get to the finals.


Peter Norfolk ear with us today, Britain's best ever quad tennis


player, the Quadfather. I feel like the old father at the moment! Your


power grows and grows, ten grand slam titles in the singles and


doubles, Paralympic medals, couple of golds. Thank you for that, my


kids still don't know what that beans. Surprised to hear that, you


have got enough pictures at home! It was so long ago Hewett would have


probably only been about seven! How scary is that?!


Huge hitting by Fernandez. Really taking the initiative.


That has been the star attraction from Hewett's perspective today,


that backhand down the line. Yes, and he's going to need that.


He doesn't need those, no more double faults, not at this time


because he has given an advantage to Fernandez and if Fernandez goes 4-0,


I would not say terminal but a great platform to keep going.


Second serve wasted. Good second serve from Hewett's point of view


but Fernandez wasted it. He has done a little bit of


chuntering over the course of this contest, Gustavo Fernandez, a


running conversation with the umpire, he has not been overly happy


with some of the line calls but we don't have the benefit of Hawk-Eye


here on court 17. The problem is Fernandez is letting it affect him.


Hewitt is on the board for the first time in this deciding set. If you


have recently joined us, this men's semifinal for the right to play the


Swede Stefan Olsson over the weekend.


And this is Britain's Alfie Hewitt, teenager from Norfolk.


You could hear Alfie chuntering away going, what are you giving back


here? He is right by the back fence and it is hard work pushing there,


the ball does not lift up, it stays really low.


He has got to take it to Fernandez, attack second serve, first bounce.


To a certain extent he is being pushed into the food village behind


the green awning by the power of the Argentinian at the moment. Yes, you


are right, the power of the serve. But actually if Fernandez does not


use his power, Hewett is all over him.


It is difficult to work out a route back for Alfie Hewett right now,


particularly with the way the world number one has picked things up. You


can see the determination. As long as the momentum keeps with


Fernandez, although there has been some swings in this. An


extraordinary story of his, he fell off a chair when he was just a baby


and suffered a spinal injury which means that he has no control below


the abdomen, as we have been talking about, and he is also fighting the


battle in Argentina for Paralympic sport, they have not yet made


progress, had the development we have had in this part of the world


for a long time, so it is a tough old battle for him in Argentina at


the moment. Argentina doesn't have the same sort of awareness, I


suppose, that we do, so living with a disability like that is difficult,


and as a Paralympic athlete he struggles to get sponsorship and


stuff like that. It is hard for him, he has got to prove a lot more than


say we do to get the same sort of funding. Well, a trip to the


Wimbledon final will only help his profile and he is close here, two


games away. Yes, that will do him. It will be great for the South


American countries. He thought that was out, he thought that was wide.


He doesn't think the calls are going for him.


Got the look on the got the good luck on the net there. Oh, he has


lost the racket! He has won the point!


Watch this! He hit the ball before he threw the racket, if he had


thrown the racket and then hit it he would have lost the point, but he


got that, unbelievable. Dear oh dear. Who needs a racket?! Much


overrated. Got to love him, haven't you? I'm not sure love is the word


Alfie Hewett will have swimming around his mind at the moment! But


from a neutral perspective, absolutely, he has been great today


and he is good for the sport. Oh, yeah! He wants it, he has got a


smile. And he is nearly there. Not far away from turning the tables


after being beaten by Hewett at Roland Garros in the French Open


final. But that the power in his arms and shoulders, he is built like


a back row rugby player, it is ridiculous.


That is why he is strapped in tight to the chair, so that when he puts


that power down he does not come out of the chair.


That was a good get by Alfie but still lost the point.


What a get! See that pirouette by Hewett, half-volley gets? That was


magic on wheels by Alfie Hewett. Fantastic tennis. Don't get that in


the standing up game! Mind you, in the wheelchair game you don't get


through the legs, that would be quite difficult! Through the wheels,


I suppose? Going to question that one. No, a wry smile on his face, no


police questioning the course, he feels they are not going his way. It


looked a little bit long but he will argue otherwise.


He needs to concentrate, though. Still another break point.


Where is the sport in this country at the moment, hearing that more and


more are taking it up at the clubs around the country, the tennis


foundation, the charity that helps promote the sport, working so hard


to bring people in off the back of the success of people like you,


Gordon Reid, Alfie Hewett winning here last year, Paralympic


medallist, whereabouts are we? Are we making the progress you would


want? Great Britain is at the top of the rankings, last year we won the


most tennis Paralympic medals, the most Grand Slams, Giordano, Gordon,


Alfie. But in terms of wider participation? We have got more


people playing, tennis chatting to tennis centres from the tennis


foundation, it is about all-inclusive sport, anyone can go


and play, go to their local park, play for recreation, rehabilitation,


competitive, play at Wimbledon now. So many more people playing, there


is the UK series. It is in good shape. Hewett serving to stay in the


singles at this year's championships.


Hewett will be back later in the doubles alongside Gordon Reid,


starting the defence of their title against Fernandez. Get that


entertainment when Gustavo is on the court, flying around on his wheels!


Look at this! He must think he is Boris Becker! They should get him


down to have a game in a chair on the grass. I don't think Boris would


fancy his chances against Gestapo. I don't think many of us do. He has


got to be careful, that is going to hurt. Two points from a place in the


final. You can see he is prepared to do


anything to win the point. Lovely forehand down the line. Two match


points. Saved one match point, lovely serve


out wide. Saved two match point and now he has


a game point. Fernandez has squandered those.


He is continuing to defy the South American.


He has got stacks of support from his friends and family in the stands


here on court 17. And Alfie has got history with Gustavo, only just won


the French Grand Slam, Hewett was down big-time, came back and won


that, so he knows that Gustavo must get nervous. Yes, Fernandez had a


couple of much point in the second set tie-break at Roland Garros,


didn't take them, Hewett won the third set, became French Open


champion. He has got three match points for a


place in the final. He has not really had the luck, the


rub of the green. He has done it. Points to his


ticker. There will be no singles success by Alfie Hewett at this


year's Championships. He might be able to do it again in the doubles,


but this is all about Gustavo Fernandez, in the week that he


became the world number one, it is turning into an extraordinary week


because he is now a Wimbledon finalist. Fantastic. Great work. You


can see what it means to the coaches, Fernandez is so happy. I'm


sure there is a big hug coming, it means so much.


Enjoying the celebrations there out on court 17, Fernandez is through to


the final. Where he will meet Stefan Olsson, he put out Gordon Reid


yesterday, he is last year's runner-up, he came through against


Shingo Kunieda of Japan, so the unseeded Olsen is through and will


take on Gustavo Fernandez in the men's singles final at Wimbledon. It


has not been a good tournament for the British players in the singles


here at Wimbledon. And in the ladies singles, Sabine Ellerbrock of


Germany has put out the number two seed Yui Kamiji. It was a really


tight one, 7-6 in the first set, nothing between them, Yui Kamiji has


won three Grand Slams but never Wimbledon, but she will be competing


in the doubles with Jordanne Wiley of Great Britain, but well done to


Sabine Ellerbrock of Germany. And she will face DeGroot who came


through against Van Koot, so DeGroot will take on Ellerbrock in the


ladies singles final. Over on Court One it is the ladies


doubles semifinals taking place, the first one is on court at 1pm, it was


won by Makarova and professionally in straight sets, so they are


through to the final, 7-5, 6-2, and into the final on Sunday. And just a


reminder of our programmes tomorrow, the wheelchair ladies singles final


and the wheelchair men's doubles final will take place starting from


11am on BBC Two, Steve Cram will join Clare Balding for that one.


And the ladies singles final will be tomorrow, Garbine Muguruza against


the five-time winner here Venus Williams, that will be one to look


forward to, that is on BBC One tomorrow at 1pm.


It is men's semifinals day today and on Centre Court at the moment it is


Sam Querrey against Marin Cilic, one set all, 3-2 in the third, they have


both had a break of serve in this third set so nothing between them at


the moment, that match is going to be on BBC One, over on BBC One right


now. So that is on Centre Court. Later on


we have the great man Roger Federer for his match against Tomas Berdych.


So all that to look forward to on men's semifinals day.


In the build up to women I have been travelling round interview sop of


the legends of the game, that included the man I was talking


about, the great man Roger Federer. And I spoke to him, about his


incredible love for this event, and this club.


Asking where is the locker room and like where can we warm up, what are


we allowed to do? When do we play? What is the routines and all these


thing, everything was so new, it is like living a dream world. Do you


remember your fist junior match? Yes, I do remember it as well. It


was between Court One and Centre Court, one of those upper courts


there, and I played I a German or Austrian other junior, I was so


nervous and ended up winning the match comfortably, thankfully. I


remember you saw the National Health Service not the right height. ? Yes,


that is so true, probably after three or five games or so, I went to


the umpire, and asked him could you check the net, I have the feeling


that is way too high, because I can't serve and I don't know, it


just felt super odd the whole thing, he is like, I've checked it before


the match, like we always do here, and I am like well, yes, do you mind


checking it, downstairs, and like, see if it is really correct. He


went, told you so, it's right. It was terrible. So many to choose


from, do you have one match that stands out for you? Yes, I like the


junior Wimbledon finals because you know, winning or losing the finals


was a big deal and getting the trophy presented on Centre Court,


like in the stands and the Royal Box, was very special, I was very


nervous because they made us wait in the old enclosure where the locker


rooms were on the Centre Court, right up behind the Royal Box, so I


could be in the locker room where Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe used to


play, so that was very cool, but then of course, I think the 2001


Fourth Round against Sampras was my special match, that I don't know,


made it all so worthwhile, all the hard work, and, and then I realised


how much fun tennis can be. You have fallen in love with Centre courts


and everyone remembers Grand Slam titles so your first Grand Slam


title, is that still one that is the most special to you? Yes, think it


was most emotional, it was so real, to receive the trophy which feel


like magical in itself, and then you have to speak to the crowd, whereas


back in the day you didn't have to, all you got with a trophy, showed it


and that was it. Now we speak, so the whole speaking to the people, in


the stadium, people at home on TV, is very emotional for me, because


how do you explain how you feel right now? It is a dream for me,


coming true, and I was joking around when I was a boy, you know I'm going


to win this, and... APPLAUSE


Thanks to everybody. It's great. Congratulations, Roger Federer.


It came crashing down on me, in a way I am happy it was like this,


because I lived it full, and I look back and I think, I can feel every


sequence wint through, even though it is almost 15 years ago, my career


could have stopped then and I would have been a complete human being and


tennis player. Moving on a few years to 2009. For me, that was possibly


the best Wimbledon final. It had everything. It was OK, can Roger


regain his crown? The record was on the line, of getting I think,


getting to my 15th Grand Slam after 14th at the French Open. My wife was


pregnant with twin, nobody knew that other than the family and my friends


and it was like this, sort of the perfect summer really for me,


somehow found a way squeeze it out and get the win, and break the


record, and Bjorn Borg was there, John McEnroe was there, and... Pete


was there. Absolutely, Pete came, which was, you know, very rare that


he comes and shows up, so, and, all that against Andy, who you know, I


have so much respect, I love him, it felt so good but it felt so wrong


beating Andy because he deserved it. The week before, do you often sneak


on Centre Court alone? Not so much. I am not the guy who looks and just


looks at Centre Court and tries to visualise what could happen, you


know, for the next few weeks. Or look back even? Or look back for


that matter, yes. Not really, but I guess I enjoy sometimes having a


small glance, like a love having a small glance on Court Number One,


which is easier when you are walking back-and-forth, you can walk a few


steps up and see Court One, everything is so neatly done at


Wimbledon. It is little moments time and time again that you go that


bring flashbacks from history, for me, personally, but also from other


amazing matches being played there. His love affair with Wimbledon


shines through, doesn't it. He will be second of the matches on Centre


Court against Tomas Berdych. You may have a long wait because Cilic and


Querrey played the second longest match in the tournament's history


back in 2012. 17-15, took five-and-a-half hours and they are


locked in battle. A set and four all. So we will see Roger Federer


later on today. We will head back to Court Number One, shortly, but first


Tim Henman tell us about the key element that makes Wimbledon the


most unique of the Grand Slams. The feeling of the grass under your


feet is almost like the most perfect carpet.


The perfect foundation, play great tennis on. It is inevitable that a


living surface is going to change, because it's alive.


That is such a challenge for the players because there's no other


surface that will change so dramatically over a tournament.


The begin of the grass court season, the ball is going to be skidding


through a bit more, it will bounce a little bit lower, the courts dry


out, they get harder, the ball will bounce higher. I think grass court


tennis is more exciting because there were more variables.


That is why I think you have seen some the best match ups, we have


ever seen in the game take place at Wimbledon. Women is the greatest


challenge. Grass court tennis is what it is about. -- Wimbledon.


And it is a surface that Tim certainly loves, and he is a big


part of the club here, the All-England Club, he is on the


committee for not only the courts but the order of play as well. So we


are heading, as I said over to Court One. This is the second of the


Ladies' Doubles semifinals fee. As you can see it is early stages now,


just one game has been played so let us join our commentators on Court


One. Ninomiya to serve.


5'1, from Japan, ranked 62 in the world.


First Grand Slam semifinal as it is for her partner. Semifinals in


Southsea near Portsmouth. Their only tournament together.


It is a huge day for them. They played a wonderful quarterfinal,


this pair. Have for for give her for a few


double faults today. She is shortest on the court. Doesn't hit with a lot


of spin, he is quite flat. That is the side they are going to


work on for Niculescu, unless she connects that perfectly that


forehand does tend to sit up a little.


That was a really awkward bounce, there, from Niculescu. And Ninomiya


will get used to that pretty quickly in this match, there is not many


straight bounces that come off the racket of Niculescu.


Break points. Just what I mentioned, if you can


take her that step wired and not let Niculescu get behind that forehand


swing, she will have some problems. Such a busy player, Ninomiya.


Quick, you need to be, when you are 5'1. They are a good combination,


Niculescu has the better serve. Ninomiya served first for the team.


Good positive play there from Chan. This one here, Niculescu just


choosing to hit and come forward, not doing enough. The Japanese


player couldn't get up over Chan's head.


Third break point of the game. Mentioned what a big day it was for


Ninomiya and Voracova. But it is for Chan and Niculescu. This is the


first semifinal as it is for Niculescu. They have only played one


tournament together too, so nerves could play a big part.


Some great hitting, perhaps that could have gone over the head of


Niculescu. Nice finer from Chan. Not afraid to be nice and aggressive


with her volleys. You see the crowd look at each other


like this, "Well I've never heard of Ninomiya or Voracova before". The


forehand side is the side that can let Chan down, that extreme grip


doesn't work so much on the grass, she likes Claire and hard court much


better, bounce suits a little hiring. She is still above the net,


Voracova, but she is bending down. Hope they didn't have a row last


night? She'll know about it! Superb.


This is when Niculescu has to be a bit careful. She let that one drop


and she craves some space, she doesn't really punch that volley


away, she tends to just lift it a bit. But what a shot from, she will


be happy, that will give her a little confidence.


Close. Challenged by Niculescu immediately.


That's why. They were in control of the point.


First serve again. Four break points saved. Super hold.


Smart play there from Ninomiya, just really taking away that backhand


shot of Chan on the return. Focussing on that forehand, they are


focussing on a nice drink Chris. Don't blame them.


Hits ball very flat, Voracova, as does her partner.


Perfectly on the frame. Perfect that one.


Save on restrings. Football called.


-- foot fall called. Good one-two combination there.


The fact she stands so wide, really can come in on that left hip of


Voracova. We know she loves that off backhand.


Confident moving there, from Ninomiya. Just moving forwards with


the drive volley. Stays very low. Good pick up from Voracova, but very


solid off that shot. Great play.


From Voracova, I think that is very smart. If she the get something a


bit short e get the ball back quicklitor, the server, a lot of


Sob initiative for Ninomiya and Voracova. And it is, when you think


about it, the names, they are not familiar, unless you really are


tuning in specifically to watch this match, to follow them, because you


have seen them in their careers and so on, it's new ground for everybody


here, and it is such an amazing opportunity, to make a Wimbledon


final. Yes, I think we are seeing it across the board, whether it is in


single, doubles, there seems to be a lot more variation in the players


that are getting through to the latter stages of events, and think


that is great. You see these young juniors and they see players like


this, they give themselves a good chance. It is learning the skills of


doubles early on, particularly for these lady, it really does put you


in good stead for later on in your career, that is something the


Japanese focus on. It is a real common thread with the Japanese, its


is great to see. Skies clear.


Voracova the last to serve. With the break, leads 2-1 first set.


Always does that with the shoulders before every serve.


It's in. We know Niculescu loves moving


forward. They are going to start doubting their movement, and


doubting themselves, if Voracova can keep putting in these terrific lobs.


That is just a yip. It is like Nadal putting the hair behind his ear,


although he goes through about ten things before he serves. I hope he


is is not watching this match, he will do the shoulders as well. Great


hands from Chan, tracking her opponent across the net, when you


watch her eye, she's so good at watching what her opponent does,


she's now looking, hands behind the ball, great pick up.


Always looking to poach, Niculescu. They all are. Chances to get the


break straight back. Timing of interceptions is crucial.


Just as your opponent is about to hit, ideally.


So difficult. So difficult to respond to that amount of slice.


She is a totally individual player Niculescu, there is nobody like her.


She is so unique, so skillful, how hard is it to return a slice like


that. Ask Fed, he doesn't do it a lot.


Just waits for the perfect moment there Chan, you can notice Niculescu


preferring to hit the backhand, she can come over that, the top edge of


the racket will come on top for the backhand, but, not for her other


side. Being solid is her mantra, might be


happy with missing that return. Just releases a bit of pressure


there, Chan. Nice touch.


Got so many different shots Niculescu. She has so many different


sounds as well, when she hits them. She telegraphs what she's going to


do, almost. Niculescu played in the singles


here, lost to Rybarikova, the eventual semifinalist. A lot of the


top female players still play doubles. It is a great training


ground. If you have a dip, the other player can try and pick you up, say


come on, don't worry, this one, next one. There is no question about it.


I think it is very much shown here at women by one athlete that has


played a lot of doubles in the past. Is Muguruza. She played with Suarez


Navarro. The fact she put all those years, Muguruza, in the doubles


court, moving forward, is helping her currently at Wimbledon. She is


one player that is averaging in every match ten times coming into


the net per set. That is 20 balls moving forwards that she is able to


execute in singles. Very positive.


Mixed doubles with Santoro, that would be a puzzle for players to


solve. Ninomiya, 2-3, first set. She has a bit of everyone, Ninomiya,


like I say, of all the doubles players from Japan. There has been


so many good doubles players from Japan.


And respect, there is no question about it that Ninomiya would have


picked up a lot of characteristics and been really influenced by past


players from Japan. She gets a little lucky here though.


I reckon the little one takes a bit of handling.


They aried for it, Coric, you could see -- Voracova, there is only one


direction that balling is coming and that is up.


One of those should be at work today!


A little flat footed there, Voracova. Serve comes at the body of


Chan, she invariably goes the right at the net player.


It is almost impossible, isn't it, to hit a passing shot with a slice.


So hard. She really does vary the serve very


well, Ninomiya. A good old-fashioned chip and


charge. Yeah. If she can get the ball to sit down low on the grass,


that's where Chan can step in and be effective. Point break.


It's interesting we don't see a lot of chip and charge any more, do we?


I think it's not necessarily because players are scared of moving


forward, I think they don't always own the fact that the opponent is


going to hit very hard. And you become a target and you have


to be comfortable with moving forwards and knowing that you are a


target. But just smart play again from Ninomiya. She will continually


drag her opponents in and love to go up over the head as Voracova. It is


clearly a game plan that these two have been using and will continue to


use. She adapted really well here, Chan.


You can just see her. She's moving across and then has to stop and


reset. Terrific backhand. A struggle here for Ninomiya on her serve.


Out, corrected immediately. First serve again.


Immediate correction. The players can handle that better.


They came out all smiling, all four of them on their big day but it is


match faces on since the first point.


It's a good hold, tough game. Saved a break point. It's nice to win a


game like that. But when you win it positively, controlling the point,


it gives you a bit more confidence. I think her reaction having had the


first serve called out, cost her the double.


Well, that one, the serve, still coming through it. Ninomiya just not


moving her feet up to the ball, thinking it was going to come


through a little faster. Wane side the baseline for this


return. -- wane side. A game of errors so far. The first


one, really. Chinese playing with Romanian, so


you would assume English would be the language, for communication.


Just over half an hour played and yes, the skies are clearing, as


predicted. What was not predicted was these two pairs making


semifinals, Louise, with such little time together but they've both


gelled so W sometimes it just happens that way. -- gelled so well.


Absolutely. You never know. Sometimes you just have good


chemistry. And whether the game styles have matched up, and I feel


both teams have matched up, as you said just the one time they've


played together on grass. The other thing is, if you have success it


gives you confidence moving forward. It is amazing how many girls play


together. They play one tournament today and say - let's see how it


goes, they lose fist round but never ask each other again but when off


bit of success it must mean that the two game styles match up and to date


we are seeing great variation and good match-ups here between height,


the way they play, power, speed and it's fun to watch.


New look Number 1 Court. Will look different again next year and then


complete the following year. New balls in play. UMPIRE: Let, first


service. Yeah, it's standard. Voracova, she's


just going out there and Ninomiya is so good at just tracking that ball,


picking that wauven. That one off. Good, solid hands. Every time she


does that with her shoulders, it makes me sit up straight!


He is pretty proud of himself. Made his day. He was in the Beijing


Olympics. For catching! Yeah, good hands here but I love the fact that


she just absolutely Trussed that smash.


A fabulous smash. Got up so high for the smash and so low for that.


The first love game of the match. Well, it was a game of attacking the


forehand, wasn't it? All those serves were just going into the


weaker sides of their opponents. It was going long. Chan heard the


call too late from Niculescu. Well, sometimes that can be just a little


distraction. She did apologise. Good hands. She does this


exceptionally well, Chan. She can just see her eyes on her opponent.


Hands out in front. Always looking to catch that ball to intercept.


Good play. You watch club players play, and with respect they are


always looking behind them, aren't they, at each shot being played?


Racket down at the feet. It's a good point you make, in any level of


doubles, you want to be looking forwards to see what is going on


with the opposition. Applauded by Chan. That was


magnificent. Well, pocket rocket, just throws this one in, doesn't


she? Look at, that racket face, nice and flat. Comes back very quickly.


No spin on that. Oh, fabulous. Well she was a live


wire in the quarter-finals. She is again in the semis.


O Oh, what a shame. Just needed to try to find the biggest part of the


court there. They are only one off three in break points throughout the


tournament, though. What a hit from Voracova. She didn't


get enough air under this one. Too short. Nicely in the hip zone there


for Chan. Break point played. No wonder there


is a spring in the step. So 41 minutes and it'll be Ninomiya


who has the pressure to hold serve to stay in the opening set. But they


are just winning a few mini battles each these two pair, just one break


apiece so far. How important this opening set in the biggest match in


their careers, for all of them? Huge, isn't it. The team that can


try to get a little bit more momentum. As we just saw there


Ninomiya. Throughout the tournament, she is 13 off 34 break points. So


not great conversion, but again, if they have to try and hang in here,


she has to be nice and solid. Put a high percentage of first serves in.


Try not to rely too much on the second serve which will allow


Voracova to step in and play some of the great volleys which she has


been. So Ninomiya serving to stay in the


opening set. She saved one break point in her second service game. A


very long game. To lose this first point, the power


just not in the shot. She just wasn't using her feet.


So much doubles played in tennis clubs in Britain. Those tennis clubs


reit be backs of people's gardens. Not that many courts, and at peak


times doubles has the priority in all of that, so there is a terrific


history of doubles in Britain. Oh, sneaky again. Great awareness


there from her. She slides it down the line, like a laser.


Smart play from Ninomiya. Going to the body. Just not giving her the


comfort for looking for the forehand. I felt she probably should


have went to the backhand but good play. Keep your opponent guessing on


the returns. One off eight that will start to


hurt, if it doesn't already. Well, does a lot of good work here,


Niculescu. Picks up this, great hand but again, just not penetrating that


through. When you are up above the net, you've got to get the ball to


hit down. You have to try to be the fist one to get the ball to fade. --


be the first one. That's another really tough service


game for the Japanese. No cheap points.


Just not comfortable there. Balanced. Doesn't get the contact


point in front. That's the second time that has


happened in the match. Immediately corrected, though. How many line


judges are sat there in a smie final before? -- semifinal before?


A little bit of organised chaos there, Chris and not happy at all


with that, Niculescu. A little bit of everything here, but


the frustration. Amazing facial expression, look at that.


For her third service game in a reshe's dug deep and saved points


She is a tough little characters isn't, she, Ninomiya? You are almost


taught not to show emotions and under pressure, sometimes that is


very handy to have. Niculescu showed us some emotion there.


When you've only broken once and you've had eight break points, it


can get in the way a little. Chan a little ruffled here. The support


camp right behind her there, front row.


Well, just tried to go for that one too finely. Too much angle.


Oh, that was hit powerfully and confidently.


A great little mover as well. Look at the handseting up. Packs a punch


into that. The depth and pace. The 11th of the match. Ninomiya and


Voracova are one from two. So the unseeded pair, ranked 62 and


58 in the world will serve for this opening set. The riches are great at


Wimbledon these days, Ninomiya, this year, has won $16,000. In her career


she's won ?$149,000. Already in the semifinals, they've each won ?50,000


and it doubles up from there. This one match alone, each is worth


another ?50,000. I mean when you have only made ?16,000 in the year,


this is life-changing. Absolutely, isn't it, Chris. That going to make


a massive difference to both of these players, Voracova, 33, she


obviously has a lot of expenses been out here for a long time. She'll now


look at her career in a different light. She will probably want to


invest a little bit more. That's what I mean about life changing, it


is not going to buy a big house and everything else and security but you


can invest in yourself more Yes, there is no question about it. It is


just wonderful for any one of these four players but certainly this pair


on screen here are going to benefit the most.


Renata Voracova serving for the opening set at 6-5, after 52


minutes. Good movement there from Niculescu.


You've go the to be brave in these situations. -- got to be brave.


All of a sudden, it seems like Voracova has told herself - I'm


serving for the first set in the semifinal at Wimbledon.


-- break point saved. I suppose her camp will really start to worry when


she does the shoulder movements twice.


Tie-break to decide this opening set.


UMPIRE: Tie-break, both teams receive one additional challenge.


Well, that's the way to return after you've been broken. Put pressure


straight back. She knows Voracova is going across


and cuts this one down. It is tough under pressure, just had


the feel. Got to keep things nice and tight


this pair, let the more experienced pairings runway with the little


extra confidence here early this this tie-break.


Everyone is getting tired. It is pap panel, isn't it. And you would think


a player such as Chan, who's won 12 tournaments and Niculescu blessing


herself there. She has won nine tournaments.


Palpable, isn't it. And you would think a player such as Chan, who's


won 12 tournaments and Niculescu blessing herself there.


She has won nine tournaments. It is catching, isn't it. Nice


reaction to have the smile. That is the beauty of doubles, to try and


leave some pressure with your partner.


Talk each other through it. Highlight whence you see the tension


here, what singles players go through, they have to do it on their


own. That is right. Good combination there from


Niculescu and Chan, solid at the net, she was really ready for that


one. They have been so good at coming


back, every time they have got down, Ninomiya loves a challenge, she has


great character. Great move from Niculescu. The depth


from Chan's shot, just gave her enough time, this one here, just


gives her enough time to assess the situation. Knows it is going to be


difficult for Ninomiya to penetrate through the court. Court. Two more


set points. UMPIRE: Game and first set.


Ninth seeds, half way to the final. They got a bit lucky, there is no


question about that. They are just a bit more experienced perhaps, but


Chan, I am sure, is feeling like, gosh, we got out of jail there.


Very tight in that last service, that she had, and again there is


that forehand, it is just sitting up. Voracova wasn't able to get in a


good position, but that is going to sit up all day, that is the side,


they really need to hone in on. And when you get one up high, that has


to be nailed away. Just not much at all in this match, first serve


points one, Chan, Niculescu but they are not doing so well after that


second serve. Niculescu serve there for the taking. Three from 12. Well


that could have gone either way, there is no question about it. It


was just who was going to be a bit more assertive at the right time. ?


Do you think Voracova felt it more, the pressure of that, the key


points? Yes, I think so. Sometimes when you are a older, you have had


more experience and not all those years were put together with


positive experiences, you are content to have more pressure on


you, whereas Ninomiya seems as if she is fighting and going through


the motions. There is not a lot of debris from that young girl's mind.


Voracova is 34, she might never get a better chance than this again.


It account go one or of two ways, can't it.


Chan and Voracova have been broken twice. Twice. Ninomiya unbroken so


far. Hasn't had an easy service game,


yet, Ninomiya. That is a terrific shot from


Ninomiya. This one does not come up at all. It


slices in. Goes across the face of the net


here. Taking a little extra time, there


was plenty of moving and a lot of balls hit in that rally. 16 in


total. Of course the team that wins that


rally always feels a little less tired.


Oh... Smiles in the crowd at the moment, but the player, particularly


Voracova looks very stern face. Sometimes just try and allow


yourself to enjoy it more! Leave some tension.


That will help. You are 5'one and you serve an ace, that is special.


-- 5'1. She is inside Chan's mind, just a little bit there, because she


has been going quite often to that forehand side, so sometimes on the


big point, you go to the strengths because they are looking for you to


go to the weakness, so that was a smart serve, I felt there. Chan


really leaning the wrong way. The grip is low down, but when she


hits the forehand ground stroke after, she moves it up occasionally.


Good pace again. Ninomiya softening the point for her partner.


So important for Niculescu to get some serves in, she doesn't have a


powerful serve. Well left.


She is animated Niculescu. When something goes good she likes to


smile, she looks relaxed. Look out when something doesn't go so right.


She equally shows her emotion. So solid. Like her ground streaks,


compact. Never looks like he is going to miss her ground strokes,


Ninomiya. So difficult to handle that. Fizzing


low over the net. Plays every point. Point.


With her heart. She does, it must be hard some times


for Niculescu to come up with the right shot. How many options she


has, I would be completely muddled in my mind, because, she's always


thinking how to create, how to dismantle, how to hurt her point,


not with pace, but the variation. Well, she really felt it towards the


back end of this opening set, so... Ninomiya has really got to try to


help her here, become the Captain. Talk her through this, try and help


out at the net. Extra look for approach, but Niculescu, she loves


that down the line forehand return. Manufacture


Good play. When you have got two advancing doubles players, coming at


you, this could be the best option, just divide the two straight down


the mid. -- middle.


And then it is up to the opponents just to communicate well enough to


say who's going to take the ball. You could think it should have been


on Chan's racket. She is the forehand player.


She is only 5'1 but makes up for the reach by the tack she moves so well.


Always looking to be in a good position. -- by the fact. Fact.


Three double faults and an ace in the game.


You talk about doubles combination, and how players play well with


certain player, and if you look at Voracova, she is susceptible to


never, she has missed a bit. Perhaps she can penetrate through the court,


almost more than her partner, but, what Ninomiya can bring, is that


save, that solid attitude, that cons cyst sip and Riley feel that that


does comfort Voracova a lot. She can go out, if she makes an error she is


not too worried because she knows her partner is so solid. I love


watching, I talk a lot about the juniors from Japan, but they spend


hours and hours, they look like ball machine, they are solid. That is the


one thing they back themselves on, you will have to beat me, I am going


to bring so much score board pressure, it is so good to see, even


though she is the younger player, she is really solid and calm, a like


how calm she has been today. -- I like.


The crowd doing their best to get a Mexican wave going. It's a pretty


good crowd here. 11,500 seats here. Slightly extended. Very slightly


when the number one court is finished. 2000 -- 2090. New balls,


second set. Look like they are been to the


bon-bon counter. There is nothing worse in doubles


than hearing your partner tut when you miss. It happens. Yes, it really


does. Good hands from Niculescu. I was


having a chat with coke co-she says that rexxxx Coco, that remind me of


somebody I played with. This person said you haven't made a return


today. That didn't comfort me. Bet she didn't say it quite like


that either. No, she said when somebody isn't encouraging, it puts


so much pressure, she said what do you any I'm going to do. I will


tighten up more. Name! We want a name. I can't.


Her full name. Brilliant. That brought a nice smile to a lot


of people here, but this one sits up and a quick decision here, she


really committed to this. At the moment they look the more


likely, Chan and Niculescu, to win this match.


Yes, I think so. It's close.


No break, second set yet. Just the forehand, she doesn't


finish it some time, decelerates a little.


She owns it, I think if there is one player that can hit this shot, under


all sorts of circumstances, it is Niculescu. Look at that. It just...


Can't hit it any better. It is funny she would change it a


bit, but not in the last few years she has really just stuck with that


forehand slice, and can be predictable but on grass it seems to


be working out quite well. Is there a piece of string or


something on to Nick's racket there? Because they just kept going back to


Niculescu. She moves very well, but she lacks that ability just to punch


that volley away at time, and think that is why they keep drawing motion


of the shots to her side. Another break point. They are two from ten.


They have to make they shot. She just needed to find the court, Chan.


Another tough service game for Ninomiya but she comes through it.


Direction of serve equally important in double, to get a handle on


anticipating it. You can see a lot of those one, ten


of 16 going out to the forehand side of Niculescu and you can see why,


because that is the side that is a bit more predictable. It is going to


sit up. And mixing it up a bit better, probably slightly more,


going to the forehand side of Chan, but I don't think they play enough


through the body, I would like to see a bit more o that serve, just


handcuff the player, you get a lot more shots that are going to lift


and aren't as comfortable from the returner.


Just reading some notes there, Voracova. Reverse psychology often


work, doesn't it. When it gets to break point, convince yourself it is


game point. A lot of player co-that. -- do that.


Niculescu 2-3 second set. Oops.


Oh wow. Did everything right there, moved to


get into a good position, just the racket face too open. Just needed to


use the pace, coming from the shot. That's better. She always said "I


had a big circle through the middle of the court and the was my target.


." Never go through the line, never be risky.


You can look at service direction and where players like to serve into


weaknesses of opponents but sometimes players are not able to


serve a flat serve or a kick-serve, particularly player like Niculescu,


she likes to hit slice so a lot of the serves are going to drift into


the forehand side for opponent. You go back wall a little too often


and your opponent is going to start picking it off.


Niculescu just sensing her moment here, that they'd like to really


lift. She's really pumping up Chan, saying - come on.


Great shot. Smashing so well, isn't she? It gets right under the shot


there. Good footwork, I like how she keeps that left harm up. -- that


left arm up. Growing in confidence through


without. I feel like Niculescu is starting to be the real mover and


shaker out here. Nearly got that one back, Ninomiya.


That's good again from Niculescu, able will unlucky but so sneaky. So


good it see the best doubles players in the world can hit that shot over


their opponent's head at the net and move


She's just struggled today, hasn't she, Chan?


Hanging in, 4-3. Nudging ahead, second set.


Centre Court, one of the great sporting venues. The most famous


court in the world. Number one court, where this match is being


played just beyond and of course Wembley Stadium, where England play


their home games for football and Tottenham Hotspur playing there next


season and they have American football there and the Rugby League


Cup challenge final there next month. Just magnificent pictures.


Iconic venues. And of course, the Hill. Henman Hill originally named.


Murray Mound. Konta keeps improving. -- if Konta keeps improving, we'll


have to split it into three. An hour-and-a-half now, the


semifinal. Again, she's just controlled the net


so well, Nick Nick. -- Niculescu. Her coach is covered up today.


Again, just showing nerves. I have a feeling that's why Niculescu has


just really lifted. She's trying to encourage Chan. Chan is the one


feeling it a little bit more in her team. That is her third double.


It's that forehand side that has really started to let her down. The


backhand super solid. Shame the rally finished with an


error. Wonderful point. She didn't take advantage of that shot, the


lob, Voracova not as confident at hitting that and moving in and


creating that wall. Up want to move in and work in tandem with your


partner to create that web at the net.


Superb. They went over the wall. They did. Great shot. This one


actually came off with a lot of pace. It's a very difficult one, the


acceleration here. Loads of spin so dipped down really quickly. Almost


impossible to get this one back. Most active on court, Niculescu. I


think she's the one that's going to make the difference for this team


here. The points are getting bigger all


the time. What a chance? That's old school,


isn't it? The chip stays low and she gets right on top of the net but she


lacks the ability to get the top edge and always the bottom edge


comes under the ball. The right movement, though.


She's the go-to player, perhaps, Voracova, she got tight at the end


of the first set and looked tight on that one. Return down the line,


straight at her, see what happens. But she's going for the I formation.


Good combining again from Niculescu. So quick to pick up on


opportunities. I like watching her just assess the situation and be


brave enough to take the action. Oh, wow! That's the shot of the


match. Yeah, positive mind set, isn't it,


Niculescu? She moves forwards and just jabs at this at the right


moment. Gets a little if tune favours the brave. She's been


tern -- for tune favours the brave. She's been the bravest on court.


Another break point. That's two from 12 now And most of those have come


off the racket of Chan there. She looks up at her coaching box and


just thinks - why can I not make a return under pressure? Maybe lob.


I'm looking to see, Ninomiya she'll go to the forehand side I would


think on this occasion. It's amazing.


That is her tenth break point saved, Ninomiya. Ten. Still hasn't been


broken. That's why you can trust Japanese


manufacturing. So solid. You know what you are going to get and that


one was deep. So Voracova could really move. Like how she just


leaned forwards there, the top edge, over the ball.


Two more break points saved. A game away from levelling the match.


Well there is where Ninomiya and Voracova, they have to draw


confidence from the fact that Chan is really struggling out there on


the ground strokes. Just really trying it make every return back at


her feet. Just really creating some good presence. The player at the net


has to move a lot here. Really trying to get inside the mindset,


right now of Chan. She is struggling. She's go the to be


sitting there just thinking - how? I had three opportunities and couldn't


make the pass, past the net and Niculescu is the dominant factor.


Moving a lot and trying to be so positive out there I and look,


change of ends, she could barely say a word to Chan because she's just a


little frustrated in her own mind, I'm sure.


So Niculescu has to hold serve to stay in the second set at 4-5.


Niculescu unbroken as well. Good presence here. Trying to keep


the ball in court. Any opportunity. Yes, doesn't miss the overheads. Set


point now for Ninomiya and Voracova Well good play for Voracova and


again, the Japanese player has just been so good up on the smashes.


A terrific effort. Niculescu broken for the first game. Look at the


delight. The final dream is alive and well. It is 1-1 sets. This is


exciting now, Chris. A great effort. Ninomiya and Voracova, they just


gelled that little bit better towards the end of that second set.


Chan just fell apart a little bit there.


SUE BARKER: On Centre Court, Roger Federer is in action against Tomas


Berdych. She has had a couple of break points but this is the second


of the men's semifinals. A short time ago, Marin Cilic secured his


place in his first-ever Wimbledon final, defeating Sam Querrey in four


sets. How about this for a celebration? That's what it means.


He raised his game. His team delighted. He has always been a


danger man, a former US Open champion and through to the


Wimbledon final for the first time. So we have Federer over on BBC One,


and here on BBC Two, we are taking you back to the start of the third


set. COMMENTATOR: 69 minutes gone,


semifinal delicately poised. Chan and Niculescu have taken a comfort


break. Who do you think, going into the final set, is more likely to win


now, obviously they have the momentum having won the second set


but the match has been so close. Voracova and Chan, for me have been


slightly more vulnerable. I think Niculescu has made a difference for


her team and I think they had opportunities there but Chan could


not come up with one ball in the court on those returns and that


absolutely hurt her team. It was Niculescu that was creating the


opportunities, moving forward. Looking to be the one that was being


more active and really things were going well. At the start of a new


set, Louise, you can change sides on the return of serve if you wanted


to. We very seldom, if ever see that. Is there an argument for that


or is it crazy more often than not the break points are on the left


court, so you have your best returner there, ideal, would they


consider that or not? I don't think they will. I think Chan is so stuck


in playing that backhand side, and that's where she can cover up her


weakness, her forehand, so if she moves over to the forehand side and


has to hit more forehands cross-court they'll pick up on that


and if she plays the forehand side, she will hand the advantage to


Niculescu or is Niculescu just always going to be under pressure? I


would stick with what they have been practising with. There have been a


few teams that have tried that. I know there was a team to played one


set each time and changed because they both wanted to practise their


singles but that doesn't always work. It puts a lot more pressure on


just getting used to seeing what sort of ball is coming, what sort of


serve is coming and hitting back across court. The players will often


say they need at least one towel to sit on, one to use, and one towel


just in case, they will be in bathrooms all over the world as soon


as the Championships are over. They develop legs every year It is nice


to have the different colours. And the different years? Yes and you


have to have a selection of all the years that you played. Voracova just


refuelling there as the opponents come back onner court.


It is a super day now, blue skies, a good crowd. It'll be wonderful come


2019 to have two covered course. The roof. Part of the four-year plan, by


the time next year's tournament comes around, everything like the


retractible part, rather like the Centre Court programme, that will be


the only piece missing and by 2019 there will be two magnificent


state-of-the-art roofs Well, let's hope it is a wet year. Remember when


Centre Court finished, $100 million, it didn't rain for two years!


UMPIRE: Final set. So Ninomiya the only player left unbroken to begin


set three. I say the only player to be left


unbroken, 5'1", remember. Smashes really well. Serves really well.


Great attitude. Great character. Niculescu needs to be careful she


doesn't over play, over her partner Chan, lock her out of some of these


points because quhan will feel that and she may become a little less


secure in how she feels already. She had to make an early judgment


call there, whether that was going long.


Super. That was really coolly done. Yeah, definitely a lot more


confident and calm off this backhand side. Just to the left hand there,


Chan. Oh, a chance. She knows it. She is


having a little bit of fun. She loves to change things up,


Niculescu. Her coach wasn't smiling. They've


been together a long time. They have.


Not a bad option. It's a fine line between leaving too early and also


making sure that you've got enough reach to get across for that one.


Well the return didn't have any pace on it, so edge across here Chan,


that's a bit of a gift, moving so early. It is such a short ball, too.


It would be the same for Ninomiya if she held easily. She has struggled


each and every service game. She has saved ten break points and still is


the only player on court left unbroken. Ten off 13. Amazing.


Both went for that one, down the middle, Chan and Nick Nick. -- Chan


and Niculescu. What is the golden rule on that Generally you want the


person to hit it off the forehand volley. In this case I would just


say to Niculescu - you try and take most of them, though, because she's


the one that's been a bit more positive and she's making more


balls, a bit calmer. Good strategic play there. That was


from Ninomiya and Voracova. Owning the net and I think Ninomiya is


smart, to give a bit of direction and give some purpose here to


Voracova. Keep things really clear and simple for her and then she


tends to move in situations a little bit better.


Another drink being brought courtside by one of the ball boys.


Niculescu, 0-1, final set after an hour and 55 minutes Again, just 86


miles per hour, there's not much on it. You have to generate pace off


Niculescu's serve. You needed those umbrellas for a


day, and a tiny bit of another! Great return from Voracova. Probably


her best one, that inside out backhand, with a lot of authority.


Again, just showing that she is going to make her opponent play, she


is not going to go away here. The movement, the focus. They have not


been broken, Niculescu, until the last game of that second set.


Another break point to save now. I mean, they are three from four and


break points, Ninomiya and Voracova, compare the two from 13.


That was coolly done. Good work here from Niculescu. Just trying to lift


that one, but Voracova going away at the net there, nice and positive


again. Break points saved. A little break


for the new balls. Yes, she just held her nerve that little bit


better, I felt today, Niculescu. If she has been under pressure, she has


put a good serve in and backed herself. She has got to keep lifting


her partner, Chan. She just has not been at her best all day today. The


forehand has been missing a little, a couple of double faults, and just


starting to weigh her down. And again, they know that is coming,


that move, but she does it so well, Niculescu. We have seen Voracova hit


that shot on return but has not been able to back herself in and moving


into the net. Just a difference in strategy.


That is a pretty instant challenge. Walking straightaway after she hit


the serve and she felt she had made it. She was right. When is an


instant challenge, they are normally right, aren't they? Yes, I'm sure


she didn't hit that is fine as it was.


A sign of nerves again? Yes, great depth from Chan. Yes, it is almost


like she has issues in her game, Voracova. She just shook her right


arm out. Yet another break point. Would you


serve to a backhand or a forehand, Chris, Chan? Backhand, that is where


most of the errors are coming from. I think she has missed off both


sides! I was just contemplating! Two from 13! Yes!


She might not have the hit one. Yes. Left arm comes down so quickly.


Well, there was not anything on that return. Again, why not go for the


lob? I know she smashes really well, Ninomiya, but break points,


semifinal, start of the final set! Absolutely.


Two from 14 break points. That could haunt them at the end of this match.


Two hours and six minutes, I suppose it is how you look at it. They could


say, we have had 14 chances, we will get a break in a minute. Yes, it is


a numbers game, but you also once the trust what you are doing out


there. If I look at Chan in between points, she looks very static to me.


She doesn't look like she is really having some good internal dialogue.


For me, I want to see a bit more enthusiasm Dick communication from


this team. It has been all Niculescu trying to do the most out here and


to lift the energy -- enthusiastic. Break points won. Yes, hugely


different. 45%. One of two almost throughout the Championships. And


today, the solo, and it is all coming on the shoulders of Chan. 250


ball boys and girls, they are magnificent. Chan. 1-2, final set.


Well, she keeps coming back, this young lady. I love her attitude. She


seems to be enjoying herself out here. She has had so little


experience at this level, but for her team, she is the standout. Ten


years difference in age between her and her partner.


82 mph serve. That did not really look like it was going to come over.


They have hardly played with each other, both pairs. That is pretty


significant. Still finding out about playing with each other. Yes, you


understand they have only lost one match each together in their last


tournament. So just understanding what happens under pressure.


And pretty early, she went, Niculescu. Got away with it.


It remains a really close match. It has been from the beginning.


Oh, she just pulled that one a little wide, could not quite


stabilise herself on the forehand. Well, her feet are just feeling


heavier and heavier. That is a pretty standard high backhand volley


for Chan, just getting so frustrated with herself. Trademark skills of


Niculescu not disappearing. She is going to continue to play her game


style. The advantage of serving first.


Final set, they served first in the second set as well. A break when the


pressure was there on the scoreboard, last game of the set.


Two and a quarter hours. Let's hope it has inspired the play. That


typifies how close the match has felt. As soon as there was a break,


the other team broke back, that happened twice in the first set so


nobody got two games ahead. It was the same in the second set until the


break at the very end of it. The whole match has just stayed within


that, there is a lot of stress out there, for either player to get some


momentum and you really push ahead. And I just feel there has been one


good player on both sides. And one liking a little bit. We have not


seen two really shoot of together and in tandem play quality tennis.


The team that is going to lock it in and be more consistent together is


going to be the one that is going to make the difference. I don't think


it is going to be up to one player to really challenge them and create


the difference, it has got to come together. And whichever team can do


that first is going to get that little momentum shift. And be in the


Wimbledon final. What a thing to play for! Niculescu, 2-3, final set.


So tricky, isn't she, Niculescu? She certainly is, and that is the only


second love held service game of the match. The first was from Voracova,


the level it for- four, so every service game is a battle.


Absolutely, that is a little sign of where she is at, Niculescu. She is


certainly the calmest and court, making the best decisions. She has


been the bravest and the glue for her team throughout.


This will just make a difference here for this young lady, Chan. She


has not been able to really be dominant today at all.


Voracova has to be very careful of the toss here. She is starting to


get it a fairway into the court and very close to a foot fault there.


She has been called for one foot fault already today. Oh, there is a


little bump there. Oh, yes. Oh! It is so early there. Ninomiya. Chan


spotted it, but just could not make it. Anything over the net was going


to be a winner. I could watch this match all day, it


is magnificent! Pressure next on Chan. Two hours and


20 minutes. Have you been to the Wimbledon shot yet? No, I have not.


Some amend toes. I got some stunning things, though. Oh, the train is on.


Maybe why she is not performing at her best today, Chan. She has just


been so tight that when you mentally tight and you stress more about what


is happening, that can have that psychosomatic physical difference


here. And Chan is serving the next. This could be a moment for Ninomiya


and Voracova. They will certainly be sitting there and just thinking


about how they have to be really solid in this next game. Chan, it


little perplexed today with what has been going on. The time-out has been


called, that is three minutes. After this time-out has finished, two more


sit downs, the primary provider as they are called these days can come


on the court and help you for the allotted time for the change of


ends, but when the umpire calls time, you have to get out and play.


One medical time-out per injury. She has been really good today. Monica


Niculescu. It has been a tough match for her. She has had to work really


hard and try to keep encouraging her partner here. Maybe this is why. I


wondered why she has not been able to make more of a difference here in


this match. She has got a lot of experience, she has won a lot of


tournaments. 12 tournaments in total, nine with her sister. And you


would think that she could just deal with this pressure a little bit


better than what she is today. For me, the two standout players have


been Ninomiya, the little 23-year-old who has had the least


amount of experience, she has come out here which she is a seasoned


traveller. And Niculescu, she has been exceptional with her unusual


game style. SUE BARKER: While the medical


time-out continues on Court Number One, we will take you at the Centre


Court, where Roger Federer is in the semifinal against Tomas Berdych. A


short time ago, he had set point in the first set tie-break at 6-4. A


really tight set, one break apiece and Tomas Berdych having trouble.


Like a great champion, he raises his level of play just when it matters


to take the opening set on the tie-break. So Roger Federer still


yet to drop a set at these championships. As I said, that was


just a short time ago and he has just held his first service game.


That is over on BBC One. Roger Federer against Tomas Berdych in the


semifinal, on BBC One. But let's go back to Court Number One.


Coming towards the end of this medical time-out. Looks to be in a


lot of discomfort. Others raring to go. Just trying to release it. And


you get a crack that just releases it, such a wonderful feeling when


they get them out of your back. I wish we could have a medical


time-out as well, Chris! That would feel good. Let's hope she is OK, she


is now going to come out and serve after this treatment. That could


give Ninomiya and Voracova a real lift here, more motivation.


Anti-inflammatories as well, they will take at least ten minutes to


kick in. This next game is now huge. Concerned faces.


Yes, nearly five minutes. Chan, 3-4, final set. That is going to hurt her


team, that will be the number one priority, to put as much pressure


back on Chan as possible. 82 mph serve.


Super. That last serve was 70 miles per hour.


Well, this comes out of nowhere for Chan. This is such a difficult


situation for her to read because her face is not looking towards the


net. She's got to guess. But her opponent had shifted and given her a


little space there. That hurt. She seems to be hurting


off the forehand not off the backhand. She's just hit two


terrific backhands. And this one. Well done, Chan. A painful hold. It


certainly was. Still locked. Two hours and 28 minutes.


The only player unbroken on court, remember, Ninomiya.


Pushed it long. UMPIRE: The ball was called out. Requesting a challenge




Miss Chan and Miss Niculescu have two challenges left.


Well, she gets this one. Is that return going out? Yeah, possibly.


Voracova didn't do enough with it, but Chan really committed to that


forehand. And we are back exactly where we


were in the second set, 5-4, when Ninomiya and Voracova, 5'1"... Look


at the reaction there, Chris. Yeah, she is really suffering. It's just


everywhere. It was the back that the treatment took place on. Now it's


affecting the shoulder. It is a blessing in a way that


Niculescu is serving next as more treatment is applied. Niculescu was


30-0 up at 4-5 second set, lost four points in a row. This is all related


to the original injury, then it won't be a separate timeout. The


umpire has called time, so they've got to play. Didn't cite it as a


different injury. So, huge pressure now on them and Niculescu. She's got


to hold serve to keep this semifinal alive.


It can be noted as well that Chan and Niculescu have been the team


who've been able to get through two three-set matches.


Great play from Voracova. When you look at the draw throughout. They've


had the two bigger matches. They've been able to get it through some


really tough matches, Voracova and than Kuznetsov and her partner. . I


just wonder if that's going to help them get through this one.


Wow. Well, here we go again, it is 30-0 to 30-30. Well, she's just been


terrific today. Makoto Ninomiya, I love her.


Oh, that would've given them - oh, match point. She can't believe it.


She looks the most experienced right now. Yeah, it's unbelievable, isn't


it? Just able to just narrow her focus.


It was worth a try. Just left a fraction too early, though.


Every shot, though, is taking its toll. Two points. Two points from


the final. Oh, you looked at that little


half-volley that was sitting on the racket. Just didn't quite get the


timing right. 5-5, final set. Over two-and-a-half hours now.


I just love the fact that Niculescu has just kept doing what she knows


well but moving forwards, being creative, trying to make


opportunities for her team. And that's been the response all day


from this young lady. It's in. It seemed to be in the air


for an age. She sets up here and it just looks


like the ball is sitting on those strings but perfectly hit.


Trying to shake it out. She served three double faults in the third


game of the second set. Still held. Finished with an ace.


Chan to serve next. She's the ailing player. She served well. Really well


to hold serve after the medical time out but every part of her body seems


to be sore. This is going to be a huge hold now. This will be the last


time she can receive any sort of treatment. On this particular - it


is spreading everywhere. The rest of your body. It is called secondaries,


isn't it? The rest of the body helps protect the rest. Well, she's


feeling it mentally. She's feeling it physically. She knows that


ultimately the pressure is coming all on this game here and we don't


know how she's feeling but she's shown the back has been sore, the


right arm has been sore and she has to put that all out of her mind


right now. How is she going to handle the pressure?


Two hours 40 minutes now. Chan serving to stay in the match at 5-6


with new balls. You know some players, they actually


- it enhances their play, when they have something else to think about,


and perhaps just takes a little bit of pressure away. She's come out


every time and played a little better after the injury.


Well, that one just fading a little bit into the left hip. Not getting


her feet around there, Voracova. It is hard, physically, when there


is not a lot of pace in the serve, to create pace.


Now they've reset the challenges to three. So much talk over the years


on no tie breaks set at Wimbledon. I think - how about playing another


four games so, one service game each player, if there's in breaks, so it


gets to 8-8, play a tie-break. Other people say they want the drama of


15-13 or 70-68 or whatever it is. Well, it's going to attract. The


answer from the doubles players, they don't mind playing the


advantage but if this was Garbine Muguruza playing out here, I know


what she would rather. If she's going to play in a final or a big


match the next day, you do not want to be spending possibly four hours


playing a doubles match. And perhaps that would just


encourage some of the top players to play more often in the doubles. Tie


breaks, when they first came out here at Wimbledon were played at


8-8. In this set. Then they reduced it to 6-6.


She has been great off that wing today. Catching it late.


Oh, wow, what a return off the left hip there from Niculescu. She's been


able to give opportunities for Chan. Chan just hasn't been able to take


them at the most important moment here. Can she take it? Two from 14.


She's still unbroken. She's saved ten of the break points.


Niculescu will serve for a place in the final.


Well, it's incredible. Chan, I mean, why she could not have just tried to


give herself a bigger target on those previous break points, we


wouldn't be here. Chan has not been able to put that ball back at the


toes of the server and look what happens, all of a sudden the


pressure comes back. Well, Niculescu, she's been, for me, the


toughest one out here. She doesn't have a big serve but she's able it


put the ball in the court. She can lob, move, make her opponent think


and shaegs' continually been the challenge her for her team today.


She'll see their opponents really hit a lot of returns at Chan, I


think in this next game. They'll continue to challenge her at the


net. Two hours and 47 minutes, Niculescu


serving for the match. We don't expect it to be


straightforward, do we? It's been that sort of match. Not at this


stage, no. Well, a little too enthusiastic


there. Ninomiya there, going to the right player. She was deep in the


court. She needed to play it deep cross-court and wait for a shorter


one to go at Chan. UMPIRE: Miss Chan and Miss Niculescu


challenging the call. Challenging it. . Well they just create so much


more pressure on the second serves here and it has.


It's amazing, whenever you see a player go down after they hit a


ground stroke, you just know it's just tension.


Good hands here from Voracova but the calmness of this young girl is


just so good to watch, under pressure. Two lifeline points.


SUE BARKER: We are tied at 7-7. We are leaving this match on BBC Two.


But if you want to continue watching, it is our featured match


on the red button if you want it continue watching this semifinal.


The reason we are leaving, is because we'll be joining the match


on Centre Court between Roger Federer and Tomas Berdych. And


Federer is in a real battle. He won the opening set, 7-4 and it is 4-4


in the second. Marin Cilic is already through. He came through his


opening match against Sam Querrey in four sets. So that is it. We are


staying with this match and our commentators for Federer and Berdych


are Andrew Castle. Tim Henman and Boris Becker.


ANDREW CASTLE: The first set saw Roger Federer take the early break.


He was experimenting and expressing himself, he looked supremely


confident. He was pegged back, a tough tie-break. There'll be times


in Tomas Berdych's career when losing that first set and being


under so much pressure might have told but he hasn't gone anywhere in


this second set. He is still standing his ground.


That's one of those ones that really only Federer plays.


TIM HENMAN: You are meant to move your feet, not just flick the wrist.


Well Henman Hill there. Basking in the weather. They are enjoying the


men's semifinals. Watch out, the armed services is


rescuing one of our cameras here and Centre Court, a good job so far from


Tomas Berdych, weathering the storm. He's now 4-5 down and therefore


serving to stay in the second set. APPLAUSE


Well here is this footwork again, moving to the backhand side. So


quick to see it. The net not helping Tomas Berdych but quick feet


adjustment, popping it down the line.


TIM MENMAN: A bad error at any time but serving down a set, 15-15, if


this went, Federer can seize the moment.


Bravo. We have talked about Berdych feeling the pace of play, but


Federer is being moved around his side of the court as well. As


Berdych, that has been noticeable, how hard Pedro is working


physically. One hour and 30 played. -- Federer. Playing really well


under pressure. It could have been 2-0. But he has other things on his


mind. He wants to continue. He wants to fight. Great tennis.


It has been a gutsy display by Berdych, he has just been under


relentless pressure. Very few opportunities and Federer's serve.


Receiving body blow after body blow. Keeps getting up. Standing in the


corner of the rink here. Federer looking to get to his 11th


Wimbledon final. A fairly illustrious list in second place.


Pete Sampras. After Gore. And one Boris Becker. Who? Only seven finals


for you, Boris. He is way ahead of that. He played him, didn't you? I


did play Pete in my last final. In 95. And after losing four sets ready


handsomely come up I felt he had taken away my Keys. I call this my


living room. Ever since Federer Pete Sampras in 2001, there was a new


owner of this court. There are so many remarkable numbers. He has been


in 28 grand slam finals. Roger Federer. He takes that reputation


out on the court. Very pleased to see Ken with us on Centre Court


today, the oldest man in the oldest -- in the Open era to be in a grand


slam final. He was 39 in 1974 when he played Jimmy Connors. What a year


that was! And he played in the same court in 1954. Maybe we will be


coming here for that long. Going back to the match, Berdych


trying to hold on to get to the tie-break and then get lucky.


Roger Federer letting that one go, saving his energy. Keeping all his


power for the second set tie-break. The first one was 7-4. Tomas Berdych


clearly can't go two sets down, he has not come back from two sets down


since 2005 in any match. So crucial for the man from the Czech Republic


to win this. Both players getting ready for a


second serve, I believe the challenge was very good. No. What do


we know? Great return from Federer, but you


have got to say, the second serve was in the pocket, did not have to


move. Still executed well, though. Amazing how he can play those shots


so aggressively, but still with margin for error. That was three


feet over the net. It is just delicious, isn't it? If


you are a Federer ban, and there are many of course, I'm sure Tomas


Berdych is one. But how about missing now and again? Not when you


are called Roger Federer. Perfect forehand.


Make that four. Total control of the second set tie-break from Roger


Federer, 51, as they change. One hour and 40 minutes, virtually, for


Tomas Berdych in the sunshine. Great tension he has played well, he has


resisted well, he has fought hard. Nothing to show for it! Total


control, and total convictions on the forehand. That one, he really


moved his feet well once he got it into the hitting zone, accelerating


the racket head through it. He took a big gamble with the second


serve, what is the option at 1-5 down? It is all or nothing at this


point. Well, it looked completely under


control, but it wasn't a situation he really wanted to find himself


then, Federer, defending a crosscourt Berdych passing shot. He


got it in the corner, 6-3. And three set points.


So another big second serve onto the line. I thought when Federer saw how


bad his return was coming he might have elected to go for the


challenge. It is 2-0, Roger Federer. It appears


that he is on the way to the Wimbledon final on Sunday to play


Marin Cilic. A long way back for Tomas Berdych, 7-6, 7-6, Federer.


SUE BARKER: four forehand winners in a row made a difference and Roger


Federer has taken it 7-4 as he did in the first set. We will be back on


Centre Court, this is what we were watching earlier on BBC Two and it


has now been decided. It has taken just under three hours a two minutes


and oh, and it has gone to the Hao-Ching Chan and Monica Niculescu,


winning the 9-7 in the third and final set of a Makoto Ninomiya and


Renata Voracova. Some 9-7 in the third set, what a battle out on


Court Number One. They are delighted and we will see them back in the


final against Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina, runners-up here in


2015, winning in straight sets today against Anna-Lena Groenefeld and


Kveta Peschke, who turned 42 here and was the winner of the Doubles


earlier in the week. Another two cedes territory the final. -- the


number two seeds go through to the final. Clare Balding tomorrow will


be joined for the wheelchair Ladies' Singles final tomorrow. That is at


11 o'clock. And we are just going to dip into Court number 14 to tell you


that the defending champions Jordanne Whiley and her partner have


taken the last set. So that the 6-4, they were the winners of this title


the last three years, so that is on the red button. And Alfie Hewett and


Gordon Reid on the red button in their Doubles match. That is


elsewhere, but back we go for the start of the third set.


The set, both two Roger Federer. What an imported ten minutes for


Berdych. Two comebacks from two sets down were from the Paraguay player


Delgado and against Tommy Haas in 2005. A long time ago.


Well, nice and relaxed and hitting through the ball. Tomas Berdych. And


he will be most disappointed with these two tie-breaks. You are a


poker player, he threw the dice and it didn't quite work, did it? Yes,


but he should not be disheartened because Federer was pushing him all


the time. Just trying to stay alive in the second set. The only thing he


can do is go back in. I know his track record of 2-0 down is not the


very best. But if he really starts now and concentrates on the third


set and not get ahead of yourself and think about the fourth or the


faith because it might not happen. -- the fifth. It would be easy for


what I want to get despondent when he has played the level he has had


and served well and served from the back of the court with nothing to


show. That is a top point! Heart rate


elevated. You feel for that type of effort, it deserves more than just


one point. And the effort was worth it. For


Berdych now. 0-30. It is not easy to return from the position Berdych is


in at the moment. The Sun certainly is a factor.


But then again, he could not touch Federer's serve much when it wasn't


sunny! That certainly was not where Federer


was aiming to hit that volley, it could have been four feet inside the


line and it would have been good enough. Back to 30-30. He does


challenge more often than normal. He was out of challenges at the end of


the first set, wasn't he? For a game or two.


He is playing well, Berdych, we are trying to give him credit, but at


30-30 second serve, he can't miss that return.


Even the bridge each coaching Roger Federer. Former World Number 3. He


took Croatia to the Davis Cup final in 2005, winning 11 Singles matches.


And he is on the ATP board as well, so much respect for the man. He was


the long-time coach of Milos Raonic many years. These two started


working together this year. Before that, Stefan Edberg was his super


coach. And even he is in the box. He's got all the experts!


That looked a bit awkward. Fatigue. Missing the little steps now that


usually happens when your legs get heavy.


It is all about survival sometimes, when you are two sets down, there


are things you can do to survive and stay hydrated. Not going to use


those here on Centre Court. There -- their grills is with us. He would


know a bingo about survival. He plays here too, he spoke to the


members and told them some stories. Left-handed. Hopeless second serve!


Another good game from Berdych. It is important Federer doesn't get in


patient and start rushing a little bit. At 2-0, he still has to


maintain his focus. I find him a little edgy today, I find him a


little bit... A couple of signs. Yes. You can blame him? He is going


for history. He is human after all and the other day, he admitted he is


actually nervous going on. So he really wants this badly. He wants to


get it over with. To get ready for the final. No one in history has won


eight Wimbledon titles and every time he plays, he seemed set new


records and he will be the second man to win eight titles at one Grand


Slam event. Rafael Nadal has got ten. That is Jill Brooke, a good


player herself. Everybody captivated by this match and expecting Federer


to win, as he expects himself to win. A long way from the winning


line now though, still. That has been his favourite serve when he


starts his service game. Out wide. If I were Berdych, and would move


there a little bit now. He chased that, Tomas! This is


exhausting. Just had a really close look and we


saw Tomas Berdych's eyes from commentary position at ground level.


And we are not betting men in tennis, but if I was, I would say


this is a very long way back for Tomas Berdych. But he is going to


keep coming at Federer, I think his spirit is wonderful. No, you're


right, even though he is three years younger, he seems more fatigued,


more drained than this guy. A lot of more effort just to stay in the


first two sets. That court Federer completely


off-guard, but even that ball, he is able to return.


Yes, the great thing about tennis is, it is quite a soft ball and


there is somebody up in the Royal Box... Yes, he is talking about it!


That is the way to do it. That is Sachin Tendulkar, the only man with


100 centuries at international level, the former captain of


England. -- India. Interesting, in Swiss. It means


roughly the same in German, right? It does. What did he say, how very


unfortunate I missed that shot? Very much so!


2-0 up, on the third. I think pretty much in control. But...


And that's why Federer was so cross he missed the forehand in the net.


He didn't give himself a chance. He considered that match point. Now


we have played two hours here. It is all very well for us sitting here


but he is two sets up and in control and it looks inevitable that he is


going to win. But as a match player, Timico Cheltenham Gold Cup Chase,


anything can happen? Absolutely. It is not a sport where you look at the


clock to keep the lead. He has to keep his focus.


He can't get frustrated. And as we pull back from the centre


of London and the live. Here they have organised all sorts of trips


for the children of the players here.


Over the years, not just the hospitality, the food but the creche


is second to none. And there is Wimbledon Park. Boris


wishes it to be known that is his golf club! Exactly! Nobody is


allowed to walk... Just for these two weeks.


It is not yet a marathon, as we view Paula Radcliffe watching this. Still


the world marathon record-holder, just over two hours 15 for 26 miles.


Ridiculous! Interesting. Berdych refusing the


challenge. There is a great level of respect


between the players. If one player is shaking their head, telling him


don't challenge, usually it's believed.


And since that previous game, Federer has looked disgruntled by


his standards. And that's out. He's lost six of the


last seven points. Sharing his Swiss/German views on a


missed forehand. On that occasion it was Federer that


came in on an average approach shot. Berdych made the pass, Federer


couldn't control the volley. Where's he going, bory, out wide? Or


up the T? Wide... It would have been an ace against me as well, there you


go! Back to deuce, where's he going, Andrew? Wide.


So, Tim, where's it going now? Clearly, out wide.


This for the hat-trick! Brilliant! It shows what we know!


So, a minute ago, Berdych had a couple of break points. The next


thing you know, a couple of aces and three games on, back to normal.


Ultimately, they must play with two minds. At this stage it is very much


a mental game. The few chances Berdych had, Federer responded every


time like a champ. Berdych winning a succession of


points. Federer down 15-40.


Four to get out of trouble there and two here.


If this were boxing, you would be waiting for the referee to step in.


Federer relentless with his pressure.


Berdych trying the old serve-volley. Only the seventh time in the match.


A clean strike. Backhand down the line. Second serve smothered. And


it's the break that could take Federer... It's been coming for some


time. He was disgruntled when he had the break point earlier on in the


set and missed the forehand but came back from 15-30 on his own service


game. No wonder he is the most remarkable athlete. The Reputation


Constitute, whoever they are, came up with a study saying he was the


second only to Mandela, saying he was respected, admired and trusted.


Who has been around at the very top of his own sport and goes about his


business with such an artistic feel about him. But ten minutes or so,


ago, he was a bit cross, understandably. Anything less than


spectacular is a bit of an insult. He still hasn't lost a set here.


And he knows how important that was. Everybody gets up on their feet.


They show their appreciation. And the player notices that. It's


important. Berdych has been on the ropes for


two hours, where is he now, Boris? Is he still in the ring? Somehow!


He dragged that wide with a kick-serve. It opens up the forehand


side. This is the shot, isn't it. 18 of these Grand Slam titles.


He is going to give himself another chance, by the looks of it. But not


there yet. The finish line is close.


They can smell it. Oh! Oh, poor Thomas. It's the


no-look, fade away, no-look, squashed hand, semi-hand, squash


shot. That's just not fair! And Berdych keeps bludgeoning away.


He is still there. The longest match for Roger Federer


this at 2.15 minutes. He's been going up through the gears this


second week. Grigor Dimitrov, 4-2 and four.


Last year's semifinal was just under two hours and 15. It hasn't looked


like being anything other than his match but he is having to fight


hard. He certainly has. Tomas Berdych really deserves credit as he


has really stuck in. He has not thrown in the towel. He is holding


Federer and sticking in. He has to hold him one more time to serve out


the match. That is pretty much all you can do


when facing Federer these days, give it your best shot. Play until the


end. Roger has been on such a tier this year.


Only losing two matches and in both of those he had match points.


He is taking his time. There will be a bit of reception for Roger for


possibly the last time today. A nice idea from Berdych. But really


coming in behind a pair of twos there.


The third time he tried that drop shot, third time lucky.


He wanted to finish with a flourish. Ace out wide, Boris? What do I know!


And that's it! A tough semifinal. But no sets lost.


, Two intensely fought tie-breakers. Another excellent tournament for


Tomas Berdych but he sup comes at the semifinal stage.


-- suck onlies. And this triumphant year for Roger


Federer continues. He takes six months off after losing


in the semifinal last year, then win the Australian Open. On his 100th


match in the Australian Open he beats Nadal in a classic. He wins in


Indian wells in Miami. He comes to Wimbledon without playing on the


clay at all and he hasn't lost a set.


So, he sets new standards. 35 years of age. There are people


younger playing in the seniors events here.


And with a great selection of champions across different sports


and endevours saluting him, a standing ovation for Federer, which


he will surely get on Sunday. Berdych played his part and at 31,


he still has some years ahead. Federer taking time signing


autographs, and he is loving what he is doing. That's the key to it, and


being fit and fresh. Another masterclass from Federer. But I


really do think Berdych deserves credit. He played a high-level. But


at the end of the day, the better man came out on top.


He will have a chance for more sporting history on Sunday against


Marin Cilic. Incidentally he has won six and lost one against Marin


Cilic. Federer is not finished yet. Another final for Roger Federer. So,


Federer/Cilic to look forward to. He is now with Phil Jones.


Roger, congratulations, another Wimbledon final. This one is


special, chasing number eight. With a love of the crowd, it must be a


special time for you? I feel privileged to be in another finals.


I know how much it means to the players to be able to go out on


Centre Court at Wimbledon at any given time in their career. I've had


the pleasure to play on Centre Court so many times and this time in


another finals, it is so good. I can't almost believe it is true


again. I'm happy to have a day off tomorrow to reflect on everything I


have done this year. And on this tournament, so I can get ready for


the final and hopefully play a good one.


Well, one of the great sporting stories, to take six months off


after last year's Wimbledon, the Australian Open, now another final.


Can you put it into perspective for us? It was a long way back. Last


year was difficult to stay calm, to speak to the team. To make another


decision to sit out and wait longer. To take the time. But I'm happy I


did it. My life continues after tennis too.


And at this point it is almost more important than playing itself. I


want to be a good dad, a good husband, I guy who can do sports


later on. So giving your body is rest is a good thing. We have seen


it. I am happy it is paying off. For a second there are doubts you may


never be able to come back and play a match on Centre Court in Wimbledon


but it happened and it happened many, many times this week. So thank


you to the tournament for putting me on Centre Court. I feel it is a real


honour for me. And Sunday and another final and


playing Marin Cilic. You have history here? Last year it was a


brutal quarter final. I was down in the third or the fourth set. At some


stage things wericallicated. I got really, really luck which to win. I


thought it a great match. He's a great guy, I know Marin really well.


We have played doubles together. He's a lovely guy. I'm happy for


him, he is in his first Wimbledon finals, he crushed me at the US


Open, I hope he will not play that good. But I'm really looking forward


to playing against him. And finally, a word on you being the


oldest man to reach the men's single, you are making age an


irrelevant number, the 35. Well, it means a lot, Ken Rose is


also a wonderful man. It is great for us to mark this in this way. I


was happy to be here today. I hope to meet him later on.


Congratulation, Roger. Period of time it.


Wow! What a match it was. For the record he has played so many matches


this year. Only lost two of them. In both he had a match point. That is


how good he has been. Two hours, 18 minutes and 5 p winners, into a


record of 11th Wimbledon final and going for a record eight title.


Everything is a record with Roger. He loves Centre Court and we love


watching him play out there. Faultless and nerveless once again,


he is simply the best! So, just to confirm the line-up, as you heard


there. It is Marin Cilic who came through today against Sam Querrey,


he is up against Roger Federer. We heard of the history that they have.


Sunday BBC One, we start the build-up from 1.00pm.


Well, what a display of tennis that was. Let's get reflection from our


three gentlemen in our commentary box. Boris, Tim, roux. Boris, you


have to switch up a gear when it gets tight. But Roger somehow


switches up three? Cars have five, maximum six gears. He seems to have


ten gears. Whenever he is in trouble he comes out with a better shot.


Tomas Berdych played great under pressure but each time we thought he


had a chance Roger Federer was coming up with a magical shot. That


is what makes him the greatest of all time.


To do it at 35, playing your best tennis. Who would have thought it?


And when it gets tight in the tie-breaks. He must be the greatest


match player as well? Absolutely. I think it is that intensity at the


right moments. Berdych played good tennis. He hung in. He got to the


tie-breaks. But then on cue, Federer found the spots with the first


serve, dictating with the forehand. A stage in the second set tie-break


he hit four incredible forehands to go up 5-1. Other players cannot hang


with him. Again, to come through in straight sets. It was a demanding


match. It is the ideal scenario for him moving forward into the final.


Interesting, Andy, how Roger was talking about Cilic, condition


lights Out Tennis. He can produce it! He can. He did so against Kei


Nishikori. He beat everybody out of sight at that competition. And I


have heard it say that they don't want to see Marin Cilic guiding the


ball. He is a rangy player. The forehand he finished his semifinal


off with today is what he wants to bring to bear on Sunday. He can take


the raquet from Federer's hand. That is the sort of player, rather like


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the sort of player that Federer fears. So, it is


not a pushover. 6-1 on the head-to-head. Federer is the


favourite. But we saw nerves from Federer on the Centre Court and we


will see them on Sunday. And Boris, when you have a match


like he has, Cilic has beaten him two sets to love at match point. You


walk on to the court feeling like you believe? Players remember.


It is the final. You are supposed to have your toughest match. It is a


fascinating match-up. Cilic has the weapons to hurt Roger but on the


other hand history is on the Swiss man's side. It will be interesting


how the players approach the match. Boris, did I hear you say you


thought Roger was nervous? He was edgy. He challenged more than often.


He had a Swiss/German outburst. But it was nothing but he is usually


quiet all the time. So we see how much it means to him.


Tim, as far as Berdych played, he played so well today. He must walk


off thinking there is not much more he could have done? Definitely not.


He had a fantastic tournament. He never let up. We used boxing


analogies, he gave it everything. But at the end of the day the better


man won. It is fantastic for everyone in this event to have


Federer through to the final. So lots to look forward to.


We were going to show shots of the match, and do more of Federer but it


would take too long. Too many of them! Boris, Tim, Andy, thank you


very much. That is it for the semi-finals on Centre Court. There


is more tennis to come. We look ahead to tomorrow as well. It is the


Ladies Final between Garbina Muguruza and Venus Williams. The


ladies take centre stage. I grew up dreaming and reading about


Wimbledon. ARCHIVE: Get fresh with the


ice-cream... Wimbledon is the Golden Globe you are aiming for.


Immediately I fell in love with it. I thought this was heaven.


The whole tournament is very much the same and there are awesome


things about that. The tournament is special. I feel a


lot of support. There's a big stage.


When you walk out on Centre Court, there is such a hush before


everybody explodes... It's quite a fairy tale.


ARCHIVE: In a class of her own. This is part of my life and I don't


want that part to end. Hopefully I can bring home a


Wimbledon trophy! Here was Venus earlier today on the practice court


after her victory yesterday over Johanna Konta where she raised the


level of play. This is the warm-up before they start. Getting serious.


Venus was out there for well over an hour. Hitting impressive backhands


and forehands. She is going for her sixth Wimbledon title. Being watched


by her sister and mum and her team. Venus was on the practice court, as


was Garbina Muguruza. She won the French Open. She has been in the


final before but going for her first Wimbledon title. Such an athletic


player. Her game is similar to Venus. Big serves, big ground shots


and the attention coming forward, and taking the attack to Venus. On


the court is she is with her coach, Conchita Martinez who has made a


difference. Coming in for the grass court season but in the final of


Wimbledon, working well! Mixed Doubles still to come and over


the next 24 hours as well. Today at Wimbledon, tonight at eight p:m..


And tomorrow, tomorrow morning at 11 a:m., the ladies Wheelchair Singles


final and BBC Two. And on BBC One, we will stop the build-up to the


Ladies' Singles final, joined by Billie Jean King, Martina


Navratilova and Chris Evert, among others, John McEnroe, everybody


wants to talk about what promises to be a fantastic ladies final. Before


we join more live tennis, plenty more results. Starting with the


semifinals in the Ladies' Doubles. Ekaterina Makarova and Elena


Vesnina, runners-up in 2015, they go through in straight sets over


Anna-Lena Groenefeld and 42-year-old Kveta Peschke. And in the final,


they will meet Hao-Ching Chan and Monica Niculescu, the number nine


seeds. This was a marathon match, two minutes short of three hours,


winning 9-7 in the third set. So Chan and Monica Niculescu going


through to the Ladies' Doubles tomorrow. It finished on a Hawk-Eye,


not successful. So they shake hands. And the World Number 1 was upset in


a repeat of the French Open final. A real marathon, 7-6 in the third set.


1-6, 7-6. And she goes through to tomorrow's final to face her


opponent who came through comfortably 6-0, 6-2 was the score.


So the runner-up last year going through to the finals. Stefan Olsson


defeated Gordon Reid yesterday and he goes through to the final,


beating his Japanese opponent 6-4, 6-2. And they will team up in the


Doubles later, so beating his Doubles partner today.


Disappointment for Britain's Alfie Hewett, the 19-year-old French Open


champion beaten by Gustavo Fernandez, the number two seed. A


one match, Fernandez winning 1-6, 7-6, 6-3. De Shane Long match. Yes,


he really did hold his nerve! So he will take on Jonas Olsson in the


men's final. The number two seeds went through 6-4, 6-1. This is how


they finished at off. Wonderful rallies on court today. That is it.


That is over. So the number two seeds going through to the final.


And also, the top seeds in the Doubles going through. Beating their


opponents from the Netherlands. That was the score, that is how they


finished at off. And is one of the result. It just has finished on


court 14. Jordanne Whiley and Yui Kamiji, the defending champions,


they have won the last three titles here. Playing Mathewson and fine


coats. And that is the school. Yui Kamiji and Jordanne Whiley go 36-4,


6-4. I said we would show you Mixed Doubles, plenty of British interest


in the Mixed Doubles semifinals. Let's have a look at the semifinals.


Although that is the Royal docks, they are having a lovely time and


that is Katherine Jenkins in the Royal Box today as they guessed. Big


names wanting to see the stars in action and I'm sure she enjoyed


seeing Roger Federer, what a masterclass that was! This is it,


the semifinal, it is Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis, starting on


Centre Court, and that will be on the red button when they start. Just


coming out on Centre Court. And we will be showing it later. But on


Court Number One, it is Henri Kontinen and Heather Watson, the


defending champions. Heather Watson of Great Britain against Bruno


Soares and Elena Vesnina. And we can see set point for Henri Kontinen,


serving with an ace. So the defending champions take the first


set, 6-4. So we now go to the second consecutive game. Sorry, the first


game of the second set. They had seven deuce scores. So we are going


to join Annabel Croft and Barry Davies.


Seven have come gone for Kontinen and Heather Watson. And the opening


game instead goes to Bruno Soares and Elena Vesnina. It could have


been a set and a game up, Annabel Croft. The opportunity just went


away, a lot on the fact that he served to the forehand, which was


not the greatest strength, shall we say? Well, he was very clever,


Heather did get opportunities and second serves, but Bruno Soares was


clever and served it into the forehand side of Heather. And on


one, she expected it down the forehand side and he threw in the


high Kaka -- the high kicker and he matched her. High spirits, a lot of


fun and very bubbly, enjoying themselves.


He has been the life and soul of the party. He really has, there is no


place on this court that he is not in a position where he can hit a


great shot. He is like a jack in the box.


Very confident on serve. A lot of free points and easy games under his


belt on serve. A big puff of smoke. Well, that was the 40th ace of the


championship from the racket of Henri Kontinen.


Again, another forehand error off that serve of Heather Watson, so


that will be very much targeted through the course of this match. It


has all gone a little bit quiet, a fear in the crowd those mistakes


might in the long term prove IT costly. -- pretty costly.


Yes, the atmosphere has just dipped a little bit, hasn't it? It was a


party atmosphere until the end of that first set.


I think it will be a somewhat relieved Brazilian and Russian who


can sit there and discuss how they got away with it. But as you said,


Annabel, he was clever with it. Would the opportunity was there.


Yes, sometimes that pressure mounts up on break point and you feel


pressured you are not taking them. So you can understand it. At clever


serving. He had swing on that ball and the ability to kick it up high


to the backhand when Heather side we moved towards the forehand,


expecting it down that side. A lot of mind games, trying to outfox your


opponents with when you are going to serve. I think for Bruno Soares, he


was not getting enough first serves into play when he got broken. The


break that won the first set came in the penultimate game. Served out by


Kontinen. So now Heather Watson. 1-2, second set. Well, that is a


great serve. So calm in her delivery, the way she sets up for


it. 99, beautifully placed. Effortless power on that one. Ace.


That was well placed as well. Leading to a simple killed.


What a striped forward game this is turning into their straightforward.


Three excellent serves very well placed and put away at the net for


Henri Kontinen. Very much made his presence felt in this Mixed Doubles


match. Lots of this going on, lots of


signalling. He is just being bossed about by Heather! She told him to


move further across. Maybe the advice was not quite what he wanted.


He did as he was told. He did. Well, we have too, don't we? That is how


it is, that is life! Exactly, quite right! They are still talking here.


They might have to do a bit more signalling because they have just


given away what they were going to do the first time.


Her serve has just started to the accelerator, 75 miles per hour, that


last one. -- has started to slow down.


They have taken full advantage of the weakness.


Oh, that is the first error he has made. Hardly missed a volley out


here. He was so sharp and so close to the net as well. Break point.


And the relief given voice by the crowd. Yes, huge disappointment for


Elena Vesnina, massive opportunity. She didn't quite moved her feet up


to the shorter ball as it went up inside the court. She took a bit of


a lunge at it. So he looked in disappointment, at


the ball was certainly in the tramlines. He is going to challenge.


I believe the call was right. Yes, that is long way out. It was long


than I thought. -- longer. A chance to put this game to bed. To the


relief of everybody concerned supporting the British player here.


He is going to tell her something different now.


Escape. Well, that was really playing the get out of jail card,


wasn't it? Back to Soares. That was a loud shout. Yes. It came from the


beard. That was Soares who suddenly lost


his serve in the penultimate game of the first set. He lost it to love.


This contest not entirely predictable.


Oh, that was nearly right in our commentary box! I think I would have


headed it if I didn't have a glass in front of us.


You can see the second serve points won, 52% for Soares and Vesnina.


Oh, another one! That is extraordinary! Maybe because of the


pressure of the return of serve. Break point yet again for the Watson


racket. Well, great hands by Vesnina, she


didn't flinch or panic, never backed away from the net and she kept that


racket head firm. Strange to know where to serve with


Kontinen because he has returned so well and hit some absolute screaming


returns off that backhand, but he still manages to be so strong in the


forearm. Break point. Superbright! It has brought the


smiles back on the court and off! That was definitely point of the


match. Oh, there it is a game! He can't


miss it. Well, this really is a chance on


second serve. Where will he served, into the forehand this time, or be


brave into the backhand? Yes, same again. Don't worry, says Henri.


SUE BARKER: Everybody having for -- having fun. Right back with this


semifinal. The Centre Court is the other Mixed Doubles semifinal


featuring Jamie Murray and Martin Hing -- Martina Hingis, the number


one seeds, 4-1 up, two breaks of serve. And they have been playing


the feature match. Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis on the red button. We


are heading back to Court Number One.


I'm sure the debate in the crowd must be about how many break points


have, their way, particularly on the Soares service. And ten out of 11


times, the British and Finnish partnership have been repulsed. But


in the main, of their own volition. I hope they are not going to haunt


her. Easy game to play from the commentary box! Chances do have to


be taken. Well, that serve has so much spin on


it and slice. And it comes right round the outside of that ball, at


such an acute angle, it is virtually impossible for Vesnina to get any


racket on that. Oh! Both men enjoyed that, and so


did the ladies! Amazing pick-up from Bruno Soares, another really acute


angle. Could not quite control that ball, Heather Watson, she did well


to move quickly across to it. So tough to receive this serve because


you try and cover the one down the middle, sometimes you serve it there


and sometimes he swings it wide, and when you have decided where he is


going, you are just a fraction late on it.


Oh! Superb! Right in the line-up that, Annabel, and see how it curved


away. We are so close to it with our commentary box and you really get a


sense of how he directs that ball with that hand right at the top of


the swing, and it comes outside the top of the wrists and it really is


the most extraordinary serve the witness. She is saying, yours! Very


well played by Vesnina. Back on the deuce Trail.


court season but in the final of Wimbledon, working well!


Well the points are getting better and better from all four players


here. Quick hand skills at the net. Finally, Vesnina giving way with the


forehand volley. Tricky when it is down that low. Tension will be


mounting. A quick apology. I don't think he


meant to chuck the raquet but tried to spin it up in the air and wasn't


able to catch it. A quick apology to the umpire, there.


Oh! Well, he's hardly men and an error, Henry Kontinen. But a little


late getting across to that one. Trying the almost impossible shot


there. I think he just made a home run.


Well, that made up for the earlier mistake.


That seems to be his favourite return of serve, the single handed


backhand. No problem stepping up to it, to get the raquet face to follow


through. He is incredibly strong on the forearm.


I thought that was wide. Rock solid from Bruno Soares on the


backhand volley. Knew he was going to cross. Serving into the forehand


and Heather doesn't have the power on the forehand. So the ball


slightly floated and that gave her the opportunity to cross.


. Oh?! . What happened there? I think


she looked down with surprise. So, Brazil and Russian, ahead by a


game. But what a tore duous second set this is! It really is. It's on a


bit of a knife-edge. One let up from these two and it is virtually game


over. But they're hanging on here. Keeping that scoreline tight and it


keeps the pressure on Kontinen and Watson.


But it's definitely been played in really good spirits. I mean all four


of them. I mean, Heather has literally not stopped smiling since


the moment she walked out on to court. They are really enjoying


themselves. But somebody has to win and somebody


has to lose. There's a possibility while the two


semi-finals are being played of having two Britons in the final if


Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis do through the other match. On the


other hand... No, leave that thought aside.


I think Henry Kontinen's got into the minds of the opposition. They


don't quite know where he's going to go. He's been darting all over the


place. Covering most of the court. That in itself has brought about two


unforced errors on the return of serve.


Absolutely. Well, Vesnina there made up a lot of


ground. Yeah, a nice slice backhand. Got it


deep enough and with a nice finish from Bruno Soares. In step the both


of them at exactly the same time. That's what you want with the pair


of them, to move together, to cover the court together.


Good serve! Well, three errors off this serve from Heather Watson. It


is a spinning serve, not a big pace serve but just well placed with a


lot of spin on it. It's much long they are second set.


But this is where at this point it is 4-4.


But the first set swung. A very different service game that


time. Having had to fight so hard for it the previous time to face all


these break points. But that one was much more straightforward. More


first service into play. Not a lot in this, is there?


Definitely not. Interesting whether he's been caught


by something during the course of this match, something is troubling


his forehead, there. Extraordinary. I don't know if he's been strung or


banged his head. I don't remember him having that when he walked on


the court?! Oh, superb stuff! And he was right.


He got it in the end. Well, Vesnina using all the pace of


that smash and here, Heather Watson casual with that lob.


Oh! Lovely. Excellent.


That was balletic! Good serve, just couldn't get round


it enough, Heather Watson. Well, Heather is on fire at the


moment. Look at that use of the left hand. A curve right round the


outside of the ball. Staying low to the ground and really leans in on


that backhand. A big discussion going on here. This


is absolutely crucial, isn't it, this next point.


So, they have to hold to take it to a tie-break.


But it's been such a mixture. Some wonderful rallies. Brilliant shots.


Mixed in with a number of failures at key moments and then total


success when it wasn't expected. Well it's been a lot of fun to


watch, that's for sure. We've seen a little bit of everything out here.


Lots of really terrific rallies, cat and mouse stuff. Quick volleys at


the net. A bit of angle, drop volleys, just fantastic from all


four players. If there was a serve to break you'd


have to think it would be Heather's but actually, she's been proving


very difficult to break with Kontinen covering that net so well.


Well the last time she served they missed about three or four returns


of serve. But that was a terrific return there from Vesnina.


Soares has not been as successful as his opponent, Henry Kontinen, when


he's gone across. Kontinen has won more than he has.


They love it. And another extremely well placed


serve from Heather Watson. Absolutely straight down that line.


101 miles per hour that last serve. Even that little shimmy at the net


from Kontinen is enough to catch the eye line of Bruno Soares and serve


at the body of Soares. Kontinen at the net is ready to pounce and gets


the unforced error on the return of serve.


A little fortunate or unfortunate from Vesnina's point of view. She's


going to challenge. Look how well that decision was


taken. That's great to see. 6-6. There's no question the crowd


have been behind this pairing, Kontinen and Watson. Just that


little bit of extra energy from the crowd might just get them over the


line. The ninth ace for Kontinen and


Watson. And how many times has he used that


particular serve, the really acute angle out wide on the deuce court.


It's been almost impossible to get that one back into play.


Oops... It's a clever point. Well I really do think he's been the


Man of the Match. The way he just covers the net. It's all about his


movement and spring he has in his legs. The ability to dart around and


change direction, he's so versatile! 3-2 and on serve.


Watson has the job of serving from one end and then from the other.


Just the body language of Vesnina after she missed that shot. She


looked so disappointed with herself. That ball stayed very, very low.


We've already seen one balletic move from Heather Watson, now an almost


identical one, the high backhand volley, and it's another one from


Henry Kontinen. Oh, he did well. Soares moving his


feet, getting himself into the right position.


Well he's done this so many times during the course of the match. You


just can't say it's luck anymore. He's done it time and time again. He


just holds that body position, then blocks it through and gets that


raquet face through. And now has the chance to serve out for the match.


Well played, Soares! He took extra care on this, didn't he? He had to


really fight hard to get out of the way, get back into the return of


play. He took his time on that one. It's back on serve.


Oh! Very clever, the second serve. And as a result, it is match point.


And a massive decision for her, where she's going to serve right


now. .


That's exactly where Bruno Soares served time and time again when he


was down in that first set. Wow, what a clever serve that was,


at the body of Kontinen. I'm not sure she's done that during the


course of this match. It might be the first one we've seen. That was


very clever. So it's now a set point, as as far


as Vesnina. Well played, Vesnina! It's one set


all. Well they had their chances, didn't


they. But it is now 1-1, all to play for in the final set. We are leaving


it here because Today at Wimbledon is next. If you wish to continue


watching the match, you can, it is on the Red Button.


Over on Centre Court it is the other Mixed Doubles semifinal. And Martina


Hingis is serving here and her partner, Jamie Murray are set up.


6-2. They are playing Domoliner and Martinez Sanchez on serve 4-3. That


match is also on the Red Button. I know that Clare will update you on


the matches this evening and on Today At Wimbledon as well. Today


was Men's Semi-finals Day. Looking ahead to tomorrow...


So that is tomorrow. We will be on the air on BBC One at 1.00pm. I'll


be joined by a host of Wimbledon champions, Billie Jean King, Martina


Navratilova, Chris Evert, John McEnroe. Stay tuned for Today at


Wimbledon with Clare next. Goodbye. You'll be surprised


what you'll find. Now, that really is


something to show off. 'From the heights


of the Scottish Highlands 'to the shores of East Anglia,


I've travelled across Britain...' ' learn about the food I cook


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Wimbledon... MUSIC


And he's done it. The trophy to a British winner!


The semi-finals, the business end, but if you stop and look around,


take all of this in, it will be too late.


Nerves, exciting. You tense up. You cannot perform. The top guys just


live it - the perfect blend of skill and instinct.


THE COMMENTATOR: Cilic is in the Wimbledon semi-finals. And sometimes


a little bit of luck. Trust me at the top of your game you


can almost see the point before it happens.


Sam Querrey, a piece of tennis history for him. Certainly don't


underestimate your opponent, whoever you are. He is simply one of the


best of all times. There are four guys left. They've got this far.


They're living in a moment and if they stop and look around and think


about the final, it will be too late.


Oh, that's a good bit of telly. Well done Boris and to Tom and Dave, part


of our BBC team who made that. For the first time since 2003 we had


four men's semi-finals outside the top four in the world ranks. 2003


was the first time Roger Federer won a Grand Slam title and it was here.


I am joined by Tim Henin. When Henman. You just got here in time.


It was better with me phoning it in. I want to hear about Tim. This is


the first time in 14 years that I have arrived before my counterpart.


That is true. There are two sides to it. You could say I was doing some


very important work for the tournament. Was it committee work?


On the other side of the coin I could say I was taste testing


champagne in the Royal Box. You have so much ammunition now!


Working right up to the moment that I have continued to work here. You


have proved your fitness by arriving and not being out


Live action from the men's semi-finals at the All England Club presented by Sue Barker. At this stage last year Andy Murray breezed past tenth seed Tomas Berdych in straight sets to book his place in the final.

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