Day 11, Part 2 Wimbledon

Day 11, Part 2

Sue Barker presents continued live coverage of the men's semi-finals.

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I know who killed Abigail Toms. Her Majesty will present the


Wasn't that clever? Thank you for those wise words, Boris. It is men's


semifinals day today at Wimbledon 2017 and in a couple of hours, we


will know the final two who will contest Sunday's final. Anticipation


and excitement in the air, it is always a tense day, but those who


hold their nerve when they line up to serve will make it through. This


championship has had many twists, turns, surprises and shocks, this


final four is not the big four were expected, but the Booty of the grass


means even today with one overwhelming favourites to win, we


should expect the unexpected. -- the Booty. This is the line-up.


Sam Querrey is the big serving American who beat Andy Murray in the


quarters. He's much more than an ace machine. He has game suited for


grass. His opponent is the cool and classic Croat Marin Cilic who


already has a grand slam title and also serves basis for fun and loves


the surface. -- aces. Roger Federer is audibly the greatest player of


all-time, winning here seven times, 18 grand slam titles, and a win sees


him reach a record 11th Wimbledon final. Not surprisingly, he is the


one to beat. Facing the Swiss legend is Tomas Berdych, runner-up here in


2010, and on the way to the final, he beat Roger Federer. The Czech has


the Murray but he will need to fire on all cylinders today to stand a


chance. -- has the armoury. This is the order on Centre Court. Querrey


against Cilic, followed by Federer against Berdych, watch the drama


unfold this afternoon on the BBC. Our 45 minutes -- 45 minutes ago,


Querrey and Cilic were poised to walk onto Centre Court, Sam Querrey


is the first American to walk on Centre Court in the semifinals


since... Andy Roddick. Earlier, Tomas Berdych, beaten by Rafael


Nadal in the 2010 final, was warming up. And he was hitting here with


Federer in preparation for Wimbledon, did he learn anything? We


shall see. That is the man Berdych has the beat, and Federer's


quarterfinal victory over Milos Raonic was magnificent. Majestic,


not enough words to describe how this man is at the tennis player


Andy sporting icon. Good afternoon. We are blessed to have Roger Federer


in the sport, playing in his 19th consecutive championships here,


bidding for his eighth Wimbledon title, to take his grand slam title


up to 90. Record after record with Roger. And this is the great man a


couple of moments ago on the players balcony with his friend and agent


Tony, watching the outside courts. You would not know he has a


Wimbledon semifinal this afternoon, but that is the way he prepares for


it. And he will be ready when the time comes. I wonder if he will be


worried about the weather? Probably not, they have got the roof on


Centre Court, but will they need that today?


Let's find out from Carol. I don't think so! We are looking at a lot of


cloud around but we will see a break and sunny intervals as well. In the


sunshine, temperatures as high as 22 Celsius, but under the cloud, more


like 20. We also have a noticeable north-westerly breeze. Through the


afternoon, that will ease. Into the evening, we have a similar scenario


with cloud, but we will see sunny breaks in that the temperature is


slipping. Tomorrow, fairly cloudy, the cloud building through the


morning. From noon until three o'clock, a 40% chance of light rain.


After that, the risk diminishes. Richard Brittain up. And it will


turn more humid -- that will brighten up. Highs of 24 Celsius. We


can cope with that, Carol, thank you! You can watch all the matches


from the Doubles, the boys and girls competition and the wheelchair


Championships on the BBC sport website and the red button. And we


would like you to join in the competition -- the conversation as


well. So many ways you can continue to watch Wimbledon. Before we go to


Centre Court, we were just update Court 17, were Alfie Hewitt is


facing Gustavo Fernandez and going well, taking the first set 6-4,


three games all, and that match will be on BBC Two soon. Now we are going


to Centre Court for the first of the men's semifinals, Sam Querrey


against Marin Cilic. They played here in 2012, the second longest


match in the history of the Championships, it could be a long


afternoon. It is six games all, but Querrey has a mini-break of serve in


the tie-break. So let's join this live with our commentators John


McEnroe and John infidel. -- John infidel.


Just when you thought Querrey had the initiative, nobody does. Cilic


much more animated than the big American. And whatever happens here,


it will be set point after this. That is a tight return all there.


Almost too much time to think about that one. That was a second serve


from big serving, big hitting Sam Querrey, at 88 hours per hour. It is


set point for the American. Six all, six all. We should not be


surprised at the margins have been so then when they have played here.


The good thing about this set, it has not just been about serves.


There has been neat footwork and nice touches at the net, good ground


strokes. Because there have been matches this championship this year


when you have had big guys against big guys and there have been no


rallies. I did a much earlier in the championship, the longest rally in


the first sets was four shots. This has been engaging and it maybe on


simmer at the moment and maybe it will boil over as the afternoon


progresses. That was in, more than in hope and


expectation. That was very close. Yes. It never really moved to the


other side. I think he sensed that ball was just out. Sam is determined


to stay closer to the baseline, to return the second serve. Someone has


just fallen over in the stands. It is set is all -- six all, second


serve. Employee tennis terms, a scene that means he will get a first


serve back. -- in tennis terms. Various members of the Armed Forces


going into the stand on the left of Sam Querrey. The umpire is on the


phone to Wimbledon officials, just to clarify the situation here. I


can't see if it is a man or a woman but somebody has clearly collapsed,


five or six rounds back from the court edge. And it is not


particularly warm here today. McGhee, the low 70s in temperature.


And Sam Querrey watching like a hawk what is going on there at the


moment. I think this happened with Marin in an earlier match, there was


a big delay. It happened at Queen's as well. This time for it. You hope


whoever it it is OK. Our line of sight, it is a lady.


Obscured by people standing up in front of her. She is able to walk


away from courtside and is being assisted down the steps by a couple


of the members of the Armed Forces here. So hopefully, she is going to


be all right. In the meantime, for the games Giants, the stress level


just went up. -- for these two Giants. A lot more time than these


two anticipated. So does he gets a first serve back? Yes, he is going


to get a first serve. Should he gets a first serve?


Oh, maybe it was the delay. Maybe his mind wasn't quite there, that is


a bad error from Cilic. So Sam Querrey. One big serve away from the


opening set of this Wimbledon semifinal.


Well, two errors from Cilic on the backhand side and advantage USA.


Well, you did say it was more important for Querrey to win that


opening set, so he has done what you requested. And Cilic, who is to say


how much that unfortunate incident with the lady played with his mind?


Those were two errors the like of which he had not hit the previous 45


minutes. Yes. That is unfortunate, surprisingly poor. Even with the


tension and stress. That's why they place them up, that's why you don't


know for sure because everything pointed, especially earlier in the


tie-break, that Cilic would pull it off, he has never lost to Querrey


and he has been here more often. Arguably, his form has been better.


Yet Sam Querrey has just hung around and competed harder than he ever


has. His belief, you can see it. With him. He is not a man that shows


a lot of emotion. But this opportunity, when you see a


defending champion injured and beaten down, you can capitalise and


see... He never thought he would be in this position. A Wimbledon final.


He is two sets away from a Wimbledon final. This is amazing. When they


met here in that match a couple of years ago that was the second


longest match in Wimbledon's history, it was also 8-6 in the


first set tie-break, but on that occasion to Cilic. Most people would


have picked Cilic. He just looked like he felt the pressure got to


him. He is not the first guy that has happened to, or woman. Nor will


he be the last. And you know they get given volumes


and volumes and volumes of statistics and facts and figures


about these matches every day. From the press room. But there is one


thing I thought, really? This is not to jinx Marin Cilic so early in the


second set. But I could not believe that no


number seven seed has ever got to the final of Wimbledon. In the Open


era, isn't that just amazing? Has a 24 seed? Just so he doesn't feel so


bad! I doubt that. 24 seeds making it to the final. That was the one


fact I didn't have! In a million facts, it was the one I was looking


for! 133 miles per hour. Going to be


upset if you are Cilic right now, he will feel like he blew that set.


If Roger Federer is going to win the second match, if, who would he


rather play in the final which marked Odyssey not care? He probably


doesn't care, knowing him. -- in the final? Or does he not care? This


would be one way to ease the pain if Cilic could finally get the service


break. Two errors from Cilic cost him that tie-break. And two errors


from Querrey giving him a brooch back in.


A little slow to react to that short ball, if used stand as far back as


Cilic on the return, you had better get yourself back into a better


position. Especially if you hit it cleanly. And you should anticipate


sure to reply. -- is sure to reply. Well, Cilic was eyeing up an early


break. But things are falling away of Querrey at the moment. It is


almost worse for Cilic. He was able to get the break point, finally, and


then not capitalise. So that will intensify his frustration after


having dumped the first set and the tie-break. We will have to be real


careful right here. He will be aware that Querrey has played three long


five set matches and he would think that the longer he is in this game,


the more he is really in this game? He let an opportunity slip.


Adrenaline could be a wonderful thing. I suspect Sam is running on


some of it right now. Sam's likes to me have more life


than they did earlier in the Murray match. -- leg.


Maybe by the nature of the circumstances as well, do you think


Querrey did not get enough credit for how well he played against


Murray? Because of the injury, yes. He started to play incredible tennis


towards the latter stages, the last two sets. He is not somebody... He


actually relaxed. You can hear the flawed as the ball


hits the back of the court. -- the noise. Sam showed the tennis world


something when he was able to capitalise against his four match


points playing Anderson and came back. A lesser man would have gone


away and lost that. Great play! From Cilic. Must have


been shaking a bit at the start of that game, but he holds on. That is


a pretty important game. I know it is early in the second set, but


emotionally, Cilic is on a bit of a downer right now. He's got to battle


through that. Being the favourite, expectation


comes with that. A lot of people were talking about Cilic even before


this event. Especially as the draw has unfolded for him. Pretty big


favourite to get to the final. That is a colossal serve out wide


from Querrey. Not doing a lot of serve and volley,


but then again, they don't need to. Four aces from Querrey, seven from


Cilic so far. Less than a minute. Querrey is leading. So is the key


thing for Cilic to hang in there for the moment the ship and get to


neutral, and then see where we go from there? Yes, the first thing,


make sure you don't lose your own serve. You put as much energy as you


have and focus in the step one. Step two would be, because Sam Querrey


has played a lot more than his opponent, to make this guy work. You


can see that Querrey, his forehand is his other weapon. And when you


give this guy the opportunity, he can really debilitate you. And he


has done an excellent job of that in this event. You have got to make


this guy work hard point in and point out if you are Cilic. I don't


particularly like his strategy of standing as far back off the return


as he is, he is giving up some court positioning. And he is allowing


Querrey to dictate more of these points. These two great men that I


grew up watching, Rudd labour there. And these great conversations


generation to generation, the physicality is so different. The


weapons people have at their disposal. We can talk for about


whether Laver would be a great player in this era, but here he was


a different size, that might prevent him competing. If he had these


rackets, he could have done some damage. But he has served at 130


mph? Probably not that big. Oh, he hung in there, Cilic! Shot


selection on the second overhead. The ball did not bounce high enough


so he was forced to go to the slice. He should have won the point a


couple of different times, hand it to Cilic for battling. That is


exactly what he needs to do, hang in there.


I put Sam played a great first point. Probably contributed to that


double fault. First one of the match.


Sam is not budging so he is convinced that was wide. Which just


goes to show... Well, that ball did not really go


through to Querrey, so he was reaching for it.


For Cilic it is about being gritty and determined and resolute at the


moment. You talked about what Cilic needs to


do and one of those would be to extend rallies and make him work


harder but that is easier said than done. When you're trying to deal


with Querrey's serve and his forehand... You don't get in a lot


of long points. I would like to see him standing


close on the second serve. On the last one he retreated further


behind the baseline. He hit a good return but you need to hit it deep


otherwise Querrey can take over the point with one shot. Or at least mix


it up. Querrey misfiring a bit at the moment.


But 0-30 on Querrey's serve is only an opportunity. That is a heck of a


play. Especially with the half-volley he had to hit.


That was the biggest serve he has hit, to go wide at 132, nothing


Cilic could do. 0-30 on the Querrey serve, you are not halfway towards


the game. APPLAUSE


Cilic clenches his fist. And in the context of this match, this is one


of those very rare points, a break point opportunity. And in this case,


it is on Sam Querrey's serve. Not a good time for the wind to kick


up if you are serving. Serve and volley second serve and gets away


with it. There was the raw, look at his mouth. -- roar.


Querrey watched that really well. The swirling wind, what it going in


or coming out? -- was it. It was very well done considering the


circumstances. That is a good hold. Cilic shakes his head.


Because the number of break point we are going to see in this match,


however long it goes, will probably count on the fingers of two hands so


if you get a chance you have to take it. Absolutely, and especially make


your opponent Burn it, make him hit a ball, a tough volley -- make your


opponent earn it. When you get a second serve, and it is makeable,


that is when you tear your hair out. Querrey has plugged away, he has


continued to execute at a high level. And he has got to be starting


to believe that he can get to a Grand Slam final. Cilic is the one


who feels his centres are reeling a bit and he is starting to battle


himself -- his senses. How deep can you dig in order to get to a


Wimbledon final, for either of these guys, for the first time? From


Querrey's point of view, there must be the thought that this might be my


one and only opportunity to get to a Grand Slam final, don't blow it.


There is some truth to that but then again he did not think he would be


here in the first place. You have got both sides of your mind, the


good and bad, telling you different things and you have got to try to


focus on this unexpected opportunity. He certainly seems


relaxed. There was a yelp of frustration from


Querrey. But nowhere near the Richter scale


of Cilic earlier. Former England rugby captain


Lawrence Dallaglio. What are we all going to do with our


Saturday mornings after the last few weeks? Ace number ten.


We did not expect there to be a whole lot between these two tall men


and there is not. The second longest match ever played here was when they


last played at Wimbledon. And it has all the makings of a long


one again. Querrey has never been in this position. He has played a lot


of tennis to get here. He has got to be feeling something in those legs.


I was going to say a good strike but it was just long.


This is a replica of the situation in Querrey's previous service game


but he managed to escape from that. It will be hard at this time. The


first signs of some fatigue and a little bit lethargic out there.


Cilic might feel he can finally take advantage of it. There was a mini


roar from Cilic is that drifted long and stand-by for a real big one if


he breaks here. Brilliant. There is the big roar


from Cilic. The first break of the match.


It could be a big moment. It certainly can. You could see that


one guy was battling nerves little bit, recognising the amount of


opportunities he had, frustrated he was not able to pull out the first


set in a tie-break he thought he should have won and frustrated he


had not broken already with the couple of opportunities. But I


believe sensing that for the first time Querrey got a little bit weary,


a tiny bit. And you could see him reaching for some balls,


understandable given that he has played three consecutive five set


matches and maybe the reality of what he could be accomplishing, to


get to a Wimbledon final, hit him and you have to credit Marin Cilic


for continuing to battle as hard as he did and finally getting rewarded


for it. Now Querrey again, soon, he may not win this set, but he has


defined another dear, another wind, so he can get himself to a position


again where he feels he can pull this off -- another gear.


It is a fascinating battle of wills, mental and physical strength. At the


moment, it might be advantage Cilic. And he is missing a few at the


moment, Querrey, and the whole mental side of sport is laid bare


here for as on Centre Court. No matter what sport you are playing,


that is a fascinating duo, I wonder what they're talking about, Sachin


Tendulkar, the greatest batsmen of all time and Eddie Jones, the


England coach. -- England rugby coach.


They are probably talking about, I didn't realise they made them this


tall in tennis! Think if you put Sachin Tendulkar and Eddie Jones


together they would be the same size as Marin Cilic!


Shot. Eddie is actually wondering if Cilic has a grandparent who came


from Lowestoft and he might be able to play in the back row for England.


Strong emotional effort by Cilic to re-establish himself here in the


last ten minutes or so. The seventh seed, he has been ranked


as high as six in the world, finished in the top ten on two


occasions, top 15 on four other occasions. He has been knocking on


the door. And he was knocking on the door last year, two set up against


Federer and lost in five. He will not be thinking about that at the


moment but he might do in 48 hours' time. You look at his drawer, Rafael


Nadal, I had to deal with him, Andy Murray, I don't have to deal with


him. This is a golden opportunity. To win this, he is only going to


have to beat one of the top four. At the most. Shot. Actually one of


the top 15. That was hit hard. He has really got


his eye in at the moment. In Tendulkar speak.


It was a canny serve from Querrey but just long. That was a canny


serve as well. One of the few times Cilic did try to take that second


serve on early and Sam immediately went right into the body. That is a


gutsy hold from the American. He doesn't seem to have a whole lot


of spring in the legs at the moment. Clearly what he would need to try to


take a good swing, attack are served if given the chance. He has do hope


that Cilic tightens up here. Otherwise he is going to have to sit


back down in a minute or two and regroup mentally. You can see him


trying to chew on something to give him a bit of energy because he knows


he will be in for the long haul, especially if he does not win this


game. That is our first look at the Hill today. They might not be as


partisan in this match as they undoubtedly will be in the second


when I think Tomas Berdych will find himself very much the underdog when


it comes to the affections of the crowd, but almost everybody has that


when Roger Federer is on the other side of the net. That is for sure.


So here is the opportunity for Marin Cilic to square things up at one set


apiece. And even the net is against Querrey


at the moment. APPLAUSE


With a swagger and another big serve, Cilic squares this semifinal.


SUE BARKER: After one hour and 20 for minute it is honest even on


Centre Court. We will be right back with this match. Everybody here on


the Hill enjoying watching the drama unfold on Centre Court. They came


here earlier to claim their place on Henman Hill because they have the


match they are enjoying right now and coming up later, a man with the


most impressive record. The one and only Roger Federer will


be in action on Centre Court later against Tomas Berdych. Other matches


being played here at Wimbledon today and out on court 17, Alfie Hewett,


the French Open champion, started well by taking the opening set


against Gustavo Fernandez of Argentina, the number two seed, but


lost the second set in a tie-break and is down a break in the third.


That match is on BBC Two. And on the red button, the feature match is on


Court Number One web Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina are one


set and 5-1 up over Groenefeld and Tesco, just one game away from


booking their place in the final. That is on the red button -- and


Peschke. We are heading back to Centre Court.


JOHN MCENROE: The force may be with Cilic at the moment but it is key


for Querrey that he holds at the start of this third set. And the


kick second serve is giving Cilic plenty of time to unload off that


return. That was a shriek from Querrey. And


the first sign of anger and frustration, and maybe tiredness as


well. I would be amazed if there was not some of that.


Guess who is picking up on it. Cilic.


So three break points right at the start of this third set. And the


pendulum swinging towards Croatia. He needs two more of those.


He has got to give it everything he had got here and just go big. Or go


home. Mr Querrey is challenging the call


on the right sideline, the ball was called out. It was a great strike,


124 mph. The umpire called it. Second service. And he had a great


vantage point, just. Neatly played by Querrey. An


agonising moment, you thought it might have drifted wide, but from 0-


42 deuce. You can see where Cilic can get in trouble because he is so


far back on that second serve return. He has to jump on that short


dotball but it ended up costing him the point and perhaps the game --


shorter ball. You can't hit a tennis ball any


better than that. He was on the full run gone absolutely crushes it.


He saw that early, both players going behind their respective


opponent, both seem to have gotten away from that. I think that would


be a strong move to utilise that more often.


It is only the first game of this third set but this may have


considerable bearing on the passage into the final.


APPLAUSE Well done, Querrey. He kept his


head. There was some scurrying from Cilic on the other side. He has


shown some excellent hands and feel throughout this tournament.


They long, topsy-turvy first game of the third set. -- a long first game.


And in the final analysis, who is to say how significant that could be?


Because if Cilic had broken, it would've been a marked advantage.


You would still say he has the edge and is probable winner at this


particular point but in order for Sam to keep positive and also not


let the fatigue infiltrate his mind more, that was an extremely


important game and very well done to pull it out.


That could give him that second wind, that extra boost, that extra


gear he is going to need to get to the final. And Cilic is thinking, I


should have broken, I should be 1-0 up. A few mind games he has to deal


with here. One of those balls rejected out of


hand by Cilic. They have been hit so hard, it lost


all its fluff. Both guys having a pretty good day


percentage-wise come up in the high 60s. Five percentage points higher


than either one of them has served during the entire tournament.


Pretty clear right now that Cilic, physically, is the fresher of the


two. Fairly straightforward for the


Croat. One set all, one game all. That is exactly what you want to do


if you are Cilic, you came so close to breaking. Win the game quickly.


Get back on Querrey's shoulders. Keep making him work hard.


Well,... The heartbeat goes up a notch. And then back again.


He is not moving as well as he was an hour ago. No, and he has taken


the air out of the building, as they say, a bit.


Oh! So he is emotionally flat. Physically fatigued. And getting a


bit Kelis. And showing signs of frustrated -- and getting a bit


Kelis, and showing signs of frustration. All bad signs. The


crowd saying, come on, Sam. Two big points.


A very tired to serve at 133 miles per hour from Querrey. He looked


exhausted. But it is still break point.


Big moment here, Cilic thinks he has won it. And Querrey only half played


the shot because he thought it was long. But it wasn't. On the back of


the line. And Cilic in front. Well, he didn't half plate, that ball


caught the line it held up a little bit, extremely tough to tan doll --


to handle. And Cilic officially on a roll. Four service games in a row


from Querrey and he could have won all of them. He could have lost all


of them. Talking about Cilic? Yes. Energy wise, Querrey has dropped


down. Cilic has picked up on it. And it is going to be a tall order now


for Querrey. He's got to dig deeper. And perhaps more than he did against


Murray. If you think that was the best effort of his career, pull that


out, no question about it. At times like this, you look at what has


happened over the last week here at Wimbledon, and Querrey has beaten


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Kevin Anderson. He has beaten Andy Murray. 76, 6-4,


6-1, 6-1. That is an awful lot of high octane tennis, with huge prizes


at stake. Exponentially getting bigger and bigger with every round


that goes by and with every opponent that comes your way. At some points,


surely, somebody will take the air out of the balloon. Exactly right.


The emotions and the expectations increase. Pressure. And you


sometimes try to find energy where it is not there. And believe me, it


is not a good feeling. Advantage Cilic.


He benefited by that ball, Querrey guessed right. He is playing with a


lot of more energy, hitting a very clean ball at this moment. He has


settled in quite nicely. His first-ever opportunity at a final


for Cilic here. Don't forget, he has not been here before. He has been in


a US Open semifinal and he has won the US Open. He beat Kei Nishikori


in that final. That will cheer Querrey up no end. Beautifully clean


strike. Sam is also Australian, he was in 2010. First ever quarter at


Roland Garros was this year as well, Cilic. Oh. How quickly things can


change! Never a break until you have held yourself.


A lot of ball down single now. -- bouncing. And from nowhere, Querrey


has maybe caught himself back into this match. Two opportunities here


to break back. Well, what do you know? What do you


know? Well, we saw when he played Murray, he was 6-3, 6-4 down at


service break and suddenly, three straight games, two breaks in a row.


That was something else. He just pulled a rabbit out of the hat here.


He has utilised that serve beautifully to pull Cilic of the


court. Still standing pretty far back.


You've got to love this game, haven't you? The ebb and flow, it is


just crazy. Five minutes ago, Sam Querrey was as


good as out of this tournament. And now... I don't know about quite that


far, but he certainly was in trouble. As he proved in his match


against Anderson when he lost those match points, as he proved big-time


against Murray. Even the third set, when he was down, Murray was serving


for that set and he extended it into a tie-breaker. The amount of effort


he gave to in the second, hanging in in the third and benefiting in the


fourth and fifth because of Murray's injury. And now seeds of doubt back


in Cilic's mind. That's why it makes it so interesting to watch two guys


out there. Sometimes, you are battling yourself. You always your


opponent. And you have to be able to shrug off a lot of bad things. That


can happen very quickly. At 15-15, 2-1, Cilic, he had a backhand, it


was an open court. He had not missed that for a while, he mis-hits it and


next thing you know, he has lost his serve. What makes Roger Federer is


so amazing, he always looks so relaxed, and you can see how


stressful it can be. The stress is all over Cilic's face at the moment.


He was slumped more than sitting upright at the change of ends.


Thinking, I was in charge of this game a couple of moments ago. And


now I'm behind. How did that happen? UMPIRE: correction. We the points.


Overruled by Sam Keothavong. -- James.


I always thought after I dumped a serve like Cilic, why did I not do


that the last time? What happened?! Moving on through that as he held


easily. Querrey has played a lot more tennis, he's got to be feeling


it. Keep the intensity and composure, if possible. Work this


guy and every possible shot. Sam has got a little life in that arm, that


is for sure, the server seems to be the last thing to go. He is a big,


powerful man. Difficult being in the crowd for a


match like this. Because you have got your eyes fixed on these two


gladiators in the ring. But it is hard to keep applauding aces or


unreturnable serves. So if it sounds a bit flat at the moment, it is not,


everybody here is just engrossed in the battle that is happening in


front of them. And that is great tennis. Two big hits from Cilic. A


break of serve on each side already in this set. There is more happening


out there than it maybe appears. Take that. And swinging Sam is still


swinging. And as long as he is, he is in there? You have covered boxing


over the years, correct? These guys are the heavyweights out there. And


they are just swinging away. A bit more subtlety to beg games as their


careers have moved along. But these guys better at the net. Both these


guys exhibit touch when they need to. But ultimately, they are powered


punches. They will try to knock you out. And why shouldn't you if you


are six feet six inches tall? You find angles more easily than us mere


mortals. Half an hour after the opening game of the third set, which


was really tight the whole way, Querrey won it and even though there


were breaks of serve after that, here we find ourselves by virtue of


him serving first, the pressure bit by bit wrapping up on Cilic to try


and keep things level pegging. And we might be heading towards, as


predicted, a second tie-break. The thing about Sam Querrey, he doesn't


waste a lot of energy emotionally. His serve is very efficient. He is


not standing as far back as Cilic. Subsequently, not having to cover as


much ground off a return. That should help a bit.


Twice as many aces from the racket of Cilic in this match as we have


had from Querrey. Sam has more aces in the tournament,


but he has played a lot of more. He will have had to work a lot harder


to get here than Cilic. You have got to think that is going


to pay off. A commanding hold from Cilic. This is when you look at the


scoreboard, 1- all, for- all. In which way is this going to go? --


4-4. Big shots from Cilic. Every shot is great, from both guys.


Starting with the serve. Well, if you thought Sam Querrey was


a one trick pony, think again. The touch with Sam Querrey, throughout


this event, he's got -- on a real nice job.


Twisted enough -- just enough to make you respect what he is doing.


Well, the beauty and the beast from Querrey in that game. And Cilic is


going to have to serve to stay in the set. The adrenaline is pumping a


lot of hard in Cilic right now than it was a couple of games ago. He


senses Sam is not quite at 100% physically. Earlier in the set, he


took advantage of it, and gave it back. And Sam Querrey is battling


hard, playing well, doing a lot of good things. A lot of good things.


Showing that he is deserving to be out there. It wasn't a fluke that he


has gotten this far. Second year in a row he is in the quarterfinals and


looked to all the world like he was going to lose tomorrow. Turns out to


be the biggest win of his life to give him the chance to get to a


Wimbledon final. That is what his coach has been telling him the last


couple of days. You can not ask for anything more than this chance. I


hope he didn't take five seconds to look at the scores being flashed up


on the scoreboard during the break, two came up, both featuring Croatian


players in the veteran is Doubles and his former coach, Goran


Ivanisevic, also in the veterans Doubles. They both lost. I don't


think that will have a lot to do with the outcome of this.


Sam hitting the ball extremely cleanly. Cilic is definitely...


Wavering. Very tight right here. What a rally! What a winner at! It


looked like Sam Querrey was going to come in and make him hit a passing


shot. He chose not to, he took a little bit of the stress off Cilic.


Stepping up when he needed to. Not wanting to be down 0-30.


Well, he clobbered that. But he clobbered it wide.


Hanging tough. Using his height again. Querrey has done it. Cilic,


that shall slice out wide. -- short slice. You just have to guess with


the pace and placement of these two guys. 250 aces between them in


Wimbledon this year. Looking for how to decipher whether


the serve is going to come. Toss being the obvious one. Study


tendencies with the coaches, where did these guys like the serve? It is


clear they can do anything they want.


Well, at the moment, Querrey is hitting the ball like he was at the


outset. And after that run of four or five games where he was always


under threat on his serve... He is hanging on in a quite


straightforward manner. The force Cilic the serve to stay in the set


again. We anticipated this would be


extremely close and we are getting what we hoped for and expected.


These two guys, they have never been in this position before, with a


chance to do something maybe Cilic thought could happen, Querrey


certainly wondered if it would ever happen, getting to a Grand Slam


semi, much less the chance of a final. You want to see both of them


play up to their ability and it appears they have. Sam has been


sharp, hitting the ball great. Cilic for the most part has also been


hitting exceptionally well. Look at that beautiful view. The greatest


city in the world, I'm sure you'd agree! I love London but I'm going


to have to respectfully disagree! New York would be mine. They both


have their attributes! This is an amazing complex. When is that Ruth


ready on Court Number One? The year after. -- the year after next.


Anticipation rising here in the crowd. They know this set will be


over in the next couple of minutes. Really? Ten maximum! He has just


predicted a break. I didn't say that!


And this really is now about being calm in the eye of the storm. So


quiet you can almost hear their hearts beating.


I think it is not a partisan crowd so they are just loving the contest,


the battle. Made it! Incredible shot! How did he


make that? Federer like. Watch what happens here when it lands.


Emphatically at 134 mph, his 19th ace of the match. The same position


he talked about in the first set, more important for Querrey to pull


out this breaker as it was way back when. Implications for him would be


greater, tougher to overcome. He has not been there as often in this


situation, he has never beaten Cilic. He has played a lot more


tennis. He needed a good start there.


That was a cannonball crosscourt forehand from Cilic. When he first


hit the serve at 130, and that forehand around 100.


They are going to give it everything they have right now, as they should.


Go down guns blazing. 1-1, 6-6, 2-2. The perfect time for them to switch


sides because both of them could use a breather after that. Querrey


almost got this smash back, I don't know if that angle shows it. We know


how you feel mate. Cilic peppering the back can all the way through


that rally. But even a rally like that only gets you one point.


APPLAUSE Some very, very clean ball striking,


at an absolutely critical time. Both these guys, really. One error, one


piece of brilliance, one bit of luck.


There is the error. There is the error.


He perhaps did not quite commit to that as he has on some other shots.


And that really hurts, that one. He is a big baseball fan, Sam


Querrey, and like a picture he just hurled a ball to the other end of


the court because those two points, both on his serve, give Cilic three


points for a two sets to one lead. -- like up pitcher.


The roar from the Croat, he is one set away from a first Wimbledon


final. It is always interesting why players


play tennis in the first place. Cilic was actually born not in


Croatia but Bosnia-Herzegovina and the whole town there did not have a


single tennis court when he was growing up. When he was four years


old, they suddenly put one in, and he was one of the very first people


to ever play tennis on it, and here we are, 24 years later, with him six


games away, maybe seven, from a Wimbledon final on Sunday afternoon.


It is a point we have made several times as we look at these statistics


from the third set. The early exit of Wawrinka and the defeat of Nadal


and then Andy Murray going out to Sam Querrey, is that Cilic has had


to Kohlschreiber, Florian Mayer, Steve Johnson, Roberto Bautista


Agut, Gilles Muller. He has not had to play anybody ranked higher than


the 16th seed which Muller was, in the last round, and he could not


have imagined he could find himself with the opportunity of playing Sam


Querrey in a Wimbledon semifinal for the chance to be out here on Centre


Court in 48 hours' time. You can only beat the guys... That are put


in front of you. Exactly right and that is what he has done and he has


battled hard. There have been moments when this could have slipped


away. Not only does he get that energy from winning the tie-break


but he gets to go out and serve first so he will presumably take a


lead right away. What have you got left, Sam, whatever you got left in


the tank? -- what have you got left. Physically, emotionally, the effort


he has given to get to this point... At least when he played Murray he


could see he had really slowed down and was struggling to move but it is


not the case with Cilic. The movement has been excellent, his


intensity has been sky-high. And he can taste it. Mr Cilic is


challenging the call on the left sideline, the ball was called out.


It was a close call, 30-0 up on his serve. And he got the call. And


Querrey shakes his head. And shrugs his shoulders.


You can see Cilic keeping that intensity high. You better believe


he is going to try to take it to Querrey right here and try to finish


this big man from Southern California off. He thought he had to


show a lot of hard to beat Murray and Anderson but he will have to


find another gear to get to a Grand Slam final. Huge service game for


Querrey here. And he knows it. Let's start like that. He is a little bit


angry about how hasn't he was on those last couple of points on his


serve in the tie-break, one backhand and one forehand but no mistake


there, getting out a bit of frustration right now.


Cilic's body language now is all positivity, he is prowling along the


baseline like a big cat. Like a panther. Sam's heart skipped


a beat then. It did! He had an open court and chose to let it go, not


out by much. He took a deep breath before he hit


that one. As well he should have. Get into this set. That is a good


effort. At 30-30 then he could have been a


bit jittery. But one finessed ace and one piledriver and we are all


square. I think it is a good move by Sam to


try to take it to Cilic when he gets a second serve opportunity. He just


missed that, bad luck. He thought he had got that.


That looked to be a little long, not called or challenged so he must've


it hit some line. -- must have seen it. Querrey was 30-30 on his own


serve in the last game and produced a couple of paces. Cilic looking to


do the same. -- a couple of aces. Mr Cilic is challenging the call on the


right fight sideline, the ball was called out. It was close, I thought


Id missed by little bit but very close.


How much of a boost would this be it Querrey could get this next point?


Just when you thought he was taking an eight count on the canvas.


And Cilic misses his first serve again.


Just when you thought it was safe to go and put the kettle on! You have


got to give a lot of credit to Querrey for pulling that break off


early in the fourth. He just twisted things up once again! He was helped


by Cilic missing so many first serves but you still have to make


the most of it. No question, but nonetheless he does not waste a lot


of emotional energy, clearly, and Cilic sensed that this thing could


be over but you have still got to execute. And Querrey had some depth,


he threw in a couple of different looks even though he missed that


return at 15-15. It put a question in the mind of Cilic if he would do


that again and he got hesitant and he just did not play a good game.


Wow. I know! Where is this going now? Where is this match going? And


of course if it did end up being in the fifth set... Another one of


those marathons. We have been there before. It you have not been with us


from the word go, the last time these guys met here at Wimbledon it


was 17-15 in the fifth set in the second longest match ever played


here. The first time they met was only 6-4 in the fifth, here at


Wimbledon eight years ago. That is a very positive start from


Cilic, though. Querrey will really want to


consolidate that break right here. The quality of this tennis, after


two and a half hours. Absolutely. Say thank you to these guys, they


have been giving everything they have got and there has been some


quality stuff. That is what you want to do if you


see someone who is six feet six coming into the net. Get it low.


Oh! I think that was long. Mr Cilic is challenging the call. It was not


called and Cilic immediately challenged. It felt like he missed


it. A lot closer than he wanted it to be. That was an unbelievable


miss. That is a monstrous forehand from


Querrey. That was a monstrous forehand from


Cilic. It sure was. Unfortunately, it went too big, too close to the


line when he did not really need to. APPLAUSE


Well, I am sure those two ladies were saying, they didn't hit the


ball like this in our day! That is a tremendous effort by


Querrey, to get these last couple of games.


is shameful Cilic. Mr Querrey is challenging the ball, the ball was


called in. Are you strictly neutral in this matter? I would like to see


an American guy, it has been a while for us to make a run and it would be


a nice boost for the sport back in America. I respect Marin, I like


him, I am happy they are both playing well. So that was no? You


how ratings are! Is it better do have Murray in the finals here or


Sam Querrey? A lot of people in the crowd hit would have been


disappointed when they came today that there is no Andy or Rafa but


what they have been given it an athlete treat with these guys


playing to the best of their ability.


And you still wouldn't put hardly any money, a couple of times, on the


outcome. -- dimes. But of course Querrey knows that


all, all being the operative word, he has to do is hold three service


games and we will be going into a fifth set. That was a SWAT but a


majestic swat. He has become quite the competitor over the years, he


has learned to intensify his efforts. He had added subtlety to


his game at times, ultimately it is about the power and he has always


been a great ball striker. The crowd still eagerly awaiting the next


match that will be played here. I expect while enjoying this. A lot of


them will have taken up their position to watch Federer but


actually now find themselves probably just cheering for one or


the other for no obvious reason, they will just have latched on to


Sam or Marin. And if you can't be here, it's great to be out there.


Cilic is always first out after the change of ends, eager to get on with


it. Querrey more measured. That delivery has certainly served


him well over the course of this match. Cilic giving himself some


more time by standing further back. But he has to cover more ground.


Sam has done a good job using the geometry of the tennis court to his


advantage to keep this so close. Another ball. That is a tall order.


A smacked forehand from the baseline. Crosscourt.


He made it last time. Cilic turf trying to make him work. Break him


down physically if possible. Not giving up on a 40-0 point. -- just


trying to make him work. Hoping if it goes to a fifth set it will


finally catch up with Querrey. Only the second double fault of the match


from Querrey. The stern looking face of Cilic at


the moment. A small percentage in his mind must be thinking, I should


almost be out of here by now. Why did I give up that early break here?


Why did I hit that forehand quite as hard as voted the second break? It


was right there for me. He has got to move past them. He was 4-1 up in


that first set tie-break. APPLAUSE


Comprehensive enough. But Querrey still in control.


Service break. Leading 4-3. We will be back in centre in a moment. What


we can show you what happened early in the semifinal of the ladies


doubles. The number two seeds came through in straight sets. That is


how they finished things off, 7-5, 6-2. They go to the ladies final on


Sunday. They will play the winner of the match currently on Court number


one over on BBC Two. That is over on BBC Two. Another


very competitive semifinal. But we are heading back to Centre court.


The onus is on Cilic to break Querrey in the next couple of


service games the American has come otherwise we are heading to another


set. The latest of the five set encounters between these two guys.


Querrey would be fourth consecutive to get his first-ever grand slam


final. And somebody somewhere, I know, is going through the record


books at the moment. Aren't you, somebody? To see when the last time


anybody won four consecutive matches to get a grand slam final.


It was in the hitting zone. But you still have it to hit it. It is nice


when you don't have to move. That ball hit the line. Froze


Querrey. He was expecting the crosscourt ball. Now Querrey has a


game on his hands. Chalk flew up. There you go. I've heard that


somewhere. Brilliant, brilliant from Cilic.


APPLAUSE Extremely awkward shot for Cilic.


Right here. What do I do? Beautiful. Get the break point. Second serve.


You know when Cilic has won a game. He lets the world know. Usually on


to that type of thing. Rally behind. The more energising of the two.


Querrey cannot believe that drop shot went in. And he has lost this


game from 30-0. Not as close as he was to taking the fifth set. Not


with those new balls. And now the force is with Cilic.


Brilliant. And double brilliant. Do not count Querrey out yet. We have


talked about these two playing up to their abilities. They sure have.


That was some touch. It was an extremely tough shot to pull off.


Who needs Rafael Nadal against Andy Murray? Oh! Goodness me. Querrey's


anxiety, thanks to, frustration. As a courtesy to both players please


switch off all mobile phones. That was a very truthful look from the


American. If that had just crept over.


The decibel count goes up on the Cilic side.


Cilic looks to the box. And the box looked to Cilic. They just nod. A


lot of positive encouragement, obviously, from the box. Cilic, you


can emotionally hear his intensity. Only won one round in Australia.


Gloucester 's next tournament to Justin Brown. It took him until he


was in Istanbul in May when he was above 500 for the year. -- he lost


his next tournament to Justin Brown. Look at him now. He won Istanbul.


His least favourite surface, clay court. Did not do much in Madrid, or


room. In the French he had his best. Final in Queens. Yes, he had match


point. But this is everything you dream about. Especially with the


rough start he had to endure. It all seems to have come together for him


at the perfect time. His health, his belief, his draw... Came from the


final. Sam Querrey with something to say about it, I suspect.


Suddenly that sense of inevitability about a fifth set between these


two... Is drifting towards the horizon.


Some really clean ball striking by both guys. Querrey hanging tough as


he has in the entire event. Querrey unsaved by the -- Querrey


unfazed by the prospect of serving for the match. And still we go on.


For all of the shrieks of encouragement and roars of


encouragement, he just cannot shake off the pesky American.


Measured and controlled. From Cilic. And he is one game away from the


final. We could be two games away from a fifth set. You have paid your


money. The pressure on Querrey again, though. There is no question


about that. Having to work hard. This is why you saw there, Wendy


said, you know, I am going to save myself for this next game. -- when


you said. I need all of the energy can get to save for the next


tie-break. Two players in the locker room getting edgier. Not knowing if


they will be needed, expected out here. In the next ten, 15, 20


minutes. Or if they have just sit back and wait another hour or so.


Always a tricky one to follow. I imagine Roger is quite cool, whereas


Tomas Berdych will be getting twitchy. I have seen him in many a


locker room. The matter what happens it does not seem to affect him. I


saw Cilic get blown out by Novak Djokovic the in semifinals at the


Open. All ending in one hour and a half. He said, the crowd can see me


soon. Let's see if Sam can hang tough and take this to a tie-break.


Not the way you want to start off. Third double fault of the match.


The line judge called it out, so did Cilic.


Margins. Tiny margins. Cilic can smell the final.


Querrey cast his eyes to the heavens.


CHEERING Because after almost three hours,


two match points. For Cilic. He got tight on that one. That is


for sure. Popped a second chance. -- but a second chance. Got it.


Piledriving winner, down the line, from Cilic. No man in the open era


has ever needed so many attempts to reach his first Wimbledon final. But


at the 11th time of asking, on Sunday afternoon, for Cilic,


opportunity knocks. And perhaps in the end Querrey just


ran out of gas. I think a little bit. He had a great, great


tournament. He consistently dug deeper than I have ever seen him. He


had tremendous resolve. He fought hard here. He played well. Just


about as well as he could. I would have to think the legs went out on


him just a little bit. Cilic keeping the pressure on. Cilic has had


better results. He is a slightly better player and he proved that in


the end. And we mentioned it about three hours ago that no number seven


seed in the open era has ever got to the final of Wimbledon. So he has


broken that hoodoo. Thank goodness. I know that was uppermost in all of


your minds. Talking about going is that this


-- talking about Goran Ivanisevic, he will need to keep going. You have


to kill Roger 75 times in a match to beat him. Well, that is what Cilic


will have to do if he is to face Roger Federer. For the moment it is


about celebrating today. He won't think about that quite yet. Let him


enjoy the moment. The game time will come to pass. Over the course of the


evening. He will wake up tomorrow, do the same routine. It has been an


amazing run. He is back in a grand slam final. We were able to witness


and world-class tennis at the US Open. Cilic has a great smile. He is


really charming, as well. And as the crowd disperses, we will be back in


about ten, 15 minutes time as Tomas Berdych and Roger Federer take to


Centre Court. They will know that after that four sets victory over


Querrey, their opponent on Sunday afternoon here will be Cilic.


After 11 attempts you are now a Wimbledon finalist. How does that


sound? Unbelievable. Especially the way this tournament unfolded from


the first one where I was playing great tennis. Today was a


hard-fought battle. Sam played really high-level tennis, especially


that first set. He was serving big. Hitting big from the back of the


court. I had my chances. I was 4-1 up in the tie-break. I did not


convert that. I felt I moved better on the return games. I was making


him play more on his service games. Overall I felt the level was really


high. You and Sam have fought some tremendous battles at Wimbledon over


the years. Some pretty long ones, as well. Apart from how well you


played, do you have a psychological advantage over him today to help you


get the edge? -- did you have. I would not say so. Sam Cane out


serving huge, hitting big. -- came out. He was playing really well stop


that pushed me to play big tennis towards the end of the match. I was


glad unlocking a little bit to get the break back in the fourth set. To


get that advantage. To get back into the match. Your coach has said that


you are a nice guy off court, you need to be meaner on court. Do you


feel you are doing that, is it helping you? I feel I am positive on


the court. That is important, I think. The way I am playing.


Emotions are helping me a little bit. And with my team supporting me


all the time, obviously, we've worked a lot on that. It is paying


off big-time. Roger Federer spoke before the tournament about the fact


you can go deep at Wimbledon this year. You could potentially face the


final. Does it really matter who you meet on Sunday? It is definitely


going to be a huge match between Roger and Tomas Berdych. Tomas


Berdych is playing well. Roger is obviously playing his best tennis of


his career on this court. It definitely feels like home. Whether


it is going to be I will be ready, try to play my tennis, and focus on


my own game. Many congratulations on making it through to the final.


Thank you. A big smile from Cilic. They have had their long battles at


Wimbledon. This was a mere two hours and 56 minutes. He mentioned his


coach. Not only delighted with that celebration, but also delighted with


the way that he raised the level of his players just in that final game


to seal victory on his second match point. They rise to him. His team


are delighted. Cilic is through to his first ever Wimbledon final. That


is a celebration almost worthy of yours. That was back in the day when


you did not have colour television. It was good to see him celebrating


so much. Only he knows how much he has. Nowadays it is impossible


without a great courage behind you. It is wonderful to see him


acknowledge him. He raised the level of his play. He didn't want to to


another tie-break let alone a fifth set. We said before that match


started that the first set would be mighty important. They both played


at a high level. Cilic had a chance in the first set when he was 4-1 up.


We thought well if this is going to be Querrey's opportunity it is now


to get his nose in front. But it showed the quality of Tennessee has


been playing. He did not panic. He had his chances. -- the quality of


tennis he has been playing. The tie-break was always going to be


vital and he was able to come through. Talking about that third


set tie-break, Cilic played well. We have picked up some points.


set tie-break, Cilic played well. We have picked up some points. This was


strong play from Cilic early on in this tie-break. Very much so. He


kept putting Sam Corner to corner, making the big man from American


move. That will always be an advantage when you are moving


smoother on the court, and Cilic is tall himself. There were some


wonderful rallies, even though there was some good serving, as well. To


do that you have to get in position. Hitting corner to corner. The


movement was pretty impressive, as well. We were wandering Cilic's


tennis racket was over the net when he hit that. He got away with it.


This is when Sam was serving. He loses brave service points from 4-3.


That shot did not have much conviction. It was almost like he


was wanting to hit the back and down the line then follow up in the net.


You cannot come back from that, can you? It just started to look like it


was fading. His legs were heavier. Some are recovering. Credit to him,


he came back. We saw a new side of Querrey. Sam is a fighter. Not the


sunny California guy. He showed something and he should be proud of


it, he beat Andy Murray in the quarterfinal, he just played a


semifinal. That is the way he should continue. Get ready for his home


grand slam. Cilic is looking dangerous, isn't he? We have known


that for a few years since the US Open. It is the unpredictability for


me. He can be erratic. When he is on, that is when he is dangerous,


because he has big weapons and he can impose his style of play. A


question over whether he can keep that consistency going against the


winner of the next match. Absolutely. We talked about the big


surf the big forehand, as well. We were talking about some of his


rallies. -- the biggest serve. He has a big wing span.


He does not mind rallying from the baseline, even slicing the backhand


and come in behind it and that makes him versatile and dangerous. To win


the US Open you have to have a lot more than just a big serve. We have


been waiting for this breakthrough in awake for Marin. -- in our way.


He has a great grass court record and we always felt he had a bit more


game. Absolutely. This was Cilic, just wonderful hitting, from both


sides, we have to pay credit to Sam Querrey as well


it is a big part of the men's game. You talk about the domination of the


serve but they do a good job of getting back into the rally and


trying to neutralise things and then it becomes a baseline exchange. As


with a lot of guys, it is going to be about Berdych Federer, if they


can get on the offence and that is what Cilic did better in the


baseline exchanges, he was the one who was able to hit the corners and


create an opportunity to move forward. That extra aggression in a


big match is what can pay off and it did for Cilic. It is beginning to


fill up in Centre Court, it is buzzing outside on semifinal stage


-- on men's semifinals day. There was only one man left standing of


the big four in men's tennis and it is the man with the most impressive


numbers. that is the scene out on the hill.


He is a record-breaking machine, isn't he? He certainly is, you go


through the numbers and it is amazing what he has achieved. We


reflected this time last year with his knee injury and taking six


months off and how long it would take him to recover from, and then


winning in Australia. But behind the scenes he is so relaxed. I was in


the locker room with him an hour and a half ago and he was there playing


basketball, practising his putting, watching stupid things on you Tube!


I want do you not think you should focus a bit! That is the way he has


always been. He will have his game face by now, but he is has a very


stress free existence. When you play that way and you're hitting the ball


as sweetly as he does you don't have any worries. He should not be


worried but everybody has their own routine, some players set themselves


awake. Novak and Andy keep to themselves, Roger is the opposite.


The jokes around and so forth, also fought his way of overcoming the


nerves. You must be nervous as well, he is human, it means a lot to him


otherwise he would not be playing that is how stays relaxed and he is


doing a good job. And when you said he took time off, we wondered if


that was the last we would see of him. He was having holidays but


doing some serious training. Absolutely. And every aspect of his


game and his life he get spot on and the scheduling is important. After


Wimbledon, speaking to his knee specialist, they said you are


looking at three months to get away from things and get it absolutely


sorted so you have the chance of continuing your career. Here they


come. So he is back on the court he loves,


Roger Federer, up against Tomas Berdych. Not an easy matter, Berdych


is one of the hardest hitters on tour. Very much so, as much as we'd


respect Roger's accolades over the years, he has a match on his hands.


Tomas Berdych beat him before, he is an accomplished grass court player


and a Wimbledon finalist himself and the type of player that Bob is Roger


because he takes time awake. If you give Roger time he will toy with


you. If you take it away, even he struggled at times and that is what


Berdych as to do, be the first man to take the initiative away and


start dictating rallies and it is easier but it is the only way you


have a chance. So how do you take the initiative away? It is something


I expected to see a lot more from rabbits when he played in the


previous round against Federer -- from Milos Raonic. Obviously the


serve is your first opportunity, you have to be aggressive and hopefully


have a high percentage drop but from the back of the court you got to


take the ball early and Berdych hit the ball flat and that means it will


go through the court quicker. He can try to push Federer back but if he


is playing slower balls with slides, that is when Federer can attack from


both wings. For Berdych, he has do have the mindset that I have nothing


to lose, I'm playing the greatest player in the history of this


tournament and maybe in the whole game. I have had a great tournament.


If I'm going out, I have to live and die by the sword. I hope he can be


aggressive and try to make life difficult for Federer. Federer has


not dropped a set not just in this tournament but in Halle as well so


easier said than done. I was going to say he is on the run of his life


but his life is always like this so it is nothing unusual! And another


point in his favour, it is his court and his crowd and players get


intimidated. They walk slower and played slow and by the time they are


playing normal they are down by two sets to one like Milos Raonic was.


Berdych has been here before and needs to put away the fact that he's


playing Roger Federer. He only has to seed there is a player on the


other side and pretend it is not Wimbledon! -- he has to see the


player. He does have that champion's aura, Federer. He does. When you


play Federer, every game is a home game for him because he is so


popular. It was almost reflected in the previous match, it was kind of


like, this is an important semifinal but we are waiting to watch Federer!


Now he is out there, the scent of expectation, you can see the crowd


coming back in and getting ready for this one -- sense of expectation.


And the serve of Federer, we have been looking at the


stats from his match against Milos Raonic and in the very first set,


you look at him hitting the corners, one side and the other. I guess that


is what he does, he has great placement. It is his foundation. He


does not waste any energy and time and he frustrates the other player


because you can't touch the return. By the time you look at it you are


down a set and a break. He has a very smooth motion. He really lift


his legs up when he is serving and actually serves from about six feet


five, a bit like the size of his opponent, and that is where he gets


it right. That is just two feet from the line, 0% in the deuce court. For


the top guys the green area should be closer to a foot or 18 inches but


when you see him hitting it like that, in the first two sets against


Raonic he only lost three points behind his first serve and it is


difficult to play against obviously do when your opponent is holding


serve so easily but it puts enormous pressure on your own server because


you are thinking that if you drop serve want in a set that is probably


going to beat the set over. It is to raise it and put pressure on the


opponent's sir, returning well and also holding his own. We cannot find


fault with his game but the forehand has been winning a lot of points.


From every part of the court. I think his whole ground stroke game


has improved so much in the last year. He tries to take the ball much


earlier and stay on the line and if he is behind he goes right back onto


it, always staying on the pedal. We does not let the other guy breeze,


he mixing run and for and anybody to have a chance, you have to make the


35-year-old run! He was 3-0 down in this tie-break and then the forehand


took over and it was like a forehand rampage. This was the one, a great


approach from Raonic and then... He was covering up the line and he was


in the right place and he still got beaten. You can see the arc he has


got on the ball, to swerve it back into the court, having been down 3-0


and a double break, that was the shot that won him the tie-break. We


think of Raonic as being a big hitter but is Tomas even bigger? I


think Raonic on a good day, yes, but he was intimidated and did not play


like last year. Berdych is as big a hit, maybe even with a bigger


backhand. Berdych does not have to run around his, he can stay in the


middle of the court and ticket early on both wings. -- take it early.


Berdych has the big serve, and I think he believes again now. For his


sake certainly he has had a great tournament and he does not want to


rest on his laurels now. He is another hugely imposing opponent,


6'5", very strong and muscular. He has weapons on both sides from the


back of the court because he drives his backhand well and can hit it


flat through the court. The areas he asked to look at are the first


serve, keeping the percentage high, if he gets any looks at second


certainly has to be aggressive and take it early and push Federer back


and the more time he gives in, the more running he will have to do.


That is Berdych. Phil Jones can tell us more about this big hitting


player from the Czech Republic. There is going under the radar in a


tournament and then there is stealth, Tomas Berdych style. He


stand in the semifinals strangely unnoticed until now. Even when his


chance came to show his Wimbledon worse, a quarter final against


three-time champion, Novak Djokovic, it proved a huge anti-climax. It is


it? I think he has devoted. That is hugely disappointing for everybody


but they will understand, the 12 time Grand Slam champion does not do


that lightly. Pretty much from the beginning I felt there was something


is not usual with him. And the speed of the ball from him was not coming


the way you are used to but still, it is no back, and when he decides


to go on court, he will commit to fight. It is not the best way to go


through but it is sport and I everything. Denied the euphoria that


normally goes with a quarterfinal victory, Berdych is at least


physically fresh and Roger Federer will ignore the 11th seeded player


at his peril. Berdych beat him en route to the final in 2010. Federer


is beaten. It is the winner of this young man's Korea, the making of


Tomas Berdych. But defeat for Federer is the exception rather than


the rule against Berdych. He has won 18 of their 24 career classes


including twice this year. I played him in the Austrian Open, I got


killed, and in Miami, I had a Matt Boyd and I lost. Now let's make the


third one -- a match point. I hope it will be a good one and probably


the best player right now. And with the form and the way of playing. I


think that is the biggest challenge for me and I'm looking forward to


it. And briefly, Boris, the fact he had a match point against Roger in


Miami he has to remember it. It should give him reason to be


confident, to go out and believe he can win. Boris and Tim, thank you,


they are ready to go and we are ready for this second men's


semifinal here at Wimbledon and Tim and Boris are on their way to the


commentary box to join Andrew Castle.


ANDREW CASTLE: The 35-year-old Roger Federer has not dropped a set yet,


92 tournament victories, and he still loves the game also he first


played with that man, his father Robert who is up in the players box,


watching his son proudly once again. Tomas Berdych has his whole crew as


well. He has been to at least the semifinals of all the Grand Slams


now. He has beaten Federer on this stage before. A warm welcome for a


former finalist. TIM HENMAN: One thing we did not


touch on, Boris, was movement. We talk about the attacking skills of


the top players but they all defend well and the defensive skills of


Berdych could definitely be tested today.


BORIS BECKER: Not by much, a brave attacking backhand from Berdych.


Likely to be a fair amount of support early on in this match for


Tomas Berdych. Federer comes in as such a heavy favourite, people would


love to see a match here. Berdych could not have hit that


approach shot much deeper but he still got past. --


Stefan Edberg in the coaching box next to his mum. And on the left was


a former French player. Close. To getting his first break of


the match. Remember Berdych has not played on this court yet. It is so


different than any other court in the world.


This is some heavy hitting from Berdych, he will perhaps have to do


this for three hours or more. Mum, Hannah, back right, dad Martin in


the middle. And that is Esther, they will be celebrating the second


anniversary on Sunday. That is a good effort. Under pressure.


Does the head to head matter a great deal in this? It has been a long


time for Berdych seven matches in a row he has lost to Federer although


he has beaten him here. He is aware of it and we touched on Miami where


he had match point, obviously on a different surface, but Berdych has


won on six occasions so he knows he can beat him and he has beaten him


on this court. All that is in the past, he has to come out and deliver


the goods today. It shows that both players are veterans and they know


each other's game inside out and the beauty is they have beating each


other before. -- beaten each other. Let's see how


Berdych handles the Federer serve. They have played each other 24 times


but I watched them practice the Thursday before the tournament on


one of the outside courts. I have to say, Federer... He was getting the


better of those exchanges. With a twinkle in your high-tech


Beautiful exchange, Federer trying to move Berdych from side to side


with the approach shot was a bit too much in the middle.


Dad Martin was a train engineer in the Czech Republic. And when being a


train engineer in the Czech Republic was tough work.


His son has done a good job in holding on here in the first couple


of service games. A struggle in the first game and saved a break point


so a good start for him, 2-1. He is from the eastern side of the Czech


Republic. He comes from the same place as Milan Baros, the former


Liverpool footballer. His mum was a doctor, his dad was a train


engineer. This is not a man who is out there to entertain and sometimes


these big men get a hard time in the press that there are not telling


jokes like Goran Ivanisevic in the old days but he is a workman on


court, Boris. Very much so, different family background. Born a


long way behind the Iron Curtain and the upbringing was very different to


if you were raised in England or Germany or America and also his


personality, very hard-working and disciplined and dedicated, a true


professional. But that means at the same time he is not a storyteller,


he is not a jokester, nor should he be because he wants to be a great


tennis player. The crowd are all coming back in after the first


semifinal, this is the second with Federer serving at 1-2, not waiting


for the crowd to settle, just getting on with this semifinal.


We have seen quite a lot in Federer's matches, he likes to start


with that slow one out wide indeed deuce box and by what wonder if the


players should cover that more. It depends if they have done their


homework, normally you would study the night before with your coaching


team. Nowadays they have everything in


technology. You can Google up! Google up.


He continues to do what he has been doing so well throughout the


championship are holding serve easily. He has not dropped a set so


far. We saw Rafer Nadal doing the same thing at the French Open. The


only has dropped his serve three times in the tournament so far. --


he only has dropped. That was Tony Godsick on the left-hand side, a bit


of ambush marketing! There is not any more famous via's


box. If you are a tennis fan watching anywhere now right in the


world. This gentleman won the tournament four times, the great Rod


Laver. If you want to promote something, now is the time!


How fast was that recovery by Federer? Turning defence into


attack. I have to check his passport, I don't believe he is 35!


He runs like he is 25! If you want to have a chance against


the great man from Switzerland you have to make him run. It does not


mean you can win the point easily though.


You know what we are seeing here. The constant feeling of pressure


building. Up to the job so far. Just hanging on.


Federer doing such a great job of biding his time with a slice


backhand. Landed right on the baseline. Really checked up. Berdych


not in the right position. Berdych has only faced 12 break point in the


tournament prior to this match. He has faced two in three service games


here. Well done, Berdych, again. A


surprising missive from Federer on the forehand side. Going over the


lower side of the net. Impressive return from Federer, as well. Deep.


Tomas did well to fight that one off.


Berdych happy to direct his attack given a choice. To the Federer


forehand, it seems. Same strategy. He serves the first one wide. Roger


blocks it back. Then he goes for the forehand to control the point.


He has had to play 25 points on his serve so far. Sharing the evidence,


he is panting quite heavily, feeling the work. -- showing. It is a bit of


hard work playing Federer on Centre Court, up to five? If you get up to




He got lucky. Federer has had his fair share so far, really. A little


help from the net. Nothing Berdych could do about this one, though.


Third break point against the Berdych serve.


Wow. It's just unbelievable, isn't it? It's almost like he has got


three tennis rackets and he is throwing everyone of them at the


ball. It's incredible. Berdych is playing great. Defending everyone.


But Federer out the anti-everytime. He said it was a wonderful


opportunity, Berdych, to play the greatest of them all. It is a great


challenge to play Roger Federer. -- but Federer has upped the ante every


time. We have isolated some of this play. Tim, have played him. You need


good footwork, certainly on a grass court. You cannot always have the


perfect balance. Houston he keeps his head on so many shots. -- how


still he keeps his head. This is wonderful. 35. Happy to take plenty


of time off to take rest. But when he is moving like this to play the


ball, it is a rather aesthetically pleasing thing to watch. And you


sometimes feel with his age that early on in a set, or tournament, it


might take him a bit longer to find his rhythm. But he comes out in a


big match. There is no going through the gears. It is straight to the top


gear and he starts dominating. I just wonder what top gear is. Cars


used to be 50, then you talk about six gear, then Formula 1 cars


probably have about eight, nine. He keeps lifting them. -- cars used to


have fifth gear, then you talk about sixth gear. Talking about Formula 1,


Nico Rosberg is in the crowd. Is this an exhibition, or is it the


semifinals of Wimbledon? Because it is the semifinals at Wimbledon he


has got himself into the zone early. Dangerous. He does not want to give


his opponent the slightest of hope. It is rough for Berdych. Because he


has played well. He has come out, timed the ball, been aggressive.


They have been on court for 22 minutes, but it seems like 18


minutes of it has been Berdych serving. Look at how he is sweating.


He has had to change his shirt. And it's quite a cold Friday afternoon.


Just 22 minutes. It is a boiling hot summer day for us.


That is outstanding. That has to be one of the worst shots he has ever


hit. It is always good to have these to remind him. Gutsy for him to try


it. That is how much confidence he has. Anything.


Venus feeling it now. I thought he was good against Milos Raonic on


Wednesday, but he is better today. -- he is feeling it now.


Berdych has put his head down. Continue the best he can. This is


three out of five sets. There you go. Average service game


one minute for Federer. Berdych, half a marathon. Boris thinks that


is great. CHUCKLES


The return was lucky, but there wasn't any luck in this.


He continues to do well, Berdych. He is down a break. Not only the single


break. Second semifinal at Wimbledon.


Lendl one of his other countrymen to reach the final. 1973 was the


boycott year. He comes into this match absolutely ready, he says.


Could not be in a better position after that Novak Djokovic


retirement. Close matches. But well rested. We know. Is that a picture


of Novak Djokovic each on his shoes? Is that an imprint after he kicked


him out in the previous round? That was his parting gift. He gave them


to Tomas. I wish I could have been playing better, but at least you can


play my shoes. Do you think Rafael Nadal gave Sumter Federer? I highly


doubt that. -- gave some to Federer. He is not out of it. Such a big


hitter. He thumps the ball. New balls, which will change the game up


a little bit. Does he go back out wide again?


The interesting twist is that it is Federer won 92% of first serves and


100% on second serves. -- the interesting statistic. Just a bit of


an advantage. There goes that one, Boris. Yes. What it illustrates is


how hard it is to get into a rally with somebody who moves and hits


like Federer. First serve percentage is at 80%.


That is difficult to do. He makes it look like buttering toast. Good


tennis from Berdych. If you want to be critical, the approach shot was


too short. But it is just the consistency of Federer. Big return.


30-30. That is half a chance. Looks to me the seventh double fault


only for Federer in this tournament. The first of this match confirmed by


some margin. After serving a double fault at


30-30, then to hit a second serve, down break point. 109 mph into the


corner. Wonderful shot. It is a very good


first serve. You mentioned it, Berdych really isn't backing up.


Talking about the big muscles getting involved in that.


And get a break point just because he can. -- gets a break point.


He has had a lot of strong ground strokes deepening up the middle.


Serving with new balls. For Federer to lose on his serve, if that is the


case... Yes, this is unusual indeed. That double fault closes out the


game. There is a silent on Centre Court as his progress is halted. For


the sake of the match it may not be a bad thing. Credit where credit is


due, Berdych has played a strong game. Created the opportunities. He


was gifted that break point. Yes, he can, Boris. Just after five


o'clock local time. It has been pretty much one-way traffic. A


fantastic passage of play for Berdych, who has been here before.


You can tell. A shift of momentum. Federer was in the driving seat. The


question was by how much he would win the first set. All of a sudden,


new balls, a little bit different, Berdych jumped on a couple of


Federer's serves. He was gifted, certainly, by some double faults,


breaking the Federer serve. He broke Federer and Novak Djokovic, but lost


to Rafael Nadal, nervously, in the final of 2010. But he has vast


experience now at the age of 31. It is great to see him on this stage


producing his best tennis. Because he had a lock to resist there. Now


what from Federer? -- a lot to resist.


Serving to stay in this first set, Federer.


Most people in here, thought that was going miles out. If they hit


something like that at the club it would be going out. But watch the


talks in --. Watch the top-spin. Just a small lapse of concentration.


Slightly overconfident from Federer. It cost him the serve. But it is


back to square one, 5-5. Pretend nothing happened.


I was concerned about Berdych's defensive skills, but he has done a


great job fighting off those shots from Federer in those rallies.


That could be a costly error. It is a bit like a golfer missing a four


foot putt. I do not think the bounce was as bad as Berdych made out


there. His third challenge of the first


set. Federer has no challenges remaining. He will get another


challenge if we go to a tie-break. Set up nicely with the big first


serve, 127 mph. And with all of the time he needed. Cannot afford to


miss those. To the line. I was going to say that


I saw Chalke, but they don't have that any more. They call it titanium


pigment. I prefer chalk. It is better. Especially when John McEnroe


is talking about chalk flying up. It is a tactic Federer has used a


lot in this tournament. He did it against steroid, Milos Raonic, and


against a big man to go straight at them. Good tactic. -- he did it


against Zverev. It is a way to save a couple of break points. The stun


gun says 130, but it sounded like 150.


I don't think it is that difficult to the crowd want to win -- to work


out who the crowd want to win. That is fantastic, isn't it? Well done.


Once again, Tomas Berdych. 6-5 first set. He went down a break. He broke


when Federer was using the new balls. Now Federer has to serve to


stay in the first set. He has no challenges remaining. That could yet


be key. He has been quoted as saying that having all of the experience in


the world, which he has come is one thing, but he wants to play like an


18-year-old sometimes. We saw it earlier with that errant drop shot.


He wants to play all of the shots he wants to play. Sometimes he would


not like to be so experienced, he would like to play with experience.


Berdych sending this one off, or doing his best. But he is hanging in


there. Good job. He did well to get a tennis racket on this. No word on


Andy Murray, is there? Any word about any scams? No. Fingers


crossed. I'm sure in the next couple of days, or certainly soon, he will


be seeing a specialist to find out what the problem is. We hope he


makes a speedy recovery. And Novak Djokovic, who pulled out with a bad


shoulder when he was playing against Milos Raonic.


He could have done more with that point. Lucky with the net cord, and


had another pretty open forehand. Just over hit it.


You don't get many chances against Federer, and the one or two you get,


you have to use them. Tie-break to decide the set. It


seems like a fair outcome. Federer gets his challenge.


I feel this tie-break is more important for Berdych van for


Federer. -- more important for Berdych than it is for Federer.


He is just pounding the forehand side. Berdych seems to be going to


the Federer forehand a lot, and if you are going to do that, you have


to go with strength. I think that was a clear tactical


masterplan here. He gets the point the old-fashioned


way, backhand approach, volley winner.


Precision does it. Not necessarily the speed, but aiming it right into


the corner. Couldn't get that ball up and down


quick enough. Forehand return with slice. Zipping through the court.


And just like in the first set before we got to the tie-break,


Federer had the advantage and he is paid back again. Two big serves


would put Berdych in a tremendous position.


That's a bad one. Federer had moved to that side. The coaching camp for


Berdych obviously feeling the pain. The mistake was to miss the shot,


but I am surprised he keeps going to the forehand.


Federer, two points away from the first set, on his own serve.


I think she might have tickets for the final two.


The ball boy is still looking for the ball.


And that is the way. And Federer exclaims his delight. First set, in


53 minutes. That wasn't easy. Had a break, squandered it, but got


through the breaker. Set to Roger. SUE BARKER: It was tight but Federer


is still yet to drop a set that these championships. We will be back


with this semifinal in just a moment, where he stays on course for


his eighth Wimbledon title, his 19th Grand Slam victory, Roger Federer.


We will be back with that, and then tomorrow it is the ladies who will


take their place in the sun. I grew up dreaming and reading about


Wimbledon. Fresh ice cream. Wimbledon is the Golden Globe you


are aiming for. Immediately fell in love with it. This is just heaven.


The whole tournament is rare in much the same and there are a lot of


awesome things. This tournament is always special. I feel a lot of


support. The big stage. You walk on Centre Court and there is such a


harsh, before everybody explodes. -- there is such quiet before everybody


explodes. Quite a fairy tale. The best part of my life and I don't


want that part to end. SUE BARKER: It is the two players


who have looked so impressive over the past two weeks. A sixth time for


Venus, or a first for Garbine Muguruza? That is tomorrow, but back


we go, Federer won set up on Centre Court.


Marin Cilic awaits in Sunday's men's final. That is the championship


matchup. A great weekend ahead here at Wimbledon.


A little credit to Berdych. That was Federer's toughest set of the


championship so far. He had to dig a little deeper.


I said it was more important for Berdych, because the favourite is


clear, Roger Federer. Anything but a victory would be a big surprise.


So you want to start with that first set.


Well, that gets put into the same draw as that upshot in the first


set. Appalling! A delight to four players everywhere. I don't know


quite what the rush was to hit the drop volley. Could have easily let


the ball bounce. 92 tournament victories worldwide,


18 Grand Slam championships. No one has one more. The first victory for


Federer was in 2001. He is most famous for arriving with that


forehand down the line to beat Sampras on this very court, before


he lost to Tim Henman in the quarterfinal. But everybody saw


Federer first once upon a time. Even as a junior he certainly had


something about him. When he won in Milan in 2001, it was, OK, fine. He


was actually a junior with a temper. He broke rackets and screamed.


Totally different to what he is now. Something must have changed along


the way. I will tell you what happened, his parents said, we are


not going to drive you to the tournaments any more, you are


embarrassing the family. You can't act like that. We don't want


anything to do with you if you do. So that is when he changed.


Bjorn Borg was the same. Racket chucking, smasher of equipment.


Henman was worse! Banggaard I was well behaved all the


time. -- thank God I was well behaved.


It is that one again. He will make one by the end of the match. As a


player, you have to be stubborn, convinced about your capabilities.


Certainly, he has all the reasons too, so he keeps trying the shot


until he is going to make it. This time he went to the backhander


couple of times. No good. These first ten minutes of the second set


are important for Berdych. Federer is serving first and has his nose in


front with the first set. An early break here could make it extremely


uphill battle. Throwing the ball back. Would have


been a great souvenir. The Wimbledon museum here is


award-winning, by the way. If you do visit outside of the two tournament


weeks, come to the museum. It is excellent. Tim has got some stuff in


there, and I'm sure you have, too, Boris. I do.


For the grass tennis historian, I love the way Federer uses every


aspect of the game. The backhand slice, the drop shot, he stays back,


serves and volleys. He is really the full Monty.


That is what makes him so difficult to play against, because he has so


mini different games that can hurt you. -- he has so many different


games. A great second serve from Federer


but it is amazing how effective the kick-serve is on grass. In the old


days, when the ball would skip through, that really reared up.


Not always technical, but there are things you can take from the


analysis of all of the plays. It is all put into the Hawk-Eye system.


And it is how a player backs up the big serve. You can say a 140 mph


serve, it is not everything. It is how you place it. Federer's


placement is something you have both talked about. This is extremely


accurate on both sides. Going out wide, 60% of the time. 63% on the


left. What does he do when the ball comes back into play? He hits the


forehand 90% of the time, the shot he wants to get into play. And look


where he is distributing the ball. It is a bit like the wagon wheel in


cricket, that is where he is hitting it. To the corners, to the lines,


and the work on the ball as well with the top-spin. The serving


statistic is interesting because against a big man, someone like


Berdych with a long reach, when you are going wide it has to be accurate


because they can get onto it. I am surprised Federer has not used the


body serve more, but maybe that is something he is keeping up his


sleeve for later in the match. I think he wants to get Berdych out of


the court, out of position. Berdych on the run is not as effective as


when he has time. A couple of fast returns, one of the


second serve at 35 and 15, and that one off a 125 mile-per-hour first


serve, gives Federer the first break point opportunities of the set.


Strong return by Federer, taking the ball on the rise. Not giving Berdych


the time to set it up. This is exciting, this is


entertaining, this is how you play on grass. Don't you think with


Berdych's first serve, when it is that powerful and Federer is


blocking it back, there is an opportunity for Berdych to serve and


volley? Absolutely. Not every serve, but every second or third serve.


Well, how he managed to get to this one and to whip the forehand, I am


not sure. Really nothing wrong with that from Berdych, and that was line


ball, and Berdych still cannot get out of his own service game.


Another feather in the cap of the big man from the Czech Republic.


Over five minutes, and that is why they stand. His coach, Stepanek, has


been added to the team recently. Stepanek took a player to 29th in


the world in singles. So he has the full team up there. A physio.


It is becoming a very physical contest, both players having to work


hard on their points. She may be watching her husband in


the Wimbledon final on their anniversary on Sunday. Either that,


or they could be at home in Monte Carlo. This set will go a long way


to deciding that. If he loses it, he will be in real trouble. He is


hanging in at the moment. Long service game, Berdych, quite a


quick one for Federer. It all serves to build momentum in a set.


Berdych has the expression and the walk of a man who has been through


the mill already. Been on the ropes a couple of times. He has taken some


body shots. And there is another. Second semifinal of the


Championships. Federer, of fiercely this is one of the sporting stories


of all time. But a year ago, he lost to Milos Raonic in the semifinal. He


immediately took six months off. You cannot take six months off and then


win the Australian Open. Then he wins Indian Wells and Miami, two


massive tournaments. Then he takes the whole of the clay-court season


of, plays a bit of grass, and now this again. It is an amazing story.


He is playing tournaments and winning them, seemingly at will,


Boris. Normally after six months off, the golden rule is that it


takes as much to come back to where you left. He left in pain with knee


trouble and needed to recover, so for him to prolong his career, it


was to do just that. Talking about prolonging careers, we must mention


Sir David at Umbro, who has won BAFTAs in black-and-white, colour,


HD and 3-D. He is an absolute legend. -- Sir David Attenborough.


This broadcast would not be the same without him. He was the man who put


colour cameras into Centre Court. Great to see him in the Royal Ox. It


is great to see one legend watching the other. Maybe that was the


attraction. The match each other for cases in


this match. -- aces. Started to see that Berdych is


moving a little bit heavier now. He has been running like a rabbit, but


we are starting to see the effect. Federer had all of the time in the


world take a passing shot. He picked a lob.


It is the second-half volley he has had to play off the baseline. That


is Martin Stepanek there. Berdych's coach. Delighted with what this man


has done to start this game. Interesting when Federer is in doubt


he comes to the net. Berdych is challenging the call.


Berdych has two challenges remaining.


Hello. What ever you can do. Tremendous tactical awareness from


Berdych. Not exactly inexperienced, is he? A finalist in 2010. And a


semifinalist last year. He was out after three straight sets quite


easily. Short in the rallies. Keeping them nice and tight. And


again. Great response, isn't it, to the


disappointment of the first set? Stop it. That's ridiculous. Look at


the height over the net. Then look at where it landed. On the other


side of the court. It was an unbelievable shot. The angle. Now


break point at 3-3. It is a tough game, mentally, this, for Berdych.


He has hit so many great shots and so many great returns. He has had


break point opportunities and might have nothing to show for it.


They great champion. Three times a finalist against you, Boris. They


were amazing matches to watch. And I still can't remember many better


backhand players than him. He never gave you any forehand to serve out,


didn't he? He showed a lot of backhand. Yes. He had an open grip.


Looking to serve you -- looking for you to serve him on the backhand.


One of the great movers of the game. And a fine man. It used to be easier


to play somebody that you do not like. But we got on really well off


the court. Even though we had so many Wimbledon finals. We had so


much respect despite that. Did you talk much? There wasn't any friction


on the court. No drama. No nasty mess. With some players you have


that. I don't want to mention any names, we all know them. But for


this guy it was always all about the sport, which I love.


Cilic awaits the final come his first Wimbledon final. -- Cilic


awaits the final, his first Wimbledon final. And believe me he


will be watching this. First set, we saw Federer take the


early lead. He was experimenting. Expressing himself. He looked


supremely confident. There was payback with a tough tie-break.


Certainly times in Tomas Berdych's Korea where losing that first set,


and being under so much pressure, might have told. -- career. But he


has not gone anywhere in this second set. He is still standing his


ground. No, no, stop it.


CHUCKLES That is one of those which really


only Federer plays. You are meant to move your feet.


LAUGHTER Not just flick the wrist.


STUDIO: Federer goes ahead. We are leaving this night on BBC One


because it is time to go to the news. But it continues right now


over on BBC Two. This semifinal continues right now over on BBC Two.


Federer and Berdych are fighting it out for a place in the final, but


earlier today it was Cilic, the number seven seed, who booked his


place and his first Wimbledon final, beating Sam Querrey in four


place and his first Wimbledon final, beating Sam Querrey in four sets.


This was match point. Keep an eye out for an amazing celebration. Yes!


That's it from Cilic. That is what it means to him to be in the


Wimbledon final. He has only got to the quarters before, but he has


booked his place. The former US Open champion celebrating on Centre Court


earlier today. Cilic is through. Roger Federer and Tomas Berdych are


battling it out, that's both on BBC Two. We also have plenty of mixed


doubles action to come with Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis. And the


defending champions. They will be playing in the mixed doubles


semifinals, as well. Then we look ahead to tomorrow and a wonderful


ladies final between five-time champion Venus Williams... The


ladies final, that is. That is it today from us on BBC One. But the


semifinal between Federer and Berdych continues over on BBC Two.




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