Day 6, Part 1 Wimbledon

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Day 6, Part 1

Live action from middle Saturday as players look to book a place in round four. Last year Milos Raonic dispatched American Jack Sock in straight sets to progress to the last 16.

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Now we're going to take you over to Wimbledon for a running commentary


on the all English championships. Championship tennis played an


absolutely crucial part in when colour was introduced.


Well, we had to do something a bit special to celebrate 90 years of


Wimbledon on the BBC. It is 80 years since BBC television coverage began


and 30 years since Pat Cash won the singles title in that headband.


After the drama of Andy Murray's late-night victory on Centre Court


yesterday, we have a typical middle Saturday to look forward to today.


Fascinating watchers from all over the All-England Club. There are up


to six on the red button depending on your provider, and uninterrupted


on the BBC sport app, website and connected TVs. It is another lovely


day here and we have just made our way down to the members lawn which


is rather nice. Mark Petchey is with me. Everyone is having a nice drink


and a nice lunch. Worst spots to be! Shall we stay here for a bit? I saw


that big job and I was keen. We all breathed a sigh of relief last night


because that match did get rather tetchy at times. I thought it would


be difficult. Having watched Flamini play


a lot you feel the short punchy ground strokes he has, he generates


a lot of power, and it is not always easy to get through him. You thought


Andy Murray's serve would be tight -- having watched Fognini play. He


played so well in the last few games. And the momentum was such a


huge feature in or these matches. Look at that raw! We have seen that


a few times over the years. There is some passion at that years of age.


And everyone was jumping up out of their seats. He had to dig deep. Dig


deep and play great tennis. It is not always about working hard, it is


about playing well. His forehand looked good down the stretch.


Mentally, it is the one thing Andy has over five B -- Fabio Fognini. He


has been more fluctuating through the course of a match. He has had a


wonderful career but Murray is just tougher. It is that fight that is


the difference between the great champions and those below. It is the


pricing, when you watch out here and we have watched him over the last


decade, when I first met him there were a lot of people in Tennessee


thought he was a bit soft. When I started working with him for the


last ten months, a lot of people said they had watched him in June


years and he did not have the inner fight at times. I was


surprised to hear it because what I had witnessed at Queen's and


Wimbledon that year was very different. And what I saw over the


next year developed into what has become completely different from


that opinion. He has got the very slow walk and he doesn't talk very


quickly, he doesn't embrace the publicity side of it. I think Andy


always had a plan in his own mind. He was in a hurry, but it wasn't the


great Russian that some people perhaps felt he should have been. He


obviously had the knee issue that he needed to look after early on in his


career. He wanted to get his body in the best possible shape for the


longevity of his career as well. I think there were people who perhaps


underestimated his own tennis IQ and also his career IQ about where he


wanted to take himself, because at the end of the day, he is the leader


of whichever team is around him. He has grown. Now you interview him and


his sense of humour and everything comes out. I guess you didn't see


that at the start that he does have a dry sense of humour and it is best


to take the Mickey out of him because he will give it back in


heaps. And Lendl as well. You would not want to cross swords with both


of them at the same time. It is probably why they get on so well.


There were so many scenarios going on in our mind last night, will be


be bad light? Will they have to close the roof? Will it be difficult


for Murray? I guess Andy was not thinking about that. He was just


thinking about the next point and staying in the present which is a


huge skill at the end of the day. We have him chasing every single ball,


points which were won on court and also in the gym as well, in terms of


the pace and his first step around the court and his ability to return


the ball. Not great pace on it but great depth. This was the one he


challenged, he didn't have any challenges left! That is beautiful


Fabio. When we look back at the postcards of his career, that will


be what we remember. Why did he stop?! For the record, it was in


anyway, he would not have won the point. We have learned so much about


Andy and where he is. Everybody saying he has not had many matches


on the grass, not a of matchplay and not much confidence, answered


yesterday. I think he did in Paris as well. Andy is at that stage in


his career, even if he has not had great weeks leading up to it, in a


major it will elicit more from him. It was disappointing not to get more


matches at Queen's but it was not the end of the world. The draw came


out and it was favourable to allow himself to be fit enough to get


through the first week. Fognini outhit him in Rome in terms of some


considerable margin in terms of power. There was a danger that could


happen yesterday. I was surprised how well Fognini played on grass, I


did not expect that. The grass is lower. I talked to John Millman and


he said he feels this is the slowest major in terms of the speed. It did


not help against Rafa but it helps Rafa to some degree because the ball


sits up that much higher. I think all of those types of players are


dangerous on grass. Absolutely. We have some breaking news now. We have


lost Boris Becker. He is apparently on his way to us. If anybody can see


him in the grounds, can you tell him to come down to ask! He is by some


white umbrellas but as you can see, there are quite a few white


umbrellas here! Hopefully he will be here soon. I have seen him this


morning so I know he is by some white umbrellas but as you can see,


there are quite a few white umbrellas here! Hopefully he will be


here soon. I have seen him this morning so I know he's here. Murray


was very outspoken. There has been all sorts of talk about court 18 and


the grass. Let's see what Andy had to say about Centre Court last


night. The court, I don't think was in as good as condition as previous


years. There were quite a few spots on the court, just behind the


baseline and in front of the baseline where there are quite big


lumps of grass, there which I den member really being the case. --


which I don't remember being the case. I don't know if it is to do


with the weather they have had over the last few weeks and months. It


has been pretty hot, pretty extreme conditions, not much rain, so I


don't know if that has affected it, you know. But the court, when I


played the first match, was great, and I think it is just getting a bit


beaten up. Well, we have had exceptional weather. We have had a


very hot June. It is almost memories of 1976 and this will affect grass.


It will affect grass. There was a lot of talk from players and they


felt the grass was playing more differently in that regard. They


shut the roof the other day to try and keep the son of fit and protect


it a little bit more. Andy has been a father longer resident of Centre


Court so he is well placed to qualify the comments he has made.


Nadal felt it was the same, Federer I know feels it is pretty much the


same. It is a difficult one to understand. Is there anything in the


fact that the junior 's these days do not grow up playing on grass so


the movement is different? It is a controlled slide on a clay court.


You cannot do that on a grass court. Does it affect it? Someone who has


just slipped in. We have found him! We sent an SOS saying has anyone


seen Boris? I was in the players lounge. They do not allow us in


there, only champions. Good to see you and Mark. We were just talking


about the state of the courts but I would love to get your opinion on


Murray and how impressed you were? I thought he officially entered


Wimbledon. There was enough torque about the hip and physicality and


whether he was fit enough. I think that has to be put aside. He was


tested by an amazing unpredictable Fabio Fognini. The atmosphere


reminded me a little bit of what is going to come. The atmosphere was


electrifying. He really had to pull out his best tennis to come back


because he did not want to play a set. Fabio was playing without


anything to lose -- he did not want to play a fifth set. Tennis wise I


thought the second set was poor. For him to come back and know how have


two days off, I think he really entered Wimbledon 2017. Does a match


like that test you mentally? Will it help? It will help a lot. He did not


have the best of years. He had some heartbreaking losses. When you come


back from something like this, it really lifts your spirits and


confidence. He will have two days off so I am sure by Monday we will


see a different Murray. OK, we will talk more. We have to look ahead to


today. Wonderful matches on the show courts once again as we expect at


Wimbledon on the middle Saturday. First it is Agnieszka Radwanska. And


a revised Ernests Gulbis. And then Roger Federer up against the older


brother of Sasha, Mischa Zverev. Dominic team, everyone talking about


this young man. And on the outside courts. Look at the score between


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Sam Querrey. They are in the fifth and final set.


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has got to come out and serve to stay in the match.


It was because of bad night last night.


It seems a lot cooler than it has done during the week. Let's find out


the weather with Ben Rich. It is a little bit cooler but the crowds are


now gathering behind me on Henman Hill and the outfit of the day does


seem to be shorts and I think they have made the right choice because


the cloud has started to break up quite nicely. Through the day it


will give us some spells sunshine. We will not get up to 30 or 31


degrees as we have had over the last few days, but we will get something


like 26. It will feel very humid I expect. There is a very small chance


of catching a shower, less than 5%, so I think on balance we will be OK.


It will be fine into the evening. Tomorrow, no play but it should be a


decent day. Some showers later in the day. Next week there is a


greater chance of showers. It will not be a complete wash-out. The good


news for players and spectators alike, it should be a bit cooler.


Thank you. The ground staff have been flooding the courts, they will


really need that day off tomorrow. Before we look back to Jo Konta's


match, that great win, it has been an incredible five days at


Wimbledon. Clare Balding has the story so far.


Week one at Wimbledon started with a flurry of questions. First of all


were either Britain's number fit enough to play? In a wide-open


winning's drawer, who would take the step forward onto to the big stage?


And was it time for the new generation to finally make their


mark? Or where the old boards still going strong? One week on we started


to get our answers. It turns out that hip hip Murray, Andy's Cobblers


just how he walks. Johanna Konta has also proved her fitness and she


needed it in a marathon match against Donna Vekic. Even a feast of


flying ants did not throw her off. The Brits look in rude health but


players lacking fitness caused a bit of a stir. Controversial withdrawals


facilitated -- facilitated Novak and Roger's early matches. Daniel-macro


was not short of change and he threw it under the umpire's chair in


objection to five over rules which went against him, but he ended up


$14,500 poorer thanks to a hefty fine -- Daniil Medvedev. Bernard


Tomic picked up a fine having called a medical time-out, not for a


physical ailment but to find a doctor who could help him with his


motivation. I am bored out there. The young guns are nearly ready but


the old guard are not moving on just yet. Federer is doing his best


Benjamin But an impression. He is certainly not toast yet. His old


rival Rafa Nadal have come back to the grasp refreshed, scampering and


scurrying his way back into our hearts. He even does his own


supermarket shopping. Novak is on a quest for love and understanding.


And the three-time champ is showing he is strong enough. For the women,


anyone could win. The question is who believes? Petra Kvitova's fairy


tale return was all too fleeting. And the Serena shaped hole in the


draw is proving hard to fill. Baby talk is all the rage as Mandy


Minella knocked up in round one, it was announced that she was 4.5


months pregnant. And Victoria Azarenka's new son Leo has been


watching her practice as she embarks on what she calls her second career.


Now ranked 678, the former world number one had a battle royal


against Heather Watson on Centre Court. Only one former champion is


left fighting for the Venus rose water dish, and it is Venus herself.


Troubled off the court by grief, could she find freedom on the court?


Venus Williams marches on to round four. The bookies make it a


wide-open market, but whisper it quietly, the top of their list and


favourite is British. Could it be 40 years after Virginia Wade, we are


all shouting, come on, Konta! Get ready to make a racket in week two.


I am glad Clare whispered that because I am fearful of putting


pressure on Jo Konta. She is one of the favourites to take it? She


definitely is. Jo has been playing that kind of tennis for a couple of


years. That is why she is installed as favourite because the quality of


her tennis is world-class. She is very solid from the back of the


court, she is well programmed in what she has to do and that takes


some of the pressure off. It illegally it's the pressure when you


have a good plan. Yesterday, she look good -- it illegally is the


pressure. She had a good opponent she was expected to beat but she


really kept the level of play. She did. The three hours must have


affected her mentally and physically but we could not tell. Of course


everybody asks and now, does she feel like the favourite? Of course


she is playing in Wimbledon and she wants to win Wimbledon but she keeps


it on the download. She goes about business. She is a very methodical


fighter. She does what she is supposed to do. You were in the


coach's corner. She is your girl. She played well. She played well.


She is between coaches. You have to confuse the algorithm when you take


on Jo. She is smart tactically. She served very differently against


Donna Vekic. She is so tight to the line. Her accuracy is amazing. It is


up there with one of the best serves in the world. It is not in Serena's


class but it is not far behind it. Lets hear what Jo had to say after


the match. Johanna, reflecting on your first


week at Wimbledon, what is your report? I feel quite honestly very


blessed that I got to play two matches on Court One and a great


battle on Centre Court. I got to play on the two biggest stages in


the world so I feel very humbled by that and also excited to have come


through some very tough matches. I have given myself a chance to come


back and play on Monday. It is your first time in the fourth round of


Wimbledon, you have two clear days to get your head around things, how


proud will you be walking back on Monday knowing there are only 15


other women in the draw? I am here with the intention of making it a


full two weeks. I am preparing the best I can, training the best I can


and competing the best I can. How would you rate the competition ahead


in the second week, starting with Caroline Garcia who is a young


player, Andy Murray described her a couple of years ago as a future


number one. Issued at good? She is a very good player and she is playing


with a lot of confidence. She made the last eight in Paris. She is


definitely playing well on the big stages. I looking forward to playing


her. I have played her once so I am looking forward to another chance to


play someone who is in good form and will challenge me.


She is certainly a difficult player. We will do what we have done for


Murray for years and years, we will plot Jo Konta's route to the final.


We will have a look at the draw. Simona Halep at the bottom, she is


the number two seed but unproven on grass. Look who is in the draw,


Venus Williams. She is the only former champion left in the draw, a


five-time winner. The only youngster is Ana Konjuh. After Panko won the


French Open, I fancy her chances as well.


-- Ostapenko won the French Open. Garcia will not be looking any


further in the draw. That is our job. We all hated it when we were


players but now we are doing it! You don't get to win this title or any


major title with it being easy and you should also embrace the


pressure. What a great opportunity it is for Jo and she is playing the


tennis of her life but Garcia has got the personality to believe she


can compete and play her best on the biggest stage. How about that


experience with Venus being the only champion? No one really mentions her


as being one of the favourites. She is a five-time champion and she did


reach the Australian Open final a few months ago. I want to say that


almost anybody can win it. It used to be Serena and then a big, big


difference to the rest. Serena is pregnant and not playing, so anybody


can get onto the run, including Jo Konta, can lift the trophy. That is


the opportunity and that is what everybody should think about. Of


course she will have to beat Garcia but deep down, it is another week to


go to grab history. That is a good line. No one is talking about


Ostapenko and yet talk about how slow these courts are. She has


played not her best tennis and already at such a tender age she is


able to win. She is able to play big and she takes the match out of your


hands as she did so thrillingly at the French Open. I think we are


talking about everyone, we are just unsure who to go with because we all


look so bad as experts because everyone we picked on... I started


with Kvitova and then Pliskova. We said two and now we are going up to


six. I would have said the same names, Kvitova and Pliskova. I want


to throw another name in, Ana Konjuh. Remember Ostapenko, no


Wansbeck about her and she went on to win her very first title. Ana


Konjuh, a strong woman, very talented, 19 years old. I am just


saying. It could be another you, it could be another teenager lifting


the trophy. Is that what you are saying?


I don't think it is impossible. The way women's tennis is going you


don't have clear-cut favourites any more which is a good thing. Every


other week there is a new one coming. It is really anybody's game.


Haven't the women's matches been incredible this week? Now we are


moving on to the men's. Novak Djokovic has a new Wimbledon


champion by his side, it is Andre Agassi. Jonathan has been talking to


him. It is like yesterday but a lifetime


ago. It is so strange. It is like kids, you see a baby and you


remember everything you went through but you think wow, that was a long


time ago. I get to take it in now from a whole different perspective.


It is funny to have the context of the full experience. I bet you never


thought with your long hair and your baseball cap that you would be back


as a coach? It is fair enough, I don't -- you never know where life


is going to take you! I don't know if I would call it coaching. It is


not about full-time, it is not about teaching him how to win but we have


seen it enough times. It is about finding the parts which help him


feel clear so he is able to execute his best game and with conviction.


He is a good coach in that respect. What is the one thing, if there is


one thing that you are trying to get him to do? Clarity and fight. To


believe that good things are ahead, that you are going to get better


every day. If we fight and we start thinking about the other side of the


Court a bit more. There is a human over there that have to beat you. To


know what I mean? That is what I like to with Novak. I like to see


when he is out there feeling clear, he is remarkable. And he has Murray


as a rival for the title, Nadal and Roger Federer as well. In the year


of your last Grand Slam title, he won his first, 2003. Can you believe


that here he is 14 years later coming in as many people's


favourite? No question about it. Roger, what he's doing is quite


frankly unexplainable! I have stopped predicting him because I


have been wrong so many times. It does not surprise me any more but


constantly amazes me. It is great for the game to see these guys going


after each other. Hopefully we will see it this fortnight when we have


those guys pushing at the end. Talking of Roger Federer, I have a


confession to make. I said he had won 17 Grand Slams. I have been


saying it for so many years. I got told off and I severely told myself.


I had interviewed him about his 18th, what is wrong with me?!


A winner's mentality. Andre is a winner and proven champion. I think


it is responsibility on Novak's side not to let his man down. Andre knows


what it takes, he understands the nuances between winning and losing.


Once you are in a semifinal, he is not going to be happy, my job is


done, Andre wants to win. That clarity of thought. He said clarity


and fight. He is only satisfied when you hold the trophy up and that


comes with bringing Andre Agassi on board. Going back to what Andre was


saying about the edge and clarity of thought, why is that important? If


you look at Roger and Novak's career, in terms of total career


points won, and we think our dominant they have been, they have


won 54% only of the total points played in tennis. If you look at


Roger's best year, statistically in 2006, when he made 16 out of 17


tournament finals on Novak, 2015 when he swept the board. They won


56% of points only. You talk about the edge, it is wafer thin at times.


The big difference with Novak in the last 12 months, maybe not serving as


accurately, but it is winning big points, and when it goes, even for


top players, the losses start racking up. He has look good, but he


look good at the French Open and then had a match that came out of


nowhere. Suddenly he threw in a really bad match. The problem with


coming back to number one, is the weeks and months of repetitive


tennis at matches. It does not happen overnight. Something happened


when he kicked out the old coaching staff after Monte Carlo. He called


it a shock therapy. He started to play better in Madrid and Rome. It


is adding pieces to the puzzle. I don't think emotionally at the


French Open he was ready. He looked good in the first two matches, so he


is starting to look like a champion again. He is on one of the


championship courts, with Mario Ancic, one of his two coaches. It


reminds me of Andy Murray, he has Lendl, former champion, and good


friend Jamie Delgado. Mario knows a lot about tennis, as well. It is a


great balance. If you know Mario, he is a wonderful person, intellectual.


He has diverted into a different career but follows the game, and he


knows Novak well. There is more to coaching them hitting forehands and


backhand Pele. It is about finding balance which is the most important


thing for Novak right now -- and the backhands. Ernests Gulbis is playing


well. He comes from nowhere. Ranked at 18. A tricky opponent for Novak


Djokovic. A big serve and forehand. He will be on Centre Court later.


Those lucky enough to have a ticket for Centre Court can look forward to


seeing Djokovic and Roger Federer. So much talk about the men's top


five. All over the age of 30. 51 of the last 54 Grand Slam singles


titles have been won by Djokovic, Nadal, Murray, Federer or the


drinker. What can the Next Generation do to challenge the old


order -- and Stan Wawrinka. We have been in an era of the last almost


ten years with an incredible dominance. This has never happened


in the past. Four guys winning almost all the Grand Slams. How can


someone sneaking? Impossible? These champions, when they play young


players, they are very careful not to give them one chance, not to let


them hope they can go through. The top four are just too good. They try


everything to keep us down. If you want to win a slam you have to beat


at least two of them. I had it in Paris. The Djokovic, in a good


match. Two days later I had to play Nadal, so that is very tough. The


first time you play someone like Roger or Rafa, it is scary, you do


not know what will happen, if you will lose 6-1, 6-1, something like


that. What they have done in tennis history is amazing. The first time


you play someone like them, it is intimidating. This generation we


have has probably a better chance to win Grand Slams because the old


generation is getting old! I have to say also that we can see two players


that have the skills to win Grand Slams. Clearly I am thinking about


Zverev and Dominic Thiem. Those two have skills to win a slam.


The next gen, younger guys coming up, they can do damage. It can start


any time, maybe this year at Wimbledon.


In the past, when you had two big weapons, like a big serve and


forehand, you were able to get easy points and win big titles without


being a complete player. Boris Becker is the first to comes to my


mind at Wimbledon. After that it took him many years to have a


complete game. COMMENTATOR: The young man, the first unseeded player


to win the championship. Tennis has changed in the last ten,


15 years. It takes a lot of years to build your physical and to be able


to play long matches and rallies and be able to win a slam. We have to


accept that. We have to look at them progressing and slowly but surely,


be excited to see the parts of the puzzle get in place for them to be


champions and still the Rafas, Rogers, Novaks and Murrays are here


still so the young ones have to wait. Dominic Thiem and Sascha


Zverev, so much expected of them. Sasha is 20, Dominic Thiem 23. They


are heading to the top. Four career titles to eight career titles. It is


hard to break through in this era, because as we saw with Rafa Roger,


they take time off and come back better than ever.


It was tough in any era. To get through McEnroes, Lendls, Jimmy


Connors, was difficult. It is always difficult for young ones to come


through and Patrick is right. The older generation are really


protecting, because they keep coming back. Who would have thought last


year, Rafa injured, Roger injuring himself in the semifinal, for them


to be dominating this year, a year old, that is the thing now, you have


the older legends who have changed the game and the young challenging


for the position. It makes for great matches. Dominic Thiem has been a


semifinalist in a Grand Slam at the French Open. A beautiful player. He


is, but the harsh reality is they are not as good as the top players.


They have improvements to make. Why have Roger and Rafa dominated? Roger


is hitting over it more, particularly on the return, not


slicing, and Rafa was a better player at the French Open with his


forehand this year than he has been in previous nine Grand Slams,


statistically, so they have to improve their game to beat them. It


is not just hard work. Dominic Thiem has a wonderful game. He has. He


knocked out Djokovic in the court is fair and square and is knocking at


the door the loudest. Sascha Zverev, winning four titles, three titles


already this year, he is also there. Why wait for next year if you can


win this year? It is not about how old you are, but how and if you are


in the quarterfinal, 20 or 35, you want to win. Sascha Zverev has the


arrogance and confidence to be a champion. He has the personality and


game I believe that he will do it. It is a process. He has so much


game, but his serve, for his height, is not as accurate as he needs and I


remember when Andy played Federer in Bangkok the first time, he was


surprised he did not feel Roger hit the ball that hard, but Andy became


a better player, not just through hard work, but a better player on


his forehand side particularly to stop beating Roger. This is what the


Next Generation have got to come. When I say arrogance, I mean it as a


compliment. You need to have self belief. It is a lonely place. You


are playing Andy Murray. You have to believe in yourself. Arrogance is


important up to a level. Patrick saying it took you a while to be a


complete player, do you agree? That is not completely wrong. He made a


point, because I did become a better player in 1988, because I had a weak


backhand. I had weak footwork. Players were exposing my weakness,


which was my backhand. I have to say he is right! We have Grigor Dimitrov


against Dudi Sela at 11:30am. That is starting. Grigor Dimitrov makes


the game looks so easy. Just enjoy this, because he has so many shots


in his armoury. Cool as you like, just behind the back. Brilliant.


And then the match point. If you are going to win a match in style, this


is the way to do it and Boris, you will be impressed with this dive.


Again, a lot of sympathy points in my corner for winning the way he


ought to be winning by diving to the match point.


LAUGHTER We talk about young players.


He is one of the young ones and when we talk about the over 30s, he is


another who could make... We have talked about him many years. He has


had fluctuations and not being consistent as the top guys, but if


you watch the match with Rafa down under, this year, it was some


contest and if he produces that tennis on the grass, he is a


contender. He looked good in the opening matches. Playing Sela, who


defeated John Isner in his last match. We will show you match point.


He is a good player but John Isner is so difficult to be with that huge


serve. I would like to see them shake hands at the end, you get the


impression of what Dudi Sela has achieved. I love the commentator at


the end, David beats Goliath. Five foot nine Dudi Sela against six foot


ten John Isner. The little 'un won. A character. Absolutely had the


crowd on his feet -- their feet. To win a match like that against John


on grass courts, phenomenal. Disappointed for John at the same


time, but good to see the serve has not dominated the landscape


completely. Dimitrov, Sela? I like Grigor Dimitrov's chances. He has


many weapons. Shot selection is key. With John Isner, you do not touch


the return, 25 minutes. I like Grigor Dimitrov's chances. We have


shown you where the members' lawn is, Boris. We found it! We are


heading to Court Number 3. In the commentary box, John Lloyd.


A great start from Sela. Had the ridiculous height difference with


John Isner. A little bit closer to Dimitrov. How do you think the


Israeli will approach this? He has had two Goodwins, particularly


against John Isner, so he is confident. I always think he is a


tidy player, Dudi Sela, not any big weapon.


He is a real grinder. He moves well, gets a lot of balls back. First


serve is not big, he will not serve to many aces, but he places it well,


and he will run all day long, if necessary. That is the ace I said he


would not serve, and he did! The commentator's curse. Interesting to


say about his opponent, the win against Marcel Granollers in the


first round where he said he mixed up the spins and got his opponent


out of rhythm. Is that what he will look to do against Dimitrov? I think


he will. He knows that Dimitrov will come at him and has big weapons. But


it is a great court, look at this. It used to be the home of the old


Court Number Two, the graveyard court. All of the seeds would quake


at night when they knew they had a match on the old Court Number Two,


but not any more. A lot of the spectators have been


queueing for a fair while. They were doing a Mexican wave before the


players came out. He has been serving well in the


championship so far. He has still to drop a set, Dimitrov.


The first point against serve. I am guessing for Dimitrov, he will look


to get forward as much as possible. I think so. He has so much power in


his game. His big first serve, it sets him up well. A good 1- -- 1-2


strike player. Both players holding serve comfortably.


That is aggressive from Sela. The forehand early.


A lot of support against John Isner, his coaching team.


That is too good. Dudi Sela really getting pushed back deep. You can


see how deep he is, he will have to be careful, standing that far back.


He opens himself up for angles. Fantastic overhead. That really is.


That ball seemed to hang in the air about half an hour. He had a lot of


time to think. Very good approach. He comes in. This is the one that


seemed to hang. Well done. He snapped that away.


He is so compact. The way he plays. As I said before, he is tidy. He


works the point around so well and it was not an easy volley. Right by


the service line. To drop that short... On break point down. It was


an excellent volley. This is the side he struggled


without Queen's, the backhand side, but not at that height. It was the


high backhands that caused him problems, but from that height, no


problem. Beautiful shot. It is an early break for the 13


seed. A good start for the Bulgarian.


Dimitrov was a junior Wimbledon winner, one of three left in the


draw, along with Gael Monfils and Federer. What have you made of his


career? He got to world number eight, a couple of semifinals in


Grand Slams but initially, a lot of people talked about him possibly


being one another one. Baby Federer and all of that, which I think he


felt difficult to deal with for a while. For a while, all of the talk


was, when will he win his first Grand Slam, and how many? Now he is


in a position where people do not talk about him as much and I think


he almost enjoys that. There are enough top guys who can worry about


that. He is almost sneaking through a little and I think he is now


thinking he is ready. Before his game break down at crucial stages.


Plus, he is in a good era, it is not as if he lost to people who were not


good. I think it could have done better. I think mentally he was not


ready in his own mind, but I think he thinks now he is set.


Dimitrov's coach. He used to work with Andy Murray.


A very good start this year with his new client. Just talking about


winning a slam, you feel the window of opportunity is getting greater as


the likes of Djokovic and Federer and Dahl get older. Exactly. --


Nadal get older. At least for Sela, he will have a


few more rallies in this match than against John Isner. You have to


wonder about fatigue, after two long matches. He said he was tired after


the first match against Marcel Granollers. And then a four hours


marathon with John Isner in the previous round.


It has been a positive start from Dimitrov, who backs up the early


break. Everything looking pretty comfortable for him at the moment.


It looks like there is not a lot, at the moment Dudi Sela does not have


the power and pace to Hertz Dimitrov. Dimitrov looks like he is


in control and can manoeuvre the ball around when he wants to. Dudi


Sela is a fighter. He will stay out there as long as possible and get


balls back and if Dimitrov loses concentration a little bit, he will


be there. You feel at the moment he is unable


to get the ball to the backhand side of Dimitrov. Being dictated by the


Bulgarian off the forehand. Oh, how hard did he hit that


forehand? This is a good backhand. Look how deep he is. A clean winner


from that position. That is powerful. Fantastic forehand.


Oh, wow. He can do no wrong right now. He is so quick. Look how far he


was past the baseline. Good preparation. He had the racket


ready. Just guided it down the line. Oh, yes. Right now, it has got to be


that good to win a point from Dimitrov! Fantastic forehand.


Well, a double fault hands Dimitrov another break. And he is in control


of the opening set. SUE BARKER: Very much one-way


traffic on Court Number 3. We will be back with that match. We will


tell you what is happening on Court Number Two. The former French Open


champion has a break of serve. The 14th seed up against Cyrano Sir


Steer -- Cirstea. We will keep you up-to-date with that one, but back


we go to Court Number 3. It will be tough for him today,


John. Two five set matches back-to-back. It is very tough for


him. He looks tired already. He does not seem to have enough weapons to


hurt Dimitrov, who looks in stunning form and very sharp from the


beginning. He needs to get into backhand against backhand duels


because that is his best shot, but at the moment, Dimitrov is opening


up with the forehand. He has a nice variation with the backhand, John.


So Dimitrov bossing the first set so far, up a couple of breaks already.


A little shot from Sela and allowing Dimitrov to control the point.


Anything he can do to stem the tide at the moment? I think he will have


to get a little bit closer to the baseline and try and take some time


away from Dimitrov at the moment. He is giving Dimitrov too much time to


work these rallies around. Dimitrov is in that habit of running


round the forehand so well the backhand side of the court, there is


little opening now and again for Sela to go down the line if he gets


the chance. He could just do that! Exactly,


why's it so difficult?! See how early he took that. I'm not saying a


chip in charge, but stay closer in the baseline wants the rally starts.


Too good. Frustration for Sela who played one read a good point.


The 13th seed is one game away from taking the opening set. A change of


racket for Dimitrov which is quite interesting. A change of balls will


be after the next game. Maybe this is his close for the set. Maybe he


thinks he is not playing that well, only up to 5-1. Did not like that


racket! Dudi Sela gives him the thumbs up


there as if to say, that was a pretty good shot, mate! Look at


this. You can understand that error from


Sela. The last point he played was excellent and yet still lost it.


Sela looks like he doesn't quite know what has hit him. He is caught


between a rock and a hard place right now. He has just missed that


and he has challenged it. Judging by the shake of the head it is more in


hope than belief. There you go, it is long. It will be three set points


for Grigor Dimitrov. A bit of a slip there. There have


been a few more slips on the courts this week than usual.


That is a lightning quick set of tennis. Grigor Dimitrov playing some


stunning stuff on Court Three and he has taken the opener in just 23


minutes, by six games to one. I think he just called for the trainer


there, Dudi Sela, as well. I think I heard him say that so we will see. I


think he has some problems in the upper thigh. He has some problems


against the opponent he is playing! Have we started the match? That was


so quick. UMPIRE: Ladies and gentlemen, the


physio has been called to court. He got battered in that set. I think he


will have to take more chances and move up because he cannot stay with


him on the baseline. The forehand of Dimitrov is just carving him up at


the moment. I do think he will have to go down to the line on Dimitrov


and take some risks and get him out of court a bit because at the moment


it is just one way traffic. This set was amazing for Dimitrov.


It was so easy for him. Not many errors from either player. The


problem with Sela, on his first serve, he is only winning 46% of the


points and only 33% on the second serve, whereas Dimitrov is 89% and


80%, so he is complete domination at the moment so this is one way


traffic. Sela, you see this match and you have to admire his career.


He gets no cheap points on his serve. He have to grind out every


point. It is tough and he has had two amazing wins in this tournament


already, but I cannot see how it will happen today. It does not seem


possible. I get that how he will turn around the match. It is not his


game style. But you have to walk on court with a plan B and a plan C.


You have to try something otherwise all it is is staying out on the


court and waiting for the inevitable. The other warriors he


has one two out of six net points. He is getting no joy. This is the


problem with this system we have. You have so many courts and you call


for the trainer but it takes five minutes sometimes for the trainer to


get here and then you have to start all the other stuff and it goes on


too long. I don't know a way out of it other than don't allow trainers


on the court. This stuff about having ten minutes between points,


which it sometimes works out to be that long, it is just not right. It


is not right for the opponent, the player who is injured, the


spectators, everybody. On that, what will Dimitrov be thinking right now,


if it is a ten minute gap? Here comes the trainer now. Dimitrov is


just thinking concentration, keep his mind on the job and keep focus.


The only thing you can look at and the only way he can lose is if he


loses concentration and get sloppy. It looks like some sort of thigh


injury. That has been a lot of wear and tear on the body for Sela. It is


tough on grass courts as well. He was on a seven match winning run


coming into Wimbledon, two five set matches as well, and on grass it is


tough on the legs in particular? It is a lot of tennis for him.


WHISLTES. He should have put a towel around him to stop that! A change of


shirt for the Bulgarian. Look at that. He plays three or four of


those shots when you go, really? Is that possible? Just like Federer.


People used to say when you watch Federer, isn't it boring because he


wins so easily and you say no, because there will always be shots


like that, like Dimitrov just played which are ridiculous. He had a


backhand grip for that for what the lush -- he had a backhand grip for


that forehand. It is an off court medical time-out. I know when there


is rain, for players who are waiting to come on and play matches, they


often say they will play cards and do things to take their brain of


tennis. If it is going to be a long gap here, to keep yourself fully


focused and concentrated for seven or eight minutes as Dimitrov might,


it is quite tiring. I think it is. He is going to have a few minutes


now, just relax and do think about it too much. As the clock gets


closer, just start refocusing again on the job. He is playing so well


right now. The only thing that could hurt him is this disruption. Just a


reminder he got through to the semifinals once before at Wimbledon.


That was in 2014. He beat Andy Murray in three sets. He has only


once got past the third round. SUE BARKER: Well, we are coming to


the end of our transmission here on BBC Two. We will be back at one


o'clock. If you want to continue watching this match, we will be over


on BBC One in a couple of minutes. While they are off court, we will


take this opportunity to show you what is happening over on Court


Number Two with Garbine Muguruza. She has a game built for grass. A


former finalist here and French Open champion and she is flying in this


first match against a tricky opponent, Sorana Cirstea. She is


serving for the first set. Over on Court number 12, Svetlana


Kuznetsova, the seventh seed. It is an serve in the third set but


you can never count out that Lana Kuznetsova. That matches on the red


button and the BBC website. We have more to look forward to later today


with Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer on Centre Court. If you want


to carry on watching the match with Dimitrov and Sela it will be on BBC


One in a couple of minutes. From all of us at Wimbledon, goodbye.


Sue Barker presents live action from middle Saturday as the remaining players look to book a place in the fourth round. Last year eventual finalist Milos Raonic dispatched American Jack Sock in straight sets to progress to the last 16.