Day 6, Part 2 Wimbledon

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Day 6, Part 2

Sue Barker presents continued live coverage from the sixth day of the 2017 Wimbledon Championships.

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This is the national programme. We are going to take you over to


Wimbledon... He's done it. The majesty -- Her Majesty will present


the trophy. Oh, yes! That is perfect. Irresistible, majestic, in


a class of her own. Wimbledon champion.


Welcome to the middle Saturday of Wimbledon. We have had five days of


sunshine and heat and we expect another full day of play on the


courts of the All-England Club. In addition to our TV coverage you can


watch up to six matches on the Red Button depending on your provider,


and more live courts uninterrupted on the BBC Sport app, website and


connected TVs. And after all the tension of Andy Murray's victory on


Centre Court last night we hope for more drama here this afternoon, and


by the end of the day we should know the last 16 in the men's and ladies


singles. Let's look at the order of play on the show courts. First up on


Centre Court at 1pm, Agnieszka Radwanska against Timea Bacsinszky.


Big hitter Ernests Gulbis against Novak Djokovic, and Mischa Zverev,


older brother of Sasha, against Roger Federer. Raonic starts on


Court One. Dominic Thiem, an up-and-coming star, taking on


another, 20-year-old Jarrod Donaldson. We are going to take you,


you may have been watching on BBC Two, court number three where Grigor


Dimitrov is taking on Dudi Sela, who has just had the trainer on court


but he is back out playing. As you can see Dimitrov has taken the first


set 6-1 and is serving for this game, so let's join our


commentators. COMMENTATOR: It has been a good


start to the second set, especially after the long break for the


trainer. Doesn't seem to have affected Dimitrov.


Sela trying to take the return early. Comfortable service hold from


the Bulgarian. He has only actually last two points on serve so far in


this encounter. I do like the way, though, that Sela is trying


something different. It is not effective at the moment, he is


trying to take the ball a bit earlier and not give Dimitrov so


much time as he did in the first set so he is thinking and at least


coming out with plan Be. He is not accepting his fate. Here's a


thinker. Against Granollers he changed his game style, played more


balls in court, mixed up the spins. Forced back in that rally but gets


away with it. Only made two unforced errors in the first set, Dimitrov,


just his third of the match. How about that? That was a change,


wasn't it? Again, thinking. Only 103 miles an hour in his serve -


volleys. Dimitrov was not expecting it. Good tactics. Good volley.


Snapped that one away. Another day for the sunglasses, I'm


glad to say. Lucky he was following that one in


as well, in the second serve. Struggling, missing the first serve.


Sela has won just three of 11 points in this match so far. A second


double fault. You can tell the crowd wanting to


get behind Sela here, hoping to see a bit more of an encounter.


He has got good hand skills, Sela, has the title to his name on the ATP


Tour doubles circuit. Has never won an ATP Tour singles title.


Oh, pity. I'm surprised he hasn't challenged this one. It was very


close. Interesting to see the umpire's you. Richard Haig said it


was a fraction wide. -- the umpire's view.


Groans from the crowd. Dimitrov has another break point.


The one-way traffic continues as Dimitrov breaks early in the second


set. The winner of this one faces either


Roger Federer or Mischa Zverev, but would you put Dimitrov in your top


five contenders to win the championship 's? Not quite. I put


him just outside of that. Even with this performance is not changing


your mind at all? Not in the top five, no. I'm guessing you go for


the big four, I wonder who your 50s? -- Puyol fifth is. That is a third


ace will Dimitrov. In the blink of an eye, able to


back-up the break. 3-0, second set. STUDIO: Sue has gone to Centre Court


because she has a big introduction job to do but as you can see,


Dimitrov in control of that match. At court two this is the featured


match on the Red Button, former Wimbledon runner-up and French Open


champion Muguruza has taken the second set, it is 1-1 in the second


set. Encore 12 Svetlana Kuznetsova, the seventh seed, took the set


against Hercog and is a break-up already in the second. On Courteix


team Magdalena Ribarikova who pulled off a fabulous win against Pliskova


is still looking strong, arguably on the best form coming into this


tournament having won so many titles, 6-2 to her in the first set


against Tsurenko and they are starting the second set. Let's


rejoin Grigor Dimitrov against Dudi Sela Kirk, who gave the


giant-killing performance when he took out John Isner, but now


struggling with a thigh injury and Dimitrov in control.


COMMENTATOR: Sela who had his right thigh heavily strapped, has taken


the strapping off. We had to delay between the sets when he had


treatment and that was put on. Clearly he felt it was causing some


discomfort. Does just look a little stiff,


almost, with his movement. I wonder he if he will carry on the end of


the second set. Oh! That was a bit cheeky, wasn't


it? I had the feeling he was wanting to try and shorten the points. Nice


hand skills again, though, wasn't it?


That is the serve and volley again. That is the way of shortening the


point if he is carrying an injury. Not quite made it, just lost his


footing at the wrong time, Dimitrov, but an excellent point from Sela and


his team are delighted, the Israelis still showing plenty of fight and


gets himself on the board in this second set.


Oh... Bad volley, that one, just snatched it forward, racket head


down. LAUGHTER Oh! That's a pity. It would


have been a classic if they get bad for winners. If Sela loses this


match at least he will have that shot to take home! LAUGHTER I love


that! Not sure if he would have done that at 3-3 in the first set, but


look at that, classic! Don't try that at home! Good shot. Dimitrov in


his last match did one round the back against bad. Us from the


baseline and won the point so maybe Sela was just trying to outdo him.


When you see that you think players go to their local clubs, shall I try


that? Don't! Especially if you get a higher bouncing ball as well!


LAUGHTER. We talked about concentration


sometimes being an issue with Dimitrov and he is playing a little


bit of a sloppy game. Only dropped two points on serve all match and


has dropped three in this game, so opportunity here for the Israeli to


get the break back. Oh! Dimitrov got there in the end!


He got there, but a couple of shaky points there. That was not a good


half-volley therefrom Dimitrov, good lunch, bad approach shot in the


first place, but he got away with it.


Tight and tense. He looks quite pumped. At the start of the year I


watched him in the Brisbane tournament, the first of the year,


and I noticed he was more animated between the points and had a steely


look to him which he has done throughout much of 2017 of them on


the clay courts, not a good clay-court season. Didn't need his


feet at all there. The ball is caught out. First time


we have seen a challenge from Dimitrov. That's a good one. Shows


how well he's seeing the ball today. Replay the point. Diousse.


That's the first time he has been tested on serve in this match,


Dimitrov, but he passes that test. He is able to hold once again.


A few wispy clouds today. Haven't seen too many clouds in the first


week, John. No, it has been perfect. That man there just got his


concentration back in time, just lost it for a point two and when you


play someone like Dudi Sela, who has the trainer on the court again,


looks like for a massage, he fights. You lose your concentration for a


fraction and he will come at you, and Dimitrov did, just to get


himself out of it in time. He can't take any more medical


time-outs, so just having a bit of a massage. Of course, this is one of


the biggest matches of Dudi Sela's rear. He's reached the fourth round


once here before in 2009 before losing to Djokovic.


Looks like serve and volley will be the tactic for Sela and Dimitrov


alert to it. A different type of set, isn't it,


where seeing in this second set, to what we saw in the first. They had


to change something, and he has certainly done that.


Oh... ! That looked saw when he tried to bend for that volley --


that looked painful. Two more break points.


A good quality first volley there will stop the passing shot a little


bit tougher for Dimitrov. The games have got a little closer.


Again, Sela showing some fight. The problem is now Sela is becoming


a bit predictable with the serve - volley, and Dimitrov is waiting for


it. Just trying to shorten the points, Dudi Sela.


Well... If he does have a thigh injury he did well to get down low


to that volley. Oh, that's brilliant from Dimitrov.


Turns defence into attack. So quick on the court. Good drop shot, too.


Did well to get onto that one. He saw it so early.


This time Dimitrov is able to convert the break point. It's all a


little easy, isn't it, in truth, for the 13 seed right now? A game away


from a 2-0 lead. I like that, though, John. Good


character, not taking his foot off the gas.


Fourth ace, and it brings up three set points.


A little longer than the first set, but again, a clinic from Grigor


Dimitrov. Take the second set 6-1, and that is that, I'm afraid. You


can understand it, Sela really struggling with the thigh injury.


Tried to serve and volley, tried to shorten the points. Smiles from


Dimitrov, he is always a good sport. The Bulgarian will move through to


round four. Just an hour on court. Looked good


in that hour, didn't he? He did. But Sela couldn't offer too much.


Difficult to judge because Dudi Sela didn't have much opposition today,


he was hampered by the problem in the five from the beginning, you


could see it, and he is a warrior, he would not default unless he was


completely restricted with no chance of him carrying on, so a great pity,


some good glimpses as you say, of Dimitrov, but did we see enough to


judge? No, but it is a perfect way to end the first week for Dimitrov,


another day off and ready for the real battles on the Monday. Yes, and


Sela has had a good tournament, a couple of really good five set win


is particularly against John Eisner. Dimitrov through to the fourth round


for the second time in his career here, and last time he got through


to the semifinals in 2014. STUDIO: In that fourth-round Dimitrov will


meet either Zverev or Federer, that match coming up later today on


Centre Court. We will whip over to court two because Garbine Muguruza,


a runner-up here at Wimbledon is edging in on victory against


Cirstea. Let's join our commentators for this match.


COMMENTATOR: Garbine Muguruza a game away from booking a place in the


round of 16. Are very professional performance by Muguruza so far in


this match, good serving, big ground strokes, good shot selection, coming


into the net when she needed to. This could have been a difficult


match for her. Cirstea has many weapons.


Just the frustration on the face of the Romanian as Muguruza has


seemingly gone through the gears to get herself into this position on


the verge of a place in the round of 16.


She has done all that has been required of her, Muguruza. She was a


finalist here in 2015. A Grand Slam winner. Martinez is in hard corner,


the 1994 champion. We just saw martinis there. She is


there because Muguruza's called Chas not travelled.


The emotions have been unchecked from Muguruza which is Ireland


occasion of how she is playing. Very even killed.


She fell to save eight break points in her last service game. She was


broken. It would be good to hold Pinochet can.


A little bit unlucky. If the first shot had not hit then it might have


been modified to. As it was it gave me Muguruza at the time to have a


good hit back at the backhand. Muguruza is inaccurately quarter of


the draw. The winner of the match faces the


winner of Angelique Kerber's match. Can she do Martinez knows what it is


to win here. She has done all she can do, help serve. She is a game


away. It is interesting to know how the


players are failing in the absence of a player like Serena Williams and


this is perhaps a golden opportunity to claim a first Grand Slam title in


the case of Muguruza. Muguruza is in that conversation. She has been to


the final in 2015. The last couple of years, since she won Paris, the


last couple of years has been a bit of a struggle as far as consistency


goes. She is an emotional player. For her to perform on the cord


everything has to be in place off of the cord and sometimes she is on the


edge emotionally. Muguruza has not had any real


standout results this season. She has battled a few minor injuries.


Her ankle shot down when she fell to defend her French Open crown.


Muguruza has been as high as two in the world. She is currently sitting


at 15. We have said a few times about


Cirstea, it is the final shot. Doesn't give herself near enough


time to hit that, is she tried to hit bad for a winner or hit it back


into the Muguruza forehand side? Too many unforced errors from Cirstea


today. It came about from a lovely served from Muguruza to bring up


match point. There it is. Arms aloft, Muguruza is


through to the round of 16. It has taken her just over an hour. One


hour and ten minutes. She is yet to drop a set, today against Cirstea.


6-2, 6-2. I think she will be more than happy. I cannot believe when


she won that last match point should boot both her arms up into the air.


Muguruza knew this was going to be a tough match, didn't she? Just the


joy that we saw when she won one match point goes to show that she


was ready for this today, she was measured, her shot selection was


good. Her effectiveness was good. There are few left in the draw but


Muguruza is a contender for the -- a former finalist in 2015. She will


face the winner of the Angelique Kerber's match.


Almost simultaneously a win for the seventh seed from Russia. 6-4, 6-0.


She knows exactly what goes on. Hugely experienced player.


A relatively straightforward win. One of the stories of the


championship so far is Magdalena Rybarikova who has beaten so. She


was sidelined for most of last season. She marches into the last


16. It is the most lovely day here. A


little bit cooler than yesterday. Those on the outside courts have


been watching practice, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, it is a


funny thing to be able to do. There are doubles and mixed doubles


matches on the outside courts. Later we will be concentrating on the


action on Centre Court and Court One. We start with Agnieszka


Radwanska against Bacsinszky. Roger Federer has been speaking to Phil


Jones. One thing that maybe will surprise


the viewers is that you get nervous still on Centre Court and there was


a bit of that yesterday. Yet, I do not know why that happens but I am


happy, it means I care. It means I am excited for the match. Sometimes


getting rid of the nurse takes a couple of games, sometimes it is a


set. You cannot explain why. That is the beauty of the match situation.


It throws you this pressure and you have to deal with it. It took me a


while to deal with the nurse but I got through it. How would you


measure your level in terms of where you needed to be going forward? Now


I am in the third round and I am facing my first seed it is when you


can tell where my level is at. I did not drop any sense. I have not


received any energy. I am healthy, I feel good. Very is quirky, universe


now what you are going to get. . He played me in Australia and tried to


take the ball early. It will be interesting to see what he will do.


He is most likely going to serve on the first and second serve. I like


to play against those kind of players because we will see


everything that grass court tennis wants to see.


Roger Federer the coolest man on the planet. He is playing me show very.


-- Zverev. He was asked how he would approach the match against Federer.


He said give a mean look. Novak Djokovic has been looking very


relaxed and signing autographs. He has Andre Agassi in his camp. Trying


to find the answer to bigger questions in life. He says tennis as


part of a much bigger picture. Moving his way through to the round


of 16 is his aim today. It is a big day at Wimbledon because in the


middle sat that they invite lots of stars from the world of sport mac.


We are going to see plenty of familiar faces from Rio de Janeiro.


Welcome to Centre Court. In keeping with tradition, the chairman of the


All England Club has invited guests into the Royal Box from the world of


sport and this year we are paying tribute to some of the stars from


last summer's Olympics where Great Britain broke records galore. Three


stars from the pool. Two swimmers who won double gold at the


Paralympics. A breast stroke swimmer who broke the world record to win


gold. Hannah Russell and Adam P T. Staying in the water or other on it,


welcome some more British Olympic champions. Two sailors who turned


London silver into gold and two canoeists who created another golden


splash for Team GB. Saskia Clark, Hannah Mills, Joe Clark and Liam


Heath. Another fantastic rowing regatta for


Great Britain and we are delighted to be joined by some of the gold


winning crew and a woman who retained her title in great style.


Paul Bennett, Matt Langridge, Tom Rienzi, Alex Gregory and Helen


Glover. Another group whose exploits in the


Olympic hockey final had the nation gripped. Their thrilling penalty


shoot out delayed the Ten O'Clock News but it did not matter because


that evening they were the nose. From the Great Britain's women's


hockey team, Hannah McLeod, Jordi Twigg, Helen Richardson Walsh and


Kate Richardson Walsh. Next some more athletes who struck


gold at the Rio Paralympics. A triple gold medallist in dressage,


two runners who is printed to glory in Brazil and a tennis player who


also happens to be a Wimbledon champion. Sophie Kristiansen, Libby


Clegg and her guide Chris Clark, Georgina Hermitage and Gordon Reid.


It was yet another record-breaking Games for Olympic and Paralympic


cyclist and we are thrilled to see many of them here today. Give a


Centre Court welcome to Eleanor Parker, Jordi Cundy, Philip Hinds


and Calum Skinner. We are also delighted to be joined


by two more cyclists who make up Britain's most successful Olympic


couple. Winning an incredible ten gold medals between them, they


haven't finished yet. Isn't that nice? Laura and Jason Kenny.


Finally, a man who is very familiar with its famous arena, a tennis


player who retained his Olympic title in Rio and this crowd are


hoping he will be retaining his Wimbledon title in eight days.


Welcome back to Centre Court Andy Murray.


They love you, Andy. All of London's emergency services provide support


for the Championships, many as volunteers. Armed forces personnel


is a body by members of the London Fire Brigade have been stewarding


the show courts. Many of them have shown their professionalism, bravery


and dedication in active service in the most demanding of circumstances.


We are honoured they are here. Show your appreciation for our stewards


at the Royal Box guests. We are going to take you over to


Wimbledon for running commentary of the all England championship...


Tennis played a crucial part in when colour was introduced.


That was Pat Cash in his element. I think he said that was the second


best time he has had here at Wimbledon after winning the trophy.


A bit of fun there. Billie Jean and Tracy are with me. Can you believe


it? I saw your story. I love you and virgin you walking in Central Park.


She did not buy a lunch! And will have to talk to her about that.


Wasn't that lovely with Andy Murray? He was so embarrassed. He beat the


greatest player ever at home in Great Britain on Centre Court at


Wimbledon. I couldn't believe it. The script was written in heaven.


But this was going to happen. Such a great moment for Great Britain and


all of us throughout the world. I remember when he won here. Perfect.


I love the guy. He deals with it so well. A lot of players would buckle


under that. Gerber had trouble last year after winning so much. Two


majors and losing the finals here. She did not like the off the court


pressures that came with it and she has not played as well because of


that. It is amazing. People do not realise when they get to the job it


is what comes with it. She was used at having time to herself and she


was not getting it. It was -- is interesting to see how Babel cope


with being number one. Even yesterday the way he called with


Fabio Fognini. Fognini must be very difficult to play because his game


is awkward, he gives you know them. He gets the treatment for his ankle


and he comes out and is running beautifully and Andy faced five set


points and that could been very dangerous if it went to a fifth and


it would probably have got dark. Andy seems to love the challenge and


a feeling of trying to problems of and how can I work less point out?


That is what is so important? He does not think about winning and


losing and the expectations of the crowd. He uses the crowd. He knows


when to pump them up. He seems to thrive on it. That is what great


champions do, find a way to win. They embrace the moment, the crowd,


their energy, they find a way to win the big points and that is what


makes them extra good. Up the level just enough to win the point.


Fognini is a really hard to play. Very difficult. Andy said I could


try to overpower him. He was mixing it up a lot. And he needs to go to


the net more or be more aggressive if he is going to win. He has


defined that happy medium to be appropriately aggressive. Getting in


their face and giving pleasure. Going against what he does that


truly. He likes to retreat. Andy can do anything. He just has to get in


the mindset. Look for the openings, sunlight, go forward more. Not all


the time, but look for that. That is what Lendl wants to do. Two match


points. Maybe I have that wrong. It is not going to be all about power,


it is about changes of pace, drop shots, using all forms of the game


and both have such high tennis IQs because they do not have that


ability with one shot. It is going to be a lot of fun. Both have had


subpar years coming into Wimbledon. Bacsinszky got to the semifinal of


the French. It is something players have a difficulty with us you change


rackets. Probably for this reason. You think? It was a different head.


They messed with your head. It is one of the things that is difficult


to change. She lost confidence. Other players felt they could beat


her. She has changed back. Real opportunity in this top half of the


draw. Here they come. Watching her play, she is so


difficult, she runs everything down. Difficulty with the right foot, I am


going to look for that. She is like a chess player, tactically amazing.


The one thing she lacks is power. I love watching her play. How her mind


works. Can you imagine how great she would be at you had a couple of big


weapons? She is slight compared to some of the other athletes on court.


Bacsinszky's forehand is weak and the backhand is beautiful. Top money


shot. It has not been a great year so this has come at the right time.


Change of the racket and the foot injury. She depends on her foot


speed. She uses a lot of defends to get the extra ball back in play


because all of the points are going to go two, three, four. It is the


beauty of using the entire court and that is what both of them do. She is


going to have to decide, she has never beaten Bacsinszky, does she


want to go with the forehand to the weaker side, it is going to slice


more, drop shot more, but the backhand is much more powerful?


We mentioned Angelique Kerber, no one was talking about her before as


we look at who is here. Muguruza and Kuznetsova are already through. Who


to look out for in this top half, you mentioned Angelique Kerber, she


is going through OK. She is going through all right but I think she is


lacking self-confidence that needs to find her form. She has to work


hard on her serve. I love her spot shot, she can go so low, her centre


of gravity is so low especially on the


backhand, I her a lot because she has to work hard, she is not as tall


as some other players. She's a great athlete and I hope she feels


confident. Self-confidence is so important. Muguruza impressive


today, now working with Conchita Martinez. She is calming and gets


her focus really well. I think it really helps Muguruza. She has the


game for grass. She does but winning the French Open last year as well.


She hasn't been back to the final anywhere since so struggles with


extra expectations, more attention. I think it's soon as she comes in


here she recognises that her ground strokes, if she can get confidence


behind those that had such weapons, big serves us well. Three former


finalist in the top half but I still consider that was a huge upset in my


opinion when she lost the other day. This draw is wide open. It will all


be about who can find the confidence match by match to get better and


play their way in, and Wimbledon is just sitting there! Everyone thinks


Johanna Konta is going to win. Do you know what she did? She went to a


sports psychologist. A lot of players don't want to do that. You


have to be vulnerable and search yourself and learn to change and


change yourself talk because you are what you think. And I love her for


that. She paid the price at the emotional office. It is the


emotional strength that makes great champions, not just the mental and


physical strength, and that I find at the top of the most important


quality. Mental is what you think. It is what you feel. As well, when


you are right there in this match point. Explain, what you feel? Am I


getting shaky, and my nervous, what is going on? That self-awareness and


the awareness of what is happening. The players who are stronger


emotionally really truly believe in themselves, you need the inner


strength at important times like Federer has it. They believe they


can do this, and they stay in the right place in their intensity.


There is a nod I think about that you have to keep... I don't know how


you feel like this, but I think there is an intensity level that is


best for that person and you have to know what is best for you and you


are constantly adapting it throughout your match because


sometimes you get lulled and have to bring your intensity upon sometimes


you had is to run and need to it down. Where do I need to be to play


my best? That is what players need to know about themselves. That's


what I find listening to players, they cannot get the intensity where


they need it, the dial. It is a lot of work in a match. It ebbs and


flows in the match player and that is what it is about. Now I know


where I went wrong! Where were you in 1976, Billie Jean?! You did just


fine! She has played well and even better yesterday and not looking too


far ahead. We are trying to push into the final but she is not


looking too far ahead. It is the mental training she has done in the


last couple of years. It was only three years ago she was outside the


top 150 and now it is the mental balance she has found that has


changed. I covered her match yesterday and Billie Jean is right,


the intensity she has, not so intense that it is bubbling over and


she is too nervous and big moments, she can control and manage it.


Certain trigger when she goes through, that is the mental training


she did, and I believe she wants to win the title but knows she cannot


look too far ahead. She knows it is one ball at a time. Players think


one point, no, it is one ball. But Shinseki's story is amazing. Four


years ago she left the game and worked in a hotel -- but Shinseki.


Then she found out she was good enough to go to the French Open and


she fell in love with the game against. She was pushed by her


parents, particularly her dad, and never love the sport on her own and


was ranked 40 in the world. Maybe one and one third round of a major,


now she has returned she has the French Open, a terrific coach, she


has come back and is in great shape and consistently making a deep run


for majors so it is phenomenal. The key, she is playing for herself not


anybody else. She says she is loving it again. That is how you win. The


great matches we have had here... This is the best, I love it. Tracy


is on her way to call this match with David Mercer, all yours, David.


COMMENTATOR: Tutor Macca semifinalist at Roland Baros two


weeks ago. Up against a former finalist here in Agnieszka


Radwanska. Don't know what she is asking the umpire for this one. She


was extraordinary, so many injuries that the start of the decade, found


herself working in a Swiss hotel learning about the hospitality


industry. Agnieszka Radwanska... Short of her best this year.


One both her previous matches, Bacsinszky.


Got the Bali all wrong there, Radwanska, and straightaway, three


break points. -- got the volley all wrong there.


That the weaker side for Bacsinszky. Forehand. The backhand a real


weapon. Radwanska displaying her defensive


skills. She is one of the best movers on the court. Supreme


athlete. Radwanska getting that point through


placement, and she's all about hitting the ball in a spot that


makes it awkward for her opponent. Will not outhit or overpower anyone.


The combinations of shots will get the job done.


Just a little enquiry about the call, but decided not to challenge.


We have seen more of those unforced errors from Radwanska this year.


Very stingy with those, particularly coming back from 0-40 in this game.


Now facing another break point. Oh, what a glorious rally, ended


with a fabulous pass to get the break.


It is cat and mouse tennis, isn't it? They are looking for angles and


openings, they are not going to bludgeon their way to victory.


Getting that point alone you saw three forehand slices which you


rarely see these days in tennis. They throw everything at the kitchen


is -- but the kitchen sink at each other, different spins, use the


length of the court, so often today we just see the whip, left and


right. -- the width of the court. Radwanska feels very comfortable to


move forward. Some excellent follies, but a couple of good passes


therefrom Bacsinszky -- excellent volleys.


Interesting to see that last shot choice from Bacsinszky, middle of


the court and she chooses to take a backhand. She clearly favours that


side. Such a well played point from


Radwanska, pulling Bacsinszky left and right with authority. Then a


delicate drop shot. That horse was way too far out in


front. Right onto the sideline. The


backhand can crack it open with one shot, great weight transfer, steps


into it. Slipping right underneath the box.


He is up on his feet again immediately.


So, well executed, great accuracy and length on their shots, and that


wanted the job. 23 shots! A strange coincidence, they both


came back from 0-40. Now, love that combination,


Radwanska with the backhand slice to the forehand of Bacsinszky. Calling


upon her to create her own pace of that forehand wing, then had back


and the line. -- had backhand up the line. So much variety from


Radwanska. Both down 0-40, both get back, and


both still lose their serves. I suspect we will see a lot of service


breaks two days. Returned very well and both are used to getting their


service broken. Great agility, great foot speed.


That was very close. Yes, I'm not surprised she is challenging. I'd


hate to call it myself. Oh... Write it was. -- correct it was.


Oh, it's always special if you get the winner office smash. Bridging


ski -- Bacsinszky didn't do much with that overhead and not only is


Radwanska fast but she has great anticipation.


Oh, dear. Radwanska holds to love and leads to- one. STUDIO: We will


stay here on Centre Court at the moment but will round up what has


been happening elsewhere, and one result to bring you, Jo-Wilfried


Tsonga is out in the continuation of a match stopped because of bad light


last night. Tsonga had to serve to stay in the match at 6-5 and


couldn't do it so one game played and Sam Querrey goes through.


Exactly a repeat of what happened to Tsonga in the French Open when he


had to come out the next day and serve to stay in the match and lost


that servers well. So a sad sight to see Jo-Wilfried Tsonga go out, but


Sam Querrey is through to face Kevin Anderson, another big server. We can


quickly update you on a couple of courts, this match is on BBC Two,


Gael Monfils has broken back against Adrian Mannarino and Mannarino has


just saved a set point. That is on BBC Two. On Court One, last year's


runner-up Milos Raonic, 4-4, on serve against Ramos-Vinolas, our


featured game on the Red Button. Back we go to Centre Court.


COMMENTATOR: So Timea Bacsinszky coming back to serve. With so many


British Olympic medallists in the Royal box, this is another Olympic


medallist, she won silver in the women's doubles in Rio in


partnership with Martina Hingis. Lost to the Russians.


Just left a lovely play. So in control of this point, got


Bacsinszky forward, then lobbed volley, back you go. So important


for Radwanska to have her old racket that. It's like a magic wand for


her. -- old racket back. It's painted black, the racket,


because of course she is under contract to a different


manufacturer. They cannot possibly have the sponsor's logo of the old


racket. I was reading in the morning papers


that Rory McIlroy is struggling to get used to a new set of golf clubs


because his previous sponsor of course no longer makes golf club is.


That is the one thing I don't think you can make a concession to, no


matter how much they pay you. Clothes, shoes...


Did you play with the same racket throughout your career? That's an


interesting story. I did change but the markings and the colouring and


everything was just like my old racket so when I took it back it


felt very similar. Radwanska picking and plotting and


really building the point, then hitting this approach very early.


Must be an absolute relief if he finally break down the Radwanska


defences. Hope for Bacsinszky to take that one on the rise, send the


message that she will always be able to throw off that lob.


Such a huge disparity in speed between the backhand of Bacsinszky


and the forehand. That is Bacsinszky's coach. A huge reason


why she has got to the elite part of the game.


Oh, a corrected call by the line judge. And his correction is now


being challenged by Bacsinszky. But he was right. He corrected


himself. They will have to replay the point.


One challenge left and just the fourth game.


Come on, she deserves the clap for winning that game. Saving the break


point. Eastern face. A hold each. Already the first four games have


taken 22 minutes. So much crafting these shots. So


much thinking. I can make it awkward for my opponent.


Unusual unforced errors from Bacsinszky. I do not know a player


on Tour that runs around their forehand more than Bacsinszky does.


When you have the backhand like that, it makes sense. Much more


technically sound than the forehand. That is a rare really poor shot from


Radwanska. It caught the net max. You are being generous. Break point.


Bacsinszky breaks again. That gets the clap.


One or two unforced errors have been flown in from both of them.


Radwanska, not the most important moment of her year, she is getting


married in a few months, that will be the equivalent of a royal wedding


in Poland because she is huge in Poland. The man in the white cap in


the middle is her fiance. The gentleman leaning forward with the


beard is hard physio whose name is utterly unpronounceable! How coaches


on the left. -- her coach. I can just about get my tongue around her


current's name. Her fiance started as hard-hitting partner. It is a big


moment. More things to deal with this year for anger, the racket


change and the right foot, missed a few tournaments in the clay-court


season. Just has not had the solid same season. She ranked in the top


ten consistently for the past six years. Number 10.


Again, close call. Radwanska decides to go to Hawk-Eye this time. Wisely.


Replay the point. Not enough on the return. Radwanska


the middle of the court that up. A couple of backhand is later and she


unloads at a beautiful angle. That grip is so western. You might


even call it how iron. Hit the line. What happens when it hit backs the


line it grips a little on the titanium that marks the court and


stops... Quite often you see a player missed by me at or swinging


too early. I guess we have to say that was an ace.


Bacsinszky really starting to look comfortable on the squad. Has not


played nearly as many matches on Centre Court, it can be


intimidating. Radwanska was a finalist here in 2012. Other times


the semifinalist. Radwanska immediately try something


different, moves forward, because she is struggling to get the


firepower. She definitely needs to get maudlin down her shot s,


Radwanska. Radwanska's younger sister has


played on the Tour but has been affected by injuries many times. I


often think when I watch Aga playing, in my very younger days


when I was playing tennis I used to play against the garage door run the


ball keeps coming back, many people have a practice draw at their club,


and she reminds me of that, because it keeps coming back against her.


That is because of her defensive ability, or anticipation. She has


quick feet. Soft hands. This ability to place the ball. In the right


spot. High tennis IQ. Usually comes up with the rate shot at the right


time. Knows her capabilities. The roof has stayed mercifully shut the


role... Open, I should say, apart from the briefest of periods on


Monday. Let us hope that continues to be the case in the second week.


New balls. That is the most powerful shot on


the court. Drive through the ball very flat.


Really important game for Bacsinszky. She has the momentum.


She is hitting with confidence. She cannot have a concentration lapse on


her own serve. Wobbled a little bit in the smash earlier, she will be


guide to have got that one away. That's the coach. So important in


her comeback. Solid hold. Bad well-documented


story how Bacsinszky was out for most of the Max seasons with various


injuries and got the automated email to come and play the French


qualifying and went back and played and decided she was going to play


for herself, she was enjoying it again, passionate again, this coach


made her believe she can get to the top of the game.


Pausing in the corner. Makes all the difference in the world. She also


discovered it was rather better than being a Hotel receptionist, which is


what you was doing. Certainly the peers better. ?90,000 forgetting


thus far. Her first career, as she calls it,


getting to number 40 in the world, meeting it to the stage in a major


only once. Since coming back it has been eked times. Such a better


player. It is a total change. You were one


of their teenage Feeney and it seems players reach their best when they


are plus 30. Bacsinszky challenges the call. She


better be right because if not she has got no more challenges left.


Bacsinszky has no challenges remaining.


Of course we saw with Fabio Fognini last night, he was out of challenges


and he stopped playing, thinking I am going to challenge. Tough. A


crucial moment against Andy Murray. Loose points for Radwanska. The


chance of set point. Made it. Bacsinszky has the first


set after 41 minutes. Yes, big celebration from Bacsinszky


to take the opening set on Centre Court. We can show you what is


happening elsewhere. Court Two, Angelique Kerber is in trouble.


Shelby Rogers 4-3 up and serving against the world number one. That


is on BBC Two. Court One, me was Raonic has taken the first set on


the tie-break 7-3 and he has just broken. Last year's runner-up is


going well. That is on the red button. Gael Monfils dropped the


first set in the tie-break 7-3 to his fellow Frenchman. That is on the


red button and the BBC Sport website. This one is on the red


button and the BBC Sport website, the player coached by Pat Cash. She


has such a big game, so good on the grass. She is in control. Back to


Centre Court. The scoreboard outside Centre Court in the southern side of


the grounds confirming that Bacsinszky, the 19th feed, as the


first set against the ninth seed. Radwanska is going to have to up the


level of her play. She is just not able to get Bacsinszky off balance


enough. She tried to be disruptive with the different slices but she's


really dialled them now. The returns have not had enough sting or depth


from Radwanska. Too many of those. Radwanska has not


had a lot of winners but she has very low count for mistakes.


Another magnificent backhand and it is a love service game for their


Swiss to start the second set. The key to me when you are showing


unforced errors, you have to show the winners as well because


Bacsinszky is plus four on winners to unforced errors. Plus four or


-4-mac equals a differential of two games. Lost the last three games,


Radwanska, need this one. Normally you might ask if she had to


go for the line but then you remember who she is playing against


and you feel you have to go for the line to hit a clean winner.


Bacsinszky in the forehand corner playing backhands. So much more


offences. I would like to see Radwanska hit it


early like that, try someone approaches forward. Got to Jane


something. The key in tennis is to rush your


opponent and if you cannot hit extra hard try to hit it early. It gets


the same effect. The first double fault of the match.


Radwanska's third of the Championships. This is her third


match. Thomas, coach, a little nervous.


Very subtle, but that is a big point to hold. Trying to stop the momentum


of Bacsinszky, and that is a free right there. A gift from Radwanska.


Lovely skills again. So fun to watch. Taking all of the pace out of


the drop volley. Graceful athlete. 72 mph second serve punished. Eight


tenths back and clean winner of the match. All the way to the front


foot. Coming through the body, through the legs.


The third deuce of the game making this the longest game of the match


so far. First serve crucial here. Radwanska making four of 11. She


throws in a second serve. There is that anticipation you were


talking about. It is moving at exactly the right moment. She holds


it. Until Bacsinszky commits, and then she moves to her left.


The timing and the balance, everything is just so much better on


that backhand side. For Bacsinszky, the commitment and confidence as


well. Getting up towards seven and a half minutes for this game so far.


We are back in deuce. With that extreme forehand grip of


Bacsinszky, so difficult to whip it offer very low ball, so that is a


good approach from Radwanska. A little bit of slice.


Had to work hard for it before, it was an important game, just to slow


her down, Bacsinszky. Great scrambling from Radwanska, it is


what she is so good at, keeping that point alive. Testing her opponent.


Radwanska was a set down in the previous round. Two match points


down in the second set tie-break, but came out on top in the end.


Much better return. Just had something on it, too many of these


returns have been sitting in the middle of the court, Bacsinszky can


start taking control of the point. Boots! She has a wasp, or B.


Hopefully not flying ant. Enough of those the other day for the whole


year, I think. Two break points now for Radwanska.


Radwanska 16 421 when coming forward. I like that ratio. Needs to


look for that more frequently -- 16-21.


There is the break, and Radwanska takes the lead in the second set to-


one. Talking of flying ants, I feel sorry


for the fellas because they take off to mate, then they made, and the


guys die and the girls burrowing new nest and read a new generation, but


a moment of pleasure and then goodbye! You are bringing all sorts


of things to this match! By the way, I don't know if we have ants in the


United States, I was looking about the other day. You just have


rattlesnakes and alligators! I think one of the nice things about the


women's game at the moment, we saw the Johanna Konta match was


brilliant, big hitting. This is a subtler affair, gentler flavours,


greater variety of play. Yes, I love that. Tennis has everything right


now from so many different countries, so many different ages.


Players in the mid-20s, Victoria Azarenka coming back, Venus


Williams, 37. Lots of variety. 2-1, second set, having lost the


first. She knew as soon as she had hinted


it was never going to get over the net.


That subtle drop shot Miss on the second point. That is a lot due to


lack of confidence. Look at Radwanska's record here, just 13 in


ten. For someone of her stature that is an astounding record.


And halfway through the year, she is still ranked tenth in the world. On


the road to Singapore, that is the basis of your ranking from January


one of this year, and it is 40. Yes, Bacsinszky 19 in that department.


The race to Singapore, to determine the top eight. The equivalent of the


ATP Tour world finals that we have here in London at the O2 arena.


Even the coaches have patches these days! For sponsors.


Don't play the drop shot to the backhand! Playing to the well just a


little too frequently. But Shinseki is off the mark quickly there. --


Bacsinszky is off the mark. The chance to break back


immediately, then. Radwanska trying to get Bacsinszky


off-balance on that forehand. Got that one deep enough. Bacsinszky hip


point on the forehand isn't as much out front and on her front foot as


the backhand side. That's an example right there of


using the whole court. Had she got the ball deep and Radwanska got it


back... Once again, Radwanska having a real


struggle to hold serve. Four deuces in her last service game, three now


in this one. Radwanska smart to serve that second


serve to the forehand of Bacsinszky. You cannot punish that side as much.


Again, working really hard but managing to hold, and it is three


games in a row for Radwanska. Thought that was one of the reasons


the Azarenka- Watson match turned around yesterday that she started to


attack Heather's forehand more in the second set. Getting more


aggressive as well, but targeted on the other side.


That is great racket work from Bacsinszky there. It was very low.


Just got underneath it, up with Justin up top-spin to create the


angle -- just enough top-spin. I thought for a moment she had made


a mistake by going back to where Radwanska was but because it is such


a short angle it was good enough. This soft on grass, it doesn't come


through the court. It stopped. Oh! It is glorious to see this


backhand in full flight. It just meant at the last second it was a


little late, then quickly got that bracket through with the left hand.


So Bacsinszky holds but Radwanska lead 3-2 with the break, second set.


STUDIO: So little between these two on Centre Court. We will be back


with this one but we are just going to drop in on court 12. This


happened a short time ago, Gael Monfils, a great entertainer, every


shot in the book, what about this? He hits a winner. Shall we call it


the turnaround shot? That was a while ago. He broke serve in that


game and has now battled serve in the second set so 4-4 but Mannarino


having taken the first. That matches on the Red Button on the BBC Sport


website. He is still smiling out there. It is on court 12. Here, we


are heading back to this one. COMMENTATOR: Very much involved in


this second set, Bacsinszky. Just the one break behind.


These lovely images from our super slow camera. Beautifully


illustrating their how she takes that backhand out in front of her.


LAUGHTER. They've been watching too many flying ants! Thank you, ready


to play, please, ladies and gentlemen.


3-2, Radwanska serving but a set down.


No doubt who is the more solid overhead. Solid in the forecourt, as


well, with her volleys but also in her positioning up there, Radwanska.


Another of those awkward bounces off the line. Just stops, titanium


pigment. These days, not chalk. Dangerous going into the backhand


side. So confident, so accurate. Anywhere on that wing.


From 30-0 to 30-40, and another break back chance.


This needs to be a first serve and go to the forehand here.


Approach to the forehand much better. Well, Bacsinszky


challenging, but I reckon detainee pigment flew up! Doesn't quite have


the same ring as the famous Johnny Mac outburst. Nobody can argue with


Hawk-Eye. Do you think John would have tried


to argue with Hawk-Eye? Remember we had the old cyclops machine that


used to call the service line only. The Stasi got down on both knees


aren't prodded distant declared, made in Russia, it's lying it wasn't


very good. Oh, that wasn't very good -- implying it wasn't very good.


That opportunity could be very costly, could go for- two in the


second set. Every Radwanska service game in this set has been a deuce


game and deuce game. -- aid multiple deuce game.


Radwanska uses her legs so well to absorb the pace. These punishing


ground strokes coming at her. The support camp of Radwanska or


standing up. She is playing much more aggression, more offensive


minded, and this is very tough to time. Ball coming at you with a lot


of pace, and just a dropped shot. Oh, Radwanska, you turned that point


around with the little lob around the backhand wing.


If you wonder whether Bacsinszky name comes from, her parents are


Hungarian. Just like Johanna Konta. We could have an all Hungarian


final! Certainly wide open, the draw. That bottom half looks a


little stronger to me, Stepanenko, Konta, Azarenka, Halep. Love game


for Bacsinszky as she continues to stay in touch. The lead is down to


4-3. STUDIO: And we will be back on Centre Court in a moment but a lot


is happening elsewhere, and on the outside courts, Court number three,


CoCo Vandeweghe of the United States, the 24th seed outhit Alison


Riske her countrywoman 6-2, 6-4. Big serve and forehand, obviously good


friends. She is through and her coach will be delighted with that.


She is through to the second week of the Championships. Very popular on


all. And Petra Martic of Croatia has come through against a Zarina Diyas,


76, six one. Martic of Croatia is through to the second week of


Wimbledon. Big smiles out on court 18. We can update you on what is


happening on court two, number one seed Angelique Kerber was a break


down in the second set having lost the opening set to Shelby Rogers.


She has just broken back and if you want to watch that match, it is on


BBC Two. But here, we are heading back to Centre COMMENTATOR:


Bacsinszky has had the trainer out just puts on tape over her right


angle -- ankle. You can see that little bit of brown tape over the


sock. I don't think it is anything of any great significance. Radwanska


serving with new balls. Makes it look so easy, picking up a


bit of grass. One two divots coming up. The shoes create divots. If the


ball hits that, it will have a very uneven bounce.


It has been so hot. The grass has taken a beating. That is why it


needs a day off tomorrow. It will be a day off for the ground staff.


Another one. Yes, smiles all round in the crowd. Both players move so


well. Such an are set to be able to hit an offensive shot in a defensive


position. That little applause from Radwanska.


The crowd really enjoying this contest. It is not just about power,


it is about exploiting the other player's weaknesses, movement.


Trying to get the point through disruption. Radwanska has been to


the net on 31 points and won 22 of them. Surely the secret of success


for her. Such a difference if she can get the


ball to Bacsinszky's forehand. Extreme winners off of the backhand.


Serving to stay in the second set. Brilliant bit of fielding.


The first ace of the match for Bacsinszky. Only her fourth of the


Championships. Cannot save Radwanska. How many


times do we see Radwanska in a defensive position? She gets that


lob up so close to the baseline and restarts the point.


That was a Radwanska point of view have ever seen one. Get in trouble


on the return and just dropped it Andrew Bacsinszky forward and then


the lob. Measures it perfectly. A squeal from Bacsinszky. She keeps


the second set life and forces Radwanska...


It is that old serve it out question. Can you serve it out? She


has had the schemes on her set, Radwanska. Bacsinszky has had two


chances to break back. Point by point, is that the old cliche?


Absolutely. If it is anybody who needs to get first serves in it is


Radwanska. She does not have the pace on the second serve and it is


so adaptable. She usually gets a high number of her first serves in.


The second serve is 45%. Often times it is also her accuracy on the first


serve. Mixing it up to the different sports, getting close lines.


Badlands guy has the natural slice which is effective on the grass. She


needs to stay aggressive minded. Trying to serve their second set


out. The instant apology from Bacsinszky.


That was a totally mis-hit drive volley. Sometimes the mis-hits on


grass can be the most effective. Bacsinszky challenging the call. The


ball was called in. Absolutely crucial, this. It did just find the


sideline. Bacsinszky has one challenge remaining. It would not


have been an easy smash for Radwanska. Got the serve to the


forehand and got the cheap point. Rather gifting this game away.


Radwanska has two said points to level the match.


It is one set all after an hour and 33 minutes. Radwanska wins the


second set 6-4. All to play for on Centre Court. We


will be right back with it. Milos Raonic 2-0 set up. That is the


feature match on the red button. Last year's finalist going well.


Shelby Rogers of the United States is the second break up against the


player in your picture, the top seed, Angelique Kerber. She has


broken back. Rogers has a point to take this into a second set


tie-break. That is on BBC Two. Henman Hill is very busy once again.


A wonderful order of play on Centre Court. Following this match there is


Novak Djokovic and then Roger Federer. We have been spoiled with


the weather. We have only had a little bit of drizzle. Play going on


on all of the courts. The junior events are getting under way and the


doubles. A lot to get through. A busy schedule for the tournament


referees. Lovely scenes at Wimbledon, everybody enjoying the


weather and the tennis. Let us rejoin Centre Court.


One set all. Bacsinszky has asked for the trainer to return. Right on


cue. Is it still the right ankle? Feeling a little bit in the thighs.


So much demand on the lower body to get lower on this surface to absorb


the power and be ready for an awkward bounce, uneven bounce. The


first couple of days of practice you are extra so. In the glutes and in


the thighs. Can I play devil's advocate? If somebody turns an ankle


or has an injury, I am not talking something horrendous, it seems to me


fair enough, but if you are a bit tired in your glutes, why should you


be allowed to have the trainer? Isn't your physical preparation and


how strong you are part of the game? There used to be a rule in place


that if you had cramps you could not get treated. Bacsinszky will say


that this is a strain on so she will probably want to get some tape on it


to give it some support. Radwanska will go out and stay warm, Steelers.


Get a few serves. She played a phenomenal second set. She employed


some better tactics. More offensive, ten winners as opposed to five the


--s. Coming to the net every opportunity. Her court positioning


was better. Aga has such good hands, she is able to absorb the base.


Bacsinszky is receiving medical treatment. She has three minutes to


treat. The umpire says this period has started. A little bit of


bandaging is going on. First the spray goes on, it is sticky so what


comes next will stick. I can always remember even at Roland Garros


playing Mary Pierce had some treatment and got one of the ball


boys out and had a little hit. The French crowd loved it. Suddenly the


French favourite was no longer the code's favourite. Mary is here.


Trevor McDonald. He loves his sport. He was at Lord's rhythm of the


cricket. Merry here working for our colleagues on BBC Radio 5 live with


her excellent commentary team. I was listening to them on the Andy Murray


much driving home last night. Lord King. The governor of the Bank of


England, former. Yes, a cross between water poll and tennis. I


think they want to be on TV! I am told... I have never played it, I am


told water polo is absolutely vicious, there is a lot goes on


under the water. That you cannot see. Imagine trying to stay afloat


for 45 minutes or an error with people pulling on you or scratching


you. The last bit of tape goes around Bacsinszky's leg. Some going


on the front portion of the thigh, the crisscross version, to try to


unload where she feels a bit of a strain. Both players played just one


grass court prep tournament, losing in their opening-round in


Eastbourne. A couple of tablets for Bacsinszky. Playing their way into


this tournament into form, Bacsinszky getting into the


semi-finals of the French Open. That is more appropriate at where.


You see a delay of 7.5 minutes. Will that have affected Radwanska's


rhythm? Really tough to pick here because


they have played twice, Bacsinszky has won twice, both on hard courts.


Radwanska has had the better results at Wimbledon. Semifinalist a couple


of times and finalist ones. So accurate with that backhand. In


early take-back, great transfer, and coils the shoulders and hips.


Three slices in a row. You will not see that on any other surface. This


surface is so low. A chance for Radwanska to break straightaway in


this deciding set. A huge screen from rats --


Bacsinszky. A huge point, especially for Bacsinszky. Slices turning the


demand on the left side. Getting down time and again. 27 shot rally.


The longest of the match. Not up, surely. Double bounce. You


have a frame, you might as well use it. There was not much string on


that last shot of Bacsinszky. Need off of the end of the racket.


A second break point. Much better returning from Radwanska in the


second set and into the third, compared to the first. Hitting with


more conviction. Radwanska gets the perfect start to


the final set. The coach on the left will be


thrilled and fiance in the wet -- whitecaps. Radwanska is beginning to


wear down Bacsinszky mentally and physically. It is like going against


a wall, it is so tough coming up with winners against her.


Consistent. She will hit hard, fast and low and throw in a slice. Deep


and then short. The ball came much slower than she


thought. I do not think she was saying what a nice afternoon it is!


I do not think it was any of the four official Swiss languages,


French, German, Italian, Raman. Roger can speak all four. She better


get her focus back. That is two backhands from a neutral position in


the court in the net. Just a little lull, you sense, in


the match, it sometimes happens with a long match, the start of a new


set. It is like rebooting your computer. So it is running perfectly


again. The best and the best there are no


lulls or the art short, they recognise it and get back to work. I


doubt Roger has had a lull in many of his matches. That is incredible.


Could anybody else hit that shot? This is just knowing what you are


capable of unjust that the last second she was late so she


improvised. Yes, got so much side spin on the ball. Final set.


And the body language reflects that, getting very frustrated with


herself. She stole that point. The overhead


of Bacsinszky has not been good all match, and another one is missed.


But she had the easy put away ball and did nothing with it. 0- two,


0-30. This is crisis time for the Swiss.


This is what Radwanska will do - she will get so many balls back and


play, start to extract the errors, her opponent. To overplay and get


frustrated. -- her opponent will start to overplay.


Oh, another one! The break of serve to love. And the odds-on Radwanska


are shortening by the second. She has just gotten under the skin


of Bacsinszky. She has gotten in her mind on these overheads. She let


that one drop too low, overthinking it now. So much fun to watch


Radwanska, because she has worked her way into this match, fought her


way out of that second set. It was a couple of years ago that Andy Murray


said that he loved to watch Radwanska play because of her


intelligence, because of her variety. Andy uses a lot of the same


shots. The backhand slice in particular. He uses the one hand,


just as Radwanska does. Change pace to draw the opponent forward where


they don't feel comfortable, moving into the forecourt. Then the odd


drop shot. Great defensive skills. They would make a good mixed doubles


team, wouldn't they? You were a mixed doubles champion here with


your brother, of course. All was a little delay after three


games, because you are not allowed back in after the first game of set.


67 mph second serve. Served one at 63, I can tell you, against Kristyna


McHale. Excellent timing and footwork. To


get the right spacing between you and the ball.


No, getting desperate. Trying to come up with the almost impossible


shots. Five games in a row for Radwanska.


As we come up towards the two-hour mark, one player now totally in


command. Really impressive, the weather Radwanska has been able to


turn this match around. She was outhit completely in the first set.


Radwanska starting to get more depth on her shots, using the slice more


effectively, started playing the Bacsinszky forehand more frequently.


When you look at Radwanska's results, it's at Wimbledon that she


has had their best results by far in any of the majors. The US Open, she


has only been to the fourth round. Never even to the quarterfinals.


Did she make that? UMPIRE: Miss Radwanska challenges the call. The


ball was called in. It is at the far end from us. Oh, that is missed by a


country mile. Not a good call. She has hardly hit a smash in court all


match. One, I think. We reach the two-hour mark.


For Bacsinszky, I'm afraid, the end is nigh. Great competitor. She will


never give up, Bacsinszky, and she will try to problem solve, but


Radwanska seems to have all the answers, the consistency, terrific


movement today. That is getting through perhaps on


one of those divots. And almost certainly now, Radwanska


looking at a fourth-round encounter against two-time Grand Slam champion


Svetlana Kuznetsova, who has won both the French and US Opens in her


career. And that will be a contrast, because Kuznetsova will have the


power. Two reasons why grass really suits Agnieszka Radwanska - one, she


is able to use that power against her opponent. And second, because


she has the subtle skills with a little slice that keeps the ball low


on a grass court... Absolutely, that ability to improvise. Such great


hand skills. And her serve as that bit of slice to move through the


court. You know, Radwanska, at 28 years old, has always been one of


those players you feel like, can she break through and win a major? Well,


this would be it, a wide-open drawl. -- a wide-open draw.


Oh, perfect! I love the little pop from Radwanska after she played that


drop shot, encouraging it to go over the net.


Absolutely flying now, Agnieszka Radwanska. That's the best I think


that she has played all year. The finals of Sydney at the beginning of


the year, not much -- improved much since then.


Always a little bit of a let down when a third set goes very rapidly


after to make very competitive sets. All credit to Radwanska for taking


this match by the scruff of the neck.


Not that time. Too much air under this drop shot, too high. A chance


for Bacsinszky, then, to get on the scoreboard, at least, in the final


set. UMPIRE: New balls, please. Tracy,


were you in Paris when she was down in the final set and then won?


Surely, it can't happen again. They have new balls to serve with.


That should help Bacsinszky's served to move through the court quicker.


Not so ruffed up. She keeps using those shorter balls,


even if they are not perfectly executed drop shots, if they stay


low, Bacsinszky is having a difficult time digging them out.


Oh, yes! Maybe another lob was coming, she has been so successful.


Just an exquisite pass. That was well long. Bacsinszky


asking... The shake of the head. Played so well for the first two


sets, but now facing three match points.


That's why! And Radwanska is through to the second week at Wimbledon. --


that is wide! What a turnaround. Totally overpowered in that first


set will stop the second and third sets had a grand total of five


unforced errors. Her movement was impeccable, and her accuracy was


spot on. So much variety, and broke Bacsinszky down. Yes, the power of


Bacsinszky was the decisive factor in the first set, but the


consistency, the tennis know-how of Radwanska slowly turned it around,


and by the end, enabled the Polish player to take total command. She is


through now to play Svetlana Kuznetsova on Monday, to my my, the


best day of the championship, when every fourth-round match will be


played on Monday before we get into the next round of the women's on


Tuesday. In this wide-open field, anything is possible, Tracey.


Absolutely. Radwanska's best chance was in 2013. She is putting herself


in the heart of the equation now, because she played an excellent


match today. She wouldn't be the first champion to have been match


point down in the early rounds. Two hours and ten minutes was the actual


time of the match, and the score, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1.


Timea Bacsinszky will stay out there for a little longer to sign a few


more autographs. The ground staff are out there repairing some of


those divots. That is confirmation of the scoreline. And right now,


Agnieszka is going to talk to Lee McKenzie.


Congratulations, we always knew this match would be packed with finesse,


and it was lovely to watch - how were you a note after dropping the


first set? I expected a lot of tricky shots from her, and a lot of


entertaining rallies. I am just very happy that I could


come back and that the second set was tight. The third set, I was


really playing my game, trying to be more aggressive with my serve. How


good does it feel when you have completed the first week of


Wimbledon and you know you are into the second week and there is more


opportunity to come? It is a great opportunity to be in the second week


of a Grand Slam, especially here, so I am really happy. I am going to


enjoy, and I am trying to do everything in my power to do another


quarterfinal here. Next up, you have Svetlana Kuznetsova, whom you play


20 times, including twice here, it is currently 1-1 on grass - with


your game, are you confident you can beat her? She has been playing good


tennis, and she has had a really good season. I think I will have


nothing to lose. She is a great player, a great Champ, and we have


played against each other so many times. Another match not less than


two hours! Thank you very much. SUE BARKER: Well, she just got better


and better in that match, and after such a roller-coaster year, it is


wonderful to see Agnieszka Radwanska back to her best. She is such a


great mover and competitor, and she proved that today. She is always a


threat in a Grand Slam. A former finalist here, but that will be a


tough match against Kuznetsova. Two of the most experienced players left


in the draw. And we will just update you with what is happening


elsewhere: Milos Raonic is serving as well, he actually has match point


to go through, winning 7-6, 6-4, 6-4 Albert Ramos-Vinolas. That just


happened just a moment ago over on Court Number One. So, a comfortable


victory, straight sets, the last year's finalist, the big server from


Canada, Milos Raonic. And a couple of updates as well, Angelique Kerber


was one set and one break down to American Shelby Rodgers, but she


fought back. She looks to be on serve here. That match is live on


BBC Two, if you want to watch that. And the match we were watching


earlier, Gael Monfils, always the great entertainer, against Adrian


Mannarino. It is Gael Monfils who leads to - one against Adrian


Mannarino. That is on the website and on the red button, as is this


one. Tomas Berdych has taken the first set against bed with a row,


and he is a break of serve up in the second set. It is funny who you see


watching the matches from up above. There is Roger Federer. You wouldn't


believe he has a match coming up later on, on Centre Court, would


you? He's just relaxing, watching, catching up with friends. At 35,


Roger Federer playing the best tennis of his life. And we look


forward to seeing him on Centre Court a little later. And we have


made our way down to Centre Court. Boris Becker is with me. Roger


Federer, he is so relaxed, isn't he? You wouldn't think he has an


important match coming up. Years playing after Novak, so he has some


time on his hands was that he has done this 90 times. If one player


knows how to prepare, it is Roger Federer. There is no reason to worry


about him. Lots of players really concentrate before a match, get in


the zone, but not Roger. It is another two hours at least before he


get ready. He will mingle with the coaching team, try to find a


concentration to play the match. Talking of concentration, that was


pretty impressive from Radwanska, wasn't it? She has had a really bad


year, but sometimes when you come back to a place where you have won


matches, it suddenly all comes together. Very much so. You remember


the good times you have had on this court, and she is a veteran. Again,


she always finds a way to come back into the match. I respect her a lot.


She doesn't have a huge serve, but a strong mind, very strategic in how


she prepares the points. On grass, that get you far. It certainly does.


Next, it is Novak Djokovic on Centre Court, and he has a new coach,


former Wimbledon champion Andre Agassi, and he has been talking to


Jonathan. I bet you never thought then, with


your long hair and baseball cap, that you would be back as a coach.


No, it is there enough. You never know where life will take you.


Novak, he is a champion and he knows what he is doing. You have to find


advice that makes him the best that he is, give him some tools. It is


not about full-time or teaching him how to win. My goodness, we have


seen him do that plenty of times. It is about finding the parts that help


him feel clear so that he is able to execute his best game, and with


conviction. He is an easy guide to coach, in that respect. What is the


one thing, if there is one thing, that you are trying to get him to


do? Listen, clarity, and fight. To believe that good things are ahead,


that you are going to get better every day if we fight and we start


thinking about the other side of the court a little more. There is a


human odour there that has to be you, you know what I mean? That is


what I like to see with Novak. When he is out there feeling clear, he is


remarkable. He has Murray as a rival for the title, Rafael Nadal and


Roger Federer. In the year of your last line slam title, he won his


verse. -- your last Grand Slam title. Can you believe he is still


coming here as many people's favourite? No question. To see Roger


doing what he is doing, it is inexplicable. He doesn't surprise me


any more. He constantly amazes me, and it is great for the game to see


these guys going after reach other. Hopefully we will see at this


fortnight, where you have those guys pushing at the end. John McEnroe has


joined us. He will put the fightback in Djokovic, because something has


been missing this year. You saw it with Andy, after he fought so hard


to reach number one. And then with Novak, the same. He is doing


something that no one had done since Rod Labour in 1969, holding all four


Grand Slams. We are all human, you take a step back, you say, wow, can


I enjoyed this a little bit? Sometimes you do that - you have


somewhat of a let down, and you think you can show up at Wimbledon


and pull it back together. He was in the finals of the open. He was


outplayed in the beginning. So you figure, OK, I will come back there.


And then when it happens four times in a row, you think, we will have to


re-evaluate. Bringing Andre Agassi in, so late in his career, he loves


to discuss tactics and he will sit there for hours, and he will give


him what he wants. I think he will give more information than Novak is


used to getting, but it is about them feeling each other out and


getting to know each other. You saw the pressure he was under to try and


win that French Open and hold all four. An incredible amount of


pressure in the weeks leading up, because he won three in a row. It


didn't matter about other tournaments, it was about the French


Open. Once the French Open started, it was almost a relief, because it


was now or never. To get through the tournament for him was a lifelong


dream come true. Most other people would take a year off.


A big ovation for the three-time champion, up against Ernests Gulbis.


Unorthodox, is that how you would describe it? Not quite as much as


Fognini, but they have known each other since they were kids and he's


not going to pull a fast one on Novak. It will be about how much


Gulbis wanted. He's a really strong guy. Has got real firepower. You've


got to watch over him. He beat Del Potro, that is a big one. He's had


the injuries, his ranking has dropped down, he's not won any


matches until here, but against Del Potro it was one great shot after


another. He was not expecting much. He had three matches at Roehampton.


Get to the third round, please this amazing ground against Del Potro and


he thinks, I'm back. And that the dangerous part because he is a


different type of player, has a different family background, so if


he's on it, if he's confident, he's a dangerous opponent. Perfect


example. The players need to come from circumstances. Novak grew up,


there are bombs being dropped around, that toughens you up. The


Russians had to leave because there's no money. Whereas you've got


a guy with the complete opposite. His father is one of the wealthiest


guys in Latvia. There's not a lot of hunger. The Gulf Stream was waiting


at the end of the tournament, go off on a private plane and stay at the


Ritz Carlton. So you've not seen him dig deep in matches but this will


certainly get him back in the mix. No better place to do it than here.


His ranking had dropped down but he's quite a character, as Lee


McKenzie found out. How much are you enjoying the Wimbledon experience?


I'm enjoying it. I've not won a match in 13 months. It has been


nice. But Gulbis is not known as a great grass court player. Del Potro


is a really good grass court player, in my opinion. I'm much more


confident than I was before. Does this make you appreciate tennis when


you've been through everything you've been through, the fact that


you love it? My physio told me he had never seen me as motivated as I


am right now. It has been difficult. You appreciate it a lot more and


this is the place I want to be. You've got Novak Djokovic next. You


used a hit with him. You know him well. How big of test is it going to


be? It's a huge test but it's also a big test for. He was struggling this


season. If I struggle, I go back to being 600 in the world. If he


struggles he goes back to being number two Mac. It has not been easy


for him so I guess it is best for both of us. He's got a big serve and


a big forehand. He's tall, he's not afraid to use it, he's not afraid of


the big courts. It takes a special character to feel comfortable and he


has that character. He's going to serve 20 aces, he's going to have a


lot of winners, the question of the unforced errors. He is a player like


Fabio Fognini who looks for the more difficult shots. The forehand, it


seems like he has streamed out his take-back. I don't know what he was


thinking when he was trying to pull this off but it seems unorthodox.


You mentioned the serve. He's a strong guy and if he gets that first


serve going he's going to be dangerous. Having big serve can get


you so many cheap points. This is grass court... What does Boris know


about that? This is a fast court. Whoever said it was a slow court was


wrong. Whoever serves well is always in the driving seat. He's playing a


great return. He is playing the greatest returner who ever lived. My


last match at Wimbledon was against Agassi. I had the fortune to play


Connors, who was amazing. This guy is taller, he's got more reach, he


can be aggressive, which he's done more later in his career, or


defensive. Either way, he's awesome. You've seen him in the amount of


training he puts in. He gets impositions that don't seem


possible. Most others would hurt their legs if they tried to get to


the bowls that he gets too. He does a lot of working out. Usually he


would not leave one stone unturned. I think he's got his Mojo back. I


feel like he put his head back to where he was. Now it's about work


and practising every week. It has been a roller-coaster year for him.


Looked like he was getting good again and then another bad match.


Yes, you thought he was going to win Rome. We were concerned in the third


set against Dominic Thiem in the French, I could not remember the


last time that happened. Obviously, your head needs to be into it,


especially the way that Nadal and Federer have been playing. He's


doing some target practice on you guys, he is serving. It is also,


when he says it is not about winning, it's almost like it's not


so important to him. I don't know how true that is. I think sometimes


people misinterpret it about not loving tennis. Of course he wants to


win. They've called time so thank you. They are on their way to the


commentary box. Andrew Castle is waiting for them there. The first


Saturday of the championships. A day off tomorrow, and a chance to the


grassed arrests -- the graphs to rest. We are getting stuck into the


bottom half of the draw. Roger Federer to come. He is playing


Zverev. This match contains some threat for Novak Djokovic, who


really seems to be regaining his desire for the game. This man with


three Wimbledon titles in 2011, 2014 and 20 15. The man who has beaten


Nadal, Federer and feather in those finals, and on the greatest stage of


all he is playing against Ernests Gulbis, who only has four matches


this year. Don't be fooled, one of them was against Del Potro in the


last round and he's former top ten. Enjoy this third-round match.


John McEnroe is moving like a today. That was the quickest you've ever


made from the outside to the inside. And looking forward to this. See if


Gulbis and stepped up. Make this a really competitive third-round


affair. He's got one of the best backhand in


the business. Boris Becker is taking a little bit


more time to make his way to the commentary box. This doesn't


surprise us. When he does get here, he will dive


into his headphones. Is there anything you want to see before he


gets here? He is overrated in his tennis career... Eight Wimbledon


finals, Lucky... It's been a popular move to win the


toss and elected to receive. That is what Gulbis this year.


Djokovic did well because that was a nasty slip and he was straight up.


The point would have been over beforehand. He reacted to this shop


all but he's balanced himself. Seems to slip more than any of the top


players. He's quickly able to recover.


Gulbis only has one win long ago. At least when you've beaten him, you've


beaten him. He did that when he was at the academy but I don't know if


that matters anymore. Speed gun on court had that at 106


mph. Maybe taking a break between matches.


That's the thing when you have not played on these courts for a while.


It doesn't matter how much you practice, it affects you when you


get on it. There is an aura. It makes you wobble. Not now.


This is a man whose ranking does not reflect his ability. He beat Federer


in a grand slam Championship. You wonder how fit he is. If he


needs to go deep in the match. He's strong, you can see that. Still


bringing some serious pop out there. It looked like that ball was going


to be out but caught the net. Unlucky for him.


Novak is popular in the locker room, these guys are friends, and he had


the confidence to ask him whether he should challenge and he challenged.


Novak knew it was owed, said, go ahead! I know what you mean, it is


nice. It is great sportsmanship. You might have missed the rugby, it was


wonderful. It was 15-15, it was a draw.


So they haven't beaten them down in New Zealand for 40 years and you're


telling me after all this build-up that I've been hearing it was a


draw? It was honourable, Americans can never understand you can play


cricket for five days and get a draw. Come on...


A wonderful match at Wimbledon and at 10-10 they call it a draw. It was


the first since 1955. I've done my homework. Usually there is a winner


and a loser. Good knowledge from these foreign


fellows. But I'm with you, John, I find it a


bit odd. This is such an important game for


Gulbis to get into this match. That Sun starts to move across,


could be tricky to throw the ball up. He's going to have to move the


toss. Please don't throw fire. He cannot get out of this game and


this is really a test. There's a foundation for the said he's really


got to get stuck into this match. The umpire said you're already


walking to the other side and then you raise your hand. Where else was


he going to go? Would not have done him good if he challenged anyway. It


is the interpretation of the rules. Challenge this time. I believe


Gulbis is on the scoreboard. The backhand at the sideline.


It is in! It should be Novak's point. I don't know when the call


came. Replay the point, he says. That will not go over well. He had


no chance to get it. That is two points in a row. Beginning of the


match. Focus, please. I am. Yes, you are... Novak has a point. I don't


think it affected him. He was very much out of position.


Maybe just this will still prevail. He's at his very best when bad


umpiring triggers him. Makes him play better. I wouldn't know


anything about that. How about that? Nine minutes of


effort and toil. And he has his reward. So many people a few years


ago would have said he was the man most likely to be the first Latvian


grand slam champion. He got close a couple of times. It turned out to be


Ostapenko at the French Open, wonderful performance from her.


Gulbis was on a treatment table in Tenerife watching that. He must have


thought, what about me. Another newspaper described him as a


flickering flame of talent. We hope so. There's a tremendous


upside. It was looking so promising a couple of years ago. Wait till you


see what we are going to get in a year or two. Not what they


anticipated. Before the tournament started, went


to the Academy and chain through another week.


This is an interesting match, this. This is a test for Djokovic.


The type of style that bothers him is the likes of Stan Wawrinka, who


can blow him off the court. It looks possible with Gulbis.


Take that! Call that serve? I don't think you will want to go anywhere.


This has the makings of a very fine third-round match. Only one of these


men can make the second week of the Championship. That was the forehand


we were talking about prior to the match. What a winner. This is what


is happening on Caroline Wozniacki has just broken


back. Disappointing news for Heather


Watson, beaten with her partner today in three sets. Talking of the


doubles news, a long time out of the game, suffered a knee, and a


ruptured tendon. Will need surgery. We wish her well.


The crowd are filtering in after taking 25 minutes or so. Filtering


back in. It's another holiday here. It's a third-round match. Break of


serve to Gulbis. He's got to keep making it work as


he did in his first service game. Gulbis knows this and he will not


give him the time and space to do so.


The year Gulbis reached the semifinal was against Novak. After,


they got together. Yes. He is bringing the heat. I


wonder if he will start to bring him into the net. Getting him out of the


comfort zone. Touch... He has got some pretty good


hands, Gulbis. He loves the drop shot. Not particularly comfortable


out there the net. The foot. He touched it with the foot, I think.


Another call that was not in favour of Novak. Just saying... There is


another 132 mph delivery, and after that tough first service game, that


backs up the break. The single best set of tennis that we have seen so


far in these championships, probably.


Beautiful feel from Novak there. Even though they say they watch


other guys, they watch each other, they watch the form, so they know


what is at stake, and they want to play accordingly.


On Novak's second serve, he goes a lot on the forehand, pretty


high-speed, low percentage shot, really.


CROWD GROANS It's not going for Djokovic yet. All


those little points... It's supposed to be a piece of cake.


It's quite intriguing, this one, because Gulbis got his nose in


front. But I don't suppose there are too many sets were Novak doesn't


break serve, or at least has a real good look. It is not like a break of


serve quite in the old days. You're right. Gulbis has nothing to lose,


and he was tested early on in his first service game, but he weathered


the storm and held comfortably after, so I am sure Novak will get a


crack at it eventually. The question is whether it is in the first set.


If this guy gets hot, it can take the racket out of your hand. I think


Gulbis is showing you that. If he can keep the percentage high... Even


when he is playing his best, we know there will be times. It is


frustrating right now from Novak, but he has to stay patient, feel


like his time will come. It would be highly surprising if it didn't.


Really very full now here. 50,000 people on Centre Court for this


third-round match. Serving with a break, Gulbis.


That's a big second serve. That's the thing when you play without


fear. You know you have got to play your best. Otherwise, you would have


a chance anyway. -- you won't have a chance.


Against a big server, sometimes you just get it -- you've just got to


get the ball back. Berries that drop shot. He does like


that. I like the idea of moving him and bringing him in. He takes the


racket back quite a long way on this. He looks like he is going to


have a go at it, and then just the one hand. A good disguise.


134 mph, as the adrenaline pumps around Gulbis's body here. He has


strong legs, strong quads, and he explodes into that high costs. He


comes from an athletic background. His grandad was a soviet Union


basketball staff. -- star. A skiing background for Novak


Djokovic. Still does it in the Serbian mountains. Don't tell the


insurers! They know that he goes for a day or two. He is protected -


there is no one else on the slopes but him.


So they will close the mountain for him? They will have people left and


right when he goes down the slope so that no one can enter his lane. It


is like New York City for you, John! Just like that!


The stores are all empty now. Everyone is online. This is an


intriguing match. The camp brink a great deal of intellect, and I'm


sure that thrills Novak Djokovic. Boris, you were with Novak for three


years. We should congratulate you. He won six Grand Slam championships


when you were with him, and he was the holder of all four Grand Slams


simultaneously. That sets him apart from even Federer and Nadal, at a


time when he could easily have been four three in the world forever


more, he went ahead and became this really great champion. And then


what? Suffered a fall because he had been to the moon? A little bit. It


is only natural to take your foot off the pedal when you have reached


Mount Everest. The energy that he spent on becoming the very best


version of himself, it has taken its toll on his friends and family and


everything else, so he said, enough of that, I want to be back to the


people I love most. That naturally means he has spent a few less


minutes on the tennis court. I'm surprised that we are surprised. Is


that why you guys parted ways, because you didn't feel he was


working hard enough? After the year was over, I felt that he wouldn't


spend as much time on the practice court, what I wanted him to do. I am


the first to understand that family's first. I am still his


friend and I still respect and love him, but I thought we should part


ways. New tennis balls here, and the


backspin return of a big first serve, gives Djokovic the first


point. We look for any signs of a lack of belief from Gulbis. The ball


will react differently now, zipping through a little bit more.


Oh, yes! The best job we have seen today, no question. We saw the first


return skidding. He is trying to get himself back to business here. I


liked the raw, a real message to the other guy.


UMPIRE: Mr Gulbis is challenging the call.


There should be an immediate challenge or no challenge.


You have a time clock for challenges, and a time clock between


points. He didn't take much time for this forehand to go from one end or


the other. That is the leg strength that John was talking about. Two


break points, still. To the body. Novak couldn't get away


from it. The third double fault for the


match. He plays high risk tennis, no question about that. That's why you


just have to stick with it mentally. As we expected, the level... He


couldn't keep that the level he came up with. We're back to square one


after 34 minutes. But the momentum has switched.


Interesting strategy from Gulbis. Attract Novak into the net. He had


all the time to set that up and hit it down the line beautifully.


Just a little bit of adrenaline, a little bit of magic has gone from


his game. The first serve percentage is


dropping a little bit. That was a strange last point. The


Serb was patted back. -- the serve. Did you look at the numbers, the


full analysis with Djokovic? I did all the boring work after matches.


Me with the rest of the team. The statistics don't lie. If you have an


argument the next day, saying, you're serve was low, you have the


figures. It gives you evidence and a stronger argument if you want to


work on something. These guys are stubborn. You know, they know tennis


better than most other people, so you have to come with strong


arguments. They get a sense of what is going to work, the best guys. I


think, OK, according to what I have read in the statistics sheet,... You


would be horrible to argue with, wouldn't you? I'm not that type of


coach! The first time it ever happened to me, in 1981 in the Davis


Cup, my captain did not say a word to me the entire match, and he is


looking at these stats. I am like, what are you looking at? We know


what is going on. He said, OK, sort of. He did not say one thing


tactically, at all. The game has changed. It's more scientific now.


People want to understand why they have to play certain things and


practice certain forehands. Having been a break of serve up, Gulbis now


serving to stay in this first set. The top guys, they are tougher


mentally, concentrate better, more consistent, they don't beat


themselves. They have less ebb and flow. Also very curious - they want


to know why. 1% might be the difference between winning and


losing when they play. When you see the stats on the points, at the end


of the year, how much better the top guys are, we're talking just a


couple of points. Since Novak has energised himself,


he has taken over emotionally and in terms of the score.


Funny, a few minutes ago, it was impossible to return the serve,


something has switched off now and he is down three set points.


Not this time. To make breaks in a row. Novak Djokovic, from a break


down, wins the first set, 6-4. Some pretty intense minutes here on


Centre Court. SUE BARKER: And Andre Agassi will be delighted by how his


man came back. Djokovic takes the opening set. We will be right back


with this match. One result to bring you, a five set thriller on court to


12. The crowd loving it, some entertaining. And Adrian Mannarino


has beaten Gael Monfils, the 15th seed, winning it 6-2 in the fifth


and sign up -- fifth and final set. It ends in disappointment yet again


here at Wimbledon for Gael Monfils. Adrian Mannarino wins yet another


five set match here at Wimbledon. He will go through to face either


Djokovic or Gulbis. He is through to the fourth round and guaranteed


?147,000. That is the prize money. The crowd are absolutely loving the


match out on court today. We could be in for another big upset here,


because Caroline Wozniacki, the former world number one, is one set


and one break down against this girl, Annet Kontaveit. That matches


on BBC Two. It could be another big upset in the ladies' championship


was that is happening on Court Number One. Back to court.


COMMENTATOR: The sunshine beating down on day six of the


Championships. The court looks resplendent, having had another very


good drink last night and this morning, well watered. On a hot week


like this, they pull the roof over and reduce the temperature to 22


Celsius to give the grass a rest. On court temperatures this week have


been 43.5 Celsius, that is the grass temperature. At that temperature,


grass doesn't grow very well. They have had a job on their hands, but


it is playing beautifully. It will play slightly differently every


single day. Novak Djokovic has deflated his


opponent, the Latvian, coming back from so many injuries will --


injuries. This will allow him to relax now. He will be tougher to


contend with. Talking about the quality of the grass, and some of


the players have been complaining. I think it is burnt. The temperature


has taken its toll. It is also a later start than it has been in over


100 years. It has been hotter generally, so the court is harder


than I have seen it for a while. This quality of hitting, the sound


of the ball from the Novak Djokovic bracket is a joy. Yesterday, seeing


Fabio Fognini's comments after playing Murray, he said, look, I


proved a lot. I was better than him for most of the match. Which, I'm


sorry, but isn't it who wins the last point? Sometimes you can't


question focus and ability, the ability to keep concentration. They


lose sight of what the job is. Gulbis is another one of those guys,


as we are witnessing. To be fair to some of these players,


English is not their first language. If one player has a weakness at the


beginning of their career, it is very difficult to completely get rid


of it. It'll sneak up on the most awkward situation. The Gulbis


forehand was always the weaker side. John, were you more comfortable on


the forehand of the backhand? I didn't have big weapons. The


supposed weapon was not to have any weakness.


Equally mediocre on both sides! There is trouble here, the


possibility of a third break in a row. Look at this athleticism. So


flexible. He gave the shot away and paid the


price. You can see that he's looking to open the face of the racket,


which means it is more than likely going to be very short. This guy is


one of the great movers in our sport ever. He ate that up.


He was 4-2 down? Yes, three breaks in a row. Him and the top four or


five guys, they are incredible frontrunners. When they smell the


bacon, they really go for it. Novak, Roger, Rafa, Andy, they see


that the opponent is weak and they take advantage.


The first serve percentage increased to 69.


Djokovic very much in control on Centre court. We will rejoin this in


a moment. Some results, Thomas -- Thomas Burdick is through against


Davitt prayer. Such a powerful game from the big


man from the back of the court. He is marching on.


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga came out to complete his match and only played


one game. He lost his serve and it meant Sam Querrey went through. They


go through to face another big server, Kevin Anderson. Those are


the results out on Court number two. So many stories at Wimbledon.


Zverev, came through the qualifying, and here he appears with a chance to


get through to the second week. On court 18 earlier, she was the


five match points down in qualifying and now she's in the fourth round.


Junior is taking place today as well. Great to watch.


They will be clogging up the court. Seniors next week. And the locker


rooms. To make this a bit of a match,


Gulbis needs to regroup and concentrate on what made it strong


in the first instance. Strong groundstrokes.


Just last seven games in a row, got to go back to basics. Is that in his


playbook? We are seeing a more determined


Djokovic than we've seen in quite some time. His match in the French


Open was desperate, he gave up the fight. He looks hungry. He went down


to Eastbourne and one. Got the matches in. He is best under


adversity. Feels like he's being mistreated or misjudged.


Some people need a crisis to get motivated.


His lack of match play and his style of play are being exposed now. And


his belief, ultimately. He's completely self-destructed. Shoulder


injuries, rest, at here in the calf muscle, and the fact he is only won


three matches. Looking for his fourth year.


Well done. You said earlier, he doesn't have a plan B. He's never


been known to be an exceptionally hard worker so he's probably not


sure how long he can go out here. He's got to be feeling pretty good


about his draw right about now. They played last year in the first


round when he was defending champion and it was a pretty awkward match.


There still a lot of tennis to be this afternoon.


Perfect example of where you put him in a tough spot, encouraged him to


go up the lane, higher part of that. Good move back there. Saved one of


these break points. Too long after a couple of squash


shot forehands. Just pulled back to the baseline. Good variety by


Gulbis. I like it. Many more ways to hit the forehand.


He's come back from 2-0 on three occasions but to do it on centre


court against Djokovic is a big ask for sure.


Latvia used to be behind the Aaron curtain but now that so many layers


from that region. They have a young female star. Gulbis, at the age of


28, doesn't want this raid to be over. Thankfully, because I've seen


him so many times and it looks like he's decided he's not going to take


his job very seriously, and he's said as much. He said it to me, he


said it to other players. He did reach ten in the world. He was in


the quarters. I had with him when he was 15 in Croatia. They were like,


watch over this guy. Just got news that Gulbis has asked


for the trainer for a back injury. He needs all the help he can get.


Mr Gulbis is challenging the ball. It was called out. It was maybe too


much, too soon in the first set. In case you've forgotten it was not


long ago it was 4-2, Gulbis. He was serving at 4-3 and then got back


into the game and lost with a double fault. That was key.


This second serve is troubling me. I understand you don't want to hit it


too carefully but there has to be another way of putting it on. How


many double faults are we talking now? Seven.


He was a good player. He beat Henman. Lost to Andy Roddick. We had


him in practice for the last two years. He lives in New York. A stock


trader. Very smart guy. Still has a big serve, a big forehand, good


enough to practice for a couple of days.


Well done. I like that drive the cars he'd been getting beaten up and


that snaps that run. Marouane Chamakh is involved -- Mario Ancic


is involved. You were talking about how wealthy


he is and the finances for the Gulbis family. Tell me. I don't know


about numbers but we don't have to worry. It makes it all the more


remarkable in my eyes about Gulbis playing tennis. He must love the


competition and doing something on his own instead of depending on


daddy's money and I respected a lot. A lot of sons and daughters don't.


Relaxing and relying on the trust fund. I think he may have that in


the back pocket. Game, and second set, Novak


Djokovic. Djokovic leads by two sets to love.


Djokovic has turned this thread completely. Cue the trainer. Here we


go. There's quite a lot of around these days. Amazing how much it


hurts when you are losing. These next-generation finals taking place


later on this year, it is before the world tour finals in London. They're


going to allow only a couple of time-outs and a number of other rule


changes. He's getting some treatment. He's


got to win three sets in a row with an injured back. It seems unlikely


at this point. We will take this opportunity to move away from centre


and bring you some results. If you are just coming in. First up, the


number one seeds, Angelique Kerber came from a set and a breakdown.


That's much it means. Shelby Rogers had her chances, just got a little


bit negative when she was set a break up. She is brewed to face


Muguruza who was not on court long. She can volley well, she likes to


come forehead. She is brewed to the delight of her coach.


Radwanska got better and better as the match went on. She's not had a


great year but she's coming into form at the right time. Tremendous


final set. She threw the next round. And through to face Svetlana


Kuznetsova, on Monday. That is two very experienced players. Those are


the stories. One more to bring you. Vandeweghe is racing through over


her fellow American. She could go deep into the


tournament. Came through in straight sets, what a tournament she has had.


It is really paying off. Looking very much at home on the grass. She


through to Monday. And Milos Raonic has defeated Vinolas. He raced


through after the tie-break. The big server was last year's finalist,


losing to Andy Murray. He is through.


It looks like the injury time-out is over so let's rejoin.


Back on centre court. At the moment absolutely odds-on. Novak Djokovic


was a champion three times here. He obviously came in, because he played


Del Potro, he's not played many matches, his back tightened up. That


happens. Should he be allowed this treatment? It did not happen during


the match. It just got a little worse. Tough thing to prove. I


mean... It is but nonetheless the bottom line is, should be allowed to


get treatment for something that has been going on. I think we should get


a massage in the commentary box if the match goes on. It would make any


people feel better when they are slightly stressed. It's a fair point


you're making. Sometimes that's the result of the other guys making you


run left and right. You win easily and you save yourself. That's what


Novak Djokovic wants to do so he's got more in the tank for the second


week. Are you grumpy about medical time-outs? It is an epidemic.


Bathroom breaks. It is almost every time. Totally abused.


So many male tennis players took to the court and did not finish


matches. It is in focus this week. They should give the trainer 10% of


the prize money if these guys come back. All of a sudden he's starting


to hit the ball clean again. He's regrouped.


Obviously it takes the concentration away from the opponent who need to


wait for ten, 15 minutes. That's a very fine start. Whether he


was aided by the medical time-out, and it certainly appears he was, he


has held to love to start this third set. I'm thinking of Bernard Tomic


who said he took a medical time-out to change things up and was


immediately find. He also said he did not have anything wrong with


him. Both things meant he was done for. Dumb.


By the way, I don't blame him for doing it because in the rules.


Players are figuring out how to take advantage of it. I think that's the


point, really. Some of these rules being taken advantage of, and that's


what we discuss. He lost a bit of momentum and


intensity. Some unforced errors are creeping into his game. Maybe need


to call the trainer as well. A run of six straight points by


Gulbis after that medical time-out. BORIS BECKER: And here we go. This


first break point since the middle of the first set.


That's good athleticism. He jumped on the return before the ball


dropped below the net. It makes life a whole lot easier from there.


You can tell from Novak's face, when you know him better, when he is


focusing and taking it seriously and when he is not. I think that break


point was an alarm bell. He is looking pretty good. When you are


hurting, latest tougher. Novak is starting to go behind the more. He


wants to finish this guy off in three sets.


Incredible backhand at times. Really following through and going after


it, taking it on. Technically, very sound. In contrast to his forehand.


Novak has done an excellent job of taking this crowd completely out of


it. They are just like, OK, it's over. Where is Federer? UMPIRE: Mr


Djokovic is challenging the call. The ball was called in. It has been


a feature of so many men's matches on Centre Court. We had Murray and


Fognini, and had hardly been a men's match that had been a great contest.


I don't believe it! That is one of the shots of the week. Court


coverage, first step, phenomenal. So much for the slippery grass court


will stop he got some traction on his first step. And he still had to


hit that shot after sprinting. I liked the noise. It sounds similar


to some of the noises he made in the first set.


I saw Novak doing something surprising - he had an ice bath


before he played the finals of the open. You often hear of players


doing it after. I don't think I should tell you everything. I just


asked if he took ice baths, that's all. A lot of things go on in the


locker room that we don't know from the outside, and that is a good


thing. It is down to the discretion of the players. Everybody has their


own way of preparing, getting ready. He came out strong. He won the first


set and might have been up in the second as well, so it is not as if


it didn't work. Through the years, people try different things before


and after matches. Some things work on some things done. Some say you


should take a cold plunge, others, a hot shower. Practice right before,


don't practice. Get in some jump rope, ride the bike... It is hard to


know exactly what works. The top guys, being there for so long, they


have adapted to the game. I believe the game is changing every 18


months, so you, as a top guy, how to improve, and what worked two years


ago won't work any more, and that includes practice and recovery.


Certainly, the work he got done at the end of the second set seems to


have inspired him temporarily, at least. He is starting to hit the


ball cleanly again. I think Andy Murray had to deal with the same


thing against Guinea, doing jumps on the baseline to stay warm. --


against Fabio Fognini. Novak is doing a smart thing, which is to go


in behind Gulbis, forcing him to stop and turn back, which is


painful. Especially when the ball is out of reach.


People look at Novak and the other guys at the top, and they wonder


what they work on. Boris, what did you work on within more than


anything else? It changed every week, literally. Sometimes you


worked the serve, sometimes the forehand, sometimes the backhand,


sometimes the footwork. It depended on the surface. The reverse drop


shot on the backhand? No, we didn't work on that. That is called


instinct. That is exactly the shot he wanted to hit. A short slice,


away from Gulbis. Low. Beautiful play. We spent a lot of time talking


about strategy, how to position yourself, where you are most


effective. About the opponents, whether you play Federer, Nadal,


Murray, what is the best way to beat them?


As is often the case when two guys are at the net, one of the two goes


right at the other to plug them with the shot. The right move. Gulbis was


ready for it. I wasn't loading the team. There an


assistant trainer other people. They all got the boot, didn't? Yes. A


tenth appearance at Wimbledon for Ernests Gulbis, a former top ten


player. He got there just after 2014, the French Open semifinal. He


is still well down in this match. SUE BARKER: And we will be back on


Centre Court in just a moment. There is plenty happening on this


middle Saturday. Caroline Wozniacki is now a break of serve up in the


third and final set. The four-man world number one is fighting hard.


That match is currently on BBC Two. On Court Number Two, Sasha Steres, a


very talented youngster, is going very well. The 20-year-old is up


against a qualifier who put out Jack Sock in the last round. -- Zverev.


We will keep you up-to-date with those matches. Back to centre now.


COMMENTATOR: A lovely day here on Centre Court. Two former chairman -


Tom Curry and Tim Phillips. They have done so much to transform this


club over the years. Pouille we have two three-time


champions in the box, and I am not one of them. -- we have two


three-time champions in the box. Your final against Bjorn Borg, that


changed my life. Those two finals, one that you won and one you lost,


they made me want to come to Wimbledon one day. So it's my fault!


Really, it is. You're welcome! A splendid shot, but unfortunately,


he is 40-0 down, so it won't add up to very much.


His first double fault of the match. He has five aces.


Suddenly, we've got a game here. You would not have anticipated him


missing this forehand. Good point. Gulbis gave himself a


chance. But eventually, another unforced error cost him the point.


That was a little bit of magic from Novak Djokovic in the hands there.


Again, it's a shot you don't practice much, but beautifully done.


That is where you are meant to put it - short and across court. He


enticed Gulbis to go for a really low percentage reply, which he did,


and missed it pretty badly. We haven't seen Djokovic looked as


hungry for victory or as sharp in his shot selection and reaction for


months. I must tell you, I like it. Considering this guy is 589... He is


in a protected ranking because of a medical exemption. They run out


quite quickly, so you need to win when you have those chances.


Seeded number two because of previous grass court form, which


includes winning this three times. UMPIRE: Mr Djokovic is challenging


the call. The ball was called out. Here we go, start the conversation.


UMPIRE: Mr Djokovic has one challenge remaining.


Everyone has their memories of Wimbledon. Whether it is John's


matches with Bjorn Borg in 1980 and 1981, Boris winning, the first


unseeded, the first German. The first 11-year-old! Andre Agassi in


1992. It was wonderful to be here. If we can just get Andre to wear a


handkerchief on his head in this sunshine, with the former Notts in


the corner, then we would know he was an honorary Brit. He is looking


after himself now. A lot more sunscreen now. If he and Ancic have


been talking throughout this match. Did Novick look up at you a lot?


Yes, I think the player's reaction towards the boxes normal. I think


there should be communication among the coaches and the whole team, and


I think the player needs to see engagement, that they are behind him


with every point. Every player is different. Some players are probably


slightly easier to support than others. Some players are pretty


rough on their friends and loved ones up there.


Gulbis is playing better. He is throwing in the occasional serve -


volley. He uses is that pretty well. It is nice to see him move forward.


A strong second served by Djokovic, into the body of Gulbis. He didn't


have time to move away from it. Djokovic keeps Gulbis busy by


changing the pace, a bit higher, and that lower, hoping that eventually,


by the fifth or sixth shot, the Latvian goes for too much.


You feel like it is a matter of time out here, with Gulbis just hanging


on. New balls. He lost serve with new


balls at 4-3 in the first set. The new balls play faster, they fly


quicker through the air. Not an easy smash, but Gulbis takes


no prisoners here. One of the most under practice chopped in the game,


the bounce smash. -- under practised shots. He has got


to be in it mentally for the long haul. She is protecting herself from


the sun. She might as well have stayed at home.


You can't beat being here on Centre Court. This schedule today,


fabulous. Novak Djokovic in action, obviously, but to win a Grand Slam,


seven matches. This Centre Court crowd today, and the order of play,


Djokovic and Federer have won me most matches of any players ever at


the Grand Slams. 235 matches for Novak Djokovic, 316 for Federer.


It's ridiculous, isn't it? It's the motivation to keep going when


everything has already been achieved. It is a lot to be admired.


Certainly, the way up the ladder, up the rankings, is extremely exciting.


You are travelling the world, competing, learning from your


losses. Seeing new places. Seeing new places, seeing yourself improve.


Sensing the pride that comes along with achieving something monumental.


And then to have to stay hungry and to keep looking over your shoulder


and looking and learning, finding ways to get better, is even tougher.


That is what makes what we've witnessed, especially the top four,


so amazing. They seem hungrier than the guys who don't have it.


Djokovic getting to this drop shot, so quick. That was of imagination,


wasn't it? Best point of the match so far. Had everything in it.


He is claiming the -- timing it the way that he can. It is perfect to


execute, something that is new to our sport.


Novak and no doubt, on clay, is like an art form. Getting the most weight


behind your own shots. The first person I saw sliding on anything


other than clay was... I saw Goran Ivanisevic sliding on hard court. I


said, or K, he's crazy. Only he would attend this and no most guys


do it. There I said, it has helped take


pressure off their joints? To stop doing it you need incredibly strong


joints. I see kids of ten that my academy doing it.


That second serve. I don't think I've ever seen a kick serve the come


so effective on this court but it is really jumping. We saw some of that


at Queen's Club. Good depth from the Djokovic


forehand, doing the damage left to right.


Good set of tennis now. Still very much mentally in it.


He managed to get him to 130. No chance from the return there.


Full-stop the second serve hit flat. Normally his bread and butter shot,


the backhand. No wonder he's a little bit upset.


All or nothing. It is the racquet speed through the ball but also the


rotation. If he was throwing discus it would go miles.


Do you think it surprised him that it arrived back? Do you think he


practices that too often? It could cost in the game.


You don't want to be changing brackets between Serbs.


The second serve that he missed... He just does not mess on big points.


Here's one. An approach shot, and second serve.


That is beautifully executed. This was a tricky bowl, cut the tape. Did


a really good job getting himself out of trouble. It was curtains.


Obviously disappointing for his parents but what are you going to do


with Djokovic? He keeps throwing the ball back in the court and it is the


depth as much as the pace. The first thing is to expected to be a foot


inside the baseline. Don't think he's going to miss it.


Another stunning backhand under pressure. He really earned that.


He's guaranteed himself at least a shot at the tie-break and maybe


could even take it to a fourth. They like the story, the people here.


They want to see a match. They saw what happened towards the end of the


second when he was feeding, and it looked extremely bleak. It still


does but he's battled hard, he has dug in, he has tried some different


things and people have responded nicely.


He is only that he has only 131 matches.


Two tournament that year as well. He likes France.


He has got it on clay, that shows his versatility.


The ball was called in. Part of it is to slow down the pace.


Tie-break. A victory of sorts to even get to the tie-break for him.


Played a couple before these, the head-to-head is 6-1.


That looked a bit long. The call was late. That always tempts the player


with the challenge. Fair challenge, not bad.


Certainly would have anticipated that Novak Djokovic would win the


majority of those longer rallies, as he did there. Unfortunately


beforehand faulted him. It is Djokovic with the mini break.


It is all or nothing. You live by the sword and die by the sword.


Djokovic knows the next two points are huge to get a comfortable lead


in the tie-break. For Gulbis it's just a mini break.


Brave play by the Latvian, not holding back.


A perfect example of the great players. It was certainly makeable.


We've not seen Novak that engaged in a third round match, you can see


what it means to him. He is engaged. That was a lovely


note that he held there. Certainly prepared to shear his emotions. He


has not always felt as loved and adored as Roger Federer and Rafael


Nadal. It is difficult opposition. I think it matters to him that he is


respected. It feels like it is getting to have the respect. It


makes him more human. Quite an accomplishment to be talked about in


the same league as those two. Not making life easy. He's into a


tie-break. Game, set, match, Djokovic. That was


a very accomplished performance and Novak Djokovic is into the second


week for a tense time. He really looks like he fancies this.


Let's take the views of Boris Becker and John McEnroe. The prospects for


the second week are extremely high. I like the intensity he's bringing


to the occasion. The crowd are rallying. He is human and he has


struggled on the court. There's a lot of good signs. It is great to


see Ernest Gilbert -- Ernests Gulbis back to that form. The first time I


see the passion back. I am rooting a little bit. It is about passion, how


much you invest to win. We spoke about the passion that he wants to


win desperately. We will catch up in a second, this is action from the


bottom half of the draw. Federal - Djokovic would be the semifinal we


would love to see. There will be a lovely match on Monday if Fedor


comes through against Zverev. Mannarino got the big scalp today.


The highest seed for Djokovic would be Dominic Thiem, who does not have


the comfort level on this court yet. Almost beat him at the French.


Novak, congratulations, the crowd loved it. They did not as much as


you did to get it done in straight sets and get into the second week of


Wimbledon for the tenth time in your career. I am delighted, I thought I


raised the level of tennis. Compared to the first couple of matches this


was the most focused I was on the court and obviously at the right


time because he is a great challenge, very unpredictable, with


a huge serve. It is not easy playing on grass against the big server like


that. Obviously started off well, break up, then I won seven games in


a row. That obviously gave me a lot of confidence. In general I'm


pleased with the way that I played. I had to focus. How difficult and


unsettling is that? I think he will be frustrated with me saying that. I


apologise, but it was very odd that the call should have been different.


He is trying to do his job. I am as well. Sometimes in the heat of the


moment you exchange things. We will be fine. In the next round you've


got Mannarino, a rematch. You must fancy your chances. He's a tough


player to play against, he has very flat shots from both ends, a really


good sliced serve, and he just anticipates really well on this


surface. He's in good form. I am as well. Hopefully I will repeat the


result from last year. He managed to break and then break


again. He took control and raised the level of his game in that


tie-break. Novak Djokovic is through. That means six men over 30


are into the last 16. That has only happened three times before. Guess


who is next? Roger Federer. Will we see another record go at Wimbledon?


The beautiful weather we've had, lovely hot sunshine, what a glorious


scene this is. The BBC is proud to have been a part of Wimbledon as it


has been for the past 90 years. We're going to take your trouble


than -- take you to Wimbledon for a running commentary. Wimbledon was


crucial in when colour was introduced.


# One vision #. SUE BARKER: And all I can say is


that Kasia has never had so much fun made so much noise here at


Wimbledon. I had an elbow operation about five weeks ago, so I was


nervous about throwing the ball. It was OK. You were rude about my


backhand. I said it was nearly top-spin. It looked good! It has


been a wonderful journey, this championship, so many stories over


the years. And the sheer scale of it has changed so much, when you see


some of these pictures going back. My first memory here in the 70s...


Everyone has such a history. Watching him, the nerves he put us


through. John McEnroe in the finals. The first time you saw Bjorn Borg,


when you are hanging out that the ladies' dressing room watching him


going past. It was a rush to the window, and I was often not at the


front of the queue! I'm not naming names! What happens in the locker


room stays there, as far as I am concerned. No Kerber -- Novak


Djokovic is inspiring youngsters. He turned that match around. , And he


knows that Gulbis is a difficult player because he has such a


difficult game. With all those top guys, on the first Saturday, they


are keen to find a way through to the second week. He was delighted


with his form, as he said afterwards, and I think it was a


step up today, so he will be a happy man tonight and tomorrow. Andrew, he


did look good, and in that tie-break, when you need to raise


the level, he really dead. Absolutely. The reason why I am not


dressed smartly is because I have just been in the commentary box, but


I thought we first saw the real hunger in the seventh and eighth


game of the first set and he was a break down. He broke back with those


new tennis balls. He seemed so keen and alert, like a cat on the


returns, reacting. The Serbs were coming in at around 130 mph. That is


unbelievable. His court speed is there. When you think of the French


Open a few weeks ago, and he was almost giving up against an ATM.


CHEERING And that is for Roger. Roger Federer


has come onto the court, the 18- times Grand Slam winner. Everybody


wants to see this great champion on his favourite court. It's amazing.


When he strolls out of the locker room, even around the players will T


area, there is an air about the place. -- around the players' area.


As you walk out to face him, Tim obviously knows how that feels, what


an ordeal it is to play him. And he is facing Mischa Zverev today. The


older brother of Sasha. How did it feel to play Roger? It was OK when


he was 14. I felt confident. Even if he is playing a home-grown player,


wherever years, he will probably be the crowd's favourite. He is 35,


nearly 36, and this court is home from home, with the success he has


had. His career is right out a storybook.


# She said, be cool, calm and keep yourself together... #.


COMMENTATOR: He's done it. The champion is out. I've always joked


around as a boy, I am going to win this.


SUE BARKER: So many memories there. The win over Pete Sampras. I sat


there watching that mac, thinking, this is the passing of the torch


from one generation to another. Although Pete Sampras was not in his


-- at his best in that match that tournament, he try to increase the


pressure and dominate the younger man, and it just didn't work, and


for me, that was the arrival of Federer. It is just the way he hits


the ball. Just say, we are staying on BBC One just for another five


minutes or so, then we will need to BBC Two, so be prepared. This match


on Centre Court will move to BBC Two. Tim, he has had such an


incredible year, when you think, six months, coming back, winning the


Australian Open. I, for one, have given up being surprised by him,


because it is incredible, what he has achieved. To play in the


semifinals here last year virtually on one leg, he lost to Raonic, then


in consultation with his doctors, took the rest of the year. You


think, well, that will be difficult, aged 34, to start building to come


back. You can practice as much as you like, but to get the tournament


play and the matches under your belt, it takes a long time. And


there he is, back in Melbourne, the Grand Slam, playing some of the most


amazing tennis I have ever seen. The final, when he was down 3-1 in the


fifth against the Dahl, who had beaten him in so many Grand Slam


finals, it was an incredible achievement -- against Nadal. He


made changes to his racket, had time off, but he has come back even more


aggressive. Yes, a bigger racket head. Understanding your body and


managing your head is important at this age as well. He decided to take


the entire clay-court season. What that matter? He lost the Tommy Haas


on grass in Stuttgart... How dare he! And then he won again. You have


to understand your game, how to manage your body and your time, and


he does. Whatever it is, it is working, time and time again. I


think rightly, he is favourite to win this tournament again. And as


far as his opponent goes today, looking at the stats, yet to win a


set perhaps I should whisper that. He is not the only one, to be dour,


who has never won a set against Federer. They have played a couple


of times this year, once on grass, which Vedder Rob won. It was a bit


tighter. Let's not forget the way that Zverev played against Andy


Murray. -- which Federer won. If you are going to be successful against


him, you have to be aggressive and try to stop him using his full


repertoire. Could he get a set today? He could, but not more than


that. The other day, he said he was nervous before he came out, which


amazed me. In this environment, the opposition will certainly be


nervous. Guess what? We will be moving channels, so Tim and Andrew,


thank you very much. We're looking forward to this. Roger Federer up


against Mischa Zverev, the older brother of Sasha. We will move this


match over in just a moment, so if you want to see Roger Federer in


action, switch over. For now, goodbye.