Day 6, Part 3 Wimbledon

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Day 6, Part 3

Continued live coverage from the sixth day of the 2017 Wimbledon Championships.

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Welcome to Wimbledon here on BBC Two, we are with you throughout the


afternoon and into the evening. Wins for Muguruza and Dimitrov, but we


are going to head for live tennis. Gael


Monfils is playing against Mannarino. Mannarino, a player who


has the ability to beat the big players, he has done it before. He


beat Lopez in the last round. Although Lopez retired on that


occasion. A tough five-setter where he was fined ?7,000 for barging into


a ballboy. Fined for unsportsman-like behaviour. There


have been so many Frenchmen who have impressed. Jamie, what is it about


the French? They always have such a big crop of players at the Grand


Slams, it is always the discussion around the nation, would you rather


have a few years where you have a champion and less players around the


top hundred or I think they have 11 or 12 inside the top 100, that is


just incredible. The winner of this plays the winner of Gulbis and


Djokovic. A player who reached the third round in 1996. One thing about


Monfils in that second round match, I thought he was extremely focussed.


I don't know if this is something he has been talking with with his coach


or whether it was a respect for the Centre Court atmosphere and the


stage he was playing on. So, on so many occasions when you watch


Monfils, you're not sure what you will get. He can play any shot at


any time. That is what makes him so exciting to watch. John Long from


Australia is in charge of this one. Court 12 is always one of the


popular outside courts. Plenty of seeds have come and gone here. Just


takes just over a thousand spectators. Many of these have been


queueing through the night as always and the weather again slightly


cloudy, but plenty of sunshine as there has been all week. We have


missed about half an hour of play on that opening day so far.


Gael Monfils bidding to reach the fourth round for the first time hear


at Wimbledon. Got to this stage five times before. Never gone that extra


mile. Nice to serve at a decent pace, Gael


Monfils. That is a wonderful finish from Mannarino, using that wonderful


forehand of his to guide it down the line.


Not that time. Aside from that forehand winner, they have both been


very tentative in this opening game. Wow this net... Getting in on the


act in the opening service game. Monfils holds.


That was a cagey start from both players, you will see as the match


goes on, how comfortable Mannarino is on the grass. A very short swing.


And you will see his flat trajectory is very effective on this surface.


Mannarino at 51 in the world. Lives in Malta. This is his seventh


Wimbledon. Last year knocked out by Novak Djokovic in the second round.


UMPIRE: Mr Mannarino challenging the call. The ball was called in.


Mr Mannarino has two challenges remaining.


Had just enough pace, Monfils was taking all the pace off every shot.


The longest rally with 21 shots. But everything comes back with slice,


asking Mannarino to inject the pace. I wonder if that is going to be a


tactic for Monfils in the match. I'm almost laughing watching him play


that point, you think he has got so much time and he has this ability to


put some serious pace on the ball. Lovely touch from Mannarino. Monfils


well behind the baseline, taken out by that delicious slice.


Not bad, 121mph from Adrian Mannarin.


He is hoping to reach the last 16 for the second time.


It has been a cagey start from Monfils.


A couple of missed returns as well in the opening two service games


from Mannarino. That backhand return, you wouldn't expect him to


miss too many of those. He looks out of sorts. There is not


much the umpire can do about it. I think complaining that the ballboy


took forever to find the ball. Five times the ball has clipped the


net and we are only into the third game of the match!


He hasn't had to do a lot to earn this break point, Mannarino.


First serve to the rescue for Monfils.


Scrappy game, but a fine finish from Gael Monfils.


He is still talking about the ballboy who couldn't find the ball.


He is still stuck in first gear isn't he? Even just the chats he is


having with the umpire shows you from what was a very focussed


performance against Kyle Edmunds in the fist rounds, you can deal from


his demeanour, this is the type of a match that is much more of a


challenge. His career is littered with these types of performances. He


Los being on o' - loves being on the big stage. The Centre Court match


perfect for him. Out here on Court 12, it is still a great court to


play on, but it is against somebody he knows very well, it is much more


lore key, there is not much interest in it. For him it is a very


different and more difficult mental challenge. Mannarino comes here,


both come here in decent form. He reached the final in Turkey on the


grass. Monfils obviously got to the final


at Eastbourne. He lost to Novak Djokovic in the final.


Good patient tennis from Mannarino. Always looked in control of the


point. Lovely grass court tennis from Mannarino. Following that


backhand into the net. Not an easy smash. But dealt with that well.


Beautiful touch. Watched that like a hawk on to his racket. I looked like


he was maybe a bit slow behind this, but watching his opponent all the


time. You can tell by Mannarino, he is


using all the different aspects of grass court tennis. Look how wide he


is serving out here. No chance. Very assured service game


from Adrian Mannarino. Missed it, should have come in


behind that last shot. There was more intensity to Gael Monfils, you


can tell by the sound of the ball off his racket on the forehand side.


It shows the different gears that he can find. The question is whether he


will use it. Three break points for Adrian


Mannarino. Wow! Fabulous forehand. From Adrian


Mannarino, gives him the early break on Court 12.


He has a wonderfully care free forehand doesn't he, Adrian


Mannarino. Not too flustered with it. It is not the prettiest forehand


you will ever see, but on this surface, because it's so flat, it is


so effective. With both of his ground strokes, forehand and back.


You can see from here the back swing is so short, there is a lot of pace


coming off the court and he can use that on either wing beautifully. A


good point on Adrian Mannarino is to say OK his ranking is around 50 at


the moment, he has been higher, but almost on this surface you can add a


lot of spaces on top of that, because on top of what his actual


game style in terms of swings, actually add the left-handedness to


that and you will see his serve is not the quickest, but it is hard to


read and it spins off the court. He is a nightmare for any player on


this surface. He has never beaten two seeded players at a Grand Slam


before. If he carries on like this, who knows?


It is a lonely place being a coach. Gael Monfils' coach in the black


T-shirt. Bet he can't believe his luck,


Jamie? Yes, it is looking like a very difficult afternoon ahead for


Gael Monfils. We talked about the difficulties Adrian Mannarino


possesses. It is so important that Monfils has a plan for this match.


And it looks at this moment like he doesn't!


Spraying every ground stroke wide at the moment. Look at that - ten


unforced errors in just six games. That is the shot. Which we have been


used to from Gael Monfils. But it has just been missing.


That is the type of shot Monfils can get out of this game.


Beautiful! Over the highest part of the net. Wonderful forehand from


Monfils. What a display of skill and strength and timing. That ball


barely got above his shoe laces. How can you account for this? The


way wardness from Monfils. I think those who have watched him play down


the years have got used to it. He can go AWOL during sets and then a


click of a finger he can be back in. Sometimes it is a frustration for


his fans who have seen so much brilliance from him over the years.


Can you imagine being his coach? Where you might have had a plan,


done all the preparation, discussed what was good in the previous match


and then certainly from a viewer's point of view, looking at the first,


how long have we been playing, 20 on minutes, and you just think, well,


it looks like he hasn't come out of second or third gear and the


question is, why not? And nobody really knows other than him!


Adrian Mannarino with the new balls. And the break.


If every single tennis player was the same and you knew what you were


going to get every time, it would be a boring sport to watch!


Still serving out wide, Adrian Mannarino.


That was a tentative point from both players. Very passive from Monfils.


Oh, no! He had done all the hard work. And now he has two break


points to defend. Monfils got very lucky in that point. Look at that


slice - it is not doing anything, it is sitting up. The pressure of


15-30. At some point, one of these players


will start hitting the ball with some conviction!


UMPIRE: Mr Monfils challenging the call. It was a pushed backhand.


There was no intent behind that shot and it might be his undoing.


Equally, what was Monfils doing challenging that? Two break points


saved. Who's going to take this match by


the scruff of the neck? It's there to be taken by somebody.


Now that's good old-fashioned grass court tennis. A great use of the


left-handed advantage. Closed this ball down. A lot of commitment and


conviction on that volley. Fabulous from Monfils! A brutal


example of how you turn defence into attack. Yeah, the first flash of


brilliance so far in this match from Monfils. Mannarino doing a good job


of making him hit one more ball. Monfils up to the task of putting


that smash away. This time he gets it!


Forehand did enough damage and Monfils is back on level terms.


Court 12 on the middle Saturday here at Wimbledon.


That sound is really causing Monfils problems.


Loads of space down the line, Mannarino chose to go across court.


Oh! Wonderful bit of flair there from Monfils, all in vain in the


end, but the crowd loved it. The nonchalance of that.


That came is basically Gale Monfils in a nutshell. I was about to say I


was getting ready for the change of ends, more conviction to Monfils


having got the break back and then at 40-0 no need for the trick shot,


no chance of winning the point off it. It's absolutely, you are


correct, it sums him up in a nutshell. But also makes him very


difficult to play against because you actually, how do you get rhythm


against that? You are not sure what's happening. That ball wasn't


at full stretch, it wasn't too much pace, he could have easily picked


that up. But the crowd love him for it. He has been taking lessons from


Dustin Brown who he actually played at Roland Garos when he beat him it


was his 400th Tour level win. And yet he has never progressed beyond a


semifinal in a major, has six titles on the ATP Tour, the last one in


2016 in Washington. And never reached the fourth round here. Can


he banish those demons? From 4-2 down, to 5-4 up.


That's a great shot. No angle to work with for Mannarino there.


Both these players really struggling for rhythm. We have been on court


over half an hour now. There is definitely an understanding


in Monfils' play that Mannarino struggles to generate his own pace


but it's finding the balance between doing enough with those shots so


that you are not giving too much of an advantage to the opponent.


Yeah, beautifully orchestrated point that time from Monfils. Chose his


moment to attack and now it's a set point.


Both these two are making really hard work of this opening set.


It's infuriating for Monfils. He's deliberately trying to take the pace


off this ball and asking this man in the picture to inject it, that time


it didn't work out and Mannarino holds.


Great rally. What a great chase even from Adrian Mannarino. I thought it


was a bit of a lost cause, but a great effort.


Boy did he need that game, he leads 6-5 in this opening set.


STUDIO: Tense time on court 12. We will be back with this match. We can


show you what's been happening elsewhere. Querrey has gone through


against Tsonga. He needed to hold serve to stay in the match but he


was broken so Querrey is through and it's the same thing happened to


Tsonga at the French Open when he came out the next day and lost his


serve in the 4th set. So it's Querrey through to face Kevin


Anderson in the next round. A couple of matches on Centre Court.


That match is live on BBC One. On court number one last year's


finalist Raonic is 5-4 up Ramos-Vinolas, that


is on the red button. The body language is speaking


volumes here. Head down, shoulders hunched.


Gosh! Mannarino has the last laugh. Another one of those points that's


good to watch but you have to question what Gael Monfils is doing.


Nevertheless, good finish from Mannarino.


We head to a tie-break. Monfils will start. But who will finish?


He can look half-hearted and ininterested sometimes, Gael


Monfils. Didn't really get his feet right for


that shot. Only played a set and he looks exhausted.


A 10th forehand unforced error from the racket of gael Monfils. I think


that's 16 overall. Certainly a couple more of those in this


tie-of-break would be enough to lose the set now.


Oh, he should be finishing those off and he just got another piece of


luck. A 19-shot rally when no one really wanted to take it on.


He finally opens the shoulders and let's rip. That's the one-two punch


with a big serve and big forehand that you do think that Monfils would


be able to repeat over and over again, especially on this surface,


you could win so many points in that manner. Certainly hasn't


materialised in this match so far. That's beautiful from Mannarino.


Stayed low on it and then whipped it up. That's one of Mannarino's best


forehands of the match so far. A bit of extra work with his feet to get


up to that ball. It gave him a bit more pace.


A good healthy crowd here on 12. Just about 1,000 packed in here.


Are they going to watch an upset? The world number 51, Adrian


Mannarino, with the advantage in this tie-break.


Oh! Wow! Look at the execution on this. What


was so impressive was how aggressive, you could hear the spin


of the ball touching the strings. Look at that catching the line, a


little puff of white something, not chalk.


Now Mannarino has three opportunities to take this first


set. It has been a cagey 50 minutes. Neither player really wanting to


seize the initiative. Two chances on his serve.


He takes it with the first. A mediocre set but it belongs to


Adrian Mannarino. The intensity has been lacking,


Jamie. In the end, Adrian Mannarino did just enough. You look for the


yellow on these graphics. To be honest, it's one side, a bit on the


other. Yeah, that's the summary of the set. Nothing massively sticking


out. Normally you look at serve dominance, no amazing numbers from


either player. What you do look at is the unforced


error count from Gael Monfils of 17 and a few of those at big times. In


a way, in the context of this match, and Mannarino trying to cause an


upset, the biggest - potentially the biggest moment of that set was at


4-2, he was 15-30 and short forehand he missed, a potential chance for


double break. Monfils obviously got back into the set. From Mannarino's


point of view and his state of mind to win that set, having had that


leading position, is absolutely massive. If he had lost that first


set I think the chances of causing an upset would have gone down


considerably. Confirmation of the break points


won. Monfils has had six opportunities.


And his coach is lost for words. He has the chance to set the tone in


this second set. He will be serving first. A busy bustling court here,


Court 12 alongside Court Two. That's more like it from Monfils.


Approached that with a degree of confidence there.


Perfect example of how a left-hander can wreak havoc with his serve on


the grass. Meat and drink for Mannarino. He


takes the opening game of this second set.


STUDIO: Little between these Frenchmen on court 12. It is


advantage Mannarino at the moment. We are going to leave that match at


the moment. I am not sure... We are going to leave this match. It


continues on the red button. This match continues on the red button.


And on the BBC Sport website. We are going to leave it and head


over to Court Two where Kerber is taking on Rodgers. Rodgers, who lost


in the first round for the past two years, but she is a quarter-finalist


at the French Open and defeated Halep in the Australian Open. The


top seed in the picture is in some trouble here. Let's drop in and join


it. A nice disguise on that backhand


shot from Kerber. She has been the victim of two equally as good from


her opponent, Kerber. Oh! Well played! Shelby Rogers, but


what good running by the No 1 seed. That is what it takes to take a


point off the world No 1. That created the opportunity to hit into


the open court and just too much space for Kerber to recover.


She is battling well to hold her advantage. And by a break in the


third game of the match. Good variety in the serving


department. The first ace from Kerber.


First love game. And very much the first uncontested game up to now


it's been even Steven with the No 1 seed being asked a lot of questions


by the No 70 in the rankings. This is Angelique Kerber's tenth


Wimbledon, that runner up finish in 2016, when she won two other Grand


Slams in that year. It has been her best year on Tour so far. The


gentleman on the right, Torben Beltz is that gentleman in the white hat,


he is Angelique Kerber's coach. No 1 player in the world.


The crowd swelling at news of the No 1 seed being a break down gets


around the lawns and... Rogers to serve with new balls.


Will she live to regret that? She wasn't trying to hit a winner off


that ball, just trying to get it back deep and in good court position


and ended up pushing it long. Well at the moment she is being


matched when they get into an end to end rally.


She did a better job on that second serve than the first serve. The


first serve was a pit of -- bit of a push. The second one went away from


the Rogers backhand. There was a long conversation in


that last game, Kerber, with her coach.


Well that's been a very interesting half hour. And Kerber, she hasn't


dropped a set so far in the Championship, four in four in the


first game. And then 7-5, 7-5 in the second round. Her opponent having


opportunities. It is a question, Liz, whether Shelby Rogers will take


her opportunities in the next game. She has to continue doing what she


has been doing up to this point. Good serving, good use of the court.


She will need to keep an eye on the unforced errors, Shelby Rogers,


because now in the match she has got nine winners and three unforced


errors. That is a good ratio for her. She hits back off the -- big


off the ground and quite flat. It is a great opportunity to win the first


set for Rogers. Getting quite a lot of encouragement it would seem from


the crowd. Such a contrast between court


position in that point. Kerber on the baseline or inside the baseline.


Rogers just a long way behind the baseline, scurrying from side to


side. Kerber just dominating that point.


No. Just a quick look up at a coach. A bit of a brain fade there from


Kerber! Don't think that was the right shot to be selected. I think


he would agree with you. Suddenly got much harder for Rogers.


Just in the moment. Can I win this set? Can I carry on calmly as I have


been playing so far? Forget about the position.


UMPIRE: Miss Kerber is challenging the call. Won't be any joy here for


Kerber. Gives her more time to clear her head.


Just listen to the crowd's reaction! They have been sensing that this


could be a surprise right from the word go. And they can feel it.


I didn't think Rogers had done quite enough that last point on that slow


ball, I thought she was going to go for something bigger, but she went


straight back to Kerber. Kerber had to hit an awkward forehand. She


didn't give herself a huge amount of room to hit the forehand and that's


what drew the error. Shelby Rogers is giving Kerber everything she can


handle. Instead of going for the big one it was right in the hitting zone


almost of Kerber and she just pulled it wide. Good variety though from


Rogers. Good serving. She's had a bit of change of pace from time to


time. And there is two points in that first set. The second serve


points won for Rogers, 55%. She would like to improve that.


If she can keep the unforced errors under control, Shelby Rogers, she


will be right there in this match. Oh yes! Smart play from Rogers. It


was the volley that won the point, but it was the sliced backhand from


Rogers that made it really difficult for Kerber. Just had to pop it up


and Rogers was there. Ah! Just couldn't quite get the


smash away, Kerber, the second one she struck better than the first one


and then Rogers unable to drag it back into the court.


It is a bit of an understatement to say Angelique Kerber needed that


start. She finished the game better than she started. A let caught she


got and a couple of awkward over heads, it could have been a


different result. It could be, the fact she did manage to win it. But


her opponent is certainly playing well.


I thought that would have been a worth a challenge. Yes, indeed.


That is well long. The task has got a little bit harder suddenly for


Rogers. That is a weapon that can get her


back on course. Oh! She wouldn't like a replay of


that. She just wiped her grip at the end of that with her skirt, as if to


say, Gee, maybe my grip slipped. She is wearing sweat bands on both


wrists though. Most of the players these day get


the ball person to give them the towel almost after every point, but


both these girls are playing rather quickly between points. And bless


them for that! Less than the required 20 seconds! Oh, that's


finely done. Ace No 3 was a bit of a wobbly game.


She held her nerve. No sign it must be said that of Kerber being


particularly troubled, except with the scoreboard.


Again at 79mph that second serve, really just in the middle of the


square there for Rogers. Well struck return. Immediately Kerber on the


defensive. A big point this one. Well struck. Right in the hitting


zone for Rogers. Didn't have to move at all. Just turned the shoulders.


Two break points. Oh! She knew what she wanted to do,


Rogers, just the execution. She saw Kerber was a long way behind the


baseline and thought, I'm just going to play the drop shot.


Well... Couple of big shots from Rogers. I think just got the feeling


that maybe Kerber was just trying to sort of find her way early in the


second set and then that lady to her credit, winner and then another


winner. So that is ten winners for Shelby Rogers and two came in that


game and other forceable shots. That is how she has got to this position


against the No 1 player in the world. It is a lovely court this No


2. Changed them around. 2 and 3. 2 used to be much closer. Now in the


distance. But the crowd seem to love it and it has an atmosphere. Which


the old Court Two has lost. I'm getting a nod from a much more


experienced person. No one liked playing on the Court 3 thousand that


used to be Court Two. Not so many of the old names. Is there to be a


shock here? Must be thinking, I'm the one who


should be making my opponent run around the place! She is having to


do more than her fair share, thanks to this lady's quality and composure


and just general good tennis. Amazing what confidence can do,


Barry. Shelby Rogers had never won a match in two previous attempts at


Wimbledon. And she is in the third round for the first time and playing


like she is completely at home on a grass court.


And again. Just winners rolling off the Rogers racket.


Have they come to the right place for the story of the day? Well


that's her first love game. Flashed by and she's 3-1 to the good. A set


and 3-1. The No 1 seed certainly in trouble.


She did well to reach it but she had no chance of controlling it. This is


a desperate slice backhand from Kerber. She's tried to outhit


Rodgers, hasn't been successful in that department so that's a new look


from Kerber, behind the baseline to hit that.


Rodgers probably thinks, you know what, why not? It's hard to run


around a lefty serve that is swinging into you, though.


A 10th forehand winner from Rogers. It's been a good weapon for her.


On the WTO tour these days a coach can come down and have a little


pow-wow or read the riot act or what not. I don't like that. I don't, I


wonder what you would be saying to Kerber if you were in that position?


I like the fact you can't do it at Grand Slams, it's part of the


problem-solving process of having to win a match. Kerber is behind the


pump. 11 winners to Rogers '21. She's got


to make sure she goes through the process here, Kerber, and not try


and focus too much on what the score is at this point. She has to find a


way to solve the riddle of breaking Rogers' serve. She needs to solve it


pretty soon. The coach will probably be thinking


no time like the present. Love the way she does that! Looks as


though she's going to give it a real wallop and then gets out the frying


pan and pushes it forward! Just controlled.


The serve's good. I think the umpire is right again. It was called out.


It was overruled by the umpire, correctly.


On the line. She better keep a count, we know what happens if you


lose count of how many challenges you have left.


Oh! The ball just seemed to get away from her. It completely stopped, the


ball. Kerber just didn't make the required adjustment. A step too far


away. Terrific game from Rogers there.


Kerb certificate going to serve with new balls and Rogers is getting a


new restring. And hoping that racket serves her as well as the previous


one. She has to establish some authority here, Kerber.


It appears to be very difficult for her.


Just rolling that second serve in, Kerber. No racket head speed. The


toss gets out in front and it just becomes a push, the serve.


You get the feeling that one break's not enough here in this second set.


You feel like Rogers needs the insurance of the second break. Two


unforced errors. 73mph that serve. That's not going


to bother anybody. A chance for Rogers to lead 5-2.


That's better from Kerber. She desperately needed that. She got


away with a slow second serve, though, Kerber. Just 75mph.


You have to say that from a spectator's point of view that keeps


the pot boiling nicely. You would think Kerber is yet to be able to


break the Rogers' serve and if you have a set and 5-2 and you haven't


lost serve, the match is yours for the taking, isn't it? But to her


Kerber is a fighter. There is the fist pump after that last point. You


don't get to number one by letting tough matches go. Fight to the end.


There might be one or two, am I being unfair, that would be


surprised she is at number one with the service she offers quite often?


Yes, but the other parts of her game, retrieving, big hitting, they


make up for the lack of pace on the serve. The serve isn't always like


that. From time to time Kerber can serve very effectively. It's just


when she gets tight it tends to get short and soft. Those two words


would not apply to the serve of Shelby Rogers so far. Can she


continue a successful run? That's a good mix-up. Kerber was


looking for the one back to the backhand side and Rogers just went


the other way. She didn't move on to the ball.


She's waiting for the ball to come to her, Kerber. Was one step too far


away from the ball. Great tennis! Terrific point. Kerber


was completely out of that point, at least two, maybe three times, and


found a way. And then hit the winner. Rogers on the full stretch.


There is the stab from Kerber. Is it going to make the difference? Break


point for the number one seed. The best player in the world in the


ladies game at the moment, according to the rankings, has found herself.


Rogers had 30-0 in that game, just a little bit cautious, wasn't she?


This time she does give it a wallop. She's hit a lot of balls the last


couple of games where she has hit the big shot and hasn't moved


forward. On this point she does exactly that.


She's seemingly unphased by the fortunes of the last game.


She will be feeling a lot better now, Angelique Kerber. How fortunes


can change. Suddenly the outsider has to serve to stay in the set. Ten


minutes ago, or maybe more, Shelby Rogers had a point or 5-2 and in the


last couple of games Kerber has won three games in a row now, the last


couple of games Rogers has hit the big shot and just hasn't made the


move forward. You know this lady on screen is one of the best


retrievers, she's going to get everything back. You really do need


to come in and finish the point. We saw her do it once in that last


game. It's easy to be critical, but if she could make herself come


forward on those balls, rather than giving Kerber too many bites at the


cherry to stay in the point. The crowd certainly are well involved in


this ladies third round match. You can just see the wheels going in


Rogers' head, I need to stay aggressive, I need to stay positive.


Tremendous return from Kerber. Just getting the back edge of the line.


There is a let-off. That serve, once again, hit slow, it was on the line.


If I was Rogers I would be right inside the baseline, making Kerber


look at me on these second serves. And again, you know the serve is


shaky. Often that second serve is the best


opportunity you have in the point to hit a really aggressive shot.


Oh! You just don't know what's going to come next. Angelique looks up to


the sun as if to say the sun got in my eyes, maybe it was a quick glance


down the other end, Rogers was covering the forehand.


Quite a lot of stories in this game. 5-5.


There were opportunities there for the unseeded player. She tried to be


aggressive, Rogers, off that second serve and it just was awkward enough


because it was curling into her. It's hard to run around on that


second court when you are playing a lefty to hit a forehand off that


shot. But at this stage of a match the subtlies are just so small. I


feel like Rogers needed to intimidate a little bit more when


she has the opportunity on the Kerber second serve. She hasn't won


a singles match at Wimbledon before this year. First round in Nottingham


she lost. So really didn't have much form coming into the Championships,


Rogers. She's ranked number 10 only in the United States.


But she seemed to have the right attitude when she came out.


She's proved she has confidence. And she has - she will keep believing.


She was hardly balanced to play that.


Just got the edge of of the line, that forehand from Rogers, I think.


It was more out than in. But it just got a piece.


Just what she needed, a big first serve.


Kerber did a great job of getting that first serve back, it was right


in the corner. Making her opponent play another ball.


Well, you could argue both those shots were misguided. The first


actually played the second she didn't guide into play.


Tremendous from Rogers. Just catching Kerber in that forehand


corner. Big hitting from both ladies at this stage in the match.


So the crowd have been increasingly excited and now comes the tie-break.


To up the atmosphere even more. Kerber will open it.


Big hitting from the number one player of the world. That's the shot


that won the point. First success for the server in this


tie-break. 4-1, it always looks such an


advantage, but it's only one break. APPLAUSE


UMPIRE: 5-1. A tired looking shot there from Shelby Rogers there in


that last point. She's covered a lot of court here, but physically,


Kerber looks like the one that is getting stronger than Rogers.


Looking a little weary. A run of five points for the number one seed.


Rogers has to make this one count, surely.


APPLAUSE UMPIRE: 6-1, Miss Kerber. But she


doesn't. Five opportunities. For Angelique Kerber to tie this match


at one set all. COMMENTATOR: Just waiting for the


departure of an unwelcome guest that's quite small and that cannot


be seen on camera, but has now departed.


Not good enough. Not good enough for her, Angelique Kerber. UMPIRE: One


set all. COMMENTATOR: For so long it looked


as though she might be the victim of a big upset, but she's steadied the


ship and she now has a third set to play. Carry herself through to round


four, if she can. That's why she's the world number one because she


knows the big points and how to win them. We will be right back with


this match. We can update you with results from earlier.


That's a good solution to the problem for Shelby Rogers, to be


able to come forward and make those winning volleys. I'd like to see her


do it just a little bit more. That's the type you saw in the first


set-and-a-half from Shelby Rogers, just forcing the play and moving


forward. UMPIRE: The ball was called in.


Maybe it did get a piece of the line. We're going to see a


challenge. UMPIRE: Advantage. Fighting for everything she's worth


here, Shelby Rogers, she knows she has to hold here. The momentum of


this match has really changed quite significantly after that tie-break.


UMPIRE: Advantage Miss Kerber. COMMENTATOR: Fourth break point for


Kerber. UMPIRE: Advantage Miss Kerber.


COMMENTATOR: And a fifth. That one didn't go over. Angelique


Kerber, she's just making Shelby Rogers play every single ball.


Tremendous amount of pressure on Rogers now. Sixth opportunity for


Kerber to break in this game. Ah.


UMPIRE: Deuce. That's a soft unforced error from


Kerber. Is She certainly has made a play for


the last couple of points. Up until then, Kerber had just been really


tough in this game. Rogers has a game point.


APPLAUSE Great care and happiness. A little


bit slow, wasn't she, Rogers, to get up to that. Too much court for her


to cover in the next ball. So many of the Rogers forehands went


up the line. This time she went back across court. Kerber was there,


though. Seventh break point. Opening game now into the 13th minute.


Oh what a shame that it should end a game like that. How crucial will it


prove to be? First double fault for the match, for Shelby Rogers, right


there. That's a disappointing way for her to lose the serve she


struggled vie landly. -- valiantly. Haven't seen that before from


Rogers, to be able to smack the return of serve and come to the net.


Cuts down the amount of time that Kerber has to hit that next shot.


Second serve is getting softer and softer from Kerber.


The first serve that time was just 80mph, 84mph. The second one was


70mph. Shelby Rogers has really got to pay attention to that and be


aware that Kerber is feeling it on the serve.


UMPIRE: Fault. Miss Kerber is challenging the ball. It was called


fault. By the preverbal whisker. There is a


moth, or some kind of bug still bothering Kerber.


Is That's a terrific point from Shelby Rogers.


Oh! She's living dangerously, isn't she,


Kerber. Second serve, break point. UMPIRE: Advantage Miss Kerber. Game,


Miss Kerber. New balls, please. Miss Kerber leads 2-0. Happy position in


spite of her play. It's not brilliant from Kerber. What is


brilliant is the fact she's fighting hard. The tennis itself isn't


brilliant. The last two points from Shelby Rogers became too much, two


unforced errors and the game has gone.


UMPIRE: Game, Miss Rogers. Miss Kerber leads, two games to one,


final set. Big applause for that hold


confidently by Rogers. Second serve was 11mph. That's a bit of a


difference, isn't it, between the two? We've talked about Rogers


throughout this match. She has some terrific weapons. She's hit big from


the back of the court. She's had the serve there, but it's the unforced


errors. There they are right there from Rogers.


Certainly, when you are playing against the number one player in the


world, 36 unforced errors is just way too many.


Um pipe: Time. If you look at that stat alone. It's quite amazing we


are in the third set here. Because the winners have been there as well


for a lot of the match, but just have abandoned her in the tie-break,


Rogers. So back on the job, again. Kerber just with her nose in front,


at the moment. Nice point from Rogers. Continuing


to go after it here. It's all-or-nothing, really. Playing


against someone who is on the top of the tree of women's tennis.


Second let called and a point from Rogers. The crowd in unison.


Certainly enjoying the contest. Oh. She gave her a chance, but


Kerber couldn't take it. Just when you thought Kerber was


getting on top, Rogers comes straight back at her with a good


game. That second serve of Kerber's though, if she happens to get


through this match, it just is really a problem for her.


20 forehand winners from Rogers in this match.


UMPIRE: Out. Ms Kerber is challenging the call on the


baseline. The ball was called out. I haven't seen an umpire overrule more


with Hawk-Eye in the court than this guy has. He's done a great job.


UMPIRE: Ms Kerber has two challenges remaining. I think he's been right


every time. He has. He hasn't missed a beat. The umpires are so reluctant


to overrule when they have Hawk-Eye. Just when you thought maybe Shelby


Rogers had run her race - Did we doubt her? Come on. Well, look at


unforced error count. Sure, sure. It's incredibly high. We did doubt


her for a little bit. But maybe we shouldn't have! The balance between


winners and errors is fascinating. In a way, that makes her interesting


to watch. The difficult thing for Kerber is that she has to come out


and serve, which has been the Achilles heel. There's the unforced


errors Kerber has to get a high percentage


of first serves in here. Shelby Rogers has to look to be aggressive


off the second serve, which has been in the 70mph range. All the pressure


on the world number one Well played Shelby Rogers.


Aggressive grass court point, waiting for the short ball and the


volley into the open court. Unlucky there for Rogers, she had


the right idea. Big return off the second serve. Just couldn't quite


get it far enough away from Kerber to make her stretch.


UMPIRE: Fault. He's right. He is right.


Shelby Rogers is the player to make all the plays and Angelique Kerber


is the one that's just trying to hang in.


Got the feeling she really didn't want to hit that slice drop shot,


but she did. Full credit to Shelby Rogers.


Just ticked over the two-hour mark, this match.


Just a little bit late getting to that ball, wasn't she, Shelby


Rogers, just didn't quite decide early enough. It ended up to be


dropping by the time she got to it. APPLAUSE


You have to hand it to her, Angelique Kerber. Beautifully timed


drop shot. Oh! She didn't hesitate here,


Rogers. She started to move forward as soon as she hit the big forehand,


therefore she was in good position to hit the swinging volley.


UMPIRE: Ms Rogers is challenging the ball on the baseline. The ball was


called in. She thought it was out. Did Shelby actually make a... Two


break points. UMPIRE: Ms Rogers has two challenges


remaining. The crowd want her to do this. Can


you feel it. The crowd enjoy this style of play. It's all or nothing,


it's big hitting. It's been a contest which has had so


much to predict any outcome, even with the number one player in the


world having gained the advantage. That would be a mistake. You would


have thought once Kerber won that second set handily and then she got


that early break, but in the third said - but the serve, the serve is


the problem for Kerber. It doesn't have as much on it as it


needs to. More winners than the number of unforced errors, that's


the key for Rogers in this match. Kerber is doing what Kerber does


best - that is just making her opponent play one more shot,


covering the court well. Nothing dramatic.


A beautiful afternoon, wonderful tennis match.


Oh, couldn't get to it, Rogers! Terrific point. Both girls just


digging out everything they possibly can, a couple of shots there were


really awkward. Battled all along because of


themselves and in spite of themselves. Certainly has you on the


edge of the seat. No. It's becoming quite a telling


weapon in this third set. That drop shot has served her well, Kerber,


off that backhand side. Shelby Rogers has given so much, on


the edge of defeat here. But you wouldn't know it.


Can't see that style changing any time soon, all or nothing from


Rogers. Oh, dear. Her serve has been such a


good weapon for Rogers. That's only the second one of the match, only


the second double. She was nowhere to be seen then,


Kerber. Completely fooled by that. She's determined she's going to make


her serve out for it. Because she knows what might happen.


Beaten at her own game. And not for the first time. It's been such a


feature of this match, the big hitting from Rogers. The unforced


errors have been quite substantial also. But gee, when that ball goes


in and stays hit. Well! I think she might be a bit


nervous. I think she may be. The most remarkable thing about


Angelique Kerber, when she serves, is that the serve is rolling in,


75mph, but she backs it up so incredibly well. We've seen, haven't


we, in this match, that Shelby Rogers, she's been having a crack at


the return and Kerber, to her credit, is just steadfast on the


baseline. From the second serve to the ground strokes, such a big


discrepancy in the Kerber game. What she does, she does so well, making


her opponent play and making them hit to the corners and if Shelby


Rogers is equal to the task, she can very easily break serve here.


Excellent for the ladies game, this contest.


Terrific first point. Good exchange from the baseline. Rogers was in


trouble. She got back into the point. Then she just went for the


slice, thought she'd drop it in short, just lacked the execution.


No surprise that Kerber has got two first serves in. She really knows


how important that is in this game. And the slice drop shot off the


backhand side scores her another point.


Another first serve from Kerber. Very well placed.


Two match points for the number one seed.


Oh, it's long! And Kerber is through. And the crowd stand to both


of them. It's been a wonderful contest. Punch and counterpunch,


brilliant success and great fallibility. Somehow she's still in


the Championship, but she must be wondering quite how. Her opponent


Shelby Rogers who makes her exit very quickly, contributed so much


and she knows she could, maybe should have won.


The crowd enjoying an entertaining match there. Kerber from a set and a


break down. All Shelby Rogers will be asking herself some questions


about what happened in that second set. She got negative. Angelique


Kerber has gone through to the second week of Wimbledon.


Milos Raonic has cruised through into the second week of the


Championships. She beat Albert Ramos-Vinolas. He goes through to


face either Afner or Alexander Zverev. Raonic, last year's's runner


up is safely through. -- That was on Ofner. Number one court. Radwanska


was winning on Centre Court, beating Baches Baches. Baches Baches took


the first set. After that it was all over Radwanska. -- Bacsinszky. She


raised the level of her play. . She is through to the second week after


a roller-coaster of a year. Another through to Monday is the 24th seed


with a big serve. She is marching through the Championships.


Riske won that match. Her coach, Pat Cash will be delighted.


She will keep an eye on this match. She faces the winner of this one.


Caroline Wozniacki up against Anett Kontaveit. If you want to watch that


one, you can, it's on the Red Button.


Kontaveit has a break of serve there. We are heading over to Court


12 this entertaining match between the two Frenchmen.


Monfils against Mannarino. We can join this match. We can join it in


the company of Jamie Baker and Jameses Burgess.


COMMENTATOR: Monfils serving to stay in the fourth set.


Genius from Monfils. We've seen flashes of this over the last three


hours That's definitely one of the best. He's got nothing to lose at


the moment. He was broken in the second game of


this fourth set, having been 3-5 down in the third he took it 7-5.


Then just had an uncharacteristic three minutes.


Umunna: Game, Monfils. Mannarino leads.


COMMENTATOR: Court 12, on the middle Saturday of Wimbledon. This match


has ebbed and flowed. These two were very cagey for the first hour. They


let rip and the ground strokes came thundering down the court. Mannarino


taking the first set. Back came Monfils, far more assured, hugely


entertaining. Then just when he thought he had the match in his


pocket, Mannarino has struck back, serving to take us to a fifth set.


UMPIRE: Mannarino is challenging the call.


COMMENTATOR: The umpire is from Australia in the chair. Oh! Just.


Just long. UMPIRE 30-0, Mr Mannarino has two


challenges remaining. Three set points. Points. Oh, no. A


little careless with that one. He had break points and set points


of his own in the previous set. In the end, it was Monfils who took it.


This is where he needs his concentration, more than ever.


We are going all the way. We're going to a decider. As we enter


another hour, here on Court 12. Based on what you've seen, Jamie


Baker, who do you think has what it takes to enter the fourth round?


It's a very tough one to call. I mean, there has been so many shifts


and swings and momentum in this match. I think when you look back


across... Interestingly, set for in terms of stats they were similar to


set one to where Monfils kind of really wasn't at the races. I think,


when you look across the course of the three hours, the way Monfils


started you thought there was a real danger he might actually go out in


straight-sets. You didn't know whether he was


genuinely going to get his teeth into the match. From Mannarino's


point at view, at the worst, he could have won all four of these


sets legitimately. What has been impressive from his point of view,


is that he's stuck with this and he has got a chance in this fifth set.


UMPIRE: Time. Mannarino came through a tough second round match, won it


6-2 in the fifth. Gale Monfils hasn't dropped a set but he's lost


all three Fife set matches here at Wimbledon. -- Gael Monfils.


UMPIRE: Can I ask you to take your seats, please, thank you. He's's


never reached the fourth round here either. Five times to the third


round, but no further. Just on the line. We've seen this a


lot the serve volley. He has had a lot of success on it.


Mannarino has this forehand which he hits so flat, it creeps over the


net. Monfils, again, another moment of


madness. He was like this similarly in the last set.


Brilliant time for an ace, using that slice to good effect. The man


in the black T-shirt there, bottom left of your picture, Monfils'


coach. Oh, brilliant put away by Mannarino. But Monfils will be


kicking himself. There have been moments in this


match when Monfils has just checked out. Yeah, it's quite incredible.


OK, that was a good point from Mannarino to finish and break point,


but the real important times in the match, you know, he's got the


opportunity to serve first in this fifth set to get his nose in front.


Two or three just inexplicable errors gifting it to Mannarino.


Having wrestled the momentum almost gifted it back to his opponent. It's


a very hard sport. Lovely body serve there from Mannarino. Hasn't got the


hardest serve or the fastest, but it's a very canny serve.


Plenty of conviction from this man. It's like a slap that forehand, real


whip to it that time. Oh, he had to watch it, didn't he?


That was fantastic sprinting to the net by Mannarino. It's woken the


crowd up. There's the serve and volley again on the first point from


Monfils. That time getting the better of his opponent.


Now where has that shot been? It's the most outrageous skill to produce


that power from that position. Yeah, that's much more like it.


Complete control of the point. Really good movement from Monfils.


Got up to this ball. He got his body through it. 12 ace for Monfils.


-- Twelfth ace for Monfils. Maddening to watch Monfils, you have


a man who seems to just drift out one moment for an hour or so.


Straight back in. Hit shots from the middle of the racquet and then look


totally uninterested. Its with a nts until really the end of the second


set where he produced a couple of big shots and the crowd really got


behind him and there was like, OK, thank you, this is what we've come


out to see, to support you. Talked about it earlier in the match, it's


a different prospect for him than what he had in the second round


begins Kyle Edmund. He loves the big stages in the world. That is where


he plays his big tennis. He said after his second round victory he


doesn't like the grass. He is struggling to cope with the


movement, the mentality, saying he's guilty of thinking too much. Well,


at the moment, he may not be here next week. He's never been here in


the second week of Wimbledon. The 15th see seed in real trouble here


on Court 12. His compatriot, Adrian Mannarino 2-1 up.


Oh, he's made it! He was out of the point virtually, ten second ago.


APPLAUSE Brilliant tennis from both players.


This forehand down-the-line, one of Monfils' best in the whole match.


Seals the deal that time. Once again, it's pinpoint accuracy from


Mannarino's ground strokes. It's not the pace that does the damage, it's


accuracy and it's the flight on the ball. Stays very low on this


grass-court. Again, Mannarino likes to serve out


wide for that first serve, then comes closer for the second.


It's just a dreadful shot from Monfils. No commitment to that


return, at all. Well, Mannarino is dictating the


tempo and the energy here at the moment.


A penny for the thoughts of the 15th seed now. Staring down the barrel in


this fifth set. What's he got left in the tank? He's


never won five sets here at Wimbledon. Does he believe he can


win? Hello, that might wake him up! Ever


the showman, Gael Monfils. UMPIRE: Game Monfils. Mannarino


leads 3-2. We have been talking about this throughout the match,


Jamie, he loves a stage, Gael Monfils there might be an element


he's out on Court 12, not Centre, not 1, not even Court 2 against a


player that probably not many people have heard of and it just doesn't


excite him. It doesn't motivate him. Which is extraordinary when be you


consider we are here at Wimbledon and there's a fourth round place at


stake? It's not exciting enough. It's almost like to come out here,


having had the good win in the second round, on the big court, to


come out here and win three, four and three without any fuss, not much


noise, those are not the kind of days, the kind of occasions that


Gael Monfils is playing tennis for it. It did look a bit like that in


the start. Now we're in the fifth set, a break down, the court is


packed. More noise now and energy in the court.


You would expect him now, it's like the difficult parts of his match


where it might have been flat are over. It's the fifth set.


He knows the cam are and the spotlight are on him. Will he


produce his best tennis to get back into this match? -- Cameras.


Mannarino has other ideas. World ranking of 51.


Very passive from Monfils, but wonderful from Mannarino. He's in


total control at the moment. Take that! He is doing all the


running in this match, Adrian Mannarino.


UMPIRE: Game, Mannarino. Mannarino leads 4-2. Final set.


Big moment now for Mannarino. He's reached the fourth round just once


before. Well Monfils has just gone missing.


He's a shadow of the player seeded 15 here at Wimbledon.


APPLAUSE Fantastic point and forehand winner


from Monfils there, but does it do enough to cancel out all the loose


play? Oh, yeah. We've been saying


throughout the match, when he presses forward, when he takes the


initiative, Monfils is a different player.


He's come back from being down once before in this match, can he do it


now? Oh, no. A very, very nervy shot


there from Adrian Mannarino. It's totally understandable. He's 4-2 up,


in the deciding set, against the 15th seed.


UMPIRE: Advantage, Mannarino. Once again, having dug in and made enough


balls on that last break point, Monfils a brain cram drop shot at


deuce. One more chance for Mannarino.


Oh, and he's got the luck as well. It could be a defining break.


Mannarino here, on Court 12, he leads 5-2 in the final set against


Gael Monfils, the number 15 seed. He can't quite believe it, can he? I


think he felt in the middle of this match he had the authority and the


control. He was hitting it harder. He was hitting it flatter. There was


an injection of energy. But since about the third set, it's just


evaporated. The main point is the timing of those lapses. Having


somehow managed to get 2-1 lead, at the start of that fourth set, he put


in a really cheap game. It looked like Mannarino was starting to


physically falter as well. He got a bit of hope. I think, we obviously


are talking a lot about Monfils' performance here. I think it's worth


highlighting how difficult a player Mannarino is to play on the grass.


Not just his game style and the way he makes things difficult for the


opponent, but also the fact that he's left-handed and the different


angles that presents for Monfils. He's been a very difficult player to


play against. Serving for the match. You can't control them. They have a


mind of their own. Two pointsway.


-- away.


That was brilliant from Mannarino. The pace, the angle, the pressure!


He has been by far the braver, here on Court 12.


Just one more point. And that's what he's thinking. A


place for the fourth round awaits. Wow! Nerve-wracking stuff.


Monfils is still in it, just. Oh! That is absolutely sublime! He


had no right to hit that shot! And once again from Adrian


Mannarino, the shot of the week. A second match point.


He's done it! Fortune favours the brave.


Adrian Mannarino for the second time into the fourth round at Wimbledon


after three hours, 31 minutes of pulsating tennis.


Gale, the 15th seed is out. Once again, that record, I'm afraid


it's come back to haunt him. He fails to go beyond and win in five


sets. But the day belongs to this man in your picture. The world


number 51, Adrian Mannarino. He must be exhausted. Yet never five


setter for Adrian Mannarino. But what entertainment out on the court.


The crowd really enjoying that. Super points at the end.


This was the player fined $9,000 when he bumped into the ball boy.


But guaranteed ?137,000. So he will not mind too much. But Gael Monfils


is out of the tournament once again. He has not yet fulfilled his


potential at the championships but Adrian Mannarino is back on Monday.


A day of rest well earned by Adrian Mannarino.


Over on BBC One, we are watching Centre Court, Novak Djokovic in


action against Ernests Gulbis. That match is on BBC One.


There is Gulbis and there's the crowd and Djokovic. That's on BBC


One. We are heading over to court number


one. There is a story brewing here as the former world number one,


Caroline Wozniacki is a set and a break down to Anett Kontaviet who


beat her on the grass last year. So we are dropping in to watch this one


with Sam Smith and Chris Bradnam. This is the classic case of the


counterpuncher against the player. Kontaviet has all of the answers


today. The last five games, it's become very one-sided.


Wozniacki can't find the answers. She came in with huge confidence.


Winning 37 matches, qualifying in ITFs.


Winner in Rome. Winner in Stuttgart.


This is a must-win service game, Sam.


Mentally out here, Wozniacki is the far superior of the two. But she


can't get this into a street fight, not at the moment.


The crowd are trying hard for this popular player, as she gets on the


scoreboard again. Just to repeat what we were saying


earlier, Sam, she cannot have her father come and have a chat to her


right now about how to solve this power conundrum. She's got to work


it out for herself. We haven't seen her doing much different. She's


battling away, or Kontaviet is going to get tight and open the door for


her. She is an outstanding match player.


If you look in terms of statistics on tour, the player that saves most


of the break points and converts most break points, usually, Caroline


Wozniacki is at the top of that list. She is a player that works


things out. She has options here. I would like to see her use flight.


She's got to hold her ground on the baseline. The ball is coming at her,


it is big, heavy, listen to the sound of it, you know it's hard. Or


she could take it along the deck with that little backhand.


So, after just 47 minutes, Kontaviet, the boss, in this


remaining third round, the only one left as a set and 2-1.


A very famous man back in the states, David Lee. The San Antonio


basketball player. He is also pretty tall. But pretty


much anonymous here wandering around at Wimbledon!


That's a switcher. Well, she always loved watching


Martina Hingis play when she was growing up. Thinking about how she


worked out her matches on court, and didn't need any help.


Well, got a little lucky. It's another one of those, got to


hold serve, here games. The problem has been behind the second serve for


Wozniacki. Four from 15, Kontaviet, she's hammered it.


Getting just over 55% of first serves in.


First time she's ever won main draw matches here at Wimbledon,


Kontaviet. This first round. The last three years in 14, qualified


and won the first round. So this is a huge breakthrough.


She's keep pushing, Caroline. It's a little exasperating the way she's


playing. But she loves competing. This is what she wants to do.


Sleaze just going to keep working away, trying to stay close.


-- she's. I sense she knows there are enough


errors in the Kontaviet game to make the second set very interesting.


Importantly, it's that close on that scoreboard.


Such a steady rise up the rankings for Kontaviet, Sam, hasn't it? It's


always a good thing. You tend to stay there. She won the title before


coming here. Beating Wozniacki on a grass court last year in her only


previous meeting in Nottingham. She has huge self-belief.


She was a very good junior. Winning the Volvo championships, and the


junior slam. It is the perfect launch pad to go into the pros. I


think I remember seeing her the first time at a $10,000 event in


Edinburgh. It was a pretty awful day. I saw this figure practicing on


an outside court. I wondered who it was. I didn't know, didn't check,


then later I saw it out on the match court. That already was a sign that


is someone that really wanted it. Glenn Sharpe is her coach. He has


done a terrific job. Sometimes it's tough love in the communication. But


what a player, though. This is a serious threat against the


world number two. These are a seven mile an hour


difference. And that is Kontaviet hitting the ball harder than average


than Novak Djokovic! Well she can take pace off when she


needs to as well. A real thinker on the court.


The ball isn't totally flat on it, she's got some cover on it as well.


By cover, I mean she's prepared to hit the back of the ball and play


with some spin to give her some margin. Super.


Hasn't blinked yet and why would she, she's beaten the world number


one and the world number six this year. I know this is Wimbledon but


she's been a fourth round two years ago, qualified against Venus


Williams, she likes the big stage. Four from 17 now on the second


serve. That second serve is just getting


munched, isn't it. So noticeable with Kontaviet. Eve no-one the


knock-out. Respect out here but great intent had she can come out


and blow Caroline out of the court. The difference a first serve makes.


Most of them in that game. Plenty more coming back into this


new-look Court One. Kontaviet has played pretty much the perfect


match, hasn't she Sam. She's got 60% first serves in. Would like a little


more than that. Over a quarter of first serves and tough enough for


Wozniacki to crack that nut. Let's see if you can have a go at it


to see if she can chase it down. She just feels she a close enough


here. She has kept it to the one break. Done well. The percentage is


up 20% from the opening set that gives her a fighting chance. What


she's looking for is what Sharapova says "a little door" to open. That's


all she needs. She's close enough. Sometimes Wozniacki must think to


herself "why can't these up and comers hit the ball sole?" New balls


in play. I would say that I trust the


forehand more than I trust the backhand of Kontaviet. It will be


interesting to see in the clutch where Wozniacki directs traffic.


Eit. It will be interesting to see in the clutch where Wozniacki


directs traffic. Must have held her breath for a


second. But she was up to the task.


Oh, dear, good job she made that volley.


Outstanding. An hour and a minute and she's away.


One game away from the fourth round at Wimbledon.


I was amazed in that last game Wozniacki hit to the forehand. I


don't think she's really figured out, it was a pretty long time ago


that they played. I'm very surprised at this.


Whenever she misses like that, there's not much of a reaction. His


eyes narrow, Glenn Sharpe but I don't think she judges herself, she


just improves herself. And now to ask the serve it out


question. It is a big question, Sam. She


played a brilliant service game in her last service game.


Yes, I think it slightly worries, me, though, when she has been 4-2 up


and 5-3 up, Wozniacki has been able to get through the games quickly. I


was vetting on court yesterday, watching Venus Williams, sitting


next to a former Wimbledon champion, Anne Jones, chatting about one thing


or another. She said that tennis match is all about pressure. It's


about when you apply it. For me, in this, we were chatting about the


Watson, Azarenka battle, a feeling that Watson lost the match at start


of the second match because she didn't apply pressure coming from


the third set, I would say at 4-2, Kontaveit did not apply pressure.


She almost allowed Wozniacki to get through quickly. Wozniacki is coming


off a love service game now, I think it will be hard to serve out as


she's not applied the pressure. Red-faced for two reasons,


gentlemen. She got it! Four poise in a row.


Wozniacki is back in the second set. What a smart game from the former


World Number 1 who used to win 60, 70 matches a year for fun in 2010,


20 11. Now watch Wozniacki applied pressure right here.


Two very positive points. It is great to see Kontaveit looking to be


so proactive, but she is taking some big risks, playing for lines.


Oh! It takes your breath away. They make them tough in Estonia, this is


a great reset from Kontaveit. Three more break points.


Caroline loves the situation. This is what she plays for, out and out


competitor. She doesn't fear the lower ranked players, she doesn't


fear anyone, she just gets on with what she knows she has to do.


In the last 15 minutes, there have been so many errors from this


backhand of Kontaveit. You can't show too much weakness against a


former World Number 1. Fabulous! She will serve for the


match again. She has got another chance. She


trusts herself, doesn't she? And the fact she doesn't judge herself when


she makes errors. Heather Watson yesterday when her forehand was


letting her down and is today it is Kontaveit's backhand, but you felt


Heather was being tough on herself with the errors. You don't get that


with Kontaveit. I think it is different mentalities and styles,


making mistakes is part of their game. They have to do that because


they go for big shots. If you are a safer and more reactive player like


Wozniacki and Heather Watson, and J Lane Jankovic, a lot of


counterpunches out there, they really don't tolerate missing --


Jelena Jankovic. It hurts them so much.


Second time Kontaveit serves for the match.


In the opening set, Caroline was losing a lot of the shorter points,


now she is winning the majority of them. That is a big turnaround.


Three breaks of serve in a row, she never knows when she is beaten,


Wozniacki. She did look a little tight in that


game, Kontaveit. Just fantastic resistance from this woman. To force


the tie-break. She played a tie-break in Nottingham


last year on the grass, in their previous meeting. Kontaveit the


winner of that match, but she lost the tie-break in the opening set.


Well, she has got to back herself all the way now, hasn't she? It


sounds easy to say, very difficult to do and there can't be a moment of


doubt out here. She has not taken those out of the


air, back row one, she allows Wozniacki to defend, at our peril. I


believe Caroline has the street fight she was looking for! She has


been behind in the scoreline don't forget this entire match. And she is


still behind in the scoreline, until she manages to level if she can


level up this second set. Getting a reaction from the box. Ten


minutes ago, this woman was two points from winning the match. It is


now one set all. Your thoughts? Well, how many years have we set


here and watched Caroline Wozniacki do what we have just seen? She just


about kept Kontaveit in range. She was getting pummelled all over the


place, but there is a lot to be said for hanging in. That is her


mentality. That is the environment she has been brought up in, a very


sporting and competitive home life, in a very healthy way. And she does


it not just for a couple of matches, she does it for every single match


and practice session. More serves in for the first serve, that was the


big difference for Caroline Wozniacki, just protected the second


serve, although she did take a hammering, but she did not have to


play as many second serves. It was a more proactive set in many ways, I'm


surprised it was five winners. With numbers like that, how on Earth did


Kontaveit lose that second serve? Look at the breaks won. A World


Number 1, two time grand slam final is coming you don't get many


chances. She makes you self-doubt because her defence is very good, do


we need to see anything technically different from the Estonian to win


this match now? She has a big problem now, when that ball is


floating in the air, she has the transition and finish the point. She


has been a little guilty of restarting a point from the back of


the court. Still smiling, Glenn Schaap. Or is he squinting?


Kontaveit, this is a pretty important service game at the start


of set three. It is good footwork to release the


forehand. Just looking down at this young


Estonian now, you say what the she have to do? I don't believe she


knows what she is going to do out here and the fact the forehand is


starting to miss which has brought her so much success is a big worry


if you are a Kontaveit fan. Wozniacki is clocking all of this.


Having not got the win in two sets and is now up against it at the


start of the third. It was interesting in the tie-break


Wozniacki hits second service Commission was not looking to run


round and unleash the forehand, like it almost got a little too big for


her at that time. Something for him to ponder over in the development of


this young future star. Yes, you will note that yes, she has beaten


Angelique Kerber this year, but that was a tour event. Beating a top


player in a grand slam is a different ball game.


The applying now for the big prizes, Caroline Wozniacki. She has achieved


the goal, it wasn't to win slams originally, it was to be World


Number 1. She has had a number of injuries these last few years so I


think she feels like she is playing on borrowed time. Stayed down on


that beautifully. It is a wonderful one for the photographers. Look at


this. Look at Wozniacki controlling the


tempo now of this match. Playing a little quicker between points. The


top players, they know all the tricks of the trade!


This is how good it is going to have to beat to win points against


Wozniacki, the dynamic of this match has completely changed.


Well, Kontaveit now has to do a Wozniacki in this set and stay tight


on the scoreboard. This is a must win service game. For Wozniacki the


go-ahead, with all her experience, that is a tall mountain. Dashed to


go ahead. Kontaveit, over the last hour and a


half, has begun to realise what an believable the solid base game


Wozniacki has and what she brings to the court, very tough to break down.


Superb! So quick. So determined. Her basic flat speed is nothing


exceptional. But there is a hunger and a desire to move. She loves the


physical part of the game and she sees everything so early.


Just occasionally on that backhand, when Kontaveit is very stressed, her


racket gets very close to the body and she almost has to fight the


ball. Look at the wake Caroline plays, how beautifully positioned


she is in relation to her body when she strikes the backhand. She really


keeps her hands away from her. She got away with it. Back on the


scoreboard. That is a big hold. It gives her a


chance. Yes, like a Wozniacki in the opening set and the second, just


keeping it to one break. Super shots, it just shows you how


physical this sport is, the demands it makes new. Point after point


after point. Very tough again today. Mental strength is going to make a


difference, it always does. And certainly, for the winner of this


title, which is so open, who wants to be the favourite? Not many hands


go up. New balls in play for Wozniacki.


Serving with the break. 2-1, final set. One hour and 35 minutes played.


That was a wonderful pick-up. It is a huge return. So much easy power.


Instance challenge. It bodes well normally. It was swinging away,


wasn't it? What a great call from the line


judge! No fist pump, look at that. Wozniacki has two challenges


remaining. Still a lot of pressure on the


Wozniacki second serve. It went up by 20%. It needs to stay high in the


decider. To do it. Too strong. Break point.


Back of his seat has been unemployed for quite a time.


When I watch Caroline, you do not get this level of mental toughness


overnight. This has been schooled since June your days. The


competitive environment she grew up in with two sportspeople in Mum and


dad is a big factor, but she has done this from day one engineers.


Junior champion here 11 years ago. She was a couple of match point down


in the semifinal to Radwanska's little sister. She is tough. It has


taken a lot of training backed up with superb physical condition. In


the same quarter as Rob balaclava as a senior.


Another many battle won by the Dean save the break point.


Again, another one of those shot back points of less than four shots.


She was not winning those in the first and it has changed in the


second and that is one of the reasons that she is in front.


Hesitated. You know she is going to win the longer points because by the


lover stomach averages it is harder and harder to hit against her.


Insurance points. Caroline Wozniacki is the boss of


the third round. It has taken an hour and 43 minutes


but there is breathing space. Gritting her teeth. Making her


opponent self-doubt as only she can. A great counterpuncher who has added


a bit of aggression. Look at what this means. So much to admire. It


would be a shame it was the act he hangs up a racket without a Grand


Slam title. An ambassador on and off the court. All of these top players


who have got pretty close, they are all scrabbling as fast as they can


be Serena comes back. Saying, we better get a move on. It is


stressing them all out. She was 5-3 down in the second set and has only


lost two games. After an hour and three quarters,


Wozniacki 4-1, double break, final set.


Such a smart play in terms of pattern from Bosnia Aki. You get the


return down the line, straight onto the open play. I love her patterns.


That is maybe why she does not go in much. If she loses, and it looks


like she will, then this is the learning window, isn't it? That she


is going to have a transition game because these big ground shots will


take her foreword. That is terribly polite, isn't it?


Yes. That is just a mental error. Just


not able to sustain the intensity and the intent that she began this


match with. That seems a very long time ago.


Around 40 minutes ago, Kontaveit was a set and 5-4, 30-0, two points from


the next round. She is serving to stay in the match.


I feel this young lady has just realised how hard it is to try to


hit through and pass Caroline Wozniacki and the lot of the pace


has gone out of her ground strokes and is the first set. If you're


going to pass Caroline you have to do it in two sets and you have to


keep up the average speed. Good preparation against Wozniacki is


hitting on a wall for three hours. You just saw there, you just felt


sometimes contemplate when Wozniacki was 40-0 did not compete that well


and almost felt the game had gone. With Wozniacki it is just reset, it


does not matter the score, she will try to drag every game back.


Looking to get the job done right here. She never lets you brave. That


is what all the top players do. What have I got to do? Please with


very little emotion, Caroline, it is all business.


Every time she is playing a point, after it Kontaveit is causing


high-rise. This is a very late tactical change-up. Yes.


Match point saved. Contemplate's turned to hang in this third round.


A while ago, you said, let's see how Kontaveit finishes. Your thoughts? I


think she did very well to hang in there. She is learning the


difference mentally between she is at 38 in the world and with the top


ten player, that is why Wozniacki is back in the top ten now the injuries


and out of the way and she has her team sorted out and she has done a


lot of work on her forehand. Caroline has been very smart. She


has talked a lot about time in the gym. Not as many hours on the


practice good because she is very aware she has to manage her body


because her body has been through a lot more than maybe an out and out


striker. She has run over 2000 metres and thus match. So many of


those are short sharks prints. She is warming up. No smiles yet from


Team Wozniacki. They might be just a couple of minutes away. For the


first time, Wozniacki serving for the match after an hour and 55


minutes. This court is really getting baked


and hardening up. At the start of the Championships it was maybe a bit


harder than previous years because of the heat with three heatwave we


had in mid June. Caroline struggles off of her forehand side to generate


much of her own. That was a little sloppy from


Wozniacki. You would imagine she would target the backhand to close


out this match. Which has been the more unreliable author is Tony on.


Close. Challenged. Match point or break point. The ball was called


out. Kontaveit as two challenges


remaining. Match point Wozniacki. Kontaveit... That is why clothing is


so tough. Kontaveit can hit lots of shots to nothing because she is not


under any pressure, not the sort of pleasure she was under when she was


a set and 5-3. Look out. -- look how intense Caroline is getting. With


every match point that comes and goes it is going to get harder.


It is challenged. The reaction from Wozniacki, she felt she has made


this. Not sure. She has won it. These mile at last. Just over two


hours. Eight case of what might have been for the 21-year-old. For a


Caroline Wozniacki, she never knows when she is beaten. What the


fantastic win. She has given herself a six chance to join the last eight


club at Wimbledon. She is through to the second week at Wimbledon. When


you look at the last 16, she is one of the most mentally tough players


out there and one of the great competitors left in the


Championships. Contemplate learned a valuable lessons. She fancied her


chances. She was not good enough and did not apply the pressure when she


had the opportunity and if you do not do that against the best players


in the world you end up paying for it. You will end up hearing a lot


more from Kontaveit. Remember the name. If you look at the last 16


line-up, considering the upsets we have had, the wonderful matches,


three and CD players, Rob Burrow call -- Rybarikova. The form book


has not been too bad. Wozniacki plays another good hitter. Good


practice for that. Look at the faces. That young lad. I have got


Caroline's autograph. Can I have one? She is fantastic for the game.


You mentioned the number one spot. She finished 2010 and 2011 at number


one. About a Grand Slam. She got some criticism for that. She has


supported women's tennis through and through. I do not think... People


would not be disappointed if Wozniacki won Wimbledon this year.


What would happen back in Denmark? She has had her ups and downs with


injuries and she lost some form a few years ago but she is so good at


bouncing back and tiny in there and believe they have come right in the


end. As a young player that is what you want to follow. That is an


example. A comeback win two points from defeat. She is with Phil Jones.


Congratulations. How did you manage to turn that around? I have no idea.


She was playing really well. I wasn't playing my best tennis. I was


trying. It wasn't going my way. I could not get many serves in. I did


not feel myself. I felt I had to keep digging deep and she started to


get nervous towards the end of the second set and I went for it. I had


nothing to lose. I got lucky. In the third set I played really well. What


is going through your mind at the end of the second set? You have to


get the returns deep. That is all I was thinking. Do not let anything


pass you. I was lucky to get that one. Into the fourth round for a


sixth time. You want to join the last eight club desperately. Your


thoughts? Yes. It is really strange. I love playing on grass and I have


not managed to get past the fourth round many times. Hopefully this


year. A great warm up for your next match against a big hitter, it will


stand you in good stead. It is going to be difficult but I am happy to


have escape this one. Looking forward to the next one. The door is


open. You know what it is like to reach a Grand Slam final. Will that


give you an edge? I think of the next match, one match at the time,


not too far ahead. I have been playing great tennis but I have to


say in the moment. You have been on a great role, keep it going. Thank


you. She will be delighted to keep herself out of trouble, two points


away from going out of the Championships, but champions managed


to raise their game and she did that at the end of the second set and


took control in the third set. 6-2. A big smile, she is desperate to get


to the quarterfinals. She watched it as a kid and she wants to go into


the tournament further next week. On Centre Court, this match on BBC One,


2-0 and Novak Djokovic had a break point but he is serving to stay in


the set. On BBC Two we are going to drop in on court three. He was the


man of the moment last year. Marcus Willis battled his way through


qualifying and then played Fiddler on Centre Court. His fairy tale came


through. -- Roger Federer. Up against the number two seeds. They


lost the first set but they have raised through the second set. Let


us join our commentators. Court number three, the defending


champions, Herbert and Mahut, cruising in the first set and then


they had a fright, the British wildcards, Willis and Clarke, 6-1,


winning the second set and we are tied at one set all. Serving the new


balls. They have been very impressive, to come back from the


first set when the French pair were far better.


Yes, they showed a lot of character in the second set to snatch that


6-1, but there was good energy from Clarke and Willis, they have been


bounding around gleefully, having the time of their lives, lovely way


to spend a Saturday early evening. No better place.


One year ago, Marcus was playing Roger Federer on Centre Court. He


thought his chance might have gone. He lost to Marchenko in qualifying,


the final round, as well. And in the doubles, five set winners in the


first round and doing well, here. Catching the line. They have had a


lot of things going their way but you make your own mark. Yes, moments


of brilliance and inspiration from the British pair, both standing back


respectfully on the serve of Mahut but the French men have been below


par at times and the British pair have taken advantage.


As you can hear, from the noise of the crowd in attendance, four times


as many as at the start, this is one of three matches today that did not


have any court assignment to begin with. And they put them on the show


court at six o'clock on a Saturday evening.


The defending champions on the board again in the third set.


What has been interesting, we were saying that throughout the


tournament, Clarke and Willis hitting 23 aces, Mahut and Herbert,


just nine. An interesting point, the French taking the speed of Mack the


serve to dictate the first set thereafter, normally the volley and


the British pair are really cracking down, six aces, opposed to their


opponents with only two. Very dictatorial off the serve.


Encouraging for the partisan crowd, who are understandably getting right


behind them. We have had a fault and a correction. And the challenge.


Yes, understandably. That was a bit long. Let us have a look. Come on!


They will take it! Even reverse the Hawk might have struggled to see


that that one was in. Hawk-Eye was not named after ruthless, but that


is a nice touch. -- ruthless. I think Clarke, Lewis was frozen in


disbelief at his partner had missed that volley but he could not see


beyond the Frenchman in his way. He was obscured as well, having a


little nap? Stay awake! Support your boys! This is not a typical Saturday


afternoon weather. Says the Scotsman! Factor 400!


This is a big moment in the match for Clarke and Willis, they had


momentum after winning the second set 6-1. The French are plenty of


support in attendance as well. That is the box for Mahut, just behind


the Blitz. -- the British pair. Willis has always had that type of


skill and that was sublime, solos with his hands, look at that, that


takes a lot of self trust. -- so loose with his hands. He has done it


again. We mentioned he is very much, I asked what the secret was to


having that touch at the net and he said his legs. Yes, you must pick


the right sort of ball, if it is coming to very fast it is very


difficult to hit the drop volley off map. The signal behind the back from


Marcus. Big point for the defending champions. That was an untimely


double fault from Clarke, hopefully he can redeem himself landing the


first served. The French team with a break point opportunity early in


this third set. He has been rock solid at the net.


Winning three points from their in this game alone. Very few empty


seats and there are a lot of people waiting to get in outside. This will


probably be filled up very shortly. That point was set up by a fabulous


return of serve by Nicolas Mahut. It really was and the log from Willis


was good but this man is so sprightly to get over his backhand


side and turn that into the forehand smash quickly. The second


opportunity for the French. That is a good call, to say to


Marcus, leave it. That is a family of Clarke. Not bad,


what are you doing today? I am going to see Jay, playing at Wimbledon.


Nice! Then you get them coming out of the woodwork. Maybe a couple,


perhaps for your granny. It is every player's... If you can play at


Wimbledon... It keeps all of your friends quite. Exactly the same!


They have done it again! The umpire says they made the return


but they are disputing that. That was a stern look from the


umpire in the chair, first served. -- first serve.


What about Jade Clarke by Derek? Smiling. It makes it so much more


entertaining when you are the boys watching are thoroughly enjoying it.


It is there to see some humour and emotion, isn't it? Another tennis we


see sometimes is a little bit expressionless. -- some of the


tennis we see. Well played by Marcus. He had to be careful when he


slept that he did not touch the net, which he did not. Saving two break


points. Deadlock on the scoreboard and there is a lot of energy around


the British camp right now. Really closing down then it quickly,


Willis, just that little stumble afterwards but the ball was dead and


buried. There was an issue. -- there was no issue. If, for any reason,


the ball had not gone over, bounced on the other side of the net, that


would be a requirement for the eagle eye umpire to see what came first,


touching the net or the ball dropping onto the net.


We have had a lot of talk this week about the court and the weather and


the dryness of the court as well. We have had a look, what do you think?


The courts are looking good. I think there has been a little bit of


complaint from the players but not much, just because they are dry but


they are playing very well. I think there is a lot of residue, dust and


loose grass and the end of the play of the day but they have this


massive vacuum cleaner that can claim all of the court. Part of the


ritual at the end of play. -- they can clean up all of the court. Even


if it gets dusty around the baseline, the vacuum cleaners will


pick all of that up. And they are playing very fast as well. That is


like a wicket, where he is standing. The courts also get watered every


night as well. They are on service. Beautiful look, shall court number


three, and beyond, in the distance, Court Number Two. As we have the


players balcony, and just inside, the restaurant, they often spill


over the top to enjoy some of the play. Formerly the graveyard court,


Court Number Two. These traditional ears would love this to be the


graveyard court was taking on the second seeds, the defending


champions with this French pair. Great effort so far. We have lost a


number of seeds already, the Bryan brothers are out. Jamie Murray


losing against Bruno Suarez, cell... And the 15th seeds are also gone. In


the same have, at the foot of the draw. And right at the foot of


Wimbledon, if you have not been here, you do not realise the climb


that is required to get to court number 18, were in the depths, at


the bottom of Church Road. He mentioned earlier a lot of people


waiting outside to get in some is a little delay. Here you go, take your


time. Job done. And we will get under way again.


It is a pretty steep climb from here to Murray Mount or Henman Hill. Yes,


and often it can take a while because of the hustle and bustle,


you have to go weaving around three different people. Dominic Thiem and


Donaldson getting under way, but Djokovic and Gulbis also playing on


Centre Court. That is a good serve, from Marcus. Djokovic delighted, his


second seeds starters, having not posted great results but he is


through against Gulbis. -- second seed status. He just took a little


bit of back that serve, Marcus Willis, his variety on the service


game has been excellent, keeping his opponents guessing. Just 93 mph but


it is precision rather than power. He continents with his partner is


very well, left and right, difficult for the contenders to get any


rhythm. Swinging one-way from Marcus and the other from Clarke. They had


a fine victory in the first game, great noise, they were taking their


shoes off and everything. But as a reference to last year... There is a


challenge coming here. -- that is a reference to last year.


There was a complaint from Marcus that maybe that should have been


spotted and the call should not have been made. They have done very well


with their challenges, so far, the British pair.


The majority of these fans, if they had not seen these teams before,


which is the number two seeds and which is the wildcard? You could not


say with confidence which was which? There is a massive disparity between


the rankings as well. The immediate challenge from Clarke.


The French pair pretty confident that clipped the line. Let us see.


Going pretty gung ho with the challenges!


That was unlucky. When that came off his racquet, it did look like it


might be in. Just enough spin to take that out.


Size 13 feet! Just as well he has co-sponsorship and clothing deal!


That was a good service from the defending champions. 3-2, the third


set. I wonder, this is the first time


that Herbert and Mahut have come to Wimbledon as defending champions,


the additional pressure perhaps telling a little bit? Because


performances of late have not been to the standard they have set


themselves? It is difficult to get performance consistency, there are


so many good teams out there, they are just pecking at your heels all


the time, especially when you are this heralded team at the French


pair. It is just tough to retain that level of consistency that you


could see with Jamie Murray and Bruno Suarez, going out last


night... It is very difficult. Taking that 7-5 in the end. It is


amazing, testament to the depth of men's tennis, you have the British


wild card pair, here. 708 in the world, and Clarke, 882. And they are


contesting this match really well. Up against the second seeds. And the


reigning champions! Quite outstanding. Clarke serving at 2-3


in the third set. Maybe they have not reached the


standards they have set themselves, Wellington onto Grand Slams, they


had that fine win in the first round, taking out Gonzalez and


Donald Young, who reached the final of the French Open before losing to


Harrelson and Venus. They have been using this formation


quite a lot on the serve of Clarke. What it means is that when Marcus is


down that the net, the returners do not know which way she will go, left


or right, and her fears quick off the mark, he can pick off the return


of the net and he is so a deft -- adept with half volleys and his


artistry. He can normally get the volley away. But if he gets that


wrong, he gets burned. The return tactic against this is normally to


hammer the return down blind. -- down the line. But away from Clarke


to secure another point. Look at that fine first volley. Mahut tried


to intervene but his body weight was going backwards and Clarke could


stamp all over that one. Into the Open court.


Marcus has been serving well. But also Clarke. Three games each. The


third set. There could be some after son having to be applied later this


evening! -- after son. She already has the water and the


sunglasses... Nicely done. Monday and Tuesday in the village, there


were more than a few red faces and red arms and various other things.


It is not just what that some people are drinking as well! Their souvenir


glasses. -- water that some people are drinking.


The French team have been without written in the serving deliveries,


yielding six double faults already, very uncharacteristic, not just


getting the run of the challenges either. The British are just


clipping the lines, all-important lines. That is nice from the


languid, six foot four tall Herbert. What about that return from Clarke?


That was like a missile! That was very loud on the microphone! He


really got a hold of that. Keeping that nice and low. How could you not


enjoy yourself? The cloud has gobbled up the sun


temporarily, which is a rarity for this week. It has been sun-kissed


throughout and the players will probably welcome that little relief


from the dazzling sunshine. The temperatures have been kinder to


date, a little bit lower, 26 degrees. Very little breeze. Ideal


for the ball tosses and the like. I guess a lot of these fans will be


getting ahead of themselves with a possible British wind? Who knows? --


possible British winners. Nice to have some doubles on BBC Two, plenty


more next week but we are leaving this, to continue watching you can


do so on the Red Button and also on the website. I am sure you will


understand we were moving, heading straight to Centre Court to see the


18 time grand slam champion, seven times Wimbledon champion, Roger


Federer, in his match against Mischa Zverev, the brother of Sasha. They


have just got under way. You have only missed one point. Tim Henman


and Mark Petchey are with this one. Encouraging start, the opening point


from Zverez against the Roger Federer server. -- serve.


There will be more of what that came from today, the serve and volley


tactics will be limited, you would feel, on a fairly frequent basis by


Zverez. He could not have hit that approach


any better, Zverez. Hypothetically, that is a good tactic if you can


play strong to the forehand to open up the backhand. And especially


being left-handed, you have a chance to come forward. But you have to go


into the forehand of Roger Federer with some firepower.


UMPIRE: Game Federer. First point went Mischa's way. The next four


went Federer's. That type of rally that develops is


something that Zverev will be keen not to allow to happen on his own


service games here. It was a clinic in Australia how he


returned the Zverev serve after Zverev had earlier put out Murray in


the tournament. One of their differences is how


close Federer stayed to the baseline consistently on the return not


giving Zverev time to get in. Federer sending a couple of early


messages with those passing shots. For a big guy at the net, sometimes


it's easier to react and dive to the side. Not as easy to get your body


out of the way down the middle. He will have considered that a real


chance to give himself the first break point of the match.


Interesting to note just how often he went into the body of Federer


with his first serve, almost 50% of the time on the deuce side.


Because Federer stays on the baseline, that's why he's trying to


tuck him up there with the bigger serve.


He's created two break points against Federer this year and broken


once. That's better. Had he taken Tim


Henman's advice he might have got a couple of break points early in this


match. That first serve was actually out. Hawk-Eye tells us.


Tough to see how Zverev will have an impact in the rallies when he's


playing from nine feet behind the baseline.


Little more challenging for Federer but a hold all the same.


SUE BARKER: Federer 2-1 up. We'll be right back on centre. One result to


bring you. Younger brother Sascha is through winning in straight sets


against Ofner of Austria. He will next take on Milos Raonic, last


year's finalist on Monday. That will be in the Fourth Round on Monday.


Just 20 years of age. Many people's tip to be a world number one. More


of him on Monday. Over on Court No 1, another of the


up-and-coming youngsters, 23-year-old Dominic Thiem, who is


trying to break into the top five. He's seeded eight at these


championships. It is a look ahead to the future, his opponent just 20


years of age, Donaldson. That match is on the red button and BBC Sport


website. Over on court 2, we've got Martina


Hingis here. She is partnering Jamie Murray in the doubles. He


disappointingly lost in the men's doubles yesterday. They are the top


seed in the Mixed Doubles. They are taking on a British pair. They're


5-3 up. That match is on the red button. That's what's happening


elsewhere, back we go. COMMENTATOR: Federer just finding


his way into this match, just checking what sort of different


tactics Zverev is bringing to the party tonight.


Slightly awkward time of day at the far end for another ten minutes or


so. Just classic return against the


serve, volley. That's the danger when you don't


find the body, goes into the pocket. 124mph and Zverev has only taken a


couple of steps into the court. He's always had a good record


against left handers if they're not from Majorca in Spain. Career-wise


he's won 115 matches and lost 36. 23 of those against Rafa. If we take


Federer from when he really became the player he is... That we see


today from when he won Wimbledon in 2003, he is 92 match victories


against left handers with just 26 losses. Of course, 23 of those to


Nadal. I'm not going to make you name the


three. I'd be impressed if you even got one


actually. I'm putting my thinking cap on.


An empty court. Zverev nowhere to be seen and trailing Federer in his


wake at the moment. 4-1 already. This is the hardest you've worked in


many years, isn't it, Tim? You've got me going now! It's a good trivia


one. Three lefties since 2003? While you think about that, here's


another thought, why do you think it is that Zverev has decided since


Australia to move so deep against Federer off the return? He's moved


on his second serve six metres further back. In Australia, super


aggressive, up inside the baseline. He's gone so much deeper against it.


What would be the logic for that? I can't answer that question because


if you ask me, it's a mistake. The one thing that you can do more


easily on a hard court is take the ball earlier because you've got a


perfect bounce. On a grass court, after six days of play, it's not


always easy to take the ball early. If Zverev is going to play this far


behind the baseline, when they get into rallies, where the serve is


taken out of the equation, I'd be surprise today he won 20% of the


points -- surprised if he won 20% of the


points. I'm going to throw out my first


lefty - didn't he in Asia lose to Vinolas? That's correct.


You've got me totally distracted now. I'm not even watching this


match! A shout out to Wayne Arthurs. No. It is with a country with an A,


Austrian. Kubec? Meltzer. Put me out of my misery. Delbonas as well. In


the midst of changing racquets in 2013.


He will be happy he's had the opportunity to play out here on the


Centre Court. There was a time in his career where he was thinking of


stopping. He had wrist fractures, fractured


ribs, herniated disc in his back. It's phenomenal that he is out here,


partly due to his brother's love of tennis and his willingness to


support Mischa to get him back. It's just not meant to look that


easy. Exactly what I was thinking. Federer trying to work over Zverev's


forehand. I think it's easier for Zverev to take his chip backhand


earlier, play into the forehand keeping him further behind the


baseline. A terrific return. Federer unsure,


for once, what to do. Caught in two minds whether to play


the ball as a volley or pick up the half-volley.


Just the second break of the Federer serve this year. You Deserve This


House earned it well. -- Zverev earned it well. He was


ranked inside the world's top 50 in 2009, courtesy of those injuries and


lack of motivation dropped all the way outside the ATP top 1,000 by


March 2015. For him to be back this year with a career high of 29


earlier, currently playing at 30 in the world, is just a wonderful story


for the Zverev family which has a few more chatters to be written by


the younger brother as well. But now the focus on Mischa. Father on the


right in the white cap. His mum behind. Not always watching. Down in


Australia, fortunate to be there this year, she was having a little


stroll, while Sasha was out there in a tight battle. She wasn't wanting


to watch. Willing to watch her son against Federer.


Going to go a long way long. With Federer going down the middle on a


few passing shots, you're eager to react, basically couldn't get his


racquet out of the way of it. Clinically put away. Trying to


utilise those skills at the net, find the angles rather than the


pace. Linesperson taking another direct


hit. All credit to Zverev, 4-1 first set,


looked like Federer could run away with things. He's dug his heels in,


played a couple of great games to get the score back level.


Good pressure being applied by Federer.


The way he's stepping into the backhand and really being


aggressive, that's been a definite change this year.


UMPIRE: Correction. Called out, overruled by the chair.


107mph forehand winner which unleashed the power.


As you say, Tim, his ability to step in this year, particularly on the


return and hit over it and there's his backhand in full flow, it's been


a major winning shot this year. It certainly has. In some respects


that's a slightly easier backhand when the ball is low. The one that's


really been impressive is when it's up high, shoulder high, with the


one-handed backhand and certainly when it's come from a left-hander


with heavy spin, not easy to do. But I really feel that Federer is


looking to be more aggressive on that side.


That's why Zverev wants to get to the net, he will be punished off the


backhand side as well as the forehand, also the spin rate, the


control he has compared to Zverev. That looks like one of your forehand


spin rates. That could be slice as well! Nine games in, looking at the


stats, first serve percentage for Zverev 82%. It's not as if he's just


rolling it into the middle of the box. He's being aggressive. He'd


like to keep that up. Things moving along at quite a pace.


Just 28 minutes for the first ten games.


It's almost like he used the change of pace on that forehand, looped it


high, kept the ball deep. Not something you expect to see on a


grass court. Certainly not oblivious to the


pressure at times, Federer. Live by their sword, die by their


sword. You know when Federer is up against it, he's going to be


aggressive, not scared to finish the point at net


What a phenomenal rally and such a good point as well.


Smart tennis from Zverev. Very deep return. He has an opportunity to


press Federer with the backhand and this sets up another break point


opportunity. UMPIRE: Mr Federer challenging the


call. Right in front of us. There was no confidence. The call was a


little bit late. That is why. You could hear just how important


that was to Federer. So easy in these situations to say


that it is Federer who has gone off the ball rather than give credit to


his opponent, who is employing these deeper tactics and when he finds the


time he has a nice blend with his backhand, pushing some and hitting


some of them as well. He has certainly surprised me with some of


the baseline exchanges, he has stayed in there and when he has the


opportunity to move forward he has done so. Federer is in a match right


now. The foundation has been laid by the serve of Zverev, 77% first


serves in the court. You can see Federer pulling out a tissue from


his bag. He is not 100%, I do not think, health-wise. It was picked up


after his last match, doing his interviews. Struggling a little bit


with the cold. It was given to him by one of his boys. I am sure he


appreciated that! Such a difficult ball to volley,


there was no pace, dipping quickly. And that big second serve at 40-0.


Not looking so clever right now. He served a double fault. Suddenly back


at deuce and no two points away from losing the first set.


In the end, they did not come back to haunt him but it did make life


tougher going into the tie-break. Of course, they played a tie-break in


their last outing which Federer won. Even the best in the world need a


little bit of luck at times! He gets so many crisp returns you do not


expect to see that mis-hit, recognised with the apology from


Federer. Definitely out. Another great


pick-up from Zverev. He has got three challengers, this


is purely for peace of mind at this stage in the set.


He accomplishes the goal of hanging onto both service points in style as


well. In his previous service game he missed a few first serves but,


come the tie-break, time and again that finds its mark.


He really has not frequented the middle on his serve at all in the


opening set, Zverev, but in the tie-breaker he has gone there and a


couple of times he has kept Federer guessing on the return.


Again, he has gone there a couple of times in this tie-breaker he gets to


within one point of Federer. He did a great job of sticking in the first


set early on and he has done a great job of sticking in this tie-break.


Slight benefit with the serve and volley on his second serve in the


set that Zverev thought he might come in and he dropped the return


little bit short. Potentially thinking about that. And Federer


pounced. He used the dimensions of the court


to perfection, corner to corner. That brings up three set points.


Subtlety. And, then after, severe power, directed straight at Zverev


and the opening set goes to the 18 time grand slam charging. --


champion. SUE BARKER: Roger Federer takes the


first set on the tie-break. This happened a short time ago, Martina


Hingis in the Mixed Doubles with Jamie Murray, the top seeds. Looking


at Martina Hingis, winning five grand slam singles championships, 17


grand slam doubles championships in the women's doubles and the Mixed


Doubles, winning 6-3, 6-0. Very much the favourites to take the title,


Jamie Murray and by Tina Hingis. On Court Number One, Dominic Thiem has


taken the first set 7-5, on serve in the second, so much expected of this


young man, one of the youngsters tipped for the top, that is the


feature match on the Red Button. And back to the match we were watching


on BBC Two, with Jay Clarke and Marcus Willis, Jay Clarke is just 18


and Marcus Willis is making such a name for himself, getting through


qualifying last year and playing Federer, 2-1 up against the


defending champions and the number two seeds, that could be a big story


and if you want to watch that, it's on the Red Button and the website.


And over on Court 12, defending champions in the Mixed Doubles,


Heather Watson, going well. 4-1 up with two breaks in the first set.


Also on the Red Button and the website. That is what is happening


around the grounds. Back to the main court.


This has been a highly entertaining opening set, the sort of tennis


perhaps we do not see enough of these days, the role serving and


volleying of Zverev, and more sporadic from Federer but some


wonderful passing shots. Some subtle tennis. Some wonderful strategy


employed by both men out there. Lots to savour.


It was going slow enough to see this one.


That sometimes is when you don't make the shot, you put the thought


into the bind over an opponent that you might go there again and Federer


are shaping up to make another lob and Zverev was backing off, but he


was strong enough to pick up that volley, one of the strongest,


fittest players out there, Zverev. Sometimes when serving and


volleying, the faster the return comes, the easier it is and Federer


took off the pace and Zverev had to keep that half volley deep.


UMPIRE: Thank you, Madam, can we have the ball back? Thank you. You


can throw it! I do not think the lady who picked the ball up was


particularly keen to give it back! She had hidden it behind her! Behind


her back! Trying to keep a souvenir. The shot is still open, isn't it?


These tennis balls are quite expensive.


Strong start. To get up and running. 77 and three, Roger Federer, when


winning the opening set at Wimbledon, his losses to Jo Wilfried


Tsonga in 2011, he was 2-0 up and the winner in 2013 and Novak


Djokovic in the final of 2014 but it is not an occurrence or I lead that


happens too often. That he loses. Zverev will have his work cut out.


We talk about little steps and getting into position, he is one of


the best are taking a big step to cover a lot of ground to get to the


ball but he needs to. -- that he needs to. Quick between points, in


terms of pace. You can see how he has changed his return profile


against the serve and volley today, in his opening rounds, just 53%,


getting the ball back into play to get a chance to play and today he


has had to go after it with Zverev coming after him, almost nightly 3%,


he has been driving through the ball. -- 93%.


Different attacks need different defences and that is why the


top-flight stay at the top because they can't find whatever is thrown


at them through the course of the Grand Slam, he has got away with


this, Fergus Murphy decided there was no hindrance, strictly speaking


that probably should have been replayed.


That was shot that losing talent. Such class and quick thinking


because that was another terrific pick-up from Zverev. Look at that.


It looked like he could defend the situation against anyone and against


anybody else he would have. Unbelievable shot. And this is a


break point. That is saved. With an immaculate delivery. Terrific tussle


at the start of the second. I thought this might be a dying art,


the serve and volley play, but we certainly do not want this to go out


because it is exhilarating. It creates such a shotmaking skills


from your opponent, as well. If there is any consolation for


Zverev right now, he is forcing Federer to produce perfection. The


unfortunate news for the German is that he is delivering.


That was a stunning returning game and it stunned the German.


Sheer excellence from Federer in that particular game, Zverev did


nothing wrong, serving well on the break point after getting passed by


that wonderful backhand from Federer. And Zverev will be


wondering, what else can he do to keep this match as competitive as it


currently is? And all is very well with this man's


world. This is why - look at this, what a pick-up from Zverev, he cuts


down the angles, you think, until Federer produces that. Pure


instinct, isn't it? And a little bit of talent thrown in as well.


He doesn't have the raw power of Zverev on the forehand side that is


younger brother does, Federer did not give him anything, 90 mph on his


second serve, that is pretty routine for him.


It is not really easy, psychologically, for Zverev, he has


played a lot of good tennis and he is down one set and a break and he


might start to push a little bit too hard. In actual fact, he just has to


keep doing the same thing and hope that the levels from Federer drop a


little bit. And that feels like me hope, the way


that Federer is playing. Not a lot of it based on reality. He has


beaten Nishikori, David Ferrer, Morena Baccarin Australia, Stan


Wawrinka. He has got quality, this man. -- Andy Murray in Australia.


I'm not surprised his backers are, having to bend for so many of these


low volleys. -- his back is sore. Quality second serve, 104mph, deep,


sliding into the body. If he misses his spot by six inches


it will be in the hitting zone of Federer's return.


UMPIRE: Game, Zverev. Nice, gritty hold


The 29-year-old is still very much competitive. They said he got a


little tired in the start of the third set in the previous round.


Said his opponent started reading his serve, but ended up going five.


Maybe just feeling a little bit, as you say Tim. Federer not only hits


the winners, but he forces you to work so incredibly hard all the time


with the amount of balls that he's getting back into court at the


height he's getting them into court as well.


That's the challenge when you're playing Federer on any surface. He


can hurt you in so many ways. He's got such a good serve. He hits his


spots. Get the ball back into play, dominating with his forehand.


He's not scared to come forward. He's a great athlete. Not many areas


to attack. Federer halfway to victory after a


set-and-a-half here. UMPIRE: Mr Federer challenging the


call, left far side line. The ball was called out. I think he missed


one of these in '98, but not since! UMPIRE: Mr Federer has two


challenges remaining. Swing and a miss as it just holds up


and jumps up off the line. He's been in imperious form in this


second set, has not put a foot wrong.


That last volley brings up his third hold of the second set. Zverev needs


to find a way to get competitive here in the second set and find a


way to break back. At this stage is there anything he


can do or is he solely reliant on Federer just dropping off the kind


of performance that we're seeing from him right now? It would


certainly help Zverev's cause if Federer missed a few first serves,


which doesn't happen too often at the business ends of these sets. If


he does see some second serves, I think he's got to put himself in a


position at the net where Federer is trying to beat him with his


backhand. It's easier said than done.


Just managed the one point against the serve in this second set has


Zverev. That was off a first serve. That is a slight problem as well,


because he doesn't have the real power and Federer sees him so far


behind the baseline. You see the pace that Federer starts running


after he hits that serve. He gets so tight to the net.


Just so clever. Talk about keeping good depth in tennis. But it was the


shortness of that ball that caused the problem for Zverev. And it was


intentional. Zverev using the slice, Federer able to sneak in. Tight to


the net again. APPLAUSE


It's good tennis from Federer, don't get me wrong. Down a set and a


break, against possibly the greatest grass court player in history, he's


got to be prepared to take a few risks.


UMPIRE: Game Federer. Standing seven, eight feet behind the


baseline to return the second serve. I don't think it's going to be


successful. Catches win matches.


UMPIRE: Game Zverev. He'll be hoping that I don't say


that after the next game, otherwise it is a long, long journey back for


Mischa Zverev down two sets to love. To be fair that would have been


harder to drop. Even in front of 15,000 people.


Seven and one against the Zverev family's, Federer, as they pop over


to see the throngs of people out here. What a pleasure that the


weather has been so fabulous so that people can enjoy that particular


spot here at Wimbledon. So many magical little corners of this


wonderful ground. That is arguably the most famous after Centre Court


these days. Sent back with such accuracy this


ball here from Zverev. Little short on the approach. Still had to be


executed the passing shot. I don't think that really shot


through like the previous serve on the ad side. That one he just


miscalculated. That brings up set point.


UMPIRE: Game and second set Federer. Wide-open space to hit that final


forehand into and it brings up a two sets to love lead for Federer. SUE


BARKER: Roger looking good again on Centre Court. We'll be right back


with that match. We can show you what's happening on Court No 1.


Dominic Thiem is two sets to love up against Donaldson, two of the young


players on the tour. That match is on the red button and available on


the website. What a story this match is on Court


3, where Jay Clarke and Marcus Willis from Britain had three match


points against the defending champions, Herbert and Mahut. They


weren't able to take it and now they've dropped the fourth set. That


is our feature match on the red button.


One result to bring you, good news for Heather Watson and her partner,


they have put out the 13th seeds 6-1, 6-3. Such a good partnership


these two and going through the championships well here again. The


defending champions safely through. That's what's been happening


elsewhere. Back we go to Centre Court.


COMMENTATOR: Eyes firmly on the prize, not wanting to take a longer


detour than necessary today to get himself through to the Fourth Round.


It's only Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Novak Djokovic who know how to come


back from the situation that is in front of Mischa Zverev right now.


Trailing two sets to love. A number of good body second serves


at about 104mph. That is eightmph slower. That's the difference. Gives


them the chance to swifl out of the way and -- swivel out of the way and


hit a shot like that. Hasn't really bothered about where


Zverev is at the net. He's gone with raw power, sometimes straight at the


German. Good hold for Zverev at the start of


this third set. I can't fault him in the way he's gone about his own


service games. For me, the return games, when he's got the opportunity


to be more aggressive on second serve is something that he could


possibly change. To be quite honest, the second serve of Federer is


possibly going to be the shortest ball he gets.


He ended up having to produce a fairly decent shot there, but at the


same time, you can see part of the problem for Zverev, when he stays so


deep, he is unable to really capitalise on a short ball from


Federer early in the rally as well. He was chasing to get up to his


baseline. E


UMPIRE: Game Federer. Just let the court do the work and it takes all


the bounce out of the ball. UMPIRE: New balls please.


Zverev is still sticking in here at the start of the third. I can't see


his fitness coach, who works with the Zverev brothers. I don't think


he's back out from working with Sasha on his cool round and recovery


- oh, there he is, in the glasses on the left-hand side. Can you see him


in the blue shirt. What a wonderful job he's been doing and over the


years as well, working of course, with Andy Murray along with others.


He's one of the best in the business.


That's the one-two combination from Federer down low, force your


opponent to hit the ball up and then try to pick him off.


Mum and dad urging their elder son on.


Jez Green waxes lyrical about Mischa's fitness. He says he's one


of the strongest and fastest he's ever worked with.


If you can't put your racquet on the ball, it doesn't matter what your


physical attributes are. That was as clean as they come


And the pressure too much for Zverev. Federer breaks early in the


third. SUE BARKER: So a break of serve for the seven-time champion on


Centre Court. There's a story brewing over on court number three


where Jay Clarke and Marcus Willis, this is break point in the second


game of the fifth set. Against the number two seeds and the defending


champions! Amazing scenes out on court number three. They are loving


it out there. They've already had three match points in the fourth


set, which they lost. It's in the fifth set. They are now 2-0 up and


points for 3-0 up actually. So that is the score at the moment. Jay


Clarke and Marcus Willis there. That's our feature match on the red


button. More good news it is all happening,


with British winners all over the place outside. Smith and Skupski


there. That's what's happening outside. Back we go.


What a story that would be on Court 3, looking like a wise decision from


the wildcard committee. It's been interesting to look at


Zverev's profile here. We talked about the second serve. But it's


been a lot deeper his profile returning the first serve from


Federer compared to Australia. About four metres deeper than when he was


down under. He's making less returns today from a deeper position against


Federer, winning less points as well.


There is that quote from Winston Churchill, you should occasionally


look at the results from a strategy and we can see this beautiful view


of Centre Court, maybe the strategy from Zverev needs to be taken and


about. I am sure Federer is that enough pressure on serve today. --


has felt enough pressure. He delayed the swing up the ball but


the ball was not delayed once it touched the racquet, it fired past


Zverev. Not only that, look at his footwork


after the return, he covered the drop shot if Zverev was going to go


there, well inside the baseline. Again, it is how he sees the ball


but quickly, to manufacturing the perfect type of turn off that serve.


He has been hitting through the majority of the balls and he


definitely drops in there, with nothing on it.


Quality from Zverev but the footwork and then the power to beat him from


that far behind the baseline... Well played, Zverev. Good


perseverance to defend that error. Perseverance pays off back. -- pays


off. SUE BARKER: With the break of serve


in the third set. Following this match, it has been an eventful day,


Clare Balding will have to day at Wimbledon and all of the highlights


from earlier. The middle Saturday of Wimbledon has a fantastic


atmosphere, loads of people get here because they cannot during the week


and we will have the best on court action and what the big names have


to say and the shot of the day and anything that has been happening on


social media. In theory, I will be joined by Boris Becker and Martina


Navratilova. But where is Boris? SUE BARKER: We lost Boris Becker


this morning. We were on the members lawn and he was on the players land.


All of the highlights will follow the conclusion of this match.


That was the end of the classic point although this time the hotdog


did not produce the winner, as it has done so many times in his


career. He was virtually smiling in that rally. Any other athlete that


is more relaxed in the heat of battle... ?


He can afford to be a little bit relaxed, it is not as though his


greatness is in any dispute at all, it is just a question of how great


people will describe him when he finally decides to hang up his


racquet. That day has receded quite far away after the way he has played


in 2017. Some wondered if he would even make it through to the lagoon


politics. People are now talking Tokyo. -- the Rio Olympics.


This is meant to be the third round of Wimbledon, not an exhibition! He


appears to be everywhere at times. A gentle stroll to the chair from


Federer, not even waiting to see if his opponent finish that. --


finished that off. He looks relaxed but there is clearly an intensity


that still burns brightly within him. Absolutely. Coming up to ten


past eight on Saturday, he wants to make sure he finishes this off and


move himself into the second week. It is hard to see what, if anything,


Zverev can do to delay that particular passage. His father,


Robert, in the background. They love their time here at Wimbledon. That


would not be out of place in squash. His 500 and 55 match record is not


necessarily 100% accurate but Amir Khan certainly exude confidence on


the squash court, as he does on the tennis court. A couple of games from


victory. The reaction from Zverev said it


all. That had to be going right. The lines are there to be hit. They will


certainly need repainting after this match! -- had to be going out.


That is the problem, he was caught on little bit stranded deep off the


baseline. Federer serving and volleying beautifully on the second


serve. You don't need to worry about what


your opponent is doing whenever you hit the ball but hard, do you? Just


picked a spot and whack it. The wrong shot from Federer. He


should have gone around the net post!


The first time on Centre Court for Zverev and he has acquitted himself


pretty well against one of the best players of all time on this surface.


But you feel that his time out here is closing very shortly after the


next game. He has taken on Federer five times and is yet to win one


set. He has taken him to the tie-break on three occasions. In


fact, there is only one other left-hander in the world who has


managed to beat Federer more than once. Rafa Nadal is the obvious one


but Franco Scolari managed to get a couple against Federer but it is not


that left-handers have any sort of advantage against this man. Even


limit which on the right-hand side. And the fitness trainer. What a


fantastic job he has done with the Swiss stars, they're both look like


they have not lost one step over the years. Federer has not put a foot


wrong today. He was challenged in the opening set and he responded.


After one hour and 48 minutes, he is serving for the match.


Perfection, he finishes off the challenge from Zverev. Roger Federer


moves through to a meeting with Grigor Dimitrov in the fourth round.


That was a lovely contest. Old school tennis being deployed by


Zverev. But once again, he fights off most challengers in some style.


Federer will take the plaudits but I think Zverev but in a very good


performance, digging his heels in in the first set, fine serve and volley


tennis. But it did not take long for Federer to continue to go through


the gears. Another straight sets win. And through to the second week.


An attractive match, enjoyed by everyone, including his wife. And


his parents. An attractive match on Monday as well. In prospect, with


Grigor Dimitrov, the Bulgarian started the year strongly and has


yet to win against Federer. 5-0 is the statistic there. A lot of people


will tune in to watch those two face-off against each other. Over


1100 matches won on tour and how many million autographs has he


signed over the years? And he continues to do so, his love of the


sport undiminished. The miles he has flown, the miles on the clock in


terms of his body. Yet he does not seem to have lost any of the joy


that the experiences and he steps onto any court around the world,


particularly this one. A very special place for him over the


years. A lot of smiles within Centre Court,


so many fans here. He wins in straight sets. And he will discuss


that win with Lee McKenzie. Congratulations. Three sets in under


two hours, Zverev trying to throw everything at you but at times he


had him ducking for cover. A lighted? I thought it was a good


match, it was fun to play against a serve and volley player, you will


see Lance and passing shots and drop shots so I thought it was nice to


see that again and the crowds were unbelievable again and Mischa Zverev


is a great guy and we really fed off each other, very happy. On paper it


is the toughest had at Wimbledon so far. Do you feel battle hardened


heading into the second week and do you need to be? Yes, it is important


to get through the first week with a good feeling and I think I got that,


first with the walkover, that did not give me much information but I


saved my energy. Crucial energy, looking down the stretch but we have


one round at a time and I must say it is always the first goal to get


to the second week so I made that today. I am very happy to just sit


back and relax today and come back stronger on Monday. Grigor Dimitrov


in the next round, he has been likened to you in the past but has


never beaten you in the five times you have met. Will he be tough?


Every time I play against him he is stronger than before. He is in the


perfect age, he is starting to understand his game best, he is


physically strong, mentally he took the next step, that is what you


expect from a player of his calibre. He had a Great Run in Australia,


almost beat Rafa Nadal in the semifinals, we almost could have


played in the finals. I am ready for a tough one but I am sure it will be


another exciting match because he is a great shotmaker. Well done.


SUE BARKER: What a glorious match that will be. Two of the best ball


strikers in the world. Zverev played his part, you can tell the great


friends but Roger Federer marches on into the second week, yet again,


with another straight sets win on Centre Court Federer is on his way.


From the superstore on Centre Court, to a big story that is taking place


on Court number three. The British duo, the wildcards, Jay Clarke, just


18, and Marcus Willis, the fairy tale story last year, up against the


number two seeds, defending champions, Mahut and Herbert. It is


for- two to the British team in the fifth and final set. And Jay Clarke


is serving, Mark Donaldson and ball hand on commentary.


Challengers have been their friend today, for the most part. They have


had a fair bit of good fortune. Especially with the first couple of


sets. Yes, good return. Acknowledged by both Jay Clarke and Marcus. A


very good player, Herbert. There is keenness in their step, the French


are marching around in the return positions, there is good energy.


They took an extra bit of time, Jay Clarke calling Marcus back. Just for


confirmation. That is a superb serve. And the pressure as well, it


hits one of our cameramen. There is a big smile on his face as well. It


is actually the cameraman bringing you that shot right there!


Unperturbed. By the violent tennis ball!


What have you! Packed house on a Saturday night. Never mind U2 and


Knowle Gallagher at Twickenham! This is what it is all about! -- Knowle


Gallagher. One of the easier call stomach. That was a big point, that


is a gift for Mahut. They cannot sit still in the Willis


Clarke camp, it is getting twitchy. Our heart rate monitor would be very


interesting! And Ball is gone. -- dot ball is gone. -- that ball. 5-2.


And one game away, the defending champions in big trouble!


People still spilling into the court to catch a glance of this, it really


is would be a seismic result for the British pair, the wildcards, who


would have thought this? This is how they secured the last game to get to


5-2. Wonderful kick serve from Jay Clarke and terrific hand skills from


Marcus Willis, who has been so inventive at that. So effective


together, look at the energy they have created. If they can turn this


around, then Jay Clarke will make even more headlines in the Derby


Telegraph! After coming back from two sets down in the first round...


They find themselves just one game away.


What a return from Jay Clarke! Causing confusion down the middle,


which is normally reinforced in doubles but because the service


partner went for the cross, it caused a little confusion. Solid


return from Jay Clarke. And it is caught and returned. These


two have been playing together forever and they have achieved a


heck of a lot, the other two on the side of the net, they got together


just weeks ago! So, after three hours and ten


minutes, at 11 minutes past eight on a glorious Saturday evening, the man


who made so many headlines last year, Marcus Willis, will serve. His


18-year-old partner, Jay Clarke, might just be moments away from


history. The finishing line, although inside,


is proving hard to cross right now. -- in sight. He is a kid, he is a


teenager, but he just knew what he had to do. That was incredibly


mature. That timely cross and exquisitely put away. Still work to


do. The Patriots really getting behind


the British wildcards. In comes Herbert. What a serve!


Again, the slice down the T brings up match point! 40-30. They might


look calm. Inside, it is a different story.


Witness the wildcards sending this crowd wild! The defending champions


go out! SUE BARKER: Look at the family


celebrating in the crowd. Massive scenes on Court number three. The


crowd on their feet, they have seen the British wildcards but out the


defending champions, what an incredible story this is! Well done


to Jay Clarke and Marcus Willis. Wonderful scenes out there and I am


sure they will be celebrating for the rest of the weekend. What a way


to finish this first week here at Wimbledon. Clare Balding is next


with Today at Wimbledon, stay tuned for that and I will be back on


Monday for more from 11:30am on BBC Two. Goodbye!