Day 7, Part 1 Wimbledon

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Day 7, Part 1

Live action as the fourth round gets underway. To mark the 90th anniversary of the first BBC radio broadcast from the All England Club, we look back at some of the best moments.

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Week one at Wimbledon was packed with action. But today, it shifts up


a gear. The last 16 in the men's and women's all play, big names,


champions wherever you look. It is a day like no other in the Grand Slam


calendar. Stick with us, you won't want to take your eyes off it. This


is magical, Manic Monday. It is that sort of day, there is so


much happening here at the All England Club. It is my favourite day


of the Championships, my favourite day of any Grand Slam. And knows a


prize that the queues were so long this morning, because there's great


tennis on all the courts here today. Here comes Jo Konta, with the


pressure building in the second week of Wimbledon. She's looking relaxed.


Rafael Nadal, also arriving, he certainly knows how to handle the


pressure, the two-time champion, up against Gilles Muller today, who has


served 72 aces so far. Caroline Garcia is facing Jo Konta today. She


reached the quarterfinals at Roland Garros, and said then that she


thought the pressure of being a hometown player. No pressure on her


today. This is 19-year-old Ana Konjuh, and grass really could be


her best surface. She is the youngest player left in the drawer,


and she's facing the oldest player left, Venus Williams, five-time


champion and the only former champion left in the winning score.


All eyes are on this court again, in the corner, where Andy Murray likes


to be, with his team, doing some gentle serves a. He has been there


for about 40 minutes or so. There's Ivan Lendl. Everybody looking for


the limp, but as Tim keeps telling me, it is not what happens between


the points, it is only what happens during the points which matters, and


he has looked so good so far at Wimbledon. It is a lovely day here.


Here we are in pink! What a day this is, Tracy Austin, isn't it lovely?


This is THE best day of the Grand Slams, because you have the men and


women laying all on one-day. It a feast for everyone. You have just


been out on the practice courts, we've got superstars practising


everywhere. Murray, on his favourite court. Yeah, he's keeping his


routine. It is my favourite day. It is not so brilliant when you've got


to make the schedules, you're going to upset some people! It's almost as


if you haven't enough show courts. Have got so many a lot of matches. A


good day to have a ticket. It certainly is. Being out here, this


is where matches are won and lost. This is where it happens. Yesterday


I sat right up there in the clubhouse, and think that's the best


seat in the house on Sunday, because from 11 o'clock until about two


o'clock, you see everybody coming through, and you know someone is


coming as in other cameras are focused on them. What I found


interesting was how everybody is so different when they practise for


their 40 minutes of. Some are more intense than others, I love to see


how they try to get their form. And this is where it is different. The


other Grand Slams, you play on Sunday, whereas here, you have the


day off. The girls and guys can come in here and have a practice, as you


say, and the sort of regroup. It is almost like a tournament of two


hearts. Tim, you may have your hill here, but I heard from a member that


Aorangi Park, before it was called that, was actually a field, and


apparently, it was called Barker's Field. I am prepared to go with


that! I think it is only fitting, because I played most of my best


tennis on the practice courts! Let's have a look at who will be playing


today. Offending champion and top seed Andy Murray has won his last 25


matches against French players. Benoit Paire will be trying to break


that streak today. Jo Konta is aiming to become the first British


woman to reach the quarterfinals since 1984. She faces France's


Caroline Garcia, who is yet to drop a set in these Championships. Former


Queen's Club champion Mahgoub Dimitrov says he's paying better


tennis than ever this year. But he will need to be, because he faces


the great Roger Federer this afternoon. Teenager Ana Konjuh is


the youngest player left in the draw, born in 1997, the year Venus


Williams made her Wimbledon debut. Rafa Nadal is yet to drop a set so


far this year and he faces fellow left-hander Gilles Muller, who at 34


is in the best form of his career. World number one angelic further has


had to battle her way into the second week. She plays another


former finalist, Djokovic ago rather, who has looked impressive so


far. Adrian Mannarino is the lowest ranked player left in the draw and


the Frenchman is dangerous on grass. Can he stop Novak reaching the


quarterfinals for the ninth time? Those are the matchups, and let's


show you where they will be. If you have a ticket for Centre Court...


Equally impressive, over 11 court, Jo Konta is first up, followed by


Rafa and then Novak. Getting it under way on Court No. 2,


the world number one, Angelique Kerber.


And on Court No. 3, plenty of experience in that first match. And


still it comes. French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko, can she cause


another big upset, when she takes on the number four seed, Elina


Svitolina? And don't forget, you can watch


every match and every point across the BBC platforms. Wherever you are,


the website, social media, 5 Live, they will keep you up to date as


well. Depending on your TV provider, you can watch six matches on the red


button. Let's just show you what is happening right now. Because the


matches are beginning to get under way. This is out on Court No. 2, and


we will be going to this one fairly soon - Angelique


Kerber up against Muguruza, who mini people are tipping could be the


champion here, including myself! On Court No. 3, they're just completing


their warm up. Over on Court Number 12, it's Jelena Ostapenko. Over on


Court No. 18, we will be keeping an eye on the only qualifier left in


the draw, Petra Martic. It is absolutely exhausting getting


through all of those, Tracy! It is all happening, it is incredible. It


is, we have Angelique Kerber against Muguruza, the two ladies who lost to


Serena Williams in the last two finals, and they are playing in the


fourth round, it's mouthwatering. In the bottom half of the glaucoma you


have Victoria Azarenka, the mother coming back, and playing against


Simona Halep. Think that is an incredible matchup. Azarenka is only


in her second tournament back, but she's starting to play. Both of


those ladies are former semifinalists. And a huge day for Jo


Konta? It is, she has had an impressive first week. She had a


fantastic match on Centre Court against Vekic. I feel her form is


progressing so nicely. She's serving well, progressive from the back of


the court, so hopefully she can continue that for the rest of the


week. We came here thinking Kvitova, and then Pliskova, they've both gone


out. Let's take a look at the leading ladies now, with Lee


McKenzie. This year, it is more wide open than ever. By the end of the


second round, over half the women's seeds had fallen. Serena Williams is


pregnant, Maria Sharapova absent. No single person is dominating women's


tennis, no-one is invincible. The young sharks are circling. They're


fearless, with nothing to lose. For the older players, it is their


experience that is now their strength. There's so many names in


the mix, it is almost like the Grand National. There is no girl where I


say, this one will be in the final. It is very hard. It feels that


anybody can beat anybody else. There's 16 women left in the draw,


and I legitimately think there's ten who have the chance to win the


title. As we enter the second week, who are the danger women we should


be looking out for? You have Simona Halep Mahut got to the semifinals a


couple of years ago. Angelique Kerber has not played that well, but


she's fighting her way through. Muguruza, who won the French Open


last year, finalist at Wimbledon a couple of years ago. But she has not


been consistently playing at the elite level this year create Johanna


Konta is being looked at as a favourite here, but she has also


been playing very consistently, and I think that's something which could


be the difference maker. I think she has every potential to win. An


outsider for me would be Coco Vandeweghe, who has a huge serve.


Venus Williams I would say still has a lot of weapons in even though


she's the oldest woman in the draw. As the five-time former champion,


her game can translate, and she can win next Saturday. It is all going


to come down to whoever can take the moment and take the extra motivation


of knowing, maybe Serena is not here, Sharapova is not here, but I'm


good enough to win a Grand Slam. That's what it comes down to, trying


to win those seven matches in a row. There is no such thing as a sure


thing when it comes to the Grand National, and at Wimbledon, in the


ladies this year, it's the same story. It is so exciting, because


it's so wide-open? It is, the only former champion you have is Venus,


and she's 37. If we look at the top half of the draw first, that's such


a tough match for Angelique Kerber against Muguruza. But also, Coco she


can blow people off court on grass. She really can. Caroline Wozniacki,


an in Gribble story, she was 74 in the world last year, and now, she's


back in the top ten. Never been true to the quarterfinals here before.


Yeah, not really the game to translate onto this surface. This


19-year-old Ana Konjuh is something special, isn't she? She really is.


She seems to love grass, and now playing against Venus. Franco wasn't


even born when Venus played her first major. She hits the ball so


hard and so flat. Jelena Ostapenko wins the French Open, nobody really


puts her in as a favourite? She was such an outlier at the French Open,


number 47 in the world when she won. Fearless, just turned 20, and she's


continuing on this path of winning these 3-set matches and playing with


such mental toughness. She's someone you have got to pay attention to,


because I think grass is a better service for her than clay, because


she hits so hard and flat. Simona Halep, Tim, she's quite small,


compared to some of the other women. She is, but again, she's a great


ball striker, and works with Darren Cave Hill. Darren is someone I've


known for a long time. I spoke to him before the tournament and he


said she was still struggling to get over the French Open final, but the


best way to get over that is to get back on court and through to the


second week. I don't think there is the same level of focus on her heavy


she is the world number two. I would like to see her go through. We have


been discussing the women. Now, we can join Phil Jones to have a look


at the men. Week one, and the famous four started firing. In week two, it


is time for them to go into overdrive. We are not sure if the


champion is in full working order. Second seed Novak Djokovic seems to


be back near his finely tuned best as he pursues a fourth Wimbledon


title. Rafa Nadal, seeded fourth, has found the straightest of roads


into the second week for sub a relaxed Rafa is a dangerous Rafa.


Roger Federer is polling, hardly troubled so far. And if anyone knows


how to accelerate through the gears, Federer does. It is Grigor Dimitrov


up next for the Swiss great. Can the Bulgarian who shocked Andy Murray


here three years ago derail one of the big four once more? Milos Raonic


has funded his way into the second week, his serve in excellent working


order. But he will have a tough game against Alexander Zverev, tipped as


a future champion. Marin Cilic, three wins, no sets dropped and


showing the requisite engineering for a title push. He looks fast, fit


and focused. Austrian Dominic Keane was unsure whether he had the wheels


for grass. But the French Open semifinalist looks to have adapted


well to this to range of it is time to put pedal to the metal in pursuit


of the ultimate prize. Tim, discuss! It is amazing, you look at all these


matchups, and there's some good ones. I can't see anything else


other than the big four. That's not necessarily going out on a limb! It


will be either Federer, Nadal, Murray or Djokovic! Certainly


Federer and no doubt, their level was outstanding in the first week.


Murray, a bit similar to the French Open, where he came in without any


great form, but has got through his matches. Again, I think he will come


through today against Benoit Paire. I think Raonic against Zverev will


be very, very interesting. Two huge servers. Raonic has got grass court


pedigree but Zverev is hugely promising. Has not dropped a set,


either. Lefty against lefty, you don't see that so often. Gilles


Muller has had a great grass court season, but I don't see him winning,


I think he could get a set but I think Rafa is playing too well.


Hitting the ball so aggressively, serving well. Easy on the eye,


Grigor Dimitrov against Roger Federer, similar styles.


Technically, easy on the eye! Absolutely! Just to clear that up!


But again, I think they've got very similar styles, they've both got all


the shots, but I just think Federer is a better version right now. Is --


Grigor Dimitrov started the year off so well, it is good to see him back


on track, he hasn't lost a set. You mentioned easy on the eye, but they


are not easy on the ear, as we found out!


# Never let you go! # After all that we've been through


# I will make it up to you # I promise... Cut! Stick to tennis!


I think we've heard enough! On the piano is Tommy Haas's father-in-law.


What do you think of that, Tim? I think we can safely say, don't give


up the day job. But it also goes to show how good the technology is,


because that has definitely been enhanced. Do you think? Without


doubt! Let's take a look at the stats going into this second week,


how many seeds are left. Well, there are 13 in both the men's draw and


the women Straw. Seven of those titles on the women's


side belong to Venus Williams. 14 nations represented in the fourth


round. Any surprises, what do you see today, maybe Coco Vandeweghe,


what do you think? I'm just excited to sit back and watch it all unfold.


There are so many matches on the lower courts as well. So many stars,


they really have to spread them out. Certainly, Coco Vandeweghe against


Wozniacki is a popular match -- a popcorn match. What is a popcorn


match? Just something to watch. Muguruza has been playing much


better, and she has not been to the final of any tournament since


winning the French Open last year. That's not really handling the


attention very well. And yet, this tournament, Conchita Martinez in the


box with her, she seems to be a little bit,. She hasn't lost a set.


When she dialled in, she's very tough to beat. Angelique Kerber,


number one in the world, in danger of losing that ranking. She fought


her way through the last ground, so maybe she will find confidence from


that. Lots of popcorn matches in the men's, and big servers as well, Sam


Querrey against Kevin Anderson! Yeah, there are going to be a couple


of tie-breaks there. Hopefully someone breaks in the fifth,


otherwise we could be here for a couple of days with that one! But


outside of the top four, I'm interested in Raonic against Zverev,


we've got Raonic warming up just over there. Two players who play


very well on grass, another one to watch out for. And Zverev, 20 years


of age, he's had a fantastic year, winning Rome, getting through to the


finals at Halle, a number one in waiting. Absolutely, there is no


doubt in my mind. He's looking to the long-term, working with Andy's


former fitness trainer. He said, let's give this two years. You have


the fundamentals, you hit the ball so well. But you're 6ft 6ins,


needing to add a bit more muscle. And so they slowly got him at it,


without a lot of pressure, slowly he's moved up the rankings. You look


at him, with all the weapons, you think, future number one. Briefly,


Benoit Paire, plays Andy Murray today, a difficult opponent? Yeah,


expect the unexpected. He's got that French flair, no doubt about it. An


unbelievable to hand it back and, a Shakey forehand, and over five sets,


I think Andy will be too good. He could get a set, but I see Murray


coming through. That makes us feel very good! Thank you very much, both


of you! We have been loving the sunshine, but I watched Carol


Kirkwood this morning, and she mentioned me at least twice today...


Today, we have a lovely moment, 22 Celsius, blue skies. Up until one


o'clock, there is a 20% risk of showers. Up to six at this evening,


the risk does up to about 30%. But that still means there is a 70%


chance it could stay dry. Moving into the evening, the risk


diminishes once again, and temperature comes down a little bit.


Tomorrow, it is quite a different story. We will start the day cloudy


with splashes of rain. And as we go through the day, especially from


mid-afternoon onwards, there is the risk of some heavy and persistent


rain. That risk is 80%, so not so good. But on Wednesday, the rain


fears and the sun comes back out, Sue. We will go with those


percentages, 70% it's going to be dry today! We will be keeping you


up-to-date with all the matches in the last 16, but we're heading out


to Court No. 2 to see the world number one Angelique Kerber,


surprisingly has not won title this year. But she playing well, up


against another former runner-up, Muguruza. It is on serve in the


first set. Let's join our commentators, Louise Pleming,


alongside Chris Brunt and. A repeat of the match they played


against each other here in the third round two years ago, when Muguruza


made the final. Such a big match, big names, playing


early in a Grand Slam, fourth round. Just missing that one, Angelique


Kerber, but I like how she's going into that forehand of Muguruza, and


then looking for the backhand down the line, to get her out of


position. Called out. No challenge. Angelique


Kerber challenge on the very first point of the match, and got it


wrong. There's couple of things we will be


looking for today, to see what Muguruza can do, and one of those


is, how many times can she come forward off the right ball? On this


one, Angelique Kerber had too much time. She's got the options, to go


crosscourt, or to use the lob. Again has to be careful op which


ball she's going to move forward on, because Kerber is ready.


Poor positioning. That's the other thing that Kerber needs to take care


of. That creates opportunities for Muguruza. Two things I'm really


focussing on is the amount of times forwards and how far Kerber is


behind that baseline. There's amazing presence on court -


this woman - regal. Yes, all attitude, isn't it? Terrific


attitude. Just over 4,000 seats - a full


house, pretty much full. That's where Kerber must take some


risks today. She has to be the one that's going to change up the flight


of the ball. She has to go down the flight of the line more often today


than Muguruza. It is a little breezy, but nothing


serious. A lot of clarity about Muguruza, how


she has to play today. She's clear of the game-plan. Can she continue


to execute it as well as she's in the past?


Now, what is fascinating, is you have said Louise, is how often will


Muguruza come forward to the net? She did it a lot against Kerber


here. No question about it. In 2015, I remember seeing her come forwards


about 72, 73 times, which is phenomenal. Can just notice here


where the hit point is in comparison. Hugely different from


Muguruza. The amount of times she can get inside that baseline and


limit the time that two metres behind. Look where Kerber is


tracking. That is opening up opportunities for Muguruza to go


through the three-quarter part of the court. It is an interesting


stat. That conversation must have been had with Kerber. She has to be


able to redirect the balls from Muguruza and take time away.


Second stint in the Kerber corner. Do you agree with that? Totally. I


think when Muguruza first came to our attention is when she beat


Serena Williams at the French Open, 2014. 6-2, 6-2. She did it by taking


the returns in early. She beat her again, obviously n the final here.


Lost to her in the final here two years ago.


These stats are interesting though, This young lady does not cruise


through the court as much as Muguruza. She needs that assistance


by standing up closer. To create power - good play again


from Muguruza. Well, that is exactly what Muguruza


does not like. She does not want to be the one backhand of Kerber,


pushing her around the court. She wants to dictate.


Eight unforced error from Muguruza, from one from Kerber. Does has to


get the balance right, Muguruza. Martinez looks more nervous than the


two players - the former champion. Too much time again for the pass.


Here is the first break point. That is the reason why Muguruza must


come in on the backhand side. When you are tracking across on the


backhand side you cannot see your opponent coming in on the forehand,


it's a different -- coming in. On the forehand, it's a different


story. Interesting.


Didn't even look up. She may be expecting it.


20 seconds between points allowed. UMPIRE: Advantage Miss Muguruza.


It is moving to 25 minutes from next year, men and women, in all events.


First mini-battle is won by Muguruza. Leads first set.


SUE BARKER: What a tight match this is on court number two. On this busy


day we will take you around the grounds. On court 12 Jelena


Ostapenko, a break of serve up. She was two breaks of serve up. So


Svitolina had one back. That match is on the red button. And on the BBC


Sport website. On court number three, Kuznetsova is serving for the


first set against Radwanska. Such a versatile player, Svetlana and


always tough to beat. She's on the BBC Sport website. On court 18


Magdalena Rybarikova. She has just broken back. So it is back on serve,


4-4 against Petra Martic, the only unseeded match in the last 16. We


will keep you up-to-date with that. And you may not know who that man


is, but you will know him very well by the end of the afternoon because


he will face Andy Murray. That is Benoit Paire, from France.


So, that match second on Centre Court. There are wonderful matches


all day long. We've so much to get through. You can find it on our BBC


platforms, the app, 5 Live. Wherever you are, you can follow Wimbledon


today. Hawk-Eye tells us that Muguruza was


up to 28 seconds between every point in that last game.


Close! I think the crowd were encouraging the challenge there.


This is the third part of game for Muguruza which she needs to take


care of. That backhand down-the-line can do damage today. She can hit


that on a dime. She really wants this game,


Muguruza. Dealing with love to break right here.


She needs to take care of how many errors she's going to play today.


Literally hitting a brick wall, Kerber.


Looking to get after the second serve.


Wonderful memories for Conchita. Champion here, '94.


Phenomenal tennis now. Terrific improvising from Kerber. Again just


showing what a brick wall she is. How good her defensive skills are. A


tough smash there from Muguruza. Nerves of steel. Really let that get


low. But executing... Missed it.


It did look wide. UMPIRE: The ball was called out.


Huk eye is busy. -- Hawk-Eye is busy.


APPLAUSE A super battle. The contrast.


Again, for me, Muguruza has to be particularly careful which side she


comes in. You can just see Kerber - her chest is open to the court on


that forehand. She can see her opponent coming in and attacking.


That gives her options. 7-13 now going forwards. Already up


to 13. She knows it will be tricky. Kerber's so good at making it


awkward. Will she keep doing it? Can she beat Kerber from the back of


the court? And she will continue to. This is a


good point, but Muguruza, the last couple of volleys, she's just let


that ball drop a little bit. She needs to keep moving in on top of


the net. Two of her four aces have been that


one. Just missing. She wants to be the aggressive


player out there. But she is, at times, just a little impatient,


Muguruza. Those numbers are starting to rack


up a little for the Spaniard. That's the side that will make more


errors. She's in some trouble.


Two more break points for Kerber. Of course, Louise, finalist for the


last two years, these two. But a fourth round this year, mainly


because Muguruza has slipped down the ranking, struggling to find a


game. They both have that in common, haven't they? Absolutely. After


success. Yes. You have to wonder what it is - is it a little mental


fatigue for Kerber who goes day in, day out, competing at the highest


level. Like a Djokovic, who is just so pure with the way they play.


Their mentality is tough. They just always turn up. I think ticking


every box day-to-day wears you out. I think it is just a little mental


debris we have seen from Kerber over the last six months. I think she'll


definitely push through it. She's such a great competitor. It is like


building a business. Building it is easy. Staying there, it's much more


difficult. What has Kerber improved in her game since being world number


one? Is there anything? She has to take care of a few things. I don't


know that she's improved anything. She has to be careful about where


she stands. It is a stunning day again in SW 19.


Kerber serving for the first set. I think today Kerber needs to


continually be not reluctant in going down-the-line. She has to


You have to wonder is Muguruza getting in two minds - am I getting


too aggressive? Am I making too many errors? Such a fine balance.


Needs a lot more of that. Particularly off the second serve.


Did everything absolutely correctly there Muguruza. Came in on the back


end side. Could just see that ball sitting up. Takes a good swing at


this one, then lets that ball drop. Two set points.


Has to trust herself, Muguruza. Kerber's great at making her


opponent self-doubt. That's been missing too much today,


that shot. Well done!


APPLAUSE first set in 43 minutes.


SUE BARKER: Angelique Kerber, such a good match player. We will be back


with this match. It is a busy day here and for Andy Murray, second on


Centre Court. Johanna Konta is out as well.


Jo was out on a practise court earlier today.


Konta has a tough opponent today. It is 2-2 in the head-to-head. Yes, a


very tricky match. Garcia won 7-6 in the final set. A lot of tension in


it. Garcia came off court saying she played the better points in the


tie-break that bit better. Garcia has a big serve, big ground strokes


and aggressive return of serve. In many ways you could say she's


similar to Johanna Konta, although I would say Johanna Konta does


everything a little bit better. The sound from the strings of Konta's


ball it sounds good. She's been in incredible form of late. She's never


got to the second week of Wimbledon. How much more will the pressure will


building inside her? No question it will be building. She has all these


kind of processes, formulas and a mind set she applies to every single


match. I think that is what has impressed everybody. We all want to


know what is going on. She gives nothing away. She takes care of what


she's doing on her side of the court and does not worry about the option.


She only worries about what she can control. At the moment, whatever


that formula is, it is definitely working. It certainly is. Thank you.


Svetlana Kuznetsova has taken the first set against Eiger Radwanska.


Jelena Ostapenko has also taken the first set of her match against


Svitolina. Back we go. Louise, you do a lot of coaching,


what would you have said to Muguruza at that sit down? She's got to find


bigger targets, just be patient. It's that self-doubt. Be she's just


not executing at the net. It is, it's a little self-doubt and


frustration as well. Playing nowhere near as much


doubles, these days, the gurus at - is that hurting her now?


I would love to see the difference, when she comes in on the backhand


side, how many times she will converting, as opposed to on the


forehand side. She furnished 2015 at number three, I wonder what an!


Martinez thinks about the singles-doubles combo.


It's interesting, it's a completely different complexion from 2015.


Right now, Muguruza would have won that first set.


Winning three quarters of the points behind this solid first serve. This


is just the tenth second serve she's had to hit.


And they do come. Especially when opponents get on to


her second serve. What I think Kerber likes about this


match is the fact that she's the number one player in the world, and


she's been carrying so much expectation over the last 12 months,


I think this match she would possibly even feel like the


underdog. It has taken a lot of pressure off her, and she's playing


some great tennis. That's a part of her tennis she has not coped with,


the mental side since becoming world number one.


Last year, three Grand Slam finals, winning two of them. It was always


going to be something to follow! Beating Serena at the Australian,


losing to her at the US Open. Again, Kerber is just so solid. Her


placement is so efficient. Just trying to press that little bit


too much, Garbine Muguruza. Another break point.


You win Grand Slams, you become the number one player in the world, and


your coaching team says, what can we improve quality you look at Kebede


she really hasn't improved that much. In fact her game, mentally,


has fallen apart somewhat. Great serving from Muguruza. You look at a


player like Ana Ivanovic, wins the French, comes the number one player


in the world, and they were thinking, what can we improve? And


that took so much confidence away from her.


Emerging, you're the number one player in the world, you've won a


Grand Slam, and you need to go back to, I need to get better. And she


didn't take that conversation well at all.


Fantastic hold, Muguruza leads 2-1, second set. This is a real battle.


We will be right back with that. SUE BARKER: We are going to update


you know with what is going on elsewhere. Kuznetsova took the first


set, but it's on serving the second. They have just had a marathon game,


lasting over ten minutes Radwanska saving four break points. That match


is on the red button and on the website. And also, on Court Number


12, Jelena Ostapenko, she's just faced a break point against


Svitolina. It's 2-2 in the second. Over on Court No. 18, they have had


a break apiece in the second set. Deep in thought, Muguruza, that was


a good hold, saving the break point in the last game.


Again, that's where she is really hurting herself today, those


unforced errors. And now Angelique Kerber has made


one. She's been so solid off that win today.


Sometimes you wish you could merge a counterpuncher with a big striker


into one, and you've got the perfect player! Yes!


That's where you've got to be really careful, as a coach. The message you


give to your athlete, some players take things in extremes and some


take the message very subtly. For me, today, Muguruza has taken it a


little bit too far on the extreme side of things. Because she needs to


be aggressive, but she also needs to build the point. She's been a bit


too aggressive. Like that. Yeah, and that is the art


of coaching, being able to know how your athlete absorbs things, their


personality. She's getting more and more uptight! It's not an easy job!


It's much easier to play, I think she's thinking right now!


She has shown America enormous amount of emotion on court,


Muguruza. Should have made it, really. If you


start missing so many volleys... Sheep tracks this perfectly, but


again, everything starts to tighten up a little bit when you start


missing so many. 12 out of 25. I was just going to say before that


point, Chris, Muguruza, if she's to come forward, she had to set up the


pattern into the forehand to open up the backhand, and then move


forwards. If she doesn't do that, she's a sitting duck for Kerber.


CHRIS BRADNAM: Was that panic? LOUISE PLEMING: Yeah, I think so. It


feels like she can't compete from the back, she's not as solid, she's


missing too many points today. Just not timing it quite right there,


Muguruza. It is a very, very one day again. It


has been building up for the last two or three days. They do an


amazing job, it does occasionally happen.


It's a crowd pleaser! Well, this will help Garbine, just being able


to put this one away, get back some confidence that she's got the right


game plan. Another break point saved for


Muguruza. Just going back to the point chairs


we see Muguruza moving forward beautifully onto this one, I asked


Martina Navratilova not long ago her thoughts on the fact that top


singles players slavery little doubles these days. Martina played


all of it, in days when the prize money was nothing like today, her


opinion was, play both, especially as Muguruza did so well playing both


two years ago, but play less tournaments. Your thoughts? Because


it is the way she plays, she loves to come forwards? I see the


argument. I think for a player like Garbine Muguruza, it is a fine line.


For the big hitters, I feel the players who play with more power,


they need to play a little bit more often to keep the momentum and


confidence. But look at the change here now. Angelique Kerber in 2015,


40 5% up inside the court. I should take a step back there. This is the


comparison, and she is up in the court, no question about it. It has


been Kerber that has been stepping back and HER contact point has been


further back in the court. Muguruza has just made too many errors.


But I think that's a good point, Martina Navratilova thinking it is a


good idea to play singles and doubles, there is no question, it


does help the movement forward, it keeps you sharper at the net.


Back in behind the movement of Kerber. She loves to run open court,


Kerber. She keeps coming back! She has got a


tracking device on that like it, hasn't she, Chris?! Phenomenal


mover. When you see players practising


against a wall for three hours... Just pushing that forehand wide,


she's so frustrated with herself, Muguruza, she can hardly believe it.


She said she wasn't happy with her forehand in that first match.


But you talk about a brick wall, Chris, and so many of the past


champions have all practised on a brick wall. Martina Navratilova


always talks about how she played against a brick wall. Roger Federer,


and unfortunately around our countryside, we're losing those


brick walls, they're being knocked down partially in Australia. Juniors


always used to play on them, especially at busy times, because


they had no right of way on the courts, the adults were on them.


Yeah. The court has shrunk, Kerber has


done that to Muguruza, she's made her feel like a postage stamp. Shame


that quick, that good at anticipating where you're going to


hit the ball. Muguruza has felt the pressure to be


more aggressive, trying to take time away from her opponent. She's hit a


lot of winners today, but it has really been negated by the errors.


That's nice. Just being a bit more steady in her rallies, to wait for


the right shot. To use these backhand - the backhand is really on


today. It's her first break point. That's a gruelling point. It is


about 25, 36 Celsius at the moment, in the shade - there's not a lot of


it on this court. That's right. You can just see both


players just taking a little extra time.


SUE BARKER: What a match this is, such high quality tennis. We're


going to move away from it, though. Jo Konta will be walking out on


Court No. 1 in a moment. You can continue to watch this match,


though, on the website or on the red button. Elsewhere, Jelena Ostapenko


is out on Court Number 12, just one game away, in fact just two points,


away from going through to the quarterfinals. That's a feature


match on the red button. Over on Court No. 3, Svetlana Kuznetsova has


just broken Agnieszka Radwanska. That's also on the red button and on


the BBC Sport website. Over on Court No. 18, it is the qualifier Martic,


the qualifier, who has taken the second set. That one is also on the


website. You can probably hear a big cheer,


Johanna Konta coming out to take on Garcia, through to the second week


of Wimbledon for the first time. A big welcome. Not a big crowd on


Court One but still a big welcome for Britain's number one.


That was just a short time ago and Tracy Austin is standing with me out


on Court Number One. This is a tricky match for Johanna Konta. It


is, Caroline Garcia plays well on grass, she did well last year and


has had a good year so far, Grand Slam quarterfinals in her home


country, that is a breakthrough for her, second week of a Grand Slam for


the second Grand Slam, she must be full of confidence. I've got to


think that contest, she is playing so well, I've been really impressed


with where she has come so quickly. Only two or three years ago she was


outside the top 100, we didn't really know who Johanna Konta was


and as of last year she broke into the top ten and seems to be managing


the whole situation beautifully. This is a lot because for Caroline


Garcia she has lots of pressure playing in the French Open but she


can share the pressure with Mladenovic and Cornet and a few


other French women. For Johanna Konta, Heather played well but it's


pretty much all on Johanna Konta's shoulders. They are getting ready


for the coin toss. You talked about how Johanna Konta has improved, she


got a sports psychologist involved a few years ago. Mentally she has


evolved and improved but she keeps on improving all of her game, the


big backhand has improved and her movement has really improved. She


has gotten stronger, she's become a better athlete and always had a good


backhand, especially across the court but the forehand could be


brittle so she could rely on that stroke much more now. It all comes


back to... It is a weapon now. It is but it all comes back to the


mentality and that sports psychologist. She can really trust


herself in the big moments and we saw that in the second round here


against Donna Vekic. That was a tight match and lots of British


people became fans of Johanna Konta the way she was able to handle that


situation. Vekic played incredible tennis, so powerful, both young


ladies serving big, and that's probably the biggest weapon Johanna


Konta has, her serve, her ability to serve her way out of trouble.


Caroline Garcia's Selt doesn't look the best, it is stuttering as a


service motion but that is a weapon too. It is stilted and kind of


manufactured but again she is a great athlete. In fact Andy Murray


about six years ago, when Garcia beat Sharapova at the French Open


and Andy Murray Tuohy did, not sure, it was a good tweet in the end


because it put pressure on Garcia but he tweeted about the fact that


this is a future world number one. It's interesting because the mental


part is what Garcia has struggled with as well, when got a big moments


she would kind of flinch and blink at the big moments. She has just


started, she won the French Open in doubles last year with Mladenovic, a


big win in her home country. May be playing on the big stage there and


finally getting through has kind of loosened her up. That is Caroline


Garcia up against John Konta, certainly enjoying her time on the


grass. Didn't do well at Birmingham, Edgbaston but came good at


Eastbourne playing well and the first week she has been impressive.


Let's see her story so far. COMMENTATOR: Welcome to Court One,


Johanna Konta, British 11, world number seven, high hopes for her. --


British number one. She has to break now and she has the double break in


this first set. Very businesslike performance from Johanna Konta. A


challenge from chez Siu Wai and it's an ace to win the match for Johanna


Konta and it's a very tidy and impressive performance. -- she Siu


Wai. Vekic now in the driving seat in the opening set. What a comeback,


Konta takes the opening set 7-6. It is long. What a fightback from


Croatia's Donna Vekic, she levels the match and takes the second set.


It is supercompetitive out there. Fabulous combination hitting. Donna


Vekic takes a little tumble. Konta is composed as ever and hangs on.


What a battle and what resilience. Well played. First set to the


British number one. Jo Konta, three down, four to go. To end 40 years of


you know what. We certainly know what, do we? It


was interesting, I read about her coach who writes down the tactics


and makes her learn them and then recite them to him before she goes


on the court just so it is in the brain. It's important as an athlete


to know what is the best way for you to get in your zone. When I used to


play I used to write things I needed to do down and keep looking at them.


For Johanna Konta she worked with that mental coach and she knows what


she must do to feel comfortable and relaxed when she goes out to be in


her comfort zone. He wasn't happy with the tie-break she played


against Garcia in Indian Wells earlier this year when she lost a


third set tie-break 7-1. He said you drop your head and you were negative


and it's all about the body language and showing the opponent. It's


interesting because Johanna Konta is normally so good at that, you can't


tell whether it is 1-1 in the first set or a 5-5 in the third set, she


goes about her business. That is what I've been so impressed with.


You went through it, and all the expectations of the British public,


and I feel it is just starting to open up now because they didn't pay


much attention when she won Stanford Lasky. May be the truth tennis fans,


or even Sydney this year, Miami was the biggest title in the spring.


When she beat Vekic there were lots of eyes watching that match and the


way she was able to come through in the tight moments and she faced


break points in the late stages of the third and came up with the


clutch serves and that's really crucial. She was down 0- 33 times.


Caroline Garcia has an aggressive game, it is a game that is good for


grass. Absolutely and that's what it's about today, who can take the


initiative, serve well, they've both be serving extremely well but who


can get the next strike? This was her early in the tournament, that is


her serve. It is good placement as well with that serve. Absolutely and


that for both players who can serve to all four corners of the box and


looking for the second shot to start to dictate play. They are more than


willing to move forward and that's important on the grass to finish off


points at the net and both players have been doing that. Look at that


footwork, Unibet alertness and willingness to look forward and


finish points off. I will say that Garcia has had a fortunate draw. She


has played three lower ranked players, in the third round, who


took out Kvitova. This is very much a step up for Garcia playing Konta,


the ball will come at her much harder. I think that Wim Fissette


will say you had to give the ball deep and not let her attack and keep


on the baseline. Deep and make her move. Tracy, you've got to go and do


some work. Tracy is on her way to the commentary box because the


players are about to come out to play. We will watch that and we are


ready for this. Tracy Austin is on her way to join Nick Mullins for


this one. COMMENTATOR: Caroline Garcia,


23-year-old Frenchwoman, from Lea, just outside the world's top 20 just


now, the country's best player come up against Britain's number one --


Lyon. Here is the sixth seed, sharing top billing and the


morning's headlines, two Britain is embarking on the second week of


Wimbledon, Andy Murray across on Centre Court later. Right now Jo


Konta has all the attention to herself.


Konta won the toss and invited Garcia to serve first.


My goodness. Caroline Garcia's serve is one of her big assets. And she is


being taken to the cleaners early on here by Jo Konta. Three break right


at the start. Perfect start to Jo Konta's week, a


week that she hopes will end up being the week of her life.


Tracy Austin has hopped across into the commentary box, good afternoon,


Tracey. Afternoon. It is a busy players' box but the


most important person is on the left-hand side, a relatively new


coach, the Belgian, Wim Fissette, who took over at the start of the


year to help evolve her game. That is her boyfriend Jackson Wade. In


the sunshine, in the fourth round at Wimbledon, Johanna Konta to serve.


This really is going to be a server's duel. Caroline Garcia's


father. Louis Paul. Dad and coach. Right now being her coach is the


most dumb at most important thing. -- the most important thing.


Gosh, that's really impressive. Gently working her way into this


match. Just so focused, alert, great footwork, and striking the ball


cleanly so soon. Beforehand has improved immensely


for Jo Konta. That's still the weaker side. That's the side her


opponents will stand by to target. The backhand is so solid. -- the


forehand. Terrific pick-ups from Konta.


Excellent depth from Garcia but short take-back. No problem with


those deep shots. I guess one of the things we will


have all noticed early in these opening exchanges is how low both


players get to the ball, Wim Fissette will enjoy that,


flexibility in the news, almost seeing the ball at head height.


That's so important to get down with the legs, use the legs for power,


also helps you get the racket head down in case you need to adjust to


an awkward bounce at the last moment.


15 years ago Andy Murray picked out as a potential number one, pushing


Maria Sharapova all the way at the French Open. Has the attributes to


do that, still hasn't quite broken into the world's top 20. It is a


huge compliment that can also bring a lot of pressure as well.


Interesting Garcia has an abbreviated motion. But she still


gets to the important point. Trophy homes, good knee Ben Gummer upper


body turn -- good knee bend, upper body turned.


Yes, I'm sure as much as Caroline Garcia will have been thrilled to


hear that from Andy Murray a few years back she might be cheesed off


every time she plays now we always have to mention that fact.


But it's that kind of serve and so much else about her game that


prompted Andy Murray to suggest she might be the world's best one-day.


Garcia is on the board, Konta with an early break of serve in this


fourth-round match leads to- one. SUE BARKER: Konta leaves on Court


One. Venus Williams on the Centre Court winning on serve against Ana


Konjuh. That match is on the BBC sport website and a red button.


Cracking match on Court two, 1-1 between Angelique Kerber and Garbine


Muguruza. Muguruza took the second set 6-4 and has... No, she is


serving so it is not a break point but that matches on the red button,


the featured match on the red button. Over on Court 12 Jelena


Ostapenko has actually lost five match points in her match against


Elina Svitolina and it's in the tie-break. That matches on the red


button on the BBC stop the French Open champion. That


is on Court 12. Over on Court 18 and Magdalena Rybarikova on serve in the


third and final set. One of those players will be through to the


Wimbledon quarterfinal for the first time. One of those we will update


you with but one result to bring you is Kuznetsova has beaten Radwanska


in straight sets, 6-2, 6-4, yet to drop a set at the Championships. Big


smile, through to her first Wimbledon quarterfinal in ten years.


She's the first through to the quarterfinals. Back the go.


COMMENTATOR: Jo Konta might be carrying the rather undefinable


weight of expectation today heading into the second week, so impressive


at the back end of the first week. It was the second round wrestle with


Donna Vekic that was the big one third hours. I think that was the


best match of the first week, certainly on the women's side. So


much drama and the points were being won it wasn't because of unforced


errors, incredibly aggressive tennis.


That win against Vekic is the only time she's appeared on Centre Court


so far this fortnight. This is the third time she's been on number one.


Contact continuing to have easy service games, only lost one point


on serve. Early days but that's a really good sign.


Rather resigned look on the face of the French woman at the moment, such


is the level of Konta's game. Garcia must be getting frustrated because


she is sending the ball is back with tremendous pace and depth and Konta


with the lower legs, lower body getting down so well and absorbing


the pace and sending them back with interest. And accuracy.


First strike tennis, big serve gets the week reply and the second shot


takes control. Hm, Garcia got caught there. The


slight hesitation cost her. Hitting the tape, just got a little


out of Konta's strikes, didn't adjust with the left wrist to bring


the ball back in play. Well played, Garcia. Still Konta


with the break, 3-2. A woman who is getting used to


turning the pages of British tennis history. She's the first since Laura


Robson to get into this second week, four years ago that Robson got


there. This is the opportunity, I'm sure you know, if you've read the


papers and listen to the radio and us this morning, an opportunity for


her to become the first British quarterfinalist since Joe Drury. Do


we need to mention 40 years since Virginia? Let's start with the


quarterfinals and Joe Drury, shall we? Yes. This is very makeable and


doable, amazing how quickly Konta has begun to become comfortable in


this position as part of the elite in the game. She's done so much work


off the court. In the mental department, that is really what she


needed. She is a quick student. She just looks so comfortable out on


court managing everything. Tracy Austin talking about Konta's


progression as a player. She was out of the top 100 a few years ago


semifinalist last year in Australia, her big Grand Slam breakthrough,


quarterfinalist in Melbourne this year, lost to the eventual champion


Serena Williams. Breaking new ground here at Wimbledon.


She is swinging hard and swinging with confidence at the moment.


She might think about challenging that. Marija Cicak puts her finger


out decisively indicating it was wide and Konta takes that claim.


Confirmation as well that our friends at Hawk-Eye tell us it was


out. That was right on the line. Applause


from the dad, from the coach. Smart return, deep down the middle. If you


don't get the line you get them brown patches and the awkward bounce


too. It is one thing to serve big but to


be able to serve big at clutch moments, that's the added element


for the best servers in the game. That's a brilliant return.


Blistering. She just has a little more time facing the second serve,


89 mph instead of over 100, which is the norm for the Konta first serve.


It is a breezy day. It is rattling the effects microphones.


A missile to the Konta forehand, she was late.


That is the big serve to save that crucial break point. She saved seven


of 11 break points that she has faced in the tournament so far, make


that eight of 12. Hmm. Konta having to dig, but did


well in that service game, applause from her coach and hitting partner


as well, Andrew Fitzpatrick. You might have been imagining talking


about strengthening that, and it is what separates those were excellent


and those who become champions. That is really the difference at the end


of the day, who handles the big moments, and particularly on the


grass court, opportunities, and go very quickly, and you have to try to


capitalise on those small windows. Those break points, keep the focus.


She has to make sure that you doesn't make contact on the other


side of the net. Great job by Garcia there.


See, I think shot selection is still needed to be improved for Garcia,


that was a hard ball coming across the court, and she tried to hit it


up the line accurately - that is high risk. Go deep and hard back to


middle or crosscourt. Made that one, but a lot of risk to it. It is one


of the things that Wim Fissette was being very honest about, saying that


Garcia has all the shots, a very big selection to choose from, but it is


the timing - knowing when to play which one.


I think that is what Andy Murray saw, the ability for Garcia to


strike the ball well, hit the ball cleanly, good athlete, has weapons.


But she has oftentimes been brittle in the past - it is getting better


in the big moments. The best thing you can do as a


player, if you do not feel confident in big moments, is have certain


patterns that you go to for comfort, and I feel like Konta knows - she


gets a bowl, OK, these are the places that I can hit the ball to,


really clear with that. A shake of a French faced, Konta still ahead 4-3.


-- fist. It is interesting you talked about the mental approach,


Tracy, and how much stronger Jo Konta has become, but she was


rattled in Indian Wells by Garcia when she lost the third set. One of


the few occasions this year when somebody has actually managed to


wheedle their way into the mind of Konta, and she will remember that,


Konta, and so will Garcia. Absolutely, but with Konta, she is


such a quick learner, and she is so interested in getting better, she


always talks about the mantra. In press conferences, there are several


things you will hear every single press conference, I just go out


every day and try to improve as a tennis player. Small goals like


that, and it takes the big picture focus and pressure off, and are so


many players do that in order to take the expectations away. And you


really have to learn about yourself as a person and as a player, and


that is why it takes usually a couple of years for players to feel


more comfortable on tour. What they like to do on a off days, I saw Jo


practising yesterday about 11 until 12, then probably off for the rest


of the day, just resting. Catching Poldark, that is what she has been


doing, her favourite show at the moment. She has been carrying


assault around Wimbledon, on and off the court, with such confidence, she


has been chatting about her new flat up the road in Putney, baking


muffins, watching Poldark. She is in a good place at the moment, a good


place in his first set with a break of serve, 4-3.


APPLAUSE Into the forehand again,


predominantly on that side, a little more than half of the time going to


the forehand wing, about 60-40, the forehand wing on this side.


And I think that is because the forehand of Garcia is not quite as


sturdy. Doesn't get to the contact us consistently as she does on the


backhand, Garcia. Oh! She hasn't hit a backhand in


this game yet. My goodness, she wrapped herself around this.


Hmm. And after the adventure that was Konta's previous service game,


having to fend off a break point, that one much more straightforward.


It so often happens in a match - the player who serves the opening game


gets broken, a few extra nerves, and it was Garcia who lost her serve


that opening game, played from behind ever since. Here she is,


serving to stay in this first set. A lot of rhythm to this match, very


quick points. Vice Konta is managing to get those


returns of serve in very well, running at 76% in this one. Yes, she


is reading the return very well, she is on it, and depth has been


phenomenal, just so dialled in. Konta has only made three unforced


errors. The focus is extraordinary from Konta.


Watcher at every point, she finishes, she looks down at the


ground, she might looked up at her support box, but no clue about


anybody else in the stadium - that is exactly the way you want it, just


going through her routine before each point.


UMPIRE: Let, first serve. Garcia getting an astounding 86% of her


first serves in. And she withstood the mental


pressure well, Caroline Garcia, and she will force Konta to serve for


the set. A little technical masterclass, Tracy, on this Garcia


serve. She is an -- unusual in that she does not touch the ball with a


racket. The abbreviated motion there, when she gets to that point,


with the left knee bent, legs quite close together, but the left arm


reaching up, beautifully extended, and then get the left hip out over


the baseline, continues to dip down and then push forward and -- uncoils


with her whole upper body. Over the top of the ball and lands on the


left foot, inside the court for the next couple of minutes we will be


concentrating on the serve of Johanna Konta, and if it goes well,


she will be a set to the good in the next few minutes. Here it is, 5-4.


Once again on the second serve, the depth of the return from the French


player. Nice start from Garcia, putting a little pressure on Konta,


down 0-15. Yes, nicely done, because she was


under enormous pressure from the return. That was a heck of a pick-up


from Konta there, a laser beam of a return, and then Konta had all the


time in the world for the pass. A couple of second serves this game,


and Garcia has attacked, she has played a very aggressive game.


APPLAUSE A bit more aggressive, taking


control of the conversation earlier, Tracy.


Yeah, no signs of nerve, Konta, going back to her game plan.


111 mph down break point, really impressive.


She has had to take the long route. Here is a set point for Konta.


Tough for those watching - imagine what it is like to be playing!


APPLAUSE And again, you cannot say enough of


the quality of the return, and again it is on the second serve.


That is the key, Garcia all of a sudden having more time to produce


the return. Oh, late goal. It is confirmed by


the umpire that it was out from her view, but Caroline Garcia wants to


double-check. She has got three challenges up her sleeve, so she


might as well, such a critical point. Oh, it is in!


Oh, now Jo Konta wants to talk about this, because the ball was called


out, and she would say that she has stopped playing. The umpire was


saying that it was so late that it did not


disrupt hub she registered her objections but the objections were


turned back. The break of serve has gone.


Back on serve. Pretty crucial point there, Hawk-Eye still in play.


So let's sea of con two can dismiss that last game and move forward. --


so let's sea if those shots not hit with as much


authority from Konta. Lost this game mentally, three


unforced errors before this game. Let's have a listen to that moment


when the challenge was made, and Jo Konta said, what made you think,


Marija Cicak, that I would challenge before the ball was called out?


Let's listen to the audio on this. Pretty much simultaneously, maybe


Konta just a little air and of just a little ahead of the call. So the


call came after Konta hit the ball and struck the ball, and that is


what's Marija Cicak is saying. Konta did challenge it, but in challenging


it, it turned out that the ball was good. Eventually, Miss Garcia luck


that Marija Cicak and said, was that in or out, and she said I think it


was long, but if you want to challenge, and she said sure,


because she had three remaining. And it was in by just a few blades of


grass. Look at that, that is the manufacturer's name, that is in by


the depth of the ink! SUE BARKER: We are leaving this match on BBC Two,


but it is over on BBC One now. Well, such a busy day here, we are going


to round up the scores for you here on BBC Two in just a moment, but


back to the match we were watching earlier between Angelique Kerber and


Garbine Muguruza, it is an serve, Muguruza leading 4-3, so let's


rejoin the commentary team. Topsy-turvy final set continuing,


Kerber twice a break up, Muguruza ahead for the first time.


APPLAUSE Real conviction there, we know


Kerber has not moved forward that much in this match, but she has been


solid when she has to. 5-7. Comfortable hold. And with


Muguruza holding four break points, saving four in the last service


game, maybe she was just taking a bit of a breather there. They are


locked again. Yeah, it has been so tight, this third set.


Could have closed in a little bit more, Muguruza, not to allow this


want to bounce. That is the toughest volley - a couple of steps in, she


just stops to early. Not an easy shot, relying on a good bounce


there. Just look at that scoreboard still,


we have been saying that so much in this match, so tight!


Still believing, that is the best way, Muguruza, forwards. That is


incredible, isn't it? What a number, 16 for Muguruza, just one for


Kerber. Kerber has been to the net seven times, Muguruza 52 times!


Really good service game here from Muguruza. Serving at 64% first


serves. A smile? From can cheat? Or was it a grimace? -- Conchita.


Former Wimbledon Championships Conchita Martinez has played every


single shot, the Davis Cup and Fed Cup champion, long while retired,


but after this match she will have an ice bath, go and see the physio


to get rid of the tension before she has to go again. She has to play


legends this week as well, of course she will. But I think the difference


for Muguruza is she said it has just been great to be able to speak to


Conchita Wurst matches, she said I trust what she says, she's done it,


she's won it, and she can help Muguruza incredibly this week. They


have a really good relationship and there is lots of trust built up and


that is key for the coach- player relationship, you must 100% trust


what your coach is saying and the fact she has done it, 94, she beaten


body pretty good in that final as well. Allowing Martina to win her


tenth Wimbledon. Been a great asset for Muguruza this week, Conchita


Martinez. The crowd rallying for both. Kerber


to stay in the match. Smart play again from Muguruza. I


love what she is doing, back channelling all of those balls


through the middle of the court forcing Kerber to come up with


something a little special. Fortune will favour the brave in


these situations. That was a very interesting shot from Kerber under


pressure. She has not wavered from her mindset


and game plan today. She has been aggressive from the first shot,


Muguruza. That was an interesting shot from


Muguruza, straight through the middle but not beforehand, of the


back-end. -- not the forehand, off the back-end. Two quarterfinal


points. Torben Beltz is going to fall off


his chair if he's not careful. UMPIRE: Game, set and match, Miss


Muguruza. You can see what it means. The


battle of the finalists from the last two years is over, Muguruza has


done, she gritted her teeth, stayed faithful to the way she does best,


the winning smile says it all. She is through to her second


quarterfinal at Wimbledon. Very much a woman of conviction to the way she


has needed to play today, Garbine Muguruza. Very impressive. 4-6, 6-4,


6-4 in two hours and 20 gruelling minutes. SUE BARKER: What a


wonderful match of those watching on court two, what a treat,


high-quality tennis, and Muguruza goes through. Well, this is the busy


day when all last 16 matches are being played. This match is on Court


One, Britain's Jo Konta took the first set in a tie-break 7-3 against


Caroline Garcia. That matches live on BBC One if you want to watch it.


Over on Court 3 Coco Vandeweghe is serving, she was a break of serve up


against the former world number one Caroline Wozniacki and it is now


back on serve. That is on the red button and website. Overall on Court


12 Marin Cilic in your picture has a break of serve, although facing a


break point against poverty Bautista Agut. The 18th seed. Over on Court


18, the battle of the big servers, Sam Querrey, former champion at


Queen's. That is on serve. That is on the red button and BBC sport


website. We are going to head off to Centre Court, where Andy Murray will


be second on court and he may be getting ready now because Venus


Williams is one game away from going through to the last eight. We are


going to stay with this one on centre and join and Smith and Gigi


Salmon for this one. It has been an impressive display


from Venus Williams, 18 year age gap between these two in their first


meeting. The experience of Venus Williams shining through.


Under pressure, treble match point down and country-macro hangs in


there. -- Konjuh. Not finished yet. Treble match point down,


country-macro has shown some mettle. She has shown calmness, she is a


huge ball striker, as you've seen in the last few minutes she hits the


ball harder than Williams. But for the majority of the 59


minutes they have been it has been Venus running the show and serving


brilliantly. Konjuh a little naive strategically against one of the


greats. Not an awful lot Konjuh could have


done about that. Well saved from the 19-year-old from


Croatia. She faced triple match point to Venus Williams but she came


up with some serve this and the match goes on. -- came up with some


serves. Still very much, though, Sam Smith, Venus Williams in control of


this one. Yes, she just fancied a little longer out here on her


favourite court. I was about to shower her with praise with a


wonderful service performance, managing it from the baseline with


young Konjuh. It's such a privilege to have Billie Jean King at this


year's Wimbledon 50 years on, I'm sure she went mind me saying, since


she won the triple Crown, singles, doubles and mixed and did it all


again in 1973. It is something Anyika Onuora was on four at the


start of this one, still in the doubles and mixed but I fear it


might be stretched too far with the triple Crown this year. -- Konjuh.


But we've got to stay positive. Peter Simple now for Konjuh, she


must break the Williams serve but it doesn't look that simple after that


race. She will struggle because Williams has most of the time serve


down the middle of that T and Konjuh seems to lack standing outside by


the double strand lines. -- tramlines. She has had a couple of


break points, Konjuh, in the second set. It is possible. She can get


herself into that position. To do so I would suggest she shifts


over towards that side. I'm sounding like a broken record. I think she


likes it out there. A couple more match points for Venus Williams. She


had three on the Konjuhserve and now has three on her own.


There it is. Just over an hour, the five-time Wimbledon Championships or


her box, including her mother, are on their feet because Venus Williams


is back in the Wimbledon quarterfinals. An excellent


performance from Venus Williams. She has done the twirl, takes her seat.


Sam Smith, it is incredible what we continue to see from Venus Williams


year after year. She's 37 years of age but the hunger and is still


there in spades. She doesn't think it's remarkable. But for Konjuh, she


played her first Wimbledon in 97. Williams was expected to have a good


run here. I don't think she is happy with her last eight finish. I think


there is much more to come from Williams, watched by one of her


biggest fans and supporters, she will know that Billie Jean was up


there. Venus is nicely coming on to the boil at this year's Wimbledon.


What a tasty quarterfinal match against the French Open champion


Jelena Ostapenko. Venus Williams is used to big hitting by now.


So, Venus Williams, five times champion, the only former champion


left in the ladies tournament is through to the last eight at


Wimbledon once again at the age of 37. And still a contender for a


Grand Slam title. A 12 from Venus and she is through to the


quarterfinals tomorrow. We have been promised we may get a little rain


later, there are a few clouds around but everyone still enjoying the


Wimbledon experience and even if you have a ground passed today it is so


wonderful, so much happening around the All-England Club today on this


Alnwick Monday, as we call it, and you can obviously see all of the


courts on the red button, the BBC sport app and website. -- manic


Monday. Before we head back to Centre Court let's remind you of


some matches that have already been completed. Svetlana Kuznetsova was


not on court long, another straight sets victory for her, the seventh


seed going through against Radwanska 7-2, 6-4 -- 6-2. Such experience,


former Grand Slam winner, and nobody really talking about her but she has


raced through the Championships this year. The French Open champion is


also three and will face Venus Williams, Jelena Ostapenko. She hit


42 outright winners in this match and she won it on her eighth match


point against the number four seed Elina Svitolina 6-3, 7-6, so


Ostapenko goes through. Magdalena Rybarikova of Slovakia had a battle


out on Court 18 against the qualifier Petra Martic of Croatia


but came through in three sets 6-4, 2-6, 6-3 and goes through to face


either Coco Vandeweghe or Caroline Wozniacki.


And we saw an incredible match on Court two, worthy of a final.


Everyone enjoying it, the spectators that were there. Quality tennis from


start to finish and it went to Garbine Muguruza, the former French


Open champion winning 6-4 in the third set against the top seed


Angelique Kerber, who will lose her number one ranking after that loss.


Garbine Muguruza has again built for the grass and she could go a long


way here, a former finalist at the Championships. Some wonderful scenes


out on Court two, they thoroughly enjoyed the match, standing ovation


for both players. As I said, it is so busy, Henman Hill is busy as


well. We have Jo Konta playing on Court Number One, that match is on


BBC One. Coming up next, a very familiar face on Centre Court.


Wimbledon Championships and, a supreme performance.


SUE BARKER: There is a real buzz on Centre Court, as there always is


before Andy Murray matches. Auris, you know all about this and about


this day in the second week when it all starts for the top players,


doesn't it? You call it manic Monday and I call it Magic money because if


you like tennis this is maybe the best day of the year, the best 16


players, male and female, have to play today on various courts so I


can imagine it is a scheduling nightmare as to who to put on, we


just saw Kerber and Muguruza on Court Number Two but somebody has to


be on two and somebody on one and I'm sure everybody wants to be


underscored but obviously there is a home favourite coming in Andy Murray


and afterwards we will see Roger Federer, those guys deserve to be


here. I'm just hearing on Court Number One Jo Konta has been broken


in the second set in her match against Caroline Garcia, that match


is on BBC One if you want to see it. We hear the players for this match


are on their way. Andy Murray knows this walk well but this is a new


experience for Benoit Paire. Yes and in all likelihood the Frenchman will


see the effects of Leon. This is a very different Court, very special


court. Having said that he is in the round of 16, both players have


played before on one occasion when Morais won. -- Marie won. Let's see


how Murray starts because he had two days off after this scare against


Fognini on Friday night so we will see Harry comes out of the blocks.


The French player is a shot maker, bit on the unpredictable side but


that will be entertaining for the people. Marie sees to that, every


opponent has been unpredictable and a little different, this year. It


looks that way, Murray has his own troubles with the hip, we shouldn't


talk about that any more. He needs to improve inform me in the second


week he must step up to the plate, Federer, Nadal and Murray and


Djokovic are in great form but obviously, walking out as we speak


at a beautiful time of the day,... Stand-by for the roar.


That is Benoit Paire and Andy Murray, huge cheer, everyone


standing to welcome back the defending champion. Andy Murray on


Centre Court, Jo Konta on Court Number One. This is some new


experience for British fans here, Boris. To have so many players


playing at the same time, in fact there are two. The success rate in


the first week was excellent. Obviously we expect this man to be


in the second week. It was Konta's first time in the round of 16 so


it's a great day for British tennis. It certainly is and you mentioned


Andy's match against Fognini, on paper it looked straightforward but


it was anything but in the fourth set. Yes, we all expected a fifth


set but the crowd was on their feet. We talked about maybe closing the


roof because it was getting darker late out there. But he found the


magic and won the last five games and really came back. That's really


the type of atmosphere he likes, he plays his best tennis in so


hopefully the crowd gets behind him early so he can raise his emotions.


He is trying to go into the quarterfinals for the tenth


consecutive year, Andy Murray. What a record that is. We've talked about


his rather unorthodox opponents. Let's look at his story so far in


the Championships. You get out there and get through


the first few games you settle down and remember that you can play


tennis and that's what you always do. When you are out there in the


middle of it you are trying to learn a little bit from each point you


play. Plenty of style from Andy Murray. He's not an easy guide to


read and he was playing shots you don't see many guys try, never mind


pulling off. That's too good. Did somebody say he had a hip problem?


It's been great so far, happy with how I've been living, no reason why


I can't have a good one. That is brilliant, Murray through to the


third round at Wimbledon. I feel like I let Fabio Duarte to a few too


many of the points. Well played, Fabio Fognini. There was a lot going


on on the court, Fabio got a point penalty which is very rare. Point


penalty, using an obscenity. It's the game. A good one to get through


and the crowd at the end were great. What a way to finish! As the


tournament goes on and you want to be the aggressor, the dictator,


that's something I work on in practice.


SUE BARKER: Well, Andy knows he will have to improve on that third-round


match against Fabio Fognini but the great champions do. They know that


every round you have got it up your game. This is a two-week tournament,


not a one-week tournament and you have to pace yourself a little. If


you play your best tennis on the first Wednesday or Thursday you will


not have it in the second week so that plays into his favour. Ten


times in the round of 16 going to the quarterfinal. You want to raise


your level depending on your position. Obviously he is a horse


that jumps only as high as necessary. In the second week in


order for him to defend the title he needs to improve a little bit.


Murray has looked good. We've talked a little bit about the limp and that


he has been limping a little bit over the week but he is moving so


fast on the court, lots of people have been testing him. Without


having a chance to win. In the press conference when people asked him


about it, he said maybe I finally started to what, maybe it's not a


problem, maybe it's the way I walk. Between the points he is sort of


wobbling but once the points start he is fit as a fiddle. Physically he


is 100%. He has a great team around him that will get him fit. It does


look like there is a little bit of a limp. What about his opponent today?


Benoit Paire is a rather flashy player and very different from


others. Let's find out more about him. This is the first time I'm in


the second week in Wimbledon so I'm really happy. My game is good this


week, but it's the first week so we will see in the second week. For the


first week it was very good. I hope for the next week it will be the


same. This man was absolutely unplayable today. I feel more


confident on grass, I won some matches this year in Stuttgart. I


feel good, I want to play hundred percent in all of the matches I


play, the most important thing is to play fully in every point that's


what I'm saying and for the moment it is working so I will try and do


the same against Andy. It will be tough against Andy, it's never easy,


but I played him one time on clay and lost in three sets and I will


try this time to make it different. For me I know that Andy Murray is


the king here but I will try and do my best to see if I can win. He was


a little injured before the tournament and I saw his first two


matches he won easily in three sets against two players, brown and


public. I don't have any problem. He will be 100% and I will have to play


a good match if I want to win. -- Alexander Bublik. The most famous


court, the Centre Court at Wimbledon, is very special but I've


never played on the skort and it will be special for me and I'm happy


and proud to be on the skort. I hope I'm going to make a good match


because I feel confident so my goal is to win the match.


He is certainly a lot better on this surface now because it was three


years ago he was very outspoken about playing in Wimbledon. To quote


him from his press conference he said: simple, I hate Wimbledon. How


dare he, Boris? Yes, you shouldn't be allowed back in the club after a


statement like that. Not every player is comfortable on the grass


so they blame it, that's very much part of our history and whoever wins


Wimbledon is part of the record books. Having listened to him a


little bit he has a very bushy beard. I don't know if that is


superstition, or if that is the look nowadays. He mentioned he played in


Stuttgart as a warm up on a grass tournament, he mentioned he will try


everything. You are supposed to try everything, you don't have to


mention it. Let's look at the drop shots and forehand slides, some of


the flashy shots he likes to play. Such an on traditional play but he


has a good backhand. He has one of the best backhands in the game, he


runs around the forehand to play the backhand at times and a very


interesting shotmaker. He goes for shots that other people would just


bumble back. Very difficult as an opponent to find the right strategy.


I suppose it's difficult when playing somebody who is so flashy


and unpredictable it's not easy down the other end, is it? You have to


watch your own form and watch the other guy at the same time and that


has been a problem with Andy in the first week, especially in the


Fognini match, maybe watching the other guy too much at times what he


was doing. Obviously Andy has a strategy right but it depends a lot


on the player and the way he is serving. As far as Andy is concerned


he has proved he can win matches when not playing well. That is


really important, isn't it? It's the sign of a winner and the sign of a


champion. You cannot always play your very best, you have to play


good enough, especially in the early rounds when you expect to be in the


second week of a Grand Slam. I think Andy has just done that, coasted


nicely, had two days off on Saturday and Sunday so the training sessions


are interesting, what you will do on the Saturday or Sunday but I'm sure


they found the right way. All of the players are playing with injury,


almost everyone has a needle. If you go to the locker room now everyone


is with the train are getting taped up somewhere. There isn't a player


who steps on the court who is 100%. We will move out of I like the carry


on talking because the players are about to walk out. It is going to be


important for Andy to get off to a good start, isn't it? Absolutely. He


wants to have the crowd behind him early. They really lifted him on


Friday night. He wants to get the timing right early. He wants to be


the first one to break the other guy's serve because that sets you in


a nice mood in the match. OK, so we are getting here Boris. Thank you,


on your way to the commentary box. I will just update you on BBC One, Jo


Konta is playing on Court Number One and she is down 4-1, down a double


break of serve in the second set, although she won the first set. That


is over on BBC One. But now it is British number one,


defending champion Andy Murray, starting on Centre Court.


No shortage of eccentric opponents for Andrew Murray during this


tournament, but he is definitely playing against one in Benoit Paire.


UMPIRE: Mr Paire is challenging the call, the ball was called out. One


of the earliest challenges I have seen in a match. My call stands,


30-0. Expect the unexpected today. UMPIRE: Mr Paire has two challenges


remaining. He has just finished a very nice lunch upstairs, coming


down to support his countrymen. Bash -- countryman.


This is what you are looking for after you didn't have a match over


the weekend. How different is that? Everybody needs to regenerate, all


the stocks of food and drink comes in, but two days since Andy Murray


played, one day break for everybody, but two days since the Fognini


match. That is the tricky part, Saturday and Sunday, obviously a


long one on Friday night, so I'm sure they took it easy on Saturday,


but you want to get a proper practice on the Sunday. To start


ready on the Monday at 2:30. So far they have done everything right, he


has won five points in a row. This 28-year-old is from Avignon,


Benoit Paire. Six tall, they call him the Stork, a man who hit 66


winners in his previous match, 13 of those were drop shots. He is going


to hit a lot of crop shots, maybe some shots you have not seen before.


He has had a few run-ins, has Benoit Paire, notably at the Olympic Games


in Rio, he didn't want to wear the official French kid or stay in the


Olympic Village either. Wonderful defence from Murray - and


anticipation too. First time on Centre Court for the


Frenchman. Oh, that is well played, Paire, he


was patient. Very good, he settled in with that point. A couple of


times he had a look at the short ball to come in, that was one of


them, short reply waiting for the ground stroke - this is good. Murray


giving him a little present there, hitting the backhand high in the


middle of the court. APPLAUSE


That is his weaker side. During the course of this match,


when Murray has a choice of whether to go to the forehand or backhand


side, on the bigger point is, I suspect he will pick out the


Frenchman's forehand as a target. And there is the difficult thing


with Paire, you do not know which corner to take sometimes, so the


backhand is very quick, he takes it early, and on the forehand it is the


complete opposite. Thierry Champion on the right with the Black Watch,


former player, he has been coaching Paire for a year.


I think he was a top 100 player, we were playing around the same time,


good on the clay court. He has got a project on his hands with Benoit


park, certainly dealing with a talent.


That is a big double. Intimidation factor on Centre Court, where the


player has never played, and this is the most famous tennis court in the


world, and unless you have played on it, you are bound to have nerves.


Well, his backhand is just an all day long weapon, a wonderful stroke,


short ball here, the ability to do much with the ball on that side.


And that is the end of the game, and it was a good one. Just changed his


mind there, Murray, thinking about the drop shot. This is rather like


the match he might have enjoyed the other day with Ernests Gulbis versus


Novak Djokovic, Gulbis certainly not favoured to win the match, but he


threw everything against the man who was favoured. He sort of run out of


steam towards the end - or actually in the middle.


Murray tries to dictate the points early, it is the right thing to do.


You are bound to make a couple more unforced errors.


Yeah, there it is, watch out for that one.


That was better by Murray, the shots had a bit more power on them.


And he has made it on that Rob Bonnet, that is a beautifully played


shot. -- on the drop volley, that is a beautifully played shot.


After a difficult first service game, on the other hand, I am a


little bit surprised by the tactics of Murray. Indeed, well, there is


the break. SUE BARKER: Hmm, worrying times for Andy Murray in the opening


stages of this match. Jo Konta is one break back, but Garcia is


serving for the set once again. Jo Konta fighting hard, that much over


on BBC One, Jo having won the first set, Garcia serving for the second,


that is over on BBC One. Back we go to Centre Court.


A job on their hands, Jamie Delgado and a ban land, I wonder what you


can say when you are playing against Benoit part or preparing someone for


a match against him. I guess just concentrate on your own game. I


thought Andy's first game was good, although at times a bit too passive.


Leading the other player dictate too much


A little bit of ill fortune for Murray, certainly not going his way


today so far. He had to turn here, some would say


he would have made that 99 times out of 100 normally. That is partly


Paire's game plan. Well, you have to say that the least


two of those points, maybe three, were a donation to the Andy Murray


winning Wimbledon again fund! I mean, you have a break serve and


then throw in a drop shot on second point? 15-0 up?


How can you coach a guy like this? I mean, the word is that he doesn't


overwork, and yet he has played every single week that was available


to him to play tournaments, nobody has played more on the circuit, so


he likes to play - not train. I can understand that.


Talking about his backwards movement, it is a bit slow.


Magnificent, this, back-spin giving a little bit of air, it bites into


the turf and would have hit the net, I think. Either way. Three break


points. This would be an important hold for


Murray, to settle the ship a little bit.


Still break points Paire. That is a very fine approach, on a


slightly weaker side, and he has broken again, and Murray is having a


right rant and they rave about his player's box.


And the reason he is having a rant and they rave is that Paire is


playing well, and a couple of times Andy will feel he should have got


the ball deeper or into a better place, but either way he is losing.


And as we said at the top of the programme, very difficult to find


the right strategy against Paire, because nobody plays like that. Who


would do six drop shots by now? Run around the forehand? Murray has


played Alexander Bublik in the first round, pretty eccentric, Dustin


Brown was somebody who was happy to play any sort of game to get the job


done. You have got to love these guys having a go, then Fabio


Fognini, and there is only one of him, I can tell you that! Great


match, Murray had to win the last five games to get through, and now


Benoit Paire. They played last year in Monte Carlo, so they have a bit


of history between the two. Just as in the last game where he


had a break of serve, Benoit Paire comic he goes for the drop shot and


loses the point with a 15-0 lead. 30-0 and you are odds-on to hold


your serve, 15-0, even Stephens again. Even Stephen, highlighted!


I think he is debating with his coaching team, they want him to step


into the court and take it earlier, where his comfort zone is more


behind the baseline. That is very, very crucial, that the


coaching team and player have to agree on what is right.


Writes a pretty unconventional starts to a match, isn't it?


Especially on a grass court, Andy Murray has made 15 out of 16 first


serves and has lost his serve twice. It is very weird.


Longest rally of the match so far, 17 strokes.


And I think the best one for Andy Murray, starting to lift his game a


little bit - it is time! The courts get a nice rest on this


middle Sunday, but just catching a ridge.


Well, that backhand is a gift, isn't it?


Beautiful shot, not a bad second serve, just into the comfort zone of


Benoit Paire - nothing you can do about it.


That is an unforced air on the forehand that he needs to try and


avoid. -- unforced error. That was hit into the body of the


Frenchman, and he had to run around - and missed it.


APPLAUSE UMPIRE: New balls, please. It was an


important old, he could not afford to go to macro breaks down. 4-3,


Paire. Murray is holding on, fighting hard


in the first set but still a break of serve to the Frenchman. We will


be back on Centre Court soon but on Court Number One, Britain's number


when you Ana Konjuh is fighting hard, 2-2 in the third and final set


against Caroline Garcia. That matches on BBC One so Johanna Konta


on BBC One, 2-2 in the third set. But we are heading back to Centre


Court, so much happening on this very busy day at Wimbledon.


ANDREW CASTLE: Carl Froch, delighted to see him up in the box, the Cobra,


out of Nottingham, three-time super middleweight champion and another


double world champion, there, David Haigh. Cruiserweight and heavyweight


champion of the world. Great sports stars up there today, Sir Ben


Ainslie, the successful sailor -- most successful sailor in Olympic


history with his wife on the right-hand side, there, enjoying


their day. A nice tradition to bring all of the


sports stars out and give them seek in the Royal Box. Brian Moore, the


esteemed rugby commentator. Paire with the break in hand.


UMPIRE: Please take your seat, sir. Thank you. Laying down the law.


The third time he is at 15-0 and the third time he did the drop shot,


trying to lose the point, it seems like, anyway.


He got that ball toss so far up and in front, really got after that,


with an angular motion. He seems like a big bundle of nerves but he


somehow holds it together. The number six in France plays like


this, two Frenchman in the last 16 of Wimbledon in action today, Manor


Reno against Djokovic, the other. -- Adrian Mannarino against Djokovic.


You almost get the impression that he refuses to play the point,


sometimes. Like, "No, I don't want to".


And the book serves up in the Royal Box will appreciate the work going


in on the Paire forehand side, a bit like working the ribs. And


eventually, reaping the reward. Don't miss.


And I'm not sure whether that was meant that way. It is fragile, the


forehand side, isn't it? It could go anyway, he could play a drop shot,


hit the winner, or miss. UMPIRE: Let, first service. It makes it so


difficult for Murray, where to play. So now, Benoit Paire has suffered a


pair of breaks. Eight games played, four breaks of serve.


Murray has just got to hold on now, just got to find a way to hold.


Concentration is certainly holding. Andy Murray, in the last ten


minutes, has really knuckled down to his task.


You can see Joely Richardson in there, part of the Richardson


Redgrave NST of acting, and Matthew Pinsent, all enjoying this much.


Roger Federer later, as well. There she is, Joely Richardson.


Leslie Manville is up there as well, a former actress of the year on this


wonderful stage, Centre Court, today. UMPIRE: Stop, Mr Murray is


challenging the call on the right baseline, the ball was called in.


The point was stopped by Murray... UMPIRE: The call stands. 40-15.




That was pretty funny because the ball had a ready hit the backstop by


the time Benoit Paire hit the ground. Boris, you are the diving


bloke. Tell us what he did wrong, here. I'm still trying to make sense


of it. The ball way past him, he throws the racket and then his body.


I don't think that promises to much from the Frenchman. Eccentric,


colourful. Lovable, different! Unpredictable. It won't surprise


you, Boris, that his favourite player growing up was marriage is a


thin. There you go. -- is favourite player growing up was. -- was Marat


Safin. The game is the same, based on a massive backhand and


individuality on court. Henman Hill is packed. Thousands of people


watching it on the big screen. UMPIRE: Mr Murray has two challenges


remaining. Magic Monday, everybody plays.


Murray just held this parting shot. He likes to go crosscourt with these


but just held it. -- passing shot. Did not overplay it down the line.


You don't have to swing hard. He is certainly walking very


awkwardly, isn't he? The first serve of Benoit Paire, to


stay in this set, now. Walking like a man twice his age but running like


a gazelle. Murray really trying to expose the


Paire forehand, now. The right thing to do.


APPLAUSE First-class second serve. You can


call it a little bit lucky. Just clipped the line. After double


faulting the previous one. Oh, that was a message backhand. In


a way, this is how the game has changed, the base, the physicality


bees players hit from, you can't just play tennis to get that


strength. It requires off court work.


The quality has improved. It is becoming a really good tennis match


now. Well, Paire is shouting at his box.


Obviously in French! I couldn't tell you.


Andy Murray looking to make his tenth consecutive quarterfinal at


the Championships. Only Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors have


achieved ten quarterfinals in a row at the same Grand Slam championship,


they did it with a couple of Grand Slams each but it is a remarkable


record and he can call upon so many happy memories of this court, the


first of his Olympic gold medals came here at London 2012, and he


backed it up with victory in Rio 2016. So a genuine superstar of the


game who really, in some ways, Boris, is thinking that the


tournament is just beginning for him. Three matches last week


including Fognini but four this week. That's right. He's got an


amazing record here and it shows you how important this tournament is for


him, having been obviously born and raised with Wimbledon but to achieve


that takes a lot of character and a lot of practice over the years. He


is expected to be in the second week. And he knows that the job at


hand will get more and more difficult. That has been the


storyline a little bit of the first set so far.


UMPIRE: Mr Paire is challenging the call on the right service line. The


ball was called out. SLOW CLAPPING It does not look like a convinced


challenge. UMPIRE: The call stands. Well, it was not a bad play, was it?


Knocking it insured. Murray actually handled this very well. -- insured.


That is the fourth time he has done it, played the drop shot at 15-0.


Oh, yes, the old serve and reverse forehand drop volley play!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE This is so irritating for Benoit


Paire's camp. It must be, and for him, as Murray surges to two break


points, which are set points. This is not the play. It is just too


easy. Beautiful shot. Yes, and he could


have hit the forehand but the backhand is better.


Paire is playing or nothing, now. -- all or nothing.


Did you see the backspin on that? Lee Westwood is up there in the


Royal Box, and Ernie Els. They would have appreciated this one. This


being just stopped dead on the court. It might have even come back


and it was only set points down, mind you.


Oh, well played, sir. It must be so frustrating for Murray.


So close to winning the first set and getting a bit of control of the


match and the next thing you know, it is game point, Paire.


Tie-break it is. UMPIRE: Both players receive one additional


challenge. The first tie-break for Murray here at the Championships,


Benoit Paire played a very important one against Jerzy Janowicz and also


had one against the yen Hugues-Herbert but the key one was


against Dutra Silva in the first round and he won that, 12-10, to


take a 2-1 set lead. Murray has got to stay solid now,


has got to weather the storm. UMPIRE: Let, first service.


That was a bad time for that. Six doubles.


APPLAUSE He dropped his racket in


frustration. APPLAUSE


One-way traffic here on Centre Court. First set of this


fourth-round match. Her boy is well in control at 5-0.


APPLAUSE The way the first set has been going


I'm not surprised one bit about the scoreline in the tie-breaker. Do you


think Paire was absolutely on the limit of his play? Just the absolute


limit of unpredictability. And then a tie-break, it is not complicated


shots that you are looking for, it is simplicity, often. UMPIRE: Let.


APPLAUSE He has got an honourable point. Yes,


you don't want to lose a breaker 7-0.


And it is a win, 7-1. First set, Murray, and from 4-2 down in the


first set, he was under threat but came through.


SUE BARKER: We have seen this so many times before when Andy Murray


is put under pressure but somehow he finds a way to come through it, and


has taken the opening set. We are leaving this on BBC Two but don't


worry, if you want to watch it, it is on BBC One so Andy Murray's match


is now on BBC One. Here on BBC Two, let's round up the stories of the


day so far and great news for Britain's Johanna Konta, this


happened a short time ago on Court Number One, an error from Caroline


Garcia and a very emotional Johanna Konta, falling to her knees. This is


how much it means to her to be through to her first-ever Wimbledon


quarterfinal and what a battle she had against a very talented


Frenchwoman on Garcia, but she fought so hard. No sign of nerves


but huge emotion and the crowd were absolutely delighted, the first time


there has been a British woman through to the quarterfinals since


Jo Durie in 1984. What a story and let's hear what she had to say after


the match. Huge congratulations. We saw you after the final point, the


reaction, just give us an idea of what you are feeling. To be honest,


it was just so, such a tough match to play, she is really in impressive


form so it is very hard to get any rhythm really out there when she is


serving so well and she really gets her first strike in. It was a bit


breezy which also made it a bit difficult for both of us. But


overall, I think it was more that I was happy, I was able to get enough


returns in in that game and I was really trying to stay light on my


feet and strong through my body, really, to try and neutralise her.


Forges seesawed throughout the match. Most definitely come again,


there was very little between us today. I was happy with how I could


compete and did not pay too much attention to necessarily the good


things that she was doing and try to keep in mind the good things I was


doing. We saw in your match against Donna Vekic are you seemed to relish


the top situations and you've done it again in front of a home crowd.


What is it -- what is it about the challenges you relish so much? To be


honest, it is those positions, those situations that I dream of, I dreamt


of when I was a little girl, and even now, to be part of those


battles on big stages. I think that is really what it is about, to be a


professional athlete. Speaking about dreams when you were a little girl,


you are the first British woman to a quarterfinal at Wimbledon since Jo


Durie in 1984. What does that mean to you? That's pretty special! Yeah,


very excited about that and really looking forward to the fact I get to


play again. Well done today, huge congratulations. Thank you. Proving


yet again what a great match player she is achieved through to the last


day tomorrow, and she will play the winner of the match we are dropping


into now on Court Number Two between Simona Halep, the number two seed,


there she is, up against Victoria Azarenka. Simona Halep is a set and


3-0 up, and a points to make it 4-0 so let's drawn-out commentators,


Annabel Croft and Matt Chilton. Really tightly contested opening


set. The first set was decided via the tie-break. Since then,


Azarenka's game has rather disintegrated. Having been in


contention for the first hour, she's got an awful lot to do to get akin


to this. Yes, too many unforced errors


flowing off her racket. And she has been left unbalanced when playing on


the back foot, pushed behind the baseline.


A look of despair on the face of Victoria Azarenka, another first


serve in the middle of the net. It has been a noisy match, hasn't it?


Very noisy, maximum volume from both players. Simona Halep never seemed


to get stressed out in that opening set, despite being a breakdown a


couple of times. Azarenka, has been far more emotional. Good serve, best


we have seen for a while from Victoria Azarenka. , it was a


fantastic serve, it really had some swerve on it, came around the


outside of the bulge -- of the ball. Well, we have


had this trouble throughout the match, the baseline at Azarenka's


end is smudged. It had a 3-set match on it before, involving Muguruza and


Angelique Kerber, and it's difficult for the players to spot the


baseline. It's the second time Azarenka has got that wrong.


The courts have taken a real pounding in the first week, with the


hot weather. Halep has been pretty miserly with


the unforced errors - that's just her eighth.


ANNABEL CROFT: That's a fantastic shot. Really, this match shares you


said, in that first set, there was so little between them. It was very


much about who could get inside the baseline, on the front foot and


controlling the play. MATT CHILTON: Seven and a half


minutes for this game. Oh, that's perfect from Simona Halep! What a


shot! Yeah, using the pace of the serve there. Coming right round the


outside of the net post almost. Halep has done brilliantly! What a


point! Amazing sprint from the back of the court to pick up the drop


shot. It was a great pick-up from Azarenka, but look at the foot speed


of Halep - she's so nimble and agile around the court, can change


direction. And she was in control of the racket face when she got there


as well. A scream of relief, more than


anything, I think, from Victoria Azarenka. She needed to get that


out! Already had one warning for chucking her racket.


To strong. Loose again from Victoria Azarenka, who has now hit 29


unforced errors. Michael Joice is living every shot with his charge


here this afternoon. There is another loose one. It looks as if


the fairy tale return to tennis, after having given birth to her son,


is coming to an end this afternoon. If you didn't think you were


watching a tennis match, you would think they were both in pain.


Halep is just not missing anything. 5-0 in front, what a dominant second


set. And her coach is thrilled. Well, her level has gone up and up


and up from about midway through that first set. She's really


battened down the hatches, no real unforced errors or loose shots,


she's really working hard, intensity levels, so good. She's on a roll


right now, and you can't see any change up in this now. We're quickly


heading towards the finish line. Azarenka is cutting quite detected


figure at the moment. -- quite a dejected figure at the moment. She


defeated Heather Watson in three sets are defying expectations in


many ways, getting to this stage of the tournament, to the last 16. I


think it's been incredible what she's achieved already in this


tournament. She had only played a few matches before coming into


bumbled and, having had a baby, not having been seen on the tour since


the French Open last year. I guess she is now paying the price, up


against a player who has played so many matches, just really, really


match tight, that's the biggest difference between the two of them.


There's Michael Joyce, it could be all over for him, and for Victoria


Azarenka. Oh, she was there. Even from that


last point, you can see her anticipation, she's reading the


play. Johanna Konta will play the winner of this one, and it looks


increasingly like it will be Simona Halep.


I don't think either of them have returned serve as well as you would


respected -- as you would have expected, actually.


Oh, what a shot! The very best of Victoria Azarenka. It may be too


little, too leg, but that was a shot to save. Yeah, shower at off the


angle on the move there, and such a loss of change of direction. -- such


a great change of direction. This is where she needs to keep


everything under control, kicked that intensity level up. Of course


it will be at the back of her mind, what happened at the French Open.


That's a fabulous shot. She was so in control of that match against


Ostapenko, let that lead slip. Let a lead slip against Wozniacki in


Eastbourne ahead of this. So, there's a little bit of? There. She


needs to close this out. That serve was all about direction, rather than


pace. Exasperation now spilling over for


Victoria Azarenka. She knows she better than this.


Into the net, and one more time, Azarenka stares at the turf. Her


Wimbledon just about over now, after her 30th unforced error. 90 minutes


since the match began, and Simona Halep has match point.


You can sense the tension in Halep Sheila play right now, because at


the moment there is not a lot on her ball, she's almost playing and


hoping that Azarenka is going to miss.


Fantastic return again from Azarenka. She's not finished with


this just yet. There was an interesting reaction there from


Halep at the end of that point, looking up at Darren Cahill and a


little bit of applause there. Oh, lovely touch! Azarenka is


battling her way back! She's broken Halep's serve.


Well, what a fightback from Victoria Azarenka. Real determination and


grit about the way she's performed in the last couple of games. Simona


Halep is just struggling to finish this off. A place in the


quarterfinals at Wimbledon at stake. Huge moment for Simona Halep, a


chance to take on Johanna Konta on Centre Court tomorrow, you would


imagine. Well, here's that reaction we talked about. Quite interesting


moment, that. I don't know whether that was about, you told me to serve


on the forehand on a big point, and she got nailed on it! There's


usually a bit of backchat going on. It will definitely be in her mind,


what's happened in the recent past. Yeah, particularly that French Open


final. It is that fear of the finish line, and you can sense that. Darren


Cahill looks a little wound up for the first time.


Azarenka, serving to stay in the match - again.


That's a big shot. Well, that BRAVE that time. Good footwork, dancing


around the FSA, striking it into the forehand corner. Likes to move out


to that side. Didn't hold back that time.


She's hitting absolutely exasperated with herself. It's more about her


footwork, I think, the mind is willing, the body hasn't quite


followed behind it. Michael Joyce is doing his best from a distance to


try and help her along. In the opening set, which was very


tight, decided on a tie-break, Azarenka had so much success when


she was prepared to come to the net. Too strong that time. Two more match


points for the number two seed. He doesn't give much away, does he,


up there? Cool as a cucumber. Victoria Azarenka, scrapping for


everything here. She WILL not let this go.


It's out. UMPIRE: Miss Halep is challenging


the call, the ball was called out. I'm not sure she's going to have to


much look. There was that look again up at Darren in the support camp.


He's trying to calm her down, I think. Definitely nerves jangling.


Too strong from Halep! Down the line, to give her another match


point. It's wide, and Halep will play


Johanna Konta in the quarterfinals! Victoria Azarenka's return to tennis


ends in the round of 16 at Wimbledon. Three very good


victories, but in the end she came up against the world number two.


Simona Halep relishes that win over Victoria Azarenka. Yes, huge relief


for Darren Cahill and a lovely smile on the face of Simona Halep. She


really had to dig deep to control her nerves - well done. A straight


sets win for Simona Halep. SUE BARKER: Very impressive indeed,


she's such a good mover around the court and also a great Matchplay.


So, Simona Halep is through to the last eight, where she will meet Jo


Konta of Great Britain. Earlier today, she beat Caroline Garcia of


France out on Court No. 1. There was so little between them until that


last game. And you can see what it meant to Jo. All the expectation on


her shoulders, but she held her nerve and was rock solid right at


the end. Through to the quarterfinals here at Wimbledon for


the very first time. She met Simona Halep twice before, and Jo has won


both of them, including at Miami this year, although both went to


three sets. If Halep does beat Jo Konta, then she will be the new


world number one. So much to play for in that match which will be


tomorrow. And so much to play for over on Centre Court, where it has


been a little tense for Andy Murray. He was a break of serve up in this


second set, but it's now level. Andy did take the first set on the


tie-break. You can watch that one over on BBC One. Now, let's check on


results from earlier today. Garbine Muguruza, former French Open


champion and finalist here, defeated Angelique Kerber 6-4 in the final


set. Disappointment for Kerber, who will lose the world number one spot.


It's Muguruza, whose game is so suited to these grass courts, who is


through to the last eight, where she will place that Lana Kuznetsova.


Kuznetsova defeated Aga Radwanska in straight sets.


Magdalena Rybarikova of Slovakia came through. What a story this has


been, she came and played at Surbiton, and also at Nottingham.


She has played herself into form, and she's through to the last eight


here at Wimbledon for the very first time. What a story that is. Not


seeded at the Championships, but through to the last eight. And


tomorrow, she will meet Coco Vandeweghe, who pulled off a


surprise by beating Caroline Wozniacki, the former world number


one. Coco Vandeweghe, coached by Pat Cash, who was encouraging her to


serve big and to be aggressive from the back of the court. And she


didn't let Wozniacki settle in that match. So, the 24th seed also


through to the last eight. No problems, either, for five times


champion Venus Williams, seeded ten at this tournament. She defeated Ana


Konjuh of Croatia, one of the up-and-coming players. The


37-year-old Venus goes through. She's met 219-year-olds, and now she


will meet a 20-year-old, Jelena Ostapenko, who defeated Svitolina,


6-3, sevensix. The French Open champion hit 42 winners, she really


is fearless and ferocious on the court and she won it with her eighth


match point. She will be through to face Venus Williams - that will be


one to look forward to as well! Only the one men's match has been


decided, and Marin Cilic, the seventh seed, was in a hurry,


defeating Bautista Agut in straight sets. He's always dangerous on a


grass court. And he's being coached by Jonas Bjorkman. I spoke to him,


and he said he was telling him to be aggressive and get inside the


baseline, and he's certainly doing that. Marin Cilic, through to the


quarterfinals, for the fourth straight year. Over on Court No. 3,


the eighth seed, Dominic Thiem, is in trouble against Tom Burdick.


Sodding against Tomas Berdych. Rugolo see both players here, on the


red button and on the BBC Sport website. Around we go again! Sam


Querrey has come back, after dropping the first set to Kevin


Anderson. But Sam Querrey has come back to take the second and third


set, and it's 3-3 in the fourth. We'll be heading to Court No. 1 in a


moment. Rafa Nadal is on court at the moment, but something rather


strange happened to him just as he was coming on to court am awaiting


with Gilles Muller there. We know he has all of these superstitions. And


then... Now, he hits his head on the door frame! Gilles Muller turns


around, are you all right?! He goes, I think so! But he gives his head a


bit of a rubber on the way out! He sees the funny side, well done,


Rafa! That was a short time ago with Rafa. I think he's absolutely fine,


the match is already under way. And we'll be joining that match, Rafa


against Gilles Muller, who's a real ace machine. We can now join that


match, and Rafa has a break point as we join it. We can now join Jamie


Baker and Simon Reed for this one. That is as good a shot as he has


played in the match. The classic one-two punch from Gilles Muller.


Look how simple that backhand is, straight back and through, direct


tactics. Didn't he respond to the danger


immediately? So chances are that this could


develop into a really good scrap between two very different players.


There's been a lot of talk about Rafa Nadal, is he playing better


tennis now than he ever has? We've been looking at a few things to


compare with the last time he won at Wimbledon in 2010 and this year.


Particularly his backhand, he is hitting fewer forehands than he was


when he won in 2010. Everyone is talking about how he is running


around less. We are used to seeing him in the tramlines. That is the


best thing, he's hitting more backhand and secondly, this is where


it gets interesting, he is also hitting his backhand quicker and


with more spin so 79 mph if his average backhand speed this year


compared with 76 mph in 2010. And this is where it gets even slightly


more interesting is that actually, in terms of his contact point, here


it is, in 2010, 19% of his backhand 's were inside the baseline and this


year so far, 29%. Everybody knows the firepower Rafa Nadal has on the


forehand side but as an opponent, do think that if you drop the ball


short anywhere on the court, he's going to step in on the backhand,


that is unbelievably difficult to play against. No hiding place.


Absolutely. A good return. 26 is his


career-high, Nadal at two and if he gets to the final, he will go number


one. UMPIRE: Mr Muller is challenging the


call on the right-hand service line. The ball is called in.


That was a chance, there. He might not get a better one to really put


the pressure on Rafa. You can see what he was trying to do, the slice


really did the job of staying low and he gave himself the opportunity


of the short forehand. Nadal has won 28th successive sets


in Grand Slams between Rome and Gareth and now the first half of


this tournament. -- in Roland Garros and now the first half of this


tournament. Really well played, Gilles Muller.


Not given the credit for too much skill but there was a lot of skill


in that. There really was and so far in these baseline exchanges, Muller


is more than holding his own. Another good return. 125 mph serve,


no problem for Muller, who has got break point.


Nadal got lucky with the net cord. But it was inviting for Muller. That


was a big second serve for Nadal, 101 mph, into the body.


Exquisite touch. APPLAUSE And super ground strokes to set it


up. Absolutely fantastic. This shot here, back behind Nadal, refusing to


give him a running forehand pass and there is the touch to finish it off.


This sets up a second break point. APPLAUSE


Oh, wow, so much to applaud. What a forehand. They must be thrilled. But


his returning has been brilliant. Any time he has had a chance to get


on a second serve, or the first serve has not been accurate enough,


he has been very aggressive, trying to get the first hit in, keep Nadal


on his back foot, and it has worked so far. And Nadal knows a break down


against mullah is not a place you want to be. -- against Muller.


APPLAUSE Just clipped the top of the net


which didn't help Rafa. It is all going Muller's way at the moment.


APPLAUSE Three aces, now.


APPLAUSE Nadal chasing in after that


backhand. APPLAUSE


UMPIRE: New balls, please. There seems no doubt about Gilles Muller


this afternoon. Well, this is not what we expected.


Neither of us expected Muller to be this good at the start. Know, and we


talked about the Nadal confidence, just starting to see the first


couple of looks up to his box where the confidence perhaps if slightly


in doubt. You know, I was out on Court 14 this morning watching him


practice and he was absolutely ripping the ball as hard as the


good, very intimidating for a player to actually see that. However, I've


noticed at the start of this match, he's probably hitting the ball only


two thirds of that place so it is amazing what a matchup and what a


match can do. I was watching a bit of practice, two and the interesting


thing with Rafa in practice if he hits the forehand much flatter and


really follows through whereas in matches, it is like a Lasse Svan


goes over the back of his head. And I think it depends on the style of


player he is playing, on the grass, and the moment in the match because


that extra spin you are talking about is giving him a bit of extra


margin at a certain point in time in the match.


After just 28 minutes, Nadal serving to stay in the set.


UMPIRE: Mr Nadal challenging the call. The ball was called out. Not


much space between ball and line here, if any. SLOW CLAPPING


15-0. So much time. He is coping with all


the spin so well. And really, when you see Nadal in this position with


the forehand, you would not expect Muller to have the time to hit a


winner off it. The drop shots are working! And they


need to. Yes, that is two out of two and you are expecting the big


forehand. Very hard to read the drop shot.


APPLAUSE Is the case. -- his third base.


APPLAUSE Fine serving but how on earth does


he get a break? Muller's serve. Muller at the moment has dropped


just two points behind his first serve and four behind his second.


APPLAUSE Nowhere near sorting out this serve,


54% of Muller's serves our unreturned.


Not find yet to push the panic button.


Well, he's hardly quaking with nerves.


Muller's played with total belief, it seems. Three set points.


UMPIRE: Game and first set, Muller, 6-3. Well, it was pretty academic,


6-3, 33 minutes. And that was simply outstanding.


Yeah, and it all got away from Rafa Nadal very, alarmingly quickly. I


think that was the one question, everybody said, and I include


myself, in the first three rounds, he looked so good but he had been


playing against players that given their rhythm, not grass court


players, where you would say they were very comfortable. I must say,


I'm not surprised to see you go off the court at the end of the first


set. That is not what he was expecting. -- to see him go off. You


can see the unreturned serves from Muller, 15. And 13 winners to Rafa's


seven. His serving stats look fantastic. What was extraordinary


was he was able to break. Yeah, and I think Nadal's uncertainty and


feeling of anger in this match will be absolutely, in terms of how


little impact he has made on the Muller service games, it is not that


Muller has got an unbelievably high first serve percentage but Nadal has


only managed to win two points in total in the whole of the first set


behind the first serve so he has got a big puzzle to solve common here,


very big puzzle, and Muller is the type of player that Nadal has lost


to here before, people like Dustin Brown, Nick Kyrgios, Lukas Rosol, a


big serve and something a bit different and on top of that, he's a


left-hander which makes it all the more difficult. And of course, with


his reach, he denies Rafa the serve from the left caught out wide which


he has been doing more and more. Never got beyond the third round,


here. But it has been a simply wonderful year for him. His first


two titles. A career-best ranking. At the age of 34. We have heard that


kind of story so many times. We have and I do think in the big picture of


our sport, I think it is great that we have contrasting surfaces wearer


player like Muller, who is obviously better suited to a fast court, can


challenge the top players in the world because that is ranking,


coming in, seeded 16 here, he should be able to challenge the top players


in the world. If every match was on a clay court or that player's best


surface and every surface was a similar speed, it would be far too


predictable and we know Rafa would be able to kill every single player.


But here is a tournament, which he has won twice, Nadal, and as we have


said, he has been playing some of the best tennis, the best grass


court tennis, it seems, of his career. And yet... He was not close,


there. Absolutely fascinating. APPLAUSE


What can he conjure up, the great man?


That is the first set he has lost. Since right the way through Roland


Garros and right the way through here. UMPIRE: Time.


Well, he has called time but Nadal is not exactly in a hurry. UMPIRE:


Second set, Nadal deserve. Can you see the labels? Absolutely towards


the court. So it will be Nadal to start the


second set. Nothing wrong with the way he is


serving, it is just Muller has picked it so well and return so


well. And of course, the way Muller has


been serving, he may only have to string one good return game


together. It's not like he has to do it every single game.


APPLAUSE The timing went, there. Not sure if


it was a dodgy bounce. It did not seem to be.


APPLAUSE Give him a bit of a boost. A quick


look around and a pledge of the fist up to uncle Tony and Francisco.


Fascinating to see if he brings any extra dynamic.


Almost sympathetic applause for Rafa as he races down to the baseline,




The key thing for Muller is that he doesn't get vertigo as to where he


is right now and what he has done in the first set.


Doesn't look as if it's happening at the moment. That is an unbelievable


serve, that ball swinging, I mean, to the left shoulder of the


centreline umpire. No way Nadal can get to that.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE He read it but he couldn't do


anything about it. APPLAUSE


Well, it looked a bit dicey for a moment, there but once again, the


big serve came out. I think we saw in that game the difficulty of


playing such an offensive player. If Nadal is going to win this match, it


is not going to be a question of him hitting ground stroke winners with


Muller stood on the baseline. He's going to have to hit passing shot


winners on the first and second ball of the rally. Straightaway, he will


be asked the question. He lost the point but again, you can


see from that low shot how well he picked the serve and how well he


reacted to it. Well done. Some slice that was from




Muller, rooted to the spot, there. A little hop and a skip from Nadal and


he is 2-1 up. Yes, confidence sometimes is a


difficult and a long journey to find and yet, it can disappear very


quickly. At the end of last year, at the point where he withdrew from the


World Tour Finals and took a long break, do you think, like what you


said at the start of this match, if he wins this tournament, he's back


to world number one, is just an indication of how many matches he


has won in such a short period of time. I think for him, because he


has been so dominant on the clay court for so many years, to go and


effectively do that again this year, I think would have answered a lot of


questions in his head. You can see straightaway when he arrived at


Wimbledon, chose not to play a grass court warm up event, did not feel he


had to. He could just rest and recharge the batteries and the


confidence is absolutely there. Yes, 42 wins, title wins, in Monte Carlo,


Barcelona for the tenth time, Madrid and then Roland Garros for the tenth


time. Dad and girlfriend, looking a little


anxious. So confident. Anyone watching who


thinks that was a very straightforward volley, Gilles


Muller made that look very, very easy.


SIMON REED: Remember, this is a guy who has lost his last 22 matches


against top five players. SIMON REED: He's looking around for


confirmation from his people. Maybe someone shouted out to him. He's not


right. Now, then... So good. That serve out wide is so


affect if, even to a lefty. JAMIE BAKER: It looks to me like


Nadal is having real problems reading that serve. It's not like


every single serve is on the line, is the variety that he brings as


well as the accuracy. A little "vamos" from Rafa on the


mistake of Muller - you don't often hear that.


No. Super second shot from Nadal, but still ends up losing the point.


All it took in the first set was one bad service game.


That ball took off after it landed. Yes, and every single warrant that


the Dow is winning at the moment is followed up by some form of positive


energy release, and I think this is exactly the type of match when you


expect to see all of his competitive brilliance coming out.


With serve so far in the second set. Jamie, do you think there has been a


better competitor than Rafa Nadal? I think in terms of these situations,


probably not. He's somebody who is able to shrug off disappointment,


both in the big picture but also within the match. His desire to just


compete for the very next point, no matter what has happened... I mean,


a few years ago, in the final here, against Roger Federer, when


everybody was saying he was struggling on grass, the iconic


moment, when he lost the first set heavily, the first point of the


second set the big "vamos" straightaway. Observing him in this


match today, think about it from his point of view, how dominant he is on


the clay, and everything about him when he prepares for a clay-court


match is, if I take care of things on my side of the court, I'm going


to win the match. Now, put yourself in his frame of mind on a grass


court, it's the opposite, where sometimes, actually, it's not within


his control. So, to compete the way he does, with that contrast, is


outstanding. As you say, he has been picked off by similar players


2-miler in the past here. -- to Muller in the past here.


Might be worth a challenge. It was swinging, but did you get a little


bit of the line on the way? It did. I wonder if he saw Rafa out of the


corner of his eye, moving to the forehand side.


Fabulous return. That might put a bit of a dent in his confidence. Big


reaction from Nadal after this one - best return in the match so far.


He's served nine aces and dropped just four points when that first


serve has gone in in the match so far. A bit of a headache for Nadal.


The Nadal supporters are getting louder and louder now.


Gilles Muller taking some of his own medicine there.


Super-slim picking his game up - the problem is now, how does he break


the Muller serve? Being ahead on the scoreboard might make a difference


in this set, because Gilles Muller has not really blinked on his


service game yet. Nadal is turning the volume up every single time he


wins a point. Almost like that's his biggest hope at the moment, for


Muller to start thinking, hang on, I'm playing against Rafa Nadal at


Wimbledon on Court No. 1! A lot of people say that when you get older,


that's when the nerves hit you, but at the age of 34, it doesn't seem to


be affecting Muller. There may come a time later in the match when it


will, but not yet, that's for sure. What a rally! One of the rallies of


the tournament. What a get that was from Muller! One millimetre,


apparently! He doesn't deserve that, Muller. Sensational!


So, how will he react to this? His second double.


Remember, Rafa has had one break point - in the fifth game of the


first set. Nothing since. That won't sit easily with him. And


I do think that is a tell-tale sign that he is just not reading the


Muller serve at all. There was no commitment to that at all - very


reactive. Well, it was perfectly set up for


him. It was a challenging ground stroke from Nadal, and it leads to


two break points. It has worked a dream for him, that


serve. He's into double figures on aces now. He needs another.


Beautifully controlled into the corner. Another big first serve on


the big point. Nadal was there that time, just wasn't able to get enough


length on that return. The frown on his face, Nadal, he's


missed a couple of big shots, that perhaps the worst.


Well, Muller again serving really well to get out of trouble, but


Nadal did have his chance and he couldn't take it.


JAMIE MURRAY: These games can be such a momentum shift in goal, the


question is, will Nadal see that as a positive, for having his first


chance? Or will Muller taken courage meant from having saved two break


points? This is not how it has been in the


first week. He's got so many looks on the Nadal


serve, the Dow has got very few on his. It's the shape of that return


that's causing all the damage, very flat, skidding through the grass


court. Another super point. Lightning


quick, Nadal, around the court there. Muller is making Nadal play


so many uncomfortable shots, and that low forehand was tremendous


leap dealt with by Nadal. And when you're playing this well,


you get the look as well. Break point. And, of course, if he gets


it, he will serve for a two-set lead.


I don't believe that! Nadal, with his head down, but Muller played so


well then. Boy, oh, boy. This was not in any


game plan. And really, Rafa hasn't played badly, there have been some


poor shots along the way, but Muller has been outstanding. He has, he has


executed his game plan absolutely perfectly. His serve has probably


caused Nadal more trouble than he had imagined. The reason for the


applause, just on the screen, we've seen Andy Murray's result coming


through. The word I'm thinking about is


rhythm. Everything Muller has done has prevented Rafa Nadal getting


into his normal match rhythm, and that's why we see like on that last


point, the shot selection was not correct, didn't have any pace. So,


we've been doing just 70 minutes, and here's Muller, serving for a


two-set lead against the double champion here at Wimbledon.


Yes, that it bounce up a little higher, but normally, he would pick


that off without any problem. Worth a challenge?


UMPIRE: Mr Muller is challenging the call, the ball was called out. It


seemed close. Mr Muller has no challenges remaining.


Well, it's been as good as that for most of the match. Two set points


for a two-set lead. Was that tightness or just a


one-off? Such a good shot from Muller! He's


challenging, and he's moving towards the chair, is Nadal. He knows that


Muller's shot landed. Here's confirmation. And would you believe


it, Rafa Nadal is two sets down to Gilles Muller of Luxembourg. And you


can hear the muttering in the crowd, no-one came here expecting this. Why


would they? But they know that Muller has played really well this


year, he is at a career high of 26, he's won ten matches on grass. But


really - he's been the boss! He has, it's been an incredible performance


so far. All thought, OK, on a grass court, he could cause Nadal some


problems, but it's been the combination. We didn't quite expect


his game to make Nadal look so out of sorts. Actually, in the last two


or three games, we have seen him miss a few routine balls, which will


go down as unforced errors, but can't call them unforced errors,


because he's feeling so uncomfortable with what Muller has


brought to the party, and that's the result. Looking at the stats, it


says four unforced errors in total for Nadal in this match, and yet


he's two sets down, because so many of the errors have been forced by


this guy. One more set will do it. He has


beaten Nadal here before, in 2005, 12 years ago, when Rafa was just 19


years of age, just beginning to know all about it. -- and we were just


beginning to know all about him. And now we do. For everyone who has seen


him this year, they are saying he has played as well as he ever has in


his life. I do think the other thing worth mentioning, the question at


the start of this match would have been, we know Muller will play


fantastic tennis, but does he have the fitness to do it over five sets?


The first two said to have taken one hour and 15 minutes, so I'm not sure


that's a factor any more. -- the first two sets. Here we go, then.


Can he come back? Three times in his career he has come back from two


sets to love down and gone through. SUE BARKER: We predicted this would


be a tricky opponent for Rafa, and it is proving to be. We're leaving


that match here on BBC Two, but it continues now on BBC One, so if you


want to continue watching it, switch over now to BBC One. Here, we will


head off to Centre Court to see Roger Federer against Grigor


Dimitrov. Just a short time ago, Andy Murray completed a straight


sets victory against Benoit Paire, a tricky opponent. He wasn't at his


very best but he got the job done and won the last point. He is


through to the quarterfinals here at Wimbledon once again. Andy Murray,


through on Centre Court. After the match, he spoke to Lynne McKenzie.


Congratulations, Andy. Benoit Paire, a pretty difficult game to read.


Yes, I thought I did pretty well today. Perhaps a couple of sloppy


service games, but that was by far the best I have hit the ball so far


in the tournament, so really pleased with that. He is not an easy guide


to play. He has one of the best backhands and can play every shot,


so it is not always easy to say where you should be playing the


ball. A challenge was overruled in the third set, but it looked like it


didn't upset you too much. You had a little joke about it. How


frustrating is that when it happens? Well... It's not that frustrating.


It is one point. We probably played about 300 out there, and it was the


first point of the game. Obviously, you want to try and win every point.


That is the mindset, but it is only just one point, and it wasn't an


important one. Maybe if it happened at 5-5 in a tie-break, it would be


different. It was fine. It's still worth having the discussion when you


are changing ends to clarify? Yeah, I guess so. That happens all the


time. Pretty much in every match, there are discussions between


umpires and players. Sometimes it is good just to get it off your chest,


and get an understanding of what the umpire once in those situations as


well. In the build-up to Wimbledon, the uncertainty of the injury, if


someone had said you would be through to the quarterfinals with a


level you are playing at, would you have taken that? Sure. Two weeks ago


I was resting. I was also a little bit concerned. When you are having


issues a few days before a big event, it's frustrating, but I


managed it well. I think I've played some good stuff. Today, like I said,


was the best I have played so far in the tournament. Yeah, I'm doing


well, so hopefully keep it up. Congratulations. Cheers. He is


safely through and he will face Sam Querrey in the quarterfinals on


Wednesday. Anderson saved four match points in the fourth set, but Sam


Querrey finally got the job done in the fifth set, 6-3. The battle of


the big servers ends with Sam Querrey, former Queen's champion,


going through in five sets to face Andy Murray on Wednesday. SUE


BARKER: The match between Milos Raonic and


is on the red button. Tomas Berdych has a break of serve in the third


set against Dominic Thiem. That one is also on the red button and on the


website. But we are heading to Centre Court. We have Rafael Nadal


on BBC One, but on BBC Two, you may have heard a roar and a short time


ago, because this man is walking onto court - Grigor Dimitrov


followed by Roger Federer, and the crowd always likes to welcome him


back to his favourite court. CHEERING


AND APPLAUSE Rafa is on BBC One, Roger on BBC


Two. It is a busy day, isn't it? Take


your breath. It is happening everywhere here. How did you feel


Murray played? I thought the most important thing was that he moved


great. He is perhaps B plus heading towards capital a minus. I


congratulate our lone American, Sam Querrey, because he has backed up


his great result of last year. After having those match points in the


fourth, a lesser man would have gone away and lost the plot a little bit,


so that was a strong effort. It certainly was. Rafa, two sets down.


We were talking the start of the programme about what a tough


opponent Muller is. He comes to Dennett. That is really the point.


He has got a great serve. And he has a great volley. It seems to be the


year where you have got to be over 30 to have success. We have Rafa on


Court Number One, Roger here, and this match will be beautiful to


watch, won't it? No question about it. You are watching the most


beautiful player who has ever stepped on a court. What about us,


John? We were OK, but not at this level. And Grigor Dimitrov is trying


to copy his game. He has done a pretty good imitation. It is


definitely a poor man's Federer, but I have to say that I am hopeful he


steps up, emotionally, mentally and in terms of the ability he can bring


to the table, like he did against Nadal in the semis in Australia. I


saw him in a semi-here. He played great against Novak. He played great


against Nadal. He hasn't won either of those, so here is the


opportunity, Mr Dimitrov, to do it. He has only lost 18 games. Has he


played someone of this guy's level yet? No, but he is in good form. He


had a stretch on the clay-court season when he wasn't doing well. He


started the year well. He had the semifinal of the Queen's Club. He


can show what he is made of right here tonight. Let's took at the


career of Grigor Dimitrov. Confidence is one of the most


important things right now. I am feeling great, my body is on a good


schedule. I think I am finding a good balance. Nine years ago, Grigor


Dimitrov found the perfect balance to win the boys' singles title at


Wimbledon. He describes it as one of his greatest memories. It is special


and I cherish it a lot. You never know how many times you will be able


to do that, so you take it as it is, you try to make the most out of it.


A quarterfinal win over Andy Murray in 2014 was further evidence that he


seemed destined for great things. It was a spectacular moment for me, and


I am looking forward to getting out there and playing on that the court


again. It's special. I've played on those courts a few times, and I have


a feeling I know how to get to Centre Court now, which is great,


not like the first time. It is all exciting and positive things. Since


that semifinal appearance three years ago, he has struggled for


consistency. He believes he is in a good place. I feel I am in a better


place in my life, I am a better player, physically and mentally. I


am a completely different player. . Baby Federer from an early age, he


faces the daddy himself. I am looking forward to playing my game


and playing on my terms. What does he have today... To do today, Boris?


They are so similar in looks and in technique, I think it is about


personality, to really show your position, and not only to play nice


tennis but to win. They have called time, so we had better go. There


will be some beautiful backhand is out on court. Thanks to Boris and to


John McEnroe. Rafael Nadal, two sets to love down, over on BBC One. John


McEnroe is about to join Andrew Cotter in the commentary box.


COMMENTATOR: It is a match for those who love the beauty of tennis. And


we are about to have a contest that will equal the aesthetics.


APPLAUSE A sprightly start from Dimitrov.


A helping hand for Federer's first point.


To me, Dimitrov has a tendency to toss the ball a little to his left,


which gives in that slice out why. He loves to pump up to speed up the


middle. He will often go out quite here. -- go out wide.


He seems to have settled in nicely, Dimitrov, but already, under a


little bit of pressure. You don't want to plant your feet, as he did


there. UMPIRE: Mr Federer is challenging


the call. The ball was called in. One part of his game when he's not


the very best is sometimes his challenges. Let's see if he is


right... No. He would prefer Dimitrov to hit a second serve.


Guess what... Gets a double. In the very first game,...


A good hold in the end for Dimitrov, and a good response to the pressure


from Federer. Psychologically, and you and Boris spoke about it before


the match, their games are so similar, but the psychology - they


have played five times and Federer has won them all. That is that they


covered all he has to overcome. One of them. You need to make better


decisions, better discipline under pressure. In the past, he has gone


for a lower percentage shots too often. That is the key thing.


APPLAUSE Dimitrov has an incredible ability


to slide, which, to me, he over does at times, and it puts him


off-balance too often. That gets exposed by the top players. You


don't see them reaching and getting out of position.


What a return from Dimitrov - full stretch, fired back across Federer.


Well, Federer holds with a good deal more comfort than Dimitrov. A full


crew in attendance, as usual, for Federer.


I'm not sure who has improved more, which is a fairly miraculous thing


to say, considering Roger will turn 36 next month. Grigor seems to have


gotten his game back on track. I keep waiting for him to make that


breakthrough, and it's a tall order. The top four guys... We thought it


was happening in 2014, that he would kick on from there. He seems to


coming back now. Sir Ben Ainslie. A lot of former


sports men and women on Centre Court today. Fresh back from the America's


Cup. Both these men have stunning


backhands, but Federer's is such a great weapon. Ever since he got that


racket with a bigger sweet spot, he has said that with more authority


and belief. A loose one from Federer finally


sees out the game for Dimitrov, and we remain on serve. Danny Valverde


watching, coaching Dimitrov. He held off on going to the bigger racket


for a long time. 2013 Federer eventually went to that. Explain the


difference and why he was reluctant. The reluctance was how much he won,


how great he is, and how much he had accomplished with the 90 square


inches frame. I don't know if it was stubbornness. Whatever combination


of things it is that forced him to slice it more and not step in, where


people kept encouraging him, coaches. His latest coach had a


tremendous backhand, and it seems to have finally occurred to Roger,


along with this bigger frame, more room to operate, easier to come


over. Let's not forget, the court was playing faster than in all the


years I have played or covered it, so that helped. And that has led to


something that is one of the great accomplishments that I have ever


seen, because I was coaching Milos Raonic and he lost. He didn't play a


tournament for six months because of an injury, and the first tournament


back, he won against Nadal. Come on, amazing. A little bit special


serving. All those who disappeared after the


Murray - Paire match coming back into Centre Court, being a little


noisy. Grigor Dimitrov does have a tendency


to try to overheat, go for too much. He has to play within himself. I


know he is excited. There is no question, playing this great man.


A phenomenal mover, still. All those years of competition, the surgery he


had last year with the knee. He is like the bionic man.


It's Federer holds. Of all the talent we talk about, we have


mentioned before that perhaps the greatest one of Roger Federer's is


that his body has given him so many years. He has had a couple of things


with his knee and his back, but by and large, he is pretty unscathed,


perhaps because of how well he moves. No question, that is a big


part of it. He does not count it at all. -- he does not pound it.


Beautiful. He has gotten better at that in the last year or two.


Dimitrov knows he's up against most of the crowd in here today as well,


although he is a very popular player. Most of his box is on his


side, I believe! Hand open, a good decision by Grigor


there, to go to the ball early, not to go too big. I do your time --


bide your time. Dimitrov started well. A little


shake in his first service game, but he looks pretty comfortable.


Grigor has worked very hard on his fitness. That was a big issue for


him, particularly early on, and he has done an excellent job of trying


to match the extraordinary levels of fitness that he sees from the top


players. If he ever is going to get over the hump, he knew that he had


to work exceptionally hard to work to the point where he could go the


distance, which he did, which is why that defeat to Nadal, the best match


he ever play, was so debilitating, even though he went there next week


and played in his home country, in a small event that he won, the rest of


the year, for the most part, has been pretty poor, considering what


he showed in Australia. He was working with Roger Rashid, a


tremendously fit coach himself. He was working for a while with a


physio trainer who had been with Warren Roger Federer for a while.


You look at Dimitrov, and you see how fit he looks. One of the best


matches of the last five years was that match with an adult. It was


incredible. -- with Nadal. Dimitrov giving a look and deciding


not to challenge. You can see that the court has been taking some


punishment in this Championships. Over the years, his return of serve


has been Dimitrov's weakness. He's not at the level necessary to win


slams, also it appears. Still just a single point for Dimitrov Federer.


-- against Federer. Another part of his game, presumably, that I've


heard he's worked on, and he has improved, but it's still a work in


progress. Too often he tries to go for too much, when it's not there


for him. If that ball looks behind the person


you're playing, look to go and cover the line, because it can be hard to


pull it back crosscourt from that position, if you're Federer.


Struggling a bit, with the cold, little out of sorts. He needs a


bigger racket! I doubt that! Started slow in his last match,


eventually got going. Not in full flow, that. This is his


opportunity to get his act together, get something going. Particularly


with the head-to-head. Long time with Andy Murray, Daniel


Verdu, and a spell with Tomas Berdych. -- Daniel Vallverdu.


APPLAUSE UMPIRE: New balls, please.


. Dimitrov keeps his nose in front. While he can do that, even Roger


Federer will feel a bit of pleasure, latter stages of the set. -- the


latter stages. It is astonishing, we've run out of superlatives, to be


doing what he's doing at 28 is outstanding, but to be doing it in


his 30s, no signs of wilting at all. Not at all. The guy's love for the


game is so phenomenal and such a great asset. We all love to play,


but losing the top people emotionally. You almost hate losing


more than you love winning, most people -- losing beats up people. Or


John loves all of it, and he has, I would say a unique ability -- Roger


loves all of it. He has a unique ability to shrug it off. Nadal is


battling to - one. But he looks like he's tearing him up a little bit. He


competes better than anyone, but this guy loves the press conferences


and the travel, he loves everything. They enjoy their time together.


New balls for Roger Federer. And he did the sensible thing of shutting


things down for the clay-court season. No need to win another


French Open, a tall order for his game. The stress. Why bother doing


that? Those other type of balls, he's got


to make Federer hit some tough ones, make him earn it. Stay disciplined.


He is a human being, I believe Roger is a human being, you know, I think


you bleeds like all of us, has emotion.


Focus each and every ball. You're going to be there every second of


this match if your Dimitrov. Easier said than done when this


guy's coming at you, sovereignty. -- smothering you.


APPLAUSE Well, the merest hint of a chance to


Dimitrov on the Federer serve is snuffed out. Just a hint of


perspiration on the brow of Roger Federer. Great conditions. The heat


was stifling for most of the first week. But now is the perfect time to


play, at 5pm -ish. A unique day, the second Monday. A great day.


You get to see Djokovic, he is on later.


Swinging a little bit, the sun is pretty bright out there at the


moment. Used to catching balls here. And immediate challenge from


Federer. With that shot overhead, he said,


I'll take my chances with the challenge. Another good challenge


from Federer. Oh, it's good, this time. Just from


Dimitrov. It is a good fight from Grigor there. He was under some


serious pressure. That's the ball you don't want to miss. Perhaps the


easiest one there is. You've got to be able to handle it. Well played.


Yes, they play similar, but to me, Federer has more firepower. He hits


the ball harder. He -- the pressure is on Dimitrov.


APPLAUSE You don't hear that too often from


Federer, getting animated. This is his chance. Well, that's a really


poor shot. It will cost him big time.


This time it's Dimitrov, looking to his coaches.


He likes that serve out wide. It is the preferred way for him. Roger has


to be alert to it. -- the preferred play.


Good coaching. What does that mean? Is it signalling him?


UMPIRE: Mr Dimitrov is challenging a call. The ball was called out. Mike


likely to be disbanded. Hawk-Eye will be the judge. -- to be


disappointed. Well wide. UMPIRE: Mr do a job has two challenges


remaining. -- Mr Dimitrov. Oh, long! Long from Dimitrov. Chance


number three coming for Roger Federer.


You're already serving after the modest rally of the match. -- the


longest rally. That forehand, that cost him.


Oh, another mistake has sat up for him as well. Dimitrov falters and


Federer closes in on this first set. It seems to be not controlled,


Dimitrov, because Federer has been holding with slightly more is. But


Dimitrov was coping, and then very quickly and got away from him. So


what with slightly more ease. Now this man is marching towards a one


set lead. I was talking about the discipline necessary. The shot


selection. At tense and important moments. And you have to follow


through. It's not the first or second ball, but every now and then


you get into one of those rallies. The 18th shot can be as meaningful


as the first, and you've got to stay with it. You can't give someone this


great a free point. In the end, you know, you missed to four hands in a


row and then you look up and you're sitting on the chair and this guy


that has won it seven times is saying, OK, thank you. Because he's


testing, probing, daring him to do that, and he obliged. That's pain. I


sometimes Dimitrov against Federer will chase his big shots even more.


He will think, I've got to do something special to beat this guy.


There's no question. It has actually been proven over time. That's


another reason why they're so tough to beat. Roger Federer serving for


the set. Beautifully done there. Moving


forward quickly, that the mis-hit. -- that is a mis-hit.


I get the feeling that Federer is moving better. In addition to


hitting it harder, in addition to having been there 100 times more.


APPLAUSE Closed out as he is closed out so


many games before, a hold to love. And Roger Federer is in control.


Analysing the big four or however many big players there might be,


what sort of form they are looking in. The bowl having a bit of a tough


match at the moment. We don't know how Djokovic is going to get on.


Andy Murray came through OK. You can't fault Roger Federer's


performances so far. It's hard to fault too many things about this


guy. Especially the way he's gone about his business over the years at


this tournament. He's just got an uncanny sense of knowing when the


other guy's going to blink, when he's feeling pressure, when to move


forward. When to sort of bite his time, all of these qualities, if you


can bind them and add them all up, in addition to he's one of the top


guys of all time, you can go down the list, his backhand, forehand is


one of the best shots that we've ever seen in tennis. The movement,


he's moving better than this guy. Why is that's somebody explain that


to me. He's 35, the other guy is 26. He's just better. He's a better


move, I guess that's what it boils to. What's Grigor Dimitrov's best


shot? His forehand, right? How did he miss all of those? The pressure


got to him. Federer's pressure. Dimitrov won the coin toss.


He will serve to start this second set.


He plays so quickly, Federer, too. I think the first set was 34 minutes.


It just happened so fast. You never relax against this guy.


Well, you think you're playing well and beating and living with him, the


next time you're sitting down in the changing rooms. -- competing with


him. So, a good start, a good start to


the second set for Grigor Dimitrov. Talking about who the winner might


play in this one, Milos Raonic or Alex Zverev. That would be


interesting, Federer against Raonic in the semifinal last year.


Well, you're looking at a future number one in all likelihood with


Zverev, a few years down the road. And you are looking at the guy in


the finals of Wimbledon. You see that Roger's draw is not simple, by


any means. I'm wondering as I watch this, hoping for a competitive set


so that Dimitrov can figure out a way to lift is gained. I don't even


think Federer is playing his absolute best yet -- to lift his


game. You better find another one or two of your own. His father.


APPLAUSE So, nothing from either player in


this second set. STUDIO: We have to leave this match.


If you want to continue watching, you can. It will be our featured


match on the red button. We will of course keep you up-to-date with it


here on BBC Two. But we're going to the big story that is unfolding over


on Court Number One, with Rafael Nadal, the two time champion, 2-1


down to the big server from rocks Blood, Joel Moon love. He was 2-0


down, but he's fighting back -- the big server from Luxembourg, Gilles


Muller. Jamie Baker is alongside Simon Reed.


COMMENTATOR: Nadal fighting like a lion. Muller, who played lights out


tennis for one hour and a quarter, taking those first sets. The


pressure being exerted. Aimed by game now. -- game by game.


Great disguise! How quick was he onto it?! And then Muller totally


deceived. We are starting to see more and more points like this.


Nadal is finding a way to get into the Muller service game. Great touch


to finish that one-off. CHEERING


Enough power! Nadal with a big fist up to his band


of followers. You can hear the growing of


disappointment. -- the groan of disappointment.


Oh, he needed to be 6-foot for them. -- 6-foot for then. What a time to


come out of the second serve like that, 110 mph out wide and following


it in. Just super! Nadal like a call yorked


spring there. You can be denied, and yet he was. -- equal Yalda spring.


-- he couldn't be denied, and yet he was.


And Nadal is now one out of ten on break point opportunities.


Umpire label Mr Miller is challenging the call, the ball is


called out. -- UMPIRE: Mr Muller is challenging the call, the ball is


called out. Here is another break point for the Spaniard. UMPIRE:


Advantage Nadal. Again, Nadal standing so far back.


He has got the break, and it is 3-2. Jamie, one break has been enough in


each set so far, and I can't see that changing. It has, but this has


turned into just such a fantastic contest between these two players,


especially on the moolah service game. It is a tactical battle. Nadal


has really dropped off the baseline to return the serve, and the result


has been that molar Fiat -- Muller... Ned Al's positioning has


had the desired effect, and the net result is that he is getting into


more points, -- Nadal's positioning. Just a great contest. Playing the


tennis of his life. Is it going to be enough? He has unsettled Nadal,


but can he unseat him? CROWD GROANS


That wasn't in the script, because he seemed to make a very quick move


to it. For so long, it was Nadal not being


able to read the Muller serve, and now the tables have turned.


For the first couple of sets, it was Ned Al being bossed around, and


that, too, has changed completely. --


And now the pendulum is moving pretty quickly. UMPIRE: New balls,


please. We talked about red at the start of the match. You get the


feeling now, especially on the Nadal service game, it is not the normal


rhythm he would expect against some of the baseline players he has


played in the first couple of rounds, but he has settled into the


rhythm that is comfortable for this match.


So, the love service game, still Nadal 4-3.


So, what is the way forward now? Will there be a chance for Muller to


break? It looks as if it is receding, that chance, with each


successive Nadal service game. Nadal, at the moment, terrific


serving stats in this set so far. He has dropped just one point behind


his first serve, and one point behind his second. It is a tough ask


for Gilles Muller. He, too, is a terrific competitor. Through his


career, he has had to battle with injury, a lack of success, a lack of


confidence, probably. Jamie Delgado seemed to change it around two or


three years ago when he got hold of him, then there was another injury,


and then this year, he has just gone up another level. You mentioned


confidence, and we have been talking about it in respect of Nadal, but


Gilles Muller has won ten grass court matches in the tournaments he


has played, so he is also very confident.


Making the big man change direction. We really didn't see many of these


points in the first couple of sets, Nadal just dominating with his


forehand. People play as many of those as he can. -- he will play.


That backhand set it up. He is hitting the backhand better now. He


is, when he is seeing the short ball, he is looking and feeling more


comfortable. APPLAUSE


I thought the earlier shot was going long, and the dull for a split


second stop. -- and Nadal for a split second...


No mistake that time. And he moves to within a game of taking this to a


fifth set. Oh! You had to feel Von Miller then.


A really good volley, but no reward. Again, Nadal giving himself the time


to get a full swing on that return. Another huge stretch. So difficult


to pass. That is a great example of keeping


your hands in front, allowing him to deal with that pace.


Muller keeps the Spaniard honest, forces him to serve out in this


fourth set. SUE BARKER: And we will be right back to see if he does do


that. We will update you with what is happening on Centre Court. Just a


few moments ago, Roger Federer, with a set point, serving at 5-2, taking


another big serve. That set took just 27 minutes. Dad is happy, and


Roger is happy. He is 2-0 up in sets, 6-4, 6-2. That was a short


time ago, and they are back playing. If you want to watch that match, it


is our featured match on the red button. You can follow it on the


website as well. Other matches going on at the moment, on Court Number


Two, Sasha is very, the 20-year-old, is 5-3 up at 1-1. He has a break of


serve. -- Sasha Zverev. Tomas Berdych is edging towards victory.


He is a break up in the fifth set. He was the runner-up in 2010. That


match is on the red button and on the website. Back we go to see Rafa


serve. COMMENTATOR: Two and a half hours we have been going.


APPLAUSE He got just the return he wanted. He


has still dropped just one point behind his first serve in the set.


And that is a superb volley. Generally, he has missed one or two


here. He is one of the best volley players in the world. Really good at


picking the right time to come in and finish. When you think of the


work he has put into that area of his game throughout his career, just


fantastic. Oh!


APPLAUSE Magical Nadal. Three set points.


Is it going to be possible to deny him right now? Mother is going off,


just like Nadal went off after the opening set. -- Muller is going. He


played some fantastic tennis towards the end of that set. It is


impressive how he has bounced back from the first hour and a quarter of


this match. As you mentioned, Simon, how dominant he has been his serve


in the fourth set, I think that really has been as a result of being


able to get into more of Muller's service games. He has felt more


comfortable and confident, only dropping one or two points on serve


in the fourth set, and we are now in a one set shoot out, but Muller is


in the position almost that Nadal was in sets one and two. The tables


are turned. The question is, how can Muller regroup and when he comes


back on the court, the key thing will be that he needs to have the


belief that he can win this final set. If he doesn't, coming up


against a competitor like Nadal, it's hard to believe how he's going


to be able to do it. There is an chair with uncle Tony. Carlos Moya


takes over next year as the main coach, but he is not here.


But Nadal was just really turning it on at the end of that fourth set,


and it seems that the skill he has, coupled with the competitiveness, he


is undeniable at the moment. I guess the bookmakers would have Gilles


Muller at long odds against right now. Absolutely. Watching a match


like this, one of the true greats of the game, you understand what


separates great players from good ones. How many times in this


tournament have we watched matches where a player goes two sets down,


and it is not an extreme change, but they lose a bit of edge, and the


third set is not as competitive. Straightaway, in that third set, as


soon as Nadal won his first point, he showed Muller that there is still


a match to be played here, right away. That is impossible to


underestimate how big a skill and talent that is. Yes, and couple that


with the record he has a matches like that, he is like a tidal wave.


That is the reason why he is able to build his reputation in the first


place. As he builds momentum with his achievements, it gets stronger


and stronger and stronger. The serve for Muller is so key. It was the


foundation of him going to sets up. -- two sets up. If he can keep


holding serve, you never know. Maybe there is one bad service game left


in Rafa, but it doesn't look like it at the moment. He is a fascinating


watch. Even when he is still, which he rarely is. He is never still!


They had a real treat, the 13,000 of them here around this court.


We've been waiting for the umpire. He's back. Here we go, then, for


this deciding set. Can Rafa come from two sets down and win a Grand


Slam match? For the fourth time in his career.


That's good to see. He has wiped the slate clean.


Well, it was almost impossible to dig that one out.


That is an encouraging start for his supporters. Just like Nadal after


the first set, he has regrouped. Nadal's form, which was patchy in


the first set, better in the second, even though he lost it, he has got


stronger and stronger. He has got to a level where we doubt that the man


from Luxembourg can reach. His serving is now of monumental


proportions. 17 aces now. And that is the return that caused


Nadal so much trouble in those first two sets. Obviously, Nadal's serving


as vastly improved. -- has vastly improved since then.


Oh, yes! There is the new Nadal backhand in all its glory. No wonder


they are all on their feet. We have been talking about Nadal not having


a weak opening any more. If ever you needed evidence... What a backhand


that is! -- a weaker wing. APPLAUSE


From the sublime... UMPIRE: Mr Nadal is challenging the


call, left baseline. Was it because it hit the line, or was it just


behind the line? The line it was. The call stands.


UMPIRE: Mr Nadal has two challenges remaining.


Oh, yes! A whole box of tricks has been unleashed now.


The return was impressive. But equally how quickly he got into


position. To hit that forehand winner.


APPLAUSE The first serve was in. By one


millimetre, he challenged it. That challenge, whether it could be


costly. Good staff from Gilles Muller! Still


assured on serve. He's telling Nadal, you've got to


work for this, I'm not bowing down to you. How is it the bowl has


managed to turn this match around? We look that serve placement of the


first two sets, you can see, not the usual serving place for a lefty, not


using the wide serve much at all. Some due 1% going down the middle.


Skip that an sets three and four and look at that, specifically the wide


serve on the out court, 60% out there. Also on the deuce court,


favouring the wide serve us well. Gilles Muller, you are two sets up,


why are you changing the winning tactic? Because Rafa Nadal has


dropped back his returning position significantly. Three or four metres


sometime in the first serve and equally back on the second serve.


When Moulin is stepping up to the line he's thinking, where can I


serve? -- when Muller. He has the, of course on a grass court -- he has


to go wide. It has been enough to get two breaks.


GASPS Such care and precision from Nadal!


This is fantastic tennis. At this stage in the fifth set, every single


point is so important. Oh, so good! Again, you can see, the


shot was enough to win the rally in the end.


Oh, it's just brilliant. He is challenging. It looks that first


view as if it was in. It went in at huge pace, too.


Unbelievable shot. Just so much spin on that, bringing it down to worth


at the very last moment. -- down to earth.


Listen to them! They love his spirit, Rafa Nadal.


UMPIRE: Mr Muller is challenging the call. The ball was called out.


Oh! Just in case you didn't see it first time, I'll do it again!


Oh! Three fantastic shots! Nadal might have thought that the return


was going to be an outright winner. This is the pick-up of somebody who


is comfortable at the net. Did nothing more than just but his


racket out, let the pace and the ball do all of the work. -- put his


racket out. Did you see the wicked swing on


that?! It came to serve out wide, and you


can see how Rafa was forced to take it and he still won the point.


APPLAUSE He was pushed off balance. For the


first time we're starting to see some hesitation from Muller. That


was a short return from Nadal, expecting Muller to come forward


into the net off that one. APPLAUSE


A wonderful climax. There is no doubt that Gilles Muller


has upped his game significantly between sets four and five. He has,


I think the break after the end of the fourth set, she really took the


opportunity to regroup. Also the fact that he is serving first in


this fifth set could well make a difference, if he can hold one or


two more times, suddenly being able to apply that scoreboard pressure on


adult's service game could be a factor. You know, at this point, it


has been a bit of a chess game in terms of the serve and return. But


when you get to the real climax of the fifth set, willpower is


really... It really does come down to that. A big shout from Muller


when he helped that service game. He's definitely here for the fight.


But if it's a battle of willpower, you wouldn't want to take on Nadal.


That is a fair point. Prince Felix of Luxembourg. A big tennis player.


Here to support his man, who is given a fabulous account of himself


here. So, one break has been enough in


every set so far. A bit of coaching there from


Francesco Roy. Not seen by the umpire.


Oh! A change of mind? Very unusual boldly from Nadal, that. -- very


unusual volley. He stumbles slightly fair. -- there.


It wasn't a confident volley, that. No question Nadal is giving himself


a bit of a talking to on the volley here. Again, trying to hit that shot


but just got far too much length on it. You've got to do one or the


other -- trying to hit that shot. CHEERING


Oh, just a sliver of a chance. But Nadal holds. Looking a little edgier


then. We have seen in the last hour. He's certainly looking for a bit


more conviction on those vollies. But the positive sign from the


Bell's point of view is that he is looking to take the initiative. --


from Nadal's point of view. Taking the territory that Muller hasn't


taken. He knows that if he doesn't do that, his opponent well.


APPLAUSE Electric speed, it was just too


good. So well played from Muller, that


forehand approach, so many times a player will be looking to hit that


deep, so clever, bouncing on the surface, making it so much harder


for Nadal to pick that up. A shot that would have been a


formality in the first hour or so. But he wasn't missing a thing.


Brilliant play! Superb exhibition of that play from Gilles Muller. Still


very much in this. STUDIO: Yes, this is really tense,


the fifth and final set, we'll be right back with it. Over on Centre


Court, Roger Federer is cruising through, 6-4, 6-2. Now three match


points against Grigor Dimitrov. That's on the red button, our


featured match. Only been on here one hour and 27 minutes. When you


see Raza struggling out on number one court, no, the first one gone --


when you see Rafa. So much expected of this match, Roger up against the


much role. He looks to be playing the best tennis of his career,


trying to surge back into the world top ten. But it has certainly been


all Federer today out on Centre Court. That is out! And so Roger


marches on, and the crowd rises to him once again. We thought this


might be a really tricky match for him. Dimitrov has been racing


through his first three rounds. But no, Street sets win. -- straight


sets win. The delighted fans on Centre Court really appreciated


seeing him out on his favourite quote once again. 35 years old, and


off he goes -- on his favourite quote. This will be on the red


button feature match, Sascha Zverev 2-1 up against Milos Raonic. Making


a break point there. That is on the red button. Back we go to Court


Number One. COMMENTATOR: No brakes so far in


this fifth set, no break points either.


We thought it would be a match of tie breaks. There hasn't been won,


and there won't be won, because this obviously will go the distance. It


might well. Yes, he thought there would be a


chance there to really put Nadal under pressure.


Yes! Two or three metres behind the baseline.


APPLAUSE Perfect serving from the Spaniard.


CHANTING Nadal, Nadal. It must be tough for


Muller to hear. UMPIRE: Thank you, ladies and


gentlemen, the players are ready. APPLAUSE


So often, and still so impressive. It's almost like in these last few


games Muller has got used of the new return position of Nadal, he is got


his rhythm back. They say that line has a rich vein


for him on the out-of-court. -- the out-of-court.


Mondal just not able to get the ball in play. Such a big game.


GASPS A love service game for Gilles


Muller. And it is so impressive. He looked


at the end of the fourth set as if he was being overwhelmed by


everything that Nadal brings to the court, physically, mentally, the


whole package. But far from it. Yes, he did a fantastic job of


regrouping. I do think in this fifth set he's been much more comfortable


in his service game. Really finding his rhythm again, understanding what


the Dell is trying to do to unsettle him. We've seen a lot more serve and


volley from him over the last couple of sets, because Nadal being so far


back, he saying, OK, if you're going to give me that much space, I'm


going to come in and take it. Whether that will really pay off in


the telling moments of the fifth set, we will have to wait and see.


History tells you that Nadal comes through this. But maybe Muller


hasn't read the history books. CHANTING


Rafa, Raph. -- Rafa. Three hours and 12 minutes, we've been going. Nadal


serving to stay in Wimbledon 2017. CHEERING


The pressure. UMPIRE: Thank you, ladies and


gentlemen, thank you. GASPS


I don't believe that's... His second double fault of the


match. A pedigree serve, but can he do it




Oh! It has been so good for him, that serve. Never better than that.


We talked earlier in the match about producing tennis at the right times.


Back to the wall for Nadal - an ace and to make big serves.


-- two big serves. CHEERING


We just witnessed something special. I was going to say unbelievable, but


of course it is believable from Nadal. He is the ultimate Warrior.




The standard in this fifth set has been extraordinary. And in the last


few minutes, as well, what a pick-up from Muller. A good move from Nadal,


trying to sneak in. He got the curve, but too much


length. An exquisite pick-up from Gilles


Muller. In this cauldron of an atmosphere, and 11,000 of the 13,000


who are here are against him, and he produces shotmaking like that. I


know. We have to say, we have just witnessed brilliance from both


players. For what Nadal did in that game at 15-40 was just, as you said,


we say unbelievable, but not unbelievable because it is Nadal. We


talked about willpower, everything you would want in this situation,


Nadal has. But we cannot estimate the underestimate Gilles Muller. To


come out and hold like that and just throw it straight back to Nadal and


say, come on, I'm ready. Give it to me again. And he probably will.


So, Nadal serves for the second time to stay in this.


APPLAUSE We mentioned earlier, because the


sets went so quickly, that it was unlikely to be a physical fatigue


factor, and I think that remains, even though we have been going for


three hours and 22 minutes. CHEERING


A lot of people are laughing, it's that good. And for the first time in


the match, Gilles Muller reading the Nadal drop shot. The strength it


took for Nadal to jump up and get that much pace on that wall. One of


the hardest shots in tennis. -- on that ball.


Super angle at a stretch from Muller. Once again, he is two points


from finishing this. How can he possibly be denied? And


yet, he just might. It's still Muller who looks the more likely to


break serve. It's a question of, what can Nadal do to upset the


Muller rhythm again? Muller has helped a lot in his last


two service games. Beautiful touch here to go ahead again. -- Muller


has held till love. At full stretch, and again, got the


control somehow. Just a stunning volley from Muller, dropping it


short so Nadal has no chance to get there.


Amazing how wide he was when he tried that.


He hasn't used the slice much, Nadal. That time, the change of


pace, just catching Muller off-guard.


Was it the shot? I can see why he went for the shot, because Nadal


really is so far back in the courts. It is a difficult shot when there is


not much pace to work with. Well, it was another serve with a


lot of spin. He has made errors. As you can see,


40 of them. But none may be more significant than that one.


He follows it up with that. That's a tell-tale sign. Here is Nadal, then,


with break point. Oh! What a serve! That is the first


break point Nadal has had in this set. Having gone wide so many times,


such a good decision to go down the T with that serve.


After making two horrific errors, he has played the last two points well.


Great discipline on that volley, going behind Nadal. It is such a


more difficult shot than running onto a forehand pass.


Again, down the middle,... A quite extraordinary contest. He has been


on the tour 17 years, Gilles Muller. This would be the winner of his


career. It is almost like everything has been building up through all the


years to this performance. Yeah, and it has. He has been really fantastic


from the word go, and even the two set he lost, you cannot say he


played bad tennis. He is playing against one of the players, if not


the greatest competitor, that we have ever seen in the game. Just in


that last game, you thought, are we seeing signs of mental fatigue, with


the errors, or a bit of tension creeping in? As you rightly said,


Simon, he bounced back with two fantastic points just when he needed


it. So, Nadal serving for the third time


to stay in the match. He chose to hit the forehand there,


interestingly. It is still a forehand you would expect Nadal to


make, but these are the type of errors that can creep in when the


pressure is on. It looked for a fleeting moment as


though it might creep over. A wonderful change of direction


there. That is the shortest second serve we have seen for a while from


Nadal. Muller, alert to it. So sharp, Nadal. It looks as though


he has just come out on court, after three hours and 37 minutes.


It's the second massive match that Gilles Muller has had. In this


second round, he says two match points and won his match. Here, he


has had two match points. -- he saved two match points.


UMPIRE: Mr Nadal is challenging the call. It looked in, and Nadal,


having challenged, is moving across. UMPIRE: The call stands.


Almost identical spot to the first one. Those second serve


opportunities, you can see Nadal talking to his box after the last


one. At this point in the match, you need to make all of those because


you know Muller has got big serves in him.


He did so well to judge the bounce as well as he did.


The new version of the Nadal backhand strikes again. That's


exactly why he is standing a bit further back - a good hit on the


ball. Well, it's the match of Wimbledon so


far. Three hours and 41 minutes, and the entertainment has never flagged.


We sensed there could be something special when Muller started so well,


took that first set. We were really surprised when he took the second.


Nadal has just dug in and shown all the extreme qualities that we love


him for. Well, he almost had it too easy in the first three rounds,


didn't drop a set all the way through. And he won Roland Garros at


a canter. Suddenly, this guy has come along to railroad him. And he


has held his nerve so well, Gilles Muller.


So, Nadal, serving for the fourth time to stay in Wimbledon.


Again, he kept so cool. Nadal, continuing to ask the question. And


there is the answer. Oh! Did so well to wrong-foot Nadal.


No wonder he's cursing. After three and three quarters


hours, we continue. Still looks as fresh as a daisy. There they are on


Henman Hill. Having a great time. This is some match.


Muller continues to look high school. -- ice cool.


It's as if he's played these matches all his life. You're right, he looks


so calm. He doesn't waste any energy at all.


The return asked the question. Muller, that time, not with the


answer. It just does not take much to go from one look like a


comfortable service game... One double-faulted and Nadal has a


sniff. The stakes are higher. Nadal making


sure of that. It was Nadal's length on his ground strokes doing all the


damage. Not allowing Muller to take advantage of the forecourt.


Here is a guy who's lost his last 22 matches against top five players,


who's been on the tour 17 years and never won at idle until this year.


He's won two this year. Now he's in the match of his life against a


Rafael Nadal who's been playing some of the best tennis of his career.


It's safer nominal performance. It really is, and he's looked


completely unfazed from the staff, he had believed from the start that


he had the game on this surface to trouble Rafael Nadal and he's been


proved absolutely right. It's not so much the quality of his tennis,


which of course has been impressive, but the way he's handled himself on


the court in these really, really high-pressure moments against one of


the greats of the game. He hasn't looked faced at any point. He made a


couple of errors at 6-6, but he bounced back. And he's had to take


on most of the crowd. About 95% of them. Rooting for Nadal.


For a fifth time, he serves to stay in the match.


Brilliant. I'm surprised Muller didn't come in behind his forehand.


Could have had Nadal on the ropes. Exquisite touch, though, from the


Spaniard. Again, Merlot so clever, didn't go


for anything too much. -- Muller so clever. There's hardly been a


flicker of emotion from him right the way through.


They've seen him come through situations like this year after


year. I'm sure they believe he's going to


do it again. Nadal says to him, not that time! I


may have been burnt many times out there, but ready for this. Fantastic


forehand from Nadal. You can see him muttering to himself all the time,


willing himself to get ahead in one of these Muller service games.


Whichever way he chooses to go on that serve, especially in the last


15 to 20 minutes, just out of the reach of Nadal.


It's not going to stop him going there.


A game that backhand return. Muller didn't have a prayer. -- a gain


How quick was Rafa in there? Great movement from Nadal. Not only that,


when he got up to the net, didn't try to do too much, played himself


into position. The slice just undid him. It is


break point for Nadal, only his second break point of the set. His


record isn't good, as you could see. He trusted in that backhand. And


Muller trusted in his. What a response from Gilles Muller! You


thought... Nadal asking the questions. What a passing shot!


It can get windy on Court One. Muller thought this was sailing out.


Inside the line! Second chance for Nadal.


Just couldn't get close enough to pull the trigger. That volley was


just short enough from Gilles Muller. If that had been a foot or


so deeper it would have been straight into the stride of Rafael


Nadal. One of his biggest mistakes in four


hours. Could it be his most costly? UMPIRE: thank you, thank you,


players are ready. Nadal just making sure, he's going


to challenge, but I think it's a forlorn challenge. An unusual


mistake for him to make. Confused look from Nadal because it was a


great return. Just pushing that long.


The volley wasn't quite good enough. And Nadal again and electric in his


movement. UMPIRE: Correction. Replay the


point. And he will get a first serve. That's really tough on Nadal


losing a first serve on the correction. Good correction, too.


UMPIRE: First service. Mr Nadal with no challenges remaining.


Wouldn't you know it? That was travelling.


With all his strength, he couldn't do enough. Too short. Suitably


mopped up by Muller. Having saved four break points, Muller has this


to go ahead again. And Nadal not too aggrieved that the


intervention, the correct intervention, from the umpire. And


it was important. We are fortunate to be so close to the players,


studying Nadal's facial expressions in between those points. I'm not


sure the crowd were quiet during any of those pounds -- points, but Nadal


was so calm between the points, shaking off the previous point. The


overall was unlucky, but he viewed it as being out of his control. It


was the second serve return, he mis-hit it and he knew it was a


chance. Very frustrated. But look at Muller, he hasn't blinked. Mentally


for him is quite a phenomenal performance. Even for Nadal this is


a big match. He's played maybe 15 or 20 of these matches in this -- in


his life, similar to theirs. Muller, never. This is new territory. He's


found out what strong character he's got.


I think it's out. We can't see the line judge. Yes, it is out.


Backhand to the rescue. He was concerned about the serve being


called out, he can't challenge, out of challenges. We're pretty sure it


was out. Indeed, we've had that confirmed by Hawk-Eye.


How brave was heaved there? Great play from Nadal. But for Gilles


Muller, two second service from 0-30. Almost reverting to just


hoping Nadal makes the error. It's not what's got him into this


position in the match. It's in. A simply glorious shot.


It's his third match point. 55 minutes, nearly, after his first.


He's done it so many times it's almost mundane.


How on earth did he get to that first one? He had no right! Just


when you thought this slice was enough. Just getting a racket onto


it. Quite a good match, this! It's growing, isn't it?!


Bit of a stumble but I don't think he would have got to it. Magnificent


play from Gilles Muller. Just got a bit of a kick. Muller was


really going for that, trying to be aggressive. You can hardly blame


him. It was a little ambitious. Nadal, on


the baseline, would probably have got to that.


Nadal in a frenzy. Looks like Muller has been in a fridge!


He's got no challenges. I think it was OK. I can understand why he is


perturbed but that is the problem. The 11th time he goes in front in


this set. Gilles Muller will be licking his


lips about this. Marin Cilic earlier on today beat Roberto Bautista Agut.


A bit of a contrast to this. He was in court for about ten minutes. Just


as well there is a day off in between matches in the Grand Slams.


We know all about the strengths of Nadal, mental and physical. What is


so impressive about Muller is that he has matched him, physically and


mentally. Absolutely, all the chances he has had, you look, he has


been a better player in this fifth set, he has been the one who has


looked like he could win this match. Very dominant on his service games.


Nadal is quite simply just refusing to be beaten. Through every ounce of


his competitive instinct. For the seventh time, he serves to


stay in the match. He is pointing to something, I don't


quite know what it is. It is part of a temporary structure


at the top of this Court One stadium. Something reflecting back


on him. Maybe there is a reconstruction going on, not during


the tournament but all around it. UMPIRE: If we can have four or five


people stand behind that balcony. LAUGHTER


Use asking the spectators to stand up!


Super, aggressive play from Gilles Muller. Nadal couldn't cope with the


power. Absolutely, it is Muller again, all the success in the return


games. Hard down the middle, just so affected. -- effective.


They are saying that he did the right thing, I think that's the


right tactic from them even if it wasn't from him. Got to keep him


buzzed. After getting pinned in that corner,


he found the forehand he wanted. He needed to be that good.


Team Nadal are willing the man on but you have to wonder how much


pressure can he withstand? It feels like every single game, he is 0-30


or break point down. What on earth was that? He went for


the drop shot and then I think flashbacks of what happened in the


last game changed his mind. Would have been a clean winner.


Can't forgive himself for that but it will all be forgotten in a few


seconds time. He gritted his teeth but he came out


smelling of roses. It is totally in the balance. All


the signs would point normally to Nadal here, physically, mentally,


performance wise. And yet, what we have seen in the last four hours or


so, makes it a 50-50 call. Absolutely and even this fifth set,


Muller has looked like the more likely to come through this match.


Almost all the way through it. Nadal will just be absolutely kicking


himself in the last game. 15-30, a slow second serve and dumping it in


the net. Do you think there will come a point when stamina plays a


part? Presumably. It hasn't been the most sapping of matches even though


it has lasted over four hours. I think you are right. I think it will


come in at some point. More men to lead and physically. We have seen a


few errors from Muller but he has always managed to regroup on the


next point or a couple of points later, just in time. At some point,


somebody has to blink. This is not just the best much of


the tournament but the longest one also. Just overtaken Bedene against


Karlovic. Nadal trying to muscle his way past


Muller. Muller with the better timing. It was the first forehand of


Nadal in that round, he played himself out of position but that is


too good from Gilles Muller from that shocked onwards. -- from that


shot onwards. UMPIRE: Mr Muller challenging the


call. He's using one challenge here. I think he has seen some chalk on


the ball. UMPIRE: Mr Muller with two


challenges remaining. So Nadal now has three challenges


left to complete reset at 12-12. Muller with three also. Just


thinking of those 23 aces,. A lot of free points from Nadal. Certainly in


sets three and four, the impact of his serve started. It's a


celebration of what has been a great afternoon and a riveting evening.


UMPIRE: Thank you, you can continue the next changeover. Thank you.


It is the first time I have heard an umpire deal with a Mexican wave in


that way. Very effective, stopped immediately!


It really is marvellous play from Muller.


Generally, his service games have been so much easier than Nadal's.


Yes and I think what Nadal did with his return position really worked,


in terms of dropping back and giving him some time. It does look to me


like Muller has found a way to tackle that, using the wide service,


especially on the ad court, then following it in with a volley.


Nadal, it is time to really make that up slightly, give Muller


something different to look at because it has been very comfortable


in his service games. It is a light evening, we will be


fine for light. 8:20pm, we have got at least another


hour and a quarter of daylight. But it is starting to become a real


marathon. Still packed out on the hill. Hardly anyone is left -- has


left Court Number One. It is the ninth time he has served


to stay in the match. A really good serve. Couldn't even


block it back. The wind is beginning to get up. It


is a pretty well in closed court but you can see Muller's shirt being


ruffled quite a bit. You can hear it a little bit as well.


Nadal just going all the way back to his instincts, just doing everything


he can to make his opponent play as many balls as possible.


The longest rally in this match, 12 shots.


Not what you normally associate with a Nadal match.


Still not a flicker of emotion from him. As if he does this every day.


Such a contrast, they make, with Nadal, so full of hustle and bustle


and energy, emotion. This guy. He would be a great poker player. Yes,


there is no way you want to take Nadal at his own game. He is by far


the best at that. Muller has done such a great job of reacting to what


Nadal has done. Served and volleyed so much. Keeping the ball so low,


every passing shot Nadal has to come up with is very often from below the


height of the net. Immediately giving Muller more time to see the


next shot. Nadal comes up with a tenth time to stay in the


tournament. Just looking down, this set has


lasted 132 minutes. Just this one set which is bound to be longer than


the whole of the Cilic match. Against Roberto Bautista Agut.


Now then. More pressure on the Nadal serve.


Fed up with himself because he felt he would have a good chance to get


some match points there. Think of the ball kids. Match point


number five. After 17 years, it's the win of his


life and the double champion is beaten. A titanic match. Nadal, as


ever, so sporting. It is Muller's day.


He's waited a tennis lifetime for this. Nadal loses nothing in defeat,


but try telling him that. He played his part in a quite magnificent


match and he played awfully well. On this day, this evening, it wasn't


good enough. People standing all around this Number 1 Court.


What a man he is, Rafael Nadal. Will you ever hear a loud ovation? Just


incredible. Muller proved he has the mental strength of a champion. Great


that Nadal can stop, having been beaten, and he must be bitterly


disappointed, but he signs some autographs. He is a fantastic role


model. (STUDIO) and that is the biggest


upset of these championships. The longest match of Wimbledon 20 is


deemed so far. Rafa Navarro, the fourth seed, has gone. Beaten by


Gilles Muller, 34 years old. Let's hear from him now.


Many congratulations. How do you feel after that epic match against


one of the game's great players? Tired! It was a long match. I was


two sets up. Rafa stepped it up and that the end it was just a big


battle. I had match points, I believe I had four and didn't make


them so it was getting really tough. I was also watching the sky because


I was feeling it would be over pretty soon. When I had the last two


match points, I said give it a shot, go 100%. Great feeling to win. Rafa


came back from two sets down and its 2-2, a lot of people think Rafa will


win. How did you keep your composure and your belief in the fifth set? I


didn't feel like I played bad in the fourth set so I told myself to keep


it up and if it's not happening, he's just too good. I started


serving a bit better, maybe. At the end it's just the matter of a few


points here and there. It's tough to say what made the difference at the


end. When you won, what was the feeling like knowing you had done it


in such a big match with so much at stake? I don't know, I haven't


really realised what just happened! It's a great feeling. I was worried


it would be over pretty soon. I was thinking about what to do, to come


back the next day and finished the match. I'm just glad it's over and


I'm in the quarterfinals. Were you aware of Prince Felix of Luxembourg


in the stands? I heard he was going to come. We know each other, he's a


big tennis fan, the Royal family of big tennis players. Great fun to


have him here. Well played. Gilles Muller, the 16th seed, from


Luxembourg, has knocked out Rafael Nadal. Four hours and 48 minutes.


15-13 in the fifth set. Wimbledon have just announced there will be no


further played tonight. Novak Djokovic, who was due to follow that


match, will have to come back tomorrow. It's a huge result for


Muller. He's got a good record on grass this year but everyone thought


Nadal was in the form of his life, having won his tenth French Open


championship. John McEnroe and Tracy Austin are with me. All of the last


16 apart from Djokovic and man Arena in action. Your reaction? Nadal was


playing great leading up to this tournament. He was unbelievable on


the clay. You get


Sue Barker presents live action from SW19 as the fourth round of Wimbledon gets underway. This time last year eventual champion Andy Murray sailed past an underperforming Nick Kyrgios to record his 50th win at Wimbledon.

It is the 90th anniversary of the BBC's first radio broadcast from the All England Club and 80 years since the corporation's TV cameras recorded their first matches. To mark the occasion, we take a look back at some of the greatest moments in the company of some legends from the game of tennis.