Day 7, Part 2 Wimbledon

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Day 7, Part 2

Continued live coverage from day seven of the 2017 Wimbledon Championships.

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Week one at Wimbledon was packed with action. But today, things shift


up a gear. The last 16 in the men's and women's draw all play, big


names, champions, wherever you look. It is a day like no other in the


Grand Slam Callander. So, stick with us, you won't want to take your eyes


off it. This is magical Manic Monday.


What a day this is, greater matches everywhere, all over the ground. And


the Homer helps Joe Kaunda and Andy Murray hope to become the best


players from Great Britain to reach the last eight Saint Roger Taylor


and Virginia Wade back in 1973 -- Johanna Konta. Player started at


11:30am and some matches are over with the ladies particularly busy


today. We will update you on the scores in just a moment. Earlier


today, this man, Andy Murray, was out on his favourite practice court


around the corner, he came through a very tricky third-round match


against Barbier von Nini. He will be second on Centre Court today to face


Benoit Paire from France. He was outspoken about the championship


three years ago. He said, "Simple, I hate Wimbledon" but I think he's


enjoying it a little bit more now he's got a feel for the grass. No


question Rafa Nadal loved Wimbledon, the two-time champion looking


ominously good on the surface once the game. Fresh from his tenth


victory at the French Open. Novak Djokovic, three-time champion here,


he wanted to go and get a few matches down at Eastbourne and


became a champion and he has been building confidence all the time,


winner of 12 grand slam titles. And some of the great players out there,


Roger Federer is normally on the championship courts, but this time


he is in the blue, that's because he did not bring up in time to get one


of the courts on the championship courts, so he is out on one of the


practice courts, so I guess you could say it's not just perfect


Swiss timing from Roger today. Anyway, hello and welcome to the


second week of Wimbledon. The second Monday, always a busy one. Quality


matches all around the grounds and, weather permitting, we will


hopefully know the aid quarterfinalists of the men's and


ladies Championships at the end of the day. It's my favourite day of


the championship, the best day in grand slam tennis, and the best day


in the global sporting calendar am so let's look at the incredible


order of play. On Centre Court, Venus Williams is on court at the


moment against the 19-year-old Ana Konjuh, who many are tipping at the


top and then it is Andy Murray v Benoit Paire and then Grigor


Dimitrov v Roger Federer. Johanna Konta is going well. We'll go there


in a moment and then it is Rafa Nadal against Giles Muller. And then


Novak Djokovic to. Over on Court Number Two, one double mat at the


moment. Kerber against Muguruza. And then Milos Raonic v Alexander


Zverev. Coco Vandeweghe v Caroline Wozniacki, she's never made it


through to the last eight in Wimbledon. Willoughby today? Dominic


Thiem v Tomas Berdych will be a big hitting match. Roberto Bautista Agut


v Marin Cilic, stand-by for the big servers out on court 18. Sam Querrey


against Kevin Anderson. All about to look forward to, and very busy day


and we hoping there will certainly be no rain on the horizon, but there


just might be for the let's find out from Carol. There might be. With a


talking about the cloud building and it has been doing that in the last


couple of hours but as we had from now until 6pm, there's a 30% chance


of a risk of a shower and that means there is a 70% chance it will stay


dry of course, and there will be sunny spells and we are looking at


highs of 26 Celsius, and into the evening, the shower risk diminishes


as a template has come down a bit, so plenty of play them but tomorrow


it a different date -- temperatures. Starting on a cloudy node, splashes


of rain around but in the afternoon, particularly mid afternoon onwards,


and 80% chance that we will have some heavy and persistent rain but I


don't want to leave you on that note because we head into Wednesday and


the rain will clear and the sun will come back out. That is great news on


Wednesday. Not that great news for tomorrow but thank you very much.


Play is underway and there are so much to get through. We will take


you around the grounds and show you what is happening. Venus Williams.


The first set from the 19-year-old in just 28 minutes, 6-3. That


matches on red button on the website. On Court Number Two,


Angelique Kerber v Garbine Muguruza. 3-3. Nothing between them. That


matches also on the red button. And the website. On Court number three,


Coco Vandeweghe had broken Caroline Wozniacki. 15-13. She's being


coached by Pat Cash who is confident she can come through against the


former world number one. And Oberon court 18, Sam Querrey is just about


to get underway against Kevin Anderson. That could be quite a long


one. There have been a couple of matches completed. Svetlana


Kuznetsova is in a hurry, straight sets victory for her defeating


Agnieszka Radwanska, the former finalist, so Kuznetsova go through,


the first time back in the last eight of Wimbledon in the last ten


years. Through to face Venus Williams or Konjuh. Jelena Ostapenko


v Elina Svitolina, she wanted against the fourth seed. Will she do


the same as the French Open? She won the title they are. Will she do the


same here at Wimbledon? I would not bet against it. 42 winners she had


in that match. And on court 18. The qualifier has been over here, she


won at Surbiton and Ilkley and got through to the semifinals at


Nottingham, so she is really going well. 6-3 in the third and final set


for Magdalena Rybarikova, what a story that is. So we are heading


here to Court Number One and she went for a Hawk-Eye when she was


serving for the first set and it went against her. She lost her serve


and now Garcia is a 6-5 up. Let's join Tracy Austin and Nick Mullins.


COMMENTATOR: Let's listen to the audio on this.


Pretty much simultaneously, maybe Konta ahead of the call.


The call came after Konta hit the ball and that's what the umpire is


saying. Konta challenge did but, it turned out the ball was good.


Eventually, it was Garcia who looked at the umpire and said, was that in


or out, and she said, I think it was long but if you want to challenge,


and she said yes, because she had three challenges remaining but it


was aimed by a few blades of grass. -- in. That is in by a depth of ink.


Width as well. A turnaround in this fourth round contest. Instead of


serving for the first set, Konta now serving to stay in it. 6-5.


At that changeover, Konta had a stern talk to herself. Just next


point. Their Belgian coach on the left-hand side of there. Here new


hitting partner, Andrew Fitzpatrick, on the right.


We talked about the new-found mental approach, the added mental steel


Johanna Konta has added and it has been added just for moments like


this. Phenomenal rebound and second serve


with depth. That has gone a wide. This first set


will need a tie-break to decide the winner.


The number one Court has been dubbed the Wok without its roof in the


first week. They were fully extended in the next few years. Watched by


her boyfriend, Jackson weighed. All the fun of the fair now. The 20


Three Rd Frenchwoman to serve. -- the 23-year-old Frenchwoman to


serve. There are very rarely good times to


fit your first double faults in the match but her dad and head coach


will know that. What is that sign? A crosscourt? It might be a kiss.


Doubted. Anyway, she has been broken in early on, mini-break.


Not strictly speaking allowed to coach from there. You are on the


week to week WTA Tour, but we forgive him for that. Given where we


are in this first set. Remember I spoke about Garcia being


a bit brittle in the big moments? A weak start for Garcia. Double fault.


That return Mr by a huge margin. -- missed.


A lot on the line here. First time for both players in the second week


at Wimbledon. Not only great anticipation from


Konta, but then she had to execute. The shot establishes a couple of


mini-breaks in this first set tie-break.


That is just below our noses in the commentary box is. It felt close but


it felt out. At this stage, I think it's all


about handling the nerves. You've got to remind yourself to have good


footwork, maybe a little extra spin on your shots but continuing to have


that same racket head speed. Interesting hearing Konta quoting


Billie Jean King over the last couple of days, saying pressure is a


privilege. This is the privilege she is in right now. Still with a


mini-break in this first set. Sheers halfway there. Johanna Konta,


halfway there to a Wimbledon quarterfinal. She has won the first


set on the tie-break, 7-6. She just handle the big moments


better. She was more solid. More sturdy, even after being bothered by


that Hawk-Eye challenge. Last the next game quickly, but was able to


get right back to work. That is so much the mental work that she has


done over the last two or three years. Came into play at the crucial


moment at the end stages of that set. The first serve percentage has


got better for her. Garcia has got worse. At one point, that was where


she was starting to shed water in that first set. Total unforced error


for Konta, very stingy, so focused. And yet, still playing with


authority, 12 winners. But there was not a graphic for nerves, and that


is what Konta was able to just be a little bit more,. Calm about. Tom


Brady, quarterback battlebus father said


you can't measure how big his heart is.


Once again, this championship enjoying glorious weather. Another


beautiful day here in south-west London. Johanna Konta, 1-0.


It is a point set up by the quality of the backhand. Konta's backhand


crosscourt is really stellar. She just had said with such abandon,


such freedom. And confidence. But overall, she's just with great


conviction. She knows what she needs to do and she executing beautifully.


This is where she is not having a left up at all. Is easy to lose


concentration a bit, but Konta remaining so focused.


Not sure what that little chat was about.


Didn't pick up anything from that. Did you? I did not. Garcia really


struggling with the power of Konta. She's just hitting the ball a bit


late and often down the line she's missing them by more than three


feet. The fourth one of those. She's


getting a tremendous first serve percentage in. Three quarters of the


time. Nice hop on that second serve out of


the strike zone of Konta. Serving an awful lot to the forehand, capturing


Cole off-guard there. -- capturing Konta off-guard there.


I'm liking that Konta is trying something so completely off the wall


because you don't see that from Garcia very much. Early stages of


the second set, trying to change things up a little.


Stole that point. I'm sure Garcia was already counting her chickens


there. Yes, mentally, she could've been heading back to her chair. The


shot that followed suggested that she was. That is an example of


getting the ball back in play. The top ten do not give you that shot


right there. It is a freebie. Greater racket work there from


Garcia. A lot of spin off the Konta racket and Garcia had to use a lots


of rest to get that ball back in play. -- wrist.


Eventually she comes through her opening service game in the second


set. That was so important. She had her spirit broken their after that


40-0 lead, started to look little rattled but she righted the ship.


The country's second best player at the moment.


APPLAUSE Jo Konta, the late stages of that


second round against Vekic, two or three times she got down 0-30 on her


service game and she was so reliable from that point, really impressive.


One of the many impressive things about Jo Konta is just how she


compartmentalised as each point. If it's a bad point, it easily raised.


She's got the memory of a goldfish, which is a very good thing for a


tennis player to have! -- it is easily arranged.


UMPIRE: The ball is called out. Successful Hawk-Eye in this contest


so far. Let's see how this one false. -- how this one false.


UMPIRE: Ms contact us two challenges remaining. -- misconduct.


What a second serve! Off lying, down break point. -- off the line. Fourth


or fifth break point today. Still smiling, that's good news! Had


to have smarted a bit. Konta continuing to have to work


behind that second serve. First time we're any frustration. Up to the


Konta camp, so unified today, all in blue.


For the first time in the match. And her father, Louis Paul, getting


animated. Garcia with the break. Bad extremely pleased. -- dad


extremely pleased. Walk that fine line of coach and father, with her


every step of the way through stages in her career.


Let's have a look, Tracy, and where Jo Konta has been directing her


forehands. It is her thought on where perhaps


Garcia might be weakest. Yes, two thirds of the shots off Konta's


racket are going to the forehand, that is the weaker side, that is the


side that can break down. Doesn't hit it quite has cleanly. The timing


is not as solid. -- quite as cleanly. You're looking for anything


that you are able to attack at this level.


It will have a top hat on it in the next couple of years, this court.


The speed just a bit of an the forehand for Konta. She's got some


work to do. We could serve against her in the second set. -- break of




That is just such a high risk shot from Garcia. Wasn't planted. Just


gives herself no margin for error up the line. For me, for Garcia, for


her to go to the next level, to jump in the top 15, top ten, it's going


to be about smarter shot selection. Once again, she's been rattled a


little bit by the breeze. I'm in no way saying that her dad


hasn't done a fantastic job, but I wouldn't mind seeing Garcia at


another coach as well, that the former tennis player and understand


the ins and outs of the game. A stretch of the imagination to


think it might be directed at anybody else.


Quite the kick-serve. Got the short reply.


She and her dad or in a good place at the moment. -- are in a good


place. A decisive game. That's where playing the doubles last year would


come into play, just feeling a little more comfortable moving


forward. And playing on big stages, a big moment when she won the French


Open with her fellow countrymen in 2016.


Yes, that was such a moment. Both of them on their knees on the clay,


hugging each other. A wonderful picture.


APPLAUSE As well as Garcia,... Konta left


with one shot short hanging in the middle. It is Garcia who took


advantage of it. The forehand of Konta is starting to


break down a bit. . SmackDown, one left. -- two down.


Six of eight so far today, Konta. UMPIRE: Ms Garcia is challenging the


call. The call is called in. She's challenging it, it may or may not be


the third ace of Konta's match. It out. -- it is out.


And there is the double break. And you're tempted to think that there


is the second set. A long way to go, but, boy, the challenge system has


not been kind to Konta today. A couple of crucial moments.


So, that's her dad and coach, Louis Paul. If you read the regulations it


says that coaching from the box at Grand Slams... What is this all


about? We'll never know, of course. Only they know.


Wow. Maybe he's just having a stretch... Perhaps.


LAUGHTER A lot going on. And of course that


can be so helpful when things start to be moving so quickly out on court


and you're alone, just to get that one subtle signal, if that's what


those are. He can virtually whisper in her ear for the next few minutes


because they are at the same end. Caroline Garcia with two breaks of


serve in the second set, 4-1, having lost the first on a tie-break.


Everything comes down at the moment of impact. Upper body sends the ball


into the net. 99 mph. Swinging away. It shows you


the power isn't always at a premium. Placement is just as important.


APPLAUSE You go after that return.


The return is so mental along with physical, it's that ability to force


yourself to move forward, that attacking mentality.


She's always been one of the biggest servers in the women's game.


Aggressive shot player who loves to give it a go. It's just so more


reliable now. From Garcia, you were never sure if that serve was going


to stand up. She's a game away from squaring


things up. It's just so interesting how this match turned around so


quickly. Konta seemed to have all of the momentum that she held in the


first game. Garcia had that 40-0 game, got back to deuce, seemed like


she was teetering there. Eventually held and has been gotten stronger


since then. Served right on the line.


It's the battle of the forehands. They are both targeting that side.


Oh! That is genius. Great flexibility.


This very awkward position to hit a winner.


Garcia way inside the baseline, looking threatening.


Konta holds. Garcia still has a little work to do to secure this


second set. STUDIO: So, the changing ends here.


We'll be right back with it. Over on BBC Two, Andy Murray has that gone


to Centre Court for his fourth-round match against Roma Paire, that is on


BBC Two. And Avon Court Two -- over on Court Two, Victoria Azarenka


playing a top ten players for the first time since her comeback, and


she has broken Simona Halep. That is on the BBC red button. Are we going


to see another upset? Coco Vandeweghe has taken the first set.


That's on the red button on the website. On court 12, Marin Cilic is


a set and a break up in his match against Roberto Bautista Agut. One


result to bring you. Garbine Muguruza, and is like a wonderful


match, Muguruza coming through and a standing ovation for both players.


Tennis of the highest quality. It means that Kerber will lose her


number one ranking. That's what's happening elsewhere, back we go to


Court Number One. COMMENTATOR: Carolina Garcia trots


out, she's going to have the issue of the sunshine serving from this


end, 5-2. Konta might be thinking, let's just


test your mental resolve again. Ahead in this second set, but you


still need to win it. Oh, that was powerful hitting from


both players! Excellent from Konta, that last backhand slice approach.


Taking it out and hitting it with accuracy.


Yes, that was confirmed from the chair by the umpire. Let's see if


Hawk-Eye can be Jo Konta's friend for the first time in this match.


Finally, it goes her way. A couple of points, she's two breaks down,


can she achieve one of them? UMPIRE: Miss Garcia has two


challenges remaining. Oh! Konta refusing to allow the


second set to end here. Such a well construct and point. Beforehand,


sends Garcia the backhand. That last shot on the line.


You hit the ball that hard, if you bounce up and impact just a little


bit you're going to send that ball long.


Ace at 109 mph. Not as many as Garcia, but that's her third.


Jo has hit more on return service, though. 25 as opposed to 18.


That backhand so solid. Continuing to test that forehand.


APPLAUSE 5-1 becomes 5-4!


There's still a little bit of soup left in this poll! -- in this bowl.


And we've talked all match, Tracy, about, at this level, they know how


to hit a tennis ball. It's controlling it mentally now. It's


controlling the nerves. Konta was serving at 5-4 in that first set,


and got broken for the first time. But she played a much more solid


tie-break than Garcia. So now, for Garcia, really has handled this


situation to try and stay in this match. To me, that's the part of


Garcia's game that still needs to improve for her to move forward up


into the elite of the game. Because we're playing the big points,


playing the right shots. Because if you don't trust yourself at those


big moments, if you have any doubts at all, there is evidence in your


shot selection. The Garcia eyes of the father and the daughter tell you


that she's about to relish this moment.


Once again. Garcia comes out to serve for the second set, but this


time it's 5-4. If you get extra nervous at this


moment, you keep it simple. Go to simple patterns, more crosscourt,


good footwork. Continued to target the Konta


forehand. No nerves so far. No, she has been


good and strong. One hour and 37 minutes. Three points to take this


into a third set. Well played. She has the mental


resolve to get the job done. And we are level with a set of peace. -- a


peace. SUE BARKER: The Frenchwoman is right


back in this match and a real fight for Jo Konta out on Court Number One


and there's a real fight for Andy Murray over in Centre Court at the


moment because he has been broken by the French man Benoit Paire. We knew


he was unpredictable, a flashy player, but Murray is fighting back,


15-13 -- 15-30. That is on BBC Two. Stay on BBC One for Johanna Konta.


Andy Murray has two break points on this game. We told you this would be


a magical Manic Monday and we will keep you up to date with Murray but


now we go back to Court Number One. Garcia winning 11 of 16 at the net.


Is coming more forward more frequently than Konta but what a big


moment for both. We talked all fortnight about how wide-open the


women's two or -- draw is. Now one set to make it to the quarters.


Konta, her first serve drop down to 53%. More lack for Garcia on the


second serve. A few more unforced errors for Konta van for Garcia.


So a final set. For a place in the Wimbledon quarterfinals.


No secret what has to happen here. A good first service percentage and


try to get on the front foot early in the point. You need to continue


to be aggressive. A nice steady start to this third


set. She wins big game without dropping a point. Talking about


being aggressive, it's more important on this surface than any


other. Once you get ahead, you've got your opponent on the move, off


balance, it is so tough to get the point back to neutral if you are on


defence. I guess that is dictated as wenches serving, by the quality of


that first serve. -- when she's serving. In the next few minutes,


she will be receiving serve. Still 0- one.


That is the poems. -- pose. If you're going to go to the Konta


backhand, you have to hit it with more quality than this. Jo will make


you pay for shots like that. Fantastic return of. Now pushes the


pressure over to Garcia's side. My goodness, that serve has been a


friend of hers during this contest. It went from one ball boy to another


and now it is back to where she once it.


It works. UMPIRE: New balls, please.


She is getting a change of racket because of the new balls, different


string tensions. Most players are doing this now. They change right


before the board changes, not during it. -- ball changes. Just the


explosion of athleticism in that serve. The reason that they do it is


because during the nine games that have been played, they've lost a


pound or two of tension, so they want to get that right and if the


racket string breaks, they will lose the points. They want fresh strings.


Both occasions Konta lost her first serve in the second set, she lost


the first point in those games. Garcia trying to move forward before


she finished the shot. Garcia reading that ball well,


timing it well out in front. Konta is winning 73% of her first service


points. Safe and sound in a. Konta, third


set, 2-1. SUE BARKER: Jo Konta holds on and


has the advantage of serving first in this third set. We will be right


back with this match on Court Number One but that update you what's


happening over on Centre Court and look at the score, Murray a break of


serve down. There has been three breaks in the first set about Benoit


Paire is a tricky opponent for Andy today and he has been shouting at


his team in the box as well, so not having a happy day at the office at


the moment Andy Murray but he is fighting hard.


That match is over on BBC Two so you can watch it on BBC Two. We are


spoiled for choice. Murray on Centre Court on BBC Two. We head back to


BBC Two to join Jo Konta. COMMENTATOR: We can see how Caroline


Garcia became more aggressive in the second set. 10% more inside the


baseline. It doesn't allow Konta as much time to get ready for her shot.


It is a much better positioning. Finishing more often at the net as


well. How does Konta push her back? She has to do the same, head the


ball early, maintain head depth and get that first strike in the point.


That first big hit. Garcia, 1-2. It's really a battle of the first


serves. The battle for positioning. Staying


close to the baseline. Garcia enjoyed herself as much she


has so far at home Grand Slam in Paris last month. Reaching the


quarterfinals for the first time. That the furthest she's travelled in


a grand slam. Really impressive. 20 majors before Garcia got into the


second week of a grand slam and now two in a row.


Her forehand can get a bit big to take back, and that is where she


struggles to get the point of contact cleanly sometimes. She


would've been brought up on clay courts. Gets a bit more time on the


red stuff. Yes, Banstead. Both women looking


very composed at the moment -- bounced it. Garcia knows what it's


like to have all the eyes of her home country at a grand slam, and


the pressure, because Garcia said she would not play Fed cup this


year. A bit of dissension amongst the Frenchwomen. It's not all peace


and love over there at the moment. But right now, home expectation on


the shoulders of the player on the other side of the net.


Konta looking very comfortable. She does not look like a woman coming


into this year's Wimbledon with only one main draw victory here at


Wimbledon. It was one in five, the first round last year.


It is like she has been playing here for years. She is 26 now. She was no


teenage sensation. A couple of years ago, she was still outside the top


100, so a late developer. Just getting used to all the hoopla which


goes along with all the same she's enjoying right now. -- the Fame. You


were used to it from a very early age. I don't know whether it makes


it any easier, the sooner it comes to you, it's horses for courses, I


suppose, isn't it? I was only 14. She is much more mature.


Jo Konta stranded on an island all of her own. We haven't seen much


finesse today. It's all about lots of power.


That is a ripper. Konta thought from while that it might be going out. It


seems to stop. But it didn't. Konta keeps her nose ahead in this


deciding set, 3-2. Jo held on to stay ahead. Just to


update you what's happening over on Centre Court, Andy Murray needs to


break back against the French man Benoit Paire who has a 5-3 lead.


That is on BBC Two, so that is your choice right now for Andy Murray,


and BBC One for Johanna Konta. Maybe watch it on your tablet and then you


can watch both at the same time! So much happening at Wimbledon.


COMMENTATOR: Talking about Garcia, hugely encouraging for Johanna Konta


so far. She won in Sydney before the Australian Open where she got the


quarterfinals, and then I guess the biggest win of her career so far, on


a Miami hard court where she beat Venus Williams, Caroline Wozniacki


in the final, and that was a big event in Miami. Absolute


confirmation that she is in the big league now. Absolutely. The Indian


Wells Miami, those hard-core events are just below the level of the


Grand Slams and to beat three top players like that back-to-back, it's


really important for confidence. With each successive service game,


as we get closer to the finish line here, the pressure ratchets up.


Naseer, 2-3. -- Garcia, 2-3. So much of this is going to come


down to nerves and who is more consistent on that forehand.


Konta jumping all over that second serve of Garcia, but she was ready


for it. She did so well. Flexibility to get down that low and then be


back and ready in position. Just as she started to go and start


the second serve, it sounded like a bottle dropped and she had to stop


and reset. She continues to look watertight. A


heavy, heavy serve. Played as good as two hours. It makes no


difference. There is nothing to split these two.


You get the feeling Konta are starting to relish these types of


battles. That second round when she won 10-8- she said she knew it was


going to be won at the last moment. Just kept fighting.


She is going to need the guts and determination and ability that got


her here. This is such high quality tennis.


Garcia with 14 more winners than unforced.


Konta with 11 more winners. Than unforced.


The sixth winner for Garcia. No hesitation.


We talk a lot about the transition of play between having served on the


ball and getting yourself back in position to receive the return, and


that is what Jo Konta is having to wrestle with at the moment.


No need to worry about a return fare. Mathematically, she is two


games away from the quarterfinals. In reality, it will seem a lot


harder to her right now however. 4-3.


Both players' service has been excellent. Konta's seventh ace of


the match. Neither player has faced a break point this set so something


has got to give somehow, but they have both been very impressive.


Handling the pressure. They are smiling at the moment. They may or


may not be smiling afterwards. They look like the types of guys who


would be smiling what ever the results, to be honest. They will be


having fun in Wimbledon tonight. Getting to the stage of the match


where we have to remind ourselves to breeze. Third set. Garcia, 3-4. --


brilliant ball striking. Couldn't hit three better shot than Konta did


just there. And again, if you are getting your


first serves in, you are getting a chance. Absolutely. 147 of the


points have been four points or less. 34 points have been 37,


actually, have been more than four shots, so just about that first


opportunity to strike it big in the corner.


It continues. Points about an long, extended. Three points overall that


have been nine shots or longer. APPLAUSE


Still haven't had a break point in this third set. Haven't had a deuce!


Konta 5-4. STUDIO: Both players playing so well


here. We can update you about what is happening on Santa court, Andy


Murray has a battle on his hands. He is 6-5 up, but Benoit Paire is an


unorthodox opponent, serving to stay in the first set. That is on BBC


Two. That is your choice. Andy Murray on BBC Two, but he on BBC One


we are heading back to see Garcia served to stay in the match.


COMMENTATOR: Take us into the mind of a champion, Tracy. You Jo Konta,


what are you concentrating on? What are you thinking at this point? Just


the first point of the next game, which you want to accomplish. And


you're reminding yourself of the style of play that you want to


continue to play. It's being aggressive, trying to attack the


Garcia forehand. But first and foremost is getting returns back and


play. Which hasn't been easy against her serve. But now Garcia is having


to play catch up, as we get deep into the third search is always


going to be behind. -- into the third set, she's always going to be


behind. Listen to the noise here on Court Number One! Jo Konta into the


quarterfinals at Wimbledon. Caroline Garcia trying to stir some might


serve to stay in this year's Championships.


GASPS That is rock-solid! How impressive?!


Great technique and depth on this backhand volley.


We can see Konta trying to read the serve, just a little swing towards


the left there, and back to the right.


You can count on that backhand of Konta.


What were you doing in 1984? You may not even have been born.


That was the last time a British woman reached the quarterfinals of


Wimbledon. The first since another Jo, Jo


Durie, all those years ago. Visions of Johanna. And her boyfriend leads


the applause. And sometimes, oftentimes, tennis matches are


decided on the end of a point, and that one was. Phenomenal match from


Jo Konta. She stayed so focused and so, in the big moments. Caroline


Garcia so disappointed, but doing the right thing, waiting for Jo


Konta to get organised. That's really good to see. It doesn't


happen often enough, I think. For all of her disappointment, Garcia


walking off with the woman who has just beaten her. Absolutely loved


the reaction from Konta when she won. It was a look of happiness, but


also relief. I mean, this is a dream of a young girl to get to the


quarterfinals of Wimbledon. That's kind of really when you start to


think, oh, it's within touching distance of the final. And she has


worked extremely hard on her tennis game, on the mental game, created a


terrific support team that she's so happy with. A big moment for Jo


Konta. And she will play either Simona Halep or Victoria Azarenka.


The mountain doesn't get any less steep. But my goodness, how well she


has done to work her way into the Wimbledon quarterfinals. 6-4 in the


third set. And she's going to have a few words with Rashid SAP. Johanna,


huge congratulations. When we saw you after the final point, your


reaction, what was your feeling at that moment? To be honest, it was


such a tough match to play. She's really an impressive form. It is


very, very hard to get any rhythm, really, at that, when she is serving


so well and she really gets her first strike in. It was a bit breezy


out there, which made it difficult for both of us. Overall, I was just


happy that I was able to get enough returns in that game. I was just


really trying to stay light on my feet and strong through my body,


really, to try and neutralise her balls. It was a seesaw throughout


the match. Definitely. There was very little between us today. I was


very happy with how I was able to compete and not pay too much


attention to necessarily the good things that she was doing, and


trying to keep in mind all of the good things that I was doing. Endure


Ched Evans Donna Vekic, you relished the tough situations -- in your


match against Donna Vekic. What is it about tough challenges that you


like so much? It's those positions, those situations, that I dream of


Audrina. When I was a little girl, and even now, to be part of those


battles -- that I dreamt of when I was a little girl. It's what it is


to be a professional athlete. Speaking of dreams, you are now the


first woman into the quarterfinal of Wimbledon -- the first British woman


into the quarterfinal of Wimbledon since Jo Durie in 1984. What does


that mean to you? It's very special. I'm very excited about that. I'm


looking forward to playing against a piano well done, due to


congratulations. She was rock-solid, -- to playing a game. Andy Murray is


5-0 up in the tie-break. Let's join this match with Boris Becker and


Andrew Castle. BORIS BECKER: The way that this


first set has been going, I'm not surprised at the score. ANDREW


CASTLE: Do you think Murray was at the limit of his play? Up to the


limit of unpredictability. A tie-break. Complicated shots are not


what you were looking for. It's simplicity often.


APPLAUSE You do not want to lose a break of


set with Murray. And its way! 7-1, first set to


Murray. From 4-2 down in that first set, he was under threat but came


through. It is interesting. Each nation's


players has a national characteristic, just as a nation's


football team might. French players are known to make a lot of shots,


they are pretty flamboyant on the court, they can hit great winners.


Benoit Paire is one of them. Andy Murray very rarely goes anywhere,


especially at Wimbledon committee is so, so solid. His record against


French players is remarkable. He has won 25 matches in a row against


them, hasn't lost 2142 and 2.5 years -- hasn't lost 21 42.5 years. Out of


the 16 players, we have 15 different nations. It is good to hear how


international tennis has become. Every nation has their own


superstar. It's just Spain has two, Bautista Agut and Nadal.


And Mannarino. Actually, Mannarino and Benoit Paire. Well, he's half


Italian! Mannarino. Is interesting, his game fits into the French way of


playing. Perhaps that flamboyance. Very readily misses a shot in a


tough situation. He's a handful. 105 match wins on grass over his career,


Andy Murray. And a winner at the Championships, two of the last four


years. So, a setup. After they've played a set that saw four breaks of


serve. What will this entail? Set number two.


That is the key for Murray, to start where he left off on the


tie-breaker. Ernie Els is with us today, four times a Major champion,


he is here with his daughter. He is called the big easy. He certainly


is, what a golf swing. Murray is well advised to push the


buttons a little bit. Oh, this is a tough time for the


French player. He's really feeling this. He's thrown his best shots.


And he's getting nowhere. No, well, will be if he hangs around


mentally in this match. -- we will see if he hangs around. Benoit Paire


quickly a break down. And after winning four points to hold serve to


get to the tie-breaker, he lost seven out of eight in the


tie-breaker and four straight there on his serve. Renders, really. --


horrendous. A score has just gone through on our computer. Peter


Korda's kid, said Korda in the juniors, apparently he has just won


a match. -- Sebastien Korda. GASPS


APPLAUSE Murray is clearly increasing his


quality of play. He's so enjoying it, too, is in the?


He's just not missing. First failure of the match.


Not an easy shot should try this one in the air.


-- to try this one. His brother, Jamie, a very


successful duo. UMPIRE: Let, first service.


Trying to stop that momentum that Murray has now. UMPIRE: Mr Paire


challenging the call, left centreline, ball is called out.


UMPIRE: Let, second service. .


crowd GASPS That wasn't unintended drop shot.


One of the best calls, actually. You almost feel this urge of playing


a drop shot is embedded. It does become a habit, doesn't it? He just


can't get it out of his system. He makes his own life more difficult


than it should be. He's a bit of a shot maker, a good athlete, he's got


a good serve, there's no need for these drop shots. Look at that


backhand. UMPIRE: Mr Murray is challenging the call, left first


sideline, the ball is called in. One of the finest in the game.




There must be a huge temptation to stay down there. That little bees of


grass there is not worn out, it's lovely, it's like being in Richmond


Park or something! It's the only court in the world


where you actually enjoy falling down and staying down!


I've done it a few times in my life. Pharos are softer courts than this


to fall over on. This is very firm, like a hard court -- there is often


cause. Mind you, you have dived on a hard court.


You know, there's not a tennis player out there that doesn't play


golf. And there's not a golfer out there who doesn't think he can have


a bit of a chop around on the tennis court, and they always do when


they're playing on the European tour. We've seen only else up there.


And there's Peter Alliss, Mr and misses a list up in the Royal box,


it's a delight to see him, he's a brilliant commentator. So many


tennis players have produced golfers. Why have they let their


offspring go that way?! The rewards are buried- so what about Jay


Berger? His kid, Daniel Berger, is on the US tour. I have mentioned


Peter Korda. Jessica won the US Open, his daughter. Sebastien is


playing here in the juniors, and winning in the Boys' Singles.


Another child has gone pro now as well. There is any else, with his


daughter, who looks so much like a mum, Sam, that I thought it was!


Four-time Major champion. I had the pleasure of playing with both


gentlemen. With Ernie? With Ernie, and leave. In fact in South Africa


-- and Lee. I'm a hacker, I Mahan the gap. I've seen you play. You're


playing -- I am a handicapper. You're playing with the big easy,


easy to doing great. Then he takes half a swing and it goes 350 yard! I


think, thank God, thank God I play tennis and not golf! I saw you


playing with Stefan Edberg and Can. Is a good golfer. -- in towns.


It is a beautiful course next door to Wimbledon Park, where I play


sometimes. One of the few drop shots that


appear to be played successfully. Out of nowhere, he hits these


backhand returns. GASPS


APPLAUSE Murray returning the favour here.


Murray went through a phase a few years back when he was playing too


many drop shots. That made it a national crisis, almost!


His first serve is very important if he wants to retain his title.


Unbelievable backhand, right around the forehand. Who does that?!


It looks like Paire has regrouped and recovered from the


disappointment of losing the first set. UMPIRE: Let, first service.


Finding his timings again. No British player has managed to


retain a grand slam title since Fred Perry in 1935 and 1936 at Wimbledon.


Remarkable sporting record he's putting together, made even more


remarkable by the era of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic, also Wawrinka


and a couple of others, but it's been an amazing generation. It would


have been easy for Murray to have been satisfied with five in the


world, or four or three, but to go all the way to number one, including


winning the World Tour Finals in London, that demonstrated his


commitment to what he does for a living and his love for it as well.


When he comes here, he gets 5% or 10% better such as the support he


gets. These two courts today are graced with some of the greatest


players of all time. Fantastic schedule. I was watching Roger


Federer practice yesterday and frankly it's just a work of art to


watch him play. I know you coached Novak Djokovic, but for me, the way


Federer strikes the ball is still unique. Rather beautiful to watch.


This is a massive day, the second Monday of the Championships.


Please don't start it now. Please! Stick to the routine.


Paire really lost his concentration at the start of the second set, lost


his serve, winning no points in the process, having been swept aside in


the tie-break, but now it's all to play for in the second set.


He went through a phase of punching his racket strings until he started


taking the skin off his knuckles. A moment of indecision cost him the


point. So it says sixth break of serve in


this match. It started with the drop-shot in that very first point.


It's when he went the wrong way. It also sends a message to the opponent


that you're wavering with your concentration.


Paire asking himself why he is missing so much on his forehand. Or


maybe he said I regret nothing! Emotions are flaring up from both


players. I'm not sure I agree with the


umpire. He said you waited too long. Let's listen. It's the same. He said


challenge. Surely if the ball had not bounced out and was still in


play down the other end, he should be allowed to challenge.


It's borderline sometimes. You've got Hawk-Eye there. I think he


should have been able to use that. Never mind.


Second service mess. That hurt. -- mess. Doesn't want to give Paire the


lead back in the second set. Missed opportunities for Andy


Murray. Just to break again and go ahead. But he's 4-3 down. You do go


through phases in matches where the concentration comes in and out,


especially over the ebbs and flows of a five set match, which can be


even more pronounced. It's normal in a way, you can't be perfect all the


time, you can't have concentration levels, consistency, quality of


form. You go through dips. Obviously the top players less than the others


which is why they are top players. The ball was good or on the line?


The ball was good so you saved challenge? Thank you. The ball was


good so you saved me a challenge! It did look good. He sees that the ball


is going to go along and he says challenge. I think he should be


allowed to challenge in that situation. It's gone. Always a


question of the umpire having the last word. But it's another thing


that both players have to worry about. The court has microphones and


the emotions are flaring up. Hopefully not the wrong words are


coming out. In our days, we had the luxury of pretty much saying what we


wanted and nobody could hear it! That has changed.


I tell you what, Paire looks confident. Playing his best tennis


of the match so far. Really taking the speed out of the


rally and almost punching the ball back, hoping Paire would miss. He


does him the favour. I'm not sure whether Paire hurt


himself there. A little. It's bleeding a bit. A team of


surgeons out here for that! Daddy is clapping too hard! It's a


game for all ages. Good to see the little ones out here.


Too big, too good. On the Paire forehand, it's being worked over


again at the business end of the set. Anything short, anything


pushed, Murray is trying to lean on it. That was hit with authority.


This is so irritating. It landed about a centimetre too far. He


couldn't get behind it, the Frenchman.


Eight straight points for Andy Murray as Benoit Paire's


concentration of apparatus from 15-0 up at 4-3. Amazing. -- his


concentration evaporates. The trainer had been called, but I would


have thought that can wait. Ever since he fell down and asked for the


trainer, it was going south for Paire. He called for the trainer and


lost eight consecutive points. The trainer was going to treat him and


he told the umpire it was fine. It's his concentration, it's nothing to


do with his knee or falling over, it was concentration. He has so many


shots to choose from and such natural of ability, such a wonderful


athlete, but he loses concentration and you can't lose concentration


against the world number one on Centre Court and expect to win.


That's been his dilemma all his career. 28, the French number six.


World number 46. He's been as high as 18 in the world. The world number


one serving for a two set lead. How easy is that? That's why nobody


likes to play Paire, because of shots like this. Unpredictable in


person. He has the best of shots and the worst of shots.


When he shapes up for a backhand, you just know he's going to do


something with it. Murray was in no Man's Land, didn't follow up on the


backhand. Made it easier for Paire to find a passing shot. 0-30.


Ivan with his sunglasses. He knows how difficult it is to control your


temper on Centre Court. It was only 113 mph, the first


serve. Losing a little bit of speed right now.


I know how he feels. Went back for a second bite after that as well. He


really is uptight. He knows if he can hang on here, it's 2-0.


Often a second serve, not for a moment, not for one single


nanosecond, was Paire up in that rally. Wonderful pressure from


Murray. Two points from a two set lead, again.


The moment he gave the initiative back, the Frenchman took advantage.


This time Paire quick to challenge. It was a driven backhand from Andy


Murray. He is break point down. If this is out, we are back at 5-5. All


good. Steady! Speculative challenge. From Benoit


Paire. He has one challenge remaining. Acta deuce. -- back to


deuce. UMPIRE: Let, first service.


It's a way! Two set to Andy Murray, who fights off break points in this


game. This is not easy, but he is two set up.


(STUDIO) Andy Murray hangs on and that will please them on the hill.


We'll be right back with that match. On Court number one, Rafael Nadal.


This happened just before they went on court. Going through his routine.


Keep your eye on Rafa. Anger! He hit his head on the door. Laughing with


Gilles Muller and he gives his head rather. I think that hurt. It


sounded bad. That will teach in. He's always like a coiled spring.


Walking onto court with a big smile for his fourth-round match. He won't


be smiling right now, look at the score. We always said this would be


a difficult match for him. Lefty with a big serve, Gilles Muller.


Rafa in some trouble. That match is on BBC Two if you want to watch it.


On Court three, this is the feature match on the red button. Tomas


Berdych, former finalist, has taken the first set from Dominic Thiem. On


serve in the second. That's on the red button. On Court Two,


interesting match. Last year 's finalists, big server, Milos Raonic,


against Alexander Zverev, really talented. A breakthrough year this


year. That match is on the red button and the website. Good news


for the British number one, Joe Konta. This was match point against


Caroline Garcia of France. -- Jo. How emotional it is to get through


to the last eight. The first British woman to get through to the


quarterfinals since Jo Durie in 1984. Wonderful performance from


her. Really gutsy effort. Garcia is a difficult opponent. Let's go to


Centre Court. Lost his serve to love, opening


service game of the second set. He has come back from two sets down


on one occasion, just once. He beat Nick Kyrgios at the Australian Open


in 2014. Paire was trying another drop shot


or God knows what else. He ended up, for once, with a conservative


backhand down-the-line. Murray's got to relax a little. He's


up two sets to love. There's no need for him to do all


this. The prize for the winner will be a


match in the quarter final against Sam Querrey or Kevin Anderson. Just


for the record, Andy Murray leads Querry 7-1 in the head to head and


Kevin Anderson 6-2. That will be a totally different match, because


both players have typical grass court big serves, come into the net


type of guys. He's just got to hold on now.


You don't want to give your opponent hope that this match is not in your


hands yet. I find the first serve of Murray a


little bit slower than last year all together.


That's well played from the Frenchman.


Just knocking the half-volley deep rather than playing a drop volley,


which probably was his favoured shot.


Murray was already racing towards the net.


Another interesting stat is that Murray won as many points on his


first serve than on his second serve.


You should be way up on your first serve, winning points percentage.


UMPIRE: Game Murray. New balls please.


He's winning the same percentage on first as second serve. I wonder if


Murray has taken a little bit off his first serve in this match? We


noted at the beginning he got 16 of his first 17 serves in.


UMPIRE: Mr Murray challenging the call. It's too late, you cannot look


at the ball. It's too late. He did challenge before he looked at the


ball. I challenged immediately, then I asked for the ball afterwards.


That's exactly right. I went like this immediately. That's why you


said challenge. Then you stopped me from doing it when I asked for the


ball. That's all true. Yes, he should back off here. He's a good


umpire. I said challenge immediately. It's a


simple mistake that he's made. He's a good guy. That's not true. That


serve was about this far long as well.


He challenged straight away. The umpire acknowledged that.


The sad thing for Murray on that occasion was that the serve was out.


That's a really weird Mohammed, the umpire losing his concentration a


bit. He acknowledged the challenge, first point of the game, this game


could be totally different now. Not only players make mistakes.


Prefer es too. -- referees too.


And away it goes. Murray is a bit at a cross-patch


with the umpire. Understandably on this occasion.


He's admirably letting that go. The game is gone. No, here he is. I went


wait, let me see... You said challenge, because you heard me


saying challenge. You said challenge. Then you stopped me from


doing it when I asked. No, no, no. Did Mohammed just say it's my


mistake then? I haven't heard that one. I think he did. If he did,


that's really good of him. That's why he's a good umpire.


So he has challenged, then he gets the ball. Then the umpire says no.


That's just one of these things that you've got to know what's going on.


Andy stood his ground. The umpire has admitted he made a mistake. And


we move on. It's good to see that nobody's perfect. You make a


mistake, you can admit it. It was not a game changing mistake either.


But Murray did have a point. Three unforced errors by the


forehand of Paire. Shame on the right-hand side. His


physical trainer. Physio and do a bit of everything, strength and


conditioning. Good to see the concentration of


Murray back. The other guy feels it right away.


It's just an edge of the game. Good job Murray is going for his


towel here because Benoit Paire would have served by now. He's ready


to go, rushing himself. Maybe he's got another barbeque to


go to like on Friday night. The Frenchman. He's got to get the


shopping in or something. What an amazing player. You almost


get the impression the less time he has to think, the better he is


UMPIRE: Mr Murray challenging the call, left farside line. Yes, I am


challenging the call. UMPIRE: Call stands.


He should have played along with that and said you can't. Good sense


of humour by Andy. ( APPLAUSE


Solid as a rock. The depth on the return got the


short reply from Paire. Paire is fighting here.


He doesn't want to give up just yet. What an amazing game. Paire looked


out of it. Excellent fight and a decent hold. SUE BARKER: What a long


game that was as well. We'll be right back on Centre in a moment.


Over on Court No 1, Rafael Nadal playing Gilles Muller, the battle of


the lefties. This was set point for Gilles Muller at 5-3, 40-0 in the


first set. That swinging left handed serve has been causing Rafa some


problems. He took the first set 6-3. That was a short time ago. We can


see now that we've moved it on into the fourth game. Rafa with, no


Gilles Muller with two points for to take it to 2-2. Rafa is not sure,


that must be a challenge. That's on BBC Two. Elsewhere, Sasha Zverev is


playing Milos Raonic. Zverev beat Raonic in a tournament earlier this


year. Going well for the 20-year-old. Over on court number


three, Tomas Berdych has taken the first set 6-3 against Dominic Thiem.


Thiem is two points from taking the second set. That's on the red button


and the BBC Sport website. That's what's happening, some of the


matches elsewhere. Back to Centre. COMMENTATOR: The sun is out here on


Centre Court. Great to see Rod Laver in attendance. Now there's a


champion. He's up at 72% first serves in. For


the tournament, 61%. That is a significant increase. He must be


taking something off that first serve.


I Ivan, Jamie and Andy will have discussed strategies and this is


what they've come up with. That's exactly the service game to


illustrate the strategy, which was, if you keep on holding your serve


nicely, pressure builds and somebody like Benoit Paire, his character,


his sort of tennis, he can exleed a bit. -- explode a bit. Score-wise it


works. It's just flirting with disaster in the first set. Broken


twice. Murray seems to be in control of the


match. Benoit Paire has played against


number one players before, as somebody of his ranking, you'd think


that would be the case. Back in 2012, in Basle he lost to Roger


Federer, playing Federer in Basle is like playing him here. You're not


allowed to beat him. Last year, Boris, you will have coached against


Benneteau. Were you in -- against Benoit. Were you in Cincinnati? Yes,


I was. Know rock got him that time? Two sets. He nicked a set. Do you


miss coaching? I had wonderful times, an amazing three years. I


don't regret a thing. But it was time to move on. I'm comfortable


sitting next to you. You've come down in the world, old boy. Working


for the BBC. My favourite tournament. You've gone back up in


the world. This is your neck of the woods, isn't it? Yeah, I live a


couple of miles away. Called this home for many years.


A roof on Centre Court that hasn't been required so far, apart than to


give the court a bit of a rest from the bright sunshine and very hot


temperatures that we had in the first week.


Up to 43 degrees Celsius, the grass was wilting. They rested it, put the


air conditioning in. How nice if you're a piece of grass to have air


conditioning! UMPIRE: Mr Murray challenging the


call right centre service line, ball is called out.


UMPIRE: Mr Murray has one challenge remaining.


Any part of the racquet will do. That one got a little bit low. He


managed to get some string on it. Yeah, it looked dangerous when he


started preparing for it. Some threat here on the Murray


serve. He was really dictating the rally,


standing on the line. Trying to control the tempo, making his


opponent run left to right. Good chance on that second serve.


Paire's favourite shot, the backhand return.


A few unforced errors now giving Paire break point.


APPLAUSE Strong play.


Under pressure. Giving his box a long stare.


It's a little bit heavy handed there, for a man with touch, he'll


be disappointed not to have found the court. There


-- court there. UMPIRE: For me, it's long, yeah.


Having a game now with the umpire. Murray is ready to take the attack


to the opposition right now. He wants to finish this.


Just wide. Murray does have a challenge remaining. I saw it the


same way as the line umpire. No challenge from Murray. He doesn't


want to be out of challenges at 4-4. He has a tendency to put the umpire


on the spot. His coach was a quarterfinalist in


1991, beating Pat Cash that year. UMPIRE: Mr Paire is challenging the


call, left service line, the ball was called out. If this game was all


about the complexities and the difficult shots, fine, but it's


always about who does the basics best. You cannot double fault at


this point, game point up. That is pressure telling! After a


big hold to get to 4-4, there's the break.


Of all the myriad statistics and numbers that come out of a computer


and are filed out into the ether, some of it is interesting and some


of it isn't. Interestingly for me, Andy Murray at Wimbledon, as a


competitor, has never lost to anyone ranked lower than 19th in the world


at Wimbledon. I think that's amazing. He lost to David Nalbandian


at number 19, back in 2005 on debut. I used a hat -- I saw the same


statistic and I thought the same thing. He is brutal, he knows when


the game has heat. He's a competitor at heart, he loves to compete, he


loves to challenge anybody. Especially on Centre Court. He's one


of the toughest players to play out there. He usually finds a way to


win, even though he was aided by Benoit Paire today. Nevertheless,


history speaks for itself. Murray is serving for the match.


Only the second time he's serve and volley. Two hours and 19 minutes.


That's very good timing from Murray. He is seeing the ball big. At


Queen's Club when he lost to Jordan Thompson... Will it affect his


build-up? Have his chances at Wimbledon been shattered?


First-round loss. No! It was certainly a worrying moment, though.


It's never good to lose. He's done this many times over.


A tenth consecutive quarterfinal at the Championships for Andy Murray!


Straight sets over Paire. The perfect start to the second week of


Wimbledon for him. And he continues, Andy Murray, to


put French players to the sort. It's been over two years since he's lost


one of them. Benoit Paire was certainly an entertaining man to


watch. He was 4-2 up in the first set. He could have done a couple of


things differently but ultimately he's lost in three straight sets.


When the fighting was at its most intense, there was only one man in


it. After the first set was done, you had the feeling... Both players


getting a nice over Asian. -- of Asian.


Murray loves boxing, he adores the mentality and you can see why. He


soaks up all the pressure and throws it down to the other end. Time for a


few autographs. He's played his way into form magnificently in this


championships. Andy Murray looks well set to have another run at a


third Wimbledon championship. The defending champion. No British man


since Fred Perry in 1935 and 1936 has been able to win back-to-back


Grand Slam is. There are of course some major obstacles to get over in


the next three matches, but more sporting history is beckoning for


Andy Murray. And great news before the Championships as well for him


and his wife, Kim. They are expecting their second child. He


continues to walk in a slightly worrying way, but he moves so


quickly around the court and he'll look forward to playing Querrey or


Anderson in the next round. He'll go into that match as favourite. I'm


sure he'll be keeping a close eye on Nadal against mullah as well. He's


in that section. -- Gilles Muller. So much to look forward to,


including Roger Federer coming out on this court.


Congratulations. Benoit Paire's rank and King -- Rankin belies his skill


set so you must be pretty pleased. I thought I played pretty well today.


A couple of sloppy service games in the first set, but that was by far


the best I'd hit the ball so far in the tournament. Really pleased with


that. He is not easy to play. He has one of the best backhands and he can


play every shot. It's not always easy to see where to put the ball,


tactics aren't always easy. A discussion with the umpire at the


start of the third set. It didn't look like it unsettled due much and


you managed to have a joke about it later. How frustrating is it in the


moment? It's not that frustrating. We probably play 300 points today


and it was the first point of the game. You want to win every point,


that's the mindset you have, but it's just one point and it wasn't


important either. Maybe if that happens in the tie-break or on a


break point, it's different, but it was fine. Still worth having the


discussion at the change of ends to clarify, though. Yeah, I guess so.


That happens all the time, pretty much every match there's discussions


between umpires and players. Sometimes it's good to get it off


your chest and get an understanding of what the umpire wants from you in


those situations. With the build up into Wimbledon and the injury, if


somebody had said at that point you would be through to the


quarterfinals with the level of tennis you're playing would you have


taken that? For sure. Two weeks ago I was resting. I was a little bit


concerned. When you're having issues a few days before a big event, it's


frustrating. I've managed it well. I've played some good stuff. Today


was the best I've played so far in the tournament. I'm doing well.


Hopefully I'll keep it up. Congratulations.


It's all about winning the last point and he's certainly making a


habit of that. Came in with so few matches, losing in the opening round


at Queen's, but another straight sets victory. A little hick up


against Fognini. David Haye was delighted that performance. Thumbs


up from Ivan as well. Andy Murray is through to the quarterfinals at


Wimbledon for the tenth successive year. That's the celebrations on


Centre Court. Coming up soon on Centre Court, Roger Federer, 18 time


grand slam champion, taking on Grigor Dimitrov, who was nicknamed


baby fed. That will be a beautiful match to watch. Let's round up a


couple of the big stories, starting with British number one woman Jo


Konta. She came through a tense 3-set match against Caroline Garcia.


Look at the motion at the end. It means so much. All the pressure and


the expectation and coming through against a very difficult opponent,


an opponent who beat this year. The first British woman in the last


eight since Jo Durie in 1984. The crowd absolutely loving her run


through the tournament. She is through to the quarterfinal to face


this player, Simona Halep, the number two seed, who defeated


Victoria Azarenka. She is such a fast mover around the court.


Beautiful game. That will be a lovely match to watch tomorrow.


Simona Halep is safely through. We said this is magical manic Monday


and we've seen so many dramatic moments out on court and there could


be a big shock in store on Court One. Just a moment ago, Rafael Nadal


went two sets to love down to the big server Gilles Muller. His serve


has been winning him so many points. Swinging left-handed serve.


Rafa did challenge but it was in and that means Gilles Muller is now 2-0


up against Rafael the Dow. We are going to go to this match on BBC


One. Roger Federer against Grigor Dimitrov will be on BBC Two. Will it


be a big surprise? Lets join our commentators, Jamie Baker and Simon


Reed. The first two sets have taken an


hour and 16 minutes so I'm not sure that's a factor any more. And it's


not such a gruelling day as in the first week. Here we go. Can he come


back? Three times in his career his comeback from two -- 2-0 down and


gone through. You could hear the vamos from the


come -- finest competitor this sport has known in the last two decades.


Back firmly against the wall at the moment.


Just what the doctor ordered for Nadal. The other thing about Muller


is how well he's taking his chances. He's only had three break


opportunities in the match and he's taken two of them at ease two sets


up. For somebody who is so well suited to a fast court, and Muller


is a good all-round player on any surface, but especially good on the


fast courts, he understands that he can string a few good points


together in one service game. He knows he won't be giving his


opponents many chances on his service games.


He's reading him so well, I'm surprised he missed that one. You


thought Nadal might have blown his chance. You expected this to be a


winner. These are the types of points Nadal has to win if he wants


to break serve. Anything specifically that Rafa


should do now? He's just got to do everything a bit better. The first


thing at this point is a game at a time and staying ahead on the


scoreboard as much as he possibly can. On the return games, if he's


still not reading it, perhaps he has to do...


If we get to a point where midway through this set he's still


struggling to read the Muller serve, he has to think about moving


position or trying to anticipate in advance because he has to connect


with some serves to get the upper hand in his service games.


Good to see. Plenty of spring in his legs and playing with his heart,


too. So why is it that the Gilles Muller


service causing Nadal so many problems? The first thing to look at


is ball placement. It's where Muller is contacting the serve from. It's


slightly above his left shoulder so quite an extreme throw up. If we


roll this forward, this is from two aces, pretty much an identical


contact point. Look where the service go. One down the T, sliding


away, and one out wide, almost as accurate. You would expect a lefty


to favour down the T on the deuce court, where he's only doing 50%.


Fairly evenly split. On the ad court, you would expect the left eat


to favour the sliding serve wide. Muller is doing the opposite.


Perhaps he's trying to save away from the Nadal forehand on the


return. It's a very unusual pattern for a left-handed serve. He throws


the ball up as if he's going to slice every single serve. All of


that put together means Nadal, two sets in, still did -- still doesn't


know where the serve is going. Yeah, good luck reading that!


Not quite as good an angle as Muller was looking for.


Nadal will be delighted with that return. First point. Gets his nose


ahead in the game. There's that sliced wide serve.


Normally by this time in the match you'd be reading that, but because


he's done it so few times, very difficult for Nadal to get ahead of


the game there. That was a sense -- now there's a


sense of expectancy in the crowd. Is this the moment the pendulum moves?


Moved across and nothing doing. His box says don't get involved in any


challenges. Two break points for Nadal, who is zero out of three on


break points at the moment. It's what so many around here


wanted. Malone going to have a word with the


umpire. -- Muller. Not sure what that was about. But we


are sure that Rafa is on the rampage right now.


Well played. He did so well with the return too because it skidded. He


got it back and then created the pass.


Yeah, it looked like Nadal had done well and done enough here. But great


passing shot from Muller. Too good. A lot of confidence.


That's the backhand that we've been talking about that's so much more


lethal. I think this might be the first time that we've seen him step


in on a backhand. Just hasn't had the opportunity.


Nasty little slip. He's OK. It's that patch just behind the baseline.


UMPIRE: Game Nadal. They loved that here. Has he turned the tide?


Certainly looks like he has. Yeah, it does. Certainly a good sign for


the neutrals who want to see this one go to five sets and to see Rafa


almost trying to turn this into a home match for him. This has been


such a difficult assignment that you feel that perhaps a big support from


the crowd is something that may actually be needed to get over the


line in this one. Muller would probably have expected it. He's


quietened it by the sheer brilliance of his play. Yeah, that's - we said


that we thought he could cause Nadal some problems. What was surprising I


think was how easy and quick and uneventful the first two sets were.


You might say he might win a couple of tie breaks, no breaks. Really he


dominated play for the first two sets, hands down.


A real sense of vibrancy in the crowd and about Nadal.


Not that that's ever far away. Not the same confidence about Muller


now. A shot there that he would not have missed in the first couple of


sets. Good judgment. Vicious second serve


too. Credit to him for that. No. So a chance to wrap up the set


here. That belongs to the first couple of


sets. Telescopic arm. Break point down for the double


break, this was almost a shot to nothing.


UMPIRE: Game Muller. New balls please.


Now it's Muller who's finding it tough to read anything on the Nadal


serve. Got the line. Took a minute. He's


accused of being rather slow in between serves, that was mighty


rapid. It's as if the first two sets haven't happened. It definitely


feels in the last 20 minutes, certainly since Nadal got the early


break in this set that the overall flow and momentum of the match has


turned in thatteded in's favour. Watching him, we admired how well


Muller has come out and played the match so far. You have to also


admire how Nadal was able to regroup and how he manages his energy in


these situations, his competitive spirit, the way he gees himself up


and what could be such an easy opportunity to be flat. He is one of


the best at that in the game. Yeah, you never for one moment have seen


him hang his head. Not even a suspicion of it. Frustration - yes,


momentary. But that's all. John Barrett, Trevor McDonald.


After an hour and 42 minutes Muller is serving to stay in set number


three. He hasn't served and volleyed that


much. He did it in the very first point of the match. But the werity


that he has showed, obviously working perfectly in the first two


sets. It's as if he intends to do it a bit


more now. This was a good pass, but Nadal just


signalling to himself he should have gone the other way. Just opened up


the angle for Muller. Again the serve-volley. Nadal


blitzing it at him. Nadal giving himself more time


behind the baseline on that return. That's worth doing, if he's able to


get a strong hit. Net court was crucial. It it was


going in. Just took a hop and away. So quick to see the opportunity


there, Nadal. When Muller stays back, look at the


height on the return. That return did so much damage earlier in the


set. Allows Nadal the opportunity to come forward into the court.


UMPIRE: Game Muller. Another example of the fabulous variety he has in


his serve. He forces Nadal to serve out for this set.


Now he's into double figures on aces.


Down that line he had as good a view as anyone. He's not getting


involved. Three set points Kept on follow him that ball. Wasn't


a lot he could do in the end. SUE BARKER: Big roar from Rafa and


he's back in it. You know he's not going to run out of energy. We'll be


right back with that match in a moment. Over on Centre Court a short


time ago, Andy Murray came through another unorthodox opponent, Benoit


Paire, winning in straight sets. But there were a number of breaks of


serve in that one. Murray saying that he's playing his best tennis,


getting better with every match. That's good to hear as he goes


through into the last eight. Andy Murray on Centre Court through once


again to the delight of the British fans out there. And he is through to


face Sam Querrey, the big serving American who came through in five


sets. He had four match points in the fourth set and had to dig deep


in the fifth, winning 6-3. Querry takes on Murray. Murray leads 7-1 in


the head to head. He beat him in straight sets here in 2010 and in


straight sets earlier this year at the Australian open. Sam Querrey


faces Andy Murray on Wednesday. Over on BBC Two, you can watch Roger


Federer, aren't you spoiled for choice, Rafa on one, Roger on two.


He's up against Grigor Dimitrov. That's 4-4. Roger Federer over on


BBC two. Over on court number two, we haven't got a player on here


because they both left the court for a comfort break. It is one set all.


Zverev was a set and a break up. Milos Raonic has levelled that


match. Watch it on the red button or the BBC Sport website. Over on Court


3, Tomas Berdych now leads two sets to one over Dominic Thiem. It's on


serve in the fourth set. That match is on the red button and the BBC


Sport website. So is the comeback on? Rafa has twice come back from


two sets to love down here at Wimbledon. He's certainly got the


fitness, he is the man to do it. Gilles Muller still leading. Let's


go back to court one. He's starting to go out wide a bit


more now. He's got such a huge wing span, very


little chance of getting past him. Muller gets off to a lead in set


number four. His two biggest wins both in 2005, beating Nadal here


when Nadal was ranked three in the world. And later the same year, he


beat Andy Roddick in the US Open. There's been very little since of


that calibre. Suddenly this year a quantum leap up. Here he is on the


verge of perhaps the biggest upset of his career.


Nadal didn't deserve that. Did he tweak something there? A couple of


awkward movements. The right ankle was the problem.


Just a slight wobble there. Dynamic serving from Nadal. Up to 14


aces now. The standard has improved game by game, set by set.


Yes! Serve and volley from Muller, I thought he'd done enough. Desperate


defending and it worked a treat. Still having a little feel down


there on the ankle. Obviously not 100%.


It took a hot. -- hop. It's that second serve return again. Giving


himself more time, taking a full swing at this.


Wanted that. Surprised not to see Nadal go for the favourite


crosscourt pass. He had the time, he gave himself the time by being so


far behind the baseline. That's a wonderful game from Muller.


Need a little bit of luck against Nadal and made it almost an


impossible shot. That could turn out to be very important.


UMPIRE: Mr Nadal is challenging the call. I didn't hear the call, but


there must have been won. Now Nadal is challenging. He might as well.


But it was long. Muller has saved a couple of break points.


As you said, Jamie, that's one of his favourite passes, the forehand


across. He has had the chances in this game. Feels like he knows it


from the look on his face. One of his best returns in the


match. He's just so much more comfortable. He's almost at the ball


boy. You can just see how much damage that's doing to Muller.


Totally off-balance. They know how important this is,


right here. Nadal building momentum. Can it be halted here?


One of the longer games. Just has a feeling of being a really important


one. Yeah. That time he slots it home. He


leads 2-1. (STUDIO) what a long, tough game


that was an Gilles Muller edges ahead in the fourth set. On Centre


Court, Roger Federer is head -- edging ahead against Grigor


Dimitrov. He broke dimmer trough at 4-4. Roger Federer in charge on


Centre court. In just a moment you'll be able to


see Roger Federer... This is the really -- this is the latest score.


In five or six minutes Roger Federer will be on the red button because we


will be moving the Rafael Nadal match to BBC Two. That's in about


five minutes. In the meantime, back we go.


2-1. The bottles are at exactly the right angle, in exactly the right


position. The match is starting to move his way. But Muller halting him


then. You were asking what Nadal could do on his return of serve and


he has done something. He's stepped back, especially on the second


serve. You can see the difference. He's hitting with greater pace on


the return. He is about 1.9 metres further back in the third set on the


second serve. It doesn't sound like a big distance, but it's allowed him


to take a bigger swing and get more on that return.


Nadal fighting like a lion. Muller played lights out tennis for an hour


and a quarter, taking the first two sets. Not quite where he was and


pressure being exerted game by game now by the double champion.


Great disguise! How quick was he on to it? And then Muller totally


deceived. We are starting to see more and more points like this.


Nadal is finding a way to get into the Muller service games. Great


touch to finish that off. (STUDIO) three break points for


Rafael Nadal. We are coming to the end of our transmission on BBC One,


but it continues on BBC Two. Quickly switch to BBC Two if you want to see


if Rat I can break now. So much to look forward to later in the


evening. We'll also be following Roger Federer. He's taken the first


set against Grigor Dimitrov. That match is on the red button. Two big


results to bring you. Good news for both of Britain's number one tennis


players. Jo Konta came through in three sets, a difficult match


against Caroline Garcia. Look at the Ocean pouring out. 6-4 in the third


set. -- look at the motion. All the pressure and expectation on her.


Wonderful scenes on Court number one is Jo Konta celebrates getting to


the quarterfinals at Wimbledon for the very first time. Someone who


knows all about that is through to his tenth quarterfinal. Andy Murray


in straight sets against another tricky opponent, Benoit Paire. Andy


Murray winning in straight sets. He goes through to face Sam Querrey in


the quarterfinals on Wednesday. Andy Murray claiming he's playing his


best tennis at Wimbledon today. That's a good signal for all his


fans. The crowd loving seeing him go through once again. It was a tricky


first set, but he came through it. Good news for Britain as Jo Konta


and Andy Murray are through. So much tennis to look forward to as well.


We got Novak Djokovic as well. That will unfold on BBC Two. Goodbye.