01/09/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It will start a little bit damp in some places


tomorrow, but the rain should peter out. Most of us are looking dry by


the afternoon and in the bulk of England and Wales it will be


sparkling, September sunshine and warm air than today. The satellite


picture shows sunny skies in the south. But you can see a lot more


cloud covering Scotland. This is now bringing rain to parts of


Northern Ireland and western Scotland. That could be heavy


overnight in the West and going down towards southern Scotland by


Don. Or most of England and Wales it will be a dry night. A little


bit of a fresh start to Friday, but there should be plenty of sunshine


across parts of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, most of the Midlands


and East Anglia and southern England. It will start a little bit


cool, but the sunshine will soon start to lift the as temperatures.


A fine start across south-west England, sunny spells for most


other day, along with sunburn and eastern parts of Wales. In North


Wales it will be a cloudy day. Some little bits of rain in Cumbria and


Lancashire. The overnight rain has cleared from Northern Ireland. Lots


of cloud across Scotland with some outbreaks of rain, although this


rain in the east and the South will be clearing away quite quickly. A


little bit of rain heads its way into Cumbria, Lancashire and North


Wales. Foremost it is a dry afternoon. If you are stuck with


the cloud, you are stuck with temperatures of 17 or 18. Where the


sun shines, you could easily be up into the mid- twenties. The South


East may well hang on to the warmth into the weekend. Elsewhere we have


more rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland on Friday night,


and it will sink slowly south on Saturday. Further east it is


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