17/09/2012 BBC Weather


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It's certainly was alive today across northern parts of the UK, as


you can see from their radar. Heavy showers for Northern Ireland, in to


Scotland, drifting across northern England. Heavy bursts of rain here


but the good news is the showers are fading away overnight. They


will for most of us but we shall have a few showers across northern


and western parts. Across the Bristol Channel and into the


Liverpool and Manchester area and for western Scotland. For most, I


don a Dobbie tribe of clear skies then turning chilly. Single figures


across the Midlands and in Scotland. Seven or eight degrees to start.


But right to start much of the eastern parts of Scotland. East of


the Pennines, reasonable to start but showers through the morning in


the West. Towards the Midlands, the south-east, it's a decent start.


Breezy and fresh but dry and bright for the most part. One or two


showers for the South West earlier in the day but that will be it.


They will fade away quickly and the rest of the day looks pretty good


across Cornwall and Devon and a bright start for this type of Wales.


Breezy also in Northern Ireland. With some sunshine but a scattering


of showers, particularly on the north coast. And it's a cool north-


westerly breeze that blows across all parts of the UK tomorrow and


that will drive some of the showers. Most of tomorrow's showers will be


for North Wales and further north, into Scotland and Northern Ireland


but could spells of sunshine in between. For the south of Wales and


southern counties, it is a decent day with sunny spells but without


breeze, temperatures down on today's values. Tuesday night,


temperatures will take more of a tumble. Clearing skies for most of


us, major towns and cities into single figures but in the


countryside, about three or four degrees. Perhaps low enough for


grass frost. It does set us up for a lovely start to Wednesday with


sunshine and cloud increasing for the afternoon but apart from some


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