18/09/2012 BBC Weather


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From all us on the late team though, have a good night. There was a


scattering of showers across many parts of the United Kingdom earlier


today. For most of us the showers are now fading away. In this north-


western area showers will continue, pushing into the Irish Sea. For


most, a dry night with clearing skies. With the clearing skies and


light winds it will turn chilly. Lowest temperatures for central and


eastern areas, where the skies are clear, with the thicker cloud to


the north and west temperatures not dropping away too far. For the vast


majority it will be a chilly night. Major towns and cities, six, seven,


eight, nine degrees. Rural spots temperatures will dip away to twos


and threes. There could be a touch of frost on the grass first thing


in the morning. Chilly start to the day. Showers to the north and west


of Scotland. Dryer and brighter for the south and east. Lovely start to


the North East of England. Plenty of sunshine. Not particularly windy.


Similar idea for East Anglia and the south-east, single figure


temperatures, not particularly windy, sunshine should compensate.


Towards the South West, more in the way of cloud around, it shouldn't


amount to much. A decent start to the day, as it is across most of


Wales. The north of Wales will have thicker cloud and one or two


showers. Showers to the coasts of the north-west of England. Showers


into the South West of Scotland and into the north of Northern Ireland.


Belfast it will be a dry and bright start to the day. There will be


showers on Wednesday from the Midlands northwards. There could be


sharp showers in East Anglia. Even in the showery zone good spells of


sunshine. The best chance of staying dry are in the southern


counties of England. All change as we look towards Thursday. The next


weather system shaeding our way. That will bring rain with it. It


could be a disappointing day for Northern Ireland, southern Scotland,


northern England maybe into north Wales and parts of the Midlands. It


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