11/02/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. It was a rather cold and grey chicks don't to our


working week, rather disappointing, really. Looking at the satellite


picture, you can see how much cop at we have had across the country.


-- how much cloud. And we have still got some wintry showers to


the south of the Thames Estuary. With that cloud around overnight,


temperatures not falling too low, perhaps. We start off tomorrow


morning on a grey, bleak note. Some icy stretches first thing in the


south-eastern corner. A quiet start to the day in Northern Ireland.


Some are for much of western Scotland. -- similar. Moving


through the day, it is a cloudy, grey afternoon for many of us.


Temperatures similar to today. It used out to the west where we are


looking for our weather on Tuesday night, in to Wednesday. As this


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