10/05/2013 BBC Weather


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too much about the differences between this weekend's weather and


last weekend, but I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.


The evidence includes a brisk, call westerly wind blowing into your


showers are away. It is not going to be raining all the time. Every now


and again it will be dry and the sun will come out. Take advantage of


those moments. For the rest of the night, bands of wet weather walking


-- working across southern areas. Squally showers, a rumble of


thunder, gusty winds. Another band of rain into Western areas and


Northern Ireland. The rain in Northern Ireland will ease. There


are drier, clear spells around and it is single figure temperatures. A


fresh start for Saturday morning. For Saturday morning we have a zone


of cloud and rain, pushing east. Following on behind, brighter,


showery conditions. At 9am, a lot of cloud. Patchy outbreaks of rain. For


the south-east, one or two heavy showers to clear away before it


brightens up. There will be a zone of drier, brighter weather in


eastern England but showers will get going. Northern Ireland, the


overnight rain clearing. Heavy showers not too far behind. Rain


spreading across Scotland. Lighter winds in Scotland compared with


elsewhere. The area of cloud and rain moves east and into the


afternoon it brightens up. Showers follow. Heavy showers with hail and


thunder. Gusty winds. It is not going to be raining all the time.


They move along quite quickly on the brisk wind. Cooler than today. 15


Celsius. Most of us will fall short of that. There will be showers on


the road to Wembley for the FA Cup final, probably easing during the


match itself. For those celebrating in north-west England on Saturday


evening there will be rain to come. Brisk winds are moving across other


parts of northern England and East Anglia. By the end of Saturday night


and the beginning of Sunday, a brief ridge of high pressure. More weather


fronts coming from the Atlantic. Even if you start dry on Sunday,


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