13/05/2013 BBC Weather


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weather. Back to reality. There is some wet weather on its way for


England and Wales. It will cause some problems in places. Someone


somewhere could see a flake of snow. This weather front will intensify


further as we go through tomorrow. We can see the cloud beginning to


develop. There is more cloud across Scotland and that is where the


weather action is overnight. A scattering of showers elsewhere.


Some dry weather elsewhere. As the winds ease of it will turn cold with


some frost possible in rural areas where the skies remain clear. By the


morning, there is rain edging into Cornwall. At the other end of the UK


the rain will have ended up through the central belt. There will be some


sunshine for much of northern Britain. Make the most of the


brightness across the Midlands and Eastern England. It will not last.


The odd spot of rain and more persistent stuff turning up across


Cornwall. And pushing into West Devon. It will stay wet for the west


of the day. Rain pushing into southern England. Quite a contrast


in conditions between the south and the North. Despite some sunshine in


the north it will not be that warm and in the south 11 degrees is


optimistic. In some places, particularly in the zone of wetter


weather tomorrow afternoon temperatures will struggle to get


much higher than five or six degrees. There is the possibility of


a few snowflakes. It is given -- it is noteworthy given how late we are


in the season. Very strong winds. By Wednesday there is somewhat weather


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