23/03/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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part of the weekend. 1415 degrees. Still quite breezy. Here's Thomas


with the national picture. Good evening. Some good news on the


weather front of this evening. The weekend is looking sunny for most of


the UK. We have got clear skies across the country and it promises


to be a sunny day tomorrow. We had some rain today. It rained quite


heavy across parts of the South West. These are remnants of weather


fronts that have been hanging around for a while. They will eventually


die away. Through the course of the night, rain for the Isle of Wight


westwards. Eventually we will say goodbye to this rain. First thing in


the morning, let's Sue Minter the south-west. This is the exception


compared to the rest of the country. Quite wet in places. Across central


and southern England and parts of the Midlands in the morning, the


cloud may be expensive. -- extensive. In western England and


the rest of the country, a beautiful start. Colder. Temperatures not far


of freezing. The winds will be light. Through the morning into the


afternoon, that cloud tends to break up. You may have to wait for a while


before that. Eventually it will and then we are in for a fine, fine day.


The high pressure we have been promising for the last couple of


days anchors itself across the UK. Here it is during the course of


Saturday. The winds blow around the high pressure like so. In a


clockwise fashion. That means in the centre of the high it will feel


warm. Around the high whether it feels chilly. In East Anglia and the


south-east, if you are going for a walk on the beach, it will be nippy.


Inland it could be 16 degrees. Into next week we are going to see


variable amounts of cloud. Temperatures will get up to 13 or 14


Celsius. This fine weather is expected to last into next week as


well. Some warm sunshine, a touch of frost in places. Beyond that, things


will settle. We set off at about two o'clock


in the morning, got the body out. I remember Howard


had the head in a bag. We got the body into a phone box


and scarpered as fast as we could. And then, of course,


it was all over the press. were just pleased


to get their waxwork back.


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