27/03/2017 BBC Weather


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showery on Saturday, dry and brighter on Sunday and if we go back


to the temperatures in the next couple days, you see those highs on


Thursday. He is John Hammond with the national


this cyclone Debbie crashes onto the Queensland coast with violent winds


and flooding rains, that will head southwards in the next few days in


the direction of Brisbane. We will keep an eye on Debbie. Meanwhile


back home, much more tranquil. This beautiful sunset taken from


Stevenage and Hertfordshire earlier this evening. Clear skies for some


though not for all of us. Quite a lot of low cloud across eastern


areas drifting a little farther west as we go through the night. Areas of


fog around, so watch out for those. Where the skies remain clear, it


will be cold. It already is, and in some areas temperatures could dip as


low as zero or -2 in some Western Highland glens. A bitter brightness


but more cloudy generally in Scotland. Some sunshine further


south, East Anglia and the selfies. Showers in the Southwest Bushman


from south-west England and Wales and parts of the Midlands. Every


bursts heading through Northern Ireland and into south-western parts


of Scotland. Of that are more cloud, so a cooler data on recently. One or


two of the showers will move eastward and the odd thundery one


but they will be well scattered affairs. Many places will avoid them


and will feel quite warm in the sunshine. Some brightness in south


Wales and south-west England in the afternoon but as we head into the


afternoon, turning damp. Some of this damp weather pushing northwards


and eastwards across the UK tomorrow night. Some heavy rain turning up in


northern and western areas as we go through Wednesday. A real change in


weather. A lot of blustery wind but little rain further south and east,


quite cloudy but mild. Mid-teens, cooler on the east coast of


Scotland. It's looking further ahead, further


fronts coming in off the Atlantic. Targeting the more north-western


parts of the UK with some rain but for a time starting to draw in some


really warm Summerlee winds from the near continent. The chat turns


orange for a time in East Anglia and the selfies. Don't be surprised if


some places reached 20-21 in the eastern areas. In the sunshine


further north and west, cooler, more cloud, more breeze and some rain


around. Turning


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