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The latest weather forecast.

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of year. This stay tuned for the national weather forecasts with John


Hammond. Good evening. Your parents might


have told you once that life 's not fair and they were right. He is the


proof. Over the next few days some of us will enjoy some lovely


sunshine, temperatures in the low 20s. It will feel like early summer.


For others, quite a lot of rain around and it will feel like late


March. This is showers earlier on today and dampness this evening in


the West Country and Wales. That is heading north eastwards. A different


sort of night. A lot of cloud around, quite damp and misty in


places. Cloud cover will prevent temperatures falling much at all. A


much milder my than we have seen recently. Except for the North of


Scotland, but elsewhere in double figures. It will be a Graeme Murty


start of the day for most of us, not much in the way of sunshine. As we


head through the morning some heavy rain will arrive in the south-west.


Wet weather for West Wales, north-west England, Northern Ireland


and into Scotland. The north-east and most parts of Scotland holding


the dry weather. Quite chilly here. Milder further south but the price


pay its rain stops and drier spells for a time in Northern Ireland would


not be trusted. Rain into north-west England, not much to the east of the


Pennines. Largely dry the ease, fairly dry, mild and muggy but


that's nothing compared to the warmth that is going to waft up into


parts of south-east England and East Anglia during the course of


Thursday. Many southern and eastern areas enjoying a warm day, 20, 21 or


even 22. Further north and west it won't be as warm, is the best I can


offer you. Here there will be some rain. This is a bit of a question


about the wettest weather will be. In Northern Ireland and Scotland


comes drier and brighter weather, blustery winds, not as warm as


further south-east. Another batch of rain on Friday. It looks like


heading its weight use wood through the day. That will push this warm


air out of the picture. It's a cold front, not really going to introduce


cold air but it will be fresher as we head into the weekend. We will


see a few showers around on Saturday. A ridge of high pressure


building in from the West, a good sign for Sunday. To sum up this


weekend, 1st of April, April showers on Saturday. By Sunday, they will be


dying away, some sunshine although


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