29/03/2017 BBC Weather


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far. The outlook for the next few days, temperatures coming down a bit


but staying decent for this time of year. Here is Darren Bett with the


national weather. The warm air coming up on a


southerly breeze all the way from Iberia and across France into


England and Wales. To achieve the high temperatures we need to get


into some of this dryer air and sunshine. Even with the cloud today,


17 degrees. Not just about the temperatures, let's not forget there


is some rain around as well. Quite wet in Pembrokeshire for much of the


day. More rain overnight tonight, some rain and drizzle in northern


and western areas. Wetter weather moving northwards across Scotland.


Some rain in the south-west, shuffling towards the Midlands.


Overnight, a lot of cloud around. It is going to be very mild indeed for


the time of year, 11-12 in many parts of the country. This is an


sunshine beginning to creep into the south-east early in the morning.


This rain will get pushed northwards across Wales, north-west England,


into Scotland and most of the rain in the afternoon sitting in the


Irish Sea. The northern Scotland, where it is a bit drier and with a


southerly breeze, a bit warmer than recently, especially in the


north-east of Scotland. Not a good direction for Dumfries Galloway,


more rain. More rain for Cumbria, the Pennines. And some rain in


Northern Ireland, especially in the east. Rain flirting with the west


coast of Wales in south-west England. For many parts of England


and Wales, it gets brighter, not promising blue skies but warmth, 22


likely in the south-east. This turning wetter for western areas


overnight probably the main focus of the rain on Friday as the rain moves


northwards to Scotland. Not much rain in the south-east of the UK.


Whilst we introduce slightly fresher air, we should break the cloud up


quite nicely. Some sunny spells and it should be a decent afternoon for


many places. It's a weekend of two has. On Saturday we have some


sunshine and a bit of warmth but there will be some showers around as


well. Those will be quite slow moving, quite heavy, temperatures


not as high on Saturday. So showers to last too long. They get pushed


away on Saturday night by this ridge of high pressure. It will be quite


chilly overnight. That ridge will keep the weather fronts at bay for


the time being. For the second half of the weekend, much drier


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