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us today, 17 LCF is good for the time of year. The chance of a shower


on Saturday. time of year. The chance of a shower


on Saturday. Sunday will be dry. Hello, it will cool off over the


next few days but that's not unusual, given how warm it was


today. This was London. We just had the warmest March day since 2012, 20


two Celsius in the Sunnis skies in the south-east. It was much warmer


than recently in north-eastern Scotland, but in between we had a


zone of outbreaks of rain. It's pretty wet in south-west Scotland


and North West England at the moment. This was the scene earlier,


with rainy skies. There's more rain to come overnight. We could see a


few splashes running eastwards into England, but most of the wet weather


is further west. We will see heavy rain arriving in Northern Ireland.


Further training north-west England and also for Scotland. -- further


rain. It will stay very mild for the time of year. Tomorrow, there may be


a little early sunshine for East Anglia and the south-east, but we


have a zone of cloud and showery bits of rain to run eastwards but


very hit and miss. The main rain is further north, running away from


western parts of Wales. The Murray Firth will be dry because it's more


sheltered. This week where the front that will transfer cloud and a few


showers eastwards into England. The heaviest rain should move away from


Wales and north-west England, clearing Northern Ireland, some


sunshine in the afternoon, but continuing to run northwards across


Scotland. Much colder for Scotland than today. Elsewhere, with some


sunshine, it should be a decent afternoon. 15-17. As we move into


the new month, typical April showers for the weekend. Those should move


away overnight. We'll have a much drier second half of the weekend.


The first half of the weekend looks like this. A fair bit of cloud


around. Some slow-moving showers. The showers could be rather heavy,


hit and miss. It may be dry across south-eastern East Anglia. The


showers will tend to fade away during the evening, bumped away by


the ridge of high pressure that's building up from the south. Hence


the drier end to the weekend. The weather fronts are being kept at bay


for the time being. Sunday should be a dry day. A chilly start, maybe


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