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is remaining settled. It will feel fairly warm and dry as well.


Good evening. Some rain spreading in across the Atlantic overnight. As it


does so we will see some fresh Atlantic air following on from


behind. The pollen levels will drop but the temperatures will also drop.


Some rain to go with the cloud. It is moving its way from west to east.


Drying up in not an island and eventually it will dry up in most of


Scotland. The fresher Atlantic air is following on behind. In major


towns and cities it will be five, 6 degrees. Across England and Wales


there would be extensive cloud cover. It will be a pretty grey and


wet start to some parts of Wales and the South West of England. Not much


rain by eight o'clock in the morning. Pretty grey, misty and


murky for some. Head further north and not much rain to be had. Still a


lot of low cloud around. Misty and murky. It is that bit writer. The


east of Scotland doing well. Some spells of sunshine. Early on we will


see windy conditions in the north-west. There will be some


frequent showers. There will be a gale in the Northern Isles through


the day. Notice how the cloud sticks around into the afternoon in the


East of England. Still patchy rain to be had. It will brighten up


across Wales and the south-west of England. A decent day. Top


temperatures around about ten, 12 degrees in many places. You might


get 15, possibly 16 degrees in the South and West. Through the day high


pressure is building in all the while. There is a load to the north


of us. Still windy in the north and north-east on Wednesday. A decent


day for many places. We'll start off on a chilly note. A bright start in


the south. In the north and west we are most likely to see the strongest


winds with maybe the odd shower or two. Hanging on to the sunny spells


for the longest in the south and west. A pleasant day. Temperatures


midweek in the range of ten, to rant about 14 degrees. Thursday and


Friday pretty similar days. Also Filling Friday nights with the


world's most famous faces. Hey, hey! But how are they really feeling


about appearing


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