27/06/2017 BBC Weather


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Thursday, a quite cloudy day, and you might get further showers.


Thursday, a quite cloudy day, and you might get further showers.


Good evening. The weather seems to have done a complete U-turn. For


some today, wet and miserable for much of the day. In the Isle of Man,


we have seen 56 millimetres of rain in 24 hours. Yes, the gardens are


happy, but not sure if you have been if you live there. Some of that


heavy this morning. Pushing North and East and light and drizzly into


the afternoon, with showers developing into the South East.


Becoming quite extensive through the afternoon across Kent and into


London and into East Anglia. We have seen 50 millimetres in the Suffolk


area in just 12 hours. The rain continues to be heavy and it will do


so through the night. Gradually drifting North and West. The


exception of Scotland, Northern Ireland, not faring badly. Cloudy


and damp with poor visibility, but not going to be cold, a muggy feel


further South, 16 degrees. We start off with heavy rain across East


Anglia and in the Lincolnshire. During the early morning rush hour,


the rain as heavy as it moves North and West across the Pennines in the


North West England. Web bearing in mind on the road early on, a lot of


surface water and spray, tune into your BBC local radio station for


traffic -- travel and traffic updates. The rain moves slowly and


surely North and West and grinds to a halt across the Scottish Borders.


Scotland and Northern Ireland, generally not a bad day. Cool or an


exposed coasts, and the rain lingers in the West. Disappointing. West


England. We could see showers and in the South East, 19, 20, if we're


lucky. This time is weak, 35 was the hype. The rain sits across the North


of England, a wet day for the Isle of Man that tops up the rain for


titles -- totals. But Northern Ireland and Scotland, it should stay


dominantly bright but a bit chilly. I hope you make the most of it, that


rain is heading towards Scotland into Thursday. And it will turn


increasingly windy here and not from a very warm sauce. Gales through the


central belt of Scotland, on a link showers across the West. The best of


the drier and brighter weather likely in the South East, with 20


degrees. Every cloud Brexit means Brexit.


We did it! To pretend that it's going to be


plain sailing is such knuckle-headed lunacy.


Happy days are here. They have said one thing one day,


another thing the next day. think during the year


that changed British politics?


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