03/08/2017 BBC Weather

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The latest weather forecast.

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on Sunday. Then more clubs billing in from the west.


Not many showers in southern England. Lighter winds and some


warmth to be had. From our tour of the British Isles, we move to


southern Europe by once again tomorrow, we are expecting intense


heat in parts of the Balkans, Italy and southern Spain likely to be in


the 40s. This heat will cause some problems. Not much chance of


problems from the hot weather back home. As we go into the weekend, a


decidedly cool weather regime. We are marooned between the high


pressure trying to build from the south-west and low pressure, which


will be holding on to the north-east. Not a particularly warm


wind direction. The showers could be heavy and thundering across central


portions of the country. Some spells of sunshine but despite that,


maximum temperatures of 16 to 21 degrees. Sunday morning could start


off very cool. A lot of dry weather around on Sunday, with both of


sunshine, but rain will return to the west later.


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