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most part with a high of 21 or 22. Into the start of the new week,


changeable weather Into the start of the new week,


changeable weather to say the least. Good evening, mixed, unsettled,


changeable, many words you could use to describe the weather we've had in


the last week but heatwave would not be one of them. That is a far cry


from the weather we have been seeing across southern Europe. Today was


another day of dangerous heat in places from the Balkans westwards


towards southern Spain, temperatures well up into the 40s, close to 45


degrees in parts of southern Spain, a lot of this down to the jet


stream, southern Europe is on the southern side of the jet stream and


we are on the northern side of it, the cold side of the jet stream. It


is the jet stream, the winds high in the atmosphere, that pushes the


weather systems around the globe. And you can see we have a queue of


them waiting in the wings to moving over the next few days. The weekend


essentially stays pretty changeable with a mixture of sunshine and heavy


showers and generally a rather cool feel to the weather. Back to the


here and now, this evening and tonight, Central and eastern areas


largely dry with a passing shower, more showers in Northern Ireland and


Scotland, which will drift into Wales and the south-west and


temperatures of 9-15. Tomorrow is a day of sunshine and showers but


particularly in the morning across Wales at the south-west and then


later through the Midlands, East Anglia and eventually the


south-east, we will see some really heavy showers drifting through with


hail and thunder. It could give a lot of rain in a short space of


time. Further north, not as many showers but there could still be the


odd hefty downpour later in the day, the showers should ease away to some


extent for Northern Ireland and north-west Scotland but temperatures


disappointing for August, 16-21. As the World Championship athletics


continues in London, there could well be heavy, Bunbury showers in


the afternoon but the risk of a shower decreases as we go into the


evening. That is the story for just about all of us. Things become


largely dry with clear spells and a ridge of high pressure building, and


with light winds, and unusually cold night for August, surprisingly cold


I suspect if you live in the countryside, look at the


temperatures, maybe two degrees in the sheltered glens of Scotland,


otherwise single digits and even a touch of grass frost in places.


After a cool start, a dry day for many on Sunday, particularly central


and eastern areas, more cloudy to the West with rain splashing


sporadically in later in the day and temperatures 15-22.


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