07/08/2017 BBC Weather

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The latest weather forecast.

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Thursday afternoon and on Friday. The outlook for


Thursday afternoon and on Friday. The outlook for the weekend the: it


will gradually improve. Over to Philip Avery.


Hello, yet another day goes by and it is not a dry sphere behind me. I


expect, Headingley is in there somewhere, the fear of that that


keeps guys like this hard at it at this time of year and I expect they


have seen the forecast not just for Essex on Tuesday but other areas


too. Henley was in the firing line of the weather front, Hockley, a


close run thing, but perhaps more dry than not, other showers were


available. Further north showers, later in the night you may hear a


rumble of thunder anywhere from the East Midlands up to the Humber.


Skies may clear behind it and that will allow mist and fog to form.


Away from that weather front the skies will clear and it could be a


chilly start to the day on Tuesday across parts of Scotland and


Northern Ireland where you will see the best of the Sunshine. Monday's


front becomes Tuesday's front and it will be joined later in the day by


this area of low pressure and the attendant cloud, wind and rain


gradually driving its way up from the near continent. The brightest of


the weather no doubt throughout the day in Scotland, Northern Ireland


and maybe the north-west of England, the weather front draped on that


diagonal. Here comes the new area of cloud and rain with some heavy


downpours and there will be some thunderstorms. It is not quite all


doom and gloom because the tail end of the weather front will allow


brightness in Wales and the south-west but also a lot of cloud


and rain. There comes the risk of thunderstorms up across East Anglia,


the East Midlands and south-east. There will be a lull in proceedings


for the weather front and then the drier weather. One or two showers in


the wind direction, the central belt could state drive for the greater


part of the day. Tuesday into Wednesday, rather unusually, though


not extraordinarily, the fronts and low-pressure drift from South to


North, but you will notice trailing away from the south-western quarter,


yes, another very active portion of the weather front bringing the risk


of thunderstorms and heavy downpours across the south-eastern quarter. No


doubt the best of the conditions further north and west. The first


signs of a high-pressure trying to topple in from the Atlantic and


trying to dominate and it succeeds on Thursday, one of the drier days


of the week, but by Friday to new cloud, new wind and rain. It reminds


me of the younger 70 years after


the partition of India, discover how their families were


torn apart.