08/08/2017 BBC Weather

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The latest weather forecast.

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afternoon. I will leave you with the outlook. It's certainly wellies at


the ready tomorrow. Up next the national forecast.


I hoped to be starting the show with a temperature league and trying to


avoid saying what a scorcher. Instead these are the rainfall


totals. Showers in the south-west,


underneath that cloud yet again our weather watchers captured it all. We


had funnel clouds here off the Essex coast and lightning too.


I don't know what the maritime equivalent of a field day is but you


certainly had it there if you had a camera close by. We haven't seen the


last of those, they've rumbled away the last few hours. Some of that


energy enhancing that rain that came to Bridlington and many other


northern areas. That's the way it's going to stay overnight. One or o


are two dryer slots further south. Across the northern half of Britain


it's a much dryer prospect. The clouds may part, temperatures might


get down to single figures but not a cold start to Wednesday. We will


come back to that waterery theme in a second but it's worth emphasising


for a greater part of Scotland, the north of England, Northern Ireland


too, the western fringes of Wales from the word go, it's a dry enough


and bright enough start to the day. Even parts of the south-east will be


dry in the first part of the day, but if you are anywhere near that


zone, especially through the Midlands, getting up towards


Lincolnshire and East Anglia, just watch out if you are on the move


because that rain will just keep on coming, it could get disruptive,


there will be a lot of surface water. As I take you on through the


day you will notice that front is very slow-moving, even ahead of it


with brightness we might spark thunder storms in Kent and then the


zone comes down. 20-30 millimetres widely here, if you catch one of the


heavier downpours, 40-60. High pressure will topple in and become


the dominant feature during Thursday with a notable exception of the that


lingering weather front that will take time to get away from the


south-east but will get there. Thursday is looking like another


decent day. Loitering above my head another set of weather fronts


bringing more cloud and wind and rain right down, eventually across


all parts of the British Isles. I leave you


..this season, the whole game in full