09/08/2017 BBC Weather

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weekend. Plenty of sunshine around. Temperatures 22 degrees. Stay tuned


for the national weather. Hello once again. If the truth are


known, I'm in a dilemma. I don't know whether to start off saying


what a glorious day as captured by one of our Weather Watchers in the


west of Cornwall. Or do I go the other way and empathise with others


who had to commute in conditions like this? It wasn't just the


commute. For many it was the whole day. It just appended where you were


in relation to this weather front, which is gradually slumping further


south-east during the day. Elsewhere, as glorious as I first


showed you. If you are close to that, these are the sort of totals.


Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, East Anglia, down towards the south-west,


all of you have had more than your fair share of rain. Overnight we


will push the remnants of that front, still with the odd burst of


rain, south-east. Behind it, the skies will clear. A chilly night in


the countryside. The cloud has dissipated, which means Thursday


starts with sunshine for many. It is driver the most part. Still the


chance of some showers flirting with the coast of Kent and Sussex, and


more cloud in the far north of Scotland. That is a decent summer's


day. Temperatures not sparkling but if you have got something planned I


don't think the weather will get in the way. If you have something


planned for the evening, the weather is on site. However, that


temporarily ridge high pressure is temporary. It is replaced on Friday


by a new area of low pressure. It sweeps cloud, wind and rain further


towards the south and east. We are not -- not giving in to the far


south-east until late in the afternoon. Quite a few isobars. It


is mobile at least. We will post those weather fronts further towards


the south and east. Here comes the weekend and here comes a ridge of


high pressure. When the front has cleared the south-east, Saturday is


a decent enough day. Showers to the eastern side of the Pennines. Some


in Scotland. Sunday, the same ridge high pressure is still giving us a


perfectly reasonable sort of day, providing you are not expecting a


heatwave. Being on stage or screen doesn't


faze these celebrities. But how will


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Do you think? It will be tasty.


Are you telling me? Are you letting me


loose with a blowtorch? Argh! You guys can throw anything you


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