10/08/2017 BBC Weather

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The latest weather forecast.

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brighter day. We'll see some spells of sunshine. If you are heading


further afield, let's check the National forecast with Helen


Willetts. Good evening. A much nicer day after


yesterday's deluge across southern and eastern areas. As you can see,


it has already been a wet month. A very wet month across southern and


eastern areas. Most of the rain falling yesterday of the day before.


But it's all changing. It looks as if our rain is going to be coming in


from the west. It looks at the moment as if the weekend is looking


fairly decent, next week it's back to business as usual. For the rest


of the evening and overnight we've got the strengthening winds ushering


in the weather systems, with cloud and rain. It's not going to be a


cold night for Scotland or Northern Ireland, but across England and why


is it could be chilly in rural areas. In rural areas there could be


fog first thing. If you are up in the early hours you may be lucky


enough to witness a meteor shower, we will see clear skies continuing


tonight but tomorrow, cloudier. Let me show you why. We have a weather


front advancing. The rain is mainly me show you why. We have a weather


for the north and west tomorrow, as opposed to the east. For Kent, a


drier day. We had showers first thing this morning. The best part of


the day looks set to be the morning. Already the cloud is gathering on


strengthening wind for the Western fringes of England and while some


sunshine will be in short supply across its Northern Ireland and most


of Scotland. Quite heavy rain across the hills but east of the Grampians,


around the Moray Firth and Aberdeenshire, Eumaeus gate. You may


see a bit of sunshine here and we could have 21 Celsius. The warmest


weather is likely to be where we keep the sunshine, across East


Anglia and the south-east. We could get 22-23 here. A decent day. But


for the most part much cloudier, with some patchy rain. Strengthening


breeze. It will make it feel quite chilly. Close to gale force, the


winds forecast to be across the western side of Scotland. They eased


down during Friday night, trying to blow the weather fronts away,


allowing a ridge of high pressure to start building but it's a slow


improvement on Saturday. It looks like a decent day, even though there


are a few showers and cloud first thing. It will be brightening up for


the majority of the day, dry, and odd shower around. It will be


particularly warm. The wind coming down from the north-west but not as


strong as Friday. Lighter by Sunday, so chilly start. More sunshine,


fewer showers, not altogether dry but a decent enough day. The weekend


doesn't look too bad as the -- not too bad