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The latest weather forecast.

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the outlook for the next few days. A decent weekend, more unsubtle than


to the the outlook for the next few days. A


decent weekend, more unsubtle than to the start of next week. Now Helen


Willetts with the National forecast. Good evening. Despite the unsettled


and often quite wet weather for some of us this week it looks like we


have a window of fairly decent weather and it coincides with the


weekend, but it's not plain sailing. We have this amalgamation of weather


fronts across the country, so it means there's a lot of cloud, if you


are hoping to view the meteor shower tonight, but it looks clearer


tomorrow night. Best tonight in the north and west but even here there


will be showers around on this weather front here, with splashes of


rain in the South, as we saw at the World Athletics Championships on


this week weather front. All of those elements acting as a blanket


to prohibit the Faurlin temperatures. It should be a fairly


mild night compared to last night. It could be grey with hill fog


around initially tomorrow, and splashes of drizzle. It's a case of


a scattering of showers thereafter and very few of them in the


afternoon, probably in Scotland and Northern Ireland there will be the


odd one here and there. Not particularly warm. It's


north-westerly wind. Not one direction for us. The winds won't be


as strong as today. Further south scattering of showers, perhaps the


odd sharp one down to walls the walls and the Midlands and Wales. It


will be dry and bright if not sunny. Eventually showers filter southwards


but it should be eventually dry for the World Athletics Championships as


it continues tomorrow. If you are heading home late it will be chilly,


because the showers state quite quickly overnight tomorrow and under


the ridge of high pressure, quite chilly. Like last Saturday night,


when we could see temperatures not in the towns and cities but in the


countryside dipping down close to freezing in the Glens of Scotland.


That's verging on a grass frost for this time of year. A sparkling start


on Sunday morning but there could be some transient fog first thing. It


shouldn't last. It looks like it should be sunnier on Sunday, with


lighter winds. It will feel warm, fewer showers as well. One or two


for western Scotland. 17-22, not too bad. You can see the next mass of


rain gathering across the western side of Ireland. It comes through


Sunday evening and overnight, its withers through Monday. Back to


business as usual through the start of the New week. It will be very


showery potentially Tuesday, a brief respite early Wednesday, but more


rain arrives in the West later on what could be a potentially with the


weather system.


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