14/08/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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outlook for the weekend is cool, but it will become less breezy and there


will be sunny spells. it will become less breezy and there


will be sunny spells. If that brief glimpse of the weather


for the week ahead has left you thinking summer has deserted us,


don't give up hope yet. We turn our attention to the western Atlantic,


particularly this blob of cloud. This is a developing tropical storm.


Over the next few days, it stays out in open waters, but strengthens and


becomes Hurricane Gert. That could have an impact on our jet stream and


that could turn our weather on its head again, which will probably come


as welcome news to some. Today, Kent had the warmest day of the month so


far, pretty unusual for August. It is still going to be fairly cool,


particularly later in the week. It will be hit and miss with the


showers. The heaviest rain will be by night. We could see a few lively


bursts of rain pushed across southern England and even the odd


rumble of thunder in the south-east. Temperatures will not drop away too


much. Rain for the early risers across the far south-east of


England. The brain lingers in Shetland until lunchtime. Scotland


and Northern Ireland are most likely to see a shower. The Midlands, Wales


and Southern Ireland are more likely to see red. In the sunshine, it will


feel pleasantly warm. The ridge of high pressure will build, and


another area of low pressure is pushing into the West. If you are on


holiday in the west of the country, make the most of the mornings. Rain


in Northern Ireland will be with you in the morning rush-hour. Much of


England, Wales and eastern Scotland will be dry. We will see the rain by


night, not by date. By Thursday, it is back to sunshine and showers once


more. In the sunshine, it will feel pleasant enough. But it feels colder


on Friday. The winds Phone went,


and it was my sister, Jane, and she said, "It's looking quite


serious, really serious." A short while ago,


Buckingham Palace confirmed the death of Diana,


Princess of Wales. because of the tears that


they'd just wiped away. My sister's dying has provoked


this national, It was one of the hardest things


I've ever done was that walk. I felt like she was almost


walking along beside us, Cath! You're a tough woman to find.


I don't want to talk to you. Daddy! I know I've screwed things up


in the past. I heard she went to New Zealand,


married some farmer type. I need this whole thing to be


a new start for us.


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