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spells and showers. Temperatures reaching a maximum of 22 Celsius.


That's spells and showers. Temperatures


reaching a maximum of 22 Celsius. That's it from us.


If you want some hope that some are hasn't deserted us, stay with me.


Today offered some promise that the sun was out. We finished on a fine


note across many parts of the country. Reverting to type a little


bit. A rather chilly night, particularly in the countryside.


Across parts of Scotland we could get down to four 5 degrees, not what


you want to see in August. The ridge of high pressure keeps things dry. A


familiar scene, a familiar face pushing into the West. The weather


front, strengthening wind, increasing wind and outbreaks of


rain. A lot of dry weather across parts of England to start with. From


morning onwards, we will see that pushing into western Scotland. Much


of England and Wales, eastern Scotland, predominantly dry, not


completely dry through the day. Cloud increases, but with hazy


sunshine, temperatures above 20 Celsius. Cooler in the West. We will


see lengthier bursts of rain. Through the night coming to


Thursday, the heavier burst for England and Wales. That weather


front may take a while to clear eastern coastal counties, so it


might be wept to begin with. Cloud through the English Channel. For


most it bright and dry day with sunny spells, the chance for a few


showers, Northern Ireland and north-west England. Most will spend


Thursday dry and still pleasantly warm, even with the breeze.


Temperatures widely into the 20s. A change by Friday, showers, some


heavily and sundry, going eastwards. Then we bring the air from a


different direction, from the north Atlantic and across the UK. It will


feel much more chilly, particularly with the showers. There will be more


of them about, the odd one heavy and sundry. Through the day on Saturday,


the breeze will be easing and the showers will become less abundant.


What we need is a game changer to bring some back and this could be


it. Hurricane Gert. It is only a hurricane for a short while. It


could bring rain across the northern part of the country. The South


should stay dry. As if tears They'd tell us how they crossed


continents and centuries... It's a story that's been


put into paint.


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