16/08/2017 BBC Weather


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Harry Kane, but it will bring some cloud and that is it. Let's see what


Darren Bett is to say. Sunshine and showers for tomorrow, a


spell of rain moves in from the West and clears away from Northern


Ireland, just about, but we will see rather ragged rain, heavy at times


with stronger winds, sweeping into England and Wales but clearing later


from Scotland, back to Wales on the north-west. Temperatures will dip,


but under the cloud and rain it will be quite a one night ahead.


Still some cloud and rain early in the morning across southern and


eastern England, it should not last long. The cloud lasts longer and


that will break up, as we get sunshine we will see showers


developing in southern England, Wales and the Midlands. Further


north you might get away with a dry day, quite a bit of sunshine,


feeling pleasant. Western Scotland and Northern Ireland seeing a


scattering of showers to the day. The chance of a shower or two at


Edgbaston for the first day/ night Test match in England. Most of the


day will be dry with sunshine around, but some cool breezes


perhaps, keeping some showers going into tomorrow evening, we could see


wetter weather coming into Northern Ireland and later in the night


across Scotland and northern England.


A wet start this thing, rain lingering in north-east Scotland on


Friday. Wet weather whistles to Northern Ireland, other way Friday


sunshine and showers. Looking at the temperatures, quite a


few degrees lower, feeling quite cool in the strong and blustery


winds. The cooler air has come around the backside of the area of


low pressure, which spins to the north-east of Scotland for the start


of the weekend. Some sunshine this weekend, some rather blustery


showers on Saturday that will fade overnight, and later in the weekend


we will see cloud and rain arriving. This is Saturday, not too bad a day


across southern areas, not many showers but windier further north


where we will see the bulk of the showers, temperatures still


disappointing for the time of year. The rain later is across the other


side of the Atlantic, it comes in part from the hurricane, which will


not be a hurricane as it heads so away but it will combine and jostle


with this more regular area of low pressure across Canada and the two


bump and barge into each other and sweep across the Atlantic in time


for Sunday. Strengthening the wind, many places starting try but lots of


cloud, at this stage it looks like the


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