17/08/2017 BBC Weather


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around, temperatures 22. A fine start to the


around, temperatures 22. A fine start to the weekend. Maybe some


rain on Sunday, some shooun and warmth on Monday. As if our weather


wasn't complicated enough, we'll add into the mix, tropical air. This was


Hurricane Gert earlier, it has weakened but the remnants will head


towards our shores by Sunday and increase the uncertain ti. Ahead of


that, we can look forward to more showers. The cloud thickening in the


north-west, focussing the showers at the movement we will see downpours


running away from Northern Ireland, over the Irish Sea, turning wetter


in Wales, northern England. Further south and east, clearer skies, one


or two showers, and a warm night. Into the morning and for the


rush-hour across Scotland a wet start. The rain may linger all day


across the north and north-east of Scotland. Rather chilly. Afterwards


the showers in Northern Ireland overnight. We greet the day with


sunshine, one or two showers. A few showers in northern England but


across Lincolnshire, and the north-east, a bright and sunny day.


One or two showers loitering in the south coast and a if you more in the


Bristol channel and south Wales. Tomorrow will be wanedy day. We'll


force the showers eastwards from morning, mid-to late morning sqlon


wards. Sunshine and showers for most, a spell of wetter weather


drives across Ireland to Wales later in the day and we'll keep the rain


in the north and north-east of Scotland. More showers around. A


stronger wind, feeling cooler and temperatures lower than they were


today. It'll certainly be a cooler day at Edgbaston for the second day


of the Test match. We got away with it today. More likely to get showers


tomorrow, especially late afternoon and into the evening. By Saturday, a


half decent day. A few showers around, not many. Most across


Scotland, many other areas not as dry, the sunshine hazy later but


temperatures in the sparkling for this time of the year. We head to


the second half of the weekend and the will he pressure from the


Atlantic which has caught up in it what is left of Hurricane Gert and


will make things uncertain.


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