21/08/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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weekend at the moment the forecast looks uncertain so stay tuned for


the details but it looks uncertain so stay tuned for


the details but it looks like a promising start.


Misty weather conditions will be the story as we go through the night. A


murky night through England and Wales with low cloud and missed. The


rain band continuing to trundle north-east across Scotland for much


of the night. It will be a mild night with overnight lows of only 14


- 17 degrees. The mist will slowly start to lift and we will see


sunshine come through. The rain in Scotland gradually easing away, and


improving picture for you but at the same time some showers which could


be sharp in Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man. Bear in mind it


could be disappointing in the afternoon with around 17 degrees,


but the rain will ease away in Scotland. A bit murky but pleasant


enough. For much of northern England, we might see an isolated


shower and some could be sharp but generally speaking the cloud


continues to break and we see sunshine coming through, feeling


warm. Central and southern parts of Wales and England, we could see mid


20s and maybe in some spots if we get the sunshine for any length of


time, we cannot rule out 27 degrees. It will feel humid with it, but the


humid weather not set to last. The showers will be replaced by this


weather front, introducing slightly fresher air with a scattering of


showers to the far north and west. But it will take its time in


arriving, bringing outbreaks of rain in Scotland of a drizzly nature.


Some warmth in the south-east, but behind it a bit fresher and a


scattering of showers. A sign of what to come for the end of the


week. 15-19d for many of us, but we could see 24 degrees, that's the


mid-70s, across the south-east of England. On Friday the low pressure


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