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The latest weather forecast.

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towards the ends of week. Some showers on Friday. But a fine


weekend. showers on Friday. But a fine


weekend. Darren Bett has the national forecast. Hello, the major


weather story is in catastrophe in Texas. Of course the Harvey made


land fall as a category 4 hurricane, but it has weakened. The centre of


the storm is close to the coast and we are drawing up more warm wet air.


There has been about a metre of rain and there could be another 400


millimetres to come. Because this storm won't clear until the middle


of week and tornado warnings are in place in Louisiana. We have had


record heat today. The hottest late August bank holiday Monday on


record. 28 degrees in Lincolnshire. But it has been cooler to the north


under this cloud that is producing rain. That will push south. North of


it a few showers, but clearer skies and chillier here to. The south


after the heat of today, temperatures around 16 or 17. Some


changes in the south-west as the cloud moves in here and across


Wales. We start with sunshine in the south-east and East Anglia. Some


showers to move away from Kent. The main area of cloud through Wales and


the Midlands and Yorkshire and Lincolnshire producing some rain.


But to the north brighter with some showers dotted around the coast.


They will push inland through the day. Probably going to be dry at


Headingley for what should be an intriguing final day. A lot of


cloud. The cloud may break up in the evening. But it will be cooler than


today. A very different look to the weather across Lincolnshire, through


Midlands, down to the south-west, with that band of cloud and some


drizzle. Brightening up in Wales and northern England. A mixture of


sunshine and showers in the north-west. The last of the heat is


in the south-east. Could get 27 or so in Kent. But things change here


at home around the middle of the week. We have two areas of low


pressure and the weather front and they will combine and head into


England and Wales. Further north we still have sunshine and some


showers. But much more cloud for England and Wales. A band of rain


through the south-west and an increasing risk


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