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windy end as well. Now the National forecast. Good evening. The


strongest hurricane ever is expected to make landfall in the next few


hours. Hurricane Irma has the potential to cause catastrophic


damage. The combination of the wind, the heavy rain and a huge storm


surge heading towards the Leeward Isles will cause significant damage.


The storm surge is where there is almost like a bolt in the ocean


underneath the low pressure. That will lift the wall of the ocean by


nine to 11 feet, over three metres. Back close to home when things are


quieter. We have seen some rain, some of it heavy through


Lincolnshire and North Norfolk over the last couple of hours. That will


ease away as we go through the night and things quietened down. The error


is starting to come from a westerly direction. A fair amount of isobars.


The westerly flow will mean a fresher feel first thing tomorrow.


In the countryside we could see single figures. That could be a


shock to the system. Despite the fresh start it does look as though


we will see a driver on the sunshine coming through. The westerly breeze


driving in cloud. Showers chiefly to the north and west. In the east they


will see the best of the sunshine. The best of the warmth as well.


14-16 in the north and west. As we move out of Wednesday it looks as


though the winds will continue to strengthen. More significant, heavy


rain moving through Scotland, Northern Ireland and eventually


through the Borders, down to north-west England and Wales. We


should stay relatively dry with sunshine in the south-east of it


will feel disappointing in the cloud and rain. 13-15 at the very best. It


looks as though the front will bring rain to all of us at some point


Thursday night and into Friday was slowly clearing away from central


and southern England. The loan stays in the North. We will see blustery


north-west winds were sharp, heavy, sundry downpours. The 18 degrees the


overall high. I can offer you something quieter for England and


Wales for the start of the week


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