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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Sarah Teale.


Inspectors have found that services at all of Leicester's three


The health watchdog, the Care Quality Commission visited


the sites last year and found that safety, effectiveness and leadership


The ratings haven't risen since the last inspection.


The news that University hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust requires


The previous inspection in April 2014 reached the


I'm actually fairly pleased with some aspects of the


report, I think it is very fair and accurate.


I'm very pleased for our staff who have been judged to be


caring across the board across the three sites.


Your review is still the same as in April 2014?


Yes, it is, but the chief inspector goes out


of his way in this statement to say that although we are in the same


The Care Quality Commission commission team inspected it core


services across three hospitals, LRI the Glenfield and the Journal put up


they are rated as good. The effectiveness of the congenital


heart services rated as outstanding. It can


be frustrating but this is an extremely large organisation


and 14,000 people work here. It is something of an


oil tanker with very complex patients and ever-increasing


numbers of patients coming to us so it is not the stuff


of overnight miracles. It is the stuff of steady effort


and commitment which I think The CQC report says that


although the trust is at the same level it was in 2014,


improvements have been made and staff have been rated as caring


across all three sites. Next the new jobs designed to take


pressure off GP's and help patients 48 clinical pharmacists have been


working at surgeries Now NHS England is looking


to take on a lot more. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons


is at St Ann's in Nottingham this Good afternoon. This is a Wellspring


surgery and stands and a D I met a patient who came along for a


checkup. She is on medication and not only for chronic diabetes but


also for asthma. She was getting tips today on using an inhaler. The


beauty is that the pharmacist can spend more time than the GP might


have available.... It takes pressure off the doctors


which leaves them free to see people What difference are you making to


patients and doctors? Patient feedback is tremendous. They are


enjoying the consultations, learning more about her medications and the


doctors are saving a lot more time for them as well. You are saying


that pharmacists have a bit of an image problem, some people see them


as a glorified shopkeepers? The dispensing side of pharmacy


profession, the training is only about three to six months from the.


Mata we can spend a lot more time with patients and we have done


postgraduate training on top of the degree and we are given 20 minutes


appointments which is fantastic twice the length of another the GP


appointment. Cross thank you. A barber from Derby has appeared


in court charged with terror offences after being arrested


earlier this week. The Counter Terrorism Unit says it


stopped 30-year-old Mudassir Hussain at Heathrow Airport on Monday


after allegedly flying to Turkey Hussain was remanded in custody


and ordered to appear BBC Radio Derby Presenter Andy


Potter has announced to listeners that he's got just months to live


after being diagnosed Andy, who's 55, has contributed


to many of the station's shows since 1999 and has been


the afternoon presenter Speaking to Ian Skye


on the Breakfast show from hospital this morning,


he thanked listeners for their support -


and said being on BBC Radio Derby Not many people get to do


a job that they love. The people that I meet,


the people that I continue to meet, There are people who send presents


to hospital to say, get well soon, let's get you back on the radio,


let's get you sorted. All you can do is let


people know the truth of what is going on,


where you are, what you are doing, More than ?6.5 million is to be


spent on encouraging people in our region to walk


or cycle to work. It's part of a ?64 million


Government investment announced by the Transport


Secretary, Andrew Jones It'll be up to individual councils


to decide what the money's spent on. It could go towards more safety


training courses for cyclists Now a story of survival


against the odds. Tim Robinson from Hilton


in Derbyshire says he's lucky to be alive after crawling for two hours


across a dark, isolated beach He'd slipped while walking


on holiday in Dorset, and says his army survival training


helped save him. He was only rescued


after he messaged SOS I have gone over the mudslide


and round the headland was some rock pools and that is where


I had my accident. Back in Derbyshire visiting mum


after 11 days in hospital and an ordeal which he says


changed his life. Tim Robinson had been alone


searching for fossils while on a coastal break


with his wife when he slipped I stepped from one large rock


to another and the second large rock had a bit of slimy seaweed


on and my foot slipped and I went opposite way and I heard this crack


and my leg had snapped. If I had stayed put under the cliffs


with falling debris, some of them are car-sized


when the shear off. If I had stayed at the water line


I would have been submerged So I needed to move


one way or the other. Totally isolated,


it was then that Tim, a member of the Territorial Army


for 26 years, says his He crawled for a mile and a half


over rocks and undergrowth, the only other thing with him


a tiny metal torch. I know the Morse code letters -


dot dot dot, dash dash Being a small, single AAA battery


torch, I wasn't confident that could work over a mile and a quarter


so what I decided to do was crawl for five minutes and signal again


and crawl for five minutes and the third time I did my signal


and I saw some lights flashing back. She raised the alarm and Tim


was rushed to hospital Tim needed surgery and faces


another operation. He hopes to eventually get back


to the Territorial Army but in his words, he'll be


a changed man. I've done two tours in Afghanistan


and one in Iraq and I have been in jeopardy there but you realise


sometimes it is when you least expect it, all of a sudden


your life is at risk. Time for the weather,


here's Charlie. It is freezing cold out there today,


one of the coldest It is freezing cold out there today,


one of the coldest days of winter so far. With the cloud is thick enough


it could fall as drizzle and it could fall as some sleet.


Temperatures are around freezing but once you factor in the wind-chill


that is enough of a breeze to take a bite out of temperatures soared well


it makes a freezing it is really -4 -5 in some areas. Into the early


hours of Friday morning and a generally see a mate of ahead with


temperatures falling down to perhaps -1 or minus two. Friday what's of


cloud around but not as cold as today and Chile none the less. Drive


through the morning and rain through the evening. Temperatures around


three or 4 degrees. A slightly milder weekend but quite unsettled.


Sock Anne and Dominic are back


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