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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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Douglas Carswell, who became the first Ukip Mp


says he won't stand again in Clacton.


But believes he still has the support of local people.


I may upset one or two party bosses but local people, I do not think I


have upset them. I always thought he was a wrong one. I think he is


stupid. The man cannot make his mind up and he wants to be in politics.


A mental health trust apologises to the family of this man


after their neglect contributed to his death.


Jailed - the driver whose load smashed


because it wasn't tied down properly.


And let's get ready to tumble. This is Ben who is hoping to break a


world record at the London Marathon on this weekend and into the


Guinness Book of World Records. Go and get them, Ben.


Douglas Carswell, who became the first


Ukip MP in 2014 says he won't stand


and instead will back the Conservative candidate.


We've been waiting for Douglas Carswell


to declare his hand since the snap General Election was announced.


It was just last month that he stood down from Ukip


He says he helped win the referendum last June.


This from our Political Correspondent Andrew Sinclair.


In many ways, today's news is not a surprise. Ever since leaving Ukip


last month, he has been telling people he has achieved his ambition


of getting us out of the European union. Yet again, Clacton becomes an


important seat to watch. He knew she could not win here and he stood


down. This is a Ukip town and he has recognised that. It does put us in a


strong position but we cannot assume we are going to walk home with the


seat. We have a lot of work to do and need to get the right candidate


and fight the right campaign. Today I am leaving the Conservative Party


and join Ukip. The decision to defect to Ukip and win the election


a lecture fight the debate over Europe. He cited GP shortages and


housing for his main reason of leaving the Conservatives. This


merged it was all part of a plan to infiltrate Ukip and put pressure on


David Cameron not go back on his promise to call a referendum and it


worked. His stances on emigration put him at odds with the new party


leader. He tried to undermine everything we stood for in terms of


policy, in terms of campaigns. We should have dealt with this at the


end of 2015. He became MP for Harwich and Clacton 12 years ago and


built up a large personal vote. The reason why he felt so confident


joining Ukip. The decision to become an independent not go down well with


voters. Has he let the party down? I think so. If he wants to do that


then we cannot do anything, unfortunately. This part of his


career is at an end. For Clacton, a new era begins.


Douglas Carswell won four elections in Clacton


but he has tested the patience of voters after first defecting


from the Tories to Ukip then becoming an independent.


Alex Dunlop is Clacton now. We should give Douglas Carswell his


due. When you left the Tory fold he commanded a majority of three and


have thousands and when he became an independent MP, some people were fed


up that there was no massive climate here for him to quit. We only


approached 15 to 20 people and none of them maunders but go passing. As


job done, time to go to not wash with anyone. I spoke to. I think it


is stupid. The man cannot make his mind up now does not want to be part


of politics. You cannot decide which party and is stupid. He is not going


to stand as an MP and he's putting his week behind the Conservatives.


We thought that would be the case. He swapped and went back and


forwards. No, I do not think so. He is going back to what he was before.


I think he would not have got in as an independent anyway. You think he


is standing down because he might not get in or he has done the right


thing? Note the Commons he would get back in, to be honest. -- no,


because he will not get back in. I always thought he was a wrong one.


You did a Churchill. I think he flipped to UK mac because he does


not know where he is going. -- Ukip. If he does not know, what chance do


we have? Douglas Carswell told his constituents to do that he looks


forward to reading the papers without appearing in any of them. I


suggest he gives tonight's additions and tomorrow's edition is a mess.


Thank you very much. -- a mess. I spoke to Douglas Carswell this


afternoon and asked how he was feeling about becoming


the former MP for Clacton. I have a very fond illusion ship


with Clacton and my constituents. I am sad to be saying goodbye to them.


-- relationship. I have delight. I went into politics to get us out of


the European union and I feel the job is done. You say you have a fond


relationship with the people and Clacton. We could not find a single


person who had a good word to say about you. They say you cannot make


up your mind. You have left to parties and you have left them. I


think I can point to the fact that I had a pretty solid mandate. I was


elected four times to represent Clacton. I never lost an election in


Clacton yet. Do you regret antagonising some people along the


way? That has been business in the local Tory party and Ukip. NIgel


Farage said you were responsible for the divisions and the infighting


stopped as soon as you left. To make sure we had a referendum and we won


the referendum on Europe, I did upset one or two people running the


Conservative Party and Ukip at the time. In terms of local Borders, I


have stood for election for times in Clacton and I have been returned. I


may upset one or two party bosses, but local people, I have not upset


them. You must have known you were not going to be elected this time


because you do not have the following is an independent. If you


look at my record in supporting leaving the European union and


winning the referendum, you will see someone who is not scared to stand


as an outsider. On most occasions when I stood and one, I was not


expected to win. I remember interviewing you when you defected


to Ukip. You said it was about all the other problems affecting


Clacton, the NHS... The job has not been done on those issues at all,


has it? As well as campaigning on getting us a referendum, I have


campaigned at great length at safeguarding local services are


Clacton hospital and making sure we get a new seafront at Holland on


Sea. I can point to the successes of those campaigns. When you say, job


done, it gives lie to that because you think it all was about Europe at


the end of the day. I made it very clear that my priority in going into


Parliament was to nature we had a referendum and we won that


referendum. It is possible to do that and be a committed constituency


MP. What about the future? Somebody who knows you well says you like the


terminator and you will be back. I would love to be able to watch the


news and what programmes like this without appearing on it. It has been


a wonderful experience being the local MP and being the member of


Parliament for Clacton has been the highest honour of my life. I want to


do something different. No return to politics? No,. Thank you.


The family of a man who died in the care of a mental health


trust in this region say funding cuts are to blame.


Neil Jewell had paranoid schizophrenia


and died in 2014 after a catalogue of failings.


An inquest found that neglect by the Norfolk and Suffolk


mental health trust contributed to his death.


Neil Jewell family back in Norfolk, packing up the motor home they had


been living out during the three-week inquest. They have had to


wait years to hear story. -- have his story heard. Living


independently, he was visited weekly by a care worker he knew well that


when the trust needed to save money, that changed. He was not seen for


nine months and ran out of medication. This started a chain of


events that led to his death. There were no beds here and the nearest


hospital was in London. Against usual policy, he was placed in a


private nursing home. Staff there could not cope, so he was restrained


and transferred to Ipswich. The he was tranquillised but neither his


heart rate nor pulse was monitored. The next day he had a cardiac


arrest. Five days later, he died in hospital. Having to sit by his


bedside holding his hand when they turned off the life-support was just


awful and watching him die again. It affected us quite badly. You cannot


take in what has happened and to let him go again like that was awful.


The family is pleased the inquest recognised neglected by the mental


health trust and cost savings played a part in his death. It is very rare


that that finding is made and that goes some way to say how extensive


the failings were in this particular" interest. The handing


out of drugs, the monitoring of tranquillised patients and patients


must be considered when restructuring where the... When they


make these reorganisations, it is the people who should be at the


centre of these decisions and the care should be at the centre. The


trust says they apologise for what has been deemed at as our trust's


part in the contribution to this patient's death and the care


provided was not acceptable. It has also improved training and the


family want those in charge to understand the consequences of


cutbacks. -- acknowledge. A lorry driver has been sentenced


to 18 months in prison after a steam engine came off his vehicle,


seriously injuring six Philip Last was told he had shown


gross negligence and carelessness, and he was extremely lucky


that no-one had died. The aftermath of September 2015


crash. The steam engine slid off a low loader and hit a bus coming in


the other direction. For passengers were badly injured to stop a fifth


passenger and the driver suffered life-threatening injuries. He spoke


to us shortly after leaving hospital. I do get angry and you are


going to, unfortunately, because you know it is not your fault. You are


going to think, look what you have done to me. I'm going to have to


deal with those for the rest of my life. He arrived at Ipswich Crown


Court to see the lorry driver who caused the crash face justice. Seen


here at an earlier hearing, he admitted ?6 of causing serious


injury by dangerous driving. -- six pounds. He should have used change


but used a mixture of chains and canvas straps and the frayed and


broke. His honour sentenced him to 18 months in prison and disqualified


him from driving for 21 months and told him if not a miracle, it was


virtually tours in the extreme that no one died as a result of this


gross negligence. Virtually tours. Just at this moment in time, we are


pleased to say that the incident has reached a conclusion which will


allow Michael to continue with his recovery. The court was told how he


was deeply sorry for the consequences of the crash. His


defence lawyer says not a day goes by when he wishes he had tied it on


properly. Still to come tonight: running


the London marathon with a tumble And who would live


in a house like this? Our region, with its wonderful


coastline, is a big draw Southwold is one of


the most desirable resorts but that popularity


brings its own problems. More than half the houses


in the town are second homes. 80 team unity group is hoping to buy


the old hospital to build low-cost homes. -- a community group.


We are just outside the meeting. We could not get in it because it was


packed. It shows you the strength of feeling there is about the old


hospital. This is our first look inside


Southwold hospital since it closed Once a busy place full


of doctors, nurses and patients, it is now just a series


of empty rooms and dark corridors. Save our Southwold want to stop


the hospital being sold for development and hope instead


it can be bought It would be a tragedy


if this building was turned into second homes


or market homes for residents here because this town really


needs new business, new people to join


the community and what we would


like to do is to turn it into a business hub


and a community hub. With its old fashioned


seaside charm, lighthouse and pier,


Southwold is lovely but is the town now becoming a victim


of its own success? 59% of houses here


are a second homes. That is why young people who work


in Southwold can barely On the high street,


it's the butchers, where He rents a house in the town


with friends but has little hope of That is a pipe dream, unfortunately,


at least at present. I do not think so, no,


not unless I win the Save Our Southwold are hoping one


use for the old hospital An average house price


across the immediate The range of prices could be


anything from 250 perhaps for a small one-bedroom flat up


to the house behind us which is about to go


onto the market ?2.57 million. No-one really knows


but on the open market Some here believe that it is a fight


for the future of the town. Quite passionate tonight, as you


might expect. It is early days. The hospital is owned by the NHS. They


sent us a statement which says they have to secure best value for the


site. They have to raise money and go through the planning process. It


is early days. We will have more on our late bulletin at 10:30pm.


If you fancy renting something for a short break in the region,


A cottage by the sea, a cruiser on the Broads,


But if you want something on the grand scale and if you have


A grade two listed stately home in Suffolk. Ten bedrooms, eight


bathrooms and a butler. Kevin has been finding out what you get for


your money. It sits within an estate of 5000 acres. It is regarded as one


of the finest stately homes in the region. Whether it is people wanting


to visit for the day for weddings, or now read the whole place, the


more the merrier. They know that we do not have the same budgets and we


are fighting the tide. It is the same with clients that come to use


the house. It is a different relationship but we are doing it


because they want the country has experience and be argued that giving


it to them. He lives in part of the hall with his wife, children and


dogs but the rest could be yours for ?3000 per night. You need not stop


there. There are extras. The good have your own chef and private


butler who will play the grand piano while you and your guests relax. The


butler is also there to keep an eye on things along with security staff,


who makes sure the rules that are laid down to protect the hall and


their contents are followed to the letter. They are working hard to


offer something special and interest is growing across the Atlantic. We


just took a beginning. It is an agent who does mostly American. In a


sense, it has taken six or seven years of feeling we are not making


any progress to getting bookings. Whether it is economy or other


factors. We are relaxed at the moment. Like anything big, it is


slow moving. It needs time to get it right. I am confident that through


this year we will make in roads and get more traction. Huge estates need


to pay their way and having invested heavily in parts of the building,


like the old servants quarters which was industry appear just the few


years ago, the family are hoping this rental offer of luxury with a


light touch could prove highly lucrative, too. I am impressed the


butler can play the piano as well. We might call.


More than 30,000 people are expected to run


Among them the world's top athletes, the fun runners and those


He will run the 26.2 miles in under six hours with the tumble dryer on


his back. This from our sports editor...


It has to weigh 25 kilos and I've got it.


Newmarket is full of thoroughbreds and now meet the latest one.


44-year-old Ben and his six-year-old tumble dryer.


A lot of other people have been saying it but to me it is a


I am finished with my running, really.


This is more of a strength test than a running test, I believe.


Ben is well used to pounding the streets.


He has completed 29 marathons and nine in London.


At stake this time is a white goods world record, clearly


Ben might be the only one going for a spin around the London


Marathon course with a tumble dryer on his back.


I do believe there is at least another two others


who are also going for the same record of fastest marathon


carrying a household appliance white goods.


I have to beat them and get under six hours


This is him on the BBC show Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week.


He survived to tell the tale and will be running London


It is phenomenal and the profile raising we have received from Ben


running round with a tumble dryer on his back with Racing Welfare on


Ben's has trained at 4am in the snow, even


being stopped by curious police patrols and he gets a few looks in


People look at me, like, what on earth are you doing?


Other people see it and a couple of minutes later I get a bleep on my


Ben has pretty much heard all the gags.


All that's left to say is let's get ready to tumble!


How did that start, that idea? I do not know. Good question.


Now, if you were watching Look East last week


you'll have seen our feature on Eminent


Son of wonderhorse Frankel as he prepared for the new season.


Well, today he won the Craven Stakes at Newmarket


He's now 10-1 to win the first Classic of the season.


There was a lot of cloud across the region today. Some photographs to


show you where we start that blue sky and sunshine. Here is one and


some sun breaking through the trees in Suffolk. We have had a weak


weather front crossing the region. This has thrown a lot of cloud but


there have been some gaps and sunshine. We ended the day on a


cloudy note. One or two spots of light drizzle in places. Through the


night, a lot more cloud around and a different night to last night. Last


night was down to freezing and tonight more mild. These are the


temperatures for tomorrow morning. During the night, down as low as


five Celsius. High pressure is still on the scene. Keeping are settle


this week weather front is heading down and behind it cooler air coming


from a cold sauce. Having said that, a warm day tomorrow. Quite cloudy


and chants of one or two isolated showers. Most having a dry day and


some brighter spells. You little bit of sunshine but quite cloudy. Look


at these temperatures. Up to 16 Celsius. The wind is something known


to be north-west tomorrow and that is a sign of things to come. It


cooler a source coming our way. Into the beak and it is looking cooler


because of the pressure. That weather front heading southwards.


Cooler ears screaming down from the north. Much good Saturday. -- cooler


air. Sunny spells around and one or two showers. They will be isolated.


For the next couple of days, cloudy on the map and temperatures up to 11


Celsius on Saturday. A shift from our day tomorrow. One or two


isolated showers. Temperatures recover for Sunday but cool to start


next week. Largely dry and temperatures dropping away to bring


us the chance of a frost for next week. Here is the barometer check


for tonight. That's got a frown from Stewart. It is arctic. Thank you


very much. Good evening.