20/04/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: Figures reveal more than a thousand local


children are carers for parents - some as young as five.


Tonight, one family open up and tell their story.


My dad used to help my mum and then because my dad died,


I started helping her, and Megan and Maddie.


It's not right, they should just be living a normal life and should


have Mummy and Daddy, and shouldn't have to


And remarkably, one local council told us they don't know the number


In other news tonight: They feared no-one would go to the funeral


of war veteran Robert Neale, but it was standing room only


At the start of today's surface, the minister quoted the hymn,


when I needed a neighbour, were you there?


A householder catches this six-vehicle crash on camera and says


And she was the reporter sent to cover a beauty


And with the news of the weekend and potentially some wintry weather, I


will be here with the details in 15 minutes.


Figures given to Look North show that children who are younger


than five years old are providing care for family members


Overall, the number of children known to have caring


responsibilities in East Yorkshire and some parts of Lincolnshire has


more than doubled in four years and there are now more than 1,600


Local authorities are legally required to assess whether young


carers need support And some schools are now training staff


Eight-year-old Marlee from Scunthorpe is making


It is just one of the things that Marlee, his nine-year-old sister


Megan and four-year-old Maddie do to help her, because Mum


is often confined to bed with painful long-term


My dad used to help my mum and then, because my dad died,


I started helping her, and Megan and Maddie.


My eldest, Megan, she can help me in the bathroom,


she'll wash my back, she'll help us when I'm


restricted with my movements, because I struggle to wash my hair.


She will help me with things like that.


Maddie, my youngest, she will get the washing in and out.


Marlee is very strong, so he will help with lifting things.


They should just be living a normal life and should have Mummy and Daddy


and they shouldn't have to have the worry


But I am proud because they just do it anyway.


Research by Look North has found that since 2013,


the number of children assessed as young carers by North


Lincolnshire Council has doubled from 48 to 97.


In North East Lincolnshire the number has gone up from 156


to 332 and in the East Riding, it has risen from 64 to 144.


In Lincolnshire, the numbers will remain steady at around 1,100


and Hull City Council was unable to tell is how many young carers


Once carers are identified, there is some support out there.


We support them to ensure that they have the same


We do this by providing them with a young carers needs assessment


using a whole family approach to ensure that there is not


excessive levels of care being taken by the child.


Caring at home can mean children miss some school


Now some schools like this one have trained teachers


to identify and help pupils with caring responsibilities.


If we do spot those signs, then it means we can invite them


along to our weekly young carers group and we can offer them


the support in and out of the school to help them with their caring role.


Back in Scunthorpe, Megan and Marlee have come to a first aid session


These children know they might have to use their skills


The rise in the number of known young carers is partly due


to growing awareness and partly due to changes in the law which entitle


them to an assessment, but children's charities say


there are still many more out there who we do not yet know about.


Earlier I spoke to the Children's Commissioner, Anne Longfield,


and I asked her whether these youngsters deserve our


They are doing it because they love their family and they want to help


And it is usually their siblings and their parents they are helping,


so they really are doing amazing things, but they also need support


as children and we know that a lot of them don't get that support


How worrying is it that the number of young carers in parts


of our region have actually doubled in numbers?


I would want to look at them and understand them better.


There may be some explanations because there were new requirements


for local authorities to register and assess young carers


a couple of years ago, so it may be that more are coming


forward, but it is something that really is very important and one


Hull City Council have told us that they do not know how many


Is that wrong or can they not know unless these families come forward?


They should have a judgment and assessment of how many they know


all. I undertook a study last year that estimated that four out of five


young carers were unknown and did not get support. That is


frightening. And some children want to keep this under the radar, they


are worried that there will be implications for the family, but we


know there are great inconsistencies around the country. In the


south-west, around half of young carers get support, in London it is


less than 20%. In the region it is 25% but that means 75% do not but


that is something that needs to be addressed. In this part of the


world, figures doubled in the last five years. It is clearly a problem.


What should those young people do if any are watching at the moment? The


first thing to do is to say, you are doing a great service to your


family. But do talk to others about it, talk to teachers. Schools can


make a huge difference in offering support and do talk to other adults


that can help. Thank you very much for your time. The commissioner has


taken away all figures and is going to study them and get back to us.


Let us know what you think of this story.


Inquests into the deaths of a couple who died earlier this month


in Southern Lincolnshire have heard that their son found his father's


body hanging in a stable block at their home.


The inquests into the deaths of Lawrence William and his wife


Our reporter James Zuckerman was there.


Police were initially called to the home of Florence and Bernice William


on the 7th of April after reports that a body had been discovered. The


detective leading the investigation explained this was a body of


49-year-old Lawrence William, the first to be discovered at the


premises. His eldest son was at home and had been unable to find his


father and started searching the property. He found him hanging in a


stable block. Police say they are not treating his death as


suspicious. At this stage the whereabouts of Bernice William, a


50-year-old local primary school teacher, were still unaccounted for.


She had been reported missing some two weeks earlier. Police say her


sons believed she was away from home, staying with friends, but


further enquiries found this was not the case, so officers began a search


of the house. Two days later they discovered a second body in a front


room hidden under carpet underlay. This was the body of Bernice


William. A postmortem proved to be inconclusive, however police say


they are treating her death as suspicious. The inquest was told


that the police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the


deaths. Home Office postmortem examinations and toxicology reports


have been ordered and the inquest was adjourned while police carried


out the rest of their investigation. This is the moment,


captured on CCTV, when a car smashed into five vehicles parked


on a residential street It happened yesterday tea-time just


seconds after a cyclist had Simon Spark is there


for us this evening. What more can you tell


us about the incident? This is Barcroft Street in


Cleethorpes, a road you would normally drive down very carefully.


There is a corner shop, cars are parked on either side of the road


but yesterday just before 6:30pm, a resident captured some incredible


CCTV footage. You can see the speed and impact of a red car smashing


into a silver one which in turn hits a white van and stopping only when


it hits another car. People rush out there. Two people come out of the


car. The van is used by a band. They had equipment in it and they have


been checking that today. From a second angle you can see of how


perforce of how the silver car is forced into a wall and people are


saying how lucky it was that no one was walking down the path at the


time. The latest loan from police is that a 23-year-old man and an


18-year-old woman have been arrested. The 23-year-old is still


in custody and although police have spoken to a lot of people around


here, they would still like any more information.


Proposals for a new biogas plant in East Yorkshire have been


The company behind the plans for an anaerobic


digester near Leven said it would use the latest


But protesters argued the development would be too


A World War Two veteran has been given an honourable send off thanks


Robert Neale, from Belchford, had no family and few friends, but that


didn't stop his funeral being well attended this morning.


They were expecting just a handful of people at this funeral,


but that was before the Royal British Legion


He had enlisted at 18 and served his country in Tripoli.


Bob outlived his wife Joan and they had no children.


But today, the Forces Family honoured his passing.


Bob's few friends were moved by the turnout.


Very special, truly deserved this today.


I think he would have been amazed by the amount


of people here and very honoured, very honoured.


A private person was Bob, but the turnout is very nice.


He would have liked the lady walking in front of the coffin.


It is thanks to Bob's neighbour Sam that today's service


Living in a rural area like a Lincolnshire,


people get isolated and do become lonely and I felt it is important


that we all get together, we all come together to say thank


you to this very generous man and the Forces Family,


Not knowing if anybody was going to turn up,


you could tell how she felt during the service that she thought


that people do care about somebody who had nobody, but he has not got


At the start of today's service, the minister quoted the hymn,


when I needed a neighbour, were you there?


The funeral of Robert Neill and the lovely neighbours. Thank you for


watching this Thursday night. Still ahead: Three big prom concerts


coming to Hull, their first time the event has left London in 70 years.


And she was the reporter sent to cover a beauty pageant and ended up


winning it. Tonight's photo is taken by Lucy of


Stanford. Another picture tomorrow night. You will not like this one.


Paul's comb over didn't quite work last night. His bald patch was


clearly visible. Turn around then. And there it is. You will find this


is all mine though, Peter! Give it a target and see what happens. The


headline is looking fairly quiet in the short time. Some interesting


weather to come next week. Tomorrow looks cloudy. Temperatures today


have reached 16 degrees despite the fact there has been a lot of cloud


around. There is the chart fortunes do, a real plunge from the Arctic.


Some sunshine but also scattered showers, hail, sleet, snow and


thunder and lightning and there is the risk of a bit of frost. In the


short term it is pretty mild. There has been a lot of cloud around but


decent brakes have developed this afternoon. It is fairly present this


evening and then overnight looks set to be fairly quiet with variable


amounts of cloud but more parts will be dry and we will see temperatures


tonight nearer eight across countryside areas. The sun rises at


5:48am. Your next high water times in Skegness at 2:25am. Tomorrow will


be a fairly cloudy day but it does look dry. That breeze picks up a


little, we will see decent brakes developing across east Yorks,


Lincolnshire and into North West Norfolk as well. Temperatures on the


mild side of normal. Highs of 15 degrees in Hull and Beverley with


similar values across Lincolnshire. We can looking colder but brighter


with sunshine and it should mostly dry. Rain to come on Monday. Behind


that cold front, those showers fall turned wintry. People are e-mailing


in saying they prefer it the other way round, the back of you. See you


tomorrow. It's one of the biggest


music events in the world and this summer, The Proms


are travelling outside London for the first time


in more than 75 years Three open-air concerts


are being held in July as part of the eight-week-long festival,


as our culture correspondent The Proms are one of the big estates


in the musical calendar. 90 concerts spread across eight weeks that take


classical music to a huge audience. Although there are Proms in the park


events outside London, this summer, the Proms are coming to Hull with


every piece of music played about or connected to water. This is the


first time we have taken a prom out of London so I hope it will be


special. We are marking the anniversary of handle's water music.


It was performed on the River Thames on barges and we are moving it up


North. That is because the venue for the concerts and looks out onto the


Rivers Humber and Hull. Sage of the top has staged the freedom Festival


but performing here has hazards. You cannot do much about it if an


ambulance goes past, but the two real ones are high winds because


then the music flies away but we will all have clothes pegs so that


will be fine, and if it is hot and sunny, it tends to melt the violins.


And for the city's classical music fans, this is a big deal. Paula


plays with the Hull filament on the strap and says the news is just as


thrilling. It is exciting for classical music fans. Their big


weekend has Katy Perry and other artists that are really famous and


successful, but for classical music fans knowing the Proms will come


here, we will witness some high-quality classical music and it


is not something we get often. The Proms may be an annual event but


Hull's concerts I once that are to be held outside of London for more


than seven decades. Tickets go on sale on the 13th of May.


The Lego daffodils have been snapped up, but there is still lots to see -


with all the details of what's on in the UK City of Culture,


This week's Challenge Hull is to ask someone who speaks a different


language to teach you a new word or phrase.


That was me trying to say, "Hello, how are you?"


Sea of Hull was officially the largest nude


installation in the UK and you can see the long-awaited photos at the


Ferens Art Gallery from Saturday, along with works by Ron Mueck and


Next Thursday, Run for the Line at Holy Trinity Church uses


word and song to tell the story of one of the First World War's


deadliest battles with the help of rugby league legend Sammy Lloyd.


On Saturday, bring the family to Beverley Treasure House for the


They will show you how to take great pictures


And don't miss out on the Narnia Trail


You must have been very brave indeed to


come here, because I know that you have an evil king


that rules Look North, is this true?


And if you want to see more from this year so far,


go to our City of Culture website at bbc.co.uk/hull2017.


Thank you to everyone who got in contact with the programme


after MPs unanimously voted in favour of calling


A newspaper reporter from Lincolnshire is getting


attention from around the world after she ended up winning a beauty


Laura Gooderham, from New Waltham, was spotted


when interviewing contestants at the Miss Great Grimsby


As part of her day job, Laura Trott force across north-east Lincolnshire


writing stories and doing interviews. But when she was sent to


cover the audition stages of the Miss Great Grimsby contest, things


went differently. She was spotted and convinced to take part. I had a


perception of pageants, I thought it was about girls competing with each


other on how good-looking they are and I thought that is not me, but


the girls have come away feeling more confident and we have raised


thousands for charity. She ended up winning. I was thinking, that is it,


that is done, second later I heard my name. Her colleagues couldn't


believe them either. You are dead to find out what the people are


therefore and see who will win, so to find out one of the reporters


with taking part is remarkable. The event is a heat for the Miss England


competition. Today the organisers said:


Do you feel bad for the other girls considering you are not meant to be


in the competition to begin with? Are part of me does, but I have won


and it is my chance to prove everyone I can do this. Laura will


compete for the title of Miss England in July. Her story has made


headlines around the world, but going forward, Laura says the only


headlines Hsia concerned with are the ones she will write for her


employer. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. As the election campaigning begins,


Jeremy Corbyn establishes himself as the antiestablishment candidate.


than a thousand local children - some as young as five -


Tomorrow's weather, dry and cloudy with some sun. Top temperatures of


15 Celsius. On the subject of young carers, Graham says, it is nice to


see the government recognising the work young carers do. Dot says,


while should any child be carers for their parents? The pressures must be


overwhelming. Where is the welfare state. And Steve says, I am


astounded that Hull does not know the numbers of young carers. I


assume they are not helping anyone otherwise they would have an


indication of numbers. These children need help. Thank you for


watching. Join me later. Goodbye for now.