20/04/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Now the latest headlines from Look North.


Figures reveal more than a thousand local children are carers


Tonight, members of one family open up and tell their story.


A householder catches this six-vehicle crash on camera and says


Three big Proms concerts coming to Hull.


The first time the event's left London in 75 years.


Figures obtained by Look North show more than a thousand local children


are acting as carers for their parents, and some


The numbers have doubled in some parts of east Yorkshire


We've shown the figures to the Children's Commissioner


for England, who's promised to investigate.


Katy Austin met one family who agreed to tell their story.


Eight-year-old Marlee from Scunthorpe is making


It is just one of the things that Marlee, his nine-year-old sister


Megan and four-year-old Maddie do to help her, because Mum


is often confined to bed with painful long-term


My dad used to help my mum and then, because my dad died,


I started helping her, and Megan and Maddie.


My eldest, Megan, she can help me in the bath,


she'll wash my back, she'll help us when I'm


restricted with my movements, I struggle to wash my hair,


she'll help me with things like that.


Maddie, my youngest, she'll get the washing in and out.


Marlee is very strong, so he'll help with lifting things.


They should just be living a normal life and should have Mummy and Daddy


and they shouldn't have to have the worry


But I am proud because they just do it anyway.


Research by Look North has found that since 2013,


the number of children assessed as young carers by North


Lincolnshire Council has doubled from 48 to 97.


In North East Lincolnshire the number has gone up from 156


to 332 and in the East Riding, it has risen from 64 to 144.


In Lincolnshire, the numbers remain steady at around 1,100


and Hull City Council was unable to tell is how many young carers


Once carers are identified, there is some support out there.


We support them to ensure that they have the same


We do this by providing them with a young carers needs assessment


using a whole family approach to ensure that there isn't


excessive levels of care being taken by the child.


Caring at home can mean children miss some school


Now some schools like this one have trained teachers


to identify and help pupils with caring responsibilities.


If we do spot those signs, then it means we can invite them


along to our weekly young carers group and we can offer them


the support in and out of school to help them with their caring role.


Back in Scunthorpe, Megan and Marlee have come to a first aid session


These children know they might have to use their skills


The rise in the number of known young carers is partly due


to growing awareness and partly due to changes in the law which entitle


them to an assessment, but children's charities say


there are still many more out there we do not yet know about.


Anne Longfield is the Children's Commissioner, who has a legal duty


to promote and protect the rights of all children in England.


I asked her how worrying it was that the number


of child carers had doubled in some local areas.


I would want to look at them and to understand them better.


There may be some explanations because there were new requirements


for local authorities to register and assess young carers


a couple of years ago, so it may be that more are coming


forward, but it is something that really is very important and ones


Hull City Council has told us they do not know how many


I mean, is that wrong or can they not know unless these families


Well, they should have a judgment and assessment of how


I undertook a study last year that actually estimated that four out


of five young carers were not known and did not get support.


Four out of five do not get any support.


And some children want to keep this under the radar,


they are worried that there will be implications for the family


and the like, but we know as well there are great inconsistencies


For instance, in the south-west, around half of young


In the region it is 25%, but that means 75% do not,


which is clearly something that needs to be addressed and something


that I am really concerned to do something about.


But in this part of the world, figures doubled in


What should those young people do if any are watching


The first thing to do is to say, you are doing a great service


there for the family, I know they will appreciate that.


But do talk to others about it, do talk to teachers.


We know that schools can make a huge difference in offering support


and do talk to other adults that can help.


People on a residential street in Cleethorpes have been counting


the cost of this high impact crash involving five vehicles.


Local people say it was fortunate no-one was hurt.


A peaceful street. Until this happened. Taking just seconds to


damage five vehicles. And this is the direction it came from. Over a


cross road near to a busy corner shop. The speed was horrendous. You


could hear it, it sounded like a racing car. Stuart is the owner of


this van and a musician in the band. He thought he would not get to his


next performance but is more worried by what could have happened. So many


children about, if it had carried on down the street, it would have been


a fatality. Another damaged car belonged to Stephen. I have seen the


video. It is pretty nasty to be honest. Lucky somebody was not


killed, but at least nobody was. Police have arrested a 23-year-old


man and an 18-year-old woman. The 23-year-old is still in custody.


Thankfully there are no casualties but residents are left with the


inconvenience. If you want to see those dramatic pictures again, they


are on our Facebook page. The Proms, which are one


of the biggest music events in the world,


are travelling outside London for the first time


in more than 75 years Three open-air concerts


are being held in July as part Our culture correspondent


Anne-Marie Tasker has this. The Proms are one of the biggest


dates in the musical calendar. 90 concerts spread across eight


weeks that take classical Although there are Proms in the Park


events outside London, this summer, a day of the Proms itself is coming


to Hull with every piece of music This is the first time we have taken


a prom out of London, We are marking the anniversary


of Handel's water music. It was performed on the River Thames


on barges and we are That is because the venue


for the concerts and looks out You cannot do much about it


if an ambulance goes past, but the two real ones are high winds


because then the music flies away, but we will all have clothes pegs


so that will be fine, and if it is hot and sunny,


it tends to melt the violins. And for the city's classical music


fans, this is a big deal. Paula plays with the Hull


Philarmonic Orchestra and says It is exciting for


classical music fans. famous and successful,


but for classical music fans knowing the Proms will come here,


we will witness some high-quality classical music and it is not


something we get often. The Proms may be an annual event


but Hull's concerts are the only ones in seven decades that are to be


held outside of London. Tickets go on sale


on the 13th of May. The Proms coming to Hull. Let's get


the weather forecast for Friday. We have high pressure in charge over


the next couple of days, so that generally keeps things


nice and settled. Overnight we could see just the odd


spot of drizzle, but as you can see, It will be cloudy, not


that cold, ten or nine Celsius our lows tonight,


with a bit of a westerly breeze. A fairly cloudy start


to the day tomorrow. That said, we will see some


brightness, especially As this weather front sinks


southwards, the cloud could just get thick enough for the odd spot


of drizzle, but dry overall. 14 Celsius, it will be a mild one,


but it will be a fairly breezy one. Looking to the weekend,


we have an area of high pressure That low pressure gets to us


by the time we get to Sunday, so we could see something


that is a little bit cloudier That is it from us tonight. Thank


you for watching. We are back tomorrow morning. I am back tomorrow


night. Join me then if you can. Good night.


week for much of the UK and for more about that and the UK outlook, Helen


Willetts. The sunshine make such a difference


this time of year, only 12 or so degrees under the cloud today but 19


in eastern Scotland not far away from St Andrews. Also in north-east


England, where we had the majority of the decent sunshine. Even under


cloud it was dry for the most part. We have this week whether forgiving


showers in the south. This weather front starting to pep up in the


North, it'll change the feel of the weather for all of us in the coming


36 hours. Through the night very little changes, cloud comes and


goes, there will be missed a shallow fog south of the M4. Possibly the


odd pocket of ground frost here and there. You can