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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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More than 200 people are laid off at a cable making factory.


They're supposed to be our parent company yet we are having


to go through redundancy, yet they turned over


$1.6 billion last year, and they've got no money?


The government's garden village plan is welcomed in Cumbria but there's


Campaigners call for new laws to help protect Cumbria's


It's the first Teamtalk of 2017 and the New Year brings the same


But Jermaine Defoe is spot-on as Sunderland rescue a point


They'd gone back to work today to be given shattering news.


Nearly 240 workers are to lose their jobs at an industrial cable maker.


Birtley-based AEI Cables said the plant is running at a loss,


meaning the end of manufacturing at the 175-year-old business.


Just 13 sales staff will be kept on at a new location.


The company said it also wants to come to an agreement


with its creditors, paying them less than they're owed.


Well, our business correspondent Ian Reeve is in Birtley now.


Ian, miserable news but not wholly unexpected?


The company seems to have had a tough couple of years. It was bought


in 2014 by a Middle Eastern -based cable manufacturer. That deal was


portrayed as having saved the company but throughout 2015 the


company complained this plant was not profitable. In September 2015 it


revealed it was negotiating about 100 redundancies and in November


2015 it conceded that closure was something it was possibly looking at


and it has confirmed that today. This is the reaction of some workers


who will be affected. I just can't understand and I hope they will not


be allowed to trade in this country again because they have sold us down


the river, washed their hands of us. They're supposed to be our parent


company and we are going through redundancy. They're doing it all


wrong. It has been a while coming. When you look at the history, we


have a bit of a reputation over the last ten years. We are worse than


someone better than others but such is life. Some anger, but what has


the company had to say? They gave us a statement. They have


laid out how it will close down. 198 jobs will go before this Friday,


January the 6th, as part of what they call a phased closure. 40


others will stay working until March at after that there will be 13 sales


staff staying on permanently at another location, presumably selling


products made by the parent company. The company claimed it has


significantly invested in the plant in the last 2.5 years but it said


profitable reduction levels have not been achieved.


Any other reaction tonight? The Labour MP in his constituency


the plant is expressed his sympathy. He is concerned that it appears the


company will not be paying redundancy payments and the workers


will have to rely on government statutory redundancy payments. There


was scant consolation in that the announcement didn't come before


Christmas. He conceded that it will be far from a happy New Year here at


Birtley. A man from Sunderland and his wife


have been found dead at a seaside The couple are believed to have


died on New Year's Eve. They've been named locally


as Robert Wells and Imogen Goldie. There aren't thought to be any


suspicious circumstances. The police have named the man


whose body was recovered from the River Ouse in York


on New Year's Day. He was 42-year-old


Craig Batters from York. Officers are now trying to piece


together his last known movements. An aristocrat has denied dangerous


driving following a crash at a busy 76-year-old Lady Susan Zetland,


of Aske Hall near Richmond, appeared at Teesside Crown Court


for the brief hearing. She's charged with dangerous driving


after her Subaru Outback 4x4 was involved in a collision


on the A66 at the Melsonby She entered a plea of not guilty


and the trial will be set Northumberland County Council says


it's "disappointed" it's not been given the go ahead for a garden


village-style housing development. A possible site near Ponteland


wasn't named among the 14 But an area just to the south of


Carlisle will have a garden village. More from Cumbria in a moment,


but first Jonathan Swingler is live What is a garden Village? The


government says a distinct place with its own facilities, not an


extension of an urban area. The one planned just outside Puntland is on


green belt land. A Garden Village is an inclusive


community and the Dissington site will include a wide range


of affordable housing. The people who want to build


a garden village near Ponteland say that they can offer something


special for future residents. But 2000 new homes near


existing properties? Don't be surprised if people


nearby get annoyed. We feel we are moving from living


in a village or small town, many of us here are living


on the edge of that small town and essentially we are going to be


living in the middle of a large town I think it is the scale,


not the fact there is some building. There needs to be building


and are already has It is just the scale


of the proposed development, Northumberland County Council told


us they were disappointed the site outside Penteland wasn't among


the 14 new garden villages But supporters say it is


only a matter of time. The developers argue it is not


a housing estate and say there will be land around


this new village. They expect the project to get


the green light later this year. Firstly, this scheme brings very


substantial infrastructure improvement in terms of a new bypass


and flood alleviation works. It is also a self-sustaining


community that has all its own facilities so it doesn't put


pressure on other places nearby. While people will have


those concerns, I think David has lived here


for four decades. He is resigned to the


project going ahead. I was very upset at first


and all the rest of Now I'm getting more


used to the idea. The people who own the land


are confident work will start In Carlisle the local MP has


described plans for a proposed new garden Village outside the city as


the most visionary he can remember but it is not yet clear exactly


where it will be but it is hoped the creation of thousands of new homes


will boost the local economy and could see the creation of a new


bypass to Carlisle. There's a huge tract of land south


of Carlisle fringed on one side by the M6 motorway,


and the main A595 route out to west Somewhere here, one


of the government's new garden villages will be built,


with the name St Cuthbert's. An announcement that's delighted


those who drew up the plans. This will be a major


event for Carlisle. A lot of work still to be done,


master planning, working out exactly how this will work,


but the government giving out support for that is a big


boost for the city. Unlike the south east, there is no


housing shortage here in Cumbria. But, the local MP believes the city


has to expand in order I have long supported further


development of Carlisle. I think it needs to be a bigger city


to support all the infrastructure which we want to see here,


leisure facilities, retail, and you're starting


to see that happen. The arrival of Primark,


the development of Marks Spencer, the expansion of Pioneer,


these are really positive signs and I think 2017 can be


a good year for Carlisle. Although there are no clear


details yet as to where any new village would go,


clearly any influx of people will put pressure


on the area's infrastructure. Which is why a new southern bypass


could be built around the south side of Carlisle,


linking the M6 in the East It is much more likely that we will


get a Southern development route. The government have said


through this process they will work with us and give us the technical


expertise and look at This is something very different


to just building new housing here. Even agreement on where


St Cuthbert's could be built Mark McAlindon, BBC


Look North, Carlisle. Plans to extend North Durham's


Accident and Emergency unit have The hospital trust says


the current A was built for around 30,000 patients,


but now sees double that. The ?30 million plan


was voted through unanimously Protests are expected at both


Darlington and Middlesbrough railway Campaigners in Cumbria are calling


on the government to introduce new legislation to help


protect local pubs. The Campaign For Real Ale wants


a change in planning rules to make it more difficult for new owners


to change the use or demolish a pub. The group says existing legislation


is too complicated and delays in the application process can put


pubs at threat of closure. For almost two years,


this pub near Carlisle sat empty. Villagers feared it


would be redeveloped, but after opening last month,


the Sally is providing more We have always been


a very vibrant community, and there is plenty going on here,


but certainly from the day the pub opened, you saw people that perhaps


you hadn't seen for a while and just being able to say hello and pass


the time of day with them makes the whole place a much nicer place


to live in. This pub is among around 2,000


listed as assets of community value. The status gives people the chance


to protect their pubs from immediate change of use or demolition


before local consultation. Most of the pubs in the are


have shut down now. There's four villages where there's


nowhere for any social inclusion, so it is important that we have kept


the pub in the village But protecting the pub as an asset


for the village took time. From the moment of actually


filling the form in, which is fairly simple in itself,


to getting it validated, took a number of extra weeks


more than we thought. There is so much else going on,


and you are going against the open market, you don't really knew


who is going to come and buy, It doesn't have to be


any more complicated, The Solway branch of the Campaign


for Real Ale wants new legislation And, while some developers have


concerns about unnecessary red tape, the suggestion has been


cautiously welcomed here. You're watching


Tuesday's Look North. Also a behind-the-scenes look


at a company which produces 70,000 And we're all going to need one


of them sooner or later. And as we try to ease ourselves back


into some sort of routine, what does the weather have in store? Join me


for the full forecast. No prisoner should leave a Teesside


jail without either a job or a place That's the ambition


of Stockton's Holme House prison, as part of a multi-million-pound


plan which is also giving the governors full control over


the jail and its budget. Lee Johnson's been given exclusive


access to the prison, These Holme House prisoners


are making furniture for customers, including Hilton Hotels,


Kent University and the It keeps people out of their cells,


not banged up all the time. It keeps them occupied


and takes their minds off things, Plus, it will help people to get


back into work on the out. It will keep them out


of trouble, basically. I can read, but just


a little bit, not much. I've made some qualifications


while I've been here. And the jail has


a growing order book. If we go back 18 months,


2 years ago, it was around about ?50,000 a year,


the turnover, we're now Because we're now autonomous,


the shackles have been taken off, and we can start to expand and work


more with local people. What we would like to do is work


with local industries, we would like to invite local


industries in, tell us what they want and see


if we can develop them. Under these Government changes,


Holme House will go from being a Category B prison


to a Category C training prison. That means ambitious


plans for getting almost all of the 1,200 inmates here either


into work or education. The prison's executive governor sees


the changes as a way The more work we can bring in,


the more employers we can work with. The more men that can be out every


day in our workshops, working, then the better and the safer


the prison gets, and the more we are So, it is a real focus


around work and education. That means brushing up on basic


maths and English skills to make them a more attractive


prospect to employers. They don't want to be in here,


they don't want to come back. The only way we can support


that is by educating Now, it's a product that everyone


needs sooner or later. And Britain's biggest independent


manufacturer of that product is based right here in our region,


at Washington on Wearside. JC Atkinson is a family firm


employing 120 people. It produces 70,000 hand-crafted


objects every year. 12 tonnes of wood pass


through the factory every month and 14 separate employees


are involved in the manufacturing process before the finished product


is ready for delivery. All are hand crafted


and all will only be used once. MUSIC: Toccata and Fugue


in D Minor by Bach. When grandad started,


he would buy trees from the local estates and he would cut those up


and make a coffin kit, which was basically a flat pack


which funeral directors would then When my father came


into the business, he started making ready-made coffins and we've refined


that to make eco coffins, And it's a workplace


that inspires loyalty, with many employees clocking up


decades of service. Everybody that knows me,


knows I've been working here that long so they all know I'm a coffin


maker but strangers find it a bit interesting when I start


talking to strangers. I get the jokes, the dead-end job


and all that, to die in trade, The coffin industry has


changed a lot in David's Increasingly, families want


personalised coffins with pictures that represent their loved ones'


interests in life. JC Atkinson call it


their Reflections line. We do spring blossom flowers,


we do a lot of bluebell flowers but often people have a scene


or a landscape that they have grown up on and that is quite specific


to the person themselves. We have done some


Star Wars ones before. We have done a coffin filled


with chocolate and Mars bars. But the boss still wants


a traditional coffin when he goes. I would say it would be probably


a nice solid oak traditional coffin But, just as life presents us


with so many choices, There you go. Prisons and coffin is,


we know how to bring in the New Year! This now is team talk.


A New Year but an old problem for our football teams.


We couldn't find a winner amongst them.


Where did you get to over the holidays, Steve?


A point apiece for our Premier League teams,


A dreadful defeat at Burnley on New Year's Eve, but they got it


spot-on yesterday against a very good Liverpool side,


with two penalties scored by this man, Jermaine Defoe.


Hasn't missed a penalty for five years, 25 consecutive.


Very important, especially yesterday. First penalty under


pressure, takes it very well. When the same person as taking the second


penalty, what is the psychology? You tend to think he is going the


opposite way, but under pressure, it is easier to put your foot through


it. Should they have had a third penalty? I think that is all to


hand, no movement towards it. Djilobodji played this one end.


Disappointing to concede from two set pieces. And Mannone found it


tough at Burnley. He did very well yesterday. A tough day at Burnley


but that well yesterday. Reinforcements on the way in the


transfer window? I think we answered that question


and the Chief Executive answered that question a week or so ago,


so who knows? But we did answer that question


and Martin Bain told Like Sunderland, it wasn't


the most productive A heart-breaking defeat


at Manchester United, followed by a pretty dull goalless


draw with the champions Leicester We seem to say it every week, only


17 goals all season and needing reinforcement. Talking in bringing


in Gestede from Aston Villa. He is very good up in the air. And Traore


is dividing opinion. Is this a penalty? He is positive and direct.


Definite contact, it is a foul, but I like how positive years. The


contact is maybe just outside so at least a free kick. I am disappointed


with the goalless draw, but not the head coach.


Yes, but, again, when your team play the way that we have played today


against what we can't forget is the current Premier League winner


and a team which is playing in the Champions League,


we showed again that we were better than them when we played


away and we played today better than them.


Well, they might have been better than the champions,


but Boro are still down there near the bottom


I think with Sam Allardyce's appointment at Crystal Palace we


could be in the same scenario as last year and one of the teams


looking like they are heading down. Well, Newcastle might have been top


of the Championship table at Christmas but it's been pretty


ropey for the Magpies since then, and not the start to 2017


Rafa Benitez had hoped for or, Third bottom Blackburn doing


the double over them. A disappointing run for Newcastle,


tough over Christmas. Struggling to get past Nottingham Forest. Plenty


of chances but didn't take them. They dominated possession, without


Jonjo Shelvey in the team. Offside? This one was a handball. Initially


it doesn't look like much but it is not a bad little forearm into the


back of the net. A tough day all round from Newcastle. Blackburn, not


very many chances. Clumsy. So after taking just three


points from a possible nine since Christmas,


this is how the Should Newcastle fans


be worried, Steve? A little bit but you would have


taken that after 25 games at the start of the season. Still


well-placed, get out of the league, winning the title would be a bonus.


In League Two, a bit of everything for Carlisle and Hartlepool.


A win, a draw and a defeat for both, over the holidays.


And the Cumbrians began the year with a shock against Grimsby,


when three points would have seen them go back to


Unexpected first home defeat of the season. A good run for them,


especially disappointing yesterday. I think the disappointing thing was


the way they conceded a goal to stop a little bit easy. Weak defending. A


free header from a set piece. And then the third one was too easy.


Plymouth last as well which would have given them a break at the top


but Hartlepool got a great win over Morecambe and a good point at


Accrington. A good win at home and good character to come from behind


twice. A very good header at the back post to put them level. On the


back of the home when it was important to pick up a good point


away from home which they did, coming from behind twice. Second


goal right at the end. A bit of a scramble but I think it is what you


would call an emphatic finish there. Just before we leave football,


in case you missed Match Of The Day 2 the other night, a young hotshot


from our region was joint winner of December's Goal


of the Month competition. Scored by five-year-old


Bradley Lowery for Sunderland, against Chelsea, against Asmir


Begovic. It's so special and because it is


joint goal of the month we have He gives Asmir Begovic the eyes,


Begovic goes that way and Bradley One other piece of sports news


to bring you, and how much might English cricket regret the fact this


young man is now Born in Middlesbrough,


but an adopted Aussie since emigrating at the age


of seven, Matt Renshaw scored his In fact, the 20-year-old batted


right through the opening day of the Third Test with Pakistan


in Sydney, and he'll resume A bit of trivia, he is the cousin of


Paul Wilson, currently in goals for Blyth Spartans.


Now it is the weather. Everybody likes to get out and about


this time of year. Here are your pictures. Menacing shower clouds in


the background. Yesterday on the Northumberland coast it was time to


let the dog stretch its legs. One dog not so keen on the weather was


this character on the Cumbrian coast. You don't want to spoil your


hair on a blustery day. Tomorrow most of us will have a dry day,


sunny for most of us not on the cold side. Tonight -- but on the cold


side. Tonight, weather front working through. Patchy light rain here and


there. The rain will start edge self and thicker cloud goes with it.


Clear skies come in and things become colder. Cold enough for a


touch of ground frost and one or two icy patches at the end of the night


as the clouds disappear to the south. Tomorrow is a cold start but


are mostly fine and dry day. One or two shower clouds cupping the East


Coast from time to time. -- clipping. A bit of a chilly start,


highs of 5-6. Six is 43 Fahrenheit. And then the blue is appearing on


the map by tea-time. Clear skies for most of us tomorrow night. A


widespread frost on Thursday morning and temperatures in town might be as


low as -3 and out in the countryside maybe -6 is in some spots. High


pressure takes charge over the next couple of days bringing us the


frosty nights tomorrow night but by the end of the working week this


weather system will move in from the west ringing cloud and rain but it


will pass through and high pressure builds for the weekend so we are


back to a largely dry picture. The next couple of days, mostly dry,


right and chilly, temperatures in single figures by day, widespread


frost on Wednesday night and chilly again on Thursday. On Friday, with


more cloud and rain, temperatures will rise and stop turning cooler


again into the weekend but more dry again by then. Not all bad news.


Just a reminder, it is choose the, I always forget at this time of year!


-- Tuesday. Magical new drama...


The Worst Witch. Something like this


could change my life. We're looking for someone


who can sing, someone who can move. Someone who can keep an audience


on the edge of their seat. Something like this


could change my life. When you're born to perform,


Let It Shine...