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Hello and welcome to Wednesday's Look North.


Job losses at a cable-making factory.


There's anger after the company reveals it won't be making


How in God's name can we have the same thing happening all over again,


the same procedures and methods? The Campbell family pay tribute


to Donald on his ill-fated attempt Listening support -


the clergy step in to help GPs struggling to deal with the worried


well. And ambitious plans to make


Hartlepool the movie In sport, strikers


on the move and staying put. Middlesbrough dip into the transfer


market, while Sunderland And two of our Olympic


gold medallists hit out, as their coach is poached...by


the Aussies! Unions say a firm making over 200


cable workers redundant near Gateshead has acted


in an "unscrupulous" way. It's emerged AEI Cables of Birtley


wants to use a legal procedure The Company Voluntary Arrangement


would mean taxpayers Dubai-based Ducab group says


it's invested heavily in the factory over the last two


years but it's still But as our news correspondent,


Mark Denten, reports, it seems After over 170 years


of producing cables for everyone from the Royal Navy


to Manchester Airport, the vast majority of AEI Cables


workers here, nearly 200 people, will be out of a job


by the end of this week. Most of the rest


will follow in March. Over 120 workers at AEI Cables had


turned up for work and found One of the sacked workers,


Bill Doyle, summed up the mood. Nobody can explain to them from the


company why or how they have been finished or the criteria used. Back


then AEI used a legal process to dismiss those workers, but one which


meant they only ended up with a fraction of their redundancy


payments, money which ended up coming from the taxpayer. Six years


and AEI wants to do the same thing. -- six years on.


It's called a Company Voluntary Arrangement.


It's used where a company is in financial difficulties


and is an agreement between a company and its creditors


But the redundancy letter to staff at AEI Cables obtained by Look North


confirms AEI Cables wants to follow the same process again.


The arrangement was put there in able for the government to help


people out, it was made in the teeth of the recession. This company are


using this as a ruse to get out of their responsibilities. How in God's


name can we have the same thing happening all over again, the same


procedures and methods of getting rid of the men being used to? --


used? For Bill Doyle, it's


all bringing back bad memories. After he lost his job


he fought a four-year legal battle with AEI Cables


to try to get his Six years ago we'd tried to go to


Parliament, go all over the place. Now what we have is exactly the same


again, because companies are just doing what they want to do. That's


wrong in anybody's eyes. Now, Mark Denten is with me now,


so what do the company They did not want to be interviewed


but they said they are certainly not being unscrupulous. They have issued


a new statement tonight. They say the reason they have gone down this


company voluntary arrangement route is that it is flexible and allows


work to carry on in the short term. That will be confirmed at a


creditors' meeting which we don't have a date for but the bulk of


those workers, going on to 200, will be out of a job at the end of this


week, so it raises the question where the work is going. One other


detail from the letter to staff is that there were actually two offers


for the factory and the company says neither was suitable and they can't


give details because they are confidential.


Cumbria Police want to speak to four boys, after a 15-year-old girl


reported she'd been raped in West Cumbria.


The attack is said to have happened at around 7.30 last night


on a grassed area near the Cloffocks car park in Workington.


A grieving mother is to fly to Cambodia to cremate her son,


who was found dead with his new wife.


36-year-old Robert Wells, from Newcastle, married


Imogen Goldie, from London, on Christmas Day but they were


reportedly found hanged with a suicide note in a guest house


Mr Wells's mother Collette set up an online appeal to fund a trip


to Cambodia and has now reached her target of ?3,000.


She said she was desperate to bring his ashes home.


Hundreds of people gathered in the Lake District to mark


the 50th anniversary of the death of Donald Campbell.


Mr Campbell died when his jet-powered boat Bluebird crashed


as he tried to break the world water speed record on Coniston Water.


NEWSREEL: It was soon after dawn that Bluebird was got ready


There was little wind, the water was smooth.


The evening before, Donald Campbell drew the ace and queen of spades.


The deadly shadow of remorseless fate.


The shadows of daybreak that day on Coniston may


have been portentous, as Bluebird soared and then


Donald Campbell's instant death was to trigger an endless tale


This morning his daughter sailed to that very spot and dropped


I know it's 50 years and we use these anniversaries as a milestone,


but every year I'm reminded, every day I'm reminded


about what a great man my father was, and why me?


Why am I so lucky to be his daughter?


Over time the names Coniston and Campbell have become


For a long time I think the village people were reluctant to sort


of make anything of it because they felt that they didn't


want to sort of impinge on what was a tragedy.


We're actually keeping the name and the legacy alive and I'm sure


The landscape here at Coniston remains pretty much unchanged


from that day back in 1967, and so it seems does the memory


of Donald Campbell too, and the stories that have


Perhaps that's why so many were here today to continue


First, a moment of solemnity at the memorial in the middle


It is a measure of the man that I know as we're all gathered


here today to pay our respects to him and preserve his legacy


that he would wish us to remember all those brave and courageous men


and women who went before him and have followed since.


What he did he did for Britain and for his own achievement,


but he also did it to prove to the wider world what could be


done, what man can do, and what here we can in England


provide the best engineering and the fastest boats


and the fastest cars and the best aeroplanes, so he


NEWSREEL: This epic age, which soon will know man's


conquest of the moon, must count its losses, too.


Great Britain mourns the loss of a great man, Donald Campbell.


There was an earthquake off the North Yorkshire coast last night.


It was detected 100 miles to the east of Scarborough


The British Geological Survey said it had a magnitude of 3.8.


Official court documents from the trial of County Durham


serial killer Mary Ann Cotton went up for auction this afternoon.


Ms Cotton, who lived in West Auckland,


was found guilty of murdering three of her four husbands


and was suspected of murdering 11 of her children.


She was hanged in the 1800s at Durham jail.


Tennants Auctioneers in North Yorkshire say


Now, if you're worried, anxious or upset, who do you talk to -


a friend, family member or maybe your doctor?


A partnership between Cumbrian GPs and local vicars is giving


The Listening Ear project offers people the chance


to share their worries in confidence, while freeing up


face in the Eden Valley, relied upon by her parishioners


for advice and guidance - she also has another role in this


small rural community, one where she simply listens.


Listening Ear is listening to somebody, giving them time for them


to tell you or talk to you about something that's on their mind,


whatever that might be, doesn't matter what it is.


People in need of a confidential chat - whether church-goers or not -


can be referred to Sarah by the local GPs.


The surgery here has half the doctors it had five years ago,


Sometimes people just need somebody to talk to, they don't necessarily


need more expert input from the mental health service or the other


counselling services available. As GPs we are incredibly pressurised


the Times and it is probably a service that we used to offer and


now Sarah is able to offer that. -- pressurised at times.


If Sarah feels a patient needs medical advice she immediately


It took the Temple Sowerby team around seven years to get this


scheme safely up and running but now the project is expanding


If anybody is interested in volunteering please contact me and


we can talk about that. The other things we need are as a GP surgery


to think differently and realise that you can't fix everything


medically and there are social issues that people need to talk


through. Sometimes an hour of listening can make such a difference


to people. There are now 12 Listening Ear


volunteers in Cumbria, each playing a small part in easing


NHS pressures, as well as curing the isolation that's often found


in this rural landscape. It's a ?3 million holiday park


planned for North Yorkshire which it's hoped will boost visitor


numbers and the local economy. The development - reduced in size


after complaints last year - will now see 54 chalets built


at Angrove Country Park A decision on the holiday park -


which could create up to 50 jobs - will be made by councillors


tomorrow. The view is a special one,


and for the last 54 years Alan's family have farmed


here in the shadow Now he wants to transform his land


into a holiday park. Welcome to Yorkshire and Guy Verity


have shown that Yorkshire is going to be the place of the


future for tourism in this country. There is accommodation in the area


of various sorts but we find accommodation en masse is very


difficult to get hold of. Gone is the cafe and cycle centre,


as the holiday park has been reduced to a third of its original size


following concerns But around 100 people have


still objected to the development, A mile up the road in


the picturesque village of Great Ayton there is some concern


that the holiday park will cause Some say there's already not enough


parking spaces here for visitors and the new development will make


that situation worse. There's also been complaints


the scheme would be too noisy The concerns over transport


movements and traffic have been dealt with very adequately and we no


longer have any concerns from the county council's highway


engineers about traffic movements. We addressed the ecology,


we have had objections from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust,


those have been removed now. If Hambleton Council has approved


the scheme tomorrow, It's hoped the holiday park


could open by this summer. A council depot is getting


a new lease of life in a bid to attract famous faces of film


and television to the North East. As part of Hartlepool Council's


regeneration of the Church Street area, the authority is backing


a plan by Cleveland College of Art and Design to create


a film and sound studio. It's hoped the scheme will also keep


the college's graduates working in the area and stop the brain


drain to London. Alison Freeman is in


Hartlepool for us tonight. Alison, that doesn't look like any


street I recognise in the town. It is in Hartlepool, I can assure


you, but it has come from the imagination and skill of students


and the set design course here at the college. They might benefit when


the studio gets new money in the spring. Some people say this could


become the Hollywood of the North East. The college says it is simply


capitalising on an industry that is already thriving here.


The region already has a pedigree when it comes to the films and TV


From the recent Ken Loach film I, Daniel Blake


to the Blockbusting Harry Potter movies and top comedy like Hebburn.


And Hartlepool has given the picturesque backdrop to scenes


But how about this as the next glamorous location?


By March it's hoped Hartlepool Council's Lynn Street


depot should be playing host to production teams who'll get not


only the landscape they want here in the North East,


but the facilities to build movie sets.


This is just perfect, it is what the film and TV industry are looking for


in terms of a studio space where they can build their sets, filmed


their productions, and it works perfectly, a lot of people are


interested in this. Cleveland College of Art and Design,


backed by Hartlepool Council, plans to run the building


as a commercial production studio There are now dedicated film and TV


sound stages in the north of England. -- there are no dedicated.


We want this one to be the first and it has everything that people


actually want. We have been talking to production companies, we have had


site visits, and a level of interest. This place has inspired


film-makers for a long time, we are just building on that heritage.


For students it presents an exciting chance to get closer to the action.


To have a massive studio in the North East right in Hartlepool, it


is fantastic opportunities for all of them. It is inspiring to see that


the North East has got something like this. I have lived in


Hartlepool all my life so it is nice to see something like this come to


fruition. It's part of a ?19 million


redevelopment of the Church Street area, which aims to breathe new life


into what was once the beating This is a really good example of how


Hartlepool is building on its history to shape its future. It's a


really good opportunity for the town.


The college says it is in quite deep discussions with production


companies who want to use the studio. They are tight-lipped about


exactly who it is that they say it could be a long-term project. -- but


they say. York Art Gallery is the only museum


in the country to be nominated for The gallery is on a list of 46


nominees from 24 countries for the title of European Museum


of the Year. The winner will be announced


in Croatia in May. Reopened 18 months ago,


it did so with 60% more gallery space and the creation


of a centre of ceramic art. A Grayson Perry work


a notable acquisition. The gallery is the only museum


in the country to be up for the title of European Museum


of the Year. For a visitor numbers it will give


us huge profile, so as I say we are the only British Museum in the list,


it should give us a European profile as well, so we expect it will


increase our awareness across not only the north of England and the


UK, where we have a good level of awareness already, but also right


out into Europe, so we are delighted.


The gallery's on a shortlist of 46 nominees from 24 countries.


It has to beat off competition from the likes of the Picasso Museum


in Paris and Stockholm's Museum of Science and Technology.


But now, post the reopening, York is able to hold its own


This is a place of artistic seriousness.


I think it has really increased since we reopen. In terms of the


loans we are able to attract from national institutions but we are


also getting a really growing reputation for Saran X and increase


Italy -- for Saran Xs and increasingly people want to donate


their Saran X to us. Should York Art Gallery win


the European Museum of the Year accolade it would add to being one


of the five finalists of the UK Museum of the Year


in 2016, eventually won Whether it takes this latest title


will announced in May at a ceremony in Zagreb,


Croatia. Time for the sport, and you are


starting with football. Just a few days into the January


transfer window, and Middlesbrough have moved quickly to bring


in a bit of firepower. With goals in short supply,


they've signed the Benin international striker Rudy Gestede


from Aston Villa. The 28 year-old, who


was born in France, has agreed a three and a half year


deal, and is thought to have cost Boro fans might remember


him scoring a late - and controversial -


equaliser for Blackburn at the Riverside


a couple of years ago. It sparked off a touchline row


which ultimately saw the end of the backroom partnership


between head coach Aitor Karanka Gestede's arrival at the Riverside


could see the departure of Jordan Rhodes, who signed


for the Teessiders just under 12 months ago,


on transfer deadline day. Meanwhile, it seems Sunderland


are holding firm as rival clubs test their resolve to hang


on to their 11-goal top scorer Jermain Defoe,


whose two penalties helped the Wearsiders draw with title


contenders Liverpool on Monday. The Black Cats are reported to have


turned down a ?6 million bid from West Ham, where the striker


began his career. It was one of Team GB's keynote


successes at the Rio Olympics. Harrogate's Jack Laugher


and Chris Mears won our first Olympic gold medals


in the diving pool. But the coach who guided them


to success is leaving. During his 24 years working


for the council, Adrian Hinchliffe's been vital to making City of Leeds


the UK's top performance centre. But he's only ever been employed


as a consultant by British Diving, so he's now off to Australia


as a full-time coach of And the parting of the ways


hasn't gone down well. Ady has taken me from a boy


with a lot of dreams to a man able With his dedication


and his organisation, his professionalism,


he's a magnificent coach and a great person, so to have him as my coach


in my career is brilliant, I just wish it could have


lasted a lot longer. It is a massive shame,


from the bottom of my heart, He has his reasons for why


he is leaving and I think to be The hard work that he's put


in and what he's sacrificed to create such a brilliant training


environment here, with such amazing divers, who have achieved more


than anyone has ever achieved in Britain, to then be


thrown back in his face, it just feels awful, to be honest,


mate, it feels like a massive insult to what Ady is and his legacy that


he's leaving behind. It just feels like British Diving


have really overlooked how much of a key role


he is in British diving. I tried to engage the powers that be


recently to make sure that I have a platform to continue


and to capitalise on especially the success we had in Rio


in four years' time. I had a great meeting


with them and they've Their strategy at the moment


in terms of what they want to do to improve diving moving forward,


it doesn't really fit with me He'll still be on Skype,


I'll still be able to see him, wish his family the best


and everything and all that kind of stuff, but it's just


the fact that he's going... The Lottery has brought so much


to British diving and so much opportunity and I've been


a benefactor of that and I've been able to achieve


at the highest level, We've got fantastic young coaches


in diving in this country and I just think generally,


in diving particularly, Obviously feeling is running high


there. Well, in a statement


a British Swimming spokesman said they were disappointed


with Hinchliffe's decision to move to work in Australia,


adding "we were aware that he wanted to work with the sport full-time


and were in the process of beginning discussions,


but unfortunately timescales didn't We are thinking ahead in the


weather. We are already thinking about the


27-18 weather calendar. We couldn't do it without our viewers' photos.


-- the 2017-18. Here is a tiny sample of the pictures you have sent


us so far this month will stop -- this month. Full


It is the middle of winter and it will feel like it overnight, dry


with clearing skies, frost for many of us and some nice to look out for.


Some showers today in eastern areas, 12 Kluwer 's -- still clipping the


eastern coasts. That is where the bulk of the ice is, elsewhere dry


and clear and widespread frost. Down to minus three Celsius in the


countryside. Tomorrow most places will be dry, the odd shower first


thing on the North Yorkshire coast clears then just a thin veil of


cloud edging in from the West later in the day. It will not be warm


despite the sunshine, temperatures will struggle up to four, maybe five


Celsius. Winds will be light through tomorrow. High pressure in charge


for a day or two, giving us a frosty night tonight. It gives way to a


frontal system from the Atlantic, with clouds, rain and wind. After


that it will be mostly dry over the weekend but a fairer amount of cloud


around. Friday sees that cloud and rain come in from the West, a


southerly breeze picking up as well. Some heavy rain early in the day,


clearing eastwards, and eastern areas will tend to dry up through


the afternoon and in the West it will stay fairly cloudy and down.


Change the Friday as temperatures nudged double figures in one or two


spots by the afternoon. -- change for Friday. As the high pressure


moves through there will still be a lot of cloud, the odd spot of rain,


generally drier but still fairly cloudy in eastern areas.


Temperatures not too bad, eight or nine Celsius quite widely for


Saturday afternoon. Sunday, mostly dry, the cloud becoming that bit


more broken, temperatures still around nine or 10 Celsius, not too


bad for the time of year. A westerly breeze and the best of any


brightness in eastern areas. That is how it is looking as we head towards


and through the weekend. You can keep up-to-date on the weather BBC


app and you can keep up with the latest on your local BBC Radio


station. You will be going for belt and


braces tonight, the duvet and the vest.


And the hot water bottle! as he explores Naples,


Venice and Florence. It's like we're walking through


a giant's armpit. We can follow the escape route


of Michelangelo.