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Good evening, you're watching Wednesday's Look North.


The front line in the fight against fracking.


24 hours in the life of Yorkshire's protest camp,


as the company looking for gas insists it's safe.


After this you know, it will go everywhere,


People have had a lot of myths and scaremongering thrown at them.


Parents across Leeds are warned after a man


exposed himself to children using a live-streaming phone app.


Should drivers who kill get tougher sentences?


The family of a hit and run victim take their petition


Betty has lost another ?2! I think it is more nervous than anything


else. And, Leeds comedy Fat Friends


returns as a musical - we'll speak to the writer


Kay Mellor. And it looks like tomorrow


will be the coldest day Join me for the live


updated forecast. Tonight, we start with a special


report from inside the anti-fracking The area is one of only two sites


in Britain where the controversial practice has been given


the go ahead. The protesters who call themselves


the "frontline in the fight against fracking" moved


in just before Christmas. Initially a few people and a few


tents, there's now a growing number calling a field at the edge


of Kirby Misperton, their home. They've dug a toilet,


erected a phone mast, and are even hoping to plumb


in a kitchen sink. In a moment we'll hear


from the company behind the plans, but first our business correspondent


Danni Hewson reports on her 24 What is quickly apparent is the


support this camp is receiving from within the local community.


Donations of logs, food, water and many willing hands. It has become


something of a hub and draws in visitors from right across the


country. Some local campaigners had resisted the arrival of a camp, but


others feel this was always the next step. We still want to go back to


court and win on environmental grounds, but while this is here,


people want to show it is the only way to say no politely,


respectfully. The local support is very strong. We have come because we


live locally, and we don't agree with fracking, and everyone is out


here doing the very best, and it is cold, winter and miserable, and we


just thought we would give a little back to help them to stop it can't


come and because we are too busy, but we thought it would be a nice


thing to do to do to come and give them some warm food. But it has only


been a month, and those on site are preparing for a long campaign.


Wi-Fi, sturdy structures are going up and of course there were no


foundation. The self proclaimed protectors are trespassing. This


site belongs to the owners of nearby flamingo land. It is not ideal, but


that is the nature of the country we live in now. The amount of common


land is very committed, particularly in this area, and the amount of


unused land in this area is limited. We do have a plan B, but I can


assure you that would have greater implications on the local committees


and us being here. He says they have begun a dialogue with the landowner,


but their presence on private land is a source of tension locally. As


night falls, another issue emerges. With the visitors gone, most of


those at the camp out of the area, many factions from other protests.


Eddie is the exception. As we sat by the fire, I asked him what he hoped


to achieve. Wherever that has been a protection camp there has been


success. We have got optimism, we believe we will be successful. We


would not count in this field through winter if we thought we


weren't. We are going to stop the lorries. We made it through the


night, which was absolutely freezing, as you can tell by the


morning frost. Already, the fires are going and the kettle is on. For


outsiders, it seems a strange life to choose. But, in the mind of those


on camp, it is a battle that must be fought. This is the front line.


After this, it will go everywhere so we have got to stop it here. The


next few months will tell the story. So, the camp and


protestors are ready. What do Third Energy


think about them? I don't have a view that the


protesters would want to listen to. I don't spend my time on social


media. I don't spend my time on Twitter. We have got an important


job to do, providing jobs for local people. We provide support for local


businesses, we provide electricity for tens of thousands of local


homes. What kind of thing will the people of the once you start? I want


to know about how many lorries are going to be there, how many people


are going to turn up to work. Give us an overview of what people can


anticipate. They will see a lot of equipment going on site while we put


it all together and do various tests, but when it comes to the


actual operation, the fracking operation is only going to last an


hour per zone. I am trying to get that point across. It is not going


to be very disruptive, it is not going to cause any concern, or it


shouldn't. They are used to us. Do you mean one hour per day? Each


hydraulic stimulation might take a day to conduct from beginning to


end, but the actual hydraulic fracturing operation will only last


an hour for each of the five fracking sites. Let me ask you to


put your reputation on the line. Is this totally safe? That question has


been answered so many times. The way you should ask the question is, can


it be conducted safely, and the answer is absolutely, yes. When I


say safe, I also mean in a wider context of environmentally sound as


well. You have got the all clear and you can start tomorrow. When will


you start? We will start when we are ready. I have said already, there


are conditions to be discharged by the Environment Agency, by the


county council, and we have also got a programme that will need to be


approved by the secretary of state. Imminent? You can expect it once we


have achieved those objectives. Not much given away there. We expect


things to be moving within the next few months.


Later on Look North: The scenic villages shortlisted for a new HS2


Parkway station in West and South Yorkshire.


Parents of primary school children across Leeds have been sent warning


letters about a mobile phone app following reports that a man


The Lively app allows kids to easily broadcast live video


from their phone camera to their online friends.


But on Monday someone unknown joined the group.


The letter warns the app is unsafe and provides opportunities


If you have got children, this may be a familiar sight. Heads down,


engrossed in tablets and phones. But an incident involving a group of


year six pupils in Leeds this week has highlighted how important it is


to be aware of what they are doing. Some children were talking to each


other from their homes on Monday night to the social media at Lively.


A man they did not know joined in the chat, and he went on to expose


himself and performed a sex act. The next day, the school sent a letter


to parents urging them to delete the app. It said,:


A cyber trauma research helps children who may have seen something


distressing online. She says the app Lively is a streaming platform


actually designed for teenagers, so it has the potential to be dangerous


for under 18s. Children may be streaming to an unknown audience.


They might be visited by people who are not necessarily their friends or


people that they know and trust, and the likelihood is, if they are


viewing live streaming videos that there is a chance they could come


across some material that is unsavoury. There seems to be a bit


of a deficit in parental knowledge of what can actually happen online,


and at the moment it seems that this deficit is what is being exploited


by people who want to exploited. Nigel agrees with that. He has three


children of school age, including 12-year-old Grace. He says it has up


to parents to be more vigilant. I am in the minority of parents that no


so much about what apps my children are using. I find it a bit lazy of


parents. I think it is lazy parenting, not knowing what to


children are doing. It is easy for parents to turn a blind eye, and say


here is the latest iPhone and it keeps the children quiet for an


hour. When I download the apps, I read the description to make sure I


am the right age. I make sure my settings are on private. West


Yorkshire Police has specialist detectives investigating the case,


hunting for the man involved. This shocking incident is a reminder to


parents to be vigilant when children are online.


The family of a man who was killed in a hit and run incident in Leeds


have taken a petition to Downing Street calling


for tougher sentences for people convicted of dangerous


James Gilbey was left dying on the roadside in 2015.


The men responsible for his death were jailed for eight years,


but Mr Gilbey's family say they should have been charged


with manslaughter and given longer prison terms.


The father of 25-year-old hit and run victim James Gilbey on the steps


of number ten Downing St tonight. He has been delivering a petition


signed by more than 15,000 people, calling for tougher sentences for


those whose dangerous or careless driving leads to someone's death.


James had been crossing a road in Leeds in July 20 15th when he was


hit by a VW golf, which had been racing and Audi A5. It had been


travelling at speeds of 80 mph in a 40 zone.


When the case went to court last year, Majid Malik admitted causing


Kaiz Mahmood was found guilty of the same offence.


They had both driven off from the scene of the accident.


They were both sentenced to eight years in jail.


James Gilbey's father Richard has since been campaigning for drivers


convicted of racing to face manslaughter charges,


Arguing they should be of the same severity as manslaughter. When you


go to court you rely on the judicial system to punish these people


appropriate. I feel that with death by dangerous driving, that is not


the case. It is too lenient, these sentences. People are walking out of


court having served four years. It was considered so lenient, even by


the family of those sentenced that my wife and I had to enjoy them


running around the courtroom chanting and cheering in jubilation,


shouting it is OK, they will be home in four years. While we sat there


knowing that our boy would never come home again. The government is


reviewing how such offences are dealt with but it means death by


dangerous driving could increase from the current maximum of 14 years


to life in prison. Death by careless driving involving drink and drugs


would also increase from 14 years to life in jail. It seems at the moment


there is concern and questions being raised, hence the government


consultation, about the fact that 14 years as a maximum term for a case


where someone has died is not seem to be quite enough. So really, it is


going to give the judges more room to manoeuvre and be fairer in how


sentences are in post. New sentencing guidelines will not bring


James Gilbey back but his family hope that at least his death may


bring about significant change and it will also act as a strong


deterrent to offenders. Lorraine Allaway also


wants tougher sentences. She handed her own petition


into Downing Street last October. Her husband Robert was killed


by a drunk driver in His killer was given


a 4.5 year sentence. Remind us what happened to Robert.


He was joining me and my family, and we were all waiting for my sister to


die of cancer. So he was going to join us before we went up for the


last time to say our goodbyes. On his way to meet up with us, Mr Crook


hit him head-on and killed him instantly. His killer was given 4.5


years will stop he is due to be released next September. How does


that make you feel? I am a bit aggrieved about it. I was aggrieved


at the time of the sentencing because we were expecting at least


seven as a minimum term, not 4.5. So, yes when the sentence was done,


I wanted to campaign for stronger sentences. And you did, you handed


your petition into Downing Street last October. We have got some


pictures of you doing that. James Gilbey's father has done the same


today. What would you like to see happen? I would like to see people


actually getting together, taking part in the public consultation


without people taking part things will never change. So the public


consultation is in February, and you say it is about people power? It is.


Because alteration finishes on the first of Fabry, so between now and


then as many people as possible need to take part. Remind us how they can


take part. They need to go online to the government website and search


for current consultations, and they will be able to find one regarding


sentences for these drivers. We heard Major Gilbey talking about a


manslaughter charge. Is that what you want as well? A minimum of a


manslaughter charge. To be honest, I think these people should serve a


minimum of ten years in jail. And that is ten years, not five, as it


currently is at the moment. And also, I would like to be able to say


the fact that these people who kill through drugs, drink, mobile phone


use, should also lose their licences for life. Lorraine, thank you for


joining me. You are welcome, thank you.


The BBC has learned of eight possible locations


for a parkway station on the High Speed Two rail line.


In South Yorkshire they would be Wales, Bramley, Hooton Roberts,


Mexborough, Hickleton and Clayton, along with Hemsworth


Tom Ingall's been talking to those living at one


The new HS2 line is expected to cross it just ahead of the bridge


That's why a parkway station might be built here,


just a few hundred meters from the village of Clayton


People bought these houses in a remote location


and they have bought them because they want to live in


They want to live in the countryside, they don't


want to live beside a 1700 space car park and a train station.


What if it promoted economic regeneration in the air?


As long as it means people aren't losing their homes to put up


Clayton is one of eight sites being considered


to serve South Yorkshire, to supplement the proposed Sheffield


One of the drivers behind the parkway is to be able to spread


the benefits of HS2 as widely as possible across Yorkshire,


and to make sure as many people as possible have access to it.


This is going to be a very big year for HS2.


First of all, they should finally pin down their route options


for this part of the world, and doubtless there will be a nip


Secondly, and more importantly, within a few months they are likely


to stick shovels on the ground to build the first part of the line


For people who like or dislike the idea of a parkway


station near their village, everything is still to play for.


It might be quiet today, but in 20 years' time,


this part of the world could look very different indeed.


Five men have been found guilty of the sexual abuse


Matloob Hussain, Mohammed Sadiq and brothers Basharat,


Nasser and Tayab Dad, were convicted after a trial


Amjad Ali pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.


The offences date back to the late 1990s and early 2000s,


when the girls were given alcohol and cannabis and intimidated


Yorkshire Building Society Group is to close four branches


in our region as part of a company-wide restructuring


plan.YBS sites in Farsley, Mirfield, Waterloo near Huddersfield and Wyke


will close in May, putting 20 jobs at risk.


Nationally, 44 other branches will close, putting nearly 10%


The company says it hopes to minimise redundancies as it


focuses more on its mortgages and savings businesses.


That's what happened to 200 or so Bradford City fans who trekked


all the way to Oxford for their match last night,


only for it to be postponed ten minutes before kick-off


We felt let down, not because we had travelled,


but felt let down by the powers in football, like the referees that


did two pitch inspections, one on Monday and won again at 9.30


on Tuesday, and they should have known that the weather was going


Sheffield United's game did go ahead.


They stay top of League One despite losing 2-0 last night


Conor McLaughlin put the away side in front midway


And Devante Cole latched on to a weak Ethan Ebanks-Landell


header to lob the Sheffield United keeper Simon Moore.


The Blades have gained just one point from their last three matches.


The comedy-drama Fat Friends became a huge success when it


hit our screens more than 15 years ago.


The series was written by Kay Mellor and followed eight women struggling


to lose weight at a slimming club in Headingley.


Well, later this year it's making a comeback as a musical


The original songs have been composed by Andrew Lloyd


First, here's a reminder of the show.


It is just an inch of love. It is not going to go. What if I breathe


them? No, I don't think so. Can I have a go? Of course, but if it rips


you will have to buy it. Been taking happy pills, have you? Pull your


shoulders back, love! Mum, it is not my shoulders that's the problem! It


is nearly there. What about a corset?


The last time you came in you hinted at a musical. I did not anticipate


this one. This is going back to my roots in some respects because it is


theatre, live theatre, but a musical, music, is brand-new to me.


Does Fat Friends give you everything that you need to explore this new


venture? It is a common theme, in a way. Size will stop everyone is on a


diet, everyone thinks they have got weight to lose. It is a kind of


national obsession, wait. Yes, I think it is universal. It is funny,


sad and topical. I think so anyway. I think it is a theme that people


will love to visit when they go to the theatre. We love a good musical.


We are excited about this. And of course you have the Lloyd Webber


music. He is great, Nicholas Lloyd Webber, but his dad came to one of


the workshops. He walked in the back, and I knew something had


happened and I turned around and there he was. He has got an aura


about him. He came up to me and he said, you have got a musical there,


I think. That is a compliment! He said now what you should do is go


and get Jodie printer. Of course, she is the Andrew Lloyd Webber link.


Who else are we expecting, will it be an all Yorkshire cast? I hope so.


We will try to persuade Jane McDonald to join us, which would be


lovely. She came to the workshop. She has expressed an interest, so


fingers crossed. I know why you did it, because Gary Barlow gave you the


idea. Actually, we were doing a workshop when that was on. It will


be on at the ground. It is fantastic, my hometown, right here.


That's where it was set on the telly, it was set in Leeds. So using


lead characters, Leeds arena. We know you don't just stick to


Yorkshire and you have global appeal. Do you hope this will reach


the West End? It will open here, we will do it for five weeks from


November to December, and they will take on a national tour, and


hopefully take it to the West End. Who knows after that? We will follow


your progress with the casting. Tickets are on sale now. If you book


now, you will get good seats. We have got the message!


Let's move on to the weather. Tomorrow looks set to be a very cold


day. Some beautiful pictures have been sent in. Absolutely stunning.


Keep those pictures coming in. Tomorrow looks pretty depressing,


overcast with air coming up from the continent. Grey skies, if you like


snow flurries. Eventually by the weekend, we will get the Atlantic


back, so temperatures returning to near normal. The low cloud and


really cold air is currently across Lincolnshire. We are in the clear


right now, but this cloud will move northwards over the next few hours,


and then it turned very grey with mist and fog at lower levels, and


then over the tops of the Pennines there could be a dusting of snow in


some places. The odd spot of drizzle, Frost and ice. 28


Fahrenheit. The sun will rise in the morning: A very cold, raw day, with


a significant wind-chill Tamara. Mist and low cloud. There will be


one or two snowflakes, a bit of drizzle in places, but you will not


see the sun so do wrap up warm. Maximum temperatures tomorrow, just


one Celsius in Scarborough. As you can see from this, some places may


not get above freezing. Combine the wind and it will feel more like


minus five. Another grey day on Friday, really cold at first,


bad-tempered is recovering to four or 5 degrees. Patchy rain on


Saturday. Sunday looks lovely day with a ridge of high pressure, so


most places will be with some sunshine. That is the forecast.


Have a good night. RADIO: 'The UK has voted to leave


the European Union by 52% to 48. 'Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrated


the result, declaring that 'dawn was breaking on an


independent nation.' Ugh! 'is expected to resign


later this morning.'


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