01/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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A North Yorkshire charity says it needs more volunteers to help


with the increasing number of people suffering from dementia.


Alzheimer's support group Side by Side helps people


who feel isolated and unable to leave their homes to keep doing


They want everybody with dementia to be able to access


Carla Fowler reports from Scarborough.


Although Frida was a lifeguard and summing instructor in


Scarborough for decades, today is her first trip to the town's new


Frida has vascular dementia, but she still


loves swimming, so volunteer Liz is helping keep Frida and


They were introduced by local Alzehimer's charity


Side by Side, who match dementia sufferers with volunteers who enjoy


the same things and can help them participate in the activities they


She really did make me laugh, a real sense of humour, and


We were matched because we both like swimming anyway,


but she becomes more animated, that sounds a bit corny,


More alive, she has more sparkle in her eye, she is clearly


So when she starts to do it and talk about it,


Frida has spent her life in Scarborough.


She has raised a family here and is a well-known figure locally as


she has taught hundreds of schoolchildren swim.


Getting back in the water is a way for her to


reconnect with her past and keep her brain and body active.


But it's only possible with the help of a


By 2025 there could be more than a million


people with dementia, and I


would like people to think, if dementia was to affect you, your


family, your friends, how you would really


like the support to be for


And perhaps if you have a few hours a month, or a week, or


something you can do to enhance the journey


As our population ages, dementia will touch more lives than ever


before, but it can be tackled side-by-side.


The body of a man has been found in the River Ouse


Police say they are investigating how he came to be in the river.


Young Muslims have carried out a series of litter


This group braved the rain in the Paige Hall area


Similar clean-ups happened in Rotherham, Doncaster


and Huddersfield, with hundreds of young people involved


They wanted to improve community spirits and challenge what they call


We are trying to change the image that Islam has at the moment,


which is obviously a very negative one, and we have only got a small


minority that are ruining this image and we have so many Muslims that


live peacefully and engage with their society


We are all coming together in such a simple task


It was a dramatic end to the year for three of our sides


Sheffield United start 2017 on a real high


at the top of league one, but they left it late


Sheffield Wednesday and Huddersfield also needed injury-time


goals to rescue points in the Championship.


with just a minute left, this was smashed home, pitting them top of


League 1 for the first time this season. Huddersfield also went one


goal down against Blackburn, and Wells rescued his side with a


delightfully struck free kick. Huddersfield claim to fourth in the


championship. Sheffield Wednesday also needed an injury time equaliser


to claim a point. Adam Reach was the star with his first goal for the


Owls. Barnsley went ahead against Birmingham thanks to Tom Bradshaw.


Their lead was doubled with a simple header but Barnsley conceded two


goals in the second half and it finished all square. Bradford drew


from the fourth time in a row against Bury. Doncaster also drew


1-1, Liam Mandeville scored from the spot to claim a point away at


Mansfield. Doncaster are third in League 2.


Dozens of intrepid swimmers started the new year with a splash today.


In Otley around a hundred people braved the freezing


water of the river Wharfe for a traditional dip.


In South Yorkshire, Hathersage pool opened for those keen to take


The water temperatures there was just 10 Celsius.


It is like a New Year, new you. But a terrible idea! Alec to do


something a bit adventurous. It is only called for a short amount of


time. Over the next couple of hours we


will see the showers die away. The risk of some pace but plenty of


sunshine around as we head through Monday. A very cold day, high


temperatures of just four Celsius. A little workload around on Tuesday,


but certainly staying very cold for the rest of the week.


We're back the next bulletin at 10:50pm. Have a good evening.


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