26/03/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Police in South Yorkshire are going to investigate


whether the unsolved murders of two teenage girls were committed


The potential suspect - 79-year-old Peter Pickering -


was jailed for murdering Shirley Ann Boldy in 1972.


Peter Pickering has been locked up since 1972 when he confessed


to murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility


His victim, 14-year-old Shirley Ann Boldy, was raped,


strangled and stabbed on her way home from school near Barnsley.


The crime bears similarities with the murder of Elsie Frost in 1965.


The 14-year-old was killed in this underpass near Wakefield.


Pickering was questioned about the murder in 2015


and was arrested last year in connection with the killing.


Now a detective investigating the murder of Anne Dunwell,


has revealed he, too, considers Peter Pickering


The case is South Yorkshire's longest unsolved murder


and was revisited in 1988 when DNA evidence became possible,


Anne was 13 when she was strangled on her way home from her


Howard Road here is where she was last seen alive.


Police stress there's no new evidence or a new witness


to link her murder with those of Shirley Anne Boldy


But Anne's clothing is in police stores.


The DNA is to be the reanalysed in the hope of a breakthrough


Two men are in hospital with serious injuries


It happened at Bar Fibre in Briggate in the early hours of this morning.


Police have arrested two other men and recovered


Controversial plans to turn five of Sheffield's parks into flood


The proposals are part of a multi-million pound


scheme to prevent a repeat of the devastating floods of 2007.


Following a public consultation three out of five parks are no


longer being considered for flood storage.


With just three days to go before we start the formal process


of leaving the European Union, the debate over what terms the UK


should try and negotiate is likely to be a long one.


Our political editor Len Tingle has been to see two successful


businesses in Harrogate with different views on the subject.


This woman comes from the Czech Republic.


She's one of a 70-strong workforce in this hotel here in Harrogate.


Well over 40 of them are EU nationals.


I've had one person leave recently and go home because of the whole


Brexit situation and the nervousness that that's left and


Surprisingly, general manager Simon Cotton voted to Leave


He is anxious about the future of his EU immigrant workforce,


but believes common sense will find a solution.


I think we should have more immigration, just


better controls on it, so who's coming in, what sort


of skills they can provide and if they can help drive


the economy, because we need more people in this country


Just across town, formal Royal Engineer Paul Rawlinson


started off his coffee and cake shop when he left the army just


He voted Remain and is very worried about the EU


Some of my team were pretty upset, especially the EU nationals.


Some were saying, "OK, we're not welcome here any more,


we're going to start making plans to leave."


I think that has levelled out a little bit.


If the different views here are anything to go by,


serving up a Brexit deal acceptable to all is going to


We've had plenty of sunshine this weekend resulting in lovely sunsets


like this one in Sheffield that Neil Anderson sent in.


Still a dry picture out and about for the time being.


It is going to cloud over I think from the east.


We'll see patches of mist, a bit of fog forming


particularly over higher ground but all the cloud.


It will prevent temperatures dropping quite as low


as the weekend, down to four or five Celsius.


We could see one or two patches of frost rurally.


We start tomorrow on a few patches of fog, which will lift


and it is a largely dry day with sunny spells developing.


It won't feel quite as warm as it did over the weekend,


Always that little bit cooler along the East Coast


The rest of the week, more cloud, more rain but it will stay mild.


Have a great week ahead. Sleep well. Bye-bye.


Hello there, it's not often that we have the best of the weather at the


weekend. But, that seems to be the case this time


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