09/04/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Despite today's scorching temperatures - more than


7000 runners braved the heat to take part in Sheffield's


The event's now in its third year and takes in some of the most


Nearly seven and a half thousand people setting off from Arundel gate


in Sheffield this morning to tackle the 13 plus mile course. Thousands


more lined the streets to cheer the runners on, but not just the adults.


Much younger runners, too, in the mini race. Some as young as three


years old. Both winners in the male and female categories were local


runners from Sheffield. There was a great showcase for the city.


Sheffield is on the crest of a wave. We picked our moment, wonderful


atmosphere, wonderful city. Enormous crowds. Conditions weren't typical


of Sheffield in April, more like a hot summer's day. Painful and hot,


but I enjoyed it. The public cheered me on. Warmer than last year, pretty


tough, that is why the mask is up. It was down before. What around,


great atmosphere. Taking on lots of water. Not been training in this


temperature. Training the other week was about 5 degrees wasn't it? The


event was a huge success and if you think you can tackle the distance


the one for all's next half marathon takes place in Leeds next month. The


A 72-year-old man's been seriously injured after being hit


It happened on the A19 near Cooke Street shortly before


The man has serious injuries - but police say he's in a stable


Anyone in the area at the time - is asked to come forward.


There's been a large fire at a mushroom farm


Fire crews were called to the site at Thorpe Willougby near Selby just


It took several hours to get the blaze under control -


An investigation in to the cause of the fire is now underway.


Yorkshire's double Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams has won


She was very comfortable throughout the four round fight


against Argentina's Virginia Carcamo at the Manchester Arena.


Winning with a majority 40-36 points victory.


The 34 year old fights again in May on the 13th in Leeds,


her promoter has said he wants her to challenge


for a world title by the end of the year.


The Sheffield Steelers are facing off against the Cardiff Devils


in the Elite Ice Hockey League play-off final.


The match at the Nottingham Ice Centre is currently in overtime.


At the end of the third period, the score was five all.


We'll bring you highlights in our late bulletin.


In Cricket - Yorkshire have lost their opening


County Championship game of the season.


On day 3 at Headingley the hosts set Hampshire three hundred


and twenty runs to win in their second innnings.


It was a frustrating day for Yorkshire as they


This match was also new coach Andrew Gale's first game in charge.


Yorkshire on Friday will head to Warwickshire for their next game.


A community farm in South Yorkshire has become an internet hit -


after advertising its alpaca walks on social media.


They're proving so popular - the people running Holly Hagg


Community Farm have urged visitors not to turn up without a booking


cute and fluffy and the perfect hiking companion, it would seem.


Little wonder that when Holly hack farm in Sheffield invited people on


Facebook to come and walk its alpacas thousands of people signed


up. The first year we had then we got incredibly popular because


everybody wanted to see the alpacas. We really started it up in earnest


this year started advertising and that is we went viral. Haven't


stopped since. The farming across Poole has had to put an extra tracks


to deal with demand and is now asking alpaca lovers not to turn up


unless they have booked. Never seen anything like this before. It's not


everyday you can walk alpacas around Sheffield. Seems really nice, you


can stroke and cuddle him, he's raring to go. I thought they


wouldn't want to walk down roads with humans. The tracks take place


four times a week and cost ?15. With the profits going back to the farm.


Remember, you have to book. It's been a weekend full


of fine dry weather - so will it continue


into the new week? Gorgeous weekend. Today temperatures


reached 23 degrees for parts of the region. 25 in Lincolnshire. Even


warmer than some popular holiday destinations. Turning cooler


overnight. The cold front thinking towards the south-east will bring


cloud and patchy drizzle. Tracking its way down. Clearer skies will


follow overnight temperatures here will take a dip. Temperatures in


towns and city centres will drop to about six or seven Celsius.


Regardless it's going to be a chilly start of the day tomorrow. You will


see some initial sunshine. Temperatures will then climb to 12


or 13 degrees. A lot of sunshine and dry weather to be enjoyed. Just a


few showers through the afternoon, the heaviest along the east coast.


Temperatures tomorrow around 12 or 13 degrees. Thank you for your


company, we're back around 10:20pm on BBC One. Enjoy the temperatures.


See you later on. Goodbye. Good evening. If you can use a


smelter describes the weather it would be owed a barbecue, and why


not? Beautiful blue skies with highs of 25 degrees, yes, there was more


cloud further west, and it was thick enough for some rain in the far


north-west of Scotland. You can see this old snow on the tops of the


mountings, and there might be a fresh dusting on the higher ground


through the night and I, thanks to this weather front which is coming


this way steadily south -- through the night overnight. Sleet and snow


showers on the tops of the hills and the mountings, and this brings a


band of cloud and it prevents Buttler from falling too low. All in


all, Monday is not going to be too bad. Largely dry with decent spells


of sunshine and just a scattering of showers, and in the far


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