09/04/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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There've been no trains through Bath Spa station this


weekend, as work begins to modernise the station ahead of


It's meant many visitors to the city have had to get there via bus,


and there'll be further disruption over Easter, as Liz Beacon reports.


Plans to electrify the line from Bristol to London have been


heavily delayed and have run nearly 32 billion over budget.


For now, work on the section to Bristol has been put on hold,


but Network Rail is committed to electrification


The advantages long-term to the works


are we are improving the environment within the station,


but being sympathetic to the existing heritage issues


associated with the station, with it being a Brunel-built


And also the rail infrastructure work will be


improved and also we are providing new trains.


So for the next fortnight, there'll be plenty going on here,


widening and lengethining platforms ready for new trains and then


there will be more work in the surrounding area.


Working out when to cause the least disruption is what's problematic.


We didn't know ahead of time it was going to happen.


I was surprised it was happening now because it's holiday time.


It will allow people to travel more quickly in the


long term, so it probably is worth it.


It's been very quiet here today and next weekend it will be a


similar picture because at the Easter weekend there will be no


During the working week, things get a little bit back


service in operation and all these signs lay the changes out very


A man in his 70s has suffered a serious head injury


after he was hit by a car on the Long Ashton Bypass


It happened just before two o'clock on the A370.


The road was closed for most of the afternoon while emergency


crews worked and there was heavy traffic in the area.


Police are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen what happened.


Police in Cheltenham say they're concerned for the welfare


23-year-old Heidi Slender went missing from her home


in the Vittoria Walk area last week and was last seen on Wednesday


Police say Heidi is considered vulnerable and they want her,


or anyone with information, to get in touch with them.


To football - lets take a look at the weekend's goal action.


Bristol City moved four points clear of the Championship relegation zone


with a 3-1 victory over Wolves at Ashton Gate.


Jamie Paterson curled in their opener from 18 yards.


Tammy Abraham's penalty made it 2-0 and his second from close


Byron Moore scored Bristol Rovers' quickest ever league goal


as they beat AFC Wimbledon to keep their play-off hopes alive.


Jonathan Obika's last-minute equaliser secured Swindon


a draw with MK Dons, another precious point


In league two Yeovil were beaten at Portsmouth.


they managed to draw level six minutes after the interval -


But the hosts took back the lead then added a third.


Cheltenham shared six goals with Wycombe in a thrilling match.


Billy Waters scored twice and Harry Pell got the other,


but a red card for Jordan Cranston in the first half made it difficult


for Gary Johnson's team to close the game out.


And Christian Doidge was on the scoresheet again to fire


National League promotion chasers Forest Green to victory at Guiseley.


Hundreds of treasure hunters clutching maps and clues took part


in a rather extravagant diamond hunt today in Cheltenham.


A local jewellers had hidden prize vouchers


all around the town - ten of them - anyone who found one


could then exchange it for a real diamond worth ?2,000!


It was all done to raise money for the local cancer charity


And it's caused a real stir today - here's one family who couldn't


We got the clues and we were hunting around and we found the door


We just couldn't put the put the last clue together.


I was just heading this way to see what was down here,


because this room had been out of action for a while, and then I saw


Georgia stood on a chair with a bag in her hand.


They raised about ?10,000 today. A great effort all round.


on the hottest day of the year so far -


many of you have been out making the most of it in the sunshine -


heading for green spaces and enjoying today's extra warm


It looks like we're losing some of that heat


as we head into next week - but still some sunshine to start us


off - let's get the latest forecast now from Holly Green!


It's been a lovely day for many of us.


We have had cloud thickening from the west.


We see a little bit of patchy rain, perhaps, into the early hours.


And temperatures don't fall away too far.


You might see a spot or two of rain first thing tomorrow.


In general, it should brighten up again and and so some


Cloud will bubble up and that could lead to a shower to two.


With this north-westerly it is drawing in cooler air.


Temperatures for tomorrow are several degrees,


maybe ten degrees in places, lower than today.


A dry and a bright day with some sunshine.


Cloudier and breezier and a little bit damp for Wednesday.


And that's it for now - we're back later in


the ten o'clock news - join us again!


Good evening. If you can use a smelter describes the weather it


would be owed a barbecue, and why not? Beautiful blue skies with highs


of 25 degrees, yes, there was more cloud further west, and it was thick


enough for some rain in the far north-west of Scotland. You can


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